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Mora press conference: LS Houser suffered collapsed lung

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 21, 2009 at 3:27 pm with 13 Comments »
December 21, 2009 7:04 pm

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said long snapper Kevin Houser suffered a collapsed lung on Sunday against Tampa Bay and is still in the hospital. Mora said hopefully Houser will be out on Tuesday in time to be with his family for Christmas.

Houser suffered the injury while trying to cover a punt return and actually received pain medication during the game to try and gut through it, but ultimately couldn’t go because of the injury and had to transported to the hospital for his safety, giving way to Kelly Jennings.

Mora said the team has reached out to old standby Jeff Robinson to take Houser’s place for the last two weeks of the season. Robinson, who still lives in the area, snapped for the Seahawks in 2007 and 2008.

Aaron Curry (shoulder) also is doubtful for Sunday. He injured his left shoulder and actually tried to get back on the field, but couldn’t get off a block on Carnell Williams’ 22-yard screen pass for a touchdown in the third quarter.

Receiver Nate Burleson has the boot off his ankle but also is doubtful for Sunday. Mora said Burleson might play in the last game of the season.

Ben Obomanu has a hamstring injury and likely will not practice.

Mora said he was hopeful that Mike Holmgren would come back to the organization, and actually sent a letter to Tod Leiweke expressing that thought last week.

“It’s no secret that I’m a Mike Holmgren fan,” he said. “And I was an advocate of him coming back to the point that I made my feelings known to the people that make those decisions.

“And I’m probably as disappointed as anybody that he decided to reject our offer and go onward. And I don’t know the particulars. I just know that I absolutely have great regard for Mike Holmgren.”

Mora said that Holmgren never contacted him about coming back to the Seahawks.

“That’s not Mike’s style,” he said.

Asked about why he felt the need to expressing his feelings about the Holmgren situation, Mora had this to say:

“I just wanted to be clear about where I was,” he said. “And how I felt about them, so there was no doubt.”

Mora said after reviewing the film that only play where there might have been a question on Deion Branch’s effort on a play was the team’s last offensive play of the game, where Tampa Bay cornerback Elbert Mack came up with the interception.

“When I analyzed it critically and objectively, he kind of got walled off the ball,” Mora said. “Would I have loved to see just a tenacious, kicking, scratching effort to knock that ball down? Yes. Do I think he quit on the play? No.”

Mora said he the offensive line played OK in the first half, and he overall he was pleased with the experiment of switching Max Unger to center and splitting time with Chris Spencer and Mike Gibson at right guard.

Mora also said that T.J. Houshmandzadeh will miss Tuesday’s practice to attend former teammate Chris Henry’s funeral.

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  1. Oh boy, how does LT feel about Mora’s feelings about Holmgren coming back, maybe divide is forming and The coaching staff will be replaced? Who knows. I’m done with this team until we get some news on whats going on with the GM opening. Hawks are still my team, always will be, but for now, who cares. This whole situation is embaressing.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Something about the whole Holmgren situation doesn’t add up. Not that any of it matters now, but someone, Leiweke, Mora, Holmgren, isn’t being totally honest. Part of me thinks (hopes?) that, as a former coach, Holmgren would not pull the plug on Mora after just one season and the powers that be now have seen enough and are looking for a total house cleaning. Who the hell knows at this point?

  3. HawkSoop says:

    “Mora said after reviewing the film that only play where there might have been a question on Deion Branch’s effort on a play was…”

    That was the only questionable one… the rest were just blatantly devoid of reasonable effort which would otherwise be expected from a player “earning” DB Money (yeah that’s a shout out to D – Jack).

    If Houser punctured a lung… what did they imagine would happen to a guy like Kelly Jennings? I am just so shocked that the little man was the back-up… how does this even get brought up? When Kelly offered his long snapping skills, someone should have laughed… or smiled like a grand father and patted his little head and said something like, “Kelly we really need you to work on fighting for balls with guys that only outweigh you by 40lbs and are only 6 inches taller…”

  4. Tired of the misinformation. Yesterday “coach” said houser had a shoulder injury. A collapsed lung hmmm thats close.
    The coaches have totally lost this team, let the phantom injuries begin so the players don’t have to deal with this coaching abomination of a year.
    The only bright spot from yesterday, was sadly it improved our draft position.
    Yea I said it, don’t like it.
    I drive 300+ miles for every home game for what? I feel short changed
    To top it off my truck was hit an ran in a Hotel parking lot and its going to cost 4-5K to fix.
    Any one in Federal Way on hwy 99 between 9-11 Saturday night see a newer 99-2004 ish purple/Blue Jeep Cherokee with drivers side front end damage, substantial damage
    It hit my truck in a parking lot and moved it into another car and that car moved into another.
    Then Sunday we get killed by Tampa Fricken Bay
    Let The Coaching Replacement Hammer Fall NOW!!!!

  5. HawkSoop says:

    “I drive 300+ miles for every home game for what? I feel short changed
    To top it off my truck was hit an ran in a Hotel parking lot and its going to cost 4-5K to fix.”

    Ugh! Not to make light of a bad situation, but that is the perfect analogy for the season :(

  6. Dukeshire says:

    That sucks MauMau.

  7. Dukeshire:Something about the whole Holmgren situation doesn’t add up.

    O.K. I’ll tell you what you do. First you assume just for a moment that Mike Holmgren never had any intention of returning to Seattle and all that radio talk was just that, talk. I.E. what anyone in his position who’s smart enough to keep his cards close to his chest is going to say when he’s put on the spot like that.

    Then revisit all the hype that followed, in the press, on fan message boards, on the tube and everywhere else under the sun and see if you can glean that every last word of it was wild speculation born from those meager comments and fed by a sort of mad frenzy that gripped Seahawks fans and media everywhere.

    If you can do that then all the pieces will fall neatly into place, including the last minute attempt to cool the maddened crowds with the counter offer (which I’m pretty sure they knew would be declined but what do I know, right?)

  8. I hope Robinson is in really good shape, or else he’s going to be one sore/banged up guy.


  9. Let’s put the Mora situation in a different perspective… other than ‘he deserves more than just one year as head coach’..

    What has Mora done to deserve consideration for a second year?

    Think about it…. everyone should know my position by now…TruBlu pretty much explains it above…

  10. Dukeshire says:

    earther – What are you saying? Just out with it, please.

  11. Dukeshire:earther – What are you saying? Just out with it, please.

    Uhhhhh…. I’m afraid you’re going to have to help me out with this. Is this sarcasm, an insinuation of some kind of veiled accusation on my part, or are you genuinely confused by what I wrote?

  12. OutSydeDog says:

    Hats off to Houser for gutting it out as long as he could. That’s “dirtbag” in my book. I just hope Mora, with the blessing of the new GM, cleans house, and turns over a good portion of the team. Heck, I’d support a whole team of Nick Reeds, over a team of well paid, well provided for guys who play the part every day, until Sunday. Enough with the past, on to the future!


  13. Some of you constantly complain about Mora not knowing the extent of a players injury. Do you think he’s a doctor? The Training staff tells him what wrong with a player and if he can return. He has so many other things to do besides give the player a check up. get real.

    I’m only addressing the injury stuff here. Don’t assume anything else about what I think of his coaching.

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