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Report: USC hires Lane Kiffin to replace Carroll

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 12, 2010 at 6:25 pm with 25 Comments »
January 12, 2010 6:25 pm

Hard to believe that USC’s coaching search took less time than the one the Seattle Seahawks just conducted, beating Seattle by two days.

A day after Pete Carroll turned his resignation as the head coach of the Trojans, USC has reportedly hired Lane Kiffin away from the University of Tennessee to become the next coach of the Trojans, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

According to the report, Kiffin will bring with him his father Monte to be the defensive coordinator, along with recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron.

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  1. I wonder if Monte is going to go to USC or back to the NFL? I bet Mr. Happy would take him!

  2. freedom_X says:

    I read Monte is following Lane to USC. Good thing UW didn’t bring in Kiffin!

  3. I can appreciate that USC is Kiffin’s dream job but you’ve got to admit; he’s a douche. Good luck Trojans, you’ll need it.

  4. That’s messed up for tenn.

  5. Duke – didn’t TEN do well under Lane?

  6. Should have read the entire post…

    TN had plenty of suspect recruiting procedures this past year. That’s not a good thing. Lane was only in the SEC for 1 year, but burned plenty of bridges too. All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be in his foxhole if it came down to it. I don’t know him, but when you hear the same questionable stuff all the time… well, lets just say where there’s usually smoke, there’s fire…

  7. vichawkfan says:

    OT for this thread, but just read off PFT and watched the video of Mora mouthing to Millen and Softy that “Carroll is a cheat”…with chuckle’s from the peanut gallery.

    Can we safely say that Mora is a little whiney baby that lacks the maturity to be anything but a 2nd rate D assistant?? I felt a tiny bit sorry for the guy that just got 12 mill to suck, but now I’m 150% sick of him.

    As for Hugh Millen…if you’re reading this, you are pathetic dude…. tired of listening to you profess to be anything but a hack and Mora beyotch. This year will be telling as I predict you try and sabotage any and all coaching descions Pete makes, and if the Hawks finish better than 8-8 giving credit to your college dorm mate for building a “foundation”.

    my 2 cents – now my wife is being induced tomorrow with our 1st and large 10 pound baby boy…so lights out and god bless. Lofa Cortez coming soon…

  8. Soggybuc says:

    Awesome Vic, GL and enjoy the arrival of our future Hawk.

  9. vichawkfan – Congrats on the little one.

    Mora just cemented himself as a douche in my books. He clearly silently mouthed “Pete Carroll” at the 7:00 minute mark and got a good laugh from another clown. Good riddance. Maybe if he were such a good person of integrity himself, he wouldn’t have fully blamed the Bears game on the kicker. Maybe if he was such a martyr he wouldn’t have publicly attacked Chris Spencer when that dumbass knew full well that he’d been snapping with the other hand for weeks due to his thumb. Yeah, sure, Spencer is terrible, but if you’re the head coach you don’t need to approach it like that. Yeah, I think it was crap that the organization had him do the post season press conference, but each time Moron (first time I’ve called him that) opens his mouth, the more I’m glad he’s gone.

  10. subtlesquire says:

    Wow, that interview with softy was a very shabby spectacle.

    Coach Mora was obviously emotional, and if there is anything we’ve learned about Mora when he is upset is that he is not above throwing people under the bus.

    Millen, any credibility you had, which wasn’t a lot anyway, is now gone. Moreover, I’m glad as hell you aren’t my friend. There is no way a friend worth a damn would let a friend in that emotional state walk into that interview. One can assume you didn’t try to keep him out of there because you egged him on. If class was a hundred dollar bill, you couldn’t afford a grilled cheese.

  11. Man what a bummer of a year for Mora. Like I said before it sucks he caught a lot of bad brakes (Injured players and Sh*t for luck installing a new system) but to call out the new Coach that so many Hawk fans are hella stoked about just aint cool. Whatever, I guess all that Mountaintop philosophy can only hide the resentment for so long. Good luck in whatever you do Mora, just don’t rain on the Seahawks parade bro. Maybe UW can work for you.

    I, for once in a good while, feel damn excited about being a Hawks fan and even if the next 5 years end in .500 record overall, at least this organization didn’t let the team and fans spiral into Sh*tvill. That means a hell of lot. Thanks.

    Peace out…

  12. BobbyAyala says:

    Why is this a ‘Seahawks Insider’ blog post?

    Just curious.

  13. BobbyAyala says:

    Dude, I’m going to toss sand in the vaginas of the BobbyK lovers in this crowd, but, there’s no reason to call out Mora in this case.

    Dude got jobbed, plain and simple, and, quite frankly, he deserved more than one moment of immature behavior based on the complete sham of his employment with Seattle was.

    Calling out Mare was correct after blowing a pair of game-winners.

    Calling out Spencer was correct after blowing four snaps in an NFL contest.

    I know I’m the black sheep around here, and I’ll gladly carry that flag, because, frankly, far too many people around here consider frequent posters as the “end all and be all” of blog commenters.

    Some who frequent this space are willing to spit truth in the face of the sheep.

    We all were here during Sando, we all grew into the new media of football coverage together, some of us, however, don’t need to carry the company line along with us in hopes of garnering a “guest column.”

    Bobby, you’re dead wrong for calling Mora a “douche,” because, frankly, the dude was treated with no respect, and, Snake Oil admitted as such yesterday.

    Bad form, senior poster, bad form.

  14. Mora was calling out Solari (possibly self) for having Spencer snap left handed. Had it been for overall play Spencer would have been benched not slid over to guard.

    The wildcard Jets vs Bengals was a great game,,, to bad Graham (Bangels kicker) missed it. Both of IT! That is the 35 yard then 28 yard field goal attempts.

    GRAHAM, you putz, ruined a great game! Enjoy bagging groceries, buffoon!

    And how about the Cardinal missed game winner end of regulation. With 14 seconds left Wisenhunt sends the kicker out for a 34 yard f/g from the right hash. Not exactly a chip shot. Much easier if a straight on shot which could have been accomplished considering it was only second down. But with no time outs remaining I guess Ken didn’t feel comfortball with a Warner kneel down and spike to kill the clock. Or, they could have ran a left dive before using their last time out.
    Poor coaching, eh?

  15. Regarding the video that supposedly shows Mora mouthing “Pete Carroll” in reference to someone who cheats, softy cleared up the video on his show, that the name Mora mentioned was actually Bill Bellichick, not Carroll. Makes more sense anyway considering the spygate scandal and that a few minutes
    earlier they had been talking about the patriots woes.


    The real scandal is this video. Apparently at the meeting with the players to announce his departure from Tennessee, Kiffin’s offensive assistant Ed Orgeron was outside the meeting room calling current Tennesse commits and telling them that if they backed out before starting school the next day they would receive a full ride from USC. Only problem was that several commits had already arrived to campus and were IN THE MEETING where Kiffin was announcing his departure. They put him on speakerphone for the other Tennesse players to hear and apparently the whole team blew up at Kiffin. I knew Kiffin was a slimeball and a douche but this is unbelievable and a HUGE violation.

  16. wabubba67 says:

    Kiffin has big brass balls (so says snydro, anyway) for leaving Tennessee after just one year.

  17. I watched the video over and over last night, and I honestly don’t think he is saying Carrol’s name. But it wasn’t definitive that he is saying Bellichick’s name either.

    Maybe I’ll try to watch and carefully *listen* to this clip a few more times this morning now that my head is a little more clear, but I’d be careful to pass such harsh judgement on the man. After all, is anyone willing to say that Carroll WASN’T a cheater while at USC? I’m not…

    Having said that, I’ve gone from sick to my stomach when I first heard Carroll’s name mentioned, to questioning the hiring, to looking for the ‘bright side’ of his hiring, to actually being excited. Has anyone else experienced this gradual change of heart?

    IF Hass comes back healthy, I’m excited to see what he can do back in a true West Coast Offense. Though I must say that excitement pales in comparison to my excitement for Carroll’s defensive playcalling coupled with Norton Jr’s work with our linebackers, especially Curry!

  18. Ok, so upon further review, it does *sound* like he says “Carroll…cheats”, but as I said above, does anyone truly believe that Carrolls hands stayed clean during his USC days?

    It looks like Mora just got caught up in the moment and simply forgot there were TV cameras on him. I don’t think this makes him the horrible person that others are calling him though. He’s pissed he got fired. I would be too. Even though I was among those calling for Mora’s head, he did not deserve the have things go down the way they did.

    Hugh Millen, you’re a smart man, but you need to take your opinions elsewhere if you can’t remove your bias from your words. I too think that regardless of our win-loss record next year, we’re going to hear nothing but negative comments from Millen about Carroll and his staff, and a big fat “I told you so” everytime anything goes wrong. It will be funny to hear him talk about how everything is to blame on the coaching in ’10, when NOTHING was to blame on the coaching in ’09.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Kerney – Wow, I’ve never heard of such a thing, before. Those kids that Orgeron was talking to, that were in the meeting, some of them put him on speaker so teammates could hear. Good for them. As I said before, good luck USC.

  20. yellaman says:

    Bobby ayala- your way off base on Mora getting jobbed because he was a hand pick guy of Ruskell who had lost team by calling players out in the media which he didn’t need to do because we all knew who was at fault for the teams lack of success. Calling out the kicker for the chicago game was way off base because I can name numerous plays and situations that were the cause for the loss then saying we need to look for possibly making a change at this position was ridiculous. Also were you buying this guys antics duirng his media press conference? They were pathetic. I was tired as many seahawks fans were of Mora’s antics during press conference. This is the NFL and if people think Mora got a raw deal then just look at the record of the team and team perform- not to mention 12 mil Mora gets and if Mora didn’t get fired this year it was going to happen next year.So why not cut your losses now I say

  21. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyAyala – Mora was certainly not alone in his boorish behavior. I’m not sure how he got “jobbed” however. From where I sit, because one may be surrounded by immature behavior, that doesn’t excuse one to act similarly. In addition, this team did not respond to him or his coaching and a change was needed there, regardless of the backstory. Calling players out in the press is terribly poor form, from someone who is supposed to be a leader no less. Simply said; he was a disaster and knowing what we now know, I’m even more happy the whole lot of them is gone.

  22. “Dude, I’m going to toss sand in the vaginas of the BobbyK lovers in this crowd”

    Ha – I don’t agree with the rest of your post (b/c I’m shedding no tears for Mora and his $12M payout), but kudos for the best graphic use of imagery as argument in the history of tis blog . . .

  23. bigsmooth says:

    The fact that Kiffin, Chow, etc are heading to Troy will hopefully put to rest the whole “Pete is running from a sinking ship” banter. Why would those guys all leave there current jobs to “board that ship”? The bottom line is that Carroll is coming to Seattle for the challenge, control, and probably most importantly, the cashhhhh. I’m optimistic, seems like a waste of effort to feel otherwise.

  24. “Dude, I’m going to toss sand in the vaginas of the BobbyK lovers in this crowd”

    Dude, our sweet little vaginas are off-limits to you!

  25. Fellow Bobby – If you think calling out a player after a loss is legitimate, you obviously haven’t been a coach at any level. And if you were, you must have been one that nobody respected. You don’t do that. It’s common sense. Peons like me and you can say what we want from the cheap seats, but not if we’re the leader of any sort of team. The rest of the mudslinging doesn’t matter. Moving on…

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