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Morning links: Hasselbeck still the answer at QB

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 29, 2009 at 9:09 am with 59 Comments »
December 29, 2009 9:09 am

With Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s struggles over the past two weeks, there’s been heavy debate on the blog over whether or not he can still get it done for Seattle.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune argues that Hasselbeck still has some gas in the tank, poor play withstanding, and that the Seahawks should continue to put faith in the 34-year-old veteran.


Is he done? He’s 34, it’s his 11th season and he’s making mistakes that make him look like the struggling kid he was in 2001.

But don’t bury him yet.

He may be an example of a couple facts: You can’t play quarterback in the NFL with a sense of desperation. And you can’t be successful as a quarterback if there are no playmakers to help.

With protection, a diversionary rushing attack and a corps of reliable receivers, Matt Hasselbeck could be effective for a long time.

But leave him out there with what he’s got now, and the guy will continue aging in dog years.

Jim Mora continues to say that the team is playing hard and preparing the right way each week.

Clare Farnsworth of reports that according to Jim Mora, Hasselbeck is chomping at the bit to get back out there.

The Seahawks schedule is set in terms of opponents for 2010. They’ll play the NFC South and AFC West, along with the third place teams in the NFC North and NFC East.

Seattle will host Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Carolina, Kansas City, San Diego and the N.Y. Giants. The Seahawks travel to Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Denver, Oakland and Chicago.

ESPN’s Mike Sando breaks it all down here.

Some TNT blog posters offer some comic relief from Sunday’s game against the Packers.

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  1. I don’t think Hass has the ability he used to, and there are obvious signs of ageing! But he is still by far the best option we have on this team in terms of giving us the best chance to compete (have stopped myself from saying win at the end of that sentence)!

    I suppose there is an arguement for throwing Mike Teel in there to see what he’s got, but is the experience going to be valuable for him if he is getting knocked down all the time and passing to sub standard receivers?

  2. The Boling article is a great read. I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    While I agree with Boling that under the right circumstances, Matt has “gas left in the tank”. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t prepare for life without him. I still believe that whoever the new GM is, must address that position this offseason, whether it’s continue to develop Teel, through the draft or FA. I contend it’s the most important long range plan he will need to put in place.

  4. Put a good quarterback on a bad team and he plays poorly. How many times does it have to happen before people get that?

    “Oh, he’s too old…. He’s lost it”. Remember that? Remember how the whole world was saying that about Brett Favre during that terrible 2005 season. Remember how Kurt Warner was long past redemption around the same time?

    Show me a year that could illustrate the point more completely than this year. Is Jay Cutler suddenly now a bum? Was Matt Cassel’s year as a starter in New England a fluke? Are we now we’re seeing his true colors?

    Fans, sports writers, commentators,.. they all see it happen over and over again and they just don’t get it. They never get it. Quarterbacks don’t lose it. They get better as their experience accumulates but they are always, without exception, only as good as the team around them.

    Actually I think Hasselbeck’s had a pretty good season under the circumstances. He’s gotten better at play fakes, ducking the coverage and just plain winging it. He’s become a lot more Favre like out of necessity. You try throwing the same pathetic, doomed to failure, wide screen over and over again all season long and see if you can keep your td/int ratio at a respectable level. You try and recreate some of the old magic when every modicum of timing has completely disappeared from your offense.

    If the Seahawks had a bad quarterback in their lineup (like one of the three rookiies) they’d be 0-15 right now. If they keep going in this direction I hope they do cut Hasselbeck. It will at least give him the opportunity to finish his career with a little dignity,…. somewhere else.

    Rant complete… Sorry…. Thank you for your patience.

  5. Push comes to shove on this decision at this point in time – I agree with Boling’s article too. Doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t start planning for the post-Hasselbeck future, doesn’t mean that he needs to play better – but I also don’t think he’s done in this league.

  6. oops – should be that ‘it does mean he needs to play better’ – got to keep the negatives straight . . .

  7. Yes. We need to prepare for the long term, but Matt is certainly the least of our current problems moving towards ’10.

    If Mora is retained (we all know how much we’re all hoping for that… more sarcasm in case you missed it) I think his new OC (Zorn?) needs to bring in a WCO like he ran for Holmgren. Boling is right, how many QBs say they are masters of their offenses? Not many.

    I mentioned this last night, but the Hasselbeck haters are going to look like morons if Favre were to actually retire and the Vikings gave mid round pick for Matt (and we accepted). He would look like a different man handing off to AP (when he’s not fumbling), throwing to Rice or Harvin, or reaping the benefits of Hutch blocking for him. They run a similar WCO so Matt would actually be familiar with the offense and, even though the Viking OL… mainly the right side, hasn’t been very good lately, it’s better than ours. Aside from Housh in some instances, we don’t have anyone a QB can throw a jump ball to and expect them to make a play. Hell, any clown with half an arm can throw a jump ball to Sydney Rice and watch him make a great catch over a defender. Instead, we get guys who can’t make those plays and the QB looks stupid for even trying throws like that (although in some cases there’s nowhere else to throw before taking a sack).

  8. BobbyK:If Mora is retained (we all know how much we’re all hoping for that… more sarcasm in case you missed it) I think his new OC (Zorn?) needs to bring in a WCO like he ran for Holmgren. Boling is right, how many QBs say they are masters of their offenses? Not many.

    Yeah, I strongly agree with that. It takes a lot of time and effort to properly develop a WCO quarterback. You take him out of that element, try and turn him into a scrambler or a gunslinger or something, and he’s just going to get lost. If you’re going to keep him then you need to create a system that at least optimizes his strengths. It doesn’t need to be a pure WCO but it has to be about good communication, timing and balance.

  9. etagleppa says:

    Hasselbeck still the man? I think not. He consistently shows that he can’t win a big game, no matter how much or how little talent surrounds him.

  10. “Hell, any clown with half an arm can throw a jump ball to Sydney Rice and watch him make a great catch over a defender”

    That was a helluva play . . .

  11. pdway:That was a helluva play

    Yeah, it was pretty to watch but it wasn’t my play of the day. That would be McNabb to Brent Celek down field about 30 yards. Not the td. It was earlier in the game and I think it set up a field goal.

    Triple coverage, what a burst by Celek, what a pass and what a catch. Now that’s football.

  12. princeaden says:

    One thing that Boling didn’t point out that contibutes to Matt’s poor play is this. Has anyone else noticed that almost every time he passes the ball he has no follow through. It’s like he’s cringing or re-coiling as he releases when he feels the slightest pressure around him. This is likely due to the hammering he’s taken over the past 3 1/2 months. I think he can get over this. But it will be only after he trusts his protection again. But, I agree that we need to secure the right player for the future of this position, like you would for any soon to be 35 yo QB. But for the purposes of now and most likely 2010 and ’11 Matt can be successful with the right people surrounding him i.e. good running game, protection(which allows Carlson to go out on routes) and a Marshal/Johnson type receiver to go with Burleson and Housh.

  13. princeaden – I have noticed that too. I think he’s simply so beaten up that he’s “re-coiling” out of fear that he’s always getting hammered. And, no, I won’t be mad if we draft Sam Bradford. I simply think Matt’s still good but as many have said – when you’re a QB and 35 years old it’s not a bad idea to have a long term plan at that position.

    What about the Sydney Rice catch that he made against us? That guy can flat out go up and get it. None of our WRs would have made that catch for Favre in the same circumstance (I love Housh’s hands, I just don’t think he could have gotten up that high).

    I am NOT saying we should bring in T.O. I am simply saying if he and Matt were together on our WCO next season, both would have strong comeback years (assuming there was improvement to our OL).

  14. Thanks for the shout out to LOLHawks Eric!

  15. princeaden says:

    I was looking at the WR’s that will hit FA in 2010 and the guy who jumps out at me in the Sydney Rice form is the guy from San Diego, Vincent something…..maybe Jackson? But, whoever we get to be the playmaker to add to Housh and Burleson, I would like to see him be a large aggressive type. Even in the mold of a Joe Jerevicious would be good. He doesn’t get much credit for the ’05 team, but I thought he was a huge part of our success.

  16. Oh yeah, Joe-Joe might not have been a deep threat but I do remember him coming down with a few deep throws where he simply beat the defender and fought for it.

    You mention Vincent Jackson… he’s simply a guy that Rivers needs to keep… but that’s where it gets tricky because they also have Marcus McNeill who is also scheduled to be a FA. He’s 25-26 years old and has already been to 2 Pro Bowls as a Left Tackle. This is a guy I would love to get in FA. If both make it to FA, San Diego would have to make a choice as far as who to franchise. Personally, I think the chemistry Jackson and Rivers has makes it more likely that they will keep the WR. Which means we could use Allen’s money to outbid others for a premier LT. If we could sign an OL like this, it would put us in so much better position to compete in ’10 because we could use our picks on defense and a playmaker and even a QB to eventually replace Matt.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Jackson. He’s a good receiver and a big target and has put 2 solid seasons together with one of the best young QBs in the league throwing to him (not to mention all the other offensive talent San Diego has to compliment). I’m not suggesting he wouldn’t be productive here, but I would expect his numbers to drop off. He’s the type of player that I would only be happy with pursuing if the price was reasonable.

  18. BobbyK:princeaden – I have noticed that too.

    I haven’t. I’ll just take your (and princeaden’s) word for it.

    I have noticed, however, that he throws off balance an awful lot and he’s gotten into the habit of really trying to force completions. I expect that’s just the kind of state of mind you get into after a while. When nothing works you just try to make it work any way you can.

    He’s also been very unlucky. Isn’t that the way it seems to go? Poor play all around always seems to lead to more misfortune and less good fortune.

  19. I would love to hear why the Seahawks started both of the last 2 games pretty well on offense, moved the ball effectively (mostly through the run game) and then as soon as Hasselbeck goes into self-destruct mode because he’s forced to make a play, the entire team goes into the tank.

    What’s the cause and effect here – Hasselbeck looking bad because the offense around him isn’t that good or an average offense looking like crap because the QB leading them shouldn’t be on the field?

    We have plenty of evidence the last 2 games of the latter.

  20. pabuwal – Matt would suck in Minnesota next year, right?

  21. BobbyK:but that’s where it gets tricky because they also have Marcus McNeill who is also scheduled to be a FA.

    Seattle already tried to raid San Diego’s O-Line once, remember? It didn’t go too well. Tim Ruskell would probably call it his most embarrassing Seattle moment although, by the sounds of it, others would probably disagree with him.

  22. Maybe Hass’s production has dropped because we have 3 #2 receivers instead of a 1, 2, and 3.

    Housh needs to be complimented by a deep threat. Burleson is no longer able to be a deep threat (don’t know if it’s because of Knapp or what), and Branch needs trimmed 2 seasons ago.

  23. BobbyK – its unusual for a QB to have a ton of Pro Bowlers around him like the deal in Minnesota. Favre handpicked that situation and still, the team still looks very average at this point. How many playoff games has that team won? Does it look like they will even win one this year?

    Often a great QB makes a bunch of decent players look great by giving the appearance that he is surrounded by Pro Bowlers like in New Orleans, Indianapolis, New England, San Diego, etc.

    What does it say about Hasselbeck we continue to hear that the reason he doesn’t play well is because he doesn’t have 2 HoF players protecting him or an All-Pro RB? It says he’s a bottom 10 QB. I can’t even think of 10 QBs I would take him over to win a game next week or next year.

  24. well, Brees, Manning, Brady, and Rivers all have excellent protection and at least an on-par running game.

    If you’re going to just hate hasselbeck and dread him coming back, find a different team to like.

  25. Plus we have a shitty offensive coordinator that puts him in bad places and everyone still expects the world from him.

  26. Favre hasn’t won a play-off game in MN because, well, they haven’t played in the play-offs yet with him. But you think they will lose and I hope like heck you’re right.

    And not just any QB can play well with that much talent. Look at T. Jackson… he’s a worthless pile. The QB position has destroyed that very good overall team the previous few seasons. Granted, when you have a coach as dumb as Childress too, that’s unfortunate (only if you’re a Vikings fan) too.

    What’s your take on Kurt Warner when he was washed up 5 years ago? Because he was truly (supposedly) washed up. Throw in a little Fitz and some Boldin and solidify the OL play (not great, but much better than it had been) and wala… all of a sudden people are talking Kurt Warner in the Hall of Fame.

  27. freedom_X says:

    They don’t have the coaching to run an effective “pure” West Coast offense. Hasselbeck is getting sloppy and he doesn’t have the highly disciplined, nagging type of coaching to ensure his fundamentals are perfect the way the WCO demands. Holmgren would tear into him on his decision-making, footwork, etc. and demand it be perfect. Mora and Knapp (especially Mora) – live and let live, “player’s” coaches.

    This is combined with mediocre receiver play (again, precision and exactness more important than pure speed or athletic ability in a Holmgren style WCO) and Hasselbeck looks bad, even when his pass protection is in the ballpark of average. He might have been “better” when the protection was bad because he was mentally limiting himself to the safest type throws. If receiver and QB are not on the same page in a WCO, there are lots of picks on short and intermediate routes.

    Houshmanzadeh – good #2 receiver for a WCO. (Possession role.)
    Burleson – decent #2, but not for a WCO offense. He is not disciplined enough. Has the run-after-catch ability, but not the route running or precise timing. He cost Hasselbeck 2-3 ints earlier in the year. And he doesn’t have the speed to stretch the defense either.

    Branch – barely a #2 now. Seems to have lost his trademark quickness, and can’t make the tough catch. Combined with his lack of size, that’s why he’s been ineffective as a #2 even after getting the start. I thought he would get better after some of the stuff he flashed late last year, but he seems to have regressed physically.

    Butler – jury is still out. He seems to have the mental properties to be a WCO receiver – he may just need more learning time. But it remains to be seen whether he can become a threat to stretch the defense. Hard to tell, since even if he was Joey Galloway reincarnated, Seattle’s offense has been so inept, they don’t have time to throw the deep ball.

    BTW Darwin Walker was claimed by SF. If Ruston Webster is making the decisions now, then it shows incompetence. i suspect Mora had more input into this. Far from preserving what little talent we have, we let other teams raid it. If they needed to make room for another WR, why didn’t they just put Burleson on IR instead? What could they be thinking – Burleson is going to help them pull out the last two games of the year? It’s almost delusional (same way they left Hasselbeck in the 4th quarter of a massive road blowout.)

  28. princeaden says:

    Bradford will most likely be gone early. What about Colt McCoy with our 2nd first rounder to develop for a year or two under Matt? Just a thought.

  29. “It says he’s a bottom 10 QB. I can’t even think of 10 QBs I would take him over to win a game next week or next year.”

    Hey, what about the pledge to honor him this week for all he’s done in his seahawk career . . . .

    You’ve been very consistent and extremely persistent in your criticism of Hass all year – but you also said the other day that if he puts together 6 good quarters you’d be ok with having him as our starter – so let’s see how it goes Sunday.

  30. I actually think T. Jackson is coming into his own and will be a pretty good QB. He was young with a team with high expectations. That’s tough. Hasselbeck didn’t look good until midway through his 5th year. This is Jackson’s 4th year.

    I like that question with Kurt Warner. With the exception of 2002, Kurt Warner still produced very good numbers and moved the ball well. His Yards per Attempt remained well above 7 from 2004-2007 and his QB rating never dropped below 85. These are two of the most important stats for a QB.

    Hasselbeck had just 1 year out of the last 4 with a QB rating above 76 and the YpA over 7.0 and that was 2007. He had nowhere near the production Warner had when Warner was considered “washed up.”

  31. pdway – I’m going to honor him while I watch what probably is his final game with the Seahawks. If Hasselbeck plays a complete game this weekend, that would make it 4 quarters in a row and we’ll see if he gets the chance to make it 6 next year.

  32. I don’t think Hasselbeck’s body has much left in it. I’m rooting for him to recover his arm strength, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Strange to say this, but how much longer Hasselbeck can play doesn’t seem terribly important right now.

    Whether his arm can heal and bounce back or not, the new GM must find a new young QB to groom for the future. No mater who that is, Matt will be needed to start for another year or so, and the team that will be on the field with him will be piss-poor until the line and receiver corps are rebuilt. That will take more than one offseason. So regardless of Matt’s health, his final years will be spent struggling on a bad team.

    The more interesting question is who will our new GM find to inherit the QB starting job and how long will it take our coaches to get them ready. The team needs to shift gears from trying to give Matt what he needs to win and instead start cutting their losses and build for a new future.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    “Bradford will most likely be gone early” – Well his 2 shoulder injuries make him wild card. Speculating where QBs will go in the draft is total guesswork. Look at Sanchez last year. His stock skyrocketed in the last 2 weeks prior to the draft and it works the other way as well ask Aaron Rodgers. After the SR Bowl, combine and pro days are over, will help sort it all out.

  34. “pdway – I’m going to honor him while I watch what probably is his final game with the Seahawks.”

    So, your statement means what, that he’s going to be traded, cut?

    For the first to happen, someone would have to want him, which would be seem to be impossible given your estimation of his abilities, so I assume then you believe the Hawks are going to cut Hasselbeck him at season’s end, right?

  35. Dukeshire says:

    “The more interesting question is who will our new GM find to inherit the QB starting job and how long will it take our coaches to get them ready. The team needs to shift gears from trying to give Matt what he needs to win and instead start cutting their losses and build for a new future.” Agreed.

  36. I’m sure Holmgren would take him off the Seahawks hands for a 5th rounder.

  37. princeaden says:

    BobbyK- I love the idea of IR-ing everone we can and /or unconditionally releasing the Terrill and Milloys of the team and robbing every PS guy from any team we can to bolster our roster with young low salary guys. It only makes sense if we’re building for the future and not playing for the win in the immediate future, which for whatever reason seems to be the company line.

  38. Oldbutslow says:

    We have all seen the good Matt and the bad Matt, and the difference seems to be protection. If he is comfortable in the pocket, he is a much better QB. If the offensive line improves, the whole team is better.

    Just a point, but there must be some mistake in the schedule. We aren’t playing Green Bay? We always play GB, don’t we?

  39. Dukeshire says:

    princeaden – Considering they can’t manage to keep the young talent, Derek Walker, they already have, that scenario is not even worth discussing. That’s not a knock on you, it’s a comment on how inept roster management has been and is. Webster is indeed Ruskell’s understudy.

  40. Bradford will probably be gone early, but we have an early pick too.

    pabuwal – we can agree on something? I believe TJax will become better and he’ll be a good, solid QB. But the fact is that he was a terrible QB the last few seasons and that hampered the Vikings. They had a team built to compete for the Super Bowl, but the QB prevented them from being as good as their talent dictated. Basically, I’m saying that not just anyone can be a great QB with a bunch of talent around them. You actually have to be a good QB too, and that’s what Matt would be in MN next season (a good QB who would put up numbers and win a lot of games — and then the Hasselbeck haters would say his numbers don’t count because his team is so good without taking into consideration that the reason he’s bad this year is because the team is so horrible).

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Not every failing of this team can be blamed on the o line, as convenient as it may be.

  42. We might play Green Bay in the play-offs next year:)

  43. Jackson’s rookie year was 2006. You are basically referring to his first three years in the NFL when you discuss how poor he was. He definitely held the team back like you say, but not too many 3rd year QBs would come in and play to the expectations needed. How funny would it be if they STILL don’t win a playoff game this year? I speculated right before the Seahawks game that the Vikings were going to take a major dive after they got fat on the Seahawks. Well, dive baby, DIVE!

    Only the Tom Bradys, Mannings, Montanas look good that early. Jackson is more in the Hasselbeck mold where he be pretty good in year 5 or so. Last year, his development was apparent when he played, but his first playoff game didn’t go well – against a hot defense.

  44. You’re right. There’s enough blame to go around. It’s not the OLs fault that we have such a terrible pass rush. Nor is it the OLs fault that we have a bunch of WRs who aren’t good enough to get constant separation from DBs (we’ve really noticed this without Burleson in the line-up). Nor is it their fault that our S position can’t really ever come up with a big time “impactful” play. It’s simply a reason why we are so terrible. But the OL must get fixed.

  45. Or Matt Ryan, or Joe Flacco.

  46. pabuwal – You’re right about Jackson. I agreed with you. That’s not the point. My point is that a bad playing QB (whether a R or vet) can make a good team not live up to expectations. It doesn’t matter if that young QB will one day will be good.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    “But the OL must get fixed.” – Never in question. But I think Matt’s play can only be blamed on the line so much. Some of his play is a collateral accumulation of all the pressure he’s received (failing to step up in the pocket, throwing flat footed, etc) but the decisions he is now making are on him and him alone. They strike me as decisions made out of desperation and panic and his body is not able to execute what his mind believes. He’s not done, IMO, but this team cannot risk another offseason to go by before the future there is addressed.

  48. You and I have been on that same page for a long time (OL). I know/knew what you were thinking and meant:)

    Random topic – I think Trent Edwards is a young, good QB. I would love if Bradford would be available and Buffalo wanted to move up a few spots to take him. We could trade Buffalo our #1 for Edwards and their #1.

    I have heard Buffalo may be in the market for a QB and are getting down on Edwards. I think some of his problems have been his system and, again, the overall talent level on that Buffalo team.

    This would give us Matt insurance and it would allow us to take a player who can help in ’10 with that Buffalo #1 pick (probably a top 10-12 pick, whereas it looks like we’ll be at #7).

  49. Dukeshire says:

    The first picture in the series is the one that stood out most. Is this what “dirtbags” roll in?

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah Bobby, we are.

  51. princeaden says:

    Speaking of FA QB’s. What about Chris Redmond? I don’t know much about him other than he played well for the few weeks when Matt Ryan was out.

  52. princeaden says:

    Yes Duke- It would look better to me if Sims were in some Wranglers and a Carhart coat, instead of looking like Joe

  53. nighthawk2 says:

    If you put Hasselbeck on the Vikings, they’d be maybe 8-7 at this point, they’d have had a fork sticking out them at halftime last night, and nobody still would know who the hell Sydney Rice was this year, just like every year up to now. If anyone with half an arm can look great on that team, how do you explain how Tarvares Jackson has sucked to date? Because he sucks no matter what is around him, just like 99% of the guys “with half an arm”. And Rice, Berrian, Shiancoe et all would be whining about not getting the ball like Houshmandzadeh and Branch do. Why? Because Hasselbeck has never had an arm for the deep ball, has never thrown a deep ball accurately, gets happy feet and forces things and has a real knack for throwing a pick at the worst moment. If you want 10 yard slants and passes to RB’s in the flat, he’s your guy. I’m not saying there’s anything better on the roster, just saying he’s not a franchise savior. He’s playing like he did in his first year here, when he got benched for Dilfer and didn’t regain the starting spot until Dilfer got hurt the following season and by then had learned to (mostly) play within the system. Looks to me like he’s regressed this season. Yeah, the “talent” around him blows, but that’s the “talent” that the GM who everyone trusted in and thought was so great put on this team.

    I’m not in favor of wasting a 1st round pick on a quarterback this year in what is, at best, a mediocre class of quarterbacks. Bradford, Tebow and McCoy are system quarterbacks, they’re going to suck in the NFL. Bradford has a noodle arm and is fragile, ditto McCoy who has never played under center (think Tyler Thigpen here) and is going to be exposed by Alabama, Tebow is an H-back taking snaps. Clausen is probably the only one worth a 1st round pick, and I wouldn’t take him above 24th. If we had a 3rd round pick I’d say maybe use it on LaFevour from Central Michigan and give him a year to learn whatever the new offense is going to be from whomever is the new OC next year. Which brings up another question, if Mora and his Clown Posse are fired and we (please God!) have a new coaching staff, we’re not likely to have a WCO, we’ll hopefully have a more modern and successfull offense. All Hasselbeck knows is the WCO, and at age 35 when the season is beginning next year, he’s going to pick up a new one?

    And after 9 wins in two seasons, forget about signing guys like McNeill or Vincent Jackson. Remember the last time we tried to sign a Charger? The Stealers need tackles, as do some other teams. Who do you think a guy like McNeill or Donald Penn is going to sign with? Seattle, or a perennial Super Bowl contender, unless we waaay overpay for them?

  54. nighthawk – since you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about with respect to Sydney Rice, let me enlighten you.

    He had a promising rookie year. He made some plays and people were extremely high on him as a 3rd rounder. I remember thinking how good he was going to be.

    He was going to explode onto the scene in year #2 but his season was basically destroyed by injury. That’s why you didn’t know who the hell he was last year.

    Part of the reason he’s exploded onto the scene this year is because of: A. Favre, B. He’s healthy (for the most part), C. the jump players make each year in their first 3-4 years is dramatic. He’s taken that big year 2 to year 3 leap and is becoming elite.

  55. BobbyAyala says:

    “And you can’t be successful as a quarterback if there are no playmakers to help.”

    C’mon Boling, Matt’s got weapons, the problem is he has dumb and dumber protecting him.

  56. seahawklovertoo says:

    Please, please only three wishes here : 1) get rid off anything connected to Tim Ruskell ; 2) no QB with our top 3 picks and 3) if Suh can’t play for us, God please don’t let him get drafted by anyone else in NFC West.

  57. “get rid off anything connected to Tim Ruskell”

    You want to get rid of Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Brandon Mebane, Aaron Curry, Josh Wilson and John Carlson?

  58. If you had all the NFL receivers to look at, and went to categorize them into where you’d place them in the offense, judging from this season, wouldn’t you say:

    That TJ is really a #3 or slot receiver?
    That Branch is really a #3 or slot receiver?
    That Butler is really a #3 or slot receiver?

    I like Nate, but haven’t seen him since HOU. I also like Obo, but don’t remember seeing him play this year, except STs?

    Knapp has each of Hawks WRs playing SE, flanker, slot (R&L), etc. None get open like Engram did. Are Knapp’s passing route trees on his plays too simple? Are Hawks receivers too slow?

  59. HawkSoop says:

    klm008 – Bobby got “open” a lot because he ran very precise routes and Matt threw to where he was going to be before he made his cuts. That alone allowed him to get separation. He never had anything resembling elite speed. He had good hands and wasn’t scared of anything and he ran his routes precisely and with good timing. Matt grew to trust him to be where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there.

    Our current batch of receivers* all have better physical tools than Bobby. All of them are faster. Butler is smaller but much much faster and will probably be pretty decent in a couple of years. Nate is bigger, faster and generally more dangerous with the ball. TJ is bigger and more powerful and when he wants to he plays like a beast.

    That being said, none of them runs anywhere close to as clean of a route as Engram. This is compounded by the fact that Knapp’s offense is apparently designed differently. It seems to rely on the QB reading who is open after the play gets moving and then hitting that receiver in stride from there. Holmgren’s system was more about reading the defense pre-snap and then hitting the spot on the field.

    *Obo is more of a special teamer and so I am not counting him. Branch should be sent to the rendering plant and made into dog food.

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