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Confirmed: Schneider accepts Hawks GM position

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 19, 2010 at 9:24 am with 54 Comments »
January 19, 2010 10:24 am

According to multiple reports, John Schneider agreed to accept the Seahawks general manager position. Schneider, 38, had been serving as the Green Bay Packers co-director of football operations, and is reportedly a shrewd talent evaluator. He worked in the Seahawks front office in 2000.

The Seahawks confirmed Schneider’s hiring this morning.

It had been reported that front office executive Floyd Reese was the front runner last week, but with Schneider getting the job, it looks as though head coach Pete Carroll will have a true person to work shoulder to shoulder with, as owner Paul Allen appears to have made the decision to go with a younger guy to lead the organization’s personnel department.

Along with Schneider and Reese, Pittsburgh Steeler’s front office executive Omar Khan and New York Giants director of scouting Marc Ross also were interviewed for the position.

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    Kind of a bummer…I liked Reese’s established background and he seemed (based on his spots on ESPN) like a nice no non-sense personality to bring in. Don’t know much about Schneider, although I do like Green Bay’s roster.

  2. Hmm interesting.. He is probably the fellow that I have read least about. I would love to read a break down of his track history.

  3. What I liked about Reese was that he seemed very competent but non ambitious. It seems like a requirement for the proposed triumvirate structure. What we don’t need is continuing internal jockeying for more power.

  4. What I like about Schneider is that he’s supposed to be a “shrewd evaluator of talent”. Since he’s only 38, and already at the top of his career, we may be able to keep him around for a very long time. Reese is in his twilight years, so I can’t see that he would be as hungry and motivated as Schneider.

    I’m looking forward to Bobby and Duke chiming in with an analysis of this guy’s career so far.

  5. Does GB have a good OL and DL?

  6. I like this move and it makes perfect sense to pair him with Carroll. I can’t get excited about the Seahawks until after the Super Bowl, but there is plenty to be excited about!

  7. OCHawkFan says:

    I wouldve preferred Omar Khan from the Steelers. He has more experience building personel for what we’re trying to set up (Great defense, great run game).

    Green Bay has a good defense but one of the worst O-Lines in football. Almost as bad as ours.

    This is an okay move, O-Khan wouldve been a better fit though.

  8. IdahoHawk says:

    Don’t you think the Steelers D is good because of Dick Lebeau ?

  9. sascotch says:

    For those who are curious, here is a link to Schneider’s bio

  10. From a previous post…

    Dukeshire: He (Schneider) was apart of the F.O. group that pushed to shopped Favre in lieu of keeping him…feeling it was time to make the change to Rodgers…This is a man who is not afraid to make difficult decisions, with the long term, best interest of the team in mind.

    I don’t know Duke, but when I read your take on Schneider, the first thing that came to mind was this: If Schneider does get the job, (which, it turns out he has) there is a GOOD chance Hasselbeck is gone, even though we don’t quite have an Aaron Rodgers in waiting…yet.

    Needless to say (though I’m going to say it), this is going to be a very interesting off-season!

  11. IdahoHawk says:

    Here is a link to Schneider NFL history

  12. IdahoHawk says:

    SORRY ABOUT THAT sascotch…

  13. sascotch says:

    No problem IdahoHawk….it happens.

  14. 38 years old eh? Hmmmmm…., sounds to me like Pete Carroll doesn’t want any senior citizens hanging about to challenge his grandfatherly station.

  15. sascotch says:

    lol…thats funny earther.

    Here is another link to Schneider

  16. OCHawkFan says:

    Idaho, I think thats partly true. But you cant deny the talent they’ve drafted on the defense (ie Palamalu, Harrison, Hampton, Woodley).

  17. youropinionsarelikeassholes says:

    Anyone that pusehd to get rid of Favre is okay by me. Welcome to Seattle and welcome to a roster full of WR’s that can’t catch (I mean really, does anyone think we have good receivers after watching a weekend of other receivers actually catching footballs?) and blockers that can’t block.

  18. From SeaScout:

    “Since 2002, the Packers have rarely ventured into free agency, with just three unrestricted free agents, including 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson, playing significant roles on a 2009 team that went 10-6 and made the post-season.

    The current Packers’ roster has been primarily built through the draft. Notable selections by the Packers in recent years are quarterback Aaron Rodgers, wide receivers Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, linebackers Nick Barnett and Clay Matthews, safety Nick Collins, as well as notable mid-to-late round steals Aaron Kampman, Johnny Jolly, Jermichael Finley and Josh Sitton.

    With aging offense tackles Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher on the roster, the Packers have spent multiple draft picks improving the depth at that position, selecting seven tackles over the last few NFL drafts. While neither are currently starting for the Packers, two (Sitton, Daryn Colledge) are starting guards for Green Bay, which underscores why teams should always draft tackles, who will usually have the ability to play inside, as well.

    The Seahawks haven’t drafted an offensive tackle since 2005.

    The Packers also do an outstanding job in the trade market, fleecing the New England Patriots in a 2006 deal where the clubs swapped second-round picks in that year’s draft, and in exchange, the Packers picked up an additional third-round pick from New England. The Patriots chose Chad Jackson, who is now out of the league, while the Packers chose Jennings and Jason Spitz, a Pro Bowl-caliber wide receiver and the team’s current starting center.

    Green Bay also acquired running back Ryan Grant from the New York Giants just prior to the start of the 2007 regular season.”

  19. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Right on.

    This guy is going to be good, and I get the sense that he and Carroll will have a better chance of a good working relationship than Holmgren and Ruskell had (not that that would be hard to improve upon).

    Looking forward to a good draft and a productive off-season.

  20. It sounds like Schneider won’t let us get worked over by the Branches, Ducketts, and Houshes of the world.

    Since Schneider likes building teams through the draft, and we have a lot of holes, I think we can expect him to be very active in trading current players and draft choices for addtional draft choices! I think this also means, it will take longer to turn this team around, but in the end we may have a team that can sustain itself for a long time.

  21. stigmata says:

    OCHawkFan, the one thing I heard about Khan repeatedly was that his experience was as the contracts/cap guy, and that there wasn’t a whole lot of personnel experience. So while you might be able to tout Khan as the guy who manages contracts and allows Pittsburgh to keep their defensive stars, he’s not the guy who was identifying them and building that defense in the first place.

    I like the Schneider pick.

  22. You’d think that Schneider’s approach would build morale in the locker room since he’ll no doubt reward players we draft with large contracts once they prove themselves, and we won’t have a bunch of overpaid underachievers on the roster. It seems like that sort of thing would really kill the morale for a lot of players, like Leonard Weaver. They won’t pay him but they’ll pay a guy like Duckett who didn’t pay his dues with this team.

  23. bigsmooth says:

    Love the hire. That Packers squad is loaded with talent. I’d much rather have Finley (taken 28th in the 3rd round) at TE than Carlson (taken 2.7). Just one specific example.

  24. OCHawkFan says:

    Stigmata, good point. All I know is that any of these guys is better than Ruskell! It feels good to bring in some proven winners.

  25. bigsmooth says:

    Also, interesting to note that Carroll wanted Reese (according to Brock/Salk on 710). So, safe to stop the Schneider as “yes man” talk that will be inevitable on here.

  26. monmornQB says:

    OChawkfan, in reguards to GBs O-line they started off pretty bad but Rodgers also held on to the ball far to long. Their O-line showed ALOT of improvement as the season which is ine of the reasons they were able to get to the playoffs.
    I feel good about this GM. I just hope the guys at the top can be on the same page and when they do have disagreements they’re able to work through them w/o showing any fracturing. It seems to me the players will have a tougher time “buying in” if the leadership is in disarray.
    Today has been a promising day as a Seattle sports fan. Good things to read for a change.

  27. wabubba67 says:

    He better be good if they said no to Reese….seems like Carroll could have used a “wise old man” (by NFL standards) in the front office that did not want to be in the spotlight.

  28. nidhighe says:

    I don’t like this move. Reese would have brought a ton of experience as both a coach and GM.


  29. Schneider has worked under Ron Wolf, Ted Thompson, and Mike Holmgren. The Seahawks FO has a history with him so this may have been seen as the safest hire.

    I’ve looked at Schceider’s history last month for clues about him. His work in Green Bay was under the wing of Ted Thompson, so its hard to know what Schneider would have done on his own.

    But look at what he and Thompson did together: The Packers are the second-youngest team in the NFL, and this is no surprise once you look at their roster. Very few of their draft picks from the 2006 through 2009 drafts have washed out. They drafted 39 of the players that finished 2009 on the active roster or injured reserve list (3 others came through trades, 20 as free agents). On opening day 2009, 14 out of 22 Packers starters were players drafted by the club.

    When Schneider rejoined Green Bay and GM Ted Thompson in 2005, they began a period of rebuilding. This period should be of most interest to Seahawks fans as Seattle’s team is in a similar position.

    As part of that rebuild, Thompson stockpiled draft picks. In the drafts of 2005 through 2008, Thompson made 14 draft-day trades, and all but one of these were trades down for more selections. He turned 31 picks into 43, and traded out of the first round entirely in 2008.

    Schneider helped Thompson prioritize the players to draft, and they did a great job.

  30. Reese is near retirement and in fact he was talking about retiring earlier this year. Do you really want a guy who’s on his way out, so we can do another GM search again in a year or two? Or, would you rather have a young and talented guy who will be around for years to come?

  31. That link doesn’t work for me Stevos. It says you need to be invited.

  32. Link does not work

  33. footballscaa says:

    Alrighty then. Can’t say I jumped for joy with this announcement. But, I didn’t do an end zone dance about Carroll either. As a matter of fact, it’s been tough to generate much excitement about the Seahawks the past couple of years. More of a “blah”, than anything.

  34. I was so excited after Jim Mora’s press conference last year introducing him as our head coach that I couldn’t wait for the following season to begin. Maybe that has made me a cynic (unfairly) for 2010.

    Before we drink all the kool aid of quotes like:

    “Love the hire. That Packers squad is loaded with talent. I’d much rather have Finley (taken 28th in the 3rd round) at TE than Carlson (taken 2.7). Just one specific example.”

    Lets not forget there are two sides to every story:

    That same draft (2008) the Packers drafted WR Jordy Nelson with the 36th pick. We took Carlson with the 38th pick. I like Carlson better. Two WRs went after Nelson and both are clearly better (Eddie Royal 42nd, DeSean Jackson 49th).

    And if we think he’s an Aaron Rodgers miracle worker at finding franchise QBs, lets not forget that the organization he was a big part of selected Brian Brohm with the 56th pick in that draft. They didn’t know for sure if Rodgers was going to be the Pro Bowler he has become so they took a QB in the second round who is so bad that they have already released him (he was picked up by Buffalo). Chad Henne, who has demonstrated the potential to be a decent QB in this league, was taken the pick after Brohm.

    I’m going to root for the organization like I always have and hope for the best. Yes, the Packer organization has some young talent and I like that a lot. We need that. But I’m going to hold judgement until I actually see our team improve. Ruskell was given partial credit for the Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks draft, but he never got us anyone as good as those players. I don’t care what this new guy has been a part of… I only care what he’s going to give us moving forward (along with Mr. Happy). We’ll see…

  35. fivecardstud says:

    From what I’ve read he was part of the descision to get rid of Faarve. The Vikings are happy as he(( he did that. Not a smart move the vikings are superbowl because of it.

  36. ToddSchneider says:

    My Bro will do just fine! ;) Wonder if he will let me in the luxury suite….

  37. I do like the history of moving DOWN to ADD picks. Love that strategy. Nobody is perfect in the draft, as the Packers have demonstrated, but you sure as heck increase your odds of adding good players when you have more picks. That’s why they have such a good, young, and talented roster. I wouldn’t be opposed to moving down several times in the first round (the more times, the merrier) to add 3rd/4th rounders. We need young talent. I hope that’s what happens.

    That way, when you do something stupid like draft Brandon Jackson in the 2nd round, you have extra picks to hide your dumb picks. Of couse, if Jackson could play the Seahawks 16 times per year he’d set an NFL record for most TDs in a season.

    I do hope he brings the trade down scenario with him from Green Bay. But now that Ruskell isn’t in the league, that’s one less GM who will mortgage picks to move up a few spots.

  38. I thought he was great as Superboy’s Dad on Smallville…

    Oh. Wrong John Schneider?


  39. Hammajamma says:

    Big ego GM’s acquire flashy free agents. Personnel guys build through the draft and raiding practice squads. This guy is the latter.

    Solid hire who should help Carroll if they can be patient.

  40. Did we not already have a “shrewd talent evaluator” from Green Bay before? Yes, in fact his name is Mike Holmgren and we even made him the GM until that did not work so well. Not a great deal of “talent” to show from that move. We can only hope……as we are also needing to do with a questionable coaching choice……that this will all work out. The good news should it all fail is that it will likely mean the dismissal of Leiweke as well.

  41. BobbyK:I was so excited after Jim Mora’s press conference last year introducing him as our head coach that I couldn’t wait for the following season to begin.

    Really? It made me scratch my head. I thought it was a bizarre thing to do. Naming a new head coach a year before your old one is even out the door? Very strange.

    Maybe that has made me a cynic (unfairly) for 2010.

    Yeah, well my view looking back on it now is much more cynical than it was before the fact. In retrospect the whole sordid affair looks very much like an endeavor to replace a good team with a private pipe dream.

    You know, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Tim Ruskell over the past few years and normally I just file that stuff under “typical”. I mean, let’s face it. It was all pretty gossipy and it always assumed things that couldn’t be known by people outside of the Seahawks inner circle. But now I’m not so sure. Now it seems like that pipe dream was steaming full speed ahead straight for the rocky shore right from the get go.

  42. BobbyK, I generally like “trade down” scenarios in the draft more than most people also. All I have to do is look at the Pro Bowl roster every year and see that most of those players were not first round draft choices. That’s enough evidence for me. Unless the Seahawks totally love the guy that is there at #6, I would rather they trade down for more selections rather than take a risk.

    But I think there is also another reason that Green Bay and Ted Thompson preferred trading down for more draft picks and not going after free agents. The Packers are the only publicly-owned NFL team and as such they tend to be tight with their money.

    2009 team salaries:

    Giants $107 M
    Redskins $106 M
    Seahawks $105 M
    Patriots $105 M
    Saints $104 M
    Cowboys $99 M
    Raiders $99 M
    Texans $95 M
    Packers $93 M

    So, that suggests first that the lower budget teams tend to shy away from expensive free agents. And, secondly, risking a high salary on a high first-round draft choice may scare the more frugal teams off a bit.

    Besides spending more on players, I would wager that Paul Allen was easily able to offer Schneider much more $ than the Packers can afford to pay their front office people.

    In any case, I think the only thing that really matters now is that Schneider is able to work well with Peter Carroll, John Idzik, and Tod Leiweke. All the GM candidates have records of success. If these guys can get along and put the team first, then I’m happy.

  43. BobbyK:I do like the history of moving DOWN to ADD picks. Love that strategy.

    Yeah, me too. I agree that more picks is optimal but my main incentive for that kind of strategy is to get the heck out of that insane rookie salary bracket. Those huge contracts and bonuses really put the teams that issue them on the spot. If your high pick doesn’t pan out as the star player that everybody expected, and very quickly, then it puts you in a pickle. That monster salary is hard to bench and even harder to get rid of.

    I think it ruins some players careers too. Just because you were picked high and didn’t live up to all those pre-draft expectations it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be a good football player and have a long career. A guy doesn’t have to be a perennial pro-bowler to be a solid member of your football team. But so often these guys come, they fail to become stars and then they just disappear. It’s like once you set the bar really high there’s just no way you can get it back down to something a little more reasonable.

  44. vichawkfan says:

    Carroll will have as much input on the draft and FA as does Bo Duke aka John Schnieder. So having said that – good play by Seattle.

  45. earther – There were a few skeptical people like yourself (good job, by the way) who weren’t excited about Mora after that initial press conference last year. However, most people were excited after that kool-aid press conference where Mora talked about “passion” and coaching in getting our current DL getting to the QB in ’10. We bought into that crap. And most people on this blog were full of kool aid for Mora after that press conference, even if they weren’t supporters of Mora before the press conference. That’s part of my “wait and see” attitude for the new regime. Sure, I’m much more excited for Mr. Happy than Mora… especially after the miserable last month of the season where Mora had obviously lost the team and a move NEEDED to be made.

    Stevos – I couldn’t agree more.

  46. “as we are also needing to do with a questionable coaching choice……”

    I don’t know – would you rather we had gone with Chan Gailey? Now that would have been a letdown.

    Re Schneider, don’t really have an opinion, except a general bias that a young, fast rising executive feels like a good find.

  47. BlueTalon says:

    fivecardstud says: “From what I’ve read he was part of the descision to get rid of Faarve. The Vikings are happy as he(( he did that. Not a smart move the vikings are superbowl because of it.”

    Yes, but the Packers have a good QB that’s just coming into his prime, and has a good decade of service ahead of him barring injury. The vikings get to deal with Favre’s retirement drama. Maybe he’ll actually stay un-retired and go through a whole training camp, but I doubt it.

    Back on topic: I like the hire, certainly better than Reese. Too many question marks about Reese’s success or lack thereof in Tennessee.

  48. BobbyK:However, most people were excited after that kool-aid press conference where Mora talked about “passion” and coaching in getting our current DL getting to the QB in ’10.

    I must have missed that. I get all the Seattle stations where I live but naturally I don’t see everything. I tend to ignore Seattle news because I’m not really interested in all the local stuff unless something major happens like that shooting last month or the month before.

    When considering Mora I was just going by his record in Atlanta. I thought that team was seriously dysfunctional but I tended to blame all that on a bad QB and an owner who couldn’t keep his big nose out of the operational side of that team and who adopted Michael Vick as his favorite son (What do you think? Doesn’t Arthur Blank remind you of Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard?).

    I really didn’t know what to expect from Jim jr. I thought maybe the Seahawks would get some of that Atlanta rushing magic augmented by a good passing game left behind by Holmgren. I guess I was wrong about that. No, check that. I guess I was very, very wrong about that.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    Well, not much more I can add here other than, welcome.

    Stevo – You should repost your Schneider bio from Hawks Nest, if you still have it.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Sando has this to say. Interesting and I like it.

    “If Schneider is anything like Thompson, he’ll value the draft over free agency. He’ll be more comfortable evaluating personnel than talking about it publicly.

    The Seahawks hired coach Pete Carroll to be the face of the franchise. I would expect Schneider to work behind the scenes most of the time. The team has called a Wednesday news conference to introduce Schneider.”

    I am genuinely enthusiastic about the direction this franchise has taken. Let the roster purge begin.

  51. teammojjo says:

    I have to agree with so many people on here already. We avoided the Rooney Rule by having Mora on the coaching staff and naming him the head coach ahead of time. It was a real head scratcher. He was labeled a “defensive guru”. 950KJR checked on his stats and he never had a defense ranked higher than 13th in yards allowed, and 9th in points allowed. That was one year. The average placement of his defenses have been somewhere between 16 and 18 on both accounts. Mora was in charge of the secondary last year, and they were absolutely horrible. They were 32nd against the pass by a HUGE margin.

    So they come into this past season, trying to sell everyone on the idea that we are going to get after the QB. We essentially had the same defensive guys from the previous season (Curry and Redding were new obviously). We had no QB pressure what so ever and the undersized and slow secondary got burned time and time again.

    Carroll is defensive in nature. We have heard this before. We probably should have gone after a GM first then a head coach. Carroll is also kind of a head scratcher because of all the accusations of violations, and now the Charlie Weis comment about him having an affair with a grad student. I would have liked the guy from the NYG. I was unaware of the fact that he was talking about retiring. Good pick up whoever found that. Carroll is almost old enough to be Schneiders dad, so who knows what to expect.

    I truly got tired of the West Coast Falcons as I labeled Seattle with the cast off Atlanta crew that showed up at the doorstep. During Moras tenure, they put the “fun” in dysfunctional with everything that transpired there.

    I have been a Seahawks fan since day one and took a lot of ribbing for the totally inept ability to draft a QB during the 90’s. While I am not jumping for joy about the current hirings, I am intrigued by how things could turn out. If the front office truly purges the waste that has scattered this roster ala the Mariners, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

  52. “I am genuinely enthusiastic about the direction this franchise has taken. Let the roster purge begin.”

    Totally agree.

  53. Hammajamma says:

    Yes, Dukeshire, let the roster purge begin, indeed.

    Gone (of note):

    Lewis (DD)
    Leroy Hill

  54. thegroves says:

    Oh boy, five more years of rebuilding. I’ll be back in 2015 to see the hiring of a new coach or the third, or the forth…

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