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Report: Hawks hire Brown as WR coach

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 16, 2010 at 3:10 pm with 72 Comments »
January 16, 2010 3:10 pm

This report from Knoxville, Tenn. television station WATE has the Seahawks hiring interim Tennessee head football coach Kippy Brown as the team’s new receiver coach, replacing Robert Prince.

Brown’s tenure in Tennessee was short lived. He was brought in by Lane Kiffin in December to serve as his receiver coach, but when Kiffin took the USC job Kiffin remained as the interim head coach until Tennessee hired new head coach Derek Dooley.

Brown has 17 years of NFL coaching experience.

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  1. SharkHawk says:

    Good hire. He was smart enough to not follow Lane. That speaks highly of him right there.

  2. Down to TEs and RBs and the staff is complete.

  3. Please shoot me! This is the worse time in history for Seattle sports fans. No Hawks. Carrol? WTF? Who cares until after next year. M’s? Can’t wait until spring training. Sonics? OH ya, our Govenor let them go. Try to maintain a small business in this state. 80% of all jobs are created by small business. 31% payroll tax going to 39% after this crap of a health care bill. I love Washington State Sports. It’s my only joy except for a round of golf and it’s been raining for a month. I have rain gear and I have still played but come on? Ryan Moore even took this week off and his tournament was on Oahu. I have moss in my lawn. I need to prune my trees. Thankfully my Christmas decorations are down but my neighbor’s aren’t. My wife is bitching at me about that. PLEASE. PLEASE. Bring the sun! Vitamin D helps in these days of gloom but ,please? No money for a trip to Phoenix. Just a week would stop the bleeding. Thank goodness it’s Saturday. I can get a bottle. CHEERS!

  4. I hear you on small business. I’ve owned one since 1999 & while taxes are only part of the reason, I’ve been the only employee since 2003.

  5. chitwit – Take that bottle over to Golf Mountain and play some more golf. Maybe knock out 36 one day and you’ll feel better.

  6. Great article on Alex Gibbs this morning. Between the stories and blogs, TNT is far and away my ultimate source for Seahawks news.

    Nice work everyone…

  7. I just saw that on NFL Network. Wow is right.

  8. Not that this matters for the Seahawks anymore, but this is pretty interesting:

  9. Yeah, that sucks about Adams.

    This just in: Sidney Rice is good.

  10. A package deal, it sounded like. I’m happier with what they have now.

  11. Yeah, I like having the Happy Camper better, too.

  12. AggieHawk says:

    I know a lot of people have already stated this here on the blog, but just read this on yahoo sports page and want to see how many people would like to see either a young Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson in seattle instead of Matt. (I am a huge fan of Matt and would not want him to be traded but play out his contract and retire a Hawk);_ylt=AvBq6UKK8GNcgg6AhGZkscdDubYF?urn=nfl,213561

  13. The only Dungy package I would consider is one that included Peyton Manning.

  14. Apparently, Adams died from an enlarged heart. Glad to here it was from natural causes and not drugs.

  15. yellaman says:

    commenting on report of trading hasselbeck to cleveland. I wouldn’t make this deal unless we get a 1st rd pic out of it. We are a couple of years away from being good again and i would like to start the rebuild with more draft picks and possibly use that pick from cleveland to get matt’s successor

  16. No team is giving a first for Hass.

  17. We should have a solid QB in place to mentor a young QB for a couple of years. It’s hard to imagine that Carroll would let Hass go because our QB of the future would be forced into action early and this can ruin his confidence, and especially with the lousy OL we have right now.

  18. Hass’ decline has been obvious through the past through years, becoming more injury prone and more inconsistent as a result of injuries and poor OL play.

    Unfortunately the Hawks are in no position to draft a QB high or to get decent trade value for him because of this and all the other needs that have come to fruition.

    The best way to improve instantly would to build around Hass and so building around our future QB at the same time. If you are going to put a QB behind centre in year one, they will only have success if they sit behind a good OL with a few playmakers – both of which we need more than a replacement for Matt Hasselbeck.

    Hass isn’t going anywhere this year!

  19. No question, we keep Hass. I am no fan of Seneca but think that we will keep him as well if we do not pick up a QB in free agency. He won’t win us games but he won’t lose them either. He does know the system and is not worth anything in trade. If we draft a QB in the later rounds, he and Teal can compete for the 3rd spot.

  20. I believe Seneca is a UFA.

  21. I forgot that, but do you think anyone wants him? I would imagine that he would come fairly cheap which is why we might resign him

  22. Dukeshire:

    Who’s who?
    Chairman (Owner): Paul Allen
    CEO: Tod Lieweke
    GM: Floyd Reese? Omar Kahn? Marc Ross? John Schneider?
    Personnel/Cap: John Idzik
    HC: Pete Carroll
    Asst to HC: Pat Kirwan (?)
    DC: Gus Bradley
    DL Coach: Dan Quinn
    LB Coach: Kenny Norton
    DB Coach: Jerry Gray
    OC: Jeremy Bates
    OL Coach: Alex Gibbs
    QB Coach: Jedd Fisch
    WR Coach: Kippy Brown
    RB Coach:
    TE Coach:
    Special Teams Coach: Brian Schneider

    “What I’m hoping for is we’ll be able to speed up our pass rush to take advantage of the great crowd for third down and all of those other opportunities there. One of our priorities is to get real fast on the edge right away.”
    “So we (PC & GB) were in watching film of Aaron Curry and trying to figure out what might be best for him, right from the first hour I was there, we were looking at him coming off the edge and trying to make up a position and a style for him that can really suit his addition to the team. No. 1 pick last year, he played a lot, but he could have a much better year and will be big factor I hope, if we do this right.”

    Like it.

  23. WHat’s the hold up?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    I want a GM so that we can start looking for what we can accomplish and start to prepare for FA and the draft.

    I am just afraid we are not going to be ready to eval our players and who we might want to get!! They need lots of time together to get ready to make an impact!!!

  24. Maybe there will be something to the Curry playing DE in various (i.e. many) situations in 2010. klm008 — thank you for that quote.

    When Curry rushed, I really liked him. You can tell the freakish athleticism is there for him to do that. He was just raw, that’s why we didn’t get all of the results we wanted.

    Even though he was a rookie, I will admit I was disappointed with his LB instincts, his ability to play in space, shed blocks, etc. Basically, the things he was supposedly good at in college and the reason he was the “safest” pick in the draft last year.

    However, one must ask, how much of that was on missing a few weeks of training camp and the ability of Mora and Co. to play him to what they saw as his strengths? But if we’re blaming Mora, the “an Co.” will be coming back in ’10 as part of Mr. Happy’s staff (Bradley, Quinn [although I know Quinn was the DL coach and Curry is/was a LB... but we heard many training camp reports about how Curry worked out with the DL too, in certain situations]).

    As much as the “B” word was used here and there, I think Curry is going to make an impact and a couple years from now, people are going to think it was silly for people to think of him as the “B” word.

    Maybe it’s the kool aid, but I think Curry NEEDS to involved in rushing the passer on a regular basis and if that happens… he’s going to be a major asset.

    Duke did a great article on he and snydro22’s website about Tapp/Curry being among the league leaders at their positions at getting hits on the QB (near sacks). I think Curry was 4th among LBs… and considering Curry wasn’t used to rush at Wake, it’s impressive he did as well as he did. Basically, he did everything at getting to the QB on athleticism. We all talk about playmakers, well, Curry has the athleticism to be a playmaker at getting to the QB. And I really liked how Curry would go for the ball too, when he got close to the QB. There are some things you can’t coach, and the athleticism Curry has is special. You have it or you don’t. Curry has it.

    If we expect Curry to run around and cover Vernon Davis, I think the “B” word will be appropriate (granted, Davis is a freak). However, it’s imperative that the coaching staff play players to their strengths. This doens’t simply apply only to Curry. I hope Mr. Happy makes me proud!

  25. Curry was actually ties for first among LBs that play in a 4-3.

    Kim – What’s the question? Looks like you’ve got it, for the most part. Kirwan, if hired, would be an assistant to Carroll but not anything as formal as asst. head coach, or anything. As for GM, Ross is out, it seems. So Reese, Khan and Schneider. I think Schneider would be a good fit as far as having a third, clear dissenting voice among Carroll and Idzik. Reese would be an ally to Carroll and has been in the league for a long time and that experience heading into an uncapped year may be appealing. Khan is very young and has a similar background and Idzik but the Rooneys think highly enough of him Art Rooney offered him a position with him in Ireland on his ambassadorship. Despite reports, I think Reese is still the favorite. Harmony is going to be a very important factor to Leiweke, IMO. I predict tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest we’ll know.

  26. Curry was actually tied for first among LBs that play in a 4-3.

    Kim – What’s the question? Looks like you’ve got it, for the most part. Kirwan, if hired, would be an assistant to Carroll but not anything as formal as asst. head coach, or anything. As for GM, Ross is out, it seems. So Reese, Khan and Schneider. I think Schneider would be a good fit as far as having a third, clear dissenting voice among Carroll and Idzik. Reese would be an ally to Carroll and has been in the league for a long time and that experience heading into an uncapped year may be appealing. Khan is very young and has a similar background and Idzik but the Rooneys think highly enough of him Art Rooney offered him a position with him in Ireland on his ambassadorship. Despite reports, I think Reese is still the favorite. Harmony is going to be a very important factor to Leiweke, IMO. I predict tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest we’ll know.

  27. Sorry about that, site is being weird.

  28. This is a terrific article on Jeremy Bates from when Cutler was lobbying for the Bears to hire him. They worked in Denver together and Cutler loves the way Bates like to spread it around. Anyway, it gives a real nice background on his coaching experience and growth.,0,3090833.column

  29. I think the most telling line of this Eric’s post was his last one: “Brown has 17 years of NFL coaching experience.”

    A LOT of people are questioning how our “collegiate coaching staff” is going to fare in the NFL. Although I don’t have time right now to verify, I’m pretty sure that ALL of Carroll’s new staff has NFL experience. Heck, we’ll probably have a more (NFL) experienced staff next year than we had THIS year!

  30. I wonder who our RB coach will be…no doubt, we’ll be able to hire a top candidate because we already have Alex Gibbs on board.

  31. Well, I wouldn’t go quite that far, but aside from Norton Jr, they all have NFL coaching experience, you’re right about that. And he played in the NFL for 12 years and has 3 rings and 3 pro bowls that give him instant credibility with current NFL players. (Not to mention all the great USC linebackers he’s coached the last 9 years). I’m pretty happy with the staff Carroll is putting together.

  32. I hope they bring in a really good strength and conditioning coach. All the injuries the past couple of years makes me wonder if that had something to do with poor conditioning.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, I imagine whoever the RB coach will be will have strong connections to Gibbs somewhere on his resume.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Aud – I’ve thought a lot about that too. Even if the injuries had nothing to do with the conditioning staff, after two seasons of what they have gone through, a change simply needed to be made.

  35. Yeah, I think Tatupu could be an example of that….he has really beefed up the couple of years, which seems to have slowed him down. That pec tear could easily have something to do with overdoing it in the weight room. Injuries can make or break a season.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Lofa looks so damn stiff. He looks like he has difficulty wrapping his arms around the ball carrier, at this point. I think he’s a good example. A guy like Tapp on the other hand, who has bulked up quite a bit as well, does a lot of yoga on his own. Things like that are important to avoid muscle injuries. Not that they need a team full of Bikram fanatics, but you’ve got to stay limber and flexible to help avoid those muscle pulls and tears.

  37. area51hawkfan says:

    I don’t know if anyone will respond to or read this today. But is the current staff set except for the RB & TE coaches? I tried to look up the coaching staff today on the Hawks web site and they only show the current staff, all but Mora who’s been replaced by Carroll. So is the list that klm008 listed above. Has Gibbs, Brown, Bates, Grey announced as being hired officially yet? If so man nice staff so far.

    Conditioning staff, I don’t know if they can be a point of emphasis in all the injuries in the last 2 years but like Audible & Dukeshire have commented on
    above it is time to change it up & start over, and then if that’s not helping maybe evaluate the medical staff and how the players are being diagnosed.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    area51 – I’ve noticed that about the Seahawks site as well; only Carroll has been updated. But rest assured, kim008’s list is accurate. The only question is Jedd Fisch. I have not seen an official release from the team yet, but all the reports I’ve read are that it is a done deal and he has accepted Carroll’s offer.

  39. I thought I remembered reading that Gibbs will be coaching the OL and TE’s…

    Does anyone else remember hearing this? If not, I’ll try and find a link.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t recall that, but that doesn’t mean anything. lol.

  41. AggieHawk:know a lot of people have already stated this here on the blog, but just read this on yahoo sports page and want to see how many people would like to see either a young Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson in seattle instead of Matt.

    Well my opinion is that’s just nuts. However I sure would like to see what that NY Jets team would look like with Hasselbeck under center right about now.

  42. I’d like to see how the Jets would do with every team’s starter except for the Raiders, Browns, Bills, Bucs and Lions.

  43. area51hawkfan says:

    Dukeshire & kim008, thanks for

  44. area51hawkfan says:

    Dukeshire & kim008….

    Thanks for clearing that up, wierd that all these news stations and NFL guys around the league are scooping these stories and there is no news or confirmations coming from our media or from the Hawks themselves. Is there any reason for that do think? Does the NFL have some kind of policy for assistant coaches hiring announcements?

    Anyway. Also I was at lunch and heard on KIRO 710 that Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the Hawks have indeed reached and agreement with Jerry Gray. That was at about 12:50PM.

    And I’d like to jump in on this story about Matt and his name surfaceing in Cleveland. Hey Hawks fans, DON’T DISCOUNT THIS STORY. For one thing Matts due to make A LOT OF MONEY next year right??? show the last year of his contract to be $10M for next season.

    Soooooo, remember more often than not, history has shown that NFL teams usually don’t like to pay out those final contract years opting to re-sign, re-structure, trade or cut those player out right if circumstances fit the situation. So in my mind there is a very good chance that we could see Matt traded to the Browns for Quinn and a draft pick or two (probably 3rd to 6th).

    Now don’t knock me for thinking this, I love Matt. He’s been our best QB since Krieg as far as I’m concerned (Warren Moon was not here long enough for me!) But with Pete Carroll stating “Matt is our QB” only really say’s he’s not going to be cheap to come accross. I would bet if he did infoact go to Cleveland in a trade it would be for a 3rd & 5th rounder this year, and maybe a 4th next. Is that too much for a veteran QB? I don’t know, I don’t get paid to make those decisions. But Holmgren knows what he’s getting with Matt and knows Anderson & Quinn are not a part of the Browns future and hell get who he wants one way or another.

    Justt a little thought, that’s all. What do ya’ll think?

  45. pabuwal:I’d like to see how the Jets would do with every team’s starter except for the Raiders, Browns, Bills, Bucs and Lions.

    Yeah, how about Drew Brees. Can you picture that? Maybe kick in Marques Colston to give him a familiar target. I think that would be one unbeatable team.

    You know they had Brett Favre last year and they just let him go. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be ironic if we got a Jets/Vikings Superbowl this year? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  46. Coaches like Rex Ryan are incredible. They give their team a Defensive Attitude where they go into an elite team’s stadium and shatter all their dreams built up during the season – in just 1 short afternoon. He gets a very shaky rookie QB to make a select amount of plays on 3rd down and inside the redzone.

    Outside of a Super Bowl win, that is what being a fan of an NFL team is all about.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Rex Ryan is a beauty and winning ugly is a win none the less. But how soft are the Chargers? No one will give them a chance next week against Indy, but with the way they play with a chip on their shoulder I would not put it past them. Plus if they do pull the upset, we get two weeks of Ryan pressers. I’m rooting for them for that reason alone.

  48. area51-
    Thanx for the thanx. Posted that incomplete list as a sorta “Is this right?” And Duke said it is, so thanx go to Duke. I’d also like to find out what’s gonna happen to some of the Hawks previous staff. I’d sure wish they’ld keep Solari around. Alex Gibbs was slated to retire after this season and Hawks’re darn lucky to get him. But whaddabout next year, the year after, etc.? Is Marmie gone? Never understood why he was added, but Hawks never lost a game to STL since he was here. What are PC, et al gonna do about O & D QC? It seems like, when you’re starting over you should just start with a core group, as tight as possible. Work out questions as they come up next season among the “synergestic collaboration” of the HC/GM/Cap-Personnel guy and among the tight groups of HC/DC/OC/Position coaches/ST. Like someone mentioned, If Gibbs could include coaching the TEs in their blocking duties, and Kippy Brown could include coaching them in their receiving duties, then Hawks could do without a separate TE coach. The Hawks ship would be run just a little tighter. Not sure that could happen with the RB coach, but if it could all the better. As time goes on and info is more set, then add coaches if needed to more efficiently communicate all of the info that needs imparting to the troops.

    Strength and Conditioning is very important, but I’m not so sure that Mike Clark can be blamed for very many of the injuries the Hawks suffered the last few years. Just as possible is practicing on relatively hard field turf (inside the practice facility) and then playing the game on soft natural turf, and vice-versa. Getting hit in the ribs by opposing players was probably a bigger contributor to injuries last season than Clark. Maybe Hawks QBs and LSs should take to wearing flack jackets?

    The new CBA and cap has to be voted in by the Owners by early March. Otherwise no cap this upcoming season. Let’s say that it’s like 6-7 weeks away. I haven’t read anywhere of a hugh support for getting the new CBA done. Seems kinda quiet out there. You’ld think if they were gonna do it there would be some kinda noise by now. Maybe wrong, but seems like getting stuff changed by the NFL Owners is kinda like doing a 180 with the USS Enterprise, takes time. So, if there’s no cap, then teams would love to clear all the potential dead cap space possible in 2010, getting rid of all the high-priced players that don’t perform up to their $contract amounts. Hawks have a lot, from ESPN’s Sando:

    Player 2010 salary Comment
    Walter Jones $7.3M Injury situation likely to force salary adjustment.
    T.J. Houshmandzadeh $7.0M Salary for 2010 reportedly guaranteed.
    Leroy Hill $6.0M Injuries have limited his effectiveness.
    Matt Hasselbeck $5.75M Pete Carroll endorsed Hasselbeck.
    Marcus Trufant $5.7M Injuries, penalties ruined his 2009 season.
    Deion Branch $5.47M Has not been a good fit in Seattle.
    Patrick Kerney $5.16M Age, injuries have caught up with former Pro Bowler.
    Sean Locklear $4.85M Probably out of position playing left tackle in 2009.
    Deon Grant $4.0M Coming off wrist surgery and turning 31 in March.

    The thing with Hasselbeck’s salary is that his contract only runs through 2010. There would be no cap consequences of keeping him through his 2010 season and then not re-signing him in 2011 – if that’s truly what PC/JI/& new GM want to do. The other thing is that if Hawks got any other QB, that QB would have had as much trouble as Matt did, or more, with how the OL is currently performing. Remember what MIN’s Jared Allen asked of Matt after the game: “why couldn’t you have just waited another half second to throw the ball?” Or something like that. Hasselbeck was hit after release all season long. When SW went in, not only did he run for his life all game, but he didn’t even have the opportunity to throw the ball away before running outta bounds. Let’s keep Matt and let PC/Jedd Fisch determine what Teel can do, then look at DC’s Campbell, etc., in FA (or not if he was a high draft pick and there’s no new CBA) then look to the draft for Matt’s eventual replacement.

    If Hawks are looking to win the SB in three years, then I think they need to get the OL right first, get their run-blocking to optimum, get a scary HB, get Matt a #1 WR to go with Housh, Nate, Carlson and Butler, and get a blocking TE.

  49. area51hawkfan says:

    Smash mouth football, just as the Football gods intended. Let the guys in the trenches help determine the out come of the game. A win is a win good bad or other, it doesn’t matter as long as the out come is the same… WINNING I LOVE IT!!!!

    Hey, let’s put up some thoughts as to what we will see from this offense this next season maybe a name for it’s style, or is it to early to? Will it be more West Coast based? Will it be the hybrid West Coast that Gruden ran with more formations & run balance? Or will it be that chuck and duck we saw this year?

    The key to this teams success going forward will be how the staff shapes both sides of the line of scrimmage. And key #1 of that will be the impact that Alex Gibbs has on this teams O-Line. We have been force fed this zone blocking scheme crap for two years now when the brought in Mike Solari, and I’m not impressed. Bad coaching? Bad/sub-parr players? Or a combination of the two? All I know is it didn’t look nothing like what Denver ran in TD & Elways time. Or anything close to what Denver ran up to that last 2-3 years Shanahan was in Denver. So until I see something that shows this team can run the ball, Matt and no other QB who plays here will have any success…. PERIOD!!!!

    I’m excited for this next season, but I’m sick of hearing about the damn zone blocking crap. Can’t we just put it as simply as Manager Joe Riggins of Bull Durham put it???

    “This is a simple game….. You snap the ball, you hand off the ball, you block for the ball carrier, you run the ball & run over anyone in the way!!!”

    No? Oh well, where’s our Bull Durham for football???

  50. Dukeshire:Plus if they do pull the upset, we get two weeks of Ryan pressers.

    Ryan pressers? What’s that? A tearful tribute to his players?

    I thought yesterday’s game was a real snore. In fact, I fell asleep in the middle of it a couple of times. Well, I’ve been battling the flu so you might blame my drowsiness on that but I didn’t nod off during the Vikings/Cowboys game.

    I’m divided. I really appreciate the job that Ryan has done making that team so formidable in just one year but I don’t want to see them in the Superbowl. I want to see Peyton Manning against Drew Brees, head to head. That would be very dynamic and exciting. The Jets against anybody would be either a low scoring boredom fest or a lopsided “lets get it over with”.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    I didn’t say the game was worth a damn. But Rex Ryan is one entertaining coach. He’d be a hell of a lot more fun for the 2 weeks between games than anything the Colts would run out in front of the camera.

  52. princeaden says:

    I really thought that we’d hear an announcement today about our new GM. Not that it matters, but my vote is for Floyd Reese out of the four we’ve been hearing about.

  53. BORNHAWK says:

    I can’t beleive we haven’t heard anything about the new GM yet, whats going on?

  54. Dukeshire:I didn’t say the game was worth a damn. But Rex Ryan is one entertaining coach.

    Oh I can dig it. You know, my favorite shot from yesterday’s game was Rex Ryan jumping up and down on the sidelines, big belly jiggling with glee after Thomas Jones converted that 4th and short at the end of the game. Classic stuff.

  55. What happened to our fearless reporters?!

  56. Any word on GM

  57. maddog12 says:

    I think they are hung over.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    earther – Brees v Manning is the NFL wet dream. I wouldn’t complain.

    I predict GM announcement tomorrow. About 11:45 a.m. We should get a pool together.

  59. princeaden says:

    Hey Duke, Any thoughts on who will be the GM?

  60. Dukeshire says:

    Just a guess, mind you, but Floyd Reese. I know reports have said he hurt his chances by leaking that he felt he was the front runner, but he would seem to be the safest pick. He and Carroll have a history and so far, everyone that has been brought in or retained is tied to his past, in one way or another. With that, I will say that John Schneider would be a good choice as well. He was apart of the F.O. group that pushed to shopped Favre in lieu of keeping him (the Green Bay FO was fractured on how to handle that situation, from what I have read), feeling it was time to make the change to Rodgers. I have a lot of respect for him based on that. This is a man who is not afraid to make difficult decisions, with the long term, best interest of the team in mind. In addition, he would seem to provide a clear, third voice in this 3 way decision making “committee”. But in the end, harmony, after what has come to light in recent days about the previous administration, will win out. Reese. (All this said, it will probably be someone else altogether, now. lol).

  61. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s an interesting piece if anyone is interested, on Coach Kippy (I like that) about his latest departure from Knoxville. I’ve read quite a bit about all the new coaches and I’m really excited about the staff Carroll’s putting together. I remember having a “meh” feeling about Mora’s staff. Most likely due to Knapp’s presence. I like this much better. It feels right, if that makes any sense.

  62. princeaden says:

    Thanks Duke- My feeling is that Reese will get it too. And I also feel pretty good about that. He put together some pretty darn good teams in Tenn. As far as the new staff that Carroll is putting together, I really don’t think we could ask for more. The only part that scares me is Bradley. I hope PC watches that closely and we don’t find ourselves playing the same bland, prevent (you from winning) defense we saw all year. I’ve heard it said that Bradley has huge potential, Hopefully PC can help him realize it.

    I’m excited about Seahawk football again.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    I read an article last night (I deleted it, unfortunately) but it talked about how Carroll and Bradley were watching an hours worth of film on Curry the other day, and Carroll really felt Curry was not being used correctly and too many times was asked to play “out of position”. It went on to say that he and Bradley were coming up with new plays just for him. I’ll see if I can find it. Worth a read.

  64. Let’s hope they are putting an hour a day on all our other players that have yet to break through into the playmakers they should be.

    LoJack and Mebane could do with some attention. They’ve got the talent.

    Bryant has the potential to be elite but hasn’t shown a bit yet!

    What about Leroy Hill, he looked like the real deal his fist season but has never terroised the backfield consistently since!?

    Let’s hope Carrol’s Defense pays a lot more attention to detail than Mora’s – Bradley is only there to say “yes sir” and do what he’s told. It’s like having an assistant DC and a HC / DC rolled into one!

  65. chuck_easton says:

    Sando is reporting this morning that the new GM is Schneider from GB.

  66. Sando’s transcript from NFCWest Blog:

    “Choosing John Schneider over Floyd Reese as Seahawks general manager would qualify as a mild upset on the surface.

    Reese was the one with known ties to new coach Pete Carroll. Schneider was the one with ties to the previous Seahawks administration, having worked in Seattle under Mike Holmgren.

    Seahawks general counsel Lance Lopes would be the common thread through Carroll and Schneider. Lopes’ brother worked with Carroll at USC. Lopes and Schneider worked together in Green Bay.

    Reese had more experience than Schneider — he is more than 20 years older — but Schneider has a strong personnel lineage with roots in the approach Ron Wolf used to remake the Packers. Schneider has worked closely with Packers GM Ted Thompson, Holmgren’s former right-hand man in Seattle.

    More to come.”

    Full Story:

  67. Chuck, I’m not finding it on Sando’s blog. Do you have the link?

  68. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, that’s the link, less than an inch above your name.

  69. Duke saves the day AGAIN! LOL Thanks :)

  70. @Dukeshire and klm008

    Pat McPherson is being brought on as our TE coach per Pete Carroll at the presser today.

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