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December 18, 2009 11:31 am

What’s the latest on the Seahawks general manager search and Mike Holmgren? Was Seattle’s failings against Houston due to effort, execution or both? And what can we expect from Max Unger at center in the last, three weeks?

Eric Williams of The Tacoma News Tribune and Rob Rang of tee up those questions plus preview Sunday’s contest against Tampa Bay in this week’s Seahawks Insider podcast.

And thanks to our new Web Guru Ian Swenson, you can now download this week’s podcast below. And we’ve also added an RSS feed to Itunes, so you should be able to get the weekly podcast there as well in a few days once Itunes has accepted it. I’ll try to provide a link directly to that page. Thanks for your patience as we’ve tried to clean this up and enjoy.

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  1. Getting ‘Expired Token’ when trying to download, and also does not play when choosing the ‘Play in new window’ option.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I put the old player back in and we’ll try to figure out what’s going on with the new system.

  3. Eric — THANK YOU for saying what I’ve been saying for a long time!!! I love the idea of Ruskell character guys, but you definitely need to “sprinkle” those guys who are “rough around the edges.” I couldn’t agree more!!!

  4. High stakes. This GM stuff is hitting us Hawk fans hard in the gut.

    Seahawks front office (FO) is a business organization. CEO Tod Leiweke (TL) is a buisnessman. TL’s job is not only to preserve, protect and defend Mr Paul Allen’s (PA) investment from being tarnished, degraded, devalued and from losing money, but to improve the value and fortunes of this franchise. TL has Mr Allen’s sister (JA) to answer to at Vulcan, and has many on his own staff who share in his work on behalf of Mr Allen’s investment in the Seahawks. To the extent that the Seahawks franchise was said to have taken a major value hit in these last few seasons, TL is under increased scrutiny and pressure to turn things around. PA has already been approached by a potential buyer in LA, hungry to move the Hawks to the largest market in the west.

    Ruston Webster (RW) is one of TL’s people, and an excellent person to help keep the Seahawks franchise steady, healthy and afloat. According to Rob Rang in a recent interview on KJR – working behind Tim Ruskell (TR), RW had more input in the Seahawks later round draft choices than TR likely did. Since those are the rounds that have proven the best values for the Seahawks, Rang said RW would not be a bad choice for GM. Safe pick to keep things going in this difficult and easily changable environment.

    This FO, as any other, counts $’s, +’s and -‘s, but they are also responsible for the health of the franchise into the forseeable future. If they field a team that is competitive enough to keep the paying fanbase interested in coming back to Qwest, buying paraphenalia and watching their franchise team on TV in large enough numbers to sell ad-time, then he’s a success for most NFL teams. But, TL has an owner who treats this team like a large market franchise (which, unfortunately, it’s not). And God bless PA for being willing to continue investing in the Seahawks, beyond the measure of most NFL franchises. PA wants this team to be more than just adequately competitive – he wants it to be a winner. I see that as a direct gift from PA to us Hawk fans.

    Meanwhile, PA (heaven heal and help him) is fighting for his life and certainly has to have been distracted from tracking TL’s and his FO’s daily decisions. TL’s NY based search team has come up with a list of ten potential GM candidates. Holmgren is reportedly ommitted from that list. Over at a daily fan poll is asking if the GM search should focus on in-house candidates or on those on the list. Either way, there’s no Holmgren. Who knows what perameters were specified and what the minimum criteria were to make that list? Not us fans.

    Seahawks continually appear to move further away from the offense-based team that was developed under Holmgren’s watch. Jim Mora and Greg Knapp don’t appear to be very capable of properly operating Holmgren’s precision/finesse WCO, and want to turn the Seahawks into more of a Chuck Knox type – grind it out – offense, with the team’s identity belonging more to it’s defense. If the Hawks offense can win TOP and make points running the ball between the tackles with an OL that can win the battle at the LOS, then the Hawks defense can smother the opponent’s offense and win the game. OK, Hawks have been there, done that. Hawks fans remember that they never got past the Conference Championship game that way with Knox. Mora didn’t with Atlanta, and Knapp hasn’t either. Is that it?

    However, if Mora and Knapp are remembering the last time they were coaching on the kind of successful team that PA wants, back around ’94 with SF, then maybe they haven’t decided to throw out the WCO that went along with SF’s offensive success back then? It’s kinda interesting that Steve Young had more yards running the ball than Ricky Watters, their feature back in their SB 29 win. Maybe the ‘Dirtbags’ they want are more to do with just the OL guys? Zone blocking maulers/cut blockers rather than Holmgren’s ‘influence’ type blockers (Tobeck, Gray & Lock, anyway). Better.

    Bring Zorn back as OC. Bring Holmgren back as HC. Make Knapp OQC & RB coach. Move Mora to DC, Bradley to DQC. Let RW draft D-guys and let Holmgren get the offensive players, letting RW (or TR) consult regarding character issues.

  5. How long are the ‘Hawks committed to Seattle? What’s the lease agreement b/w them and Qwest Field? I thought it was a long time? I don’t want the Ken Behring crap of wondering if we’ll lose the team again. Even though I’m not from the greater NW… my favorite team is still, and always will be, the SEATTLE Seahwks!!!

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Incredible post, Kim

  7. Yes, incredible post klm…that’s an interesting scenario at the end…a pipedream but an interesting one.

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