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Locker clean out day: Housh has thoughts, Big Walt makes an appearance

Post by Ryan Divish on Jan. 4, 2010 at 1:08 pm with 89 Comments »
January 4, 2010 1:14 pm

Greetings from the I-405. Eric and I left the VMAC right after the locker clean-up to get a head start getting back to Tacoma. With the weather, we were trying to avoid traffic issues.

We talked to quite a few players between the two of us. And we’ll try to provide some more detailed stuff from those conversations. For now, I’ll try and give you some bullet points from it.

As usual WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh was entertaining and talkative. He talked for at least 15 minutes and was critical of his himself.  He also wondered how an offense can actually regress, instead of improve. And when asked about the future, possible changes and whether the offensive system could ever work, he simply said. “I have thoughts.”

When pressed, he responded, “I don’t know. I have thoughts.”

If you recall, QB Matt Hasselbeck said yesterday after the game about what went wrong, “I don’t know. I have thoughts.”

Neither Hass or Housh would expound on those thoughts. Any guess what those thoughts might be?

Hass said he really is looking forward to the offseason, not to rest, but to get back into the weight room and try to build strength after a rough season in which he took a physical pounding. He also to plan the offseason throwing to Housh and John Carlson daily.  He didn’t mention Deion Branch.

Speaking of Mr. Branch, he re-iterated his desire to stay with the team. When asked if he expected to be back, he said, “I expect to return, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.”

OT Walter Jones made an appearance and spoke to the media for the first time in months. He said he feels better and he’s trying to get back to the old player he was. As for his return, he said that the decision will be made by the organization if they want to have him back, and it would be made in a few months.

LB Lofa Tatupu was also optimistic in his recovery from a torn pec. He hopes and plans to be ready for the offseason lifting program starts in mid-March.

WR Nate Burleson is a free agent in this season, but he wants to stay with the team. He said there has been contract talks most of the  season, and he expects to retire a Seahawk.

RB Julius Jones also said that he wants to be back. He felt that he and Justin Forsett made a good combination at the end of the year. He felt that there was some progress toward a consistent run game was being made and that it was a shame it took so long.

LG Rob Sims was very honest about the uncertainty of his future. He would like to stay with the  Seahawks, but he knows it’s a matter of the Seahawks also wanting him back.

C/G Chris Spencer said he’d like to come back, but he believes that he’s a center in this league. Spencer may believe that, but it doesn’t appear that the Seahawks do.

S Deon Grant said he needs offseason surgery on his wrist and will get it done this week. He hopes to return. He still has two years left on his contract.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, I have a thought too; replace the offensive coordinator. In any case, Eric / Ryan, who is negotiating contracts at the moment? I can’t imagine there is a hold on FAs. Thanks.

  2. Audible says:

    “I don’t know. I have thoughts”.

    It’s nice to hear Hass and Housh are in sync about something.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on Paul Allen’s team discusses the coaching with some of the players anonymously to see the player’s have Mora/Knapp’s support. It’s hard to say if those comments were directed at Knapp or Mora or both. January is going to be a really interesting month for Seahawks fans.

    I think Mora will be fired sooner, rather than later. Paul Allen went out of his way to steal a proven winner away from the Packers in Holmgren. So, expect him to bring in a big-name coach. Allen can afford to hire proven winners, and that’s what he’s going to do.

  3. Did Walt talk about how his knee is doing? Did he give a percent? Is he walking without a limp? If so, can he jog, or better yet — run?

    Is it the organization who is going to tell him to retire? Technically, I don’t think he can retire without having to give back a portion of his signing bonus. Maybe he knows he’s done and is waiting for them to make it offical for him? It would be classless from an organizational stanpoint to ask about the signing bonus portion, but I think technically they can (if he chose to retire).

    I don’t expect him back, but I am very curious.

  4. devisscher says:

    He says his left knee “feels pretty good” following months of rehabilitation in Florida. It’s been repaired twice by surgeries and has kept him from playing for the past 13 months.

  5. vichawkfan says:

    Jones would be giving up some $$ if he just retired as opposed to being released. My thought is WT likes he dough and probably is playing a little bit of chicken. Either way, he deserves anything he gets regardless.

  6. riot613 says:

    At first glance I though it said Locklear cleaned out. I was to excited for a second. I sincerely hope that we they don’t try to rope us in with the hope that Walt is going to save this line next year.

    For Hass and Housh to say “I have thoughts” seem to say more than the traditional “no comment”. It makes me wonder how high up their thoughts go.

  7. Thanks for the info, devisscher.
    vichawkfan – I agree.

    Eric – did you get anything extra out of him?

  8. I don’t think anyong is suggesting that we bank on him being ready to start 16 games at left tackle for us.

    But it’d be a heck of an unexpected surprise and pleasure if he could give us another year.

  9. adamtoth says:

    So is that Housh and Hass in-sync, or are they actually out-of-sync, and Housh was just throwing Matt’s comment back out at him?

    I don’t think they’ve been together on anything this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a great deal of mistrust between them at this point.

  10. riot613 says:

    If we sign, trade or draft like Walt is going to be back then we can expect to have a season just like this one or worse. Just remember there is no precedence for anyone of his age and size recovering from this surgery.

    Many well-known NFL players have undergone microfracture surgery. Not only do Tony Brackens, Courtney Brown, Stephen Davis, Terrell Davis, DeShaun Foster, Jeremy Newberry and Andre Wadsworth have the procedure in common, but they also are often remembering for knee injuries hampering or ending their careers. Former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Lamar King’s career was entirely derailed from the surgery.

    In the NBA, Chris Webber reportedly stated that a four-month recovery time is “impossible” and that it took him at least a few years to feel “like himself” again. Amare Stoudemire underwent microfracture surgery in October 2005, and after trying to return in March 2006 he began feeling stiffness in both knees before being forced to sit out until the 2006-07 season. He only played 56 games before being shut down for the year with cleanup surgery on the same knee.
    I got this from and it didn’t ever mention Marcus Tubbs.

  11. Under absolutely no scenario is anyone suggesting that we count on Walter Jones.

    I’m going to live my life on a buget but I’m not going to tell the lottery that I decline my millions because I didn’t plan on winning that much. If it happens, great. That’s all.

    Left tackle needs to be addressed. The entire offensive line does. Nobody can say otherwise, nor is anyone suggesting otherwise.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    If only one lesson from this past year is to be learned it’s this; Proceed like Walt is done. Some of us have been suggesting they move forward as if was done heading into last off season. If he gives the Seahawks anything, it’s a bonus.

  13. Hawkfan1951 says:

    “I don’t know. I have thoughts.” From 2 players on Offense. Hmmmmm…

    If your 1st string QB, and (at least) 1 WR “have thoughts” why wait until the end of the season to express that?

    Or… they tried…. and nobody on the coaching staff listened?

    Yes, it’s going to be an interesting January!

    GO HAWKS!!

  14. riot613 says:

    I know that we as fans aren’t counting on it. It’s just that the Seahawks don’t like addressing glaring need when they think someone is coming back from surgery. Just like last year. There was no reason to believe based on the history of this injury that he’d be able to return yet we go out and spend money on WR D-line and CB How many 1st round CB’s do we have on this team now? How many played like they were worth a crap? How many years did we watch Marcus Tubbs rehab and thanks to that article Lamar King(one of Holmgren’s 1st picks I think). I just hope they can say goodbye for once and rebuild this. Even if Walt comes back next year there is no reason to believe this would be a better team. This is the Sonics after the 90’s run and the Mariner’s after about 2003. It needs to be rebuilt.

  15. The Bright side to loosing looks like we get the #6 and #14 picks.
    If we would have won it would have been #10 or #11 and then Denvers #14.
    OK Hawks Get a New GM Statt and let the Hammer Fall on the inept coaches on this team.
    Oh yea DRAFT/FA BIG UGGLIES both OL and DL, then maybe a RB, Safety, CB, QB. NO first round QB. Wow sounds like what I said last year.
    Timmay ignored the base of a team for too long now we are where we are. So the new guy needs to rebuild it on both sides of the ball.
    Give our QB some stinking time he’ll do ok. It might take several months for him to get over being pounded all year but if he has a line he will not be forced to throw in .25 of a second before he gets hit

  16. nidhighe says:

    I have a thought: fire the coaching staff.


  17. chuck_easton says:


    I say 3/5ths of the OL needs to be addressed. Unger is the center today, tomorrow, and for a long time (knock wood). Sims, to quote our favorite former HC “bless his heart”, seems to have finally found a position at LG. No he’ll never make anyone, especally you, forget ‘he who shall not be named’, but I think he’s grown this season to show that he’s a very dependable LG. EVERYONE ELSE including Mr. ‘I’m a Center in this League’ can either come back and fight for a position or hit the road.

    As for Walter, I say the man has earned the right to come back next season and sit on the bench collecting his well deserved paycheck if that is truly what he wants. If he somehow manages to actually appear on the field, great, but Walter retires when Walter wants to retire and not one minute before. He’s the anti Alexander. He doesn’t need or deserve to be shown the door.

  18. Yes. I’ve said that about Unger and the Center position for about 8 months now. I’m irate that the powers-that-be didn’t figure it out until a few weeks ago.

    I hope someone overpays for Sims in free agency (I hope there’s a CBA). I know he’s improved and has become a relatively solid player… but I just want to move on…

  19. Should have clarified “entire.” Didn’t mean Unger, whose corner I have been in since day 1.

  20. riot613 says:

    As far as I am concerned I don’t know any of these guys personally. They don’t come to my house for dinner so if they can’t play then I don’t want them on the team. They got paid tons of money to play for the Seahawks so they didn’t give me anything for free. I give to the team because not only do I not just give my time away, I pay for the right to watch this team. I have to help pay for the stadium. I’m tired of people saying we owe these guys. That’s loser talk. That’s why other teams know when to let someone go instead of wasting money on the twilight of there careers.

    Giving these guys money to set on the bench so they can retire “when they feel like it” has to be about worse idea i’ve heard yet. Time to move on and start fixing it now. I don’t want to fix it after next year or the year after that.

    Oh, and good offensive lines take years to build so we should have a good one by the time Matt is about Kurt Warners age.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with the Unger / Sims stay the rest go, take. Well, not all go. Lock needs to go back to RT and Willis to the bench as a reserve. Sims will need to be re-signed, of course. But through FA and the draft LT and RG need to be addressed. Spencer will be gone, I believe, unless he offers a sizable home town discount. In either case, RG need to be ungraded.

  22. bird_spit says:

    Any one else wonder how Hass can agree to throw so many screens in a game, or go out on an almost naked boot-leg time after time? If the coach tells you to do it fine. But Hass is a pro-bowler, taken this team to The Game. If I were him, I’d look over at the bench, tell them my head-phone is broke, and call a better play. Hass has guts on the field..I wish he would take his hard earned credits in this league, and tell Knappy to stick his play book where it does not shine.

  23. Audible says:

    “As for Walter, I say the man has earned the right to come back next season and sit on the bench collecting his well deserved paycheck if that is truly what he wants”

    Walt has missed the last 20 games, and he’s scheduled to make another $7.3 million next year for playing a game that he loves. That’s more money than some of us will see in our lifetimes.

    I don’t care how good of a player he is…there’s no way he “deserves” to sit on the bench and collect paychecks. He’s already been paid royally for the years he gave us and we cannot afford to keep a player who can’t pull his weight. That’s not fair to the other players and that’s not fair to the fans who have paid his salaries all these years.

  24. bird_spit says:

    I more thought..

    Early in the season I called out D Branch as a soft bench warmer. I owe an apology after Sunday. He played a great game. I wish and hope to see him play with such intensity every week as long as he is under contract. Great game..
    Hawks showed a lot of improvement yesterday…

  25. “I say 3/5ths of the OL needs to be addressed. Unger is the center today, tomorrow, and for a long time (knock wood). Sims, to quote our favorite former HC “bless his heart”, seems to have finally found a position at LG”

    Completely agree. Maybe Lock can get back to form if we shift him back to RT – but, to my mind, he stunk it up this year – and was a major problem. Willis is terrible in pass protect.

    We draft the best T available at #6, and if Walt somehow comes back, that’s great, he can start at LT, and the rookie can play RT, until Walt is ready to retire. Doesn’t change our draft strategy one bit in my opinion.

  26. freedom_X says:

    The money (bonus) is already paid to Walter Jones. Until roster limits kick in, it costs Seattle nothing extra to keep him around. And it shows some semblance of loyalty and feeling towards who is probably the best player ever to wear a Seahawk uniform.

    Hasselbeck’s “thoughts” (as expressed yesterday in interviews) seemed to indicate:

    1) Some players didn’t buy into the system this year. Hasselbeck cited his own resistance to Holmgren early in his Seattle career, and said he didn’t become an effective Holmgren QB until he quit questioning Holmgren and just started doing what Holmgren told him to do. Hasselbeck repeatedly mentioned “buying into the system.”

    2) Out of synchronization with his receivers. He cited the 1st pass play of yesterday’s game. The play was called, the defensive coverage was exactly what the play was intended to exploit, but the pass was incomplete. Hasselbeck didn’t elaborate on where the blame was, but he talked about how, in the offseason, they need to practice that route “5,000 times” until they get it right. I’d tend to think there’s a QB/WR snychronization problem.

    3) Yesterday, TJ Houshmanzadeh had a number of hedging comments on getting in sync with Hasselbeck. He gave the impression of a person who thinks he may have a different QB (I’m reading a lot between the lines, but there were absolutely no statements of working hard with Hasselbeck in the offseason, and when asked about that, Houshmanzadeh gave a weasel-word, non-commital response. Thus my conspiracy conjecture.)

  27. riot613 says:

    You know what you give up by keeping Walter Jones on the team? A roster spot. Maybe some of us like having Kelly Jennings as our backup long snapper but I don’t. Walter Jones is a Hall of Famer. That’s where he needs to go.

  28. earther says:

    Ryan Divish:Neither Hass or Housh would expound on those thoughts. Any guess what those thoughts might be?

    Well sure Ryan, I can guess. Just imagine a little, comic strip thought cloud around each of these conjectures:

    Hasselbeck: “Gee, I wish Mike was still here”

    Houshmandzadeh: “Why didn’t I sign with the Vikings? What was I thinking?”

  29. earther says:

    adamtoth:So is that Housh and Hass in-sync, or are they actually out-of-sync, and Housh was just throwing Matt’s comment back out at him?

    I don’t think they’ve been together on anything this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a great deal of mistrust between them at this point.

    Ahhhhh, a conspiracy theory. Now that’s the flavor I’ve been missing.

  30. Locklear is an extremly well paid offensive lineman. He makes huge bucks. I know he’s a serviceable RT, but do we want to pay him like he’s Jackie Slater in his prime? If this is a total rebuild job, wouldn’t it be smart to get rid of the dead weight? Or at least the overpriced players who perform nowhere near to the level of what their contract is?

  31. Hawkfan1951 says:

    nidhighe –

    I would enjoy listening to your reasons for your statement.

    Would you please break it down by coach please?

  32. I’m not saying Willis is a better RT than Locklear; Lock is better in pass pro, Willis is better at run blocking. But Willis has a reasonable salary in ’10, whereas Lock, as mentioned, makes big bucks. The better value is Willis (he’s a FA after ’10).

  33. riot613 says:

    The Hawks throw so many screens because that’s the only play they have enough time to complete especially when Tennesse was the only defense dumb enough not to press the receivers on every play.

  34. “Locklear is an extremly well paid offensive lineman. He makes huge bucks. I know he’s a serviceable RT, but do we want to pay him like he’s Jackie Slater in his prime? If this is a total rebuild job, wouldn’t it be smart to get rid of the dead weight? Or at least the overpriced players who perform nowhere near to the level of what their contract is? ”

    Given our overall talent level, I guess that for now I’m more performance focused than salary-focused – so my view is that if Lock is good enough to be a starting RT on a good line, then we keep him and continue paying him. If he plays like he did this year – he doesn’t need to be around at all . . .

  35. freedom_X says:

    The comments I cited on TJ and Hasselbeck, were done in post game interview yesterday (with further elaboration on Hasselbeck’s part today) so I think they are independent (they aren’t reacting to each other.)

    Seattle should decide by training camp, or at least until the 1st set of camp cuts, whether Walter Jones will fit in. They won’t let it stretch like they did this year. If Walter isn’t at least practicing and playing on Aug. 1, he’ll be released/encouraged to retire. But there’s no need nor any advantage to get rid of him for the 6 months.

  36. freedom_X says:

    Whoops, I didn’t mean the “thoughts” exchange between TJ and Hasselbeck, I meant the synchronization issue. Personally, I’d view Hasselbeck’s “buying into the system” comments more as a response to TJ’s lukewarm comments on developing more rapport with Hasselbeck (that TJ gave yesterday in post-game.)

  37. If there’s no new CBA, I have no problem keeping Lock around. It’s not our money. But if there is, well, I do have a problem keeping him around if it means we can’t add an actual good player with some of that money. It’d be nice to pay players like they are superstars if they are actually superstar caliber at their respective positions.

  38. I better start seeing some aggressive moves to get in a new GM soon (like in the next couple of weeks). FA and the Draft are going to be here before we know it and the new GM needs to be ready. Does anyone else feel the pressure with this off-season? With two first round draft picks in the top 15, we have a chance to pull out of this mediocrity crap.

  39. Audible says:

    There’s no way I want to get rid of Locklear…I think he’s a casualty of this silly zone blocking scheme and bad coaching. Lock was the least of our OL problems heading into this season.

    I want us to hold onto Lock, Willis, and Sims. Since Spencer thinks he’s an NFL center, much like Seneca thinks he’s an NFL QB, they’re both gone.

  40. A lesson from the past year that many here are reiterating is ‘don’t count on an older injured player to return’. I think management learned their lessons there (and hopefully Ruskell was on his own island in counting on Walt and Wahle to return for 2009).

    One more lesson: Plan for injuries that haven’t happened yet. Which means every one of our starting five, plus our top backups (Frye, Gibson?) has value to this team and should not be allowed to walk unless they are too expensive to keep (I doubt Spencer will generate a big offer as an RFA). We could live without Spencer, I believe, but Locklear is very valuable at RT or as a backup at both OT spots. Unger is still raw and barely an adequate starter

    So while I agree with most that finding a new LOT and new ROG for this team is Top Priority, I also think its important to retain the guys we have to keep as much depth as possible. With this team’s luck, who knows where the next injury will happen.

  41. re: “I have thoughts.”

    Sounds to me like both Hasselbeck and Housh are simultaneously thinking, “crap, I’m stuck playing with this guy for another year.”

  42. freedom_X says:

    In the age of the salary cap, it’s impossible to have proven backups at every position. The mark of a good front office is one that can effectively project rookies or unknowns into a capable player in case of injury. Sometimes it’s just a matter of projecting them into a system that works better for them – allowing one team’s reject to be another team’s solid backup (or even starter.)

    Also, a good coaching staff can either coach up a player, develop a game plan and role that minimizes a backup’s weaknesses (or both.)

    This underscores why management/personnel have to be in sync with the coaching staff – if the coaching staff wants zone blocking and the front office wants power blocking, for example, then the failure is almost assured.

  43. Does anyone know the specifics, or cap hit year-by-year (or a place to find it), to the Sean Locklear 5 year, $32 million contract? I know Lock is a good enough RT but I’m so sick and tired of average players getting paid money like they are actually really good. I have no problem paying a superstar oodles of money, but some of these guys… come on. Maybe we can give Sims more than Lock so he can buy a new fur coat.

  44. Since we’re so worthless and have to punt all the time… remember, punting is not a bad thing… it looks like we have signed Jon Ryan to a new 6-year contract. We’re making a splash in free agency!


    *Saw the above link on Addicts website.

    If we can make sure to keep Lock, Sims, and Spencer all together, we’ll be sure to get our money’s worth out of Ryan.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    I haven’t looked too hard but this is what I came up with: Lock’s 5 year deal got him 1 mil this season and counts 2.75 mil against the cap. Next year he’s due 4.85 mil and counts 6.65 mil against the cap. In ’11 he’s due 5.6 and in ’12 it’s 7.295 but I’m not sure how the bonus is allocated so not sure about the cap hits. Hope that helps.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve asked this 3 times and no one is able to answer but who is negotiating the contracts right now? Anyone?

  48. Thanks, Duke.

    Anyone else pissed and saying some things you probably don’t really mean 100% of the time? I thought I’d be winding down, but am actually getting more mad hour-by-hour… The draft can’t get here fast enough… unless we take Jimmy Claussen and a LB in the 1st round and top it off with a possession WR in the 2nd round. Then it’s time to go postal.

  49. I would have to assume it’s Webster negotiating. I don’t know of anyone else who would/could. ???

  50. HawkSoop says:

    Anyone have any more information on the perceived distance between Housh and Hass?

    During that wild radio performance and earlier in the year Housh essentially said he came here to play with Matt.

    79 receptions, 911 yards, 3 td’s.
    293 completions, 3029 yards, 17 td’s

    Considering how out of sync the entire offense was this season it sure looks like Matt looked Tj’s way a lot and they hooked up quite a bit.

    Seems to me that both of them are dissatisfied with the season, are really frustrated and probably don’t want to give lip service to a coach/system that might be changed in a month.

    We’ve got a winner in TJ and a Winner in Matt, both coming off a really bad season. I don’t think anyone should read to deep into it. TJ especially is not one to hold back his comments. If he were pissed at Matt, Matt would know, all of us would know.

    Matt’s a pro, he’ll play with whoever lines up with him.

  51. “There’s no way I want to get rid of Locklear…I think he’s a casualty of this silly zone blocking scheme and bad coaching. Lock was the least of our OL problems heading into this season.”

    I thought that too before the season – but he was BAD this year – I watched him on replays many a time, and he just got beat by his man way too many times. And it seemed to me like he had a real apathetic attitude about getting beat. Maybe, I’m reading in too much from tv watching, but that was my impression. And, as i said, coming into this year, I thought he was a solid cog.

  52. Freedom_X: Good points, re: “a good front office is one that can effectively project rookies or unknowns into a capable player in case of injury.”

    Yes, sometimes this happens, and sometimes even the best personnel pros struggle with that. However, after the devastation to our offensive line over that past two seasons, I think management needs to by hyper-sensitive to the need to provide continuity for our offensive linemen.

    This, to me, is the Great Catch-22 of this offseason.

    On one hand, we need some new players and coaches. On the other hand, nothing sets a team back worse than turnover on the offensive line and at quarterback. It takes a long time for new linemen to assimilate and work together.

    We need a better LOT, a better ROG, and a young QB to groom. I’m sold on this. Yet throwing last years starters off the boat would be a mistake. We also need continuity for the linemen we have working together. I think management will be smart to find new players and let these new guys work in with the existing guys and outcompete them when they are ready to start.

    Otherwise it is entirely possible for the next O line to be even worse before it gets better. (Ask the Rams how they feel about counting on Jason Smith to be their new starting OT this year.)

  53. Dukeshire says:

    I assume that too and if that’s the case, get the damn check book out of his hands, ASAP. 6 years 9 million? What they hell is he doing paying a punter this much money?!? I can’t wait to find out how much is guaranteed, because aside from the bonus, none of had better be.

  54. HawkSoop says:

    Lock just needs to go back to RT, he was fine there and that’s all you need there. He’s not even fine at LT… and you need better than fine at LT.

    Adjusting to the ZBS probably didn’t help him at all. But yeah we need to change 3 of the starting five from the last game. O-Line should be:

    LT = Greater of Draft Pick or Walt
    LG = Sims
    C = Unger
    RG = Greater of Draft Pick, or FA
    RT = Locklear

  55. Not that we want any injury prone offensive linemen like Spencer, Sims, Lock – at least how they seem to have their yearly injuries… but Jamaal Brown is also set to become a FA at the end of this season (voidable year on his contract, that’s why he hasn’t been showing up on the other lists). He’s 28 years old and has made the Pro Bowl with the Saints (missed this year). His main injury is a sports hernia but I’ve seen players miss time with that and come back perfect the following season. Matt Birk had that a couple of years ago and came back strong last year and now he’s doing very well in Baltimore this year and he’s approaching his mid-30s. I remember watching Brown play and he’s a damn good, legit, Pro Bowl Left Tackle. I felt he was the best Left Tackle in the NFC, behind Big Walt. With Brown and Walt out this year, the top 5 LTs in my opinion are all in the AFC. We could actually have a Pro Bowler on our team!!!

  56. Time sure can fly by. Birk had that surgery 5 years ago (still older than Brown is now) and hasn’t missed a game for 4 straight seasons.

    And if you are going to get hurt and have surgery, make sure you do it like Burleson last year (and Brown this year) where you have it early in the season so you’re 100% for the following year.

    In all seriousness, if we can sign Brown, I have no problem NOT taking a LT with a high pick. As I said earlier, I have seen him in the past and he’s very, very, very good. Legit superstar Left Tackle good.

    The Saints have a young guy who has been doing a good job this year (forget the name) and he’s going to be restricted and much cheaper option. So it looks like Brown may be available.

  57. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, avoid blowing your knee out late in the season or playoffs like Welker and Branch. Guaranteed to miss a good part of the following season.

    Bobby – had a nice piece on Birk the other day. Kind of a “what football players have to deal with regarding their bodies” kind of thing. Tough man.

  58. freedom_X says:

    Since Locklear got 12 million guaranteed, if they cut him tomorrow I wquld assume a cap hit of at least 9.6 million.

    I would have thought Locklear would have been a good zone blocking tackle. He’s a bit smaller than your standard tackle but more agile. If they went back to power or man blocking, I think he’d be a very good guard (remember, that was his position in college.) Given that he has a good track record (outside of injury) as a productive lineman, I think it’s too soon to cut him loose. Anyway the cap hit would be big.

    Before people are too critical about the punting contract, don’t forget that a decent punter isn’t just a dime-a-dozen. Remember the problems we had when Plackmeier flaked out. It wasn’t that easy to find a reliable replacement (and Ryan himself took a half-season to stabilize.) So why let him go if we’ve already taken the hit to develop him into a good punter?

    If the salary cap is $128 million, and there are 53 players signed, that’s an average of $2.4 million/year salary per player. Absolute minimum salary is $810,000, so $1.5 million/year is not outlandish for a good, veteran punter who isn’t going to cost you games with mistakes. As long as there isn’t a giant bonus, this is a reasonable signing. Then Seattle is protected if he becomes flaky.

  59. One other thing I forgot to mention about Jamaal Brown. He’s a mean, nasty dirtbag.

    Jamaal Brown and Mike Iupati sure would be one hell of an off-season for the offensive line. Then I’d have no problem taking a guy like Spiller.

    Right now, I’d love Spiller, but don’t advocate taking him because the lines of scrimmage need too damn much help right now.

  60. pabuwal says:

    Maybe the big Jon Ryan contract is for throwing yesterday’s game. After all, that loss helped both the original Seattle pick and the Denver pick tremendously!

  61. Audible says:

    Ya know…I think punters and kickers are really under appreciated…those guys can make a huge difference in games. I’m glad to see we’ve finally nailed down a good punter. I hope they sign Olindo to the same type deal.

    It seems that Webster is trying to make the most out of this opportunity to be interim GM. I like the Practice Squad signing the other day to pick up a young OL. Now he’s inked Ryan. Let’s see what else he can work out in the next few weeks.

  62. BobbyK, we already have a Spiller-like back in Forsett, IMO.

    And the perfect off season for me would be getting Jahri Evans and Logan Mankins in FA, drafting a LT in the beginning of the second round, and hopefully having walter jones play 8+ games so the rookie can learn something from him.

    Throw in Nick Collins to replace Babineaux, re-tool the DL with half decent or rookie DE’s, and we’re competitive again.

    Hell, even buy into that brandon marshall hype for all i care. I think he’d compliment housh pretty well.

  63. Audible says:

    I would trade Branch for Brandon Marshall straight up…maybe even throw in Spencer but NO WAY do we trade our Denver pick back to Denver for Mashall, as Sand Man suggested….NO WAY! We need both of those picks..

    Its looking A LOT more likely that we’ll have the ammunition to trade up for Suh if we want him. A #6 and #14 for the overall #1 is going to look really attractive to a team like St. Louis who needs to fill a lot of holes and who would like to avoid the #1 overall salary.

  64. BobbyK, I would never have imagined Jammal Brown becoming available as a FA ever, but with what the Saints are doing without him, you’re right, its possible.

    Its hard to find a “can’t miss” LOT prospect in this draft. Okung? Williams? I don’t know if any of them are worth a first round draft pick. But Jammal Brown would be a sure thing. I’m sure there will be a bidding war if the Saints don’t franchise him.

    And Iupati? Its hard to imagine that dude not helping. Its a reach to say this, but he really does play with a beastly Hutch-type intensity. He could be one to target in the late 1st round. Most would say #14 is way too high to draft a guard, but its a big need.

    I wouldn’t mind if we moved out of that #6 pick to get an extra pick or two in the late first or second round.

  65. Audible says:

    Our two #1s, according to the draft value chart are worth 2700 while the #1 overall is worth 3000.

  66. Audible says:


    Suh is within reach….how about we sign some studs for the OL in FA, use our #2 for a Safety, and trade up for Suh???

  67. Audible, there’s quite a few young, talented FA’s this year, I’d rather not rely entirely on the draft this year. I stand by Hasselbeck, and I really do think he has 1-3 more good years left in him before he turns into Kerry Collins. Put him back in a familiar system with some talent around him and he’s going to win.

  68. I’m with you Audible.

  69. RADEoN – I agree about Forsett. I love that little guy. I love the 4.3 speed of Spiller. And he not only has that elite speed, but unlike Butler and his supposed 4.2 speed, he actually plays fast too. He’s the best combination you can ask for… freakish speed AND quickness. As much as I love Forsett, he can take a 7 yard gain and turn it into 20 yards, but Spiller can take a 7 yard gain and turn into 80 yards. It’s a dimension I’d love to add to this team.

    All I know is that with the Saints playing well and them having a cheap owner… you can bet that at least one of Jammal Brown or Jahri Evans will make it to free agency.

    Speaking of Suh… I think the trade value chart is a bit scewed these days because of the crazy rookie contracts. Nobody wants to trade up into the top 5 (unless they are getting a QB) and pay that kind of money AND give up 3,000 points of trade value. I think it makes a trade, if we want him bad enough, easier to make b/c of the R contracts.

    On one hand, you can say that there’s no way the Rams would trade to us… but think of it this way… if the Rams could PREVENT us from drafing Okung and Spiller… or Berry and Iupati… some combination of 2 players to make us better… I think they might do it.

    As much as I love Suh, I would actually want something back. I’d give them our two #1s (depends on how free agency goes or else I could change my mind) for their #1 overall pick… but I’d want something else thrown in because of the money we’d also be saving that franchise. That counts for something these days. Also, the Rams are for sale so it’s not like they have an owner that’s going to want to spend more than they have to this off-season. I’d demand them to throw in something else like a 4th rounder this year or even just a 3rd rounder next year (hell, even a 3rd rounder in ’12 or ’13… just something).

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Spiller and Forsett are different. Forsett plays much bigger than he is and Spiller is illusive and grease lightning quick.

    Audible – As long as next year remains capless, most of the young stud OL will be RFA and cost draft picks as compensation to sign. You likely lose any picks with which to trade up with.

  71. snydro22 says:

    Just threw something up to test out the features, like photos and links.

    Let me know what you guys think about the look.

  72. Audible says:

    Cool, Snydro,

    Right on! I’ll have to sign up tomorrow. I like your fierce looking Seahawk. Maybe you can have him swooping down on a Cardinals helmet or something.

  73. hawkforever21 says:

    You know what would be nice, is if we were able to get some trade value for some or all of the following….

    Branch, Kerney, J Jones, Jackson, Hawthorne/Tatupu, Jennings, Grant, Locklear, and then depending on where we’re going to go from here….maybe even Hasselbeck or Trufant.

    There is some definite value in some of these players, especially for a team that is close to being a winning team, or a team that needs a lot of help.

    The common thread among winning teams is having at least one stud at each of the units…..specifically, a shutdown corner, or a Polamalu/Ed Reed type safety, a strong MLB or a DeMarcus Ware type of LB, and some kind of pass rush from the DE and/or DT position. Then throw in a solid QB, a standout receiver or two, a solid O-Line, and a solid running game.

    We don’t have studs at any of these positions. With a few solid moves in free agency and a great draft, then some of our players would certainly become more “stud-like”. Guys like Hasselbeck, Housh, Branch, Forsett, Tatupu, HIl, Curry, Mebane, Trufant, Wilson and even Grant I suppose, could suddenly be a lot better than they have been the last couple of years.

    I’d love to see us try and trade our two 1st rounders for the top pick, but I can’t see St. Louis trade within the division and have to face Suh twice a year for the rest of his career. So not likely. Plus the only way to do that, is if we can make some noise in free agency, cuz we have too many holes that need to be filled……specifically on our O-Line.

    And I’d still love to see Seattle take a run at Asomugha for Trufant and one of our 1st rounders or something like that…….maybe Tatupu or Hawthorne and a lower draft pick. But I guess we’ll need a GM for any kind of moves like that.

  74. I do not advocate signing anyone if it means we will lose a first or second round pick. Never have. We need to use those picks to get Suh (not all; see above scenario) or trade down as many times as possible to get as many 3rd/4th round picks as we can, in addition to what we already have.

  75. CDHawkFan says:

    I think Suh might be available at 6, if…..when…he fails a drug test or discovers a broken bone in his foot, does terrible on the wonderlic, etc. Hopefully for him he won’t, but it just seems the draft always turns out much different then the predictions made this time of the year.

  76. hawkforever21 says:

    True. So many players that have the huge hype in January begin to slowly fall down the charts…..usually due to injury, having “off the field” issues, failed drug test, or something like that. From what I’ve seen and heard, I don’t anticipate that happening with Suh.
    If St. Louis would oblige us, given that they need a QB, but maybe they don’t feel there is one that warrants the 1st overall……they could take our #6 and #14, we could draft Suh, and they could get themselves a great QB prospect AND another player of need at 14. There is no other team that will be looking for a QB in the top 6 picks….so St. Louis should get their choice at 6. Unless Cleveland, Oakland, Buffalo, etc. try to move ahead of them.

    But if we did get Suh by trading our two first-rounders…..then we need to make sure that we take care of the O-Line in free agency. Unless we’re going to blow up the team and start from scratch. But we need to get a GM in place as soon as possible……and a good one at that.

  77. Lefty24 says:

    “A #6 and #14 for the overall #1 is going to look really attractive to a team like St. Louis who needs to fill a lot of holes and who would like to avoid the #1 overall salary.”

    Am I the only one who thinks a #6 and #14 overall would look really attractive to a team like SEATTLE who needs to fill a lot of holes and who would like avoid the #1 overall salary? Last year’s #1 (Stafford) contract was worth $72m, while the #6 (A.Smith) and #14 (Jenkins) combined contracts were worth $61m, although Jenkins only signed for 5 years.

    Why is everyone so in love with Suh? With all the needs this team has, even if we do land big in free agency this off-season, why wouldn’t we want to use this supposedly deep draft to stock up as many young players as possible for less money?

    Could you imagine what this fan base would do if we did trade for Suh, and then he became a bust (you never know)?

  78. Cornutt says:


    I must say I agree with you here. I havn’t seen Suh play except on a highlight reel. But he looks damn good and the common assumption is that he has elite potential.

    But giving up both our first round picks doesn’t make sense to me either, even if he is that special. He won’t be the only elite talent coming out of college this year, and I’d hate to put all my eggs in one basket. We draft Suh, we’re looking forward to another year of bitching and whining about not having a good OL or a ‘playmaker’ on O.

    Of course, if we could land some high profile OL as FA’s…it might be more palatable. But we have so many holes to fill, unless we made some serious headway in FA, I don’t move up. I’d actually rather move down.

  79. Lefty24 says:


    That’s the thing though, I’d like to think we could land some high profile FA’s AND draft as many young studs as possible. High profile FA’s will get us to the playoffs next year. Young studs will get us to the playoffs for years to come.

    This doesn’t have to be a short-term OR long-term rebuild, it can be both if we keep both #1’s or even trade one of our #6 DOWN for a lower 1st and a 2nd. When you look at our last 2 drafts, our #2’s were Carlson and Unger. I’d much rather have 2 mid-round #1’s and a couple of #2’s, rather than Suh and one #2, for the same price or less.

    Imagine 4 young studs from the 1st 2 rounds in this year’s draft. Then add 1, 2, or even 3 big name FA’s. Now we’re in business!

  80. Dukeshire says:

    This team does have a lot of holes and DL is one of them. He would fill that nicely for years to come (bust aside. He’s not) However, I agree that not only is it very unlikely they’ll trade up to get him but also unwise. If they do decide to go after a high priced FA they’ll need the firsts as compensation and still have one left for the draft. If they do not target a RFA then both those firsts will be needed for a foundation moving forward. Not only is it exciting to have two firsts but comes with incredible responsibility. Draft record should be one of the most important criteria when deciding on a new GM, IMO.

  81. Lefty–

    TR’s record was better in the second round, but that doesn’t mean our next GM will be the same. A GM with a good draft record would be oh-so-welcome.

    Sure, I’d love to have both first round picks (land Suh with our 6th) and sign all the fabulous free agents out there…but I think we’ll have to budge somewhere.

    Philly has had some great rafts and I like Tom Heckert, but I don’t have a true sense of how much of that was his influence. Anyone have a clearer sense of this?

    Also, if we are to draft a QB, who do you guys like and where would you draft them? Just curious.

  82. *Philly might have had nice rafts as well, but I was actually meaning drafts.

  83. It sounds like a lot depends on the CBA.

    If we have a cap and can sign some young unrestricted FAs (e.g., Jahri Evans) for the OL then it makes more sense to trade up for Suh. We’ll immediately have a better pass rush, which means our run defense and our secondary will also be much better.

    If we have to give up draft picks to sign restricted FAs then it seems a lot more logical to keep our draft picks or trade down and pick up more draft choices.

    This draft is going to make or break us for at least the next five years. We can either bring in the core of an eventual superbowl contender or we can spend the next five years lamenting what could have been. The two biggest decisions are right around the corner, though. GM and HC.

  84. I meant…This offseason is going to make or break us….with two #1s, GM, and possible coaching changes.

  85. Audible – That’s the problem, as long as ’10 remains capless then any otherwise UFA like Evans becomes a RFA. In the even of a capless year a player need 6 accrued seasons to become a UFA not 4. And signing RFA costs draft picks.

  86. If this year stays uncapped – does anyone see more free agents on the market after getting cut by their teams.

    Teams will be able to cut players without a salary cap hit like in most years. I am not saying that I think this will be good, but guys like Branch could be out all over the league with no cap ramifications.

    Now unfortuanately they might be the kind of guys that we don’t want but some might be able to fill a hole or two (AT THE RIGHT PRICE and contract length)

    but I really don’t have a sense from around the league if that could happen or not and it could really make the off-season interesting!!!!

  87. Oldbutslow says:

    Trading up should not be an option. We have a chance to add 3 very good players with our first picks. That seems more attractive than one exceptional player like Suh. Remember Steve Emtman? He was similarly dominant and blew out his knees.

    There seems, also, to be a good crop of defensive tackles besides Suh. The offensive line needs help, and I would like to see at least two high picks used there.

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