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First look at 2010 draft

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 16, 2010 at 11:32 am with 11 Comments »
January 16, 2010 11:32 am

Just like at the end of the season last year, I recently sat down with Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, to discuss April’s upcoming draft. Specifically, I talked to Rang about prospects Seattle might be looking at with the team’s No. 6 and No. 14 overall picks in the first round, and some sleepers in the later rounds. Seattle has three of the first 40 picks in the upcoming draft.

Like the offensive tackle position last year, Rang says this year’s class is strong at defensive line, led by consensus No. 1 overall prospect Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

“Everybody knows about Ndamukong Suh at this point,” Rang said. “But the defensive tackle position in general is very strong. The fact that there are some question marks about the quarterback class makes it a unique draft.”

Right now, Rang has Seattle selecting offensive tackle Russell Okung out of Oklahoma State at six and Clemson’s C.J. Spiller at 14, but there likely will be a lot of changes for the franchise with new head coach Pete Carroll now in charge. Check out Rang’s first-round mock draft here.

So should we expect a lot of USC Trojans headed to the Pacific Northwest?

“When you look at the Seahawks, they have needs at offensive tackle, they have needs at safety, they have needs at pass rusher,” Rang said. “And it just so happens that USC has top-40 caliber players at offensive tackle, at safety, at pass rusher. So does he go the USC route and bring his boys up to Seattle?”

The following is a preview of some areas of need for Seattle and some of the players they might be looking at heading into this year’s draft. I want to thank Rob for taking the time to do this, and like last season I’ll be checking in with Rang periodically up until April’s draft.

Seahawks positions of need


Listen to Rang’s take on offensive line prospects here.

[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Rang on Oline]

OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State 6-6, 305

Rang’s take: “This kid isn’t finesse. He’ll go out there and take on the defensive end. He can release and get to the second level to the linebacker. And so I think he would be a nice fit in the zone blocking offense.”

Okung highlights

OT Brian Bulaga, Iowa 6-6, 312
Rang’s take: “He was absolutely dominant in the bowl game where he was matched up against the top-rated defensive end in junior Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech.”

Bulaga highlights

OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma 6-5, 318

Rang’s take: “He’s position versatile. He played right tackle for Oklahoma. He moved to left tackle this season. And he actually played some center in the (Sun) bowl game when injuries forced him to move around.”

Williams highlights

OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers 6-6, 325

Rang’s take:
“He has the athletic ability that team’s are looking for. He might be the most talented of the entire group, but there are some character concerns with them. As only a junior, you wonder if he has the mental ability to come in and be the immediate impact kind of guy that the Seahawks are going to need.”

Anthony Davis highlights

OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland 6-7, 310

Rang’s take: “He’s only had 17 career starts. He’s a great athlete. … This guy has a great deal of upside, but I do not think that he’s a great fit for Seattle, just because he’s very rough around the edges.”

Bruce Campbell highlights

OG Mike Iupati, Idaho 6-5, 330

Rang’s take: “He plays very high and relies on his great strength. And while he does have good foot quickness, he too often loses the battle of leverage. And so I think that’s going to be a concern there.”

Mike Iupati highlights

Listen to Rang talk about the prospects here.
[wpaudio url="'" text=MP3: Rang on RBs]

RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson 5-11, 195
Rang’s take: “I can just gush about C.J. Spiller. The fact that he was durable as he was throughout his career despite being 5-11, 195 pounds, he really does remind me of Chris Johnson.”

C.J. Spiller highlights

RB Jahvid Best, California
Rang’s take: “I personally think that Jahvid Best is among the most electric player in this draft and is a true hit or miss type of prospect. He’s going to be one of those guys that could be a Pro Bowler someday, but at the same time could get himself injured and could be a concern throughout his career durability-wise.”

Jahvid Best highlights

WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State

Rang’s take:
“He’s got great field speed and he goes up and gets the ball.”

Dez Bryant highlights

WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas 6-3, 200
Rang’s take: “Another player with the same kind of unique combination of size and speed (as Dez Bryant) that might be available in the second round.”

Desmond Briscoe highlights

WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame 5-11, 195
Rang’s take: “This kid snatches the ball out of the air. I’ve watched him beat corners that are bigger and in better position than he is, and he just reaches up and snatches the ball out of the air.”

Golden Tate highlights

Listen to Rang talk about the prospects here.
[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Rang on QBs]

Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 6-4, 218

Rang’s take:
“This guy has a quick release. He is deadly accurate when he’s protected. The problem is, is when he’s not protected he gets a little bit of happy feet and he’s willing to throw the ball into coverage. And so that’s my biggest concern with him.”

Sam Bradford highlights

Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame 6-3, 223
Rang’s take: “He does have pretty decent mobility. He is accurate in short to medium range. But often he would throw the ball up and Golden Tate would make a play. … Clausen is a safer route to be an NFL starter, I just don’t see him ever being a Pro Bowl kind of guy, where if Sam Bradford is protected I think he can be that type of a guy.”

Jimmy Clausen highlights

Colt McCoy, Texas 6-3, 212
Rang’s take: “I’ve actually compared him to Matt Hasselbeck at times, and it’s because I think he’s a high intangibles kind of a guy. He is at his best when he’s moving on the roll out as a young Hasselbeck used to be. He is very accurate in the short-to-medium range. The concern I have for him is he’s using the spread offense, and the vast majority of throws are underneath routes.”

Colt McCoy highlights


Listen to Rang talk about the prospects here
[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Rang on DEs]
DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech 6-4, 270
Rang’s take: “He has a good burst off the edge. He uses his hands well. He locates the ball well. He’s strong at the point and able to hold up against the run.”

Derrick Morgan highlights

DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida 6-6, 290
Rang’s take: He’s a guy who’s a better fit in a 3-4 scheme, because he’s a guy at 6-6, 285 pounds he holds the point very well. He has very good speed off the edge, but not great quickness.”

Carlos Dunlap highlights

Listen to Rang talk about the prospects here
[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Rang on safeties]
Eric Berry, Tennessee 5-11, 203
Rang’s take: “This kid is Ed Reed incarnate. He is absolutely a playmaker. He is physical. He is instinctive. He is athletic enough to come down and slide out of free safety and play nickel cornerback against the slot receiver. He can really do it all.”

Eric Berry highlights

Taylor Mays, Southern California 6-3, 230
Rang’s take: “He’s going to be the most physically impressive specimen of anybody I think in this draft when you compare his size and speed numbers. At the same time he just doesn’t locate the ball as quickly as you’d like him to.”

Taylor Mays highlights

Nate Allen, South Florida 6-1, 206
Rang’s take: “He has the speed and he has the hips to be a true free safety, to be able to play back in center field and be able to make plays in coverage.”

Nate Allen highlights

Listen to Rang talk about the prospects here
[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Rang on sleepers]
RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State 5-11, 215
Rang’s take: “One of the best all-around running backs in all of college football. And I think when it’s all said and done he’s going to end up being a first-round pick.”

Ryan Mathews highlights

QB Sean Canfield, Oregon State 6-4, 220

Rang’s take: “He played in a true, pro-style offense. He has the arm strength. He has the accuracy. He’s a guy that hasn’t got a lot of hype, but at the same time when I talk to scouts he’s being viewed as a potential, top-five quarterback.”

Sean Canfield highlights

DT Dan Williams, Tennessee 6-3, 327

Rang’s take: “If he has a strong Senior Bowl, he could make the late first round, early second round.”

Dan Williams interview

Hall Davis, Louisiana-Lafayette 6-6, 262

Rang’s take:
“He doesn’t necessarily fit with Seattle because he’s more of a 3-4 rush linebacker, but he’s a guy that everybody seems to be sleeping on.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Great post, Eric. Only watched the video so far but can’t wait to get into the rest of it. Nice.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Kinda disappointing to read the Bruce Campbell is a bit of work in progress.
    just something cool about having Bruce Campbell on the roster.

    Shop Smart, Shop S-mart!


    Dammit Eric, it’s your trademark

  4. sugashack says:

    I was really high on Morgan until I saw the GT/Iowa bowl game and he got dominated by Bulaga big time. I’m not as high on him anymore but if we go d-line I just think we have to go DE as I don’t think our DTs are THAT bad. I just think none of our DEs require a double team which means our better DTs are seeing more double teams. I have no problem with an Okung pick but part of my wants to go QB as just look at how bad AZ is going to be once Warner retires. They are going to go from a top 8-10 team to a 8-8 team at best and I feel our QB situation is the same as none of our other QBs are even decent. Only one I’d take is Bradford.

  5. I thought Teel showed some promise last year in the pre-season. I think we need to move on from Wallace, but Teel is 6’3″, 220 lbs and he has an arm. I’m curious to see him next year.

    I also think that Hasselbeck could play a lot, and I mean a lot, better with a good OL blocking for him. As far as Bradford, I would hate to invest in our future QB who already has had shoulder injuries. That scares me.

  6. Cougfan4real says:

    My Draft for the Hawks:
    1a.(6)- Russell Okung- LT- Oklahoma St
    1b. (14)- Mike Iupati-G- Idaho
    2. – Colt McCoy-QB- Texas
    3. (if they have a rd 3 pick)- Jordan Shipley-WR- Texas if he slips
    4.- Toby Gerhart-RB- Stanford- if he slips as well
    5. Kenny Alfred- C- Washington St.

    if one of the 1st round canidates are gone fall back on Taylor Mays-S- USC (Seattle product). Possibly take DT Brian Price from UCLA with the 2nd round pick if you think McCoy will fall. Then select Colt in the 3rd round.

  7. Rob Rang you’re realy losing me. Use a top 1st round pick on a RB the caliber of Spillar! Then compare him to Chris Johnson? Couple years back Johnson wasn’t even on your radar but worse yet – check this vid of the true bad azz NFL rushing attack.
    3rd round 73 overall by KC
    Just stop Bro! Spillar doesn’t stack up let alone demand an above mid 1st rd selection.

  8. Kudo’s Eric… Like Duke, still only got to the video. Setting up a new pc here; patience needed, and that’s not my strongest area… ;-)

  9. Been gone a few days due to wife being in hospital and our baby just doesn’t want to come any time soon!

    Glad to hear some real draft analysis starting on TNT. It is always difficult to predict a draft sp early, before cuts and free agent pickups. But I disagree with CougFan; as much work as our OL needs, we need a playmaker too much to go OL with both our 1st round picks. Either DE, WR or RB with one of them is a MUST! Maybe Eric Berry if he somehow drops to number 6.

  10. Cougfan4real says:

    Props to OakleyD for being able to disagree and not take shots! : )

  11. Cougfan4real says:

    …..It doesn’t happen often on these comment sections!

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