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Report: GM list narrowed to two

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 14, 2010 at 1:08 pm with 35 Comments »
January 14, 2010 1:08 pm

Jason La Confora of the NFL network is reporting that the Seahawks list of candidates for the vacant general manager has been narrowed to two, and Floyd Reese is on that list.

According to the report, the final two candidates will meet with owner Paul Allen over the weekend, and then a final decision will be made.

Also, if Pat Kirwan joins the team it won’t be as Seattle’s top personnel man but as an aide to Carroll, according to the report.

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  1. I can’t help but be optimistic. Very excited to forget 2009. Here we go 2010! GO HAWKS!

  2. simpsonian says:

    they must have read dave’s article

  3. “tod! tod, come quick!”
    “yes, mr allen?”
    “look at this great article! go and get me floyd! how i wish he was here!”

    [ba boom tss...]

    thank you, thank you, i’ll be here all week…

  4. chuck_easton says:


    You forgot to tell everyone to “try the veal” That is mandatory when you say you are here all week!


  5. Who’s the other candidate???

  6. ChrisHolmes says:

    Who is the other candidate? Like it matters!


    Man… to think, a couple weeks ago I thought I was in for a really terrible offseason and another 4-12 season of football next year. And now? I feel hope eternal.


  7. More information from Sando on the GM search. Apparently, Reese has the inside track:

  8. Schneider and Reese.

  9. I’m definitely happy that Paul Allen is physically well enough to entertain/meet the candidates. I know he’s going through treatment, but anytime I hear cancer… I cringe and think about the worst case scenarios. I know what he has has a relatively high success ratio (thank goodness), but, again, it makes me nervous. I love that guy as an owner and wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

  10. I too would be happy with Reese. Stable and a winner. His background with Carroll should make communication good as well. A good fit, should he be the guy.

  11. chuck_easton says:


    I went to that article. Seems the Cleveland fans prefer none of the above and Michael Vick over Hasslebeck. Only Derick Anderson has less fan support.

    Don’t think Matty would be welcomed into Cleveland with open arms.

  12. area51hawkfan says:

    Reese is the man in my opinion, everything I’ve read about the man gets me jacked up for this upcoming offseason seeing what he and Carroll could maybe accomplish together in the future. Go Hawks!!!

    So how and when did Pat Kirwans name get invalved in the mix? I Wiki’d him and never knew his background until today, interesting. I knew he was a senior analyst for but figured him as just a journalist. Hmmmm! Either way Hawks fans this coaching staff is starting to shape up nicely, lets get some hogs to fill the trenches with and get to running the damn football again………. PLEASE!!!!! We know Matt can pass and no where near ready to have the team bring in a “QB of the future” we have two of them now…. sorta. Spend the draft pick on depth and snag a another back up QB from someone else, lord knows there’s plenty of young QB’s that have had decent college careers.

    And lastly, BobbyK kudo’s to you man. I’m with you about Mr. Allen, get well Mr. Allen and thank you for keeping our team here and giving us something to debate and root for. On the post about “Scribes weigh in” I blasted some of the idiots out there who may have short term memories or just jumped on the Hawks bandwagon in 2005, and that’s fine. BUT damn people shut up and let Mr. Allen and HIS team of buisness people to whom he’s paid a great deal of money to make sure that this franchise is in good hands and let this new era of Hawks football have their chance to shine. We should be so fortunate that our team has an owner who stays out of the way of his skilled personel and doesn’t micro manage things like Jerry Jones, Al Davis & freaking Dan Schnider. And what I mean by IDIOTS, refers to media for the most part and people who have littered the sports talk shows with just pissy attitudes about the Hawks having the balls to think outside the box and do what they think will shake things up… I LOVE IT! Mr. Allen we trust, after all with out him we’d not have this team to talk about, remember that. Thank you Mr. Allen and I hope you get well soon!

  13. chuck – trust me, you don’t want to try the veal in this joint ;)

  14. Did any of you listen to Steve Largent on Softy’s show today.

    Steve told Softy that he has heard that Jim Mora lost the respect of his players and the players basically quite on him. The front office heard that and had no choice but to get ride of him.

    It is intersting, we the fans knew he lost the respect of his players by just following the team and reading between the lines.

  15. Just a random piece of information – there’s a tim leiweke who gets a lot of press/publicity here in LA because he’s the CEO of AEG (the huge concert tour company, and sports team owne) . . and I kind of figured he might be related to our Leiweke, turns out he’s his older brother:

    “His older brother Tim Leiweke is also actively involved in MLS as President and CEO of AEG, which operates both the L.A. Galaxy and Houston Dynamo”

    Successful family . . .

  16. Is there a Tim and Tod Ruskell who are both unemployed?

  17. area51hawkfan:So how and when did Pat Kirwans name get invalved in the mix? I Wiki’d him and never knew his background until today, interesting. I knew he was a senior analyst for but figured him as just a journalist

    I always figured him for a nincompoop. He has that regular spot on CBS and you can always trust him to say very stupid things. I suppose having that grinning, stool kicking, hyperactive muppet next to him on every pre-game analysis makes him look somewhat respectable by comparison but that doesn’t help me any. I still need to change the channel.

    I have a hard time imagining him as a coach or a GM. But then what do I know? I suppose trying to sound intelligent on tv sports commentary show is a lot harder than it looks. I mean look at Troy Aikman. The guy was a top notch quarterback in the NFL for years. I find it extremely hard to believe that he doesn’t know the difference between an “end around”, a “reverse” or a “double reverse” and yet there he goes, every week, calling one the other without blinking an eye. I suppose it’s hard to concentrate on speaking fluidly without interjections and pauses and to concentrate on the game at the same time.

  18. freedom_X says:

    On Mora – Clare Farnsworth had a sound bite that there were several GM candidates that would not even consider coming to Seattle if Mora were retained as coach. Ouch. If true, that has to be a big factor in them jettisoning Mora after one year, and doing it so abruptly.

    The more I read, the more shocked I get at the extent of Mora’s problems. I guess it’s true – where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and his erratic behavior through the season, plus the closing flop of the team, really reflected the deterioration under Mora.

    Personally for me, it was when I never once heard him say “we need to coach better.” Maybe he did, but I never heard it. He was pretty good at “calling out” others, but never himself or his staff. That bothered me a lot.

  19. freedom_X:The more I read, the more shocked I get at the extent of Mora’s problems.

    Stop. You’re starting to make me feel sorry for the guy. He’s not an invalid. He’s a football brat. That’s almost as bad as a Hollywood brat.

    If the Seahawks would allow me to screw up their team for one season for a huge chunk of change you wouldn’t hear me subtly complaining to some clown named Softy on a radio program. I’d walk away from my inevitable firing with a big smile on my face.

  20. earther has two great lines in back to back posts.

    On pat Kirwan – “He has that regular spot on CBS and you can always trust him to say very stupid things.” Yes, exactly. He’s a boob and when I hear that he’s rumored to be in consideration for GM here all I can envision is Matt Millen.

    On Mora – “Stop. You’re starting to make me feel sorry for the guy. He’s not an invalid. He’s a football brat.” Again, right on the money. I did feel for him at the time of his dismissal, glad but felt for him, but that has quickly subsided as more about his personality has surfaced.

  21. Dukeshire:earther has two great lines in back to back posts.

    Why thank you Duke. It’s very kind of you to say so.

    Maybe I should stop trying to be comical and end endeavor to direct all my focus on malicious cynicism. My attempts at humor seem to rub some people the wrong way.

  22. Re Paul Allen: I hope if his cancer progresses, it doesn’t mean the Hawks end up in OKC (I’m not joking). Right now, I’m sure the Hawks are a money maker. But what if some dirt bag Bennett buys the team & runs it into the ground?

    We’ve been very fortunate to have Mr Allen as an owner. We can only hope he’ll leave the team to his sister & that she’ll run it similarly to how he has.

  23. Re Mora: as I’ve said earlier, I have NO SYMPATHY for anyone who’s getting paid 12 million to do nothing. If someone gave me 1 million, I’d never work again.

  24. it’s really easy to rag on mora as a scapegoat, but what would have happened if the O-Line worked and knapp could run his systems? could last season have been salvaged?

  25. Man, that would be a filthy group of WR’s if Marshall signed with us and we could keep Burl. I’m curious what it’d really take to make that happen. Hard to know just how desperate Denver is to get rid of him. But man…he makes big plays…that’d be fun.

    But still, that OL needs help and if it’s either/or, I go OL.

    As for L. White….Meh. His YPC has never been that exciting. He lost a bunch of weight and his YPC actually went down. With very limited action. Not too convinced he’d be much better than JJ…but he is young…

  26. Dukeshire says:

    I saw that last nigh and forgot to post it. Anyway, it makes sense. Jeremy Bates, Seattle’s new OC, was the WR / QB in Denver in ’07 an QB coach there in ’08. So he would be a likely candidate to reach out to him. Marshall wants out and Seattle desperately needs a play maker. In addition Carroll has handled a lot of “characters” at USC so I think that would fit.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Lendale White? Pass please. He’s a less talented, younger version of TJ Duckett. With a much worse attitude.

  28. It sounds like Marshall would do well under Carroll because his coaching style is a little more relaxed than some. Doubt we’ll let Burleson go because he’s good, versatile, and cheap. I heard that Bates will go with a lot more 3 and 4 WR sets…it would be fun to see TJ, BM, NB, and DB all running routes on the same play. Or, throw in Carlson. If we can snag a power RB to compliment JF, and strengthen the OL, our offense will be really good again!

  29. bird_spit says:

    Audible – It would be good, as long as DB is Butler and not Branch. I hope to see D. Branch traded for BM, so wont be available for the 4 WR set.

  30. If Carroll can handle the attitude, Marshall is a great player. I honestly think he’s right there with Fitz and A. Johnson. He made Orton look better than he is and Cutler’s play greatly diminished after he found out he can’t throw up jump balls in Chicago that Marshall used to catch for him. I think he’s a moron, but he’s a great talent.

    I do not condone trading a bunch of draft picks for him though. Hey, I’d love to trade Branch in the deal. He has a history with little Josh and would fit in with the Broncos. But I don’t want to throw in a 1st rounder too. I don’t have a problem throwing in a 1st round pick… provided we get a 2nd rounder back from them… a scenario like that is more acceptable for me. If anything, I’d like to move down and get a 3rd rounder back that we lost so we, in all actuality, have more picks than we should. Now, we’re just like everyone else… 7 picks in 7 rounds. Granted, it’s nice two of them are in the first round.

  31. That one reader mentioned Branch and our #6 to Denver for their #11 and Marshall… that would be a coup… I don’t know why Denver would do that, but I’d love it if they would… I would support that trade in a heartbeat.

  32. Before anything can make any sense, the NFL has got to decide on whether or not there is gonna be a new CBA. Is there a date when that may happen?

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