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Report: Hawks to interview Giants scouting director

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 7, 2010 at 11:01 am with 136 Comments »
January 7, 2010 11:01 am

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Seattle Seahawks will interview N.Y. Giants scouting director Marc Ross next week.

Ross joins a list of candidates that reportedly includes Baltimore Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta, Green Bay director of football operations John Schneider, Arizona Cardinals director of player personnel Steve Keim, Philadelphia Eagles general manager Tom Heckert and perhaps interim general manager Ruston Webster.

Ross, 35, also worked for Bills and Eagles personnel departments. He joined the Giants in 2007, heading their past two drafts. During his tenure, the Giants selected wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, safety Kenny Phillips, offensive tackle William Beatty and cornerback Terrell Thomas.

Also, more proof that there could be changes near the top of the food chain for the Seahawks is pro personnel director Will Lewis will be the second person Mike Holmgren interviews for the general manager position in Cleveland.

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    “Greg Johns of the Seattle PI notes that Seattle has focused it’s attention on younger GM candidates.”

    Ha! I’ve been saying that for two weeks…and in fact predicted on the Insider that the new GM will be between the ages of 48 and 52, married with kids, and athletic enough to accompany Mora and Leiweke on some of their little adventures. TL’s vision is to build a young team that can stay together for a long time, which is why he’s planning to keep Mora. No doubt, they’ll throw Knapp to the wolves as a scapegoat.

  2. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that Zorn got fired and Shanahan signed a five year deal with the Redskins.

  3. Here’s an interesting read….good luck Shanahan!

    “The Rise and Fall of Jim Zorn”

  4. It’s interesting that I’ve considered and talked to friends about how there is a real youth movement in the NFL front offices these days, but I hadn’t thought it specifically applying to the Seahawks. One step ahead, my man.

    The Zorn and Shanahan thing(s) was anticipated and reported for so long, I think people are just grateful it’s over.

    Marc Ross’s name hasn’t appear anywhere as a candidate, that I’ve seen. This seems a bit Rooney Ruleish to me considering as recent as yesterday they had reportedly narrowed the list to 4.

  5. sherminator says:

    It was interesting to see the article on Will Lewis claimed:

    “Heckert was also supposed to interview for the Seattle GM position, but a source told The Plain Dealer that Heckert canceled that interview following his visit to Cleveland.”

  6. Eric, any truth to that Heckert has cancelled his trip to Seattle?

  7. If that’s true about Heckert, I’m glad he didn’t interview for the job it’s awfully impulsive to accept a job after only one interview.

    If he didn’t accept the job and Holmgren discouraged him from interviewing with us for some reason, then it’s silly on his part to not check out the opportunity in person.

    Either way, we’re better off without him.

  8. CYRREEN says:

    As I mentioned before, since the Seahawks organization is layered, that will cause most qualified candidates to avoid considering Seattle. Also, Heckert probably got all the information about Seattle from Holmgren.

  9. I’m still surprised Holmgren is hiring a GM at all. Anyone know exactly what Holmgren’s duties will be in Cleveland? I had thought he was going to be similar to Ruskell, except for being president & GM rather then VP & GM.

  10. “Heckert probably got all the information about Seattle from Holmgren.” I was thinking about that as well. In addition, he has ties to Holmgren through Andy Reid. That’s a tight knit family, so to speak.

  11. stigmata says:

    “Heckert probably got all the information about Seattle from Holmgren.”

    Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like a guy interviewing for a position at Coca-Cola being told by Coke executives everything about Pepsi? I know Holmgren has a lot of experience with the Seahawks’ brass, but don’t you think Heckert might recognize that any information he’s getting on Seattle is coming from a direct competitor for his services? I would hope Heckert would take anything he learns of Seattle from Holmgren (in his position as the Browns’ President) with a grain of salt.

  12. earther says:

    NFL.COM just announced that Holmgren has elected to keep Eric Mangini on for another year. Now that surprises me. It might be an indication that the coaching pool might be a bit shallow nowadays. I have my doubts that the little streak vs all those weak teams at the end of the season sealed the deal.

    On the other hand, Maybe big Mike really does believe that every coach always deserves a second shot. Chuckle…..

  13. Hawkfan1951 says:

    Listening to Steve Raible on 710 this afternoon, he said that the 4 “listed” GM candidates may not be the only people Tod L will be talking too, and it wouldn’t surprise him if Tod selected a dark horse (my words, not Raible’s). Steve also said they were looking for someone with great “personnel skills” to evaluate potential players.

    My thought on Holmgren saying anything bad about Seattle is more optomistic. I don’t see Holmgren “burning bridges” unnecessarily! While Mr. Heckert may have made only one trip to Cleveland… don’t you think Mike hasn’t been burning up the phone lines to potential candidates since he’s decided to take the Cleveland job??? Like he said… he maintains a list of coaches and FO personnel all the time.

    Anyway… enough from me about Holmy. I’m getting the feeling of a jilted lover… and it’s time to move on and focus on the Seahawks. They are STILL my favorite team!

  14. OCHawkFan says:

    Honestly, Im not in love with any of these GM canidates. Our best shot at turning this franchise around left for Cleveland 2 weeks ago. I dont know where we go from here.

    We have no pro-bowlers, a high school JV coach, and a businessman with no football experience running the franchise. In my 30 yrs as a Hawk fan, this is the most frustrated Ive felt. Sorry guys, I had to vent.

  15. CYRREEN says:

    Just reported on KJR;

    Keith Gilbertson is heading to Cleveland to work for Mike, and

    Heckert has said NO Thanks to Seahawks.

  16. There have been rumored reports that Gruden is locked into ESPN through the 2010 season.

    This is just my prediction… but I firmly believe that Holmgren will get his QB this off-season (I can’t imagine him sticking with Quinn, and don’t see much of him keeping Derek Anderson either) and the Browns are going to build the foundation to their house… doesn’t mean significant improvement for 2010, but will be setting the franchise up for success in 2011… and then when the team is so-so in ’10… Holmgren is going to get rid of his Eric ManClownus and bring in Chuckie to be his HC in ’11… and that’s when the Browns are going to begin to seriously compete with the Ravens and Steelers for the division each year.

    I bet Holmgren thinks it fun to build his franchise with Joe Thomas at left tackle and Alex Mack at center. That’s one hell of a building block along your offensive line.

  17. CYRREEN says:

    BobbyK, it will be fun to see what Mike will do. I will be watching his moves closely.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, it official; Heckert cancels meeting with Seahawks.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Yes, Holmgren will give Mangini another year to show what he can do, that’s not very surprising. I’m not sure about Quinn and Anderson. I could see him working with both and giving a real effort to see if one or the other can guide them. Remember, he even gave Kitna a year.

  20. Audible says:

    What’s the problem with Brady Quinn? I’m wondering if Holmgren will try to trade him to us for Matt?

  21. Audible says:

    Would anyone accept a #1 pick in this year’s draft for Matt? I doubt they would do that…but if not a #1, how about a #2 or a #3….Holmgren might be tempted to bring Matt in to mentor Brady Quinn, if Holmgren thinks he has potential. Just a thought.

  22. It seems many of his teammates don’t like him and he’s not very accurate.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    I can’t imagine Hasselbeck would get more that a 4th round pick, at this point. And in reality, I don’t see it happening.

  24. Cornutt says:

    I guess maybe I’m feeling spoiled by such an amazing off-season from the M’s, but it just feel like there’s no news…nothing for the ‘Hawks. I know the season is just over, but that hasn’t stopped other teams from making moves and keeping the ball rollin’.

    I’m just eager to know what the deal is. Real life can be so crazy, that maaan…it’s mighty nice to have good ‘Hawk news once in awhile!

    Hell…I’d settle for any news at all.

  25. Cornutt says:

    Don’t think many teams would trade a high draft pick for Hass either.

    From our perspective though, I would…were an offer there.

  26. BrianBlades says:

    A #1 for Hasselbeck? Have you seen any football during the last two years?

    Everyone outside of Seattle sports radio suckups (and Hasselbeck) know that Hasselbeck is done as a starter.

    I don’t think many teams give up draft picks for backup QBs.

  27. CYRREEN says:

    If Holmgren would have fired the offensive coordinator for a WC minded OC, then I wold say, yes he will go after Hass. But now, with Mangini and OC/DC remaining with the Browns, I have to say, NO. But, if mangini is fired next year and WCO implemented, then Hass will be free agent and Zorn could also join them.

  28. earther says:

    Cornutt:I know the season is just over, but that hasn’t stopped other teams from making moves and keeping the ball rollin’.

    Over??? The playoffs haven’t even started yet. There’s sitll 5 weeks to go.

  29. Audible says:

    I really wonder what Holmgren told Heckert that convinced him to back out of the interview, if indeed that is why he changed his mind.

    Seems like too much of a coincidence, but also seems out of character for Holmgren to sabbotage his former team like that.

    This process is corporate slow…guess that’s what we have running the company, though. I just hope we find the right guy before all of the good GM and coaching candidates are gobbled up by teams that are hungry and nimble.

  30. Audible says:

    I bet Holmgren brings Weaver to Cleveland…..sigh. No Holmgren, no Shanahan, no Weaver…

    We are really due for some good news.

  31. Audible says:

    So far, out of the candidates we know about, I’m starting to lean toward Decosta…look at what he’s done for the Oline in Baltimore. I just hope he doesn’t visit Cleveland prior to his interview.

  32. Soggybuc says:

    Really guys?? it’s 4 days since the end of the regular season! WTF ever happened to a little patience? it took Holmgren six years to make the only SB run this team ever had in 29 years and do you really expect to build a 10 year dynasty in 4 days???

  33. CYRREEN says:

    John Clayton stated today that Decosta coming to interview in Seattle is doubtful also.

  34. Audible says:


    Well, if that’s true…..I’ll quote my girlfriend…”something doesn’t smell right”.

    We have one of the wealthiest owners in the NFL, a state-of-the-art training facility, a new stadium, hands-off ownership….and we can’t even get our top GM candidates to come here for an interview?! You gotta be shi**in me!

    Is anyone missing Ruskell yet? I’m worried we’re going to wind up hiring some bottom-feeder to run this team. Maybe Holmgren is the Godfather that you shouldn’t be crossed?

  35. BobbyAyala says:

    Wonder what Holmgren told Mr. Heckert about Mr. Leiweke and the way things are run at Seahawks headquarters….

    Still think Tod doesn’t have the rubber stamp to end all rubber stamps?

    Still think the endless mass of suits at Vulcan don’t scare away legitimate football people?

    DeCosta’s out too huh?


    Those of you who still support the way Paul Allen runs professional sports franchises need to take a long step back and take a hard, objective look at the facts.

  36. BobbyAyala says:

    Randy Lerner: “Mike, I want to bring a winner to the city of Cleveland.”

    Mike: “Do I need approval from the Jones Soda Guy to hire a GM?”

    Lerner: “Are you serious?”

    2010 headlines: “Cleveland makes strong push at playoff contention.”

    2012 headlines: “Southern Alaska apparently still has a football team, but for how long?”

  37. Audible says:

    Well, it’s a bad sign when we can’t even wine and dine some of our top candidates….that’s a bad sign.

  38. snydro22 says:

    I hope Will Lewis gets, at the very least, a lengthy interview..

  39. Audible says:

    Our Rooney Rule guy? At this point, I just hope he shows up for the interview.

  40. CYRREEN says:

    Guys, you GOT TO REALIZE that NFL is a small family. People know each others, players know each others, they all talk. Players, coaches, GMs, presidents. Do yo honestly think, if I am contacted for a GM job interview by the Seahawks, I would jump on a plane and fly to Seattle without first picking up the phone and making a few calls. Say, call my good old friend or mentor Mike Holmgren, or call a certain player(s). Come on guys, I as a GM candidate would wonder why Holmgren who repeatedly wanted the job in Seattle, who wanted to stay in Seattle, said he wanted the job on the KJR radio time after time, ended up in Cleveland. We all think Paul can buy anybody, that’s true. But keep in mind that all NFL owners are Billionaires.

    I have said this before, I, as a GM, would not want a job which has layers between me and the owner. Heck, Todd Leiweke is the first layer. Then, I still have to answer to the Vulcan board and the guy who was Allen’s roommate in collage, and on, and on. Give me a break. Let’s see how good of a salesman Leiweke really is without Holmgren.

  41. CYRREEN says:

    Oh, and I forgeo to mention. As a GM, I have no say in Mora’s Faith.

  42. bigmike04 says:

    I think maybe someone know something that we fans dont know.. I mean let be straight foward any new GM is probably not going to have that option or voice on Mora Jr because the idiot baboon decide to run his mouth of saying he only listn to Todd and Paul Allen. What a great way to start off this off season for guy to run his mouth know full well that his year sucked and that all fans are calling for his head on silver platter. I wouldn’t be suprise if a new GM does come in would Mora listen to him! I think from all personal stand point in the sport media people are afraid to ask the tough question or even get a darn interview with Todd or Paul Allen because someone need to do some inside scooping.

    Let face it Heckert was not going to come here as I think with Holmgren and Andy Reid ties he would probably be better suited for Clevelend which one would think he got the job just holmgren has to interview an minornity and than name his GM.

  43. snydro22 says:

    Why are you worried where Mora goes to church? Creeeepy..


    This is directed at you and anyone of the same line of think; Do you actually think that you would be in a better situation being a GM under Holmgren vs. here? Holmgren is one of the biggest power mongers in the entire NFL, do you think that a GM is going to have any real autonomy in Cleveland?

    Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would want to go to Cleveland, that place is cursed since the days of Bernie Kosar, they are perpetual losers. Here, yeah it rains, and we have shit for talent, but we have the best stadium, and facilities, or at least top 5 in the league. We also have LOTS OF MONEY and great fans. This is so frustrating. Two years of Tom Flores era football and nothing bright on the horizon.

  45. Cornutt says:


    I believed when I said it was over, that readers would be able to deduce the fact that I meant the Hawks’ season…

    Next time I’ll write it out more plainly.

  46. CYRREEN says:

    Do you actually think that you would be in a better situation being a GM under Holmgren vs. here?

    This question should be directed to the NFL GM’s on the Seahawks list and not me. I appreciate the fact that you have given me that much credit to answer this question.

    I would say though, it appears from what I have been gathering; the answer to your question is Cleveland.

  47. Audible says:

    This is a comment on a Tampa blog about them bring in Ruston Webster for an interview. And to think I was hoping nobody noticed how bad we are:

    Seattle’s Ruston Webster? Really?
    Posted: Today at 09:43:24 AM
    I find it interesting that Tampa is considering to hire Ruston Webster to help or lead in the acquistion of player personel. Why? Have you seen Seattle’s lack of pro bowl players? One, a tackle, made it this year. Seattle is in shambles, getting beaten badly by just about everyone, including Tampa which had trouble staying close to teams this year (yes, tampa did get better as the season eneded, but the double digit loss to Atlanta just showed how much further this team has to go).

    Maybe I am just too pesimisstic after watch the team this past year… but it does not seem to me going to Seattle for help in acquiring players is a great move. Am I alone in thinking this?

  48. freedom_X says:

    From the GM standpoint, the Cleveland job should be less desirable because the GM will have less power in Cleveland. Holmgren’s the top dog. You complain about layers? Well, isn’t Holmgren a layer?

    Ludicrous fan fiction conspiracy theories notwithstanding, the GM in Seattle will have complete power over football matters. Todd Leiwieke is not going to make draft picks, show up at scouting sessions, or call plays. Holmgren is far more likely to do that than top brass in Seattle.

    If the guy prefers Cleveland, there could be many reasons – really gets along with Holmgren and would like to learn more under him before taking over a franchise completely himself – maybe he’s a East Coast or Midwest type guy – maybe he hates rain. Maybe he wanted two irons in the fire, and once his 1st choice panned out, he cancelled the 2nd (Seattle was always a backup possibility.)

    Really, I can’t see why anyone can’t understand the corporate analogy already illustrated. Like a guy’s not going to work for Pepsi because Coke said they were crummy. Or a person’s not going to interview with Tully’s because Starbucks slammed them in the 1st interview. Pretty idiotic.

  49. stigmata says:

    Unfortunately, Sando didn’t add any information we didn’t know. There’s a whole lot of opinion out there on the interwebs being based on the very little information available. There’s also a whole lot of hyperbole, impatience, and assumption.

  50. Audible says:

    And, to make matters worse…the Seahawks are so bad and so pathetic that apparently even Dukeshire and BobbyK have abandoned us tonight! LOL

    Either that, or they’re watching the championship game. I wish we could draft Engram…that dude is a beast.

  51. Audible – My little girl and I watched the first half together and then I read her a couple of “Little Hedgehog” books in putting her to bed at halftime. Now it’s time to watch Alabama win it all.

    Speaking of the game tonight, have you seen the 2 TD runs by Alabama? Mike Johnson had key blocks on both. He’s a stud LG. He and Iupati with Unger in the middle would form a dominant interior OL for over a decade. He’s the best dirtbag on one of the best OLs in college football; a team that’s about to win a National Championship. I’d love to have him.

    Concerning the “Laylers” that some are scared of… We are bringing in a GM to take Ruskell’s job. They will have the responsibility he had. Ruskell was very decisive and when he saw something he usually went out and got it. He didn’t need “layer” approval when he moved up or down in the draft or wanted to sign a key guy in free agency. I think some are making too much out of nothing. Yes, I’m frustrated too… but it’s not the end of the world (yet).

    I love how Ruskell was aggressive. I hope the new GM is just as aggressive in moving up/down in the draft and in free agency. I simply hope that our new GM only gives big money contracts to relatively young Pro Bowlers (at their positions… a 28 year old RB is old, but an OL the same age is young) who are legitimately the best at what they do. The Grant free agent signing was too typical of Ruskell… he made Grant the 3rd highest paid Safety in the NFL when he wasn’t even close to being a top 10 player at his position. I’m all for overpaying for a legit superstar, but I’m not at all willing to give someone more than they are worth if they aren’t a superstar or difference maker. Just me…

  52. Audible says:

    Okay…but I hope you know that Hedgehogs are nasty little creatures that often carry rabies. I hope she sleeps well.

    This blog goes seriously astray without our blog leadership in the house. Guys, it’s like a civic duty to keep bloggers in line around here. Sometimes you’re born great…and sometimes it’s thrust upon you.

  53. Lol, I’m watching the game. Been on Field Gulls live chat.

    I’ll agree that Ruskell was aggressive, just not a great judge of premier talent. So, they end up with a number of real good, secondary pieces. And he placed too much value on veteran’s in FA, as Bobby points out. He just wasn’t a good builder but rather an adder to already good teams.

    Johnson was dominant early.

  54. pabuwal says:

    If the Seahawks were to reassemble the 2005 OL, they would still be a QB, RB, speed WR, pass rushing DEs, cover corners and playmaking Safeties from contending for the playoffs.

    The new GM has a lot of work to do – we need a miracle worker.

  55. In fairness, the ’05 team didn’t have a speedster wide out, nor playmaking safeties. They were able to get after the QB which made up for deficiencies in the secondary. And a line that resembles ’05 would improve BB and RB to serviceable levels.

    But… the new GM has A LOT of work to do, regardless. A lot of work.

  56. Because Boulware was such a stud at SS and Manuel was a Pro Bowl FS? And we had a WR who ran a 4.2 in ’05? And Wistrom and Fischer both had double digit sacks from their DE positions? Granted, the sack numbers were very good in ’05… but we didn’t have “that guy.” But I do agree we need to get a “that guy” for DE.

    Going into ’10… I disagree about our CBs. I think we have three who will be fine. Trufant obviously wasn’t himself and will be a different player with a training camp under his belt (and improved pass rush). Jennings isn’t as bad as some people think and Wilson is fine.

    A huge part of our success in ’05 was, obviously, our OL. We had Tubbs/Lofa in ’05. We have Mebane/Lofa in ’10. We actually have more talent on the ’09 defense (than ’05) but the reason it doesn’t appear that way is because our OL was so dominant in ’05 that they controlled the clock and allowed the defense to play with the lead — b/c Matt had time to throw and Shaun had room to run. Throw in the blocking of Mack, Hannam, and Jurevicius… boom… great run blocking and the backbone to a Super Bowl team.

  57. Duke – you beat me to it.

  58. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks had a nice easy schedule that year and a QB and RB/FB that were among the best in the league. They were also fortunate in the few tough games they won, the teams either missed very easy FGs (Cowboys/Giants) or didn’t play their starters (Colts). They don’t have these anymore. The defense was good enough to shut down all the bad teams they played. Everyone thought John Marshall was a genius that year. This 2009 defense would have played well against that schedule rather than getting rung for 40 points a game.

    Sando stressed that their were a lot of events that came together perfectly that year and he was right.

  59. Last I looked, most Super Bowl teams have a lot of things come together perfectly. Or at least they had a game in the play-offs they could have lost, but obviously won. That’s why it’s a magical season. Both teams tonight could have easily lost earlier this season, but didn’t. Their magical run continues. Alabama could be at home watching TCU tonight if Tennessee would have won their 12-10 game and Texas easily could have lost to Nebraska. But they didn’t. Things worked out for the best.

  60. pabuwal – look at the Dolphins schedule during their undefeated season. It was terrible. They hardly played anyone with a winning record. Does that mean it doesn’t count?

    I agree with you that we had an extremely easy schedule and those don’t come around like that too often. I mean our division was truly pathetic for almost a half decade. But instead of bitch about how we got so lucky, lets say that our scheduling “luck” was justified because we really got screwed over in the 1980s when we had some great teams but played in such a tough division. A few of those teams were great, but we had to play real division wars. When you catch a break, be happy about it. Don’t bitch about it for years and years. Karma. What goes around, comes around. We’ll catch our lucky calls in the Super Bowl one day, don’t we?

  61. pabuwal says:

    It seemed Suh almost single handedly decided the complexion of this game tonight. If there is no franchise QB to take, on some level it makes sense to trade both first rounders away in return for the rights to draft Suh and an extra 2nd rounder.

    It sounds contrary to what I said above, but given a good number of 1st round draft picks don’t end up as planned (McIntosh, Lamar King, etc), it almost makes sense to go for the surefire All Pro.

  62. “won’t we?”

  63. pabuwal says:

    BobbyK, all I am saying is in the future construction of the team, we can’t depend on an easy schedule and use 2005 as a benchmark on how a Super Bowl team is constructed. I wasn’t complaining about it, I was just as happy about it as anyone at the time.

    And, yeah, I wish the 1972 Dolphins could get an asterisk on their 17-0 just so the cranky old men would shut up about it.

  64. pabuwal — friend — comrade — we agree on something!!! WTF???

    Did you see the 6th overall and 14th overall post I made the other day? Basically, the odds say we’re going to get 1 good player and 1 below average player with our two picks. Yeah, instead of that route, which you can never guarantee, I’d rather have the stud (Suh) and the crazy rookie contract. I don’t like those stupid rookie contracts, but his case I’ll make the exception. No guarantees about Suh, but I sure like those odds.

  65. For my part, I’m not going to engage in a conversation that devalues the quality or the accomplishments of the 2005 Seattle Seahawks.

  66. pabuwal says:

    I haven’t been patrolling the boards as much lately, so I probably missed the post, but I could see you saying the same thing.

    The Seahawks have won just 4 road games against teams with winning records since Chuck Knox left. Getting Suh would go a long way towards creating the dominant defense needed to win those games.

    The one year Cortez Kennedy had a decent QB was in 1997 but Dave Arnold and the Special Teams ruined the chance to really do some damage against the elite teams in the NFL on the road. Not to mention Cortez Kennedy was hurt half the year.

    In short, I am saying getting Suh and pairing him with a QB with at least the ability of the 2003-2005 Matt Hasselbeck would go a long way in getting us another tough road victory,

  67. “…it almost makes sense to go for the surefire All Pro.” Suh is brilliant, no doubt and I would love for him to become a Seahawk, but there is no such thing. Steve Emtman.

  68. pabuwal – I would love to build from the line back, I have said that many times. And Suh would be a perfect place to start.

  69. Duke – My point exactly. That’s why I added the: “No guarantees about Suh, but I sure like those odds.”

    pabuwal – I thought the 2007 Matt Hasselbeck was the best. He had no running game and had to do it all himself (with the receivers). Of course, it’s no coincidence that our pass blocking was terrible in ’06, ’08, and ’09 (not ’07)… while our run blocking has been terrible for 4 years in a row. The only year Matt has been able to be really good is the year the OL actually gave him a chance.

  70. You guys can make fun of this, but I don’t think Suh’s best position in the NFL is at DT (where he played at Nebraska). I think he’d make a Reggie White LDE. He’d stuff the run with the best of them, while having the speed to rush around the edge and brute strength to bull rush. He almost runs like a LB… All I know is that he isn’t normal. I know Reggie White is a bold statement because I think he is the single best NFL defensive player I have ever seen in my life (over LT) but you’ve got to compare him to someone.

  71. pabuwal says:

    I went back and looked at the running game stats wise in 06 and early 07 after Alexander came back from injury.

    7 of his next 12 games after injury were over 90 yards and the other 5 were generally around 75 yards. The average per carry in those 5 was generally in the high 3s. But he had 3 games in that run which I think were some of the most impressive rushing performances in franchise history, the monster game against AFC Best SD, NFC Best Chicago in the playoffs and the big Green Bay game.

    When Mack Strong got hurt in the Bears playoff game, the offense seemed to shut down and when he got hurt in 2007, Alexander was right near the Conference leaders in rushing. I think Strong masked some of Alexander’s decline at the end and once he retired, Alexander fell off the cliff.

    In 2003-2005 Hasselbeck put together some pretty excellent games (Baltimore 03, NE 04 to name just a few) against some really good teams. That’s elite stuff. 2007 was generally good numbers but I don’t recall any games against the higher-end teams where he really carried them.

  72. pabuwal says:

    I might be wrong on Hasselbeck and 07. He did carry the offense but I wasn’t sure if it was because the opposition was so bad or he was playing like he did from 2002-2005.

  73. Probably both.

    I remember that Baltimore game. Nobody did that to them. I benched Matt in my fantasy game that week. Matt would not have done that to them the week before or the week after. No QB would or did. That was unique. But not something you’d bet on again.

    Good point about Mack though. Makes losing Weaver that much tougher to take, as he was developing into the same type of blocker as Mack (I said ALMOST) but he had the shake-and-bake that Strong never had.

    But when we talk about Alexander in ’06… all of us were saying on this blog, even though he had some good/great games, that something was missing and different. He wasn’t the same. Sometimes stats are lies. And all of us who were die-hards in ’06 remember saying how Shaun didn’t look like that same guy from ’05-’04-’03, etc.

  74. BobbyK:But when we talk about Alexander in ’06… all of us were saying on this blog, even though he had some good/great games, that something was missing and different.

    Yeah, he had a broken foot and he missed 6 games. That was different. He was also playing behind an offensive line that was shuffling players in and out, tither and yon every week because of injuries. I suppose that was different too.

  75. If you want to get technical, he sucked in the Lions game (first game of the season) and looked terrible BEFORE he broke his foot. It’s not fair to judge anyone on a quarter of play, but if that’s what you’re forcing me to do, so be it. It was most likely due to Shaun Rodgers and the Lions defense being so stout at the point of attack, but some people around here like to think many of our players are worthless because our OL is so unbelievably terrible.

  76. It somewhat concerns me that everyone, and I mean everyone, is saying that Suh is a sure thing for the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, this guy could be a great NFL player but I’m not sure I want to give up two first round draft picks for him (because that is what it’s going to take). Someone posted some stats of teams taking two first rounders and the stats showed that most often then not one of the picks was a pro-bowler and the other was a bust. Even though I hate nothing more than bust first rounders at least you have that one big play maker.

    If we give up our two first round draft picks and get Suh, I feel we are putting all our eggs in one basket. I know Suh has shown greatness in college and SHOULD be great in the NLF. But you never know. Curry was last year’s “sure thing” or “can’t miss guy.” I am confident that he will come around and be a good player, but he sure wasn’t the dominating LB that everyone was expecting. The only reason we drafted him was because the Seahawks management couldn’t pass on that kind of player still on the board. I’m sure they were shocked to see that KC didn’t take him. If they did, we would have taken an offensive tackle, which probably would have helped us much more this past year.

  77. Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that Colt McCoy’s NFL draft stock went way down in my opinion since he left the game after that weak hit. If you want to make it in the NFL you’ve got to be able to take those hard hits from DTs and DEs. What happened to the Elways, the Marinos, and the Favres?? All those guys took so many hits and still got back into the huddle. That’s what made them great, and that’s why they got their teams to super bowls!

  78. Sam – He was sacked 9 time against Nebraska and knocked around several others. Last night was a freak hit that, based on what he said after the game, was a nerve issue. He couldn’t feel his arm. In any case, is was disappointing that he wasn’t able to play more and was taken out but what appeared to be a modest hit, but the kid is tough as nails. I don’t know how many games you’ve seen him play but he can take hits. Last night was a freak think.

    As much as I like Suh, I too would not want the Seahawks to give both firsts to get him.

  79. seahawklovertoo says:

    I agree with Duke on McCoy, even thou I’d rather spend the 4th round pick and get Dan LaFavour instead. After all, next year (2011) will have Locker and Mallett moving on to the pros. Then we should do everything to get one of this two.
    Suh? I’d much more love to have him vs. to have to play against him.

  80. If we don’t get Suh, then we’d better get Iupati to block him. If Spencer is blocking him, he’s going to spend more time in our backfield than Forsett.

  81. Audible says:

    That’s a good point about playing against him. There is value in having him on our team so we don’t have to face him twice per year when we play St. Louis.

    How about a #6 and Lofa trade to the Rams for the right to draft Suh? Is that plausible?

  82. Audible says:

    Here’s an excerpt from an article that discusses the possibility of trading Matt to the Browns.

    “There are a few things that could go down surrounding Hasselbeck in 2010. The Seahawks could trade him, and if they choose to do so, Cleveland looks like a good fit. If Lewis is indeed given the GM job, then we could really start to see the powers that be work to get a deal done. ”

    “If Seattle is able to get a high enough draft choice in the deal to address a key position like running back, and either Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson to help cushion the blow, it could make sense for both sides. This deal would not be unlike the one the Bears made with the Broncos last season. With Holmgren likely wanting to install a West Coast offense, getting someone as experienced as Hasselbeck to run it may be just what the doctored ordered for the Browns.”

  83. Audible says:

    This was posted on the Raven’s Insider from the Baltimore Sun this morning:

    “DeCosta expected to interview with Seattle
    Following reports that the Seahawks have received permission from the Ravens to talk with Eric DeCosta, the team’s director of player personnel is expected to interview with Seattle next week.”

  84. Well, that’s good news. My impression is that if Seattle really wants him they are going to have to pull out all the stops. I would be excited to have him come aboard.

  85. Not saying I’m right… just throwing a perspective out there…

    If Reggie White would have entered the NFL Draft in 1984 (instead of jumping to the USFL)… The #6 overall pick of the Chargers that year was Texas DB Mossy Cade. The #14 overall pick of the Dolphins was Oklahoma LB Jackie Shipp. The Chargers and Dolphins didn’t go into the draft thinking they wanted to take busts, as the Seahawks expected more from Aaron Curry last year. At least with Curry, there’s a chance for him to make his career right starting next year. But the #6/#14 in ’84 are going to forever be not what they were supposed to be when they were drafted.

  86. Yeah, I was disappointed yesterday when it sounded like Decosta might not interview with us because he’s my favorite GM candidate so far.

  87. KJR Just reported………….

    Jim Mora Has been Fired.(according to Fox sports)

    I am no kidding you. I am so happy I almost peed my pants.

  88. If we don’t get Suh, then we’d better get Iupati to block him. If Spencer is blocking him, he’s going to spend more time in our backfield than Forsett.

    We could hope – that would mean that Forsett could actually get out of the backfield!!!!! But with the current line who knows!!!

  89. adamp beat me to it… reports are starting to come in that he’s gone.

  90. I agree.

    The reason not to fire Mora was that this year would have been wasted, as far as the team development, but in my opinion keeping Coach Mora another year put the Hawks one more year behind.

    As much as I like Jim Mora, it wasn’t a good fit for him. He always seemed uncomfortable and I could never understand what he was trying to do.

    I hope he gets another chance somewhere else, because he does have a record with some success.

    Now, who do the Hawks replace him with?

  91. KJR is interviewing Jay Glazer right now. Jim Mora just confirmed, he has been FIRED.

  92. Mora texted Dave Mahler on KJR to confirm the firing

  93. And mine was late to post :(

    oh well – Hopefully that means the staff goes too??????

  94. Mora Just Confirmed it by texting Dave Softy. Mora is OUT.

  95. OK, Now I am a true believer.


  96. HOLY SHI#!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Whoa…did you notice that they just made Knapp interim coach?!

  98. So much for the theory that Holmgren was told he had to keep Mora for another year.

    at least this news appears to contradict that notion . . . but who really knows

  99. Mr. Allen. I LOVE YOU MAN. Sorry I ever Doubted you. My Sincere appology, Sir.

  100. OK, they fired Mora. I was excited until I read: “Glazer names Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier as an early candidate. ”

    Seriously? I was hoping for a bigger name.

  101. If knapp is coach I am not renewing my season tickets!!!!

  102. Why would you fire Mora and not Knapp that makes NO SENSE AT ALL!!!!!!!

    He is totally responsible for the disaster that was the offense this year!!! TOTALLY. He had far better talent than defense and they couldn’t score for poop!!!

  103. I think we should all need to be patient. I am sure Mr. Allen has something in mind. Lets just wait and see.

    GO SEAHAWKS. This fan has been super charged.

  104. Obviously we’re not going to hire a new coach before we hire a new GM, so Knapp as our iterim HC is just a formality. This means they better find a GM ASAP!

  105. stigmata says:

    Frazier is likely the obligatory Rooney Rule nod.

  106. Why would they have let Ruskell go if the intention was to keep Mora? That made no sense. Mora was Ruskell’s guy.

    Of course Mora was gone – that was a given once Ruskell was disposed of.

  107. whoo Hoo!


    Cooler heads prevailed. Ya gotta have some faith in people sometimes.

    Let the Future Begin!!!

  108. BUT KNAPP SHOULD BE SHOWED THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY!!!! There is no way that he should still be with the team and Mora gone.

    I am not dissappointed that he is gone but KNAPP needs to go 10 min before knapp

    I believe we just became the Redskins of the west. We will blow through coaches consistantly go backwards, not have a clear focus or plan or anything . . . . . .

    it makes no sense to have knapp around!!! He clearly (IMO) should have gone before or with Mora

  109. Bill Cower anyone.

  110. It is also stupid to do this BEFORE you hire a GM. What if the new GM wanted to keep him a year and find more candidates next year.

    You just totally killed your GM because everyone is now ahead of him in selection and process!!

  111. Dear god I am Crazy with Excitement!!!

  112. Guys….the “Knapp was named as interim coach” is a JOKE. It’s the offseason so he won’t be doing much coaching. Sorry for the confusion.

  113. Seahawks have asked for permission to speak with Leslie Frazier the DC of Minnesota Vikings.

  114. Mora out… HC Mike Zimmer and capable 3-4 along with 4-3 (Dallas) in. Mirror Baltimore and yes, Eric DeCosta as President/GM. Leaving a OC needed for Hasselbeck and the WCO before scrapping if not right away. Hass maybe on his way out as well?

  115. What if Seahawks already hired a GM. And, the GM told them, the only way he would take the job is to have his own selected head coach?

  116. Tony Dungy anyone?

  117. Now I’m wondering when will the smoke clear.

    Ar eht Hawks going to introduce us to somebody to handle both Ruskell’s and Mora’s jobs

    The possibilities are run. Maybe Cowher?

  118. “What if the new GM wanted to keep him a year and find more candidates next year.”

    Apparently Allen and company have seen enough of Mora and they want to do a complete rebuild of this organization.

    I think he and his coaching staff have done enough damage this year. Look at how many players got worse…Curry, Matt, Lofa, Hill, Trufant, Spencer, Carlson, etc…..

  119. Seahawks2620 says:

    I actually wanted this for a long time, but know I feel kind of awful. It sucks for Mora, but it needed to happen. Cower would be awesome. He said he would coach in 2010 if it was in the right situation. The Seahawks have the best of the best when it comes to owner an facilities. I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to come. Let’s just wait and see.

  120. Well, it’s refreshing to know that they weren’t willing to settle. But it’s not a good move until we see his replacement. Getting rid of him is only half of the solution.

  121. They may already have a coach in mind, for all we know. Is Cowher one that wants full control of the team?

  122. I can’t believe they did it. Who pulled the trigger? What a glorious day!!

  123. What do we have to lose? We’ve won 9 out of our last 32 games. We can only go up from here.

  124. Jim Zorn as OC. Hasselbeck’s used to him. Something is cooking– Probably they couldn’t get a GM to commit with Jim Mora as the Head Coach.

  125. OCHawkFan says:

    I feel much better! Short stint for Mora but this was necesary. He didnt have the respect of the players, fans, and apparantly the FO. Get someone with a few super bowls in there to demand excellence from this team!

  126. Seahawks2620 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see another overhaul of the schemes. We are currently garbage, and we didn’t come remotely close to “getting down” the current schemes. Zorn as the OC and Bradley as the OC would be fine with me. Either Dungy (if willing), or Cowher would be fantastic. I can’t wait to hear some of the names being thrown around.

  127. I cannot believe they even consider a head coach until a GM is in place and allow him to assemble from scratch.

  128. “What do we have to lose? We’ve won 9 out of our last 32 games. We can only go up from here. ”

    True Audible, and a nice counterpoint to my cynicism.

  129. I really hope we aren’t hiring someone to be HC & GM. I know Holmgren isn’t GOD, but if he couldn’t do both well, who can?

  130. Clayton says that he thinks that this shows that Ruston Webster could be a more serious candidate than originally thought.

  131. BobbyK:If you want to get technical

    No, I don’t want to get technical. Just wanted to point out that Alexander was hobbling around on an injury in 2006, as was most of the offense.

    he sucked in the Lions game (first game of the season) and looked terrible BEFORE he broke his foot. It’s not fair to judge anyone on a quarter of play, but if that’s what you’re forcing me to do

    You’re equivocating for some reason. Do you think we’re having an argument or something? Well, whatever the reason I’m not forcing you to do anything.

    but some people around here like to think many of our players are worthless because our OL is so unbelievably terrible.

    Do they? Well, I don’t agree with them. I don’t even agree with the long list of worthless players that so many seem to think the Seahawks have. Give this team a decent coaching staff and they’ll do much, much better.

  132. Dukeshire:I cannot believe they even consider a head coach until a GM is in place and allow him to assemble from scratch.

    Yeah, that seems very odd, doesn’t it? Maybe the brass knows something that they can’t announce until the season is finished.

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