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Holmgren declines offer to join Seahawks

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 19, 2009 at 7:26 pm with 87 Comments »
December 19, 2009 7:26 pm

The Seahawks just released this statement earlier this evening, announcing that the team had met with Mike Holmgren over the weekend, but that he declined to join the team under the guidelines of the offer they set forth. Here’s the full statement, and of course I’ll have more follow up later.

I think this means that Holmgren likely will take Cleveland’s offer.

RENTON, WASH. – The Seattle Seahawks announced today that discussions took place over the weekend with Mike Holmgren regarding a senior leadership position.

“Two weeks ago we announced we would use the balance of the season to conduct an audit of our football team,” said Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke. “We believe our work will ultimately lead us to both an effective structure and leadership for the Seahawks.”

“While that process is ongoing, we also were aware of Mike Holmgren’s recent interview and associated time pressures and met with Mike over the weekend. After a series of respectful discussions, Mike has declined our offer to rejoin the team given the structure we proposed,” said Leiweke. “We hold Mike in high regard and wish the Holmgren family the very best with their new horizons.”

“I sincerely thank Paul Allen and Tod for all their support over the years” said Holmgren. “I thank them for reaching out to me and we conclude these discussions as friends.”

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  1. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that meeting. I’m sure we’ll never know the full story. Good luck, Mike.

  2. Kevindot1 says:

    That’s too bad. It doesn’t sound like the Seahawks really wanted him back and made probably a crappy deal to propose to him knowing he would reject it.

    Good luck coach Holmgren!! Thanks for your time in Seattle!

  3. variable575 says:

    I just wonder if someone thing along the lines of “Mora is untouchable” was stated to Holmgren? Watch Knapp stick around for another year as well guys. Wonder if they said he was untouchable to? Who knows what was said but I like what Kevindot1 had to say.

    As much as Holmgren wanted to come here, one has to think they did in fact offer him a raw deal—just to appease the stupid fans and have them think they at least tried.

    12th man—–don’t stand for this, BOOOOO at Quest!!!

  4. variable575 says:

    What does “leadership role” mean, “you can’t fire our current coaching staff because even the fans know how pathetic they are–but we(FO) like ‘um”.

    And, why would you(even consider) hiring “in-house” when that house is at least part of the reason for the collapse?

    Just ignore this post-i’m venting and slightly agitated.

  5. this is such a BS. Thanks Mike for everything, I’ll be watching you and rooting for your team. GO DOGS. F*ck you Seahawks front office.

  6. snydro22 says:

    I think this is the best move for the club..

    I would guess, and it’s just a guess, that they offered him the position of President of Football Operations, and not the GM position.. I think Holmgren understood that the team wasn’t comfortable with him taking total control of the franchise and they decided to part ways amicably.. I think it was a wise move..

    The team clearly needs restructuring.. I think Tod Leweike understands that they need to take a collective breath and start over from the top – down.. Until Leweike proves that he doesn’t know what he is doing (This has been a different franchise since he and Paul Allen took it over, and the Sounders and Blazers are doing quite well) I am going to be a big supporter of his..

  7. Ugh. This does reek of Seattle management being douchebags to a classy fellow in Holmgren.

    I imagine the conversation went something like this:

    “Sooooo, Mike…we’re thinking we want to keep focusing primarily on linebackers and wide recievers and ignore the o-line. Yuh know…stay the course. Sound good ol buddy?” Followed by an awkward silence and tumbleweeds rolling across the room.

    Well, how will the next chapter read?…it will be interesting.

  8. variable575 says:

    LOL @ Cornutt’s post.

    Should be interesting, just can’t wait to start hearing about the names on the wonderful list put together by a very trustworthy and capable firm. After all, their reputation precedes them. OHY

  9. variable575 says:


    If we do a “best post of the week” I nominate Cornutt for his post addressing a possible way the interview might have gone.

  10. snydro22 says:

    The firm simply compiles a list. The Seahawks have to make the hire..

    I don’t get it. Paul Allen comes in and completely changes this franchise. Now, we question him and suddenly turn our backs on him? I trust them, and I think the fact that they DIDN’T hand the keys over to Holmy simply to please the fans and sell tickets speaks VOLUMES..

    We can’t settle. Paul Allen knows this, and Tod Leweike has shown that this offseason..

    Think about it.. They forced out Ruskell.. Find one thing to criticize this ownership group about. Ruskell made the bad decisions, not them, and guess what – they gracefully sent him packing.. What more could we ask for? They could have been stubborn and refused to admit that hiring him was a mistake, but they didn’t.. They are demanding the best, and we should all be thankful..

    There are sports franchises out there making money hand over first (primarily in baseball with revenue sharing, but also in the NFL) who really only care about the bottom line, and not necessarily bringing home the Lombardi.. This ownership has shown that we are NOT one of those clubs.. Paul Allen has given us first class facilities and everything we need to win.. They won’t sit back and settle for second best..

  11. variable575 says:


    I can see your point but to say “We can’t settle. Paul Allen knows this, and Tod Leweike has shown that this offseason.” is funny to me. Remember who they brought in as HC and Oc last yr.

    Many people in the national media thought it to be hilarious and inexplicable, now with the season almost over and a losing record how can you say the FO hasn’t already shown us that they will settle? I know they thought they were making good decisions but many fans and media scratched their heads over such moves.

  12. FireRuskellNow says:


    Best candidate, gone

  13. variable575 says:

    Snydo22 says;

    “They won’t sit back and settle for second best”.

    I agree wholeheartedly, they won’t settle for 2nd best, Obviously Mora and knapper fall more so in to 50th-60th best at their positions in comparison to active NFL and college coaches. That’s being generous. :)

  14. snydro22 says:

    Why would you vote for that as “post of the week, variable575?” It’s factually incorrect, which makes it not really that funny..

    You guys think Leiweke is making personnel decisions? Umm, okay.. So what did Ruskell do? Remember him, the GM that Leiweke and Allen fired?

    *Tumbleweeds roll across the blog*

    Oh yeah, that’s right.. So let me break this down for you guys..

    Leiweke runs Allen’s franchises, and he is president of Vulcan entertainment.. He fired Bob Whitsitt.. For that alone we should kiss his feet.. He basically created the whole gameday environment we enjoy on Sunday’s at Qwest as well. He is Allen’s confidante and advisor.

    He is not the enemy.

    He decided not to re-sign Ruskell (a guy who a TON of us were waaaay excited about for a long time) and basically said at the press conference that it was because the franchise demands WINNING.. He let Ruskell stay after last season because teams need continuity and there was a general belief among most everyone that we were headed in a good direction last offseason.. In other words, Leweike really hasn’t done anything wrong – he gave Ruskell time, Ruskell didn’t produce, and he made the correct decision to change directions..

    Now he is stating that the team needs a new set of eyes on it, and we are going to go from there.. He certainly never called the plays, made the draft picks or hired the coaches.. What he is responsible for is hiring the GM and President to make those decisions, and he has done everything we could have asked for by firing that person when he didn’t perform..

    If Leiweke and Allen had STUCK with Ruskell then I think we could all accuse them of “staying the course” and simply cashing the checks, but they didn’t.. I would say that hiring Holmgren would have been the more alarming scenario.. In my opinion, they are doing everything right..

  15. vichawkfan says:

    Charlie Casserly is still out there.

  16. snydro22 says:


    They didn’t hire those people lol..

    Are you serious, man? You still don’t get it?

    Ruskell hired the coaches dude.. Remember, the GM AND PRESIDENT OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS??

    Thick skulls around here.. Ignorance..

    Paul Allen isn’t Jerry Jones..

  17. It’s official… we’re looking for a yes-man/puppet as the Pres/GM. Buckle in hawks fans we’re headed for a similar 5 year span as the M’s are wrapping up.

    Unfortunately, it takes more than 2-3 years to fix a disaster in the NFL. Remember the post-Flores’Behring years…

    Too bad. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Ready to watch the teetering team fall off the wall? Here it comes.

  18. jonathan says:

    I’m disgusted. This is coffin lid slamming shut on the collapse of this franchise. All that’s left is to hope they lose the next 19 games in a row so Mora gets fired. And of course root for whatever team hires Mike.

  19. snydro22 says:

    Wow, what a bunch of whining babies..

    Do any of you have a clue?

    I feel sorry for Paul Allen and Tod Leiweke.. They just want to win, and provide the best possible product, and the fans are all too ignorant to even appreciate it..

    Move the team to Los Angeles.. None of these little b*tches would care..

    The irony is that people think NOT hiring Mike Holmgren means we are going to get more of the same, when the irony is that it means just the opposite..

  20. variable575 says:

    Wow Snydro22–

    It’s obvious you panties are in a bunch–chill out dude.
    Sorry I touched a nerve–forgot you were one of the most sensitive guys on the blog. Your view of things is slightly clouded buddy.

  21. variable575 says:

    Here goes Snydro again throwing out the “whining babies” name calling. Take a bath and you might get the sand out of your vag.

  22. This front office deserves what is going to happen. Just watch, if I am wrong, I’ll be the first to say……. I AM SORRY, I WAS WRONG.

    In the mean time, hello Mariners, Huskies, and yes, Browns.

    Thanks Mike, we love you.

  23. snydro22 says:

    I know this will fall on deaf ears, but this is from The Seattle Times –

    “Holmgren repeatedly praised CEO Tod Leiweke and said he was the best thing ever to happen to the franchise. Leiweke stays out of the way in football decisions.”

    I’m not going to respond to Variable’s comments.. She isn’t worth wasting my time on..

  24. variable575 says:

    LOL @ Snydro22—good little man–you’ve already said enough, feel better now?

    I can’t the image out of my head of a guy with steam pouring out of his/her ears. I’d imagine not a lot is left in snydro’s head after that outburst.

  25. i dont write to much because i am a troll but i like the hawks
    the only reason i write is to say i hate name calling and people not talking about football
    nobody wins when you act like a child

  26. snydro22 says:

    Outburst? Oh, you haven’t been around very long.. You haven’t seen a snydro22 outburst hehe.. Can I get an amen from a long-timer? Chuck_Easton? Dukie?

  27. snydro22 says:

    I didn’t know a random poster named “dukieO” would sneak in there on me.. Dukie I was referring to is DUKESHIRE.. Man, I love this blog lol..

  28. snydro22 says:

    Someone get in there on me before I finish writing this because I can’t have three posts in a row, and this is getting stupid..

    But, I’m not really the one with my panties in a bunch.. I would say that title belongs to the people who are saying the coffin just closed on the franchise, and that the sky is falling.. My point is that we need to trust the ownership group and give credit where credit is due..

    I’m not the crazy one.. Right? Guys? Right? I’m not crazy, right? lol

  29. Southendzone says:

    Wow this news is sooo sparse on details. I’d love to know what went down. The speculation that it is because he wouldn’t have the power to make a coaching change seems reasonable to me.

    I guess it’s easy to make these kind of decisions as long as the franchise is still sitting on it’s Blue Pride season ticket waiting list. 1 more season like this and that list will be gone.

    How long til they announce Ruston Webster as the next GM?

  30. vichawkfan says:

    how does a 10 person list not including Holmgren to begin with turn into “met over the weekend and declined the offer”?

    Obviously this was a show for us fans to calm the brewing Holmgren storm. What’s more surprising is Holmgren would even subject himself to the grandstanding.

    Bottom line is the new GM better have experience building a winner and be a “football guy” and not some pencil pushing MBA that once played football when he was 11.

    Who’s that former Giants GM, Arcosi or something? He on this list that’s been put together by some headhunting firm??? Still can’t believe we outsource for this sh*t….Hawks have become somewhat embarassing.

  31. C’mon people, let’s try to gain some perspective here. We’ve already had the Holmgren as a GM run, and it went nowhere. As much as I love Holmgren, he’s a far better coach than GM. Remember, he lost the GM position after 2002…NOT when Ruskell was brought in. Holmgren’s not the messiah, there are better GM candidates out there…although I would have loved for him to be coaching our team again.

    The Seahawks have at least a few rebuilding years ahead of them, regardless who is in charge. Believe it or not, but Ruskell acquired some very fine draft picks last year, and we have (relatively) few acidic contracts(the bad ones present have been beaten to death already across hawks forums).

    The problem is in perspective, our previous FO evaluated our team as better than it was, and pushed for contention immediately, Thankfully, they didn’t sell out towards that completely, and leave the cupboards bare. Whoever takes up the reigns needs to focus far more sharply on building for the future, however, because the heart of our team got old.

    Losing Holmgren isn’t the end of the world. Leiweke will bring in a qualified and talented exec, we just need to be patient. We’ve got a few more lean years ahead of us as fans…let’s try not to jump off any bridges (or bandwagons) in the meantime, OK?

  32. Dukeshire says:

    “I would guess, and it’s just a guess, that they offered him the position of President of Football Operations, and not the GM position.. I think Holmgren understood that the team wasn’t comfortable with him taking total control of the franchise and they decided to part ways amicably.” I agree with this. From where I sit, it doesn’t appear that the team was serious about bringing him back. And whether they made Holmgren a sincere offer or this was little more than an elaborate way of ending all the “return speculation” as politely as possible. It almost feels like they spoke to him out of respect for his previous 10 years.

    And again, the anger toward Leiweke is misdirected. I don’t want to repost everything I’ve said before but he really is doing what he (this includes Allen of course) feels is best. They want a winner on the field as badly as any of us. That said, I was really hoping Mr. Holmgren would find his way back. Cleveland is getting a good person and a great football man. Good luck!

  33. variable575 says:

    Darn good post vichawkfan,

    vichawkfan says;

    “Obviously this was a show for us fans to calm the brewing Holmgren storm. What’s more surprising is Holmgren would even subject himself to the grandstanding.”

    could be a reliable indicator of how badly Holmgren wanted to come back and an even stronger indicator of how the hawks had very little desire to accommodate him.

  34. snydro22 says:

    Just a little bit of fact to throw in there, vichawkfan – Holmgren created the grandstanding.. The radio interviews, the meeting with the Browns.. He kind of created it all.. So we can’t really criticize Paul Allen for meeting with him, can we?

  35. snydro22 says:

    Before someone jumps on that, I know that Allen is dealing with personal issues and defers to Tod Leiweke for these things regardless, and that he wasn’t ACTUALLY there..

  36. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll back snydro on that. These aren’t even close to the venom he’s capable of spitting out. If anyone ever sees Frank Hughes wandering the streets, ask him what a “snydro outburst” is. Lol.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve spent the better part of a week defending Leiweke myself. I don’t want this to become too polarizing, or at least get caught in the middle, but I’m glad there are now some move voices on this side on the fence. And I’m a Holmgren guy, make no mistake.

  38. Variable, whats your damage?
    Dropped on your head as a kid?
    Why don’t you douche your mouth cuz thats where your vag is.
    You probably think the government had something to do with blowing up the World Trade centers…. (one too many? ok strike that last one)

    Everyone complained that we wouldn’t talk to Mike about the job, Now they still complain.. Go back to Perez Hiltons site and complain about Lindsay Lohan.

  39. vichawkfan says:

    currently un-employed with experience –
    Charlie Casserly
    Ernie Accorsci
    Carl Peterson
    Mel Kiper

    Anyone have some idea’s?

  40. variable575 says:

    Who’s angry towards Leiweke? Listen, none of us know the true nature of the relationship between Holmgren and Leiweke(or perhaps someone else in the FO) but it is not as rosy as some seem to think. Holmgren is a classy guy and if something wasn’t right, he wouldn’t let us know by slipping up–like a Jim Mora.

    And how can we assume that Leiweke(or someone in the FO,who knows) had no say in who TR brought in as HC and OC last year?It appears they liked the idea and did therefore not trump it as the HC position, and quite possibly the OC position, are safe– as that probably would have been Holmgrens first change and the hawks new that per the “join us” claim…….by none other than the untouchable(on this blog) leiweke. Maybe it is not leiweke–but someone in the FO has a problem with Holmgren–as seen in the accusation that he was campaigning for the this GM position.

    Can I just say………..Of course Leiweke is connected to the hiring of our OC and HC(at least to a relevant degree)—are you kiddin me!?!?!?

  41. snydro22 says:

    No, he’s not. And we aren’t kidding you..

  42. Dukeshire says:

    It’s not that he’s without blame, because he’s not. I’ll just leave it at this; there are some significant details missing from behind the scenes. And as Bobby said, we likely won’t be privy to them. Since I have no idea what really went on and what is planned for the immediate future, I’ll be taking a wait and see approach. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed tonight but neither do I feel all is lost. I know this, I don’t want to get caught in the middle of the crossfire on the blog tonight. We’ll hit it in the morning.

    Go! Seahawks!

  43. snydro22 says:

    Man down!

  44. variable575 says:

    don’t worry about getting caught in the crossfire- the two pulling the trigger are two mutts that have great admiration for you-mocarob and snydro


  45. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, Actually, I’ll leave on this note; Sando summarizes my initial feelings perfectly.

    now, I’m out…

  46. Leroyhill says:

    This is classless treatment by the Leweike and the Hawks organization. This PR move is extremely insulting even to us fans. What the f*** is a “senior leadership position”? They think we are too stupid to not being able to see this as a PR stunt. Given how the past two seasons has gone, it drove me crazy that Leweike has at the audacity to stand in front of us and say that he thinks the organization is heading in the right direction. “We need someone to join us. We don’t have join them”. He talked like as if we had been Super Bowl champions for the past decade. Ruskell has behind a complete disaster. The team is completely devout of talent at the 4 cornerstones of the team: CB, DE, QB, and LT. The team needs to be blown up. Yet, this clown Lewieke acted like his best friend Ruskell has left behind a pot of gold.

  47. Wow!!! Sando’s got my feelings down also Duke…
    Too devious for me…. sounds low life… and I’m not really a Holmy GM guy…
    For me… ‘ I’m out’ for the rest of the season…
    If Mora remains, I’m gone even longer….
    I’m ashamed of this team, of this leadership, of this team…
    I want no association….

    BobbyK…. I’ll see ya in Marinersville…

  48. Leroyhill says:

    This is classless treatment by Leiweike and the Hawks organization. This PR move is extremely insulting. What the f*** is a “senior leadership position”? It’s either GM position was offered to Holmgren or it was not offered. It’s simple as that. Don’t give us this BS. Do they really think that we are too stupid to not being able to see this as a PR stunt?

    Given that the Hawks have finished the last 2 seasons at the bottom of the NFL, it has been very upsetting to me that Leiweke would have the audacity to claim that the organization is heading in the right direction. “We need someone to join us. We don’t have to join him”. He talked like as if we had been winning Super Bowls repeatedly for the past decade. The reality is that Ruskell has left behind a disaster. The team is completely devout of talent at the 4 cornerstones of any NFL team: CB, DE, QB, and LT. The team needs to be blown up. Yet, this clown Leiweke acted like the program is on auto-pilot for greatness and we don’t need anyone to come in and blow things up. Leiweke was credited for creating the 12th Man. Quite honestly, if the team was not winning with Holmgren’s talents, none of this marketing crap that Leiweke came up with would have mattered. The stadium would be empty. Leiweke would have to raise the 12th Man flag himself. After all, it’s winning is what bring us fans to the stadium and not because of the stupid marketing crap like raising the 12th Man flag.

  49. freedom_X says:

    Isn’t Bill Parcells, President of football operations in Miami? Any doubt about his power and influence?

    Possibly the question Seattle had (if it were football related) was whether Holmgren would put his nose to the grindstone 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Love or hate Ruskell, that’s what Ruskell (and most GM’s) do.

    Parcells on the other hand has recruited younger talent to learn from him and do the grinding work, while he oversees things. That’s why he resurfaced in Miami, because that’s the role he wanted at this stage in his career.

    If I were to speculate on non-conspiratorial theories, i.e football related theories, perhaps Seattle was concerned that Holmgren wouldn’t delegate enough. That was part of the original reason he didn’t do well as combined GM/coach, something he admitted.

    If he doesn’t delegate, and doesn’t put in 60 hours a week, I’m not sure how he succeeds, be it in Cleveland or Seattle. We shall see.

    BTW funny how Leiweke is the Anti-Christ now. 3 months ago nobody say “boo” about the guy, if they even knew his name – now that Ruskell is gone, looks like the knee-jerk reactionaries need a scapegoat to blame for everything including global warming…

  50. Leroyhill says:

    Count me out as well. Don’t want any association with this organization. I can live with the fact that they don’t want to hire him. But treating a guy who brought football back to Seattle this way is completely classless.

  51. Meh, at the very least, it gives us all something to be fired up about!

    Syndro…when you start calling people b!tches, you lose a lot of your credibility. But whatever floats your boat big fella.

    …Just sayin’

  52. Dukeshire:I would guess, and it’s just a guess, that they offered him the position of President of Football Operations, and not the GM position.

    I don’t know if it’s a good guess or not but that’s exactly the position that the Browns are offering him. Cleveland wants a Bill Parcells type guy running their team and Holmgren’s the guy they want for that job.

    Unless Seattle has a different view of what that title means then it would mean total control for big Mike. The GM and the coaches would all report to him.

  53. Giving the big show the job was a way to point potential blame at him if things went south…quite south.

    I tell ya….they better be right. This was a total PR stunt as pointed out earlier on the blog. Thats too bad. Coach ought to raise the 12th man flag tomorrow. This cant be the end. (Anyone remember Cortez’s last game…he just walked off with no fan fare) Holmgren wanted to work here, they didnt want him. Any solid hawk fan knows that. The real question is do we need to move forward? Or did this team need more of the same? Would Holmgren the coach been better off with a better GM??? Would Jimmy Mora be better off with Holmgren buying the groceries?

    I wish Coach the best…but I wont be hoping for a browns title anytime soon.

    GO HAWKS and that front office better be right.

    Tod Liewike (sp) is in charge of the fan experiance….win games much?

  54. Eric, I hope you (or perhaps Sando or Clayton) can track down what REALLY happened.

    On the surface, this looks pretty low class by the Hawks to me. The short press release sure looks like Holmgren wanted more authority then the Hawks were willing to give.

  55. bigmike04 says:

    He wanted the same control that Browns are offering him probably.. Thought in some ways Mike Holmgren is also at fault to where point being is that he wanted a job by Christmas. If he wanted the Seahawks job that bad he could have waited until they start their search and say through the media or contact Seattle himself that he want a interview granted he earn it.

  56. BORNHAWK says:

    I hear how we are letting the guy that saved football in Seattle go, if I remember right the guy who saved football in Seattle still owns the team. I was all for Holmgren coming back, in fact, I am really disappointed in his decision not to come back regardless if this is a PR stunt or not. You guys have to remember that the team almost went to LA until Paul Allen stepped in and bought the team and brought in people like Holmgren that made them what we where a few short years ago. Paul Allen saved this team and he and his money is what made Seattle who they are and I have full faith in his desire to win the Super Bowl for not just the city, but the Northwest. He is not going to accept failure, he has already proven that, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he got rid of Mora at the end of the season regardless if theirs a new GM or not. Respect this man for who he is and what he has done for our team, and have a little confidence in him and the people he has entrusted, they will make the right decisions, look how they have changed the Trailblazers image around, and its only getting better everyday for that young team. Keep the faith, this man has never let you guys down and GO HAWKS!!!!!

  57. Right on Bornhawk…I was a little kid with a sign reading “thank you paul”.

    almost enough said.

    I am of the…well…bitter opinion that paul doesnt make many calls on the moves here.

  58. vichawkfan says:

    I remember we had a certain Joey F’n Galloway that didn’t buy into the Holmgren way. I think that GM move turned out pretty well. Still sick about it, but time to move on.

    Tod is and will always be considered to me always as a moron. Sorry Snydro.

    You don’t compile a 10 person list and exclude the only person that gave this team any sembalance of a contender. You may have disagreements, but let’s not make a mountain from a molehill.

    My personal guess, it will be several years and Lieawlwwllwlw(tired of searching for his spelling) firing before this team gains an identity.

    BS pr move giving the ” meeting over the weekend” any credence. IT WAS FUKEN 3 PM ON A SATURDAY WHEN IT TOOK PLACE.


  59. vichawkfan says:

    Paul Allen did not lead us to SB40. I will never accept that an owner is ultimately repsonsible – especially when he`s never at games and leaves external corps to `go find his next GM

    Holmgren drafted Alexander when we already had Waters……do you think he would have taken a LB when there were 2-4 LT`s there with the 4th pick and Walter coming off micro fracture at 34……cmon, TR was pathetic and Tod gave him full control.

    I have always and will always be a Hawks fan. My son is coming in 3 weeks and have all the gear ready to go – but this is the start of many 8 win seasons.

  60. OutSydeDog says:

    I personally think they left things in good standing so that perhaps in the future, Homgren could still return, just not right now. They can’t bring him back. It would continue the circle of distaster this has all become. First, TR anounces Homgren’s last year and Mora head coach in waiting. Worst season in how long? Next, Mora’s initial campaign is umm.. less than desirable. Now, TR’s gone and we bring back Mike? That would guarantee another bad year with players looking over Mora’s head.
    No matter what, I’ll never give up on this team, never boo them at Qwest over anything other than onfield performance. This is MY team, win, lose, or draw. Oh yeah, one other thing, this team is not anywhere near as bad as the teams I watched and cheered in the early nineties.


  61. Dukeshire says:

    earther – That is a quote from snydro22, not me. Although I would agree that the same title may have different responsibilities within different organizations.

  62. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    First line of Tod Lieweke’s resume:

    Single-handedly distroyed and dismantled Super Bowl caliber franchise by hiring Tim Ruskell as GM. Was spared a mid-season firing by canning said Tim Ruskell after 12 games of 2009 season. Expect to be fired by end of 2009 season. Likely affects of my actions while employed by Seahawks will make Seahawks irrelevant until 2017 or beyond. Was making $20 million per year under-the-table from 49ers, Cardinals and Rams.

  63. HawkSoop says:

    Was Holmgren really the only possibly person that could get this franchise moving in the right direction again?

    Why all the negative energy? It seems to me that the ‘Hawks want to keep responsibilities more diversified than what the Browns are offering Holmgren. Frankly that makes sense, the best franchises in Football have a diverse group of decision makers, while the most dysfunctional (read: Oakland) have essentially one man making all the decisions for them.

    Bottom line is that given the track record of Mr. Allen’s ownership of the Seahawks we should have a little more faith. Be grateful it only took 1 3/4 losing seasons for them to realize they didn’t have the right guy for the job in Ruskell. Look at how long it took detroit to figure out that Millen wasn’t a great fit.

    I am excited for the offseason and am confident that they will hire a GM to help get the ‘Hawks back on track.

  64. nighthawk2 says:

    Tod Leiweke is a big part of the problem. What more has to happen to show that this guy really doesn’t know what he’s doing? They hired Whitsett, and someone had to pull Paul Allen away from his Dungeons and Dragons game to wake him up to the fact that Whitsett was an empire builder ruining the team and that Holmgre was about to quit as a result. So then Trader Bob gets fired. And then they hire another Whitsett in Tim Ruskell, who slowly stocked this team with deadwood late round picks, bust 1st round picks, lousy and over-priced free agents packaged around the rare good pick, and showed he wouldn’t know a good offensive lineman if one kicked him in the brains. Then he runs Holmgren out of town and puts his hand picked lap dog in as head coach, who turns out to be a total disaster.

    Leiweke sat back and watched all that happen and did nothing. Ruskell’s contract wasn’t going to be renewed at the end of the year, so Ruskell decided to quit 3/4 of the way through the season in some lame attempt to save face. This isn’t Leiewke finally waking out of his stupor and saying “My god, this fool has run the team into the ground” and firing him. Tod Leiweke is a big part of the problem and needs to go at seasons end.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    “Bottom line is that given the track record of Mr. Allen’s ownership of the Seahawks we should have a little more faith.” I think thats part of the concern. In his 13 seasons as owner, Holmgren has been apart of 10. There is very little track record without Holmgren, to have faith in. That sort of thing makes people very nervous.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2 – Without debating the points of Leiweke’s value (or lack thereof ) to the Seahawks, he’s not going anywhere soon, for good or ill. He’s not just CEO of the Seahawks, he’s CEO of Vucan Sports Enterainment. Allen’s appointed him point man for the ‘Hawks, Sounders and Blazers. It’s just not going to happen.

  67. HawkSoop says:

    Thanks Duke, appreciate the perspective.

    Nervous I understand, it’s the slammed down panic button, run for the bomb shelter, this thing is done attitude that I am wondering about. Wasn’t it Paul Allen that brought Holmgren to Seattle in the first place? Took us from permanent mediocrity to perennial contender and a Superbowl appearance?

    All I am saying is that we should all exhibit a little patience with this process.

    Nighthawk2, thanks for your thoughts, but let’s be realistic, this calamitous fall that you are talking about reared it’s ugly head in only these last two years. We were in the divisional round of the playoffs three years in a row before a devastating series of injuries revealed just how badly Ruskell had managed our personnel.

    Many commentators, and pundits expected the ‘Hawks to be competitive this year. Turns out they were wrong because the damage done over the past few years went deeper than most realized and Lieweke made the appropriate decision in not renewing Ruskell.

    Either way they’ll get this figured out, might not be immediate, but it’ll happen. go ‘Hawks

  68. I am so sick of Paul Allen bashing. I wouldn’t trade him for any other owner in all of sports. I can’t imagine working for a better boss than him. I don’t claim to know him, but he has deep pockets and will give his football people all the resources necessary to win. And he stays out of the way. And when it’s clear the franchise has slipped, he steps in and gets rid of the GM. That GM had plenty of time to prove his worth and, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. But he didn’t give him the axe early to the point where you don’t want to be classless organizations like the Redskins who seem to be changing all the time. The change was made at the appropriate time. And we move on…

    I’ve probably learned more about Tod Leiweke in the last few weeks than I did prior to that. But I don’t quite understand the hatred towards him either? He’s a businessman and, seemingly, a good one at that. I don’t know much about the NBA, nor do I care to, but I don’t hear Trailblazer fans calling for his head. Either way, that’s not the point, nor does it matter.

    We have two non-football guys who make good decisions in charge of our franchise and they are going to hire a football guy to run the show. If you’re the new GM, wouldn’t you say that’s a dream scenario?

    I only hope we choose the right GM. I feel Holmgren is and was the best and safest choice. But all is not lost. Before we want everyone’s head on a platter, I would like to see how this all plays out and go from there.

  69. Dukeshire says:

    “Nervous I understand, it’s the slammed down panic button, run for the bomb shelter, this thing is done attitude that I am wondering about.” – Lol, you and me both. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in the nervous category but neither am I “running for the bomb shelter”. Lol…

  70. princeaden says:

    IMO the bottom line is that these are our Seahawks and we need to support them for better or worse. And hopefully Leweike knows what he’s doing and will land somebody on the mold of Mr. Z of the Mariners who can build a team the right way, from the inside(OL,DL) out. Add a future QB, a legit RB, FB and safety. He’s chosen this franchises road of the future. I for one will support him in this new era. I sure hope he gets it right.

  71. chuck_easton says:

    Come on people. Mike Holmgren has said very publicly over the last few days he would accept nothing less than total control and a direct line to the owner.

    The Seahawks are not comfortable with one person having that much control and power. It’s their organization and it is their right to structure it anyway they want regardless of what anyone on here wants.

    Unless and until you all pool your respective piggy banks together and can come up with the millions it would take to buy the team you just have to accept what the guy with the checkbook wants.

    I personally don’t think this was a TL decision. I”m betting this came straight from Paul Allen.

  72. snydro22 says:

    Chuck_Easton is right once again..

    To the person who pointed out that I lose credibility when I call people little b*tches – you are probably right.. But, I hate to see “fans” say they are boycotting the team.. In fact, the person who told me I was losing credibility, also said something to the effect of, “Count me out, I’m not a fan of this team anymore.”

    I hate stuff like that. I understand not everyone has the same level as passion as me, but give me a break.. I’ve been through WAAAAY worse than this as a fan of this team..

    BobbyK, I couldn’t agree more. There is absolutely no reason for any of us to doubt Paul Allen. He saved football in this town, and by all accounts, he has no intentions of letting it slip away..

    I think we all owe the Hawks a little more respect than this..


    Leiweke was brought in around 2003 and immediately fired Bob Whitsitt.. Obviously they had high hopes for Ruskell, and they didn’t just ignore their crystal ball..

    **Let’s keep in mind that Holmgren has gone back and forth over his future for a long time.. He is not getting any younger.. Maybe they want someone who will, assuming they are successful, be in the picture for a long time.. What if Holmgren leaves in 3 years and leaves the team in the middle of transition? That had to play into the decision making process at some point..**

  73. I dont understand u people. Before two years Holmy thought about retiring and he sad he will be here for one year and that he promise his wife that he will retire next year and spend a year without football. And then they named Jim as next HC. Is it a year that much time to forgot?

  74. Dukeshire:earther – That is a quote from snydro22, not me.

    Oh. O.K. well then excuse me then.

    Although I would agree that the same title may have different responsibilities within different organizations.

    Yeah, it could. It doesn’t seem very likely that those differences would be very significant though, does it?

  75. Hammajamma says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Holmgren pursueded Cleveland to create the position he wanted in Seattle, giving him leverage to negotiate his way into a structural reorg of the Seahawks. That’s been the underlying story of the Holmgren/Management relationship since his GM duties were stripped. Mike wanted control of the operation, but more importantly, not to be held accountable by another non-football management layer. He wants to be the top layer.

    Unfortunatly for Mike, the Seahawks are committed to their management structure and won’t put him on top of the org chart. That Mike frequently clashed with Ruskell behind the scenes (right or wrong), tells the tale for both sides. It should be noted that upper management has had plenty of time to evaluate how coach would perform and fit into their management culture, and I believe made a determination that they could do better. Maybe self preservation or settling turf wars were part of that equation, but it just wasn’t going to work out. “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” applies aptly to this situation.

  76. HawkSoop says:

    Organizational leadership is pretty complex, even subtle differences in responsibilities can create a pretty big disparity in the overall power of a position. For instance a President of Football Operations might be given the responsibility of choosing the GM, and be ultimately responsible for the success or failure of that GM’s choices, or he might be given the responsibility for choosing the GM and signing off on all of that GM’s choices.

    There are plenty of reasons for separation of powers when we are talking about something as complex as running a professional football team. And there are plenty of reasons that a person such as Holmgren would want more control over the various aspects of the franchise.

    Let’s assume that Paul Allen has the best of intentions and that Mr. Lieweke, will get this right. I’ve got 13 years of history that tells me the ‘Hawks are much better off with Paul Allen and his team than without.

  77. chuck_easton says:

    Danny O’Niel at the Seattle times is saying that the Seahawks apparently offered Holmgren Ruskell’s job both in title and in responsibilities. That wasn’t good enough for Holmgren.

    He wants to be the Czar with nobody to answer to and to have all decision making for every aspect of the organization.

    He wants to have an owner that will basically say ‘how much should I make the check out for Mike? You go ahead and spend it any way you want.’

    He is supposedly getting that power in Cleveland but Seattle wouldn’t give it to him. He he would have just been the Pres and GM but still had to answer to the organizational power structure.

    I don’t want one person having that much power over my team. Especially someone who has shown he will favor ‘his guys’ even when they aren’t necessarily producing.

  78. yellaman says:

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU HOLGREM seahawk nation will find a way to survive without you!!!

  79. “I only hope we choose the right GM. I feel Holmgren is and was the best and safest choice. But all is not lost. Before we want everyone’s head on a platter, I would like to see how this all plays out and go from there. ”

    That sums up my feelings pretty well too – he did feel like the safest choice, but I don’t think this means all hope is lost either.

    Lots of big choices coming up for management . . .I guess that’s what a failed season brings, everything comes up for grabs.

  80. yellaman says: “GOOD LUCK TO YOU HOLMGREN! Seahawks Nation will find a way to survive without you!!!”

    Enough said. Quite enough.

  81. Dukeshire says:

    earther – I really couldn’t say with any authority. I imagine the involvement of owners around the league and the front office hierarchy all have different dynamics.

  82. chuck – If you what you report is true, then I am glad that Holmgren isn’t taking Ruskell’s job. Seems to me Ruskell pretty much had full control of the roster and could spend all of PA’s money to build the most competitive team possible. I don’t know what more Holmgren could have want (outside a dictatorship and I don’t think that’s necessarily a healthy environment; even if that leader has good intenions).

    I don’t know that we will ever know for sure if this is true or not.

    Lets pretend it’s true. Can you imagine being Leiweke? He gets crucified in the court of public opinion and, in reality, he did what most fans wanted and they are the ones calling for his head.

    If you’re going to be a leader, you’ve gott have thick skin, I guess.

  83. BobbyAyala says:

    “It’s official… we’re looking for a yes-man/puppet as the Pres/GM. Buckle in hawks fans we’re headed for a similar 5 year span as the M’s are wrapping up.”

    Nothing to add, just wanted this to be said again, tillman sums up it perfectly.

  84. BobbyAyala says:

    “I am so sick of Paul Allen bashing. I wouldn’t trade him for any other owner in all of sports.”

    With all due respect to PA, gimme George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones, or Jerry Buss.

    All three will stop at nothing to win. PA runs his house a little differently, and, unfortunately, he puts too much power in the hands of people who know very little about winning.

    Other than that, he’s got deep pockets and cares about the fans, and that’s admirable, but it hasn’t brought a title to the Northwest, and it may never.

    Winning isn’t No. 1 in the Pacific Northwest.

  85. Yes, if Chuck/Danny O’Neill are correct; we probably lost Holmgren to Cleveland rather then caused the lost ourselves.

  86. from

    “Meanwhile, FOX’s Jay Glazer reports that the Seahawks made a serious run at hiring Holmgren into a Bill Parcells-type role, but that Holmgren’s demands were too great. This report conflicts with rumors and reports that the Seahawks weren’t serious about bringing back the Big Show, and that they extended an offer they knew he wouldn’t accept.”

    who knows where the real story lies . . .

  87. BlueTalon says:

    BobbyAyala says: “‘I am so sick of Paul Allen bashing. I wouldn’t trade him for any other owner in all of sports.’

    With all due respect to PA, gimme George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones, or Jerry Buss.”

    Forget the other two, Jones is the only one of those mentioned who owns an NFL franchise. What is it Jones has done that Paul Allen hasn’t done, that you would like to see Paul Allen do? You say he “will stop at nothing” to win, but what does that mean, specifically?

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