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NFL 2010 draft order

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 5, 2010 at 11:53 am with 29 Comments »
January 5, 2010 11:53 am

Here’s the draft order of this year’s upcoming draft

Seattle will draft No. 6 and No. 14 overall (Denver’s first-round pick). Seattle picked up the No. 14 pick from the Broncos in a draft day trade last year, giving up their second-round pick in 2009 so Denver could draft Wake Forest cornerback Alphonso Smith.

Here are the rules the league uses to put the first round together.

The winner of the Super Bowl will select last and the other Super Bowl participant next-to-last, regardless of their regular-season record.

B. The Championship Game participants not advancing to the Super Bowl will select 29th and 30th, according to the reverse order of their regular-season record.

C. The Divisional Playoff participants not advancing to the Championship Games will select 25th through 28th, according to the reverse order of their regular-season record.

D. The Wild Card participants not advancing to the Divisional Playoffs will select 21st through 24th, according to the reverse order of their regular-season record.

E. Non-playoff clubs will select first through 20th, according to the reverse order of their regular-season record.

If ties exist in any grouping except (A) above, they will be broken by strength of schedule (i.e., figuring the aggregate won-lost-tied percentage of each involved club’s regular season opponents and awarding preferential selection order to the club which faced the schedule of teams with the lowest aggregate won-lost-tied percentage).

If ties still exist after applying the strength of schedule tiebreaker, the divisional or conference tiebreakers are applied, if applicable. If the divisional or conference tiebreakers are not applicable, ties will be broken by a coin flip.

Here’s the full draft order

1. St. Louis (1-15) Strength of schedule: (.520)
2. Detroit (2-14) Strength of schedule: (.523)
3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Strength of schedule: (.555)
4. Washington (4-12) Strength of schedule: (.492)
5. Kansas City (4-12) Strength of schedule: (.516)
6. Seattle (5-11) Strength of schedule (.477)
7. Cleveland (5-11) Strength of schedule (.512
8. Oakland (5-11) Strength of schedule (.527)
9. Buffalo (6-10) Strength of schedule (.516)
10. *Denver, from Chicago (7-9) Strength of schedule (.496)
11. *Jacksonville (7-9) Strength of schedule (.496)
12. Miami (7-9) Strength of schedule (.559)
13. San Francisco (8-8) Strength of schedule (.477)
14. Seattle, from Denver (8-8) Strength of schedule (.527)
15. N.Y. Giants (8-8) Strength of schedule (.535)
16. *San Francisco, from Carolina (8-8) Strength of schedule (.539)
17. *Tennessee (8-8) Strength of schedule (.539).
18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Strength of schedule (.488)
19. *Atlanta (9-7) Strength of schedule (.504)
20. *Houston (9-7) Strength of schedule (.504)
21. #N.Y. Jets (9-7) Strength of schedule (.516)
22. #Baltimore (9-7) Strength of schedule (.523
23. #Arizona (10-6) Strength of schedule (.445)
24. #Cincinnati (10-6) Strength of schedule (.492)
25. #New England (10-6) Strength of schedule (.516)
26. #Green Bay (11-5) Strength of schedule (.441)
27. #Philadelphia (11-5) Strength of schedule (.484)
28. #Dallas (11-5) Strength of schedule (.488)
29. #Minnesota (12-4) Strength of schedule (.441)
30. #New Orleans (13-3) Strength of schedule (.426)
31. #San Diego (13-3) Strength of schedule (.453)
32. #Indianapolis (14-2) Strength of schedule (.473)

* Subject to coin flip
# Subject to playoffs

NFL Draft
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  1. nighthawk2 says:

    What about the 2nd and 4th rounds? Doesn’t the league flip some of the drafting order at the top, with the 4th through 8 or so spots?

  2. I am really glad the Browns won. I think there’s a big dropoff after the top 6 and I was worried about picking at 7. Now that we have a top 6 pick we’re guaranteed one of Suh, McCoy, Clausen, Bradford, Berry, and Okung. Of all those guys I think there is a somewhat realistic chance of Bradford, Berry, and Okung being available at our pick.

  3. To clarify my last post I meant one of Bradford, Berry, or Okung not all three.

  4. 2009 NFL Draft
    #6 Pick – Andre Smith
    #14 Pick – Malcom Jenkins
    Too early to tell, but if the Bengals had it to do it all over again (or any team picking 6) there’s no way they’d take Smith. He wouldn’t even go in the 1st round of a redraft. Jenkins hasn’t had a bad year, but he hasn’t exceeded their expectations either. But, again, it’s too early to tell.

    2008 NFL Draft
    #6 Pick – Vernon Gholston – BUST
    #14 Pick – Chris Williams – Not great, but could be worse. If they had to do it over again, Bears would take someone else.

    2007 NFL Draft
    #6 Pick – LaRon Landry – good rookie year, bad year this past year (read a rather negative one about him in the Washington Post recently)
    #14 Pick – Darrelle Revis – PRO BOWLER – one of the best in the game at any position

    2006 NFL Draft
    #6 Pick – Vernon Davis – late bloomer – but has become a PRO BOWLER
    #14 Pick – Broderick Bunkley – BUST

    2005 NFL Draft
    #6 Pick – PacMan – not in league, need I say more?
    #14 Pick – Thomas Davis – not what they hope for with their #14

    The odds tell us that we are going to draft 1 crappy player in the 1st round, and 1 really good player. Guess I’d rather have Suh if that’s what it came down to (although there’s no guarantees on him either… but I like the odds a lot better).

    If we hit the jackpot, it’ll be like 2004 where we could get 2 Pro Bowlers. Or we could be like 2003 where both were terrible.

  5. Who are the top five likely to pick? Any chance Suh will be there at #6???

  6. Unfortunately, no chance.

  7. Suh is guaranteed to be a top 3 pick 0 chance.

  8. St. Louis needs a QB. What glaring needs do the other four teams have? Who’s the most likely to take Suh?

  9. Remember what happened to Crabtree last year? He was supposed to be a top four pick but fell way down the board. Suh wouldn’t have to fall that far for us to get him.

  10. I think he could be there. Its not a guaranteed 0 percent. I really don’t see KC, STL or WAS going after a d-end.

  11. @ Audible- Crabtree did not run at the combine and his biggest question was his timed speed. He was not the #1 or #2 prospect on nearly everyone’s board like Suh is.

    St. Louis needs help everywhere, the most pressing issue being QB. Either Suh or Clausen is the pick.

    Detroit took Stafford last year and they need help pretty much everywhere on the field as well. Okung or Suh would be their pick.

    Tampa took Freeman last year and they need help at almost every position as well. DT is a big need for them. Suh or McCoy would be the pick.

    If Washington gets rid of Campbell they will need a QB. If that’s the case they will either take Clausen (if available) or Bradford (if his shoulder checks out). If Suh somehow magically fell to them they would have to take him. Having a Suh and Haynesworth in the middle would be insane.

    KC is the only team that wouldn’t give him any thought. They run the 3-4 and have lots of money invested in d-lineman Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey already. If by some random act of God Suh was on the board at their pick the phone would be ringing off the hook with trade offers.

    There is no way he makes it past Tampa who has a huge need for a DT and it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he gets taken before that.

    @RADEoN- Suh is a DT. St. Louis, Detriot, and Tampa all need a DT and even if you don’t need a DT Suh is too good to pass on.

  12. Audible says:

    If St. Louis went for a QB but felt “their QB” (like Sanchez last year) would still be there at six, would they trade within the division, knowing we’re after Suh?

    If St. Louis goes with a QB at #1, how about a trade with either Detroit or Tampa? Especially, if they’re interested in Okung or someone else and think they’ll be there at #6.

  13. seahawk44 says:

    Rams most likely take their future QB #1 …. Seattle needs to work a draft pick trade with Detroit to move up to #2 for Suh. Hopefully we can get the #2 and still keep #14. Do the Lions want Deion Branch and the #6?

  14. Deion Branch and the #6 for the #2 aka Suh? Haha good one. The odds of trading up within the top 5 are extremely low and it’s not like we’re the only team who wants Suh here. You don’t think Tampa and Detroit realize how good he is?

  15. Audible says:

    You gotta remember….Detroit is Detroit and Tampa is Tampa for a reason….How many botched picks did Ruskell make? Holmgren? There are a lot of variables at play…so I wouldn’t rule anything out…except perhaps trading Branch and our #6 for the #2….any team is going to expect a trade that has some value. Then there’s Washington with Haynesworth…yes, their DL would be sick with him and Suh…but then they’d have a lot wrapped up in that position, so they may go elsewhere.

  16. Audible says:

    According to the draft value chart, our 6 and 14 are worth 2700 and Detroits #2 is worth 2600, so there’s a chance we could pick up Suh and a 4th rounder in a trade for our two # 1s. How about Leroy Hill and our #6 for the #2?

  17. The Lions last year showed that until they assemble enough pieces they are going to take the best player on their board. Suh will be that guy. Millen is no longer in charge there. The Bucs draft was very solid last year as well.

  18. Good thing the Lions took a TE with their second 1st rounder last year and passed on Oher to protect Stafford’s “Blind Side.”

  19. wabubba67 says:

    If we wanted to play dirty, the Seahawks could plant an unsubstantiated story about Suh doing poorly on his Wonderlic test, possibly failing a drug test, etc.

    Not real classy, but could be effective in order to get him to move down in the draft.

  20. What about trading down? Our team is in such bad shape that it doesn’t make sense to continue remodeling and I’d rather begin the rebuilding process. I think it would be better to load up on 1st round picks in 2011, especially if there’s a possibility of a cap. Otherwise we’re giving a new GM the chance to spend two high picks on a team he doesn’t fully understand yet (from an interpersonal perspective). Does anyone know if a GM’s experience with a team impacts the quality of their draft picks over time?

  21. BlueTalon says:

    I think the idea of a trade with Detroit of our #6 and Branch might be laughable, but the concept is not. We just need to package enough guys we deem expendable into the trade. Our #6 + Branch + Locklear or our #6 + Branch + Spencer could do it. Or Our #6 + Branch + Locklear + Spencer + Terrill. You get the idea. With Detroit having needs everywhere, that kind of package could represent too much to pass up.

  22. except that lock is a viable option at RT, and would be perfect alongside logan mankins.

  23. Soggybuc says:

    Sf looks to have the best position for rd 1 , the 13th and 16th. 2 picks in the top half and none with top 10 money.

  24. st. louis will take suh,there are too many decent qbs in this draft and im sure they will have a shot at one of them at pick33

  25. if st.louis does pass on suh. maybe we can send lofa and # 6 pick to detroit and move up. hawthorne is ready to step up at mlb

  26. How about the 6th and 14th pick to Pittsburgh for Big Ben?

  27. Dukeshire says:

    runyons – The should trade Ben to the Raiders. Serves him right.

  28. The Faders don’t have enough for the Steelers to make a deal. They only have one first round pick this season and they traded their pick next year to the Pats.

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