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Mora press conference: “I’m going to work until I’m told not to work”

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 6, 2010 at 3:53 pm with 39 Comments »
January 6, 2010 4:38 pm

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora talked for about 40 minutes during his end-of-the-season press conference. He said no coaching changes will be made at this time, and that the coaching staff will take the next, few days off before coming back to the facility and evaluating last year’s season and deciding what changes need to be made.

Mora also said that he’s uncertain if he will have any say into the GM search, stating that he had to talk to CEO Tod Leiweke about that before talking about what his role in that process will be.

Although Mora seemed to hint that the only people he will answer to is owner Paul Allen and Leiweke.

Asked point blank if he will be back next season as the team’s head coach, Mora had this to say.

“I’m just proceeding forward with our evaluation process. I haven’t talked to Tod in a day. You know, Tod’s busy with some other things right now. But I’m not too worried about it. I’m just going to go work until I’m told not to work.”

Mora said safety Deon Grant (wrist), Mike Hass (shoulder) and Patrick Kerney (elbow) will have off-season surgery. This is the third straight season Kerney will have surgery after the season is over. He had shoulder surgery after the 2007 and 08 seasons.

Asked if there were going to be wholesale changes to the roster, Mora said that’s something that he cannot answer until a general manager is in place.

“I think it would be premature for me to make that statement,” Mora said. “We don’t have a general manager in place yet. And I think that’s an important discussion that takes place when a general manager is in place. So to be fair to your question I just can’t say that.”

Mora went on to say that although the team does not have a general manager is in place, the organization will continue to function and do the things they need to do to get better.

Asked to name a few things from the 2009 season that he could hang his hat on for next season, Mora pointed to the defense’s play in the final game against Tennessee, the improvement of the running game and the special teams play of kicker Olindo Mare and punter Jon Ryan as places where the team showed progress.

Mora also was asked about the development of the relationship between quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

“I think he and Matt grew to respect – and I’m speaking as I see it – to respect and like each other,” he said. “I know they do things off the field together. Their kids are friends.

“What I think needs to happen there quite frankly is this: I think that Matt and T.J. need to spend countless hours out on that practice field – outside or inside – and they need to find four routes that our automatic.”

I’ll have more later.

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  2. nighthawk2 says:

    I hope he hears NOT TO reeeeeeeeeeal soon.

  3. wabubba67 says:

    I’m confused….so even after a GM is named, did Mora hint that he would answer only to Allen and Leiweke? If that’s true, what GM of any credibility or note would ever want this job??

  4. wabubba67 says:

    As long as Nero (Leiweke) and The Golden Child (Mora) are running this show, we are in for a run of losing that will make the past two years seem like “the good old days”. This is what happens when friendships become more important than results in a business setting…Parcells in Miami and Holmgren in Cleveland are committed to winning more than keeping the waters calm with regards to office politics.

    Watching Holmgren’s press conference last night made me think that we are on the verge of only further compounding our mistake as he said, “The only way that you can possibly have a chance of winning in the NFL is if everybody from the Head Coach, to the GM, to the owner are all on the same page.”

    That’s not going to happen here for a long time.

  5. mkelly534 says:

    While I believe that it may take some time to get rid of the Holmgren guys and get players that will buy into the new scheme, I troubles me that Mora does not seem to recognize the extent of unhappiness in Hawkland. He should be more vocal about how this will NOT happen again and that nobody gets a pass for this season. This reminds me too much of Erickson who always said he would get it fixed but never seemed able to get it done. We often looked unprepared and outcoahed under that regime also. Hope I am wrong.

    I would love a Singletary like response to this season. Calling out the schemes and the coached instead of the players. Everything is NOT ok! Does he not notice?

  6. tillman says:

    Mora as HC in 2010 = dead man walking = players that know it as much as the fans = unmotivated players = 4-12

  7. bigmike04 says:

    If their going to tell the New GM that he has no say in to keep mora jr or fired him than why would an GM would want to come here most of all GM would want that in their deal and contract that they will make the decision on coaches.

    Thought Mora should do everyone a favor and just shut up as he brought it on himself when players stop listing to him and his coaches.

    Changes need to be made and someone need to make an example and that Jim Mora Jr and his staff who cares about Tim Russell being fired that didn’t do anything to any of the players.

  8. devisscher says:

    Just get that guy out of here, and please do it before he starts making changes. He’s not the guy to do that. That’s the job of the next GM and coach and they will be competent to do so I hope. It’s clear Mora isn’t.

    The guy is pathetic, our improvement is our kicker and punter. Are you kidding me? And what improvement is that? Mare and Ryan ended the year like they started and like last year. And our running game? It’s not like it could get worse, starting from 2 YPC in the beginning of the year.
    And maybe if he wouldn’t have kept Spencer at center all year the running game would have been decent to start with.

    I can’t help myself, nobody should still be talking about Mora. Just get him out!

  9. Mora is going to stay loyal to his assistants until the new GM gives him an ultimatum. But it may not even come to that and Mora gets canned. In that scenario, Mora gets axed with them. At least, for Mora, he doesn’t ruffle any of his cronies beforehand.

    I’m calling it as I see it. I know that’s not what most want to hear — they only want to hear how Mora is quitting or getting fired.

  10. eyeland says:

    Professional players don’t respond for long to the RAH! RAH !RAH! BS that Mora started the year with… Winning 4 preseason games means nothing!!!
    Jim Mora couldn’t organize 2 pencils. PLEASE don’t touch a thing. Keep your paws off of any and all things Seahawk. Run up MT SI and stay there till your needed to clean out your office.

  11. footballscaa says:

    Lets trade Mora for Sark and give him his dream job! OK, just kidding. But. And this will draw fire. Jon Gruden is available. Just a thought, don’t freak out oh sensitive ones.

  12. CYRREEN says:

    As I said this before, I believe Leiweke and Paul Allen have told Mora he is staying. Also, NFL Network reported that Mora is too loyal to let go of knapp. So, I honestly don’t see any changes to come. This organization came to respect during Holmgren era, and now that he is gone we are going back to mediocricy. Most fans believe that owner like Allen can spend buying this or that, but I don’t think even with all the Allen’s money this team will be a contender. Take a look at Washington, that owner spends money left and right, yet no progress.

    What need to be done in Seattle is exactly what is happening in Cleveland. I hope I am wrong, but I haven’t seen anything otherwise.

  13. nardman says:

    Mora needs to go. Say what you will about last year, but the team never fractured like it clearly did at the end of this year. Blame schemes and frustration all you want, losing the players’ ears is a fault placed squarely on the head coach.

    I, for one, would be thrilled if the hawks brought Gruden in to replace Mora. Gruden’s a VERY strong personality, however, so that’d have to be in line with hiring a GM who could work with him (that’s what doomed him in Tampa).

  14. I have a feeling ruston is gonna stay our gm.

  15. I wouldn’t mind mora/bradley but knapp has got to go.

  16. freedom_X says:

    I also believe Gus Bradley has promise. Considering the lack of pass rush talent on the line, I’m surprised the the defense was even as good as it was. I didn’t see too many issues where I thought the scheme was totally wrong.

    I think people who criticize Bradley are coming from the angle that Seattle has lots of defensive talent and the defense underachieved. In my view, they had decent talent at LB and DB (if Trufant hadn’t slid backwards a lot, it would have been a very solid secondary) but the line couldn’t get any pass rush. And we already knew last year that a cover-2 that can’t generate a rush from the 4-man line is in big trouble.

    Recall that Mora’s answer to this was “We’re going to coach up the D-line.” My post-mortem on this is not necessarily that coaches like Dan Quinn and Bradley failed (Quinn had a good track record as a D-line coach) but more that Mora and Ruskell misevaluated their D-line talent. The previous regime couldn’t get anything out of the D-line either, once Kerney lost it.

    For those who want to switch to a 3-4 defense – if you thought there were growing pains moving to zone blocking on the offense, a 3-4 would be equally radical. Though zone blocking probably wasn’t the main reason why the line was so bad the 1st 13 games.

  17. Soggybuc says:

    either with or without Mora in the mix this team will not make a playoff run next year. we have at least 2 years of turn over to get back to competitive and any GM worth his salt wll realize this a be OK for Mora in ’10. any new coach will have the same problems here until the lines get improved.

  18. chuck_easton says:

    Gruden’s contract with ESPN is ironclad. He can’t go into coaching until 2011.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    If Webster is hired on as the permanent GM, that will be admitting Ruskell was nothing but a scapegoat. That would be a total embarrassment. Mora used the punter as a sign the team progressed this year? That is shameful. The final game of the season where they held the Titans to 17 points and 300 yards is progress? It would be if either team was doing anything but playing out the string. And this “He said no coaching changes will be made at this time…” is most unbelievable. Fans are one thing. But the players are actively calling for Knapp to be replaced. I guess there’s really not much to say after a season like this but good grief that is dismal. I appreciate his desire to succeed in his home city but he’ll need more than he capable of, I’m afraid, to right this ship..

  20. freedom_X says:

    In all honesty, if Mora didn’t show any loyalty to his assistants and threw them under the bus *now* (before he gets any pressure from a new GM or football head) he’d be a pretty contemptible guy.

    You know, if there ends up being no salary cap in the coming season – is that a chance for a wealthy owner to get rid of piles of bad contracts? For example, guys like TJ Houshmanzadeh or Colin Cole could be cut – and the giant cap hit from such cuts would be a non-issue if the owner can swallow so little return from so much money.

    If one anticipated a return to the salary cap after next year, it would be a great opportunity to unload dead-weight signings?

  21. chuck_easton says:

    Sounds like Holmgren is working to get ‘his people’ out of Seattle before they are shown the door by the new GM. Here are two names that are supposedly going to be interviewing for Cleveland jobs:

    Seattle pro personnel director Will Lewis and Seahawks director of pro personnel Lake Dawson. (doesn’t that sound like the same title for both?)

    Don’t know anything about either, but I am willing to bet they aren’t Ruskell guys if Mike wants to talk to them.

  22. Audible says:

    I was reading on pewter earlier that Ruston Webster has been eliminated from consideration by the Seahawks and that Tampa Bay is considering bringing him back.

  23. we`re screwed. Mora is here to stay.Knapp`s Mora `s boy toy.Lieweke also here to stay. Allen has no clue who is killing this franchise.A side note,I hope Mr. Allen health improves.I send my best wishes for him. Too many people for the new GM to answer to. Especially Ones that don`t know Pro-Football (Vulcan Magmt) 4-12 this coming season. Guess I`ll be watching other teams this season.

  24. It is pretty pathetic when the bright spots of the season were a kicker/punter; try saying something like that in New York or Philly. Personally I think it will be a miracle to be competitive before 3 years.

    We still have a bad offensive line. We have no speed receivers, and their all prone to drops and fumbles.

    Once again negative in the turnover margin. 28 sacks by the defense.

    I think we need to scrap the “West Coast” offense. Why you ask? It began to get predictable when Holmgren was here, and it was straight bad last year. Why not go with a more downfield passing game.

    Personally I don’t think Branch or Burleson should come back, and neither should Julius Jones. Get rid of Spencer, ask Locklear to restructure. No more Kerney, or Redding, or Craig Terril. Sorry Ken Lucus, Ben Obamanu, and Lance Laury.

    And what if we did cut #8, it’s not like we’re going to the playoffs, or trade him to Cleveland for Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn?

    Just my thoughts; Let’s get creative! Oh and at least fire both coordinators. See if Cower wants to make these neon green hawks tough!

  25. If Mora/Knapp are going to stick around for a year, I think we should draft LT Okung, LG Iupati, and RG Johnson (he’s the Alabama LG and the main “dirtbag” blocking on their championship OL). And then lets use a 4th or 5th round pick on a RT. People complain about continuity on a unit, and this is the single unit that needs the MOST continuity, so if we’re going to do it… lets build for something special. We won’t need to spend a top 1-3 round pick on any OL again for almost a decade. ALL of those draft picks can be used on other positions each year.

    I know we have other needs, but if we’re going to give up a season before it starts (keeping Knapper around)… lets just get our line solidified and a year of experience (and Unger in year 2) before we bring in our QB of the future with our 1st round pick next year. We sure as sh!t don’t want our R QB to take the weekly pounding that Hasselbeck is subject to each week, do we? Either way, we’re going to suck in ’11… but lets suck in a productive way for ’12 and beyond. That’s how you give up on a season before it begins… but you do it productively by building a foundation for something that will become special…

    Granted, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next month and with the CBA. All of us could be singing a totally different tune in 2 months after signing a couple of top-tier OL (& giving up ZERO picks to make it happen) and we’ll be thinking Super Bowl again. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

    We’re all in purgatory hell right now with respect to wondering what the 2011 Seattle Seahawks are going to look like. We should all have patience, but it’s so hard to have sometimes. We’ll see…

  26. In a perfect word, we could trade down from #6 and pick up a pick or picks for ’11 and/or ’12… and we could still trade down close enough to where we could get Bryan Bulaga with our first 1st rounder. I’d almost rather have Bulaga over Okung anyways. I think Okung has more upside, but I think Bulaga is a safer pick. With this being said, I’d take Bulaga if we could.

    And then we could trade down from #14 and do the same to still get Iupati. I see him still being available in the late teens.

    And do the same thing with our 2nd rounder… Johnson should still be available in mid/late 2nd round.

    Set it up for the future, baby. Too bad we don’t live in a perfect world.

    Wouldn’t it be nice going into the 2011 with a OL of four 2nd year players and a 3rd year Center for our R #1 QB pick to develop behind. And have a draft of a 1st rounder (QB), a 2nd rounder, and about 4-5 3rd round picks. That’s how you build up for something special!

  27. Mr_Fish says:

    BobbyK, your plan certainly is audacious. I like it!

    Offensive line this year, Jake Locker next year!

  28. freedom_X says:

    Holmgren is simply interested in people he’s worked with before. He’s got to fill out his org. Who’s he going to look at 1st – people he doesn’t know from Adam, or people he’s worked with before and think are capable?

    Holmgren’s already got his 1st crisis in Cleveland with Joshua Cribbs claiming he’s been ignored and ill-treated. Of course I think it’s a grandstand play by the player and agent, but if Holmgren isn’t successful in Cleveland, mark my words, the “fans” will talk endlessly about how “Holmgren disrespected Cribbs and bungled his re-signing.”

  29. PLEASE no (K)nap(p)’s in 2010…………………….

  30. OakleyD says:

    Allthough it would be nice to solve the OL problems in 1 years draft, we finally have the draft picks to get some playmakers on this team!

    Mediocre tams can perform admirably with a few elite players – and save a line backer or two – we have no ELITE talent. Even our better prospects may never become elite players (Unger, Mebane, Carlson)

    I think it’s about time we drafted game breakers. Eric Berry if he falls to 6 – he’s a safety so there is a chance. C.J. Spiller to team with forsett would be much more explosive in the backfield. And the best D Lineman available with the 2nd rounder would be my ideal!

    I honestly believe in what Holmgren said when he said the OL could be more succesfully built around FA additions. McNiel, Colon, Mankins, the two OL from the saints.

    Then again, if we fail to address the OL in Free Agency, I would only want 1 playmaker out of the 3 picks. Just someone in a hawks shirt that puts you on the edge of your seat!

  31. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    Hey Mora, STOP WORKING!

  32. Looks like Holmgren is bringing in Will Lewis to interview for the Cleveland GM job.


    Not that it will net us Suh at #6, but how can the Rams not pick a QB at #1?

  34. OakleyD – You misunderstand what I wrote. I know we need playmakers. Plural. Offensive and defensive playmakers. I said that IF there’s no CBA… then we can’t sign the OL we want (if they agree to play for us) unless we are willing to give up picks (which I’m not). Hey, if there is a CBA… I’m on record as saying we should revamp our OL with major free agent money into 2-3 big time, Pro Bowl caliber OL. And then we could go with playmakers in the draft and get back to being competitive again next year.

    But if there’s no CBA… there’s no sense taking a worthless team and drafting some stuff here and there and being a jack of all trades and masters of none type of loser team. If we’re going to be losers for a few years, lets do it the right way and build a foundation (OL, then QB). I can’t think of a better way to do it than building the OL in one draft. People complain about never having the necessary continuity on an OL, but those people shouldn’t wonder when you’ve got a rookie teaming with a 6th year guy and a 11th year guy with a 3rd year player and a 7th year player. Look at the ages of that hypothetical, and average NFL OL. Is there any way this entire like will play together for more than a few years? No. And then the continuity is crap again. And then you try to build it all over again and people will b!tch about the OL some more. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    But if there’s a way to take all of our FA money and sign LT Jammal Brown, LG Logan Mankins, and RG Jahri Evans… I’m all for it… Brown/Mankins are 27-28 and would be the oldest of our core. There’s no reason Brown, Mankins, Unger, and Evans couldn’t play together for at least 5 years. That would be a great, talented OL who could build up some serious continuity in the half decade they are together. I’d love that.

    With new CBA = build the line in FA and add the playmakers in the draft and kick ass again next year. But with no CBA, this bet is out the window.

  35. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that Zorn got fired and Shanahan signed a five year deal with the Redskins.

  36. Where are all of our news hounds around here??? I don’t remember him being in the final four.

    New York Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross is scheduled to interview for the Seattle Seahawks general manager position next week, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

  37. snydro22 says:

    For the love of God, just tell him not to work..

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