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Morning links: Keys to Hawks vs. Titans

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 3, 2010 at 9:05 am with 31 Comments »
January 3, 2010 9:05 am

Well, final game folks. As disappointing as the Seattle Seahawks season has been, this will be your last opportunity to watch this team before they head into the offseason for another year of what certainly will be another busy time for the franchise. So let’s hope the Seahawks give you something to cheer about today. Here’s a couple keys to look for.

Stop that Johnson guy: Unless you’ve been hiding under a rook this week, you know that running back Chris Johnson only needs 128 yards to reach 2,000 yards, becoming the sixth backin league history to do so. And he only needs 75 yards to surpass Marshall Faulk Johnson sits at 2,355 while Faulk finished with 2,429. So it will be important for Seattle’s defense to know where Johnson is at all times, particularly in passing situations where Tennessee likes to leak Johnson out in the flat and give him the ball in space.

Score in the red zone: Seattle has used its ground game to effectively move the ball early in the past, two games. The problem is they haven’t got into the end zone. And the result has been they have not kept up on the scoreboard with their opponents, allowing the game to get away from them early on. Seattle needs to make sure they get points every time they get into the red zone. And they need to use the running game to play keep the ball away from Johnson. Seattle is 2 for 6 in the red zone in the last, three games, including no chances in the red zone against Green Bay.

Explosive plays in return game: With Seattle’s struggles to consistently move the ball offensively, they could use some help from the return game, which they have not gotten consistently all season. Nate Burleson will be out again this week, so it will be up to Justin Forsett, Ben Obomanu and either Louis Rankin or Josh Wilson to get the job done.

Contain big plays:
Defensively, Seattle has not done a good job of containing big plays the last three weeks, which had been a problem of the Seahawks defense last season. Particularly against playmakers like Chris Johnson and Vince Young, Seattle needs to rally to the ball and be sure tacklers today.

Ryan Divish of the TNT details Tennessee running back Chris Johnson’s exploits this season heading into today’s game.

Dave Boling of the TNT wonders if we should have seen a 5-10 season coming at the beginning of the year.

My story focuses on the improvement of Seattle’s running game the last, two games.

Greg Johns of predicts a Seahawks 24-21 win. I have the same score, but predict a Titans’ win today.

Clare Farnsworth at says Seattle’s unlikely, top tacklers David Hawthorne and Jordan Babineaux will play a key role in stopping Johnson today.

Matt Hasselbeck talks with ESPN’s John Clayton about Seattle’s final game and the changes that inevitably will take place once the season is over.

ESPN’s Mike Sando believes Denver receiver Brandon Marshall, who’s had his share of problems with the Broncos, could get a fresh start and help the Seahawks if Seattle was willing to trade for the receiver, using someone like Deion Branch as trade bait.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald asks if the Seahawks can end the season on a winning note.

A video preview of the game from

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean says Chris Johnson must be at his best to reach 2,000 yards today.

Morning links
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  1. I can’t believe I am this excited for the season to be over. It’s usually heartbreak. Even last year when we approached the final game, in a dismal season, Holmgren had the team playing better down the stretch and I wasn’t looking forward to the end of the season, well, because I didn’t want the Mike Holmgren era to end. Oh well, one more game. I hope we don’t embarass ourselves (again). You know the culture has been changed when instead of expecting a home win that all you really hope for is that we don’t get slaughtered.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Good morning, Eric. Hasselbeck is as professional as they come, that was a good interview. He had to dig deep for some cliches and yet was still able to remain genuine and honest. I sincerely hope his body (shoulder, this year) is able to recover enough to make him effective for the next couple seasons. Whenever he steps aside, his leadership will be awfully difficult to replace.

    As for today; my gut tells me Johnson will reach 2000 but they can’t let him get the all time record. In all honesty, I really will be satisfied if the Seahawks give a legit effort from whistle to gun, something we haven’t seen in a month or more. What a terribly shameful thing to say about your team, but that’s how far they’ve fallen I’m afraid.

  3. Cornutt says:

    LOL…Yeah Marshall and Housh together…a match made in heaven.

    Pft…who needs an O-line…let’s just keep getting more wr’s and lb’s!

    At least that move would give me something to whine about…seems like everything is just stagnant right now…

  4. Projected Seattle Seahawk Draft Class of 2010
    *this will make Cornutt “happy”

    1st Round, 7th overall: Dez White, WR, Oklahoma State
    1st Round, 19th overall (from Denver): Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
    2nd Round, Damien Williams, WR, USC
    4th Round, Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota
    5th Round, Dekota Watson, LB, Florida State
    6th Round, Clinton Snyder, LB, Stanford
    7th Round, Jack Geiser, Long Snapper, Boston College

  5. CYRREEN says:

    Can the Seahawks beat this team?????????

  6. Hawkfan1951 says:

    I agree the game today will finally put a end to a lackluster season. “Black Monday” will be more than 24 hours long for this team/org.

    If Tod L’s statement that the Seahawks are committed to winning and that’s the reason for TR’s departure… than no player/coach or FO person will be safe after today.

    Dang…. this reminds me of the French Revolution!!! LET THE GUILLOTINE’S FALL!! (Sorry… couldn’t resist!) =!)


  7. Dukeshire says:

    CYRREEN – “Make it rain, make it rain, make it rain on those hoes!” lol! That is incredible. I can’t thank you enough for posting that link. I’m a fan!

  8. Dukeshire, they also made it to the playoffs. :0)

    PS: I am a fan too.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Wow, the playoffs? Do they have a blog? We should follow them more closely.

  10. Now you are talking, a blog to discuss Mist issues. Maybe even talk about the draft.

  11. As excited as I am about the Seahawks draft… I think I would even be more excited for their draft:)

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Have you been to one of their games? Looks like a good time.

  13. Sidney Rice just made a beautiful catch in the MN game. No way any Seahawk WR would/could have made that catch… but Favre threw to him as his second option and after a double move (triple)… no way Hasselbeck would ever have had time to make that kind of thow, and if he did, there’s no way we have a WR would could have made the catch. Double wammy. At least we’re getting put out of our misery in a few hours.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    I just saw that. That was a fun schoolyard play. But in all fairness, no way Hasselbeck has the arm strength to make that throw. It’s not like Favre was set up in the pocket. He was on the move when he chucked it 50 yards.

  15. Cyrreen,

    Those girls are a lot more entertaining to watch than the Seahawks.

    I’d love to be their talent scout, but I heard Ruskell already interviewed for the position.

  16. Yeah, Matt wouldn’t have been able to make that throw, but most QBs in the NFL wouldn’t have either. It’s weird that he still has the arm strength he does as a 40 year old. It’s amazing they are killing the Giants that badly, and we’re still in the 1st half.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Did you just see Greenway’s interception? Holy cow.

  18. Wouldn’t it be nice to see that kind of effort with Seahawk players more consistently?

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, it would. He didn’t need to make that play. When he left his feet I didn’t think there was any way he get to the ball. And we’re to believe the Seahawks haven’t quit… this roster needs to be culled. Plays like that make me envious and angry, all at once.

  20. Did you see how Rice went over the top of the CB and pulled in that TD? When was the last time a hawk receiver made a catch like that?

  21. Remember Herman Moore in a couple of year stretch for the Lions back in the day? Sidney Rice reminds me of him right now… no matter who you are (not taking anything away from Favre) but all you have to throw a jump ball up in the air and he’s going to come down with it and make you look like a good QB. He’s definitely taken that 2nd to 3rd year “leap” that they talk about with many WRs. Doesn’t hurt to have Favre throwing either. Maybe part of the reason Favre was a washed up pile of crap 4 years ago was because he didn’t have anyone to throw a jump ball to, as Driver was too small and Jennings was just a rookie?

  22. There was a jump ball that Housh went up an got earlier this year… I think it was the Chicago game, where after he caught it (lost a key fumble), I was just in awe… that was a great catch. There was another Housh catch that I thought was great earlier this year too; can’t remember the specifics. But with some guys, that we don’t have, they make these catches each week. Fitz, Marshall, Rice… unfortunately, I see Crabtree eventually becoming one of those guys who makes key/tough catches that most normal humans can’t make. It looks like the ball just floats into Crabtree’s hands with no effort… like he has a soft magnet in his hands…

  23. Dukeshire says:

    You make a good point but Favre has been far more than a throw and hope QB this season. (As much as it pains me to say it) He did have a rough ’05/’06 but “led” them to the playoffs in ’04 and ’07. I’m not sure I’d go as far as calling him a “pile of crap” (at least on the field) however. But in any case, yes, anytime you have a Moss, Moore, Rice type that can out jump the defender, you’ll look better as a QB.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – How do you feel about Siragusa calling Childress a “great coach”. Lol.

  25. I really did think he was a washed up pile of you know what back in ’05 when he led the NFL in INTs.

    Too bad we didn’t have a good defense so we could use all of those 3 early picks for offense.

    Then again, too bad we didn’t have a good offense so we could use all of those 3 early picks for defense. An overkill of draft emphasis on one area would most likely get that unit back to respectability.

    I’d actually like our offense if we added Okung (LT), Iupati, (LG) and Tate WR).

    But then again, I’d actually like our defense if we added Morgan (DE), Price (DT), and Allen (FS).

  26. Duke – that’s unbelievable (calling Childress a great coach). Un-f’ing-believable. He’s terrible. I wouldn’t trade Mora for Childress and our fan base is pretty damn low, deservingly so, of Mora.

    I’m not doing the Viking game anymore… I’m watching the stellar San Fran/St Louis game.

  27. Something is brewing in St Louis that would impact the NFC West. The Rams are beating the 49ers.

    Why is this significant?

    This could keep Suh out of our division, as the Lions would take him with the 1st overall pick. If the Rams win, they really lose. I’m rooting for the Rams to win!!! I don’t want to see Suh in our division, unless it’s us who trades up to get him!!!

  28. Patrick Willis is a pure beast. He’s a freak of nature in his speed/strength.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Good point about Suh.

  30. Hmm, Brandon Marshall? Seems like the worst kind of locker-room personality – on the other hand, we are talent/playmaker poor – and I’d take him. Wouldn’t give up next years first rounder, but Deion Branch and a #2 in ’11? I think so . . .

    Re Favre – man, what amazing numbers this year – earlier in the game, they flashed his stats, and he’s at 4,000+ yrds, 30 td’s, 7 ints; most years those are MVP numbers. Amazing comeback year for him.

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