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Thursday practice report: Hasselbeck wins Largent award

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 31, 2009 at 2:49 pm with 35 Comments »
December 31, 2009 2:50 pm

The Seahawks announced today that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck won the Steve Largent award. It’s the first time Hasselbeck has earned the honor, which was opened up to the coaching staff as well last season and is voted on by the players.

The award is given to the player best exemplifying the spirit, dedication, and integrity of former Seahawk wide receiver Steve Largent.

“I thought there were more deserving this year,” Hasselbeck said. “But it’s a very cool trophy and I’ll find a place for it.

“It’s a special honor. And they opened it up to coaches as well, so it’s more competition. And it’s voted on by your teammates, so that’s very important.”

Mike Holmgren won it last year.

Asked to pinpoint a couple reasons why the team is struggling offensively, Hasselbeck had this to say.

“There’s some common themes,” Hasselbeck said. “One would be lack of focus or just forcing things. Maybe just trying to do to much and not just focusing in on the play. And just realizing despite what it feels like, it’s Okay to punt. You know, punting is not a terrible thing.”

Hasselbeck also talked about his team going against Tennessee running back Chris Johnson, who is only 128 yards away from reaching 2,000. He talked about his former teammate Shaun Alexander being in a similar situation in 2004, and the Seahawks not knowing about it.

“One year I think we weren’t aware of it, and the next year we were very aware of it,” Hasselbeck joked.

Of course, the incident Hasselbeck is referring to is in 2004, when head coach Mike Holmgren was not aware that Alexander needed one yard to tie Curtis Martin for the league rushing title when Matt Hasselbeck scored on a one-yard plunge to help Seattle defeat Atlanta 28-26 to clinch an NFC West division title.

Alexander later said after the game that Holmgren had stabbed him in the back by not giving him the ball on the goal line.

Hasselbeck said in 2005 against the Packers all of the offensive starters stayed in the game for Shaun Alexander to get the single-season touchdown record of 27 touchdowns, since broken by LaDanian Tomlinson (28) in 2006, and then came out after he scored the touchdown.

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley also talked about what the Seahawks need to do defensively to contain Johnson.

“One of the things that happened last week is at times we played the run well, and then they broke out,” Bradley said. “They had two, long runs on us and that’s what I talked to our defense about. They need to be exact, and that’s the NFL.”

Bradley went on to say that it’s even more important for his team to be precise and exact in their assignments this Sunday against Tennessee because of Johnson and quarterback Vince Young’s ability to break big plays.

Bradley also said he’ll lean on his college experience in terms of the discipline it takes to stop the option game, with the Titans running some form of the option in about a third of their plays.

“You feel like you’re playing Oklahoma in the days’ past,” Bradley joked. “I mean there’s twenty-something option plays that the run. And all the different counter options, dive options and lead options with Vince Young, so it’s a lot to prepare for.”

The Seahawks also made a roster move today, adding tight end Jason Pociask to the team’s practice squad. The 6-foot-3, 259-pounder out of Wisconsin originally was a fifth-round pick (150th overall) by the Jets in the 2006 draft. He also spent time with Tampa Bay and Carolina.

Here’s the injury report.

For Seattle, Nate Burleson (ankle) is out. LB Aaron Curry (shoulder), RB Julius Jones (rib) and CB Josh Wilson (hip) did not practice.

For Tennessee, DT Tony Brown (knee, quad), C Kevin Mawae (elbow), CB Ryan Mouton (ankle) and OT Troy Kropog (calf) did not practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. vichawkfan says:

    Well deserved for Matt. I can’t think of someone else on the team that deserves it more.

  2. I always wished the Seahawks had played that whole 2005 finale like they were trying to win. No team has laid down and lost its regular season finale and then went on to win the Super Bowl since the 1999 Rams did it in Philadelphia.

    Momentum means everything. We are all fortunate Carlos Rodgers did not know how to catch a football thrown right to him that year.

  3. Chris Johnson needs 128 yards to reach 2,000 but is 233 needed to surpass the single season record of Eric Dickerson (2,105) out of reach?
    Wouldn’t that be something if the 12TH Fan witnessed history Sunday. I’ll not attend the game but once the 2,000 barrier is broken, might find myself cheering him onto the record. Hawks lose and we have a higher draft pick. Right? What a bummer season this turned out to be. Actually traveled to AZ where the Hawks nearly won and then the colossal collapse to follow. Only bright spot has been Tim Ruskell getting the AXE.

  4. TD ran for 2000 and Emmitt set the all-time record against the Seahawks so why not Chris Johnson? For one, the Seahawks run defense is much better than those 1998 and 2000 versions. Frank Gore is the only 100 yard rusher this year.

  5. Good for Matt. There isn’t much glue holding that offense together but whatever glue there is, Hasselbeck is it.

    Gus Bradley:One of the things that happened last week is at times we played the run well, and then they broke out, They had two, long runs on us and that’s what I talked to our defense about. They need to be exact, and that’s the NFL.

    I’ll tell you what, Gus, get your hot shot replacement MLB to stop abandoning his containment in his ongoing quest to be the tackle king and maybe you won’t have those huge running lanes opening up right through the middle of your front anymore.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    “One year I think we weren’t aware of it, and the next year we were very aware of it,” – That’s funny. I can’t think of a player that had such remarkable years with the Seahawks that I liked less, than Shaun.

    pabuwal – With due respect, that loss in Green Bay had absolutely nothing to do with them losing in the Super Bowl.

    This – ” And just realizing despite what it feels like, it’s Okay to punt. You know, punting is not a terrible thing.” – stands out to me, as well. Sounds like what Holmgren preached year after year for both Matt and Favre.

  7. princeaden says:

    Well, it looks like we’re trying to get some PS built up at least. Thanks BK

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Sando has a very interesting take on Mora led teams when playing from behind. Worth a read…

  9. snydro22 says:

    It just dawned on me, when trying to think of who could have been an alternative to win this award, that we don’t have a “true Seahawk, through and through” on this team anymore.. Walter being on IR sort of takes him out of the equation..

    We have always had guys like Mack Strong, Bobby Engram, Robbie Tobeck or Big Walt.. They may not have played their whole careers here (though some did) but they embodied Seahawks football..

    I guess Matt is that guy right now, with Trufant probably a close second. Listen, say what you want about Trufant and his tendency for PI calls this year, but that guy means a lot to this community.

  10. princeaden says:

    Does anyone have an opinion on the article in the PI about the possibility of Steven Jackson coming to Seattle. It’s hypothetical, but compelling IMO.

  11. ArterioZ says:

    Congrats Matt.
    He’s been one of the bright spots on the team this season, although he’s been trying to force things and carry too much of the burden lately. The guy has iron balls to be standing in there and taking the punishment most of the year.
    It’s too bad that his receivers cannot get separation, and his line cannot protect him adequately.

  12. snydro22 says:


    It was written by a fan. I think that about sums it up. No way the Rams would ever deal Jackson to Seattle..

    It sure would be nice, though..

  13. BobbyAyala says:

    “Wouldn’t that be something if the 12TH Fan witnessed history Sunday.”

    First of all, end the sentence with a question mark.

    Second, it’s the 12th Man.

    Third, becoming the highlight (Terrell Davis, Emmit Smith) of which history is made against, is nothing new for Seahawks fans, and nothing to be celebrated.

    I, for one, hope Mr. Johnson is held to negative yards, and flies back to the south stinging from the pain of having his worst game of the season.

  14. BobbyAyala says:

    Oops, Pab already pointed out the history… My bad.

  15. Would love to have Jackson here for the year or 2 he has left as a productive back.

    But speaking of stupid teams. Why not try and wrestle Matt Forte out of Chicago. They traded for Cutler and totally went away from the run game. With a line and a back like that how stupid are they?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  16. BobbyAyala says:

    Would love to have Jackson here for the year or 2 he has left as a productive back.


    Forte’s overrated.

  17. princeaden says:

    Snydo- OK that makes sense. How about Johnathon Stewart from Carolina then?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Not that I was asked, but Jonathan Stewart is a stud. I loved him at Oregon and he’s from Lacy so it would be a fun NW homecoming story. However, no chance Carolina parts with him. He’s in only his second year and figures to be a big part of their future.

  19. I`m alittle tired tired & depressed. Deep down I really care about the Seattle Seahawks..Going through these last two years was excruciating.Knapp dosen`t make adjustments,even at half-time..Sometimes I wish i could play defense cause I know what play is going to be called.or what tendency Knapp doses in certain situations…interview pass defensive players,see what they say of Knapp`s play calling…Time for a change

  20. Long as we’re correcting one another. I put emphasis on Dickerson because who f’in cares about the 2,000 yard barrier, now. It’s been there – done that!
    1973 O.J. Simpson, Buffalo 14 332 2,003 6.0 12
    1984 Eric Dickerson, L.A. Rams16 379 2,105 5.6 14
    1. 1997 Barry Sanders, Detroit 16 335 2,053 6.1 11
    1998 Terrell Davis, Denver 16 392 2,008 5.1 22
    2003 Jamal Lewis, Baltimore 16 387 2,066 5.3 14
    2009 Chris Johnson, Titans 15 322 1,872 5.8 12

    TD… History?… Okay… Whatever puts your hair back. Franco Harris as well as Jerry Rice (wearing Largents #80) finished out their careers in a Hawks jersey.

    2. I avoid the Stanmire calling card using 12TH Fan. Also, believe it to be politically correct for internet banter.

    3. I’ll question (?) you when i care for a response.

    4. I spell relief; R – O – L – A – I – D – S. Go correct your change up, Ayala. And I would also like for Johnson to get stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey. My opponent in FFootball has him at a bargain price. But, after looking at the other options, he is likely the better choice. I had Wells last week but feel Hightower will get the majority of touches. Who would you suggest over ??CJ??

    Hasselbeck was deserving of the award but I’m sure this is another of those seasons he will likely wish to forget.

  21. princeaden says:

    Duke- You’re opinion is always welcome. It just seemed to me that Carolina values D’angelo Williams a bit more and may want to bolster their roster elsewhere enough to part with Stewart. Maybe our Denver pick(or even our first pick IMO) along with Hawthorne and another Mid-level player or two, would be enough to get him away. That would be the homerun hitter our offense desperately needs. Then if we could somehow coax Weaver to come back, our backfield would be set for years to come.
    I lived in Olympia when he went to Timberline and went to see him play several times as a Soph, Jr and Sr. He was a Man-child playing with boys. He’s a class act and an All-Pro in the making….. I know I’m a bit of a dreamer. But what else is there to do at this point.

  22. princeaden says:

    Has anyone seen the West Virginia Safety named Sams? He’s #2. He’s 6ft 5in. and very aggressive in run support. I haven’t seen him in coverage much but he looks very athletic. It sure would be nice to have a big hitting, intimidating Safety to go against the Arizona trio. I don’t know where he is in terms of draft class. But he may be worth exploring.

  23. seahawklovertoo says:

    First, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!! I hope you’re watching PS vs LSU game. You will see why I have been so high on OT Ciron Black and WR Brandon LaFell (6’3″ , 210 lb with great hands) This two could start right away (not like Butler who cost us 2 picks last year + the 3 rd rounder in this draft).

  24. snydro22 says:

    Okay, who farted?

  25. seahawklovertoo says:

    Snydro 22 , if you keep your stupid mouth shut, you won’t hear or smell anything.

  26. variable575 says:

    Hugh Millen is a chump and has no good reason to obsessively fallow Housh to the Hawks training facility so he can have his last word. What a prick–and with Hugh’s connection or chumminess with HC Mora, well it’s yet one reason to can Mora for allowing such unprofessionalism under his command.

  27. variable575 says:

    what a circus this yr has been on and off the field.

  28. variable575 says:

    somewhat intriguing are the browns getting the sh!# together in correlation with the hiring of holmgren. You know the “pucker” factor went sky high with that announcement. Everyone knows and respects holmgren for how he conducts his business. With out FO and HC you have the “loss of elasticity” factor. We don’t even have the ability to “tighten up” our play.

  29. princeaden says:

    variable- I think your 3 previous post are a pretty accurate description of what’s happening in Seattle and Cleveland respectively.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    princeaden – Like I said, I’m a fan. However, it appears that they are committed to the two back approach. No player (or very few, rather) are out of reach, if the price is right. And with their own “rebuilding” underway, RB is their anchor. They had Williams already when they took Stewart, so I’d be surprised if they would be wiling to part with him (reasonably) after what he has shown.

  31. snydro22 says:


    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard this year. Good one.

  32. seahawklovertoo says:

    Very appropriate in your case.

  33. princeaden says:

    Hey Snydro- You shut your mouth when you’re talkin’ to me!!!! LOL

  34. variable575 says: “somewhat intriguing are the browns getting the sh!# together in correlation with the hiring of holmgren.”

    Yep. I get the feeling Holmgren took a good look at the Browns and saw their potential to turn things around quickly, and then looked at the Seahawks roster and said “er… thanks guys… but, um, I’ve got a better offer.”

  35. Asked to pinpoint a couple reasons why the team is struggling offensively, Hasselbeck silently thought this to himself:

    “There’s some common themes,” Hasselbeck thought. “One would be lack of focus of our coaching staff or just forcing ourselves to listen to Mora repeating to us to be ‘more consistent’ all the time. Maybe just trying to do to much and knowing that either way the Coach will be blaming us on his post game show. And just realizing despite what it feels like, it’s Okay to punt. You know, punting is not a terrible thing. Its really the only thing Coach Mora taught us to do this year.”

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