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Take of the week: Hawks off-season shopping list

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 15, 2010 at 11:49 am with 60 Comments »
January 15, 2010 11:49 am
Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

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By Bob Kaupang
(Bobby K)

The Seahawks have many holes to fill heading into the offseason, and new head coach Pete Carroll will be tasked with figuring out who will stay and who will go as he evaluates Seattle’s roster.

That said, here are a list of positions of need heading into the off-season and possible solutions:

Need Number One: Left Tackle – The Seattle Seahawks offensive line, on average, has been bad the past four years. Left tackle is the most important position on any offensive line (provided you have a right-handed quarterback) and one of the most important positions on the entire team. With less-than-stellar play at this all-important position in recent history, I believe the Seahawks must address it in the coming months.

Possible Solutions: If there is a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the owners, there is a chance this position can be fixed in free agency with a legitimate talent like Jammal Brown (New Orleans Saints) or Marcus McNeill (San Diego Chargers). If there isn’t a new CBA, the free agent prospects look dim and we’re going to have to hope for a player such as Bryan Bulaga (Iowa) in the middle of the first round.

Number Two: Defensive Line – Simply put, our defensive line must generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks before we can think about having a good defense. I would say generate “more” pressure, but that would insinuate realistic pressure has been brought on a consistent basis the last two years. Some players like Darryl Tapp have brought pressure in spurts. However, there have been too many 3rd down situations where opposing quarterbacks have had time to drop back, eat a sandwich, call their mom, wife, or girlfriend, take a nap, wake-up, and still have plenty of time to complete a pass. It is enough to make anyone scream for a defensive end like Derrick Morgan or defensive tackle such as Ndamukong Suh (although I know Suh would make a Pro Bowl LDE too).

Possible Solutions: Suh will not be available with the 6th pick, but Morgan might. As much as I’d rather have a left tackle with that pick, assuming the position isn’t addressed in free agency, I don’t necessarily see one I trust (Russell Okung) as much as Morgan.

Sam Bradford,Oklahoma Peter Haley/TNT

Number Three: Quarterback – Whether you think Matt Hasselbeck has any gas left in the tank or not (I do), the fact remains it is time to find his successor in the near future. In my opinion, this is the most important position on any team and having a plan of succession is a wise course of action when you’re dealing with a 34-year-old quarterback. As long as the offensive line is upgraded, it makes sense to find our future quarterback, too.

Possible Solutions: Sam Bradford is an interesting option. He’s extremely accurate, but his shoulder scares me more than his average arm strength. Also, the Oklahoma offensive line was great in his Heisman Trophy winning year of 2008. He wouldn’t be so lucky in Seattle if the line doesn’t improve.

Number Four: Offensive Line –
Walter Jones, in my opinion, was the best left tackle in the NFL in ’06, ’07, and most of ’08. That said, simply adding a left tackle isn’t going to magically fix our offensive line. Therefore, another quality player needs to be added before we can begin to feel good about this unit again.

Possible Solutions: As much as I like Idaho guard Mike Iupati, I would rather get someone later in the draft who is more suited for the Alex Gibbs zone blocking system such as Mike Johnson. Granted, Johnson didn’t work in this system at Alabama, but his skill set indicates he would be better suited to this scheme than a probable first round pick like Iupati. He would also cost less in terms of the salary cap and draft position. If there is a CBA, I can’t think of anything better than adding a Pro Bowl player such as Jahri Evans (New Orleans Saints) or Logan Mankins (New England Patriots).

Dexter McCluster, Mississippi Ron Jenkins/MCT

Other Solutions: While I would love to add an offensive playmaker such as Clemson running back C.J. Spiller, Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate, or a defensive playmaker like South Florida free safety Nate Allen, it’s more realistic to focus on someone who can fit that role in the 4th or 5th round (improving our lines of scrimmage is most important).

Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster could be a situational playmaker. He played the first half of this past season effectively at wide receiver before becoming a running back and rushing for over 1,000 yards. He may be small, but he’s got 4.3 speed and could provide a big-play spark in certain packages. We all know that the Seahawks definitely need some players like this, too.

What do all of you think? If you could only improve four positions this off-season, which ones would they be and who would you realistically sign/draft to make it happen?

Take of the week
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  1. IdahoHawk says:

    I’ll I have to say Is BobbyK should be the new GM. I like your out look and knowledge of the players and the game. I really have no opinion on the draft. We do need O-line most of all. I’m not sure there is a QB in the draft that blows me away. I did see a thing on yesterday about the Hawks being interested in Brandon Marshal. Has anyone else heard this? Does this mean goodbye Burleson? Once again good job Bobby

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Take of the Week? That was just like one of your regular posts! (Zinger!) Seriously, very well done. I’m presuming these are in order of importance, so with #3 being QB would you be interested in someone like Colt McCoy, who’s far more likely to be there in the second, where Bradford will be a top 10 pick? And if no one appeals to you there, would you prefer the then address your #4, another lineman, interior presumably?

    I too think you ar undervaluing Mike Iupati’s versatility. I think he’s plenty enough agile off the ball and quick enough to be effective in ZBS. Last question; Let’s assume no CBA, is there any LT you’d pull the trigger on at 6 or address another position out of order, like Bradford, and assume the responsibility of taking a lineman at 14 regardless?

  3. Kingpear says:

    Bobby K,
    This looks great but I would have to disagree with you on one point. With tht 6th pick I would have to take a look at Anthony Davis (the LT) out of Rutgers.

    He looks like the real deal. I live in Jersey, and get to see him on a regular basis. HUGE upside on this young man, but would probably do well as a RT for a year before moving to the left side.

  4. JohnnyBG says:

    The Seahawks have plenty of smallish, situational RBs already. They definitely don’t need another one. A big play RB would instantly make the entire offensive line and the passing game function more effectively. If a guy is there either with the high draft pick or in free agency (even if expensive), take him. Priority one.

    The offensive line isn’t as far away as people think. Mid priced FAs or a second or third round draft pick or two should fill that need nicely. Should we take the next Walter Jones with the first pick if he’s there? Yeah, sure. But he’s not there. Not even close.

  5. I will stubbornly stick to my guns and say that the Seahawks do not have a player problem. They have coaching problems (and in the past few years they’ve had some injury problems that frankly go beyond my abilities to comprehend). Good players don’t just turn into bad players, especially En Masse like that.

    The coaching problems are being addressed. We’ll just have to see how that turns out. Of course there’s going to be player changes. That happens all the time anyway and new coaching staffs always bring players with them to fit the new schemes they want to implement. However I expect there’s going to be some disappointed fans out there when all the anticipated “axings” don’t take place.

    Quarterback: Personally I think the only smart way to bring on a rookie quarterback is by initially benching him and preparing him over two or three years. Seattle is in an ideal position to do that right this minute (as long as they can keep Hasselbeck in tow). On the other hand, until the NFL finds some way to implement a rookie salary cap, that’s going to be a very difficult thing for teams to do with high first round picks.

    There’s a lot of quarterbacks out there this year. You never know, Sam Bradford could drop a long way down the board because of his injury problems in college. He could be the guy. At any rate my advice (for what it’s worth) is don’t pick someone high. Use that high pick for a lineman or a DB or something.

    C.J. Spiller: It’s just my opinion but I think this guy’s got “injury bust” tattooed on his forehead. Either that or he winds up being some teams very expensive Josh Cribbs, kick return phenom, offensive nobody.

    Maybe not but even if not I think, if Seattle wants draft an RB, they should go for one of those big guys. They’ve already got their munchkin.

  6. Why did Walter Jones fall to #6 in ’97? Did everyone know that his career would be so spectacular all the way back then? We took Shawn Springs at #3 that year!

  7. As much as I am still not excited about Carroll as coach, I do have to give him his “props” in seeing and developing talent at QB in his time at USC. During his time USC developed better QB talent for the NFL than they did running backs (which was always a USC claim to fame). Frankly, I think Peyton Manning would have difficulty in Seattle with our current line. There is no question that line play on both sides of the ball changes things dramatically with regard to any success for a team and should be the priority. Protection and open holes make even average players more successful. The same can be said on defense…..line pressure and hold stuffing makes average LB’s and DB’s more effective playmakers. If we really want to be open on this whole thing, I would have to ask just how many players on this current roster could be said to be “must have’s” to keep?? I realize that you cannot replace an entire roster, but my point is, can we really say that we have any player(s) that this time that we could not live without??…..Just say’n……….

  8. No. I love Iupati. I’d take him in a heartbeat. Regardless of the system, I think he’s going to be a Pro Bowler. I just didn’t want to get too greedy recommending too many 1st rounders when we only have two picks in that round. I don’t think Johnson should be taken with our #40 pick, but I’d really like to trade down in the 2nd and add an extra pick and still be able to get him. History shows teams will trade up 8-10-15 spots in the 2nd round each year. I don’t think Johnson will be as good as Iupati, just that he’ll be a better value for where we could get him at.

    Duke – as you know, this 500 word thing is hard. It was well over 1,000 and then I had to cut a bunch of stuff out. I had potential quarterback trade options like Kevin Kolb (if available) as replacements for Matt too. Same for the draft.

    Kingpear – I have not seen Anthony Davis play. He could be worth it, and much of what I read is that plenty are high on him, but I didn’t want to write about anyone like that if I’d never seen him play before.

  9. williambryan says:

    I think walter Jones was the best tackle in football well before ’06. I also think this is not the year for drafting a quarterback, especially in the first two rounds. I have no faith in Bradfors, McCoy, and especially Tebow. I think this draft should be about getting the best player regardless of position at each pick. I would be far more in favor of aa couple trades for established (but young) players and quality free agent pick ups. Namely, I want Elvis Dumervil, no matter what it takes to get him. He could single handedly bring the defense up a couple levels. The only thing I dont like about PC as coach is there seems to be no chance we will use a 3-4 defense which I also think would bring the defense to a top 10 level. Hawthorne, Tatupu, Curry, and Hill all on the field at the same time sounds a lot better than Tapp, Mebane, Cole, and Jackson on the field at the same time.

  10. We’re all going to be singing Christmas Carrolls next year when we’re still competing for a playoff spot in December.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – lol. Editing had to be difficult for you. Again, nicely done.

    I wish Davis were a senior if just so we could see him play in the Sr. Bowl.

  12. Davis is a bit raw at this point with big upside. That will translate well at the combine.

    Jones was a one year starter at FSU and a JUCO transfer. Same as Davis, he was thought of a bit raw with big upside and it translated well at the combine.

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    I like seeing McCluster on that board. He may be faster that Chris Johnson, and Pete Carroll has a history of figuring out how to use dynamic players like that to attack defenses (Reggie Bush).

    Brandford is the QB I’d pick if I were selecting one of the guys this year. His arm injury is problematic, but if the careers of J’Marcus Russel and Donovan McNabb have taught us anything, it is that you can’t teach accuracy – you either have it, or you don’t. And I don’t want to be saddled with an inaccurate QB.

  14. yankinta says:


    I could not agree with you more. Davis is too Raw…. Bryan Bulaga is much NFL ready and better than Davis. Did you see how Bryan Bulaga shut down D.Morgan during the Bowl game??

    I do agree that we have to get O-Line and D-Line with the first round picks.

    Here’s my proposal:
    4th overall – DT, McCoy or OT
    14th Overall – OT Bryan Bulaga or DT Dan Williams

    I hope we can get a Safety or CB with the second round pick.

    No QB this year please…….. If we suck this year, we’ll have a chance getting Jake Locker next year, if not there’ll be someone there. I say with decent protection, Matt has a good 2-3 years left.

  15. yankinta says:


    I could not agree with you more. Davis is too Raw…. Bryan Bulaga is much more NFL ready and better than Davis. Did you see how Bryan Bulaga shut down D.Morgan during the Bowl game??

    I do agree that we have to get O-Line and D-Line with the first round picks.

    Here’s my proposal:
    6th overall – DT, McCoy or OT
    14th Overall – OT Bryan Bulaga or DT Dan Williams

    I hope we can get a Safety or CB with the second round pick.

    No QB this year please…….. If we suck this year, we’ll have a chance getting Jake Locker next year, if not there’ll be someone there. I say with decent protection, Matt has a good 2-3 years left.

  16. Carroll is on Sirius radio right now .Gus Bradley is going to be DC Dan Quinn on D line and a knock out Secondary coach TBA next week.

  17. That’s big news! So, status quo on defense so far with Bradley and Quinn. What did he say about the secondary coach? Why next week? Any speculation?

  18. Fourty_five_circa_84 says:

    yeah, its going to be Jim Mora . . .

  19. Why not Blount in a later round? He looks like a Brandon Jacobs type and could pair with Forsett nicely.

    6th Bulaga
    14th Iupati

  20. Carroll say this will give him the freedom to do the things he wants to do ,these guy will take it and run with it.He will be calling the shots/plays on Defense.What he said about the secondary coach ‘the guy is lights out we will love him” He must be on another team right now and they cant disclose him yet

  21. watsoni:Why not Blount in a later round? He looks like a Brandon Jacobs type and could pair with Forsett nicely.

    Blount? No disrespect intended by why is it that Seattle football fans can’t seem to see beyond the Pacific North West when it comes to college prospects?

    Anyway, if i wanted a Pac-10 power back I think I’d set my sights on Toby Gerhart from Stanford. I saw the guy play twice this year and both of those games would have made great prospect highlight reels all by themselves. Moreover, he’s bound to go much lower than he should because he’s white, he’s a power back and the NFL is biased with respect to both of those things for some reason.

    Whatever, this years draft is going to have several good power backs that will be ranked higher than LeGarrette Blount. Some of them can even behave themselves.

  22. ‘the guy is lights out we will love him”

    “yeah, its going to be Jim Mora . . .”

    Lights off? Can’t be Mora. He’s more of a lights on but nobody’s home kinda guy.

  23. I like Dwyer for a power back.

  24. Blount would be a high draft pick if it wasnt for him getting suspended for most of the season. He had something like 18 tds last year. He is a beast and is pretty fast and shifty. Id take him over Gerhart any day.

    and eather I pay attention to many other prospects outside of the PNW but thanks for trying to be cool online.

    Audible iv had a lot of my buddies say they want Dwyer but I dont buy into the hype and he would be drafted far earlier then Blount will be.

  25. I agree with Bobby K that the O line is problem #1 (also #’s 2-5).

    While ANYTHING will be better then (K)Nap(P), I don’t expect this coaching staff to have all the answers; in fact until I see otherwise here in Seattle i think the zone blocking is a bad joke.

    Figure with a decent O line, Matt likely has 2-3 productive years left. If the O line sucks, 2010 is likely his last year in Seattle. Either way, i also agree we need to get on finding a “QB of the future”. It’s also a shame Jim Zorn isn’t coming back as QB coach to work with Matt.

    Personally I think with a decent O line Forsett should be an adequate middle of the NFL pack starting RB. Love to see Leonard Weaver come back as an FA at FB.

  26. Nicely done BK, these are the positions I would draft for, LT, DE, OL in the first two rounds. I beleive we should wait till next year to get a QB. Establish a line first and foremost.

  27. My boy Weaver, All-Pro, man I’m so discusted that we didn’t resign him, I st8 called that he would be a pro bowler. I know he wouldn’t of made a difference last year, but I would also love to get him back. I think he could be a bruising RB, not just a FB. Throw screens to him all day.

  28. Weaver is an “All-Pro FB” but can’t run block at all. Go figure.

  29. TruBlue – I agree about Weaver. I think he could be a great FB for us who has some ability in certain situations to play RB when you need that bigger back. I think about John L. Williams and his versatility moving from FB to RB in our Houston play-off game when Curt Warner was injured. He had that ability to play some RB when needed and had a totally different style. If there was a pure speed guy like McCluster in the mix, it wouldn’t be so bad having he and Forsett at RB. Both are smaller, but definitely have different syles and things they bring to the table. I could actually see Mr. Happy going after Weaver. Afterall, it’d be him who brought Weaver back after Ruskell let him go. Chalk one up for Carroll. No guarantees, but you never know. It’s weird to think of Weaver as being a RFA if there’s no CBA though.

    Concerning QB: I would like a situation like Aaron Rodgers watching from the pine for three years before taking over the keys to the franchise. I’d like Matt to be our QB for 2-3 more years, providing his play is good with the improved OL. There’s nothing better for a QB to actually be ready to take over when the need arises. I don’t think I’d like Bradford with the 6th pick because he’s going to make too much money and it’s too easy to feel pressured to get him in the line-up sooner, rather than later in that instance. But if he’s there in a trade down scenario a bit later in the first round, then I’d be all for it. Who knows where Bradford goes on draft day? He could go to Washington before our #6 pick, or he could last a bit after our #14 pick. It’s too early to tell. If we have to wait for ’11, that’s okay. I don’t want to reach for a player just for the sake of it. Too many times teams have forced themselves to take a certain position and have given up a chance to take a guy who they feel will become a much better pro. Even though I have LT as our #1 need, there is a chance we may not take one with our first rounder. A Bradford/Iupati first round certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world and you may look back in 5 years and say that was the right thing to do. We certainly need talent and can’t totally give up on a much talented player just so a bad team can draft a position of “need.” Yeah, in a perfect world, we address LT #1, DL #2, QB #3, and OL #4. But we all know we don’t live in a perfect world.

  30. area51hawkfan says:

    BobbyK, Love this post.

    Lets see LT w/pick #6 (unless Suh is there)
    HB w/#14
    QB w//#40
    then in no particular order DT, DE, G, T, CB, S.

    At QB I like Dan LeFevour out of Central Michigan & Zac Robinson of Oklahoma St. Two guys that had great seasons, CBS is projecting LeFevour to go in rounds 3-4 and Robinson to go 7th/FA.

  31. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I read this blog daily (sometimes multiple times) but rarely comment, mostly because I would rather not jump into the negativity that runs rampant here.

    You, however, are the exception, and I find your thoughtful insight helpful and on point. Thank you for this solid analysis.

    I agree that Hasselbeck still has gas in the tank and should be the starter for at least a few years to come, but do not share your opinion on Bradford. If we chose a QB in the first round, I would hope for Clausen, though he will likely be gone if we take a LT first.

    The thought of Colt McCoy in Seahawk Blue makes me vomit. A lot.

    I like the idea of a LT first, followed by Iupati at OG.

    Keep up the great work, Bobby and thanks for being an asset to this blog.

  32. area51hawkfan says:

    Some more thoughts to go along with your reply to TruBlue. I also agree Bradford is not the ideal QB for a team with an OL in transition. He appears to be of the Brock Huard mold (sorry Brock!) I wouldn’t want to take Bradford in the 1st round either when there are guys like LeFevour & Robinson (see above) who may be there from rounds 3-7 to a FA singing.

    I hope the Hawks use the early picks to grab some players who can make impacts sooner than later at LT, HB, DE, CB. Those are the positions that seem to have the biggest impact if you get those pick right.

    And I would LOVE to have a guy who could bring what John L. Williams brought to this team. Stellar at his FB position and servicable a HB if needed to be called upon. Men he could block, catch and….. ummmm…. OH yeah RUN! The Hawks could use a John L. type of FB and then get a Chris Warren type of runner (big, strong & fast) to compliment what we have with Forsett. Now that would be fun!!! Oh, Giants had it for a while with Earth, Wind & Fire!!

  33. watsoni:Blount would be a high draft pick if it wasnt for him getting suspended for most of the season. He had something like 18 tds last year. He is a beast and is pretty fast and shifty. Id take him over Gerhart any day.

    Well, Gerhart had 27 TDs this year and led the nation in rushing with 1800+ yards so somehow your argument doesn’t grip me.

    I’m glad you’re paying attention though.

  34. Third time this week that’s happened. Grrrrrrr. I can’t tell you how much I hate that.

  35. williambryan – I agree that Walt was the best LT in the NFL well before ’06. My point in saying that was because we have had a bad OL since ’06 and that was even with him on our team. That’s a reason getting a LT won’t magically fix our line and why I believe we need someone like Iupati, Johnson, Mankins, or Evans too. In all honestly, if we could sign Jammal Brown AND Jahri Evans… I would be so thrilled and happy… you might even hear me going bonkers and mentioning the Super Bowl word again, as our draft picks could focus on the DL and playmakers. If Matt had both those two, he would live another 3-4 years as well. Could you imagine how improved we could be if we could go DE, RB, FS with our top 3 picks? Mr. Happy would be a very Happy Camper in ’10 and people would be talking about what a genius he is with his amazing 1-year turnaround.

  36. Take a look at Ryan Mathews (Fresno State) He is big, breaks tackles and reasonably fast. His yards per game weer number one or number two in the nation. I think that he is projected as a 2nd round pick.

  37. I would like to see them trade the first pick to drop down and pick up another second. Then use the new second round pick on Mcoy or Tebow if he drops that low. I know I’m in the minority but I feel that either of those guys in the late second would be worth it. Then use the two first for the best O-lineman and best D-lineman you can get.
    I thought I read some where we don’t have a third round pick. Is that true?

  38. I think you can get good value at RB and QB in the middle rounds.

    I’d like to see the Hawks concentrate on OL and DL in the early rounds. If you can get 2 quality OL’s, that could help build continuity for a long time.

    Great writeup, BobbyK!

  39. SMOA – Correct, no 3rd round pick. I’m all for as many trade down scenarios as possible to stockpile extra picks.

  40. Good article Bobby. Always like your posts even if I do not agree 100% all the time. I do think that we have to concentrate on the OL & DL. Many posters say that the OL is what kept Matt from living up to expectations. The same thing could be said about our running backs. A big cornerback is a more pressing need than a running back in my opinion.

  41. tcross12 says:

    carrol might bring in his fullback from SC..i know he was a great receiver out of the backfield

  42. I wonder if NY would trade #15 and their second for #6? I agree with fresfan about the big corner. We have very little chance of turning it around in one year and it has been proven a rookie running back can have success. So I say pick up a big back late to complement J-Force. Then maybe use a high pick on a RB next year or even in two when we are closer to competeing.

  43. freedom_X says:

    Walter Jones didn’t really “slip” to #6. Orlando Pace was #1 overall at tackle I believe. Jones, to some, was actually a surprise pick – the common wisdom had no idea Seattle was interested in Walter. Seattle made a big trade with Tampa Bay to land the #6 pick to get Jones. But I don’t recall many authorities saying Jones was the #2 tackle behind Pace, and a top 10 pick type guy.

    Jones played 1 year at Florida State and came out as a junior (he was a juco college transfer.) I think that’s why he was a “surprise” pick to some. But clearly Dennis Erickson knew his college talent. (he got Shawn Springs with an even bigger draft trade that year.) It was one of the biggest surprises when this “raw” tackle started from the moment he put on a Seattle uniform, and excelled.

  44. Dwyer is a big back, but he’s not all that physical of a runner from what I’ve seen.

    Watsoni: I like Blount too actually. I think you could get him on the cheap as well…maybe 5th or 6th round? He would be a good compliment to JF, I agree.

    Earther: Watsoni actually mentioned Blount “in a later round” which I think makes some sense. Gerhart is usually mocked at rounds 2-4, so they don’t really represent the same draft value (as of now) even though they are both power backs.

  45. Yeah…good stuff BK…nice work man, and thanks.

  46. Hammajamma says:


    Like the interest in Baluga. He did stone Morgan in the Orange. For the 2nd priority, consider an offensive playmaker. I really like McCluster. He made me seek out Ole Miss games this year. He so often was clearly the best player on the field, which is nothing to sniff at in an SEC game. Very entertaining back who is scary fast and quick.

  47. yellaman says:

    While I like Bobby K’s plan for improvement.The plan of rebuilding this team should be the best player available. This team has way too many holes to game plan positions of need. Just think about it we need a LT, another OG, DT & DE help. another safety & CB help as well as a big RB and deep threat at WR.That’s 8 postiotins that need upgrades and we didn’t include the QB situation. Good job Bobby but I hope the seahawks go Best player available with the draft this year.

  48. Cornutt:Earther: Watsoni actually mentioned Blount “in a later round” which I think makes some sense.

    Yeah, o.k… I get that, but when somebody tells me “Id take him over Gerhart any day.” I like to take them at their word.

  49. Excellent work, Bobby.

    But I do agree with your priorities, but the “best player available” might lead us elsewhere in the draft.

    Instead of Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen might be there at #6 and might be too hard for Pete Carroll to resist. Carroll tried to recruit Clausen to USC four years ago.

    And at #14, if CJ Spiller is there, he too might be too good to pass up.

    Also, I would be a big fan of trading that #6 pick down to get more picks if a guy they truly love isn’t there at 6.

  50. There also needs to be a new saftey in this plan somewhere. Or maybe two new safeties.

  51. From Earlier Today:

    “Even though I have LT as our #1 need, there is a chance we may not take one with our first rounder. A Bradford/Iupati first round certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world and you may look back in 5 years and say that was the right thing to do. We certainly need talent and can’t totally give up on a much talented player just so a bad team can draft a position of “need.” Yeah, in a perfect world, we address LT #1, DL #2, QB #3, and OL #4. But we all know we don’t live in a perfect world.”

    I agree with those of you who are saying BPA.

  52. I “hope” that BPA is the positions we need the most.

  53. Until the combine these players will mostly be just another name at position for me. That said, we all know LT or o-line is in dire straights but throwing low caliber high draft picks at the position isn’t the answer. I’ve heard it isn’t likely that a new CBA will NOT be reached. This virtually eliminates FA from landing a LT unless we go after someone like the Colts extra, Ugoh.

    Defensively the Hawks have need at all but the LB position. I’ll now use the early 90’s Buffalo team as an example. DE Bruce Smith complimented with a fine Lber core allowed for a weak secondary. Walterfootball’s mock has Hawks taking DE Derrick Morgan with 14. Sounds right after using the 6th pick on WR Dez Bryant. Hawks need a playmaker and this guy more than fit’s the bill. But in addition to being the best return man he will also be a WR demanding double coverage. I’m confident Bryant will make a significant difference from day one. Hasselbeck is no rookie, he’ll know how to use Bryant, Housh and Carlson. Those teams blitzing the house every other down will become exposed to a deep threat. Bryant has been compared to Randy Moss in that he can beat triple coverage. Music to the ear, I salivate. Only Kenny Easley and Drew Bledsoe have had me this stoked. We ended up with Mirer on the later.

    You’ve asked for the 4 positions to upgrade and as much as I would like to hold off taking Bryant with the first pick I now know he won’t last until 14. Of coarse if we somehow acquire WR Brandon Marshall of the Bronco’s then all bets are off. This question is really premature but makes for fun discussion. WR, DE or d-line, DB S/CB, LT or o-line. BPA in all instance.

    Might be easier to state positions to avoid.

    QB – I’ll hang with starter Hasselbeck and Wallace. Continue development of Teel.

    RB – Again, no changes other than giving Forsett the starting role.

    FB – Owen Schmitt starting. Griffith or Kirkland as backup.

    TE – Carlson has the receiver end covered Likely a blocking TE turnover as usual.

    LB – Trade possibilities from this position. David Hawthorne will not set the pine for Tatupu, period. Hoping we can land our LT with a trade or maybe Brandon Marshal (I’m no TR but this dude seems to have issues least of which are catching the ball. This I like.).

    Something unpopular that I will add. Chris Spencer should be retained at the guard position keeping in mind that he is experienced at the center position. Alex Gibbs may buck popular demand and continue on with Spencer. But I think he should and will continue on as a Seahawk. Willis will be the odd man out. And I’ll not hold my breath over Walter Jones. Looks like we’ll not find an adequate replacement, AGAIN! And oh well, the nine mill won’t hurt in an uncapped year.

  54. WiscCory says:

    Nice job BobbyK.

    However, as long as Forsett is a Seahawk, they don’t need to waste a pick on a player like McCluster. I like both of them, however if both were on the roster, it would create a situation where one would have to be cut. It wouldn’t be wise to occupy 2 roster spots for the same type of 3rd down back. I’d rather see middle round picks used on the OLine, or secondary.

    I’m wondering if Unger will be C or G. We’ll need to draft whatever position he won’t be playing.

  55. bigdukefan74 says:

    I think we #1 need to Address LT via Free Agency as well. I think McNeil out of San Diego seems like a more realistic opportunity. Would love to see Logan Mankins as well.
    #2- I would not be surprised to see Reggie bush reunited with Pete Carroll as a dynamic playmaker on offense and ST.
    #3- I would like to see the Seahawks go after a Darren McFadden or Tashard Choice of Dallas, both of whom are buried in a trio of running backs. I think Darren McFadden is young and explosive and has been held back in Oakland. I think we could get him for Seneca Wallace and a draft pick.
    #4- From everything I have been Reading, Carroll loves Claussen (which I love) if he is available at #6 and then CJ Spiller out of clemson at #14. That tandem could excite me for the future.
    As far as other needs, it would be great to see us go after a Julius Peppers or Richard Seymour in FA to improve our pass rush. We need to cut Kerney, and trade branch and Burleson to free cap space. Hass needs to take a pay cut if it is a capped year, and know that is main new job is grooming the QB of the future. Gibbs is supposed to be money when it comes to finding mid/late round OL talent, so lets hope that trend continues so we can bring in explosive offensive talent with our two 1st round picks like a Dez Bryant, CJ Spikller, Claussen or Bradford. I would not be upset to hear any of those names called.

  56. Oldbutslow says:

    Nice job, BK.

    With our first pick in the draft, I am hoping for a prospective LT, but am intrigued by Joe Haden, the CB. He is not huge, but could be a shut down corner.

  57. First off no more Chris Spencer, unless he is a low paid back up.
    Hopefully a FA at LT Like Brown or McNeil, if not you have to get one so I go with Bruce Campbell (Maryland) or Bulaga might work. You need a guard to so Lupati or Charles Brown . Somewhere I have to try and get Dan Williams NT to Play DT in a 4 or NT in a 3/4 from Tennessee ,he is a stud. Need a DE also and Morgan would be nice , FA maybe ? Later I would get CB Joe Haden if there,and at WR Benn from Illinois or Gilyard from Cincinnati.
    Need a safety also but who? Get rid of Julius and draft a RB along the way. No Bradford at QB ,thats a mistake! Pick one up in rounds 4 thru 7 Snead (Ole Miss) or Dan LeFevor (Central Mich.). Filling line spots on both sides is mandatory. And Please someone light a fire under Trufant , or is he done. It’s too bad the little guy isn’t taller (name escapes me) at the other corner.

  58. BlueTalon says:

    I have been of the opinion that we should stack our O-line with one, and perhaps two of our first three picks, and use the other on the D-line. But I recently thought of something that, while it didn’t change my mind outright, at least opened it up to the point of accepting something different.

    When Chuck Knox took over in 1983, our O-line didn’t strike fear in opponents, but Knox chose to trade our first three pick in that draft to get the 3rd pick overall so he could draft Curt Warner. Knox traded for Reggie McKenzie for the O-line help he needed, and he otherwise made do with what was there. So… if we draft a playmaker early, I might not be upset that we didn’t use the pick to draft a lineman.

  59. BlueTalon says:

    Knox also picked up Blair Bush at center, but I think that was in 1984, not 1983. I could be wrong, though.

  60. Running back seems to have a lot of debate today. I see a lot of people asking for specific guys and wanting to pair them with Forsett. Personally, I think Forsett is a fine running back, but he needs complimentary guys. Note, I said “guys” plural. Jones is finished here, he does not find the cracks in this scheme. Now that Gibbs on board we are full bore into it whether we like it or not. Forsett fits it obviously – he played in it at Cal and had success this year with that same horrible line Jones could do nothing behind. So here is my wishlist for our RB core going into 2010:

    Starter (sort-of, all will play): J. Forsett
    Change of Pace/Gamebreaker: McCluster (mid round pick should get him)
    Short Yardage/Bruiser: Blount (advantage of playing in ZBS – 5th/6th rd?)
    * Whoever is getting it done earns the most carries, fits Carroll, he loves to force his players to COMPETE for playing time.

    I think this would fix the running game (along with open any two of our first 3 picks to go after LT and Guard, unless FA fixes those holes).

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