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Titans 17, Seahawks 13 — postgame reader reaction thread

Post by Ryan Divish on Jan. 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm with 50 Comments »
January 3, 2010 4:19 pm
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Well, the season is over with. The Hawks finish 5-11, improving on last season by one win. But it really felt as if they took a step back compared to last season.

Obviously, it was a frustrating season for you fans and for us to cover and for the team and the players.

Go ahead and sum it up. Give me your thoughts on the season that was. Talk about what went wrong, and what if anything, went right.

Who should be back next season?

Who shouldn’t be back?

What is the Hawks biggest offseason concern?

Can we really even start looking forward until the decision about the GM and Jim Mora are made.

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  1. Soggybuc says:

    While i’m generally not a one and done type advocate it’s impossible to defend Mora/Knapp anymore. We need more than just one or 2 new players to get back to contender status and i dont see the line getting fixed in one off season. time to admit it and get into full blown rebuild mode.

  2. If the new GM doesn’t bring in at least one big name (and young) FA offensive lineman or if he can’t do that without a CBA… If the new GM doesn’t use a first round pick on an offensive lineman, he should be fired on the spot and everyone should rise up in revolt…

    And really, if it is time to get our QB of the future, why the hell would we subject that poor bastard to the constant punishment that Matt Hasselbeck gets on a weekly basis? Nothing like setting up your rookie and future franchise QB up for failure. Because we know Matt can’t take another year of getting the sh!t kicked out of him and he’s going to be done in the first month and then it will be time for our rookie QB to get the sh!t kicked out of him each week. Really smart!

    Our line has only been horsecrap for 4 years… maybe a new fresh set of eyes can figure out this experiment of terrible players isn’t cutting it???

    Anyone else think it would be smart to give a rookie #1 draft pick QB a horsesh!t line to “develop” behind?

  3. freedom_X says:

    At least Seattle covered the spread.

    If the team had been at least this competitive in their other losses in the 2nd half of the season, I’d be more supportive of Mora. It wasn’t just the losses. it was the blowout nature of those losses and the fact the team was getting worse, not better, even though they were relatively healthy.

    This “close” loss at home doesn’t make me think Mora has got the team turned around, not at all.

    Main positive is that Hasselbeck played more like Hasselbeck I expected, even with iffy pass protection. Running game has gotten better the last 4 games, a true plus.

    Offensive and defense lines are the #1 priorities. Pass protection still is mediocre. Pass rush was a joke. 0 sacks and 1 QB hit (admittedly, they were running the ball a lot, but still.) Hasn’t Seattle only had 1-2 sacks the last 4 games?

    Give the defense an average pass rush from the line and I actually think the defense would become above average.

    Offensive and defensive lines are the top prio

  4. HawkSoop says:

    Well, it was a painful year, but I am feeling rather upbeat after this game, maybe it’s just the merciful feeling know we won’t lose again for a few months. I don’t know.

    I think the ‘Hawks desperately need to address the O-Line, probably both in FA and the draft. It all has to start there. We also need some serious help in the secondary. And should strongly consider the future at QB.

    As Bobby mentioned we must address the O-Line or it won’t do us any good to draft the QB of the future. Even if we draft our franchise QB, we still need Matt to stay upright for at least next year and enough to compete for the job in 2011.

    Can’t wait for this GM business to finish up. It’s going to be an interesting off season.

  5. HawkHeaded says:

    I have to say, the gameday chats are much better when the team is so bad.

    As for the team, meh, who knows, it’s a lost cause.

    There’s so many things wrong, it’s just easier to throw your hands up and put a smile on your face.

    It will be interesting to hear Mora’s postgame.

  6. I mentioned several times in this blog during preseason that changing the O was idiotic considering that Matt & most of the other players knew Holmgren’s O like the back of their hands. Good to see Bolling has agreed with that twice in the last week.

    Not good that (take a) Knapp was too stoopid &/or lazy to go that way……….

  7. I do agree we need to DRAFT the QB of the future soon; though with a decent o & o line Matt should be good for a couple more years. The only way I would let him go is if Holmgren offers the entire farm to bring him to Cleveland.

  8. SeahawksFan963 says:

    Forsett needs to be the starter next year. Here’s a little stat:
    Jones had 59 more carries than Forsett this year, and only 57 more yards!

  9. I was (mistakenly) under the impression that the Knapp offense was a similar WCO with a few minor alterations. Hearing Knapp and WCO made me think the transition would be easier. Or, in the words of Tim Ruskell, a “smooth” transition.

  10. Jim Mora’s press conference: “We did some good things this year, we just didn’t execute. Now we need to go take some time off, so we can come back next year and not execute for 16 more games.”

  11. BORNHAWK says:

    So where are we picking at with both are first round picks?

  12. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks actual draft choice is #6, just missed number 5 with the SD last minute comeback win. I don’t know where the Denver pick will be, will depend on strength of schedule.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Well, before the game I was hoping to just see a team interested in being on the field. And we got that. All in all, a game effort by a team with nothing to play for. That said, it was a pretty sloppy game. The clock is now running on Knapp.

  14. Oldbutslow says:

    Very disappointing season.

    Now we will be looking for a GM to start putting the team back together. Fortunately, it is a good draft year, seemingly, and we have 3 early picks.

    The new boss won’t have any of “his” players to color his judgement. Changes will need to happen, but there are some good young players in place, and some reason to hope for big improvement.

    Free agents may have to be a factor.

  15. princeaden says:

    After a season that can only be described as a miserable failure in every aspect of the word, talking about anything other than the new GM hire and subsequent decisions on whether Mora and his staff will be here or gone is pointless.

  16. princeaden says:

    The 3rd and 7 JJ dive for no gain w/6 mins. left says everything in a nutshell about Knappy’s play calling. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

  17. The wrath of hatred would be bestowed upon me if I tried to defend Knapp and I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not defending him. With that being said, I don’t know of many offensive coordinators who can call a good game when the offensive line can’t block anyone. But, yeah, princeaden, I couldn’t understand that call, and many others like it during the course of the season.

  18. HawkHeaded says:

    Mora had a tough time in his presser.

    It’s hard to be in his shoes right now.

  19. The 2010 Seattle Seahawks need there to be a CBA. Any terrible team needs there to be a CBA. With all of these 4th year star players being restricted in an “uncapped” year, the only thing this would do is help the good teams from ’09. I do not advocate buying a team in FA, but a jolt of talent certainly would help. Heaven knows we need it.

  20. pabuwal says:

    I think good teams are restricted on the free agents they can pick up.

  21. End of season positional rant….

    QB: Need to add a player. I love Seneca, but he is better off as slash player on an established team. I’m willing to give Hass the first eight games of next year to prove he is mentally healthy.

    RB: Forsett and Jones are too much the same. The thrid back needs to either be a big back, or someone with game changing speed.

    FB: OK, I think Griffith and Schmidt fine, but it depends what offense we run next year.

    TE: Carlson is fine as the starter. I’d like another TE who can stretch the field. That may be Morrah, I don’t know. Owens is fine as a thrid TE.

    OT: Locklear struggled this year with the position change. Although, I think he would be a good guard in the zone scheme. Willis should have competition at RT, and a new LT should be drafted or signed.

    OG: Locklear could be the LG, with Sims/Gibson/Vallos in competition with new blood for the RG spot.

    C: We are good here with Unger and Vallos.

    DE: Need to add a starter here. Kerney is a liability (physically and finacially), Redding is not a pass rusher, and Tapp is a 3-4 OLB. Reed is not a starter in the NFL.

    DT: I like Mebane, Bryant, and Cole going into next year. I’m done with Terril. Need to add one more.

    OLB: Should be fine here, but damn, Leroy Hill is severely overpaid. His $ should have gone to another position.

    MLB: Good here. Tatupu should be hearing footsteps, though.

    CB: Need to add a starter. Wilson is great, Tru, and Lucas are 3rd and 4th corners. Jennings is too small and weak to be competitive.

    S: Please help! Grant is fine in run support, but he is not a good pass defender anymore. Babineax is better in the nickel and special teams role.

    K/P: Mare is the shizzle! The bright spot of 2010!! Ryan is a good punter.

  22. CYRREEN says:

    What went wrong: Mora and Knapp came to Seattle

    What went right: Matt did not get killed

  23. earther says:

    Here’s how it will go if it goes well.

    Seattle will hire a good GM (or even better, a “professor” of football operations like Parcells in Miami and he’ll bring in a good GM). That guy, whoever he turns out to be, will give Jim Mora a nice gold watch and send him on his way. Then he will bring in a coach who he trusts. That coach will hire his own staff. Again, those will be people he trusts. He will also bring in a new system along with a couple of players who he thinks will shore up some holes that the system needs. Then he and his staff will take the players that are already there (along with the additions) and develop a well organized, competative football team.

    They will have a good first season because, contrary to popular opinion, the Seahawks already has a good solid core of players (except in the secondary). It won’t be an astonishing season but it will be good and a playoff spot will be likely but not automatic. Matt Hasselbeck will look like Matt Hasselbeck again and his receivers will stop looking like the keystone cops. Deon Butler will find his way to the bottom of the receiver depth chart (where he should have been this year) and will begin his development from there. They will draft to shore up the secondary and the offensive line. Any free agents they sign will be dictated by who they hire to coach and what sort of system he has in mind.

    Here’s how it will go if it doesn’t go so well.

    They will hire a new GM who will give Jim Mora a vote of confidence and keep his on. Then….. well… you know how it goes from there. No running game, no passing game, no defense, quarterbacks who don’t understand what it is they’re trying to do, etc.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I agree Bobby. While heading into an uncapped season it may help keep a guy like Tapp, but it hurts that much more trying to sign young FAs to begin the rebuild.

  25. pabuwal – It has nothing to do with not signing as many guys. You know that. You’re just being an ass. I’m simply stating that some teams like the Chargers, Patriots, and Saints greatly benefit from having some players not being “unrestricted.” The Chargers have Merriman, McNeill, Jackson, and others who will now be restricted instead of having to choose which ONE to franchise (if no other guys are signed and given big money beforehand). Same with the Patriots being able to keep Mankins, whereas they would have most likely lost him in FA. Same with the Saints and Evans. While some of the better teams get to keep good, core players in place… we get to keep Sims and Spencer as “restricted” free agents. How damn “lucky” are we? Other good teams have important guys too. I know some bad ones do too, but it seems very unproportionate of good to bad teams.

  26. And part of the reason many of those teams are so good is because they have good 4-5th year core players, whereas the bad ones don’t (and are a big reason they are bad).

  27. I agree with everyone wanting to upgrade the O-line before getting anything else. I would also add upgrades for the D-line as well. If you’re going to rebuild you need to start with the lines first, then work your way out. I’m a firm believer that games are won or lost in the trenches.

    Seattle will be picking at #6 and #14 in the first round next year. I don’t care who we have as a GM, but they can’t screw this up! I can’t stress this enough if the Seahawks are going to turn it around next year. We can’t afford anymore busts! If they want to get a big playmaker as Safety with the #6 pick (if Berry if available) and then get a big OT at the #14…fine. But we have got to add talent and youth that that O-line if we intend to move the ball next year. Heres to praying for the draft.

  28. While today was entertaining to be at the game I got really pissed during and after the game.

    D. Branch –
    YOU are a piece a crap!!!!!! it took you until week 17 to step up. You opened your big fat mouth on the radio – basically threw your QB and OC under the bus (I am okay with the OC) but you havn’t been more that 6 inches from a DB in a month – you havn’t worked hard to get open and during the Tampa game actually jogged on a few routes that were thrown your way. – – Then today – you bust your butt and get open, make things happen and even block for a down field play AND get in a scrap with a DB. WHERE WAS THAT FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. If you could do it today your sure as hell could have done that the rest of the season!!! That makes you a QUITTER until you have to back up your own words!!

    I have a ton of Seahawks Autographs – many from guys that never made it past the preseason – but I have them becuase they were Seahawks (or trying to be) if I ran into you I would shake your hand and definitly NOT ask for an autograph. As a matter of fact after today I would ask you to pay for my Tampa Tickets since I put in more effort cheering than you did on the field!!!!

    I sincerly hope you are on a new team next year but with my luck you will get a low ball deal from like Indy and you will actually try and play football. I hope you are a Raider – you deserve them!!!!!!!!!!

    J. Mora.

    I am not in favor of just running him out of town right now for one reason and one reason only. it would put us back even farther than we are now. HOWEVER. it needs to be made perfectly clear to him that Greg Knapp has to go. and if Mora (or Liewicki) try and block that they should be immediately fired for being totally and completely STUPID. Look beyond this season which has been Dismal!!! But it confirms totally what happened in each of his last coaching stints!!!! He had play calling duty taken away from him by the RAIDERS – The RAIDERS – that is pathetic. They were excited to get rid of him in SF and pretty much everwhere else he has been. I am sorry Greg. you coaching career should be over!! not interrupted by OVER ( unless we can convince Arizona to hire you and then I would love it!!!!!!!!!)

  29. heyyou_66 says:

    Pick # 6 and # 14???? Where are you finding that at????

    Looking forward to Knapp being gone as well as Mora. Would love to see, like said before, a Football guru come in to pull in their Gm and then coach. Maybe a fit for Tony Dungy or???

    Looking forward to a major upgrade through draft and Fa at the OL. Safety is also a huge need. Would like to see a game breaker at RB and get rid of JJ.
    I think qb could be taken IF one falls or would be happy with hoping Hass comes back with some protection!

  30. snydro22 says:

    Darrelle Revis is the real deal.. It looks like Cincy forgot to show up for this game, and the Jets lead 17-0 with a few minutes left in the first half. This is good news for Hawks fans, because a Jets win means we move up to #15 with our second pick in the first round..

  31. Yeah, Revis is amazing. To hold the WRs he’s held this year to basically nothing is truly astonishing.

  32. earther says:

    snydro22:Darrelle Revis is the real deal.

    You don’t say. Actually that whole defense is astonishingly good., and deep. Lito Sheppard misses a whole whack of games because of an injury. Do they miss him? Not a bit. You hardly even notice he’s gone. Kerry Rhodes starts lipping off the team within earshot of the press and gets benched for his trouble. Does it make a difference? Well, as a matter of fact, yeah, it does. The defense gets better and Kerry Rhodes winds up playing his best ball of the season as a sub after his dressing down.

    The amazing thing is that this very same defense (save Bart Scott and a couple of other guys) was very weak last year. It’s amazing what good coaching will do for you, isn’t it?

  33. AKCHAWKER says:

    If Todd Lewikie had any stones at all, he’d make the call and fire Mora and his staff in total tomorrow morning, no later than the afternoon presser to be sure. Then, find a young smart personel guy in Phoenix who knows and understands the CBA. I know, there’s a real chance 2011 will be un-capped, but, the owners won’t allow a strike again, and the players SHOULD come to their sences too.
    Then, go to the NYJ, get Schottenheimer, or go to the Titans, get Heimerdinger, or go to NO and get Charmichael, Christiensen at the Colts. There are quality people who can be a head coach. Now, look at all those teams; what is the constant? Dominant O line and strong running games supporting smart QB’s (I hear your arguements about Vince Young). And punishing defenses. We give no one anything to worry about now. There is no one guy on our team that the other teams game plan for or say “if we don’t stop him, we lose”.
    Then draft another stud OL to build off of with Unger, find a FA who can lead the OL, ask Walt to be a OL coach. Then, find a stud DL for the second pick then a brick sh!t house of a RB for the second round. Or, one of the many other QB’s projected to go in the second or third round. But, do we really know what Teel can do yet? Sit the rookie or have Teel named the number 2, and learn.
    Have a keen eye for finding a punishing safety, maybe ask Lawyer to stay. He’s a very good influance.
    In short, what do we need? We need it all. Thank goodness we have fans who care.

  34. Future QB
    RB to co-carry the load w/Forsett
    explosive WR
    DE who can rush passer
    another CB

    Other than that, we are stacked.

  35. What I want:

    QB: I am fine with Matt back – but Seneca is probably on the way out. We don’t have a clue about what to think about Teel. We are not great at this position but we are not at a total loss either. And Truthfully how can we judge anybody here with the OL and Receivers we have right now.

    RB: I Really want to keep Forsett as a big part of our offense, but we are really in a hole everywhere else. I don’t mind Jones as a complimentary back but he can’t carry the load and he is not any. I don’t like Griffith or Schmitt after this season. I still can’t figure out why they were sooo excited to add Griffith – he has done nothing. In an ideal world I would love Weaver back – and draft a guy like Spiller but I think that we have more pressing needs to draft spiller unless for some stupid reason he lasts until our 2nd round pick. I wouldn’t mind someone like Gearhert. He is different than what we have now and could hopefully help us grind out those short gains – I don’t think he would be a world beater but add some power to this team that we don’t have now.

    WR: Keep Housh – the rest can go. Obo is a special teams player only. If we can get Burleson back I am okay with that. Branch – good ridence!!!!!! Get rid of Hass of the PS and go with all new guys from anywhere. Butler will have to stay but that is not to say that I am happy with that.

    TE: They are all decent enough to keep!! I think they are a good mix – let some guy come to camp to push them. but we are fine where we are.

    OL: What hasn’t been said. I like Unger, I like Sims – don’t love either right now. Lock can stay – on the right side – Willis – give him a shot at RG if he can’t take the job – ditch him.

    Any holes on the line today were over the right side with Unger and who ever played for spencer today.

    DRAFT Okung if we can – and if we can get another guy through FA or 2nd round draft that would be good!!

    Finally as I said before – Knapp has to go, and I have no problem with a coach changing the system but you need to do it intelligently which this staff did not do at all!!!!!!!!!! They totally abandoned what this team knows AND is set up for, which is a HUGE mistake. and for that alone they don’t deserve to come back. That and a totally failed history!!!

  36. O-line with the first pick; I’d love to see a playmaker with the second first rounder – but could see spending that on another O-lineman or a D-lineman. Safety in the 2nd round.

    There’s obviously holes in plenty of places – but let’s get our offense fixed this off-season.

  37. Defense:

    DL: Let see – I guess I only want to keep Mebane – although at this point in time I find him far from being a stud, but a good solid player. but in reality we will have to keep more. So Jackson has shown signs of progressing, so I will give him time. The team isn’t going to throw away Cole so I am hoping he can become the guy off the bench.

    I don’t want to see Kerney back, his production has fallen enough that we need to replace him. Terrill – oh please – all he is good for is to lead the team out of the tunnel before games. Bryants days are numbered. He only suited for 6 whole games this year. If we get a new staff he better man up or hit the street. Redding – not sure here. I guess like Cole I think he should be a role player and not a major cog.

    Need – a stud to rush the passer first – and a hole plugger 2nd.

    LB- I really don’t know what to do with this group. They are good, but they can’t stay healthy!!!!!! IF we had 2 or 3 of these guys that could play for 15 or 16 games it would be really nice but no!!!!

    IF someone was willing to give us a 3rd or higher draft pick for anyone of them I would probably take it. (Curry gets another year to step it up but it better be next year)

    DB: Stays Tru, Wilson, When healthy these 2 have proven the can be very solid players.
    Maybe’s: I would keep Babs, but he can’t be a starter. if he is we are in a big trouble. I think he is a good solid back up. Grant – I don’t think he is terrible but not great earlier, if we can luck in to someone better, take it, but solve other problems first.

    Jennings – ???? since he is so small . . . .
    Milloy – I think he can help but – getting older.

    Coaches: I am not sure what to say about Bradley – the Defense has not been great for a long time. so it’s hard to say that he hasn’t done the job knowing that he really doesn’t have a line the LB group missed a TON of time and the DB’s are average at best

  38. Special teams:

    Well both our kickers are STUDS!!!!!! Keep them both!! sign some FA hack to come and be camp fodder and role into next year totally set!!!

    LS – needs to be addressed. once we lost tyler schmitt we have not recovered (well before that we know too, but anyway)

    We need to find a long term solution!!!

    coverage teams are built on your LB core and the guys who should have been leading this squad were playing fill in roles!!!!! our WRs are too small to fill in and our DB’s are weak! Get a better roster and our ST will improve!!

  39. Sorry – I Think I am done now!!

  40. Dirk says:
    January 3, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    RB: Forsett and Jones are too much the same. The thrid back needs to either be a big back, or someone with game changing speed.

    Sorry, I don’t agree at all. Forsett appears to have much more speed & quickness then Jones. JF reminds me a lot of San Diego’s Darren Sproles.

  41. Ok my position thinking……………….. (for what it’s worth)

    O-line: Putting this first for a good reason. I THINK Unger will be ok. We need to replace as many of the other starters as possible. I would seriously consider using at least 2 of not all 3 of our 1st & 2nd round picks here.

    QB: Keep Matt & Seneca (Seneca’s an ok back up). We need to find the QB of the future. IF we don’t upgrade the o line let matt go as his body won’t take much more of this pounding. Also if Holmgren offers his 1st round pick + more for matt we have to consider that because boys & girls, it’s REBUILDING TIME!

    WR: Keep Housh. Give Butler a 2nd year. Branch needs to renegotiate down (UNLESS THERE IS NO CAP in 2010) or go. Burleson concerns me due to his history of injury.

    TE: Get Carlson involved in the Offense.

    RB: Release Jones. Get Forsett some complementary help & give Forsett as year as the #1 back to see what he can do.

    FB: Schmidt is a joke. Griffith is OK, but any chance of getting Weaver back as an FA? Losing Weaver ranks as Timmay’s #2 off season stoopid move other not upgrading the o line

    Special Teams: Repeat after me: Deep Snapper. Deep Snapper Deep Snapper.
    Resign Ryan. Keep & Extend More (Even if his name is FRIGHTENINGLY close to Mora. That’s enough to scare young children)

    DL: Nick Reed Nick Reed Nick Reed Nick Reed. I agree if it’s a capped year, Kearney will need to go. Not so if there’s no cap. Needs a general upgrade

    LB: Either keep Hawthorne & have the best 4 deep LB in the NFL, or release Hill. Either way keep Hawthorne. Hopefully Curry will improve in 2010 & not be a bust

    DB: Needs a major overhaul. Hopefully Tru will come back to health & full ability. Milloy & Babs are serviceable backups. The OL’s needs may prevent the overhaul needed here.

    Coaching staff: My feelings are well known on this. The only coaches I would consider keeping at all are Solari & DeHaven.

  42. Moo- I agree. Forsett is a much better HB than, and I’d prefer he play 75% of the time. Although, his longest run from scrimmage was 35 yards, and Jones only had one carry longer than 25 yards. I’d like an explosive back.

  43. Another thought: Think of how the season might have been if Timmay had kept Peterson & drafted a stud OL instead of Curry……………….

  44. nighthawk2 says:

    I should get one of those Ms. Cloe 900 numbers, predicted 5-11 before the season. Unfortunately, that happened.

    BTW, according to this link Seattle does indeed have the 6th and 14th picks in the 1st round.

    Thank God the 2009 season is finally over. Now I want to read/hear/see tomorrow afternoon that Jim Mora and his entire staff have been fired. That is step 1. Step 2 is to get a good personnel man, from a good organization with a track record of making good draft picks, undrafted FA signings and FA signings. Again, I come back to Indy as a first thought on that, and I despise the Irsays. But whoever it is from wherever he comes from, just let him be a good judge of talent, please. Step 3, start turning over the roster once a new coaching staff is in place.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t care if they traded both Branch and Houshmandzadeh for draft picks. Both are big mouth, unproductive malcontents in my view. Sando has put out some interesting speculation on his NFC West blog on, suggesting that Hasselbeck could be traded to Cleveland if Seattle does blow one of it’s first 3 picks on a quarterback in a lousy QB class, and that a trade for Brandon Marshall could make sense. I’m against that one, Marshall seems to me to be a more talented version of Branch or Houshmandzadeh, a malcontent who isn’t a team player but is all about “me”.

    Houshmandzadeh probably stays, but I think Branch has played his last game here. What a waste that trade was. Others who need to go away: Chris Spencer, Julius Jones, Patrick Kerney, Cory Redding, Kelly Jennings, Mansfield Wrotto, Lawyer Milloy, Steve Vallos, Owen Schmitt, Ken Lucas.

    I am not as down on Craig Terrill as some are. If a 3-4 is put in next year, I think he’d be a good 3-4 end, but he’d be playing behind Mebane and Jackson at that spot (and as lackluster as Jackson has been for two seasons, I wouldn’t care if he was traded either, because he blows as a 4-3 end, half a sack since week 5). What the hell, in a 3-4 maybe even Redding might play better. Red Bryant can go away, but he’s another guy that might fit NT in a 3-4, I think Cole certainly could.

    Leroy Hill should be traded. I say that because he and Curry are the same player, they both play the same position–they’re both strongside linebackers, and for two or three years Hill has been playing out of position on the wrong side–weakside, first for Peterson and now for Curry. Plus he’s missed 9 games in the last two years and has never played a full 16 game season. There’s a lot of money tied up in the LB position, and trading Hill frees some dough.

  45. nighthawk2 says:

    Oh, regarding an uncapped 2010. I heard Adam Schefter saying Sunday that top 8 teams, presumably record-wise, won’t be able to sign free agents unless they lose one. I presume that means that Seattle will only be competing against 23 other teams instead of 31 others for free agents. I don’t see us being able to recruit any good ones unless Mora & Company are gone.

  46. Pick / Wins / Tm / ’09 Opponent Wins
    1 / 1 / STL / 133
    2 / 2 / DET / 135
    3 / 3 / TB / 141
    4 / 4 / DC / 126
    5 / 4 / KC / 133
    6 / 5 / SEA / 122
    7 / 5 / CLE / 133
    8 / 5 / OAK / 135
    9 / 6 / BUF / 130
    10 / 7 / MIA / 120
    11 / 7 / JAX / 126
    12 / 7 / CHI / 128
    13 / 8 / SF / 122
    14 / 8 / NYJ / 133
    15 / 8 / DEN / 136
    16 / 8 / TEN / 137
    17 / 8 / NYG / 137
    18 / 8 / CAR / 137
    19 / 9 / PIT / 127

  47. Who could Hawks get with picks 6 & 15?

  48. GoHawk76 says:

    Who do we keep? The only players IMO that should be safe based on this years performance are John Carlson, Justin Forsett, Max Unger, and Brandon Mebane. I would probably keep Mare and Ryan also. Everyone else is available for trade or can be released as we rebuild.

    What do we need? First and most obvious….a coaching staff. Second and I know this is the dumbest statement ever and will never happen, but I would use half my draft picks on OL. If we draft 4-5 OL we will get a least 1-2 that can compete and play in this league for a long time. Stability and talent on the OL make teams. Start with the OL and build from there.

  49. First, had been fighting bad cold, so speadsheet tabbing wins/losses was both wrong and incomplete, so Hawks actual picks are 6 & 14!

    Current Player Keepers, based on positive ’09 performance values at position:
    WR: Ben Obamanu
    T: Damion McIntosh
    G: Rob Sims
    C: Steve Vallos, Chris Spencer
    TE: Cameron Morrah
    QB: Matt Hasselbeck
    HB: Justin Forsett
    FB: Justin Griffith

    DE: Darryl Tapp, Nick Reed
    DT/NT: Brandon Mebane, Colin Cole
    OLB: Leroy Hill, Will Herring
    ILB: David Hawthorne, Lofa Tatupu
    CB: Josh Wilson, Kelly Jennings
    S: Lawyer Milloy

    Coverage: Lance Laury, C.J. Wallace, Will Herring, Kelly Jennings,
    Craig Terrill, John Carlson
    Kicker: Olindo Mare
    Punter: Jon Ryan, Olindo Mare
    Returners: Nate Burleson, Louis Rankin, Justin Forsett, Josh Wilson.

    WR: Ben Obamanu was thrown at (TA) 4 times. He caught 3 and dropped one. He was the only Hawk WR who’s performance was, overall, positive.
    Nate Burelson would return Ps as well as receive. At WR Nate had problems with penalties and blocking. Nate was TA 100 times and grabbed 63 for good yards, 3 TDs, 2 picks, & 7 dropped passes. Nate fumbled twice after catching the ball.
    Deon Butler had problems with everything but penalties, but especially had problems catching the ball. Deon was TA 36 times and grabbed 15 for 41.7 C%, & 3 dropped passes.
    TJ had a bad year: TA 123 times and caught 76 for 61.8 C%, 3 TDs, 5 Ints, & 5 dropped passes. TJ fumbled twice after catching the ball.
    Deion Branch was TA 68 times, caught 41 for 60.3 C%, 2 TDs, 6 Ints, & 3 dropped passes. At least he didn’t fumble the ball after he caught it.
    T: Ray Willis did well at pass-blocking but did very poorly at run blocking. He had 7 penalties, allowed 6 QB sacks, 7 QB hits and 20 pressures (not counting the TEN game which wasn’t broadcast here). Willis should be back at TC, but needs competition with someone who can run-block.
    G: Rob Sims did great at pass blocking this year and was good at screen blocking. Rob was the only Seahawk guard who played a little above average at run blocking. All the other guards were bad at run blocking, especially Unger. Unger did nearly as well as Sims at pass and screen blocking, but his run blocking was very poor. Max also had 6 penalties to Rob’s 2 at G. Chris Spencer was improving quickly at RG and should be retained thru FA, but like Willis needs competition with someone who can run-block.
    C: Bring Unger back to play here. He’s done not too poorly at anything, Together with Spencer and Vallos Hawks have a lot of flexibility at the interior OL position which is a strategic strength beyond individual capabilities.
    TE: Cameron Morrah played only 4 snaps but made his blocks and caught the one ball that came his way. John Owens played 177 snaps, was ‘adequate’ at pass and run blocking, but only caught half the passes thrown his way. He had 2 dropped passes out of only six passes thrown to him. John Carlson was TA 76 times, caught 48 for 63.2 C%, 6 TDs, 2 picks, & 4 dropped passes. Carlson should return, but somehow needs to improve his blocking skills and return to last season’s pass-catching skills.

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