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Hawks-Titans stats

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 30, 2009 at 9:01 am with 10 Comments »
December 30, 2009 9:01 am
2009 Stats Seahawks Titans
Record 5-10 7-8
Total Yards Gained 4,760 5,319
Total Offense (NFLRank) 317.3 (22) 354.6 (13)
Rush Offense 95.1 (28) 163.9 (2)
Pass Offense 222.3 (14) 190.7 (23)
Points Per Game 17.8 (24) 22.5 (T14)
Total Yards Allowed 5,399 5,541
Total Defense 359.9 (25) 369.4 (28)
Rush Defense 109.5. (14) 104.7 (10)
Pass Defense 250.4 (30) 264.7 (31)
Points Allowed/Game 24.9 (26) 25.9 (29)
Possession Avg. 27:30 28:12
Sacked/Yds. Lost 38/245 15/73
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 28/185 29/201
Interceptions By 12 19
Penalties/Yds. 90/800 89/745
Punts/Avg. 83/46.9 65/42.8
Turnover Differential -9 (27) -3 (20)
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    With the exception of the Titans rushing offense, those are some pedestrian (terrible) numbers but both teams.

  2. I find it interesting that they may end up with a guy who rushes for over 2,000 yards and don’t win the time of possession battle.

  3. princeaden says:

    If the Hawks think Gore is tough, boy are they in for it.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    The thing about Johnson is look at how many big runs the guy has. you bottle him up for the first 25 minutes of the game and have him at a paltry 15 yards and then BAM he’ll pop and 80 yarder in a heart beat and walk in to the half with 95 yards.

    Guys a special snowflake right now and there are 11 other teams out there that will testify to it. if we stop him 27 out of 30 runs but he dings us 3 times it will make our efforts look poor in the stat box. but then thats what he’s made alot of D’s look like this year.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    “Guys a special snowflake right now…” That’s weird. lol

  6. HawkSoop says:

    Dukeshire says:
    December 30, 2009 at 10:38 am

    “Guys a special snowflake right now…” That’s weird. lol —

    Agreed, but then again so is the strategery displayed by our coaching staff…

    I’ve given up on criticizing the defense, they seem to be ok, the scheme is frustrating but not really that bad…

    The offense on the other hand is incomprehensible. We have decent talent, nothing spectacular, but not as bad as they have performed either. Our scheme is reminiscent of the Greek General Pyrrhus, except that Knapper doesn’t even win the battles.

    Matt is sucking. He is either too old, too scared or too beat up to properly perform his job and in any of those circumstances he needs to be riding the pine and holding a clipboard.

    The offensive line is starting to look a little better, but that’s kind of like cleaning a toilet, it may be cleaned but I am still not drinking out of it.

    The receiver’s (with the exception of Branch) are fine, D Butler is developing and looks better every time I see him (though the toilet analogy applies here as well). TJ is exactly what he has always been and that’s pretty good, though he appears very frustrated with the offense (which is understandable). Burleson was having a pretty darn good year until spraining his ankle. Obo was doing what good Special teamers do. Branch… well Branch just sucks Donkey parts for a huge number of reasons and frankly I think we should trade him to the Spokane Shock for an autographed helmet.

    Forsett and JJones are not bad at all, they are not great either, but don’t need to be. Griffith has increased the teams football IQ significantly, Schmitt is just fun to have around.

    Carlson is exactly what we thought he was… a good receiving tight end who is learning to handle NFL coverages and a way below average blocker.

  7. “The offensive line is starting to look a little better, but that’s kind of like cleaning a toilet, it may be cleaned but I am still not drinking out of it.”

    Excellent Analogy!

  8. Soggybuc says:

    Ya’ll need to get some younger friends. it’s really an anti-PC phrase generally used in the form of “no! sorry, you are NOT a special snowflake!”
    in the case of CJ? yea he is. and if he breaks Dickersons record he’ll have the history books to prove it.

  9. Except for post season play & trades, following could be the 2010 draft order and pick guestimate (clears dead cap):
    Pick 1-1 STL: QB J.Clausen (gotta replace Bulger & Boller)
    Pick 1-2 DET: DT N.Suh (fills a hole + BPA)
    Pick 1-3 KC: LT R.Okung (B.Albert is a G)
    Pick 1-4 TB: DT G.McCoy (upgrade Miller, Hovan or Sims)
    Pick 1-5 CLE: S E.Berry (Holmgren goes for FA QB & Zorn)
    Pick 1-6 DC: QB S.Bradford (Shanny goes for FA ZBing OL)
    Pick 1-7 SEA: DE D.Morgan (replaces Kerney if PK not healthy)
    Pick 1-8 BUF: LT B.Campbell (if BC healthy replaces D.Bell)
    Pick 1-9 OAK: LT B.Bulaga (gotta replace Henderson)
    Pick 1-10 MIA: ILB R.McClain (gotta replace Ayodale)
    Pick 1-11 (CHI) DEN: NT D.Williams (gotta replace Fields)
    Pick 1-12 (CAR) SF: CB J.Haden (replaces Brown or Bly)
    Pick 1-13 SF: RT A.Davis (gotta replace Snyder if Pashos out)
    Pick 1-14 JAX: QB T.Tebow (R.Mallett?)
    Pick 1-15 NYJ: RB C.Spiller (replace T.Jones)
    Pick 1-16 HOU: LT C.Brown (replaces D.Brown)
    Pick 1-17 NYG: LT Barksdale (replaces Diehl)
    Pick 1-18 TEN: NT Cody (replaces J.Haye)
    Pick 1-19 PIT: CB Dowling (replaces I.Taylor)
    Pick 1-20 ATL: CB Lindley (replaces Grimes)

    following will vary with post season records
    Pick 1-21 BAL: SS R.Jones (replaces D.Landry)
    Pick 1-22 (DEN) SEA: OT T.Williams
    Pick 1-23 DAL: WR D.Williams (replaces R.Williams)
    Pick 1-24 GB: WR B.LaFell (replaces J.Jones)
    Pick 1-25 NE: OLB T.Lewis (replaces A.Thomas)
    Pick 1-26 AZ: LG M.Iupati (replaces R.Wells)
    Pick 1-27 CIN: WR Bryant (replaces C.Henry)
    Pick 1-28 PHI: S T.Mays (replaces S.Jones)
    Pick 1-29 MIN: QB R.Mallett
    Pick 1-30 SD: RB T.Gearhart (replaces L.T.)
    Pick 1-31 NO: LT C.Black (replaces Bushrod)
    Pick 1-32 IND DE G.Hardy

  10. I would be absolutely thrilled if we can get Morgan with the 7th pick. I know he doesn’t play LT, but he fills our 2nd biggest need… a pass rusher… and I also love the fact that he shows up in run defense too…

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