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Report: Browns to interview Eagles’ GM Heckert

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm with 56 Comments »
January 5, 2010 12:50 pm

It looks like the Seattle Seahawks will have some competition in the team’s pursuit of a new general manager from a familiar face.

Jason La Confora of is reporting that Cleveland Browns president of football operations Mike Holmgren received permission to interview Philadelphia Eagles general manager Tom Heckert.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Heckert is in town today to be interviewed by the team on Wednesday. Heckert and Holmgren also share the same agent, Bob Lamonte.

La Confora reports that Heckert and former Seahawks vice president of football operations Randy Mueller are favorites to land the position in Cleveland. Mueller is currently a senior executive for San Francisco.

Both Hecket and Mueller were considered as potential candidates for the vacant Seattle general manager position.

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  1. nighthawk2 says:

    Figures, Holmgren is ahead of the deadweight in the Seahawks front office. I hope Meuller doesn’t come back here though. Why would the Eagles general manager take a lateral position to come to a rebuilding organization though?

  2. By the time Seahawks Corperation makes a move. Almost all qualified candidates will either be gone, or would not want to work in Seattle having multiple layers of people to report to.

  3. nighthawk – I think we should give Sims and Spencer long term contracts and make them the highest paid guards in the NFL so that way we don’t have to take any offensive linemen in the upcoming draft. We still have Walt coming back at 100% and if he doesn’t work out, we can always put Locklear at LT. That should work out, right? We’re stacked.

  4. CYRREEN says:


    Heckert, currently the Eagles GM, also was granted permission to interview with the Browns last season, but they instead hired George Kokinis, who was let go in November. Heckert’s father Tom, a longtime NFL personnel executive, was a Browns scout in the 1980s, so the job would probably have special meaning for him.

    La Canfora reported that Heckert is a leading candidate, along with Chargers senior executive Randy Mueller. Heckert, who’s been the Eagles GM since January of 2006, does not have final say over the 53-man roster in Philly, and would most likely need that authority to take the job here.

    La Canfora also reported that Mangini will “very likely” be fired by Holmgren and that Panthers current coach John Fox will be a leading candidate to replace him.

    Other GM candidates for the Browns include Titans Director of Pro Scouting Lake Dawson and Packers Director of Football operations John Schneider, according to Glazer. Seattle pro personnel director Will Lewis has also been mentioned.

  5. BobbyK, the sarcasm is THICK in here ;)

    I can see why Heckert might not want to work for Holmgren in Cleveland. Holmgren might be too much of a control freak for a GM to work for. Can Holmgren really let those under him make decisions? Its something his potential GM needs to consider before accepting a job under him.

    And, I can see why Heckert might want to make “a lateral move” to come to a lost, broken down franchise like ours to rebuild it. Its called Paul Allen-signed BIG FAT PAYCHECKS.

  6. AKCHAWKER says:

    And the silence out of the Seahawks and the search firm hired by them is DEAFING!!!

    How come Lewikie doesn’t take a look at how the M’s did it and find a Jack Z type of GM?

    Watching the Holmegren/Browns presser on NFL Network now….

  7. I don’t think coming to Seattle would be a lateral move for Heckert as Reid has ultimate personnel authority, he would likely have far more control here. And the rebuilding of a franchise is a motivator and lure for many people. Nice work Seattle. Just sit back and wait to see what happens.

  8. Mr_Fish says:

    Stevos is right, the GM Holmgren ends up hiring is going to have a lot less control than whoever gets the Seattle job. Leiweke isn’t going to interfere in football decisions, but Holmgren almost certainly will.

    As for why Heckert would want to make a “lateral” move, Stevos has part of the answer with “money”. There’s also the opportunity to show that the success he’s had in Philadelphia was no fluke.

    And Seattle is a much nicer place to live than either Philadelphia or Cleveland. :-)

    Anyway, now that Heckert has permission to interview with the Eagles, the NFL’s rules say he also has permission to interview with the Seahawks.

  9. princeaden says:

    I’m not in panic mode yet. But, I do feel like we are falling behing. That coupled with the fact that I don’t completely trust those in charge of these upcoming hires has me quite anxious. I wish I had some happy pills.

  10. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    … I’m sure with this top-notch organziation that Allen and Lieweke have put together here in Seattle that they preparing for an onslaught of requests by other teams to interview our people and trade for our players … so they probably don’t have any time for interviewing …

  11. AKCHAWKER says:

    Holmy in the presser- “The only way you have sucess in the NFL is if the Head Coach, GM and (president of theorganization) are on the same page.” Overall, what they showed was a classy guy, with a plan, and who knows what he wants to do to execute his plan.

    HEY TODD! PAUL ALLEN!!! What’s your plan? How about we start with getting a football guy in who has the final decision making power. One who answers only to Paul Allen. Call him the GM, the President of Football Ops, the football Czar, heck, call him the HMFIC!!! JUST GET SOMEONE IN NOW!!! Of all people Mr. Allen, you understand delay is deadly in business; and in technology and in the NFL! Get moving!!!

  12. bigmike04 says:

    nighthawk2 says:
    January 5, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    Figures, Holmgren is ahead of the deadweight in the Seahawks front office. I hope Meuller doesn’t come back here though. Why would the Eagles general manager take a lateral position to come to a rebuilding organization though?

    Because Heckert has no say over in Philadelphia as every moves goes through Andy Reid and he has alot of say what happen, so that could be reason why he takes a job with an diffrent team

  13. Mr_Fish says:


    Thanks for pointing out Andy Reid’s control over player personnel in Philadelphia. It sounds like the same situation Heckert would see in Cleveland with Holmgren.

    Also, it seems that Eagles VP Howard Roseman has had more influence than Heckert, and is the likely successor if Heckert leaves.

    It sounds like Holmgren is just using his old pals network again, and would be bringing on Heckert to be his yes man.

    The more I read about him, the less attractive Heckert is as a candidate.

  14. AKCHAWKER says:

    Mr Fish, Seattle may be “nicer” to live in than Cleveland or Philidelphia, “nice” does not attract quality front office people who are not named Holmegren. Does anyone realisticaly think the GM or head of player personal from San Diego will come to Seattle? I’d like to think we have a shot at someone from there, but, not likely. Too much upside with San Diego and the Chargers. I’m begining to think the same way about the front office people from Arizona too.

  15. I’m not in panic mode yet about us falling behind; it could turn out to work for the best and I hope it does. But this may be overreacting to some degree – it almost seems the organization is arrogantly giving the middle finger to the fans right now (even if it’s not their intention). A lot of us want answers… Even if they give us a press release that there’s nothing new to report at this time (which there isn’t, or they probably would)… that would be much appreciated. Does anyone else feel this way? What about that “state of the franchise” speech we were supposed to possibly be getting this Wednesday?

  16. fresfan says:

    Chill out some of you. If a decision had already been made as to who will be the new GM, there would be complaints that the decision was rushed and that insufficient time was taken to make a proper decision. Nobody knowss what is going on behind the scenes.

  17. CYRREEN says:

    I think Seattle will end of with Ruskell’s assistance, and our current interim GM. I believe the way we handled Holmgren, and Todd saying we want the next GM to join us…….and so on, most qualified candidates will stay away from Seattle and how this organization is layered.

    Hope I am wrong, but I have been pretty correct so far.

  18. Mr_Fish says:

    Apparently Seahawks fans need to learn how to be patient. We’re only two days into the offseason, guys!

    Any “state of the franchise” report we get at this time will probably have less content than one of Mora’s postgame pressers and be even more frustrating.

  19. Cyreen, It might be Webster, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both Tom Heckert and Ruston Webster are personnel pros who have been around and are very well respected in the league. Heckert would probably come in and change the scouting staff more, while Webster already is working with guys he knows. But its not clear that there would be a difference with regard to the quality of players we end up with on the field.

    I’m not sure why people are freaking out, as this Heckert interview is happening much faster than it might have. This is great news.

  20. Mr_Fish says:

    Wikipedia’s entry on Heckert isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation:

    “Although Heckert has the title of general manager, he serves primarily in an advisory role to Eagles head coach and executive vice president of football operations Andy Reid, who has the final say in all football-related matters.”

    Yeah, that’s what we need, an advisor.

    But Heckert is younger than I thought he’d be. Is Holmgren running out of graybeard buddies who are still active in the business?

  21. Hawkfan1951 says:

    It appears Heckert has taken the Browns GM position.

    Score one for Mike Holmgren!

  22. CYRREEN says:

    “When egos get in the way, it destroys the team. My goal is to have everyone thinking in a like manner, going in the same direction. Let’s put the egos aside. That meeting I’m going to have tomorrow.” said Holmgren in his news conference.

  23. crap, he’s gone already?

  24. CYRREEN says:

    Holmgren knows what he is doing. I think he will be a great President.

  25. Stevos – Holmgren is meeting with Mangini tomorrow, so I imagine that quote is in reference to that.

  26. CYRREEN says:

    Yes, that’s correct. Holmgren will have “The Meeting” with Mangini tomorrow. He also said, he will meet with Heckert tonight. So, I don’t understand how Hackert made his decision, already.

  27. Nobody is asking for the organization to make a rash decision.

    Webster — the guy who lost a young, potential DE in Derek Walker instead of using common sense and actually putting someone who qualified to be on IR on, well, IR… that Webster? No thanks.

  28. Hawkfan1951 says:

    “Nobody is asking for the organization to make a rash decision.”

    Rash… no. Timely, YES!!!

    I know the comparisons with the Seahawks and Mike Holmgren will be on-going for awhile. On his first day… it appears MH has already selected a new GM, and within the first week, will decide the fate of his HC. No “decision by committee.”

    The only thing that bothers me is… didn’t the Seahawks ask the Eagles for permission to talk to Heckert too? What happened there?

  29. CYRREEN says:

    Ian on KJR just reported that Seahawks GM candidates is now down to 4.

  30. I’ve heard that line a lot lately, that Ruston Webster “lost” Derek Walker. He didn’t accidentally lose him. Webster could have easily kept Walker by throwing Curry on IR. Everyone knew that. Seem pretty obvious the Seahawks didn’t want Walker and would rather go after better players. In any case, that’s pretty weak evidence on which to judge the 20 year career of an NFL personnel pro who has a super bowl ring.

  31. Audible says:

    They removed that page from the myphilly website, so it must have been an error.

  32. Audible says:

    Four candidates? Huh?! Who are the four candidates left from that list of 10? Did we missing something, or did most of the candidates decline to interview with us? That can’t be right.

  33. CYRREEN says:

    Here are the four candidates per and KJR. Sorry for mis-spelling;

    1) decosta
    2) John Schneider
    3) Steve Kaim
    4) Heckert

  34. Audible says:

    What about Webster? Is he already eliminated from consideration?

  35. The point is that Walker is everything a rebuilding franchise could want. He’s young, makes minimum salary, and has upside, or he wouldn’t have been kept all season. What the hell part of this is so hard to understand! Webster has been “on the job” for about a month and already has done something so stupid and everyone sees it. But, hey, he won a Super Bowl with the Bucs, probably all by himself, in 20 years so he’s God, Jr.

  36. CYRREEN says:

    Those names are the ones Ian just reported on KJR.

    By the way, if you did not listen to KJR’s Nate and Deon show today, they really blasted the Knapp play calling on the radio. Basically, blamed offense’s problems on Knapp.

  37. Audible says:


    They blamed Knapp on the radio? Explicitly or the other day with “I have thoughts” comments? If so, that could mean they already know that Knapp’s gone because I really doubt they would say something like that publicly knowing that he may still with the team next year.

  38. Audible says:

    And, that begs the question…how much blame does Mora deserve for having picked Knapp in the first place? The answer to that question may seal his fate in Seattle.

  39. Thanks for that list, Cyreen.

    Bobbyk: I think you’re over-reacting to small stuff, friend. Derek Walker was part of the Ruskell/Mora Practice Squad. That failed experiment has been cancelled, and soon lots of Ruskell prospects will be shown the door, Walker’s just the first.

  40. CYRREEN says:

    Deon was point blank. But, Nate was much more political with his words. Bottom line, based on what happend last week with Nate, TJ, and Deon, and today, there is no doubt in anyones mind that knapp must go.

    Also, Deon said he is willing to redo his contract if that helps him to stay in Seahawks.

  41. CYRREEN says:

    From blog

    The Seahawks’ general manager search is down to four candidates, according to league sources.

    The team began contacting its finalists Monday, seeking permission to interview the candidates for their GM vacancy, according to sources. Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta and Packers director of football operations John Schneider were two of those contacted, according to sources.

    Cardinals director of player personnel Steve Keim also is considered by many as a top candidate, but it can’t be fully determined at this time whether or not he has been contacted by the Seahawks. Some of those people on the team’s initial list of candidates, such as Eagles GM Tom Heckert, haven’t been contacted about the position, according to sources, although Heckert will interview for the Browns’ GM vacancy.

  42. Audible says:

    Interesting about Deon…that earned some respect. I would like to keep him with a salary that fits his production. He owes us a good year at a bargain price.

    Did they sound supportive of Mora?

  43. Mr_Fish says:

    Mike Holmgren is one of those guys who makes you like him even when he’s lying to your face. I don’t believe for even one minute this line he’s pitching about putting his ego aside for the good of the team.

    He’s just saying what he knows is the “right” thing to say.

    I also think that what he’s building in Cleveland is going to be based on the same cronyism we saw during his time here in Seattle. I mean, c’mon, Marty Mornhinweg is a serious candidate for the head coaching position?!?

  44. CYRREEN says:

    Let’s just say they didn’t say anything negative about Mora. But then again, Mora is suppose to be a defensive guru (now, that’s funny).

  45. hawkforever21 says:

    I just heard on the BS Wire that the Seahawks have decided to bring back a familiar face for the position of GM. Turns out Tim Ruskell was still available, and since the “search firm” that brought “Timmay” to Seattle just a few short years ago, wasn’t able to move quickly enough on the “top guns” that were available, they were more than ecstatic to bring back the man who has first hand knowledge of the challenges that Seattle faces…….as he’s the one who caused them.

  46. Mr_Fish says:

    I need to listen to the recording of that program if it’s available, but it sounds like Branch is burning his bridges. Either he or Knapp will be gone. Maybe both.

  47. Audible says:

    Does KJR provide transcripts of their interviews? Or archived audio streams?

  48. CYRREEN says:

    Yes, I am sure you can listen to it tonight. Check under “Softy” shows.

  49. freedom_X says:

    If Holmgren was seriously thinking about bringing Mueller in, then I’d have to say I’m glad Holmgren went to Cleveland. Randy Lerner has a really bad track record with front office and coaching hires anyway. Cleveland will be in salary cap hell within 2 years, if there is a salary cap.

    Comparing the search to the Mariners search for Jack Zduriencik – well, no one heard of Zduriencik until the final week of the search, no one (fans) knew who he was, many were unhappy that the Mariners picked him, many fans blamed the management for incompetence in the search, and the Mariners seem to be pretty happy with the guy so far.

  50. I’m a bit out of the loop today, did Deion call out Knapp by name today? And say he’d re-do his contract to stay in Seattle? Goodness.

  51. CYRREEN says:

    He called out the play calling. And, yes, he said he is willing to redo his schedule if that helps staying in Seattle.

  52. Lefty24 says:

    I actually was the one who called in and asked Deion if he would renegotiate his contract, and although he said he would be willing to, he added something to the effects of “as long as everything adds up”.

    I’m not sure what he meant by that, but I don’t think anybody would be willing to pay Deion what he thinks he is worth, so I would argue that his best bet to stay in the league is to re-do his contract so that he’ll get paid like a #3 WR and stay in Seattle. I would have no problem with him being our #3 as long as he was getting paid like a #3.

  53. Maybe Deion thinks he’s not done in Seattle, but I think most of us are done with Deion. Burleson is the only WR on our roster that helped win any games this past year. Deion, please just go.

  54. Audible says:

    Ruskell sure got worked over by a lot of agents and GMs from around the league:

    Leroy Hill…

  55. mocarob says:

    I listened to the guys on the softy show and I think they were calling out knapp & QB. They said even if you dont like the call the OC makes the players have to execute it. For whatever reason Matt wasn’t making good decisions this year. Not throwing to the right person.
    Did you see Matt making audibles as much this year? He may not have a good grasp of the offense. They supported MORA.
    I’ve hated Branch’s play this year but it’s hard to judge when the whole offense is crap. Now I think Branch should come back.

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