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Mora: “I’m sure it was good radio”

Post by Ryan Divish on Dec. 30, 2009 at 10:49 am with 15 Comments »
December 30, 2009 11:07 am

Obviously, head coach Jim Mora knew he was going to be asked about the much-talked about and debated segment on KJR yesterday with receivers Deion Branch, TJ Houshmandzadeh and Nate Burleson.

Not surprisingly, he hadn’t listened to the segment, but knew the gist of it.

“I didn’t hear a word that was said,” Mora said. “I’m sure it was good radio though. I’m sure it boosted rating. I don’t know if my man Hugh (Millen) liked it a whole lot, when they threw out his career stats. I’m sure it was good radio.”

Mora was asked earlier in the press conference about Houshmandzadeh’s comments which implied some frustration level with offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, and if he believed the players had a trust in what Knapp is doing and the plays he’s calling.

“I would hope so,” he said. “I think it takes time to build that and success certainly  helps. We’ve struggled to have consistency for a number of reasons. That’s an honest question.”

It’s an honest question that apparently Mora is distancing himself from answering. And he certainly didn’t go out of his way to back or even offer some endorsement of Knapp.

And if anybody doesn’t think that Housh wasn’t implying criticism about Knapp when he said:

‘When you bring guys together, No. 1, you have to trust the people that are making decisions,” T.J. Houshmandzadeh said. “You’ve go to trust the people that are calling plays. You’ve got to trust everything that’s going on in order for things to work.

“If that trust is not there, you’re always going to second guess things.”

Injury report

WR Nate Burleson (ankle) is out for Sunday

LB Aaron Curry (hip) is doubtful

RB Julius Jones (ribs & foot) will not practice today and is questionable

CB Josh Wilson (hip) will not practice and is questionable

WR Mike Hass has been placed on the IR, the Hawks have signed OT Trevor Canfield of the Cardinals.

WR Ben Obomanu (hamstring) will practice today and should play on Sunday

The Seahawks also signed WR Patrick Carter to the practice squad, replacing cornerback Trae Williams, who was signed by the Steelers off the practice squad

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  1. The only question is why in the heck has it taken to long to do something this smart? And why, again, risk losing Derek Walker when we needlessly didn’t need to? Hey, this is better than nothing though. Good move (in this one particular instance).

    hambone08 – thanks for the link.

  2. “WR Nate Burleson (ankle) is out for Sunday”
    When are we getting our next practice squad guy???

    Could you please ask Mora the reasoning for releasing Walker when we had guys (Burleson) that the team said wouldn’t be able to play again this year (which means they should have been put on IR to save Walker)? Thank you.

  3. HawkSoop says:

    Bobby, asking Mora a direct question won’t accomplish much. His answer will be something like, “Well, I am sure that there is a good reason that we haven’t done that. It’s complicated and we sure are trying hard. I believe we’ll get there, it’s not a question of effort on the part of our Front Office, it just absolutely isn’t a question of effort, or talent, or competency. It just isn’t.”

  4. Mora reminds me of lots of managers I’ve fired over the years.

    No specific measurements to support his position.

    No specific plans for improvement.

    No specific people on performance management. (No, his ridiculously emotional post-game rants followed by ample back-pedling do not count.)

    No specific timelines or dates for improvement in specific areas of deficiency.

    His continual reliance upon the mantra, “it will all work out” is so absolutely frustrating. How can anyone think anything will just “work out” when there is clearly deficient analysis, planning and preparation to get there?

    Can’t wait to get my invoice in May to shell out another 7K for another year of this… unless they raise ticket prices again then it will be 8-10K…

  5. Soggybuc says:

    There is probably an unwritten rule that while it’s ok to sign a PS guy if you have depth issues and glaring needs to IR a big chunk of your roster and go wholesale poaching other teams guys is dirty pool.

    not to mention that come next year when guys are off IR and a new draft class with FA’s is in you’d have to release a ton of guys to make your camp #s anyway

  6. It could be and I have wondered that, but then Hass on IR and picking up the Cards guy makes no sense.

    There’s no chance Burleson is playing either and it’s not like we’re saving him from IR in hopes he can return for our play-off push (lol).

    Same with the 49ers picking up Walker and dropping a guy seems a bit dirty too (although IMO it was a smart move by the 49ers).

    tillman – that’s a good analogy. There’s no blueprint plan for success and it’s frustrating.

    Hawksoop – so true.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Iupati’s playing today, finally. Idaho / Bolwing Green in about 15 minutes. You get a chance to see him, hope he’s worth it.

  8. Yep. And Nebraska tonight!

  9. torinaga says:

    Go Big Red!

  10. Iupati looks awesome. Then again, it is BGU.

  11. BlueTalon says:

    Soggybuc, it’s not dirty pool to IR a bunch of your roster if the guys are in fact injured. And if that allows us to poach other teams, so be it. We certainly don’t owe any other teams any loyalty, since they seem to have no compunction about poaching from us.

  12. Randolley says:

    Tell me, on all the dropped passes, is that the co-ordinators fault or the players fault? Before you knock somebody, make sure to catch every pass that touches your hands. How about taking money away for dropping passes and throwing interceptions and fumbling the ball. That would get the players attention real fast. Whose Yo Momma is over-rated anyway. Give him back to Cinci since the other idiot decided to swan dive off the back of a moving truck. How dumb can you be, there was no pool water around that truck. Try thinking or get instructions from a probation officer before you attempt a half gainer or a one and a half summersault from a moving truck. You idiot. Pavement ain’t water. Typical ignorant Cinci wide receiver.
    Now, let talk about being hurt year after year as a receiver. Tree Branch leaf has not been healthy since he played with the Patriots. He has been stealing money since he joined the Hummingbird-Mallards. Don’t bring that trash back next season. Send him to the Arena league. He can play that walking wounded game there. Talk about dropping balls,tree Branch leaf can’t catch a cold. Get rid of all these fake,weak no skills having scrubs and get players who want to play NFL football. Just sayin.

  13. Randolley says:

    Should read lets. I missed the s making a point. Some refund money should be given to the season ticket holders. That was not a professional product placed on the field this season. Just a bunch of woulda,shoulda,coulda excuses. The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero(0) meters. The Mallards have miles of excuses. Do not reward this group of people for their failures by bringing them back next season. Fire everybody after the last game of the season. They earned it.

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