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Jim Mora press conference: We’ll get it fixed

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 27, 2009 at 4:12 pm with 110 Comments »
December 27, 2009 8:36 pm

Well, as you can imagine the Seahawks were not in a very talkative mood after this one. I actually got my first “no comment” from a couple players today, which kind of let’s you know how things are going for the team right now.

Most of the questions centered on Matt Hasselbeck and the team’s effort overall in a game where they got pummeled 48-10, and for the third straight game just did not compete for large stretches of the contest.

If not for the late, 16-yard touchdown pass by tight end John Carlson from Hasselbeck, this would have been the worst loss in franchise history, eclipsing Seattle’s 51-7 loss to Dallas on Nov. 27, 1980, a Thanksgiving Day affair.

Mora again defended his team’s overall effort.

“I will say this: I know the score doesn’t necessarily look like it, but I felt like the guys continued to have a good attitude and fight and play hard, on both sides of the football,” Mora said.

“My message to the team was this: This is tough. This is really difficult. Those guys work year round at their craft to come out here 16 times a year, and that’s the only time they get to display it in competition and it’s been a struggle this year.”

“We have to look at ourselves and make sure we’re doing all we can individually and being honest with ourselves about where we are and who we are, and then we have to stick together and continue to work hard. And if we can do those things, then we will get it fixed. It’s not easy. It’s hard.”

Hasselbeck was awful for a second straight game, finishing 19 of 37 for 198 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions for a 36.6 passer rating. And his performance comes off a four-interception effort against Tampa Bay last week where he finished with a 45.2 passer rating. It’s the worst, two-game stretch of Hasselbeck’s 11-year career.

Before the past two games, Hasselbeck had one game with four interceptions in his first 10 years in the league.

So what’s going on with Hasselbeck?

“I’m confident in Matt,” Mora said. “And I know he’s not happy with his performance in the last, couple weeks. But we’ll look at his body of work and see where we think he’s headed and talk to him. But that will come later.”

Mora said the coaching staff evaluated Hasselbeck’s turnovers last week, and some of them were instances where he was forcing the issue and trying to make things happen where there wasn’t anything there maybe.

For his part, Hasselbeck said he has to take better care of the ball.

“I don’t know. There’s definitely – especially with the last two (interceptions) – there’s definitely an element of forcing things,” he said. “But I think with the first one you’ve got to be just so careful, and you’ve got to be so protective of that football.

“And I don’t know, sometimes the good can outweigh the bad. Sometimes I’ve seen quarterbacks throw a lot of picks, yet they play really well elsewhere and overcome it. And I didn’t do that. I didn’t play well enough to overcome it.”

Asked if he considered taking Hasselbeck out at any point during the game, Mora said that he wouldn’t be telling the truth if that didn’t cross his mind, but that he still believes the veteran quarterback gives this team the best chance for a successful play on offense.

Asked is he believes that Hasselbeck is still the best, long-term answer at quarterback for this franchise, Mora said that’s something he wants to wait to talk about once the season is over and he’s had time to evaluate his overall performance.

“I don’t want to speculate on that,” Mora said. “There’s so many things to look at and evaluate. I want to concentrate on trying to finish out at home with a win against the Titans. That’s what I want to try and do.”

Mora said Julius Jones re-aggravated his rib late and he injured his ankle as well. Josh Wilson suffered a hip pointer and could not return after being evaluated at halftime. Mike Hass suffered a dislocated shoulder early in the game. However, the trainers did strap him up and he went out and played. Mora said he does not know what the Oregon State product’s status will be for next week, and that he could need surgery at the end of the season to fix the issue.

Some tidbits:

* Seattle actually ran the ball OK, particularly in the first quarter, finishing with 115 yards on 29 carries for an average of 4 yards a pop. Justin Forsett led Seattle with 70 yards on 14 carries.

* Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards in his first two seasons as a starter.

* Seattle lost the turnover battle again, forcing no turnovers and with Hasselbeck throwing four picks. Seattle’s now -9 in terms of turnover ratio on the year.

* Seattle managed its first sack in three games, a shared sack by Darryl Tapp and Lawrence Jackson in the first quarter. Tapp, who Rodgers accused of biting him last year, did the Florida Gator chomp after the play.

* Seattle finished with eight penalties for 86 yards.

* The Seahawks were 0 for 2 inside the red zone.

* Will Herring led the team in tackles with five solo and three assists for a total of eight.

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  1. I would have probably said “no comment” too, if I were a player.

    Any questions asked about what it looks like Housh was saying to Mora in the (rather calm, but finger pointing) exchange that was caught on t.v.?

  2. Seahawks2620 says:

    Is Mora serious with this crap? You have been saying the same stuff since the Bears game Mora!!!!!!!! There has been zero progress made! If you are indeed, working hard and having good “practices”, then where is the progress! You are complete garbage! Wow, just wow…. It’s week 16 and where are we? We are worse now then we were when we began the season man….unbelievable.

  3. BobbyAyala says:

    IN all fairness to Jim, it’s not like he can just stand at the podium and say, “We suck. I’m a garbage football coach. I hope they fire me tomorrow.”

    At the same time, comments like these: “It’s not easy. It’s hard.” Ring awfully hollow when a guy like Ken Whisenhunt can head down to Arizona and turn a perennial dog into a perennial Super Bowl contender.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Good question Bobby, I’m wondering about that myself.

    Part of me feels sorry for Mora. What can he say? He really seems out of answers. This season cannot end soon enough and the house cleaning begin.

  5. devisscher says:

    I can’t read lips, but I’m pretty sure Mora said good drive to Rob Sims when he ran off the field after the FG, so yeah, I think he’s serious

  6. Seahawks2620 says:

    Getting the scheme under control, and figuring out the little things (like calling a screen on 3rd and 15 when your down by 14) was supposed to be figured out during the off season. This team is garbage right now, and the coaching staff is laughable. Lock is garbage, Willis is garbage, Sims is garbage, Spencer is garbage, Kerney is garbage, Jackson is garbage, Tapp is garbage, Cole is garbage, Terrill is garbage, Grant is garbage, Trufant has become garbage, Jennings is garbage, Hill is garbage, Lucas is garbage, Babineaux has become garbage, Branch is garbage, Housh is garbage right now, Redding is garbage, JJ is garbage! They are all trash…who does that leave? Burleson, Reed (from what I have seen), Curry, Hawthorne, Hasselbeck, Unger, Butler, Wilson, and Forsett as the only guys who have basically held there own. The pathetic part about that is the fact that 7 out of those 9 guys are in there first or second year. Man, this next GM has a ton of work to do. Starting with a clean slate, meaning the three stooges have to go.

  7. BobbyAyala says:

    Either the PI or the Times said the finger pointing was a positive exchange between player and coach. Mora said something along the lines of “He was saying we’re going to get it turned around.”

  8. devisscher says:

    Go me, I just won the TNT Seahawk Insiders FF league

  9. BobbyAyala says:

    per Johns at the PI:

    “The frustration seemed to boil over onto a sideline scene with T.J. Houshmandzadeh poking head coach Jim Mora in the chest while sounding off at one point, but Mora said afterward the receiver was actually being positive and animated and saying the offense would respond.”

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    You’re right, he cannot stand up at the podium and say those sorts of things, but he can get up there and apologize to the fans and admit that this is an awful season and take the blame for a lot of it. He actually promised us a “pretty picture” in the end. Hmmmm, unless this is his idea of a pretty picture, then he broke that 10 weeks ago haha. He either does not have an eye for talent at all, or he just wanted to get every Seahawk fan hyped up in order to sell out again. Even now that we are healthy, we look more embarrassing then when we were struggling with the injuries. At least, before we could say that the injuries were holding us back, instead now we just look like the worst team in the NFL at full health.

  11. That’s correct. Mora did say the exchange between himself and Housh was positive, and they were just talking about ways to get thing going offensively.

  12. Seahawks2620 says:

    I don’t buy the Housh stuff for a second. He was clearly upset. He was still rambling on about it once he got to the bench.

  13. Seahawks2620 says:

    It really gets me upset when I read comments from the Seahawks players and coaches, about how they can be that great team that moves the ball down the field consistently. Yet, we haven’t seen them do that but once for an entire game. That game was obviously the Jags game, and the Jaguars are a very sorry defensive team.

  14. What can you possibly say about this other then I hope it is NOT he or his coaching staff that try to fix it.

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    Also, Mora continues to say “we will get it fixed”….hmmm he can’t be talking about this season. Yes, you will get it fixed sometime within the next couple of decades. Man, I want to be just as smart as Mora when I grow up.

  16. Maybe Housh was saying:
    “Dammit Jim, I could have been a Viking! I didn’t know Brett Farve was going to un-retire again and I didn’t know Hasselbeck would stink like last week’s laundry! Let me see my contract again, where’s my escape clause?”

  17. At least the Broncos lost.

    The perfect ending to this season (note sarcasm) would be for the Broncos to make the play-offs and go to the Super Bowl so that 1st round pick of theirs would end up in the 30s.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Hawks offer nothing but comic relief anymore. These games don’t even make me mad now. After the 2nd Zona game i became numb to the horror.

    Did anyone see early in the game they had the ball boy who had one tucked into his belly and the commentators said something like it was a baby-bjorn pack for a football? Right behind him was a seahawk player with BOTH hands down the front of his pants. CLASSIC. Someone grab that screen shot please!

  19. If we don’t want Hasselbeck I’m certain Holmgren will.

  20. BobbyAyala says:

    “but he can get up there and apologize to the fans and admit that this is an awful season and take the blame for a lot of it.”

    He can, and probably will, but he’ll wait until the season is over to do it.

  21. BobbyAyala says:

    In light of Hasselbeck’s return to Husky Stadium form, anyone think we’ll be taking a QB early?

  22. Southendzone says:

    1st 10,000 fans at the TEN game receive a “We’ll get it fixed” T-shirt with Jimmy’s face on the front.

  23. Seahawks2620 says:

    I say since we are going to be awful next season as well, we hold out for Jake Locker the following draft.

  24. Seahawks2620 says:

    I’m definitely showing up 10 hours early to get my Mora T-shirt.

  25. Ian Funess on the postgame show: “8 interceptions the last two weeks were not Matt’s fault, so just forget about that.”

    Unbelievable. Hasselbeck is playing worse than in 2001 when he was replaced by Trent Dilfer after 14 games. Its time for the press to start admitting Hass has some blame here.

    Our O line is the ONLY unit on this team that has improved during this season. They’re not very good, but the Packers O line is no better than ours, and yet their offense scored 48 today. I would not fault our RBs either, as both have played well, but they are not given a chance to run the ball enough to make a difference.

    Every other unit on the team has regressed.

    Without Burleson, the WR corps are slow and easy to cover. We have DEs, but we don’t have a DT worth a damn other than Mebane. The linebackers, including Hill, all looked completely lost today. The safeties are useless, and Wilson the only corner who makes plays on the ball. Our QB is fading fast and cannot be counted on to bail this team out any longer….

    and the Number One reason the Seahawks have declined… our coaching staff apparently has no idea how to implement its schemes or teach these players to execute. Its time for them to go.

  26. bulldog80 says:

    I hope Holmgren does want him. We need to go with someone else. We need to realize that Matthew will never win the big one. How much more painful can it be with a young guy? This is as painful as it can possibly be!! He!! at least when our young QB throws four picks there’s hope of him learning something from it. Matt is a known comodity at this point and it’s not very favorable. We need to aim higher. NONE of good QB’s in the league would have thrown that first pick.

    Please for the love of all that is holy, fire this staff, hire that new GM, and lets get this team reorganized for the better.

  27. If you guys are going to get that t-shirt printed, make sure you have Mare’s # printed on one sleeve and Spencer’s # on the other sleeve.

  28. “Our O line is the ONLY unit on this team that has improved during this season”

    But only because they were so truly awful, there was no other direction to go.

    Everytime I rewound a busted play today – there was Lock just getting beat, or Willis just getting beat – I don’t claim to know the O-lines of every team in the league – but I’m willing to gamble that those two are the worst starting Tackles in the league.

    Not cutting Hass a free pass though – he was terrible today and last week. There’s no doubt about that. I’m a huge supporter of the guy – but his judgment and pass placement has been very rookie in these last two games. I’m still holding out hope that it’s a cumulative effect of a bunch of factors (of which his age/physical state is clearly one) – and not that he has just completely lost it.


    Cowher looking to coach in ’10 according to the report. Can’t argue with his results. I’d hope we would at least talk to the guy. Interesting that word is that Raheem Morris is a one-and-done guy – where we’ve just been mentioning that the Bucs have shown much more life in the second half of this season than the Hawks.

  30. princeaden says:

    We are beating a dead horse here. As pathetic as it sounds, I can’t wait for this time next week and this season is over. Jim Mora is forced to resign, along with his staff and we can get the new guy in here to start assembling his staff. I’m kind of hoping for a Keim/Grimm set up. Keim is apparently a good talent evaluater and Grimm knows something about the importance of winning the battle in the trenches. But, if their are others more qualified… by all means.

  31. At least now I understand why Mora kept trotting out Hasselbeck in the 4th quarter rather than putting Teel in – to avoid the worst loss in franchise history (sarcasm).

    I was never embarrassed to be a Seahawks fan during the past 27 years, even during the Flores years. The Defense was good, they had some good young players and they played hard.

    Now, it’s just plain embarrassing. Early this year I was on a “This is the same as the Flores years” kick but when the schedule seemed to lighten up, I figured the Seahawks could do what they do best – beat some of the weaker teams.

    Rather it just gets worse every week. For whatever reason, the whole team has been taking its que from the QB. Once he starts handing some cheap INTs, they all go in the tank.

    Next week is actually a week I will be nostalgic and salute Hasselbeck for his career and the good times, rather than my unhappiness that he has been unable to string together 6 good quarters in a row for the last 2 years. I won’t hope to see the young guy because this will be our last chance to salute Hasselbeck for his past success and think back to the happy times number 8 gave us, even while the Seahawks are getting hammered by 20 in front of a crowed of 40,000.

  32. snydro22 says:


    Man, if you just would have taken 70 points you would have won our bet..

    Pay up, suckah!

  33. princeaden says:

    Does anyone have a difinitive answer as to when we can contact other team exec’s about the opening here? This feeling of hanging in the balance is horrible for everyone. At least then we can feel like we are pointed in a direction. And I pray that Leiweke wont tie his hands by saying that Mora and his staff will get another year regardless.

  34. BobbyAyala says:

    yea yea, hook up info: sonix4lf@gmail

  35. freedom_X says:

    Well, if it’s not effort, and it’s not talent – then it has to be coaching? When’s he going to do his part to start getting it fixed?

    Even if Jim Mora looked like the right choice to take over what management thought was a playoff caliber team – is he the right coach to build a team from the ground up?

    I don’t believe so. I don’t believe Mora is the teacher and builder of fundamental skills that a young team needs. The performance of the secondary last year shows that.

    What he (so far) looks like to me is more of a rah-rah motivator type – in the right circumstances, he can motivate a team to play hard and get something out of a team that’s been mentally beaten down (but has sound talent and training in fundamentals.)

    That type won’t do much for a team building largely from scratch. You’re getting a second edition of Dennis Erickson, except with maybe better moral fiber.

    I also hope Holmgren covets Hasselbeck. If Holmgren would overpay for Hasselbeck – that’s a start to the rebuild process.

  36. I know exactly what our problem is… We have a team of solid #2 receivers, nobody on our team is a deep threat, and nobody has stepped up to be the #1. We have 3 receivers that could be very solid options as #2’s on any other team in the NFL. Not when they’re battling for #1 position.

    This should be no surprise, just look at what Mora did in Atlanta, took a half decent team to the playoffs, then sputtered and got fired. He’s a way below average coach, and I do not want him or his staff to be part of this team. Best case scenario in my opinion is to:

    1. Fire Knapp and Bradley
    2. Demote Mora to DC
    3. Hire Zorn as OC
    4. Get a big name coach (Gruden, Cowher Billick) to run the team
    5. Pay Dungy as much money as he wants to be our GM
    6. Rebuild the O-Line (Steps 10-12)
    7. Get our #1 receiver, and leave branch in the dust. Terrell Owens would bring the legitimacy and attitude to us that we need. Plus I think he’d be a stud to compliment housh.
    8. Get a better safety. (Taylor Mays with the first first) We’ve seen the steelers without polamalu. We look worse. Babs in a 2nd string safety at best. Let’s get a good safety.
    9. Bye Kerney. You’re getting replaced with Osi Umenyiora, who made it evident he didn’t want to be a giant.
    10. Jahri Evans. Unless the Saints target him hard, we really need to pick him up.
    11. Draft a LT with our second first rounder, and hope walter jones can groom him for at least 8 games next year.
    12. Somehow get a taller corner than Jennings (and Wilson, but retain him), we’re never going to beat Arizona with a 5’9 corner.

    QB of the future can wait for another year. Let’s see what Hasselbeck has left in the tank. I know he’s got a few good years left. Just gotta let him get rolling.

  37. Where does the idea come from that Holmgren would trade for Hasselbeck next year? Isn’t that a reach?

    Hasselbeck will be 35 when next season starts. When Holmgren brought Hasselbeck to the Seahawks from the Packers he was 26. He brought Favre to the Pack at 23. He brought Dilfer to the Seahawks as a backup at 29. You really think Holmgren will trade value for a 35 year old QB whose name isn’t Favre?

  38. albanyhawker says:

    Here’s a little something to help take the sting out of today’s loss (perhaps!)

  39. tacomaguy36 says:

    One word FIRED! We need to rebuild starting with offensive line, going all the way to quarterback and coach! WE STINK!!! And I am pissed off!

  40. it’s time for Moron to take some responsibility for this pathetic excuse of a football team & resign.

    Our record may have been worse last year, but the team was nowhere near this bad on the field.

  41. Mora as dc is a TERRIBLE idea. The secondary sucked the 2 years he was secondary coach.

    As a football coach, the dude is WORTHLESS.

  42. nidhighe says:

    Get a good GM. Fire the entire coaching staff. Keep Hasselbeck, but also draft the QB of the future. Those are good places to start fixing things.


  43. Seahawks2620 says:

    I’m not sure if anyone just watched the Jim Mora show, but a guy named Gordy just asked if Mora could give an answer besides “working hard” for how this team will improve and give fans hope. Mora danced around the damn answer for a minute and then ended up answering “we will work hard” !!!!!!!!!! Is this guy serious?

  44. BobbyAyala says:

    2620 – you have to understand, the job of a HC is far more political than you think. These people have millions in the balance, and they can’t just speak the truth. If everyone spoke the truth, the entire nation would collapse. We are built upon and live everyday based on deception and outright lies. That’s the way America works.

    Now, Radeon, you have built an amazing list that will never happen. You’re a smart man, but, I would venture a guess that not one of your wishes comes true.

  45. ragpappy says:

    Mora, Yes WE will get it fixed……

    When your not in charge of this team.. And take that atrocious person you call an offensive coordinator with you..

  46. Seahawks2620 says:

    He didn’t have to answer in such a way that would put his job in jeopardy (if it already isn’t). He just had to find a way to answer, that didn’t involve the words work and hard.

  47. Seahawks2620 says:

    I meant to say if it isn’t already.

  48. BobbyAyala says:

    His job isn’t in jeopardy, Tod Leiweke already made that known.

  49. Re Radeon’s list, I expect that at minimum Knapp will be fired, & the new gm will draft at least one ol with our 2 1st rounders.

  50. bigmike04 says:

    Jim Mora Jr should be fired with his coaching staff, If Mike Holmgren can do it in Cleveland than Paul Allen and Todd L could do it in Seattle. I have strong feeling that Eric Magini will be out looking for job and Jim Mora Jr also should be looking for a job. How can you say each and every week that We will fix it, your just like broke record just repeating same stuff over and over again. Why don’t you man up and tell it like is that the team suck and that you don’t have no clue on how to fix it and that you are over your head.

    Jim Mora Jr only had 1 good yr as Head Coach that was when Mike Vick debut in NFL but than later on as HC Mora Jr threw Vick under the bus like he has done over here with Mare and the OL. I think if anyone should be thrown under the bus it should be Mora Jr and his fellow coaching staff. How in the world did Paul Allen and Todd Lieweki be so stupid and fail to look at Mora Jr track record as it speak for itself. The guy is just not that good of NFL coach as NFL Coach shouldn’t be a player coach as player just might not take you serious when you need to be serious. In my opionion you need a coach that is type like Bill Cowher who will lit a fire where sun doesn’t shine and how many time do you have to throw your own player under bus when you are failing as HC.

    You know the saying everyone should deserve a second chance well that true in some case and it not true in other case like Sex Offender and Prisoners being let out and Mora Jr or Eric Magini getting another chances at being Head Coach as just sometime your just better off being an Assistant coach.

    I hope Paul Allen look very hard and see what happen this season as see that Mora Jr threw his player under the bus is just uncalled for period. Time to clean house and that start from your coaching staff to the players.

  51. BobbyAyala says:

    “If Mike Holmgren can do it in Cleveland than Paul Allen and Todd L could do it in Seattle.”

    hehehe…. good one…

  52. BobbyAyala says:

    After reading Jerry Brewer’s take on Seattle sports fans, it’s obvious, almost fact, that this market will never, ever, ever win a championship.

    If you’re on the west coast and want to taste a title, you better live in California….period.

    Otherwise, you are God’s whipping boy.

  53. Well after a good night’s sleep…… I still feel the same. Mora and his staff must be fired at the end of the season. We should keep Matt. Use our two 1st rounders for the Offence. I liked what Hugh had to say after the game.. Pittsburgh is a good model to build a franchise. Tough hard nosed football. With that philosophy you feel as though you always have a chance.

  54. Southendzone says:

    Add’l comments from mora regarding plan for next year

  55. Ok… I’ll use some of the BobbyK sarcasm…..

    I really, REALLY want Mora back!… I want to spend my money on a losing team to show I don’t have a brain in my head and the more I spend I realize the more the Tod Leiweke’s of this world will laugh at my foolishness… I want this whole team back again next year and I can’t wait to hear we’re ‘getting it done’ and stuff… Sorry family & friends, I’m giving my heart, soul and all the money I can find to the Seahawks cause I am very, very proud of them and want to show them they are doing things just exctly the way I want them to… High five you guys!!! Nice job!!!

  56. Dukeshire says:

    “If everyone spoke the truth, the entire nation would collapse. We are built upon and live everyday based on deception and outright lies. That’s the way America works.” – That type of cynicism is fine for rabble rousing but it has nothing to do with reality. And in the context in which you have said this it becomes even more erroneous. Jim Mora wasn’t lying last night when he said they would work hard to improve this football team. He believes that. What’s at issue here is that when someone, like “Gordy”, asks him to offer something to the fans in lieu of “working hard” to make them feel better, he can’t. He has no real answers. After nearly a year of him at the helm one thing has become clear; he is an intangible guy. Specifics and fundamentals are not in his primary make up. “work hard” “give effort” “pressure” “accountability” these are the things he preaches. So when someone asks a point blank question, he’s not lying, he simply doesn’t know. Now, of course there are some coaches who intentionally mislead and give false information as a matter of strategy, but I’m certain that’s not what we’re talking about here. I would feel better about him if he were lying, if he had answers but he held them close as if they were so valuable to the outside football world that he not dare reveal them by way of direct answers. But sadly, we all know or believe, this is not the case.

  57. Dukeshire says:

    And BobbyA, I have to ask; are you referring to Brewer’s series on fans in general or is there one article in particular that leads you to believe that this market will “…never, ever, ever win a championship.”?

  58. Now that my emotions have (somewhat) come back to earth, I can look at this (somewhat) rationally. In my mind, I think the biggest issues are:

    1. Lack of ability on the OLine, and losing the #1 asset there in Big Walt. Changing to a simpler, zone blocking scheme was supposed to help. It’s been very successful when implemented elsewhere. I think the talent just couldn’t execute it. This also took away Matt’s biggest weapon in Carlson since he has had to stay in and block.

    2. Matt has been killed the last two years due to that sieve of an OLine. He’s gone from Pro Bowl to David Carr/Joey Harrington in 2 years.

    3. Forcing the scheme to fit the players. We aren’t built for Knapp’s or Bradley’s schemes. If the combination of players can’t deliver using the new scheme, it simply can’t succeed. The answer is change the scheme or change the players. They really did neither, opting to force their schemes with the same players.

    4. The coach lost the team. I hate this comment because I think professional athletes should recognize they are paid WAY more than everyone in these blog comments combined and they should play as professionals. But, in a game where the players all make way more than the coaches, the inmates can run the asylum if the coach can’t motivate and inspire them.

    5. All teams have injuries, but we did get hit with a few pretty high-profile ones again this year (Tatupu, Walt, Hasselbeck).

    So, with all of that, it seems the obvious first piece is the OLine. That could have a trickle-down effect and “fix” many of the other problems. My fixes:

    1. Use the first pick on the biggest, best OLine stud available when we pick.

    2. Trade the second first-round pick for someone else’s 2nd and 3rd picks. Face it, with 2 first round picks we’ll have to dump too much available cap space into two players with 2 first round picks.

    3. Use all of those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th picks to get good, solid players at Safety, Corner (preferably taller than 5’9”) and interior DLine. If Teel isn’t the next starting QB, go get one in the 2nd or 3rd who will be.

    4. Implement a hybrid of the “new scheme” next year, one that contains parts of where Mora wants to go, but also leaves room for the players to succeed in what they’re set up to do. Evolve the scheme over subsequent years to get where you want to go…don’t try doing it all at once.

    I don’t think they’ll fire Mora. I actually don’t think they need to. But I would make a condition of continued employment being a. to force him never, ever, ever call out players in the press, b. apologize to his players for doing so this year and letting them know it won’t happen again, and c. hire Dungy, Cowher or Mooch as “coaching consultants” similar to what SF did with Walsh. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Knapp demoted to running backs coach and bringing in a different OC.

    Ok, whew, I’m done (for now).

  59. Hasselbeck played poorly in the first half of the Rams game (1st game of the year) and the first half of the first 49ers game until the last drive. It was fortunate he was playing the Rams in that first game or it could have gotten ugly for him.

    He is no longer playing the Rams so it has gotten ugly. Changes are Sunday is his last game in a Seahawks uniform and I will salute him this weekend.

  60. Oops…I forgot:

    5. Develop a 3-4 defensive scheme to get the talent on the field.

    6. Make Seneca a WR or let him go.

  61. Nope. It’s the next day and I still don’t feel any better about our coaching staff or team. Not good.

    Mike Shanahan would make me feel better about our coaching staff. His biggest problem in the dual role of coach/gm was his tendency to pick up too many morons. Hey, I’m all for picking up a wild man in moderation, but not enough to the point where they are almost the majority. I’d like a combination of the Ruskell character and the Shanahan philosophy of winning at all costs with any players. There needs to be balance. I have always thought he was one of the best coaches in the NFL. With him, we’d have a top 5 best coach. If we stick with the status quo, we have a top 5 worst coach. I know it would cost money (in getting Shanahan and firing Mora) but that’s what it would take for this organization to take a giant step in the right direction. Plus, Shanahan is one of the few guys who can say he beat up, and sometimes outcoaches, Belichik too. That’s a pretty damn rare quality that we wouldn’t find with almost anyone else.

    Does this sound familiar — Shanahan probably ran himself too thin with being coach and gm. We had a guy like that too, and things improved when he focused only on being a coach.

    Allen has more money than Snyder, there’s no way this should be a factor if the organization is telling the truth (and serious) about wanting to get back to the top.

    Mike Shanahan for ’10 coach. (my name is bobbyk and I approve this message)

  62. Another random thought: Is anyone else wondering about Hill this year? I thought the new coaching staff would play him to his strengths more often? I’m not saying I expected him to blitz all the time, but that is a strength of his and he’s not doing it very often. It’s just confusing when you hear Mora last year saying things like he’s going to put the players in the best position to succeed and then he plays John Marshall, Part II (with respect to Hill) only from the opposite side of the field.

  63. bulldog80 says:

    Bobby, I too am with you on shanahan. I’m not saying he’s the only choice but I think he’d be a good choice. He has said more than once that he doesn’t want to have the GM duties and is willing to work with a team’s GM.

    You guys talking about not firing mora and hiring a “babysitter” to oversee him is totally unpractical. Would you want someone looking over your shoulder at work everyday? It wouldn’t work and is a recipe for disaster. Look at the redskins this year if you need evidence of this. Just fire him for crying out loud! He’s done nothing but make us a worse football team.

  64. HawkyHann says:

    Coach Mora:

    I’ve seen enough. Please show us why your the head coach. At this point it’s hard to believe your not there because of your Seattle connections. Your resume was not that impressive to begin with, look at your job the last two seasons as DB coach…not good. Now, you can’t motivate anyone, especially the offense and your boy Knapp calls a very strange game.

    Please tell me that Paul Allen is looking at your performance as well as every other coach this offseason. The projects of Bradley and Knapp are gross, if not pathetic. Your lucky you had a young Mike Vick during to help make you look better. I can’t stand watching this team. Your also a PR mightmare, quit saying we’ll try hard and fix things, no you won’t. We’ve been hearing this all season and we’re the laughing stock of the NFL.

  65. “Changes are Sunday is his last game in a Seahawks uniform and I will salute him this weekend”

    So who starts next year then? Seneca? Teel? I still doubt it. Matt has been bad this year, and esp of late, but there are other factors contributing (o-line, o-scheme, receivers)- unless the staff deems him physically unable to play in the next training camp, I’m sure he’ll get another shot. I do think that if he has 4-5 games at the start of next year that are something like these last couple – then they would look to someone else. I hate to think of him as Jake Delhomme – he’s been such a better player over his career – but it is what it is.

  66. I don’t see it as a “babysitter.” I see it more as a mentoring type of thing. Mora (apparently) has the skills to get hired and has been around the league a long time. The way they did it in Washington was ridiculous…Mid-season as a playcaller is a slap in the face and vote of no-confidence. Mora would still be the coach. he would still use his “skills.” This consultant would be a coach-for-the-coach. Works in business, why not football?

    Or yeah, just clean house and have a new GM bring in an entirely new coaching staff starting with a Shanahan or Cowher (as much both of those guys bug me). ;)

  67. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – When the hired Bradley and traded Peterson away I really thought we’d see Hill back at the strong side blitzing a lot more, as he did his rookie season. But as soon as the took Curry I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Despite that, he has played well if not under the radar this year. And the past 3 games I have actually seen him blitz a couple times and play more in the backfield. It’s little things like that, that give me hope for Bradley. He seems to try different things and experiment. Eric has mentioned before that Mora still has a strong influence on the defensive schemes and I wonder exactly what the dynamic is there. I don’t get the feeling Bradley is free to do all that he would like. But of course, that’s just conjecture.

  68. pdway – this is what makes things a bit on the dire end for the Seahawks – there is no plan B at QB for the Seahawks.

    Mora could have given Teel some time in these massive blowouts but instead decided to keep Hasselbeck in there to turn 40 point losses into a 30 point losses – right there he set the team back because he is clearly just fighting for his job.

    Now we have no idea what Teel can bring to a game. I’ve watched every snap of Teel in college and I have no idea where he is at. It’s nearly pointless to play him at this point – the only thing a rookie QB can do in 1 start is look bad. And the Seahawks owe Hasselbeck one last home hurrah.

    So what do the Seahawks do here? Draft a QB? Who in this class excites you? Pick up a journeyman free agent to set the team back even more? Might as well get blown out with no place to go with Hasselbeck.

    Hasselbeck is exactly Jake Delhomme West (I’ve said that many times this year). But the Panthers had a good young QB (anyone remember who his first start/win was against?) and are in much better shape.

    If Hasselbeck can put together 6 straight quarters of good QB play again, I’d be in his camp, but he hasn’t done this since 2007.

  69. I’m not claiming Matt has the fastball of his youth… but I find it funny that people complain about how he’s always dinking and dunking the ball when he clearly has a line that does not allow consistent time for WRs to give double moves (i.e. enough time to get open) or things of that nature. Hell, this is a guy who was sacked on a 1 step drop a few weeks ago.

    I was watching the Dallas-Washington game last night and Jason Campbell, whose line rivals Matt’s as just as shoddy (not many can make that claim), leads the league in pass attempts under 10 yards. Did anyone else see that stat last night? He has the lowest yardage per throw in the NFL. And then Chris Collinsworth, who I usually hate to listen to, said that he is forced to make those throws because there simply isn’t time to make longer throws (as many of us have been saying). Just like Matt.

    I’m not certainly not saying Matt has nearly the arm strength of Campbell but if he’s dinking and dunking all the time, AND he (Campbell) has a cannon for an arm, there’s probably more legitimacy to the claim (although we already knew) that Matt simply doesn’t have enough time on a week-to-week basis.

    Campbell and Matt have been so beat up during the season that “it’s hard to tell what we have in him anymore” (great line from the movie – Seabiscuit… that horse is like a lot of good QBs who’ve had the sh!t kicked out of them). He obviously doesn’t have hardly any confidence when he goes back to throw. And anyone who has played sports knows what confidence can do for you. If you played basketball and made a couple of 3-pointers in a row, the ball feels pretty good when it leaves your hand for another 3-point shot. If you are 3-3 in a baseball game, you are feeling good and confident when you are in at-bat #4.

    Thanks in part to various things like a bad OL and not having a #1 WR and your best receiver (TE) being forced to block too much, not much of a running game… that adds up to frustration and trying to do too much and Matt has simply played like crap, in part, because of it. I’m not claiming Matt has the fastball of his youth but there’s a lot of other factors that people want to ignore when they make their “Hasselbeck sucks” claims. Of course, if you want to throw him to the dogs because he doesn’t have the fastball of his youth, that’s a pretty narrowed view of thinking. Seems like Mora thinks that way too on many issues. “Accountability” is preached, but the stupid penalties don’t stop. I guess the Matt bashers and Mora have something in common.

    I also find it funny that Favre was washed up about 4 years ago and then all of a sudden his talent level improves and he’s a God again. Granted, he’s still got heat on his fastball… but if heat on your fastball is all that’s needed to be a good QB then Akili Smith should still be starting in the NFL and Sam Bradford is about to be a 7th round pick. Of course, the Hasselbeck bashers hope the Seahawks don’t waste a 7th round pick on him, even if he’s available, because he doesn’t have the necessary arm strength. Heck, the Matt of this year has a cannon compared to the Chad Pennington of last year and Pennington had a great year and took his team to the play-offs, thanks to a much better supporting cast from the front office to the talent on the field.

    One thing that makes me mad about this coaching staff with respect to Matt is that it seems a buddy-buddy relationship, not a coach-player relationahip. Not that Matt hasn’t earned the right to have some input, because he has, but when he makes a stupid throw (and pabuwal mentioned the first Rams game… there were 2 passes in that game I couldn’t figure out) nobody on the sideline gets mad at him. Holmgren would absolutely tear into Matt (after the cooling off period). I think Matt needs this again. A kick in the ass once in awhile when he does something stupid. He definitely deserves one for the last two weeks. You can say some of those INTs weren’t Matt’s fault, but you can also claim a few other balls SHOULD have been picked. I know the frustration of the season has gotten the best of all of us but I think if the talent level improves on offense/defense, along with a coach who actually holds players accountable insteading of paying lip service to “accountability” then we will be on the right track. And, no, I’m not opposed to drafting a QB this year to replace Matt. I’m not saying he’s going to be a stud, like Favre, at 40 years of age.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Haselbeck will play out the remaining year on his contract, here in Seattle, I’m confident. But his successor has now become the main priority, ahead of the o line. It has to be. Whether they address the position in the upcoming draft or they feel Teel is the future, the team’s next GM has to address that first. A team without stability at QB is crippled beyond repair. Hass may have another couple of years in him, especially when the o line is repaired, but the future there cannot wait for another offseason to pass before a plan is in place.

  71. On Mora “losing the team…” Here’s a quote from Peyton after his coach pulled starters that cost them the (meaningless) game and undefeated streak:

    “Until any player in here is the head coach, you follow orders and you follow them with all of your heart,” he said. “That’s what we’ve done as players. We follow orders. Our orders were not to give up a turnover, not to give up a kick return for a touchdown. There’s not many games, under any circumstances, that you win when you have turnovers and give up a kick return for a touchdown.”

    Granted, that’s easier to say when you’re winning. But that’s the mentality *all* players should have. Follow orders with all of your heart. Period. If the orders suck, that will take care of itself.

  72. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with that and I think most players would as well. But what does that say about Mora, that this team has turned a deaf ear to him? There are teams in the league, as bad or worse that the ‘Hawks that don’t quit. Look at Tampa. After Seattle the week before the beat NO yesterday.

  73. It’s not only the loss of physical ability by Hasselbeck, it seems like the loss of mental ability. This new offense has him playing like a rookie all over again. He’s indecisive in the pocket and frequently has tunnel vision. He used to be the master of reading the field and throwing intermediate passes to the third option. Alexander averaged nearly 50 receptions a year from 2001-2003 and dropped off completely after that. I attributed that to Hasselbeck’s mastery of the offense and ability to nail the intermediate passes to any option rather than taking easy dumpoffs.

    He used to never fumble when sacked. On a percentage basis, he’s been among the least sacked in his career this year but on an absolute basis he’s somehow fumbled the most. I attribute that to a loss of grip strength which shows up on the length of time (eg velocity) it takes his throws to reach the destination. This has been a problem since the first drive against Buffalo in 2008 and remains so this year.

  74. Dukeshire says:

    Aside from the injuries he’s sustained the last couple years, I think what you’re pointing to is coaching. Holmgren’s oversight is being felt there as strong as any position on the team.

  75. “If Hasselbeck can put together 6 straight quarters of good QB play again, I’d be in his camp, but he hasn’t done this since 2007. ”

    I do appreciate that comment Pabuwal – and I also, as a fellow Hawks fan, appreciate the absence of gloating in your notes following Hass’ play yesterday.

    Look – if he can’t put together two good games in a row – then his position becomes a problem. I still think that there are a combo of reasons for his downturn this year – and let’s not forget to underscore that losing your all-world LT of the past 10 yrs is a big deal too – but if he can’t overcome these issues – then we need to look elsewhere for the answer.

  76. “Another random thought: Is anyone else wondering about Hill this year?”

    Here’s my thought on Hill – not worth the $$ we are paying him. He’s getting playmaker money, and he’s not that guy. If we’re paying that kind of money, I want a guy who either gets in the backfield as a LB, or gets to the QB as a D-lineman, he is neither. Solid player, often invisible to me for long stretches in games, and so, not worth the % of salary cap he’s taking up.

  77. “I think what you’re pointing to is coaching. Holmgren’s oversight is being felt there as strong as any position on the team. ”

    Seems like in his best years, he also had Zorn as his QB coach – now, Matt’s a veteran, and should be able to overcome that, but loss of his head coach, his QB coach, and a new offensive scheme after 10 yrs in Holmgren’s WC offense – all those things are factors.

  78. hambone08 says:

    I thought I saw Housh ask Mora, “Are you happy?” Did anyone that recorded the game try to desipher that conversation?

  79. bulldog80 says:

    Hill isn’t the only player that has disappeared this year. Can you name me one player that has really been successful? Maybe Hawthorne at times and maybe Forsett but other than that NOONE seems to be in a position to make any plays. To have this drastic of a difference in this many players you have to think that scheme and coaching is the common denominator. We have some good players, they’re just not being set up for success.

  80. There’s not much to gloat about here – we are witnessing the worst year outside of the expansion year in the franchise history. And with no Matt Moore in the lineup, the W/L record could get worse before it gets better.

    I liked Mike Teel in college, watched all his games and think he was a great value for a 6th round pick. But he had some very visible weaknesses in college and somehow I doubt the coaching staff has developed him in the 4 months since we have last seen him.

  81. Look at how both Hasselbeck and Seneca have regressed. Coincidence or coaching? You make the call!

  82. pabuwal,

    Good point! If our coaching staff has done this poor of a job with Hass and Seneca, try imagining what would happen if they dropped Teel into a game. He’d get murdered. If he has any talent whatsoever, it’s worth being patient with him so perhaps the next coaching staff can help him develop before he gets beat up and loses confidence.

  83. princeaden says:

    The only time I really noticed Hill was when he overran his gap assignment and Grant took the ball 60 or so yards to the endzone. Not quite what we are looking for based on the $ spent on him.

  84. It’s normal to wish for some sort of magic bullet to fix things and give us all hope again. A rookie QB is not going to accomplish that. Eric was talking about posting video of Teel throwing three interceptions in a row in practice. He’s not ready and won’t be for quite some time, if ever.

  85. tacstar253 says:

    **They need to play six o linemen and put Carlson in the slot as a wide out. Then have Butler and Housh out wide. This would improve pass protection and hopefully the run game and enable Carlson to get involved in the pass game in a big way. Sound pretty genius to me. And Forsett need to get 20+ carries and 5+ catches every game. They also need to blitz Curry off the corner as a d end on third downs, and just blitz more in general. **

  86. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Hass may be a veteran and you wouldn’t think he’d be making some of the decisions he is, but the fact is he needs help and there is no one there to do that. Even Favre had some of his worst seasons directly after Holmgren left Green Bay. It factors in, no getting around it.

  87. Duke – yeah, I agree. NFL coverages are complex, and it’s exacerbated when your line can’t keep the rush off you. I don’t even know who the QB coach is these days. Zorn is going to get canned this off-season, if they do replace Mora as HC here, I wonder if there’s a spot for Zorn somewhere on the coaching staff?

  88. seahawklovertoo says:

    I still believe in Hass. Obviously, he is not what he used to be few years ago, but give him time and protect him in the pocket, and he’ll be fine. Simply said, I wouldn’t pick a QB in the first round !!! Since we lost the chance to go after Suh because Tampa is winning worthless games, we should go (as many of us have already ) suggested the best OT we can get. If the OL gets fixed with veterans then, I think we should grab “Mt.” Cody or a DE.
    Now, I know most of you don’t believe this but, Holmgren may really try to get Hass (for a 3 rounder).In that case, we can bring Garcia to start until Teel is ready, or whom ever they pick in the later rounds. After the new QB starts we can keep Garcia as a QB coach.

  89. seahawklovertoo says:

    I understand the love for Zorn, but I think he’ll go where Holmgren is to heal after
    the Snyder experience.

  90. Echoing earlier comments, how can we really be excitied about Mora heading into next season with the way Seattle is losing right now. Losing is one thing but losing like this is just plain horrible.
    Blame for the OL is directly on Ruskell. We have seen the writing on the wall the past 3 years that Big Walt’s career was coming to an end. Yet they didn’t plan for it and groom anyone correctly. Losing Hutch was magnified by the fact that the entire OL was pieced together with underachieving high draft picks, older players with injury issues let go by their former teams and mid level draft guys who are nothing more than professional backups.
    Yes, finding our future QB is important but whatever young kid they draft is going to get eaten alive due to the OL in front of him just like Matt has. Alex Smith anyone?
    My real beef is with Mora though and the way the current guys are playing. Not just OL but all positions. Everyone is underperforming. There was a comment earlier about these guys being professionals and not needing motivation due to their salaries. I think all people need motivation in their careers – no matter what they do. I’ve worked for a couple of fairly large companies with lots of well educated, highly creative individuals who are great workers. However, when times of trouble within a company arise that weakens employee morale (not meeting goals/expectations, potential sale of the company, lay-offs, etc) even high level execs have underperformed around me due to a lack of motivation and clarity from above. One company then hired a great CEO (after about 4 months of seeing zombies walking the halls with no motivation) who came in and completely changed the morale and got everyone excited again to work there, from the EVP’s down to the mailroom clerks. So yes, football players can lack motivation and dedication to their work also if they don’t have the right person leading them.
    Right now there is no light at the end of the tunnel with this team. If in these losses we can say, well at least we are getting better, at least the players are rallying around and fighting (Tampa Bay?) then that would be something. When a team is rebuilding a coach should have a couple seasons to secure the team he really has to have for his style. But in this case Mora is showing no signs of life or improvement. I consider myself level headed and optimistic but we have a couple years before we can rebound from this point. I’m officially off the Mora bandwagon at this point and that pains me. If the Cowher/Colbert coach/GM combo is willing to head to Seattle cut ties with Mora now instead of waiting a year to replace him when they aren’t available.

  91. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a diehard Eagles fan – and it’s an interesting franchise-to-franchise comparison – because they are a team that have been similarly good throughout the 2000’s (and so, not many high first round picks), and have a QB of similar abilities and age, in my opinion – and yet, look at how far apart the teams are today?

    I guess it’s simple and obvious – but it’s all about personnel decisions and drafting. They’ve been good, and managed to stay good – while re-loading with guys like Jackson, Lesean McCoy, Maclin – and suddenly they’re a team with playmakers again surrounding their veteran QB. And all the while, they remained an attacking, aggressive defense.

    Not sure i have a big point to make – just interesting to see how different teams can go, when starting from the same basic place.

  92. pdway – McNabb still has an excellent arm, can elude pressure and make teams pay for the blitz by delivering the ball down the field. Hasselbeck has none of these.

  93. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – I think that’s an interesting comparison, as well. One of the things that really intrigues me about Heckert is how the Eagles have been able to reload (rebuild) a very good team with minimal down side. They are loaded for years to come; McNabb, Kolb ready. Westbrook, McCoy ready. Young talent and play makers all over. I totally agree with you, here. I’m hoping the ‘Hawks are willing to wait until their season is over to bring him in for an interview.

  94. “pdway – McNabb still has an excellent arm, can elude pressure and make teams pay for the blitz by delivering the ball down the field. Hasselbeck has none of these”

    Not saying I agree with the above – but I’d also argue back that McNabb’s game is far from perfect – he’s more mobile for sure, but he’s also way less accurate, is also not getting any younger (and is therefore equally prone to injury as Hass).

    But yeah, they do look to have his successor in place – which is something we do not.

  95. McNabb never had Hasselbeck’s (former?) accuracy on short to mid range passes. McNabb’s had many lower body injuries his whole career – but remember he started from a much higher point in terms of physical tools. So while McNabb has lost a lot scrambling ability, he can still be effective when needed and still has above average arm strength.

  96. pabuwal – I agree 100% that his decision making is becoming rookie like and that scares the hell out of me.

    There’s 3 things…

    1. His coaching this year sucks in comparison to Holmgren.
    2. His OL isn’t giving him time to make better decisions.
    3. His physical skills aren’t the same.
    It’s all of the above and I think we can all agree on that.

    I believe that some of these stupid throws of him are between coaching and getting his ass kicked on a weekly basis that he’s simply flinging the ball around too much, in part, out of frustration trying to make plays.

    I also know that a guy like Larry Fitzgerald or Brandon Marshall have a unique way of making QBs look good when their QBs sometime throw up crappy jump balls that the WRs catch. Granted, there aren’t many of those guys.

    But Braylon Edwards (moron, but talented) and Kellen Windslow (and Jurevicius) were talented receivers who made a guy like Derek Anderson a Pro Bowler. Not to mention quality OL like Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach. The Hasselbeck haters will like me for this one… but a trade that does make sense is Hasselbeck to Cleveland for Derek Anderson. Not that I condone this trade, but it does make some sense.

    One thing I know in life is that you’re supposed to get smarter/wiser as you get older. Lots of players, when they get older, rely on veteran savy to make up for lost athletic ability. But Matt has lost all confidence (he’s smarter, but making dumber decisions) and this ship we’re all sailing on as fans isn’t very much fun. But, we’re the die-hards, and we’ll be here no matter what…

  97. Just got back on here… been painting the living room alllllll day… Jeesch!

    Saw this: “my name is bobbyk and I approve this message”

    Ya got me Bobby! Love it!!!

  98. Dukeshire says:

    Hey Bobby – Shanahan? I guess you’ve softened on your zone blocking scheme stance. I’m not a fan and hopefully, by the time the Seahawks have their new GM in place, Shanahan will have signed with the ‘Skins. He has a tremendous resume, but I pass.

  99. nighthawk2 says:

    Well as one of the “rabble”, I don’t believe a word Mora says, and having a liar as a head coach would not make me feel better. This guy is an idiot as far as I’m concerned, he has no business being a head coach, he doesn’t have a clue and is in way over his head. Watching Paul Sivli give him marshmellow questions and listening to the same b.s. “cliches”, to use Mora’s own word when a viewer sent a question in about can he offer anything more than “work hard” as an answer to what they’ll do to improve (he couldn’t, and then used “work hard” in his rambling, disjointed and incoherent ‘answer’) just made me ill. I wouldn’t care if they fired the entire staff today and let the players coach themselves for the last game, Hasselbeck call the offensive plays and Hawthorne the defensive, they couldn’t do any worse.

    Sando’s blog is offering some speculation on Hasselbeck, that Seattle will either keep him for 2010 or trade him, maybe to Cleveland with Holmgren there, based mostly on if a new coach is brought in and if he scraps the WCO and installs something more effective. The WCO is all Hasselbeck knows, and if an offense like what New Orleans runs, for example, or Indy, well, Hasselbeck isn’t the guy for that. If you want 10 yard slants and passes to backs in the flat, he’s your guy.

    This team needs to be blown up, from the top down. Abolish the “CEO” position, get a team prez who’s a football guy, a GM who can judge talent, and a coach who knows what he’s doing and can put a good staff together, and turn over the roster to get rid of the deadwood that Tim Ruskell wasted so much money (and time) on.

    The one thing that keeps me going as a fan is the thought that next year we won’t have this idiot staring incomprehensively on the sidelines as his team muddles through another pasting on the field, and this collection of stiffs that started calling travel agents for hotel rates in Hawaii and Bermuda about week 6.

  100. Derek Anderson is similar to Hasselbeck in that he needs a lot of players around him playing at a high level to play at a high level. The Seahawks have a bunch of average to below average players on offense. Derek Anderson will only make those guys look like garbage which is pretty much how they look now.

    This is not a good offense, but is nowhere near as bad as they look lately. They ran the ball well, protected well and were in the game yardage wise through the first half. But the team just seemed to go in the tank the last 2 weeks after Hasselbeck delivered his second turnover of each game.

    A lot of posters the past few months have felt that Hasselbeck was being let down by his team, but the actions of the team seem to indicate they feel let down by him during each of the last 2 games.

  101. Duke… Gotta agree to disagree?… I still don’t believe Hass is the prob…. I’m feelin’ the offensive line is still the most glaring need we have… Not QB… we need it for the running game too, not just QB protection…
    Gotta ask, not just you, but others jumpin’ on Hass… … If Holmy was our HC, would you expect Hass would have had the interceptions he’s had in the last 2 weeks? Maybe (stretch) one week, but week two? Week one was an anomoly… week two, ….????
    Holmgren? We’re talkin’ ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ under Holmgren…
    Not saying we don’t need to go after a QB, cause I believe we need to, but OL is the primary need… (outside of a head coach… LOL! I believe you’ve heard that from me before…) ;-)

  102. The QB position is definitely the most important position on any franchise. I think Duke simply means that this all important position needs to be made sooner, rather than later. I used to think we could draft our future QB in ’10-11-or-12… but now I’m thinking it’s got to be ’10 or ’11. And whenever we do start our young guy, we have to realize that in all probability… we’re almost giving up a legit chance to win the Super Bowl in that persons first two years as a starter. He simply will need time to catch on. And then there’s no guarantees that he’s not some moron like JP Losman, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, or whoever. That position is definitely key. One good draft decision and the franchise is back in the game in a short amount of time… One bad decision and the franchise is set back since they will give him a few years to prove he doesn’t suck… and when he proves he does suck… it’ll be time to set the franchise back a few more years with another new guy… If anyone knows what this is like, it is us with McGwire, Stouffer, and Mirer.

  103. And don’t forget in that time period of Stouffer, McGwire, and Mirer… that’s high picks we’re using on the QB position… where if we would have hit it big with Stouffer, we would have been able to make picks at other positions that would have helped the team. I know those guys didn’t all come in within three years of each other, but you get the point…

  104. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2 – You can spin or reword what I said whichever way you want, believe him or not, that your business. (I actually suggest you re-read what I wrote, we are closer to agreement than you seem to think) But I for one, don’t think he’s lying when he answers questions, I think his inept answers are all he has. And saying that if he were a lier I’d feel better was in jest. Although it would make me feel better about things if he did know how to “fix” this mess, but simply said, he doesn’t.

    Bobby – That’s exactly what I mean. And to answer IB’s question, no I don’t. I’ve stated several times in this thread alone, how I feel about that. Hass may not be THE problem, but his play is certainly a liability, at this point. The future of that position, after Matt, must be made this off season. I don’t see how it can be ignored.

  105. nighthawk2 says:

    Yeah I know you don’t think he’s a liar. I didn’t say you did. You said you’d feel better with a liar as a coach who withheld things from the fans because he’s a such a genius he wants to lead other teams astray, like Bilicheck thinks he is. I wouldn’t feel better with that. What part of that don’t you understand? Now you say you’re joking. Whatever. A couple of weeks ago you said you wanted him back for another, too. Yeah, Jim Moron doesn’t have any answers because he doesn’t have a clue, he never should have been a head coach and the Falcons figured it out and fired him after 3 seasons, they just used his comments on the radio about the UW job as an excuse. He would never have been on this staff if Ruskell hadn’t forced him on Holmgren. He would never be head coach here if Ruskell hadn’t been GM here and forced the issue. Ruskell’s gone now, and it’s time for his lapdog to go to.

  106. Duke – the only way I’m in favor of bringing the ZBS back is if it’s Shanahan as our head coach. No way in hell I want anything to do with it from anyone else.

  107. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, a couple weeks ago I didn’t feel the problems were as deep as I do now. In an effort to be reasonable, I felt changes to the staff would be enough, I no longer feel that way. I never went as far as to say “I want him back”. And yes I was being sarcastic about a liar. I was trying to illustrate the point that as much as I dislike liars even that would be better than the current situation. And it was all specific to Mora not a head coach in general. In addition I made a point of differentiating between lying and a lack of total disclosure as a means of strategy. In any case…

  108. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I hear you, just teasing a bit.

  109. Have I told you lately how much I like the ZBS?


  110. andres4317 says:

    Go and join this facebook page:

    Let’s get as many true blue and green Seahawk fans to join and let Tod Lewieke(who should be fired after Mora) and Mr. Paul Allen that we are fed up with Jim Mora Jr. pathetic attempts at coaching this team. He has called out players, given excuse after excuse, screams obscenities at his players on the sidelines–as if that motivates grown men who get paid millions, and cannot coach a defense to save his life. Join now! Let our voice be heard!

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