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Wednesday practice report: Hasselbeck awaits return trip to Lambeau

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 23, 2009 at 2:29 pm with 24 Comments »
December 23, 2009 3:06 pm

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said he’s ready to get back on the field and erase the memory of last week’s performance, in which he threw four interceptions and fumbled against Tampa Bay.

“As a player in the NFL you have another opponent coming up,” he said. “And win or lose, that Sunday night you enjoy it or lament over it a little bit, and the next day you get to work for the next opponent.”

As far as returning to Lambeau Field, where Hasselbeck is 0-4 as a player, he thinks it’s a special place to play.

“In college I can remember going to South Bend and there’s just something really cool about that,’ Hasselbeck said. “In the NFL I think Lambeau is probably that place, with the history and the tradition there with that organization it’s a lot of fun. It’s probably my favorite place on the road to experience.”

Hasselbeck wore gloves during practice today, like Arizona’s Kurt Warner, just to get a feel for how it might be in the game. However, Hasselbeck said he probably will not wear gloves on Sunday, or sleeves as well.

Hasselbeck also said it means a lot to have a chance to pass Dave Krieg as the team’s all-time leading passer. Hasselbeck currently sits at 26,060 yards, 73 yards behind Krieg (26,132).

“I can just remember when I first got here during pre-game, reading through the gameday program or whatever, and just seeing the names on the list and seeing how far away I was from getting there,” Hasselbeck said. “And then imagining possibly having a chance to climb up the list, never mind reach Dave Krieg, who really had set just about every record here – him or Zorn. So to be close is pretty cool.”

One former Packer looking forward to playing against Green Bay is defensive tackle Collin Cole. The seventh year player said he has a point to make after his former team’s lukewarm pursuit of him during free agency in the offseason.

“Not that this is a vengeance thing,” Cole said. “But we’re in a great situation to make so this team doesn’t get an opportunity to go into the postseason, and if we can make that happen and play spoiler to somebody and make someone’s Christmas not as happy, that’d be awesome.”

Also, Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Seattle defensive end Darryl Tapp bit him in last year’s game at Seattle.

Rodgers: “Yeah, he bit me through my long sleeve that I was wearing. There wasn’t a whole lot of words spoken. I looked down and my arm was hurt and it felt like a bee sting. I was looking down and he was biting my arm so I had to get his teeth off my shoulder.

“Luckily I was wearing a long sleeve so I don’t know if he actually (broke the skin). I had a bruise for the rest of the season. Other than that I was good.”

Asked about the incident, Tapp put on is helmet, which has a full cage, stating there’s no way he could bit someone with his helmet on. The usually good-natured Tapp added he’d let his reputation speak for itself.

I’ll provide an update with a link to the play in question.

Notes from practice
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  1. There is supposed to be a huge storm in the Midwest in the coming days and lasting through Saturday. We’re supposed to get 20 inches of snow in our area and I’ve heard it’s going to hover for a few days and they talked about the MN/WI border. Maybe the ‘Hawks will have to fly out of the way to avoid it?

  2. seahawklovertoo says:

    I have never bet on a Seahawks game and I have never wished them a loss or, rooted against them….. That said the choicr is simple even though I would be extreeeeeeeeemly happy if the Cowboys don’t make the play-offs. Jerry Jones will fire Phillips anyway and bring in Shanahan .
    NOW, when that happens , Shany will get rid of Dallas’ OC Garrett. Do You know what I am thinking?

  3. nighthawk2 says:

    I think Shanahan is likely going to be the Redskins coach. The way Colin Cole has played this year, it’s not surprising that Green Bay was lukewarm in it’s efforts to re-sign him. Hasselbeck is about to be 0-5 at Lambeau and the Seahawks are going to get blown out. Unless it snows so much it’s a 7-0 game. But if they get clobbered at home against a 1 win team, what’s the chance they’re going to play well and win, on the road, against a 9 win team? He can savor passing Dave Kreig, who played on run oriented teams with a run oriented coach after they get pushed all over the field again. Man I’m sick of this, I so want a whole new regime that’s going to put a tough, physical, winning team on the field that makes other teams afraid to play them, instead of the crap that’s here that other teams laugh at and even 1 win bottom feeders look forward to playing.

  4. nighthawk2 says:

    I should say he’ll be 0-5 against Green Bay, not only at Lambeau.

  5. HarbachHawk says:

    “The way Colin Cole has played this year, it’s not surprising that Green Bay was lukewarm in it’s efforts to re-sign him.”

    nighthawk2, I agree. 23 solo tackles, 0 FF and 0 Sacks. Where is Norman Hand when you need him!

  6. The Seahawks took a good run defense and made it a bit stronger with Cole but having a good run defense and bad pass defense is useless in today’s NFL. Cole hurts the pass defense.

    Hasselbeck did beat the Packers at Qwest in 2006. He had a 52 QB rating that game and Alexander had 200 yards. He had a rough end to 2006 after EJ Henderson injured him, with 6 of his last 8 games having a QB rating under 70.

  7. I like the Hand comment. Good to have some hard cores in the house. Good stuff.

  8. Duke – why did I think Idaho played tonight? Uhhh… I had been looking forward to it most of the day! Guess I have to wait a week to see Iupati.

  9. Okay lets assume 2 things

    1. Knapp get fired as OC (hopefully)

    2. Zorn get fired as HC in Washington (probably)

    now . . .

    1. Would anyone be interested in bringing him here as an OC


    2. Would Toddy boy even be willing to let our new GM bring him back, since he was a Holmy boy. even though there are other connections to the franchise

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    I was looking at the free agent class, and a couple of guys that I think we need to take a hard look at this off season are guys like SD WR Vincent Jackson, NO RB Pierre Thomas, AZ WR Steve Breaston, NO OG Jahri Evans, TB OT Donald Penn, and DEN DE Elvis Dumervil.

    Obviously we cannot acquire every one of these guys, but they are all players that we should definitely be interested in. I have been wanting a BIG wide out with great hands in Seattle for a while, and Vincent Jackson is a phenomenal athlete. I think that Pierre Thomas has proven that he can be a very solid RB and if given the chance, he could probably be the starter (if we cannot get one in the draft). Others have already mentioned Steve Breaston, and it is simply because we all know what he can do. He has burned us countless times in the last couple of seasons and I would like to see him do the same thing on the other side of things. Another guy who has already been mentioned is OG Jahri Evans, who has emerged as the Saints best run blocker over the season. I think that Donald Penn doesn’t get that much attention because he is on the Bucs, but he is as solid as they come from what I have seen. He apparently handled our AWESOME pass rushers anyway haha (this would also allow for Locklear to go back to RT where he should be). Elvis Dumervil is an awesome story and I would love to see him on our team next season, but he is due a ton of money this off season. Then again, which one of these guys isn’t. Another guy that is sort of under the radar because he is hidden in the gigantic shadows of the Williams’ and Jared Allen, is Ray Edwards. This guy can definitely hold his own. These are just a few suggestions, but with how much money Paul Allen has put into this organization, he deserves for management to start spending it wisely and put a legit contender on the field. I wish dumb ass Ruskell wouldn’t have wasted these last couple of seasons.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – I could have sworn they did too but they are playing in the Humanitarian Bowl Dec 30th against Bowling Green.

    Norman Hand? Wow, what a pull.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t remember hearing about this. Do any of you? It seems absolutely impossible;

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Well, I clearly didn’t read Eric’s article very closely. Lol, Way to distracted tonight.

  14. snydro22 says:

    If it makes u feel any better Duke, I clicked on ur link and read it without knowing Eric had posted it until just now – when I logged back in and read your second comment..

  15. seahawklovertoo says:

    I have expressed my hatred for the Dallas Cowboys many times before….. but, if Jason Garrett is let go to coach elsewhere, it will be foolish not to sign him.
    Anyone that can make Tony Romo become a star in NFL is a bona fide genius and can make any team be successful.

  16. HarbachHawk says:

    Happy Holidays gents. I sure hope I get that Seahawks flask I asked for. I got a feeling that I will be putting it to use a lot in the near future. Enjoy the holiday and above all BE SAFE.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks HarHawk, you as well!

  18. hawks4life says:

    this is the fire jim mora thread great read

  19. Not counting the TB game, ProFootballFocus ranks Colin Cole 31st overall, and he has been good against the run (ranked 10th) with 23 tackles, and 6 assists. He’s also missed 3 tackles. He doesn’t possess a pass-rush to speak of, but has had 4 QB pressures, and 2 batted passes. He doesn’t quite have enough size/strength to overpower double teams but he holds up well enough to bottle up the A gaps. Cole’s best game was vs MIN, an old nemesis. The only game he really struggled in was against STL and Steven Jackson. Cole didn’t get any tackles.
    Meanwhile, Brandon Mebane is ranked 13th.

    Just looking at the Hawks players, the players with the best position stats in order from top to bottom are: David Hawthorne, Leroy Hill, Brandon Mebane, Josh Wilson, Nick Reed, Lofa, LoJac, Will Herring, Colin Cole, Kelly Jennings, Lance Laury, Lawyer Milloy, Darryl Tapp, Red Bryant, Travis Fisher, Jordan Babineaux, Cory Redding, Deon Grant, Craig Terrill, Ken Lucas, Patrick Kerney, Aaron Curry, and Marcus Trufant is the stats tail-gunner.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding the ‘Fire Mora thread ant Walters; while I can appreciate the sentiment, the comments and posts are mind numbingly idiotic.

  21. Soggybuc says:

    Cole is OK! he does the job he was hired for and that is plug the middle and allow Mebane to get 1v1 looks. our ends are the cause of our pass rush problems.

  22. Danny O’Neill at the Seattle Times has an article that quotes Lawyer Milloy, Mr. All-Pro, Mr. 2 Super Bowl Rings, Mr. Ex- Washington Husky. (Trying to confirm his credibilty!)
    “It’s unbelievable,” Milloy said. “We’re still practicing hard, we’re still upbeat. You come in the locker room, and it’s not like a morgue. Guys are still working toward the coach’s vision, what he wants us to become.
    “Are we there yet? Obviously not.”
    14 years of NFL experience saying the guys are still playing hard for the coach. Remember–it took Holmgren seven years to win a playoff game. He had a whole new coaching staff, a whole new system. He was 6-10 after 2002 and everyone was calling for his head. His handpicked QB was garbage, we wanted him out on a rail. He tore it down, and built it up. He inherited a team that was 8-8 and missed the playoffs by a helmet, and Mora inherited a team that was 4-12. I think we need to give this guy and his coaches a chance.

  23. On one hand, you’re right. This team seems to be garbage and if the Milloy statement is true, then that’s definitely a positive. I’m just confused why we don’t seem to see the effort/passion on Sundays. The last 2 weeks especially have been a cruel joke.

    I think there is a degree of fault with saying we were only a 4 win last year (which, by the way, is a factual statement… I’m not denying that). But what about 2 years ago? Division title. 3 years ago? Division title. 4 years ago? Super Bowl. We have obviously regressed, and injuries have taken a toll the last 2 years especially.

    I like Bill Parcells, but some like to have short memories with respect to him and the Dolphins. The year the Dolphins went 1-15… they were a good team the year before. The year after Parcells came in they were a good team. Maybe they just had a crappy year in that one year? Because between that year of being 1-15… they were and have been pretty good.

  24. Interesting too that MIA was a no-win team when they beat BAL. BAL players and fans were shaken that they were the worst team in the NFL, because they were beaten by a no-win team. The next year MIA turned around, but so did BAL. MIA was noticed, but BAL not so much.

    I wonder how good the news is that the Hawks aren’t quitting, even though they’re getting beaten handily? Is it better that the team has talent that is not being properly utilized, or that it has no talent and can’t win regardless of how it’s utilized? Funny, it seemed to have enough talent in ’07.

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