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Report: Holmgren offered Cleveland Job

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 16, 2009 at 4:46 pm with 113 Comments »
December 16, 2009 4:57 pm

Per, Jim Donovan of WKYC-TV is reporting that the Cleveland Browns have offered Mike Holmgren a front-office position with the organization.

According to the report, the offer is in the range of $8 to $10 million per year.

Well, if the report is true, now the Seattle Seahawks are officially on the clock if the want to bring Holmgren back in the fold. I’ll have more later. <

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  1. IdahoHawk says:

    Looks as if Holmgren is going to Cleveland. I wish him the best of luck.
    Maybe a new face in Seattle is better anyways.

  2. Eric,

    Both you and I know that the Seahawks will not offer Mike the job. I have completely lost faith in this organization. Afterall, this is the same organization who replaced him with the likes of Ruskell, Moron, Knapp. Good luck Mike in Cleveland. Thanks for the memories, and I Will cheer for the Browns in the Superbowl.

    Go Mariners

  3. longco44 says:

    I too agree with you CYRREEN… I will cheer on the Browns in the Superbowl…. And yes.. GO MARINERS!!!

  4. bebertcat says:

    it’s holmgren or bust for me. i have no faith whatsoever in the current staff. they are mediocre at best. i think we are lost without a proven entity behind the controls. i’m tired of the hawks being the atlanta falcons. c’mon mr. allen, step through the door!

  5. seahawklovertoo says:

    Mike Florio reports on NBC sports that Leiweke is the main reason if MH doesn’t get the Seahawks’ job. TL wants someone that will be grateful to him for the opportunity to become a GM. Read it for yourself.
    Like I suggested earlier today, e-mail and tell them to fire Leiweke ASAP before this jerk0ff runs this club into the ground. If enough people do this ( I did it already), maybe Allan will hear us and get rid of the bum.

  6. Seahawklovertoo, do you have a link fo Vulcan. I am so sick of Mora and all.

  7. It really does look the like Hawks (& I agree it MUST be Lewicke) don’t want Holmgren or it would be a done deal already (other then the facade of compiling with Rooney).

    Speaking of Rooney, looks the Cleveland is begging for a big fat fine.

    While I usually despise the gang concept of “dissing”, it really does seem like that’s what the Hawks are doing to Holmgren. And I agree, IF Lewicke is the problem, he needs to go. Problem there is if Allen’s health is failing, he may not be currently up to selecting a new right hand man to run the business end.

  8. freedom_X says:

    I checked out the Florio piece. It’s not at all authoritative. First it cites the John Clayton piece of a contingent blocking Holmgren’s return. Then this quote:

    “The leader of the pack undoubtedly is CEO Tod Leiweke, who likely wants to run the show his way — and who knows that it would be much easier to make that happen by hiring someone who would be indebted to Leiweke for providing the opportunity.”

    When terms like “undoubtedly”, “likely”, “would be” are used – it means it’s all conjecture. Not fact. Those are weasel words for someone who thinks something is true, but can’t prove it.

    Anyone one of us can write “Leiweke probably loves Holmgren and is certainly dying to see him return” and it has the same authority. (i.e. virtually none.)

    I like that a good source like John Clayton thinks Holmgren would be the best choice. That’s what I want to see – decent sources and reputable authorities backing the hiring, not fan mail.

    Here’s the link to decide for yourself:

  9. Hi all,

    Just sent an email to Vulcan. In case you are wondering what I wrote, here is a copy.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have been a Seahawks diehard for the past 27 years. I must sa,y I have never been so disappointed with the clowns running this team. And now, I hear Tod Leiweke doesn’t want Holmgren Back? Excuse me but, who died and made Leiweke a football guru. I respectfully ask that my email be forwarded to Mr. Allen. Mike Holmgren is the man for the job. Mike will bring back respect to the franchise. Please make the right choice and bring Mike back. Thank you.

    By the way, the current coaching staff is a joke, but I am sure you know that already.

  10. variable575 says:


    Just maybe you read this blog–in which case, F-off you prick, quit dismantling our seahawks.

    I thought Holmgren’s main adversary had left, rather, it looks like he has been revealed.


    Good post about the business/friendship/self-serving side of all this crud that we are all unlucky enough to be witnessing.

  11. I was never enamored with Holmgren’s 3-28 road schedule against teams that finished with winning records.

    To me, part of his success was a byproduct of an incredible 12th man (you guys should get a cut of Kerney’s and Trufant’s salaries) and a very soft schedule. I don’t want to have to depend on a weak schedule or division to be a winning team.

    And when people and pundits think of the Seahawks as a soft team and diminish their accomplishments, this 3-28 record is exactly why. Also to those who think the problem is West Coast teams playing morning games, what explains SD’s success in the Eastern Time Zone?

  12. If I were Mr. Leiweke I would probably want someone working under me who would be grateful too. I think it’s part human nature. However, the job is to get the right man and Holmgren is probably the clear choice as being superior to the other names on this crazy outsourced list they paid money for.

  13. Ditto CYRREEN

  14. bird_spit says:

    Detroit here we come. Next someone will burn the city down..not.

    I for one don’t think Holmy should come back. Not because I think Homy is soft or not good enough..the contrary. I just think we need someone ready to create a team willing to smack someone in the face if necessary. We need a front office that would back creating a culture of tough sobs on Sunday.

    At the same time, my boyhood Brown’s could see rebirth with Holmy.

    To me, this could be win – win. Long live the Hawks, long live the Browns. In a Superbowl, I’d root for the Hawks..but would love to see that superbowl.

  15. seahawklovertoo says:

    CYRREEN, I envy You for being so nice. I don’t have any diplomatic skills at all.
    I wouldn’t repost in public my e-mail to

  16. With our certain need to draft Matt’s successor in ’10, ’11, or ’12… I certainly wish we had a GM with a knack for talent at that most important position. I don’t think there’s a better candidate than Holmgren.

    Look at the Vikings of last year with a great team of ass kickers like Jared Allen, both Williams, Hutch, and McKinnie… that is domination like we all want in the trenches. However, they sucked at QB and that handicapped the entire team.

  17. seahawklovertoo, I am just one frustrated fan, hoping the franchise would make the right decision. Having said that, I am also very close to giving up.

  18. “Frustrated” is probably the best word to describe all of us with the way things are going (and have been going).

  19. I say get Leiweke on the field… He’s a dirtbag, yes???

  20. “CYRREEN, I envy You for being so nice. I don’t have any diplomatic skills at all.
    I wouldn’t repost in public my e-mail to ” SL2

    You talked me into it. U Got Mail Allen… like he’ll ever see it LOL

    Mr. Paul Allen

    One can only guess the reasoning behind bypassing Mike Holmgren for the open position once held by former Seahawk Executive, Tim Ruskell. Problem is the 12TH Fan, for the most part, would feel more secure under his guidance. Another Tod Leiweke outsourced team leader failure could set this organization back beyond time I would like to imagine. Time is precious and the WCO is in place. We have a QB capable of the pro bowl at the helm. A tiny but a fearce FORCE at RB. Young TE that as a rookie held veteran stats with the Walrus. This year he blocks, a no hands FB reject (where the hell is Weaver, oh yeah, Philly) leaks out for no gain. . The team has a bright future if guided by its original creator. Surely you of all people can see this. Make it happen. It’s in your heart. Do what’s right.

  21. ……..Young TE that as a rookie held veteran stats with the Walrus……

    You called Holmgren, “Walrus” in your letter to Mr. Allen? Now that’s funny. I’ll bet he’ll get a kick out of it.

  22. San Diego has played ONE game at 10am PST this year. They beat KC.

    They’ve talked about it before on tv. All west coast teams since 1990 playing at 10am PST lose 70% of their games.

    The NFL made changes to the east coast teams travelling west this year. but not vice versa.

    The sporting news with stats.

    Even Sando wrote about it

    Read what the doctors have to say. They use MNF stats but the evidence is there. Playing closer to your daily workout time is beneficial for optimum performance.

    i know. enough already.

  23. princeaden says:

    OK It looks like we’ll have to give Leiweke the benefit of the doubt. We have no choice. But, if he defers on Holmgren(which is what it’s looking like) and doesn’t bring in somebody that shapes this team into a bad-ass, smashmouth type of team, in the mold of the Ravens w/an offense, we will need to have his liver on a stick. And it better start happening quickly. But, just for the record, to not give Holmgren first crack at it is stupid and shameless IMO.

  24. chewy724 says:

    Any chance we can get Jack Zduriencik as GM? This team is such a mess.

  25. BORNHAWK says:

    Everybody pray for Chris Henry, he and his family need support.

  26. Situation has changed, Chris Henry has passed

  27. FireRuskellNow says:

    Seriously WHY NOT bring Holmgren?! SCREW THIS BULLCRAP about searching for some new up and coming skipper, THAT STUPID MENTALITY NETTED US TIM RUSKELL, who has without a doubt STRIPPED THIS TEAM OF ANY TALENT and left us in the GUTTER for the next 3 SEASONS MINIMUM!!

    FORGET trying to give some new wet behind the ears turd some on the job experience, BRING BACK HOLMGREN!!!!

  28. FireRuskellNow says:

    Why NOT hire Holmgren?! This idiotic mentality about picking up some unheard of cat out of somewhere is WHAT LANDED US TIM RUSKELL, who has RUINED this team

  29. bigmike04 says:

    No offensive to any browns fans but why would Holmgren go their?

    Do any of people on here think that Holmgren and his Agent are just trying to get the seahawks interested to where point they bring him in contract and offer him the job but with diffrent pay.

    Push Came to shove would you be GM of Seahawks or the ever so failing browns..

  30. excile – That “Mark Schlereth” is a fake twitter account. Here is the real one.

    Be more careful when posting things of a serious nature. Chris Henry may well have passed, but don’t link to a BS twitter page to proclaim it. Wait until it is substantiated and in the mean time pray for he and his family.

  31. Tod Leiweke told us the next Seattle GM has to come in and “do it our way”. That pretty much told us all we needed to know. Leiweke was sending a message. Holmgren would not be brought back to Seattle. Holmgren wants complete control in building a new organization, and he’s earned that. I would suggest he probably needs complete control in order to avoid being a major pain in the arse to an existing organization. Mike isn’t one to do it someone else’s way.

    Holmgren hung around for awhile to see if the Seahawks job would open up for him, but it didn’t, and I think he’s doing the right thing in going and getting what he’s earned in Cleveland.

    This makes me think back to 2007. The NY Giants considered bringing Bill Parcells out of retirement to be their GM, but rumors were that Parcells wanted more control than just a GM job, so the Giants passed. The Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins then both offered him VP of Football Ops – control of the whole product on the field and personnel staff. Parcells chose Miami, took control, and the rest is history.

    Leiweke doesn’t want that much change in his front office. He wants at least some of the current staff to stay. The only conclusion I can draw is that Ruston Webster is likely the next GM. Or, a new GM will be hired and Webster will stay on as his right-hand man. Either way, not much is likely to change with a new GM willing to come in and do it “their way”.

    But, oh what might have been… if Leiweke would have, could have, simply rolled up the whole ball of wax and handed it over to Holmgren.

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    Preach, Stevos.

    In a matter of one fateful week the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks swapped places.

    One became a player, the other, a joke.

    You’d think with our beloved Sonics now a dustbowl diety, we’d be able to fit two winners between Boeing and Northgate.

    Such is not to be….

    See y’all on that Mariners Insider Blog!

    Holla atcha boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. BobbyAyala says:

    “No offensive to any browns fans but why would Holmgren go their?”

    Mike Holmgren took over the Packers after a decade of futility and created a beast.

    Mike Holmgren took over the Seahawks after a decade of futility and created a beast.

    Need I say more?

    Snake Oil Tod thinks he’s coming in here and ripping off the 12th man in order to serve his ever-expanding ego.

    Homeboy been reading too many of his headlines and think he now the king of Seattle.

    This dude thinks he can chirp in OKC’s finest ear and the realest ain’t gonna notice. Nah ah, not in our town.

    You been outed as public enemy Numero Uno Mr. Tod, and you bout to secure your place in Seattle Sports Purgatory.


  34. bigmike04 says:

    Because Packers were an respective franchise before Holmgren and holmgren help revive it and help seattle too.

    But When has Cleveland Browns ever been that good? I just don’t buy into fact that Browns would be place I would go. Their know for franchise to be bottom on NFL along with Bills and Detroit that just dont have the right owner to spend alot of money on good talent and who is going to want to play for Cleveland when their tract record speak for itself.

    I am sorry but Holmgren could do way better with more proven franchise than Browns.

  35. bigmike04 says:

    Even if Holmgren get full control he will be Hypocriate to fired Eric Magini after one season like rumors are going around that would fired Eric.

    If he was willing to Give Mora another yr than he better give Eric another yr.

  36. Leiweke/Vulcan put a process into effect to find the best person for the job. Part of that process involves waiting until after the season for some of the potentials to be available for interviews. That’s the nature of contracts in the NFL…alot of the people who could be considered for this position are currently not allowed to speak to other teams.

    All this brouhaha with Holmgren (the “Christmas deadline” and now the supposed offer from the Browns) has done is make it appear that Holmgren is trying to force Seahawks management to rush their decision now in order to “get him before it’s too late.” The result, if they actually do that, is that 90% of any list you could make of people who would qualify for GM would immediately be eliminated, just based on the time factor – advantage Holmgren.

    If Holmgren actually wanted the Seahawks GM position so badly, if that were *the* #1 job on his list, he would be more respectful of the process they are following to find the best possible candidate. It looks more to me like he’s trying to dictate their schedule for his own benefit…which does not paint him in a good light as far as I’m concerned.

  37. It’s like we’re so sick of the product that we see on the field each Sunday that we don’t even talk or care about the games anymore. It’s sad (myself included).

  38. No, it seems more like nobody wants to give the same benefit of the doubt any more. Mora’s had 13 games and everyone expects him to be 10-3…and he’s obviously a failure for not doing so. On top of that, everyone decided Ruskell was the problem, but with him gone, only Mora remains to blame.

    I don’t expect management to allow Mora the 4 years it took Holmgren to get to 31-33, but by the same token, I’m not ready to say he’s worthless just because he hasn’t produced a playoff team in his first year. This goes beyond “the people” being spoiled by having Holmgren for a decade…this is into the fantasy realm of “only Holmgren can save us.” That’s just not true and I can’t help but question anyone’s motives/thinking if they behave that way…especially if it’s Holmgren himself.

  39. Hey Kerney

    I don’t waste time watching you clowns on the Jerry Springer Show or listening to scum bag Shock Jocks, Howard Stern. If tweeter has a problem with identinty theft that is on them. I found that in another forum and post, did a quick check and threw it up.
    And, my prayer goes
    “Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy…..”
    FYI… Chris Henry HAS died, take my word for it.

  40. chuck_easton says:

    It is now front page on all the sports websites. He passed away earlier today.

  41. Shattah206 says:

    BobbyK wrote: “It’s like we’re so sick of the product that we see on the field each Sunday that we don’t even talk or care about the games anymore. It’s sad (myself included).”

    Ain’t that the truth. Sad. And now it looks like it won’t get better any time soon.

  42. Regis – there is a problem with your analogy (although I like your overall post). We were told that we were competing for a championship THIS year so, yeah, we expected something like 10-3 in Mora’s first year. The off-season moves showed the team was going for 10-3. Signing an old WR to a huge deal is one example of trying to win NOW. I can handle a losing record if the FO would have gone with a youth movement. Then there’s a reason for being what we are. Instead, we’re basically old and definitely on the downswing. That’s frustrating.

  43. bulldog80 says:

    I think Matt Millen is available

  44. bird_spit says:

    bigmike, I’m from NE Ohio – absolutely love the place as any of you would love the place of your first home. That said, balance Seattle vs Cleveland on any scale, and scale would break with the weight of Seattle and the great NW. Now hand over your football team, and 8 Mill, and I could look past the stench of Akron, and the rust of Youngstown, and I’d buy myself a mega farm out there in Burghill and have a kickin apple orchard. I’d buy a house and have a massive boat on Lake Erie and catch some sweet walleye. (Lake Erie is very clean now.) I’d have the limo take me to my flight back to Arizona in the offseason. In 3-4 years, after resurrecting the Brown’s which have not seen the light since the ’50s (when they were on top of the game), I’d book my tickets in advance for Canfield (my neck of the woods), and fly back to the NW for my summers. Ohio is a football place unlike Seattle. Ohio football (and western PA) is like the birth right. The only other place that I have lived where football is lived and breathed is down south in GA or AL. Ohio will feel like Green Bay to Holmy.. The fans are equivalent, and the history is even more rich.

  45. variable575 says:

    It looks like the Washington Redskins will be in the hunt for a new GM.

    Why do I feel like the Hawks are going to get the short and bitter end of the stick concerning GM candidates.

  46. The Seahawks did compete for a championship this year; they just fell dismally short of reaching that goal. What else are they going to say at the start of the season?

    This season could have been more competitive if things had gone our way a little more.

    If Walt had recovered from his injury.
    If we didn’t have so many injuries on the offensive line.
    If Hass hadn’t missed games because of injury.
    If Curry had played as good as some of the other LBs were drafted last year.
    If Tatutup hadn’t torn his pec.
    If Trufant hadn’t gotten injuried.

    Would we be undefeated? No. But, we would have at least 2-3 more victories under our belt by now and we’d be that much closer to AZ or at least still in the hunt for a wild card.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Bird, not being from Ohio I have no first hand knowledge of your home but I appreciate the sentiment. And for a football man through and through, heading to the most historically football rich corner of the county and the home state of it’s Hall of Fame, what wouldn’t Holmgren love about the challenges Cleveland provides?

  48. variable575 says:

    The topic of Curry’s productivity. You have to wonder if Curry would have outproduced Clay and/or Brian if he were in their systems. One would like to think that Curry was suppose to come out and outshine everyone at least in the first year being “the most NFL ready”. We’ve seen that he is the least ready. Oh boy if that doesn’t hang like a piece of $#!t around the neck of our coach staff. Are there schemes that bad–and i know trufant is coming off an injury and missed some time but the penalties are extremely uncharacteristic of him.

  49. seahawklovertoo says:

    Gents, this is how it should be done : if You can go to the game, write a BIG sign to fire Leiweke and his clowns ( trust me, the TV network will show it to the World) and even Allan will see it because he watches the games.
    If You can’t go, then e-mail since Vulcan is the “owner” of our beloved Seahawks (scroll down to contact us and write Your comment ) If You get an e-mail back You’ll know it has been received. Even if some a$$ kisser like Regis does delete some of them, a real person will see the activity and alert Mr.Allen.
    The “King of Seattle” Tod Leiweke will learn the old truth : one can fool some people some times ,but no-one can fool everyone all the time.
    Enough bitching on this blog—-do something to save our team. I did my part.

  50. variable575 says:

    Hey Dukeshire–

    I bet Holmgren reeeeaaallly likes VMAC! Nice cozy office overlooking lake Locker…….i mean washington (a little foreshadow for ya). I wonder how nice cleves facility is?

  51. “Why do I feel like the Hawks are going to get the short and bitter end of the stick concerning GM candidates. ”

    All of you are acting that way. Without any information to base it on.
    Fire Ruskell, Mora & Lewieke’s liver on a stick.
    Not an angry mob eh?

  52. And, let’s face it…Cleveland needs Holmgren far more than Seattle does and at this point, for Holmgren, the myth, the man, the legend…what better way to add to his legacy than turning the lowly Browns into a Superbowl team.

    There’s a good chance that Holmgren doesn’t want to return to Seattle. Just because he said he’s interested in the job, doesn’t mean that he’s interested enough to take the job even if it was offered to him. How is he supposed to answer a question like that? “No way…tell the seaturkeys to stick it”?

    One way or another we’re going to have a kick-ass GM next year. Those of us who are getting all wound up about Holmgren are really guilty of a scarcity type of thinking. Right now, he’s the only candidate on our dance card, and we’re acting desperate. Guess what…there are ten other candidates out there, and the chances are that one of them will be better than Holmgren. We just need to find the right one.

  53. variable575 says:


    Not an angry mob at all, just fans that believe, because of what we are not seeing, the current top tier of hawk staff are twiddling there thumbs while many people are showing heavy interest in a future hall of famer.

    How can blogging be confused with an angry mob??? That’s a little too extreme of a characterization of our, at best, ranting of tod leiweke’s incompetence at his position.

    Hey, you seem a little too defensive mocarob…………….or should we be calling you tod? :)

  54. variable575 says:

    oh yeah,


    p.s. How many think Unger/gibson will have success right away?

    I don’t think they will but i hope the coaching sticks with that line-up throughout the rest of the season and doesn’t change it back after the first week thinking they had it right the first time.

  55. princeaden says:

    I said to give Tod the benefit of the doubt. If he FAILS, then we need his liver on a stick. Fair enough?

  56. variable575 says:

    I have to say this, I wasn’t impressed to say the least concerning Unger’s response to the new situation. Could that be a doorway into a mentality that our coaches are building and we caught a quick inside glimpse of it through Unger’s response? Kind of sounded like a scared little wussy—ironically enough, that’s kind of how we play on sundays.

  57. variable575 says:

    If Tod does fail us I do like the idea of the 12th man making thousands of signs and maybe a few chants that others could hear on the TV. yeah, lets see what he has up his sleeve. it could be good. any rumors as to who might be on the list of 10?

  58. Holmgren didn’t exactly set the world on fire the first time around. Here are his 1-3 round picks, and the first six were all 1st rounders.

    BKoren Robinson.
    Steve Hutchinson
    Shaun Alexander
    Lamar King
    Chris McIntosh
    Jerramy Stevens
    Ken Lucas
    Ike Charlton
    Maurice Morris
    Anton Palepoi
    Brock Huard
    Darrell Jackson
    Heath Evans
    Karsten Bailey
    Kris Richard

    His other 50 picks brought in only a handful of role players and special teamers with Pork Chop and Rocky Bernard leading the list.

    So, let’s keep things is perspective. If we were looking at a GM candidate with that track record, none of us would be clammering to hire him. And, most of us are willing to give him a second chance because he was moonlighting as a HC at the same time, but the fact is that he made plenty of mistakes and there is no evidence that he’ll do better the second time around.

  59. My only problem with our dream scenario (no injuries) is that injuries do, in fact, happen in the NFL.

    Case in point: the Saints lost their Pro Bowl Left Tackle prior to the season.

    Last week the Saints were missing 4 defensive starters.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    How do you know Tod Leiweke is incompetent? Do you know what his responsibilities are? For 5 of the 7 season he’s been here, the Seahawks have made the playoffs. And before the 2nd missed playoff season, he has put the wheels in motion to replace the failed GM. Explain the rancor, please.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    “then we need his liver on a stick” This is the secon time this exact phrase has been used in this context. We can do better than reducing ourselves to hyperbole and sensational imagry that has nothing to do with football.

  62. Dukeshire says:


  63. “Signing an old WR to a huge deal is one example of trying to win NOW”

    “My only problem with our dream scenario (no injuries) is that injuries do, in fact, happen in the NFL.”

    Yes…and that’s one reason Ruskell was shown the door. Mora can only work with the players that the GM provides, and both Mora and Ruskell had good reason to believe that this team, barring a lot of injuries, could compete for a playoff spot, and as they say, once you’re in the playoffs anything can happen.

    If Brees got hurt, NO wouldn’t have a perfect record right now, and they obviously have a GM he thinks a little further ahead than Ruskell did.

    After the injuries last year, we had to bring in a veteran receiver this year. Housh made a lot of sense and he’s playing well this season. He’s on pace to have eight receptions this year, which is solid for his first year here.

  64. Actually that was almost the perfect typo. Stick an “n” in there and you have “imangry” (I’m angry).

  65. variable575 says:

    You bet he’s incompetent. Not bringing(as it appears) a future hall of famer in for an interview who knows the team better than most candidates(his press conference slip that has sports nation thinking the hawks are not interested). And by the way, the guy he fired is the same one he hired. Don’t forget. Tod road like rusty road the ship that holgren built. And he did build it regardless of the failures that he made as GM. This is obvious. And like I said before, the hawks are falling from grace, his position incriminates him even more so.

    Dukeshire, you honestly believe that culpability for this plunge rests on TR’s shoulders alone?

  66. TSN, which usually is crap with respect to actual in-depth team-by-team knowledge, has a really good read about Jake Locker. I’ll have to watch some Huskies games next year. I think we need Matt’s successor in the ’11 draft anyways.

  67. Audible:There’s a good chance that Holmgren doesn’t want to return to Seattle. Just because he said he’s interested in the job, doesn’t mean that he’s interested enough to take the job even if it was offered to him. How is he supposed to answer a question like that? “No way…tell the seaturkeys to stick it”?

    Yikes, a breakthrough. Somebody in Seattle has actually acknowledged the possibility that the Seahawks asked Holmgren to come in for an interview and he told them to get bent. I can die happy now.

  68. guidocarmasi says:

    please take the cleveland job please please!!!

    dont come back to Seattle!!! Nor GreenBay for that matter.


  69. variable575 says:

    Dukeshire says;

    “he has put the wheels in motion to replace the failed GM.”

    Are you working with this organization, Dukeshire? How do you know that’s the case? More than likely, Paul Allen said can TR, otherwise Leiweke probably would have kept him in place. Neither one of us know for sure but unlike you i’m not claiming such things as Tod Leiweke “putting the wheels in motion”. more likely he was following a command.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – I neither said nor implied that. You are asking me to take the same leap you have, that Leiweke in incompetent. Without more information I cannot do that. In fact, based on what limited information I have, I feel just the opposite. To presume we know what is going on behind the scenes is foolish. None of us has any idea what conversations have taken or not taken place. He hired Ruskell, true. He also showed him the door because he (Ruskell) “simply didn’t win enough…”. And let me remind you that Leiweke was the one who fired Bob Whitsitt. Had he not done that it was very likely Holmgren would have resigned. No one was calling out incompetence then.

  71. Dukeshire says:

    Leiweke is the CEO, so yes, I presume he is Allen point man on this project.

  72. BlueTalon says:

    You guys are funny. With the exception of a few voices of reason (Audible, Regis, perhaps others I missed), you guys are in full meltdown mode. You have your pitchforks and nooses out, and got yourselves so whipped up into a frenzy that you’ve lost your collective minds. Ruskell was Evil Incarnate, Wrecker of Teams, Bird Destroyer, and you full-on rejoiced when he resigned. Now, because what? Because Holmgren is talking with the Browns organization? Suddenly, Tod Lieweke is the REAL Evil One, the Rejector of Holmgren, Destroyer of Franchises. You guys make it sound like Holmgren is the only guy on the planet that knows anything about football, and we’re about to let the NFL’s messiah walk out the door without crowning him.

    LOL! Gimme a freakin’ break, will ya? How about letting the process play out a little bit before condemning any more FO people to eternal damnation. Seriously, the way you guys are riding your emotions, if Paul Allen were to fire Lieweke, Allen would become the whipping boy the next time something happened that you didn’t like.

  73. “Hey, you seem a little too defensive mocarob…………….or should we be calling you tod?”

    He’s my daddy. I got to live with it.. LOL
    (no sick jokes now ok)

  74. Dukeshire says:

    BlueTalon – No pitchforks here.

  75. FireRuskellNow says:

    aaron curry is worthless hack i hope the next gm doesnt draft a bust like him

  76. FireRuskellNow says:

    and we better not hire ruston webster, why in gods name would we need a Ruskell cronie?

  77. FireRuskellNow says:

    ‘nd, most of us are willing to give him a second chance because he was moonlighting as a HC at the same time, but the fact is that he made plenty of mistakes and there is no evidence that he’ll do better the second time around. ”

    Holmgren said he himelf he was congizant of his mistakes and would do better if the next time he was GM. Unlke that dumb arse ruskell who didnt admit losing Hutch was a bad idea until he resigned

  78. I’m going to support whoever we hire, even Webster, until his performance convinces me otherwise. I believe TL is going to hire the best candidate for the job, and I have confidence that Paul Allen is paying attention and will ask a lot of tough questions before they arrive at a final decision. I think TL’s sense of self preservation is stronger than his loyalty to friends who are not qualified candidates. If TL blows this hire, expect Allen to show him the door next time…and next time won’t be five years from now.

  79. As long as we end up winning… I really don’t care who we hire.

    At this point in time, I simply feel Holmgren is the best choice considering we need a new QB in the next 2-3 years to groom — I don’t think anyone can honestly say that any other hire would be better at that all important decision than Mike Holmgren. Besides, as was already stated, he’s not going to have dual duties this time around.

    Either way, give me a new GM, even if it’s not Holmgren, who gets this team back to where we all want to go and I’m not really going to care who it is. We’re all going to root for that hire and hope for the best.

  80. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed, gentlemen.

  81. There’s another factor that I haven’t heard anyone mention, and that’s Holmgren’s age.

    Let’s say he gets the job here and we win a superbowl…then what? He’ll be collecting SS in a couple of years, and he’ll have a superbowl ring at the highest level of management for a football guy. So, what’s his next step? My guess is he’ll be ready to move into the broadcast booth and would probably be the most sought after commentator in sports, having achieved success at every level. So, where does that leave us? It leaves with a great team but without a GM to continue our success.

    What if we hire a kick-ass GM who’s a lot younger…we win a superbowl then what? How about several suporbowls…back to back superbowls, etc….a team that is year-in-year-out a contender…a dynasty. That is one thing that Holmgren can’t offer us, no matter how good he turns out to be as GM.

  82. As freedom_X said early on here, all we really have is conjecture. I have nothing authoritative on which to base an opinion at this point.

    I don’t know that TL has bolted the door against Holmgren (I have not yet heard anything to indicate the Seahawks have interviewed anyone, for that matter). I also I don’t know that Holmgren is trying to pressure Seattle by interviewing with the Browns; from what I can see, Cleveland called and asked him to stop by, and he said yes. Maybe he’s serious about Cleveland, maybe he’s using it as interview practice, who knows…I certainly don’t.

    I’d like to see Holmgren here, and I’ll be a bit disappointed if he doesn’t end up here. But I’ve seen nothing to this point to justify any finger pointing in TL’s direction, and I imagine that I’ll support whoever the process ends up placing here.

  83. Holmgren is about 6-7 years younger than Parcells.

  84. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    Cleveland needs Holmgren far more than Seattle does? I doubt that. The Seahawks are a joke organization, same as Cleveland. IMO Paul Allen is scum for not selling this team to someone who cares.

  85. Maybe sell it to someone like Ken Behring? No thanks.

  86. Whoa…I”m trying to help piece together an explanation for what’s going on, and I just remember something.

    Remember last summer when Mora and Goodell summited Mt. Rainier? Does anyone remember who else was on the team who made that climb? Hint…it wasn’t Ruskell and it wasn’t Holmgren. Yep…Tod Leiweke!. TL is only one year older than Mora and obviously they’re both athletic and into climbing.

    Uhm…hey guys, those of you calling for Mora’s head are going to be a little disappointed because I got news for you…he ain’t goin nowhere.

    Our next GM is going to be a guy in his late 40s to early 50s….and a guy who’s going to fit into to the youth movement that we have going on at Seahawks Headquarters.

    I would bet that Leiweke’s vision is that the three of them will be to Seahawks football like what the Three Muskateers were to sword fighting bad guys.

    Holmgren is in a completely different place in life, and he doesn’t fit in with the chemistry that Leiweke is trying to create on this team. Those guys are in mid career and want to build an empire…Holmgren wants to finish off his career on top. While the three of them are talking shop at the top of Mt. Rainier next time, Holmgren will be home watching re-runs of Murder She Wrote. Get the point? Holmgren likes short work-weeks and he’s probably not going to fit into that circle the way TL would like. And, folks, that’s why he’s not invited to the party.

    If Leiweke chooses well…we could have something incredibly special in the making…young wealthy owner, young president, young coach, young GM.

    Let’s just hope they don’t turn out to be the The Three Stooges :)

  87. John Clayton told KIRO radio that the Seahawks have informed Homgren that they are moving in a different direction. In other words, thanks but no thanks.
    Seems like the end of that story. Let’s move on, guys.

  88. bigmike04 says:

    Ohio is just college football town…

    Thought with who browns are facing in their division which their facing Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Bengals and themself, they have good chance against Bengals but not against pittsburgh and raven year in and year out.

  89. bigmike04 says:

    So it not going to matter what Mike Holmgren going to do as GM because Eric mangini will still be coach if Holmgren Fired him after this season than he is hypocriate liar and Eric Mangini only had one good yr that was his first year in coaching but Holmgren wouldn’t fired the guy after his first season because he said he wouldn’t do that to Jim Mora.

  90. bigmike04:Thought with who browns are facing in their division which their facing Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Bengals and themself, they have good chance against Bengals but not against pittsburgh and raven year in and year out.

    That’s funny. That’s exactly what I said about the Patriots around 10 years ago. It doesn’t matter who they hire to coach their team, they have no chance against the mighty Dolphins.

  91. By the way, Ruston Webster is one year younger than Mora and all three of them….Tod, Jim, and Ruston all have kids that are under 19 years old. The reason they’re going in a different direction is because of the chemistry…if Holmgren was 10 years younger, 100 pounds lighter, and not already a legend, he’d fit right in.

  92. Yes, Clayton has reported that the Seahawks did talk to Holmgren and told him they already have a list of 10 GM candidates they want to interview.

    Holmgren is the one who insists his deadline for a new contract is “before Christmas”. So, basically Holmgren already took himself off the list with his own demands.

    A lot of heat generated here today. What’s the point of all the anger? The Seahawks face a HUGE management decision on whether to hire “just a GM” who mostly lives on the road half the year with his scouts and other GMs, or to hire a “VP of Football Ops” like Holmgren wants and let that person clean house and start a new organization. They decided they want to go the GM route. They understand all the risks involved.

    Personally, I wish they would hire Holmgren as the Czar and see what he could do, but if our team ends up winning soon with a new GM then I’ll admit I was wrong about that. Who among us can say the entire Seahawks personnel and scouting operation needs to be scrapped? All we can say is that a few bad decisions were made on a few draft picks and free agents, among some good decisions as well, and that the team had a horrible 2-year streak of injuries, and that the new coaching staff hasn’t found success yet.

    No one can tell me that our organization is in the same bad shape as the Browns. Maybe their situation demands a complete house-cleaning; maybe ours doesn’t.

    I don’t think it is fair to assume Leiweke doesn’t know what he’s doing. The only thing we know about him is that he ran a profitable Portland Trailblazers NBA team at the same time he began running a profitable Seattle Seahawks NFL team. His job is to make profit for the owners and he has done that in two leagues. That’s quite an impressive career.

    At this point, I am looking forward to finding out who is on Leiweke’s list of 10 GM candidates. They are already way ahead of us on this.

  93. FireRuskellNow says:

    What makes you think we are going to get a better GM than Holmgren? THIS SAME PROCESS RESULTED IN TIM RUSKELL!!! who was allegedly some young and upcomer superstar talent evaluator who received credit for Tampa’s fluke 2001 defense despite him not drafting the players.

  94. BlueTalon says:

    I said: “Seriously, the way you guys are riding your emotions, if Paul Allen were to fire Lieweke, Allen would become the whipping boy the next time something happened that you didn’t like.”

    Then EPGIII said: “Cleveland needs Holmgren far more than Seattle does? I doubt that. The Seahawks are a joke organization, same as Cleveland. IMO Paul Allen is scum for not selling this team to someone who cares.”

    Am I good, or what?

  95. BlueTalon,

    You may be right, but you used the wrong poster to make your point. Our old friend The Great Cat III I had nine lives, two of which he’s already lost for making silly posts. Ignore him, and try to find a more credible poster to make your point, so we don’t encourage him.

  96. FireRuskellNow says:

    “No one can tell me that our organization is in the same bad shape as the Browns. Maybe their situation demands a complete house-cleaning; maybe ours doesn’t.”

    We aren’t the same. the Browns are BETTER!!!

  97. nighthawk2 says:

    Hey Blue Talon, WTF are you to say who is “a voice of reason”? Is that someone that agrees with you and thinks like you do? Fans have every right to call out the “front office” (is there a back office?) people and the coaching staff for the embarassing crap product that has been put on the field the last two years.

    Tod Leiweke to me has already shown he’s incompetent. What football team needs a “CEO”? How about a team president, a VP for football operations and a GM? Leiweke fired Whitsett because Allen told him to, because Holmgren was gone if that didn’t happen. Then he hired another Whitsett named Ruskell. That doesn’t make him a Mensa candidate. He stood back and watched as Ruskell stocked this team with overpriced deadwood and bust draft picks as it went steadily downhill; watched as Ruskell pushed Holmgren out the door and brought in his own boy Mora and then promoted this lap-dog to head coach. And now look at this team. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tod Leiweke is part of the problem and needs to go. We can’t talk to most potential GM candidates until the season ends, or the playoffs end for those whose teams make it there. But we could start looking for a team president candidate as soon as the season ends.

  98. Many of us are like little kids in the days before Christmas. We want to sneak a peak at those gifts so dang bad that we sometimes do things we shouldn’t (or say). It makes us mad.

    Finding our next GM is a process. We will eventually be happy when we have one (unless they bring in Matt Millen) and we’ll be excited about our organization again. We’ll be excited for the off-season and seeing our team develop.

    Granted, there is a proven candidate (Holmgren) who would be perfectly fine, but I guess it’s not going to happen. I didn’t quit following the Hawks last year after they pissed me off with their 1st round draft pick and I’m not going to stop following them if they bring in some clown that I don’t agree with.

    Thick and thin, my friends. We follow them through thick and thin. We may be pathetic creatures, but we are what we are (Seahawk fans).

  99. hellomouthbreathers says:

    Holmgren was not the Seahawks, he was a coach and a (poor) GM (before being fired from that spot) of the Seahawks. Anyone that will be rooting against the Hawks and for the Browns based on any of this has never been a fan. I know I am a cynical jerk with this team, but I still get my tickets and I still root for them even when losing would help get better picks, they can hire Mangini to run the whole show and I will still root for the team (while I complain non-stop).

    Here’s the rub. Holmgren is an unproven to poor GM, he is not a savior of any kind and he is not a sure thing, even if hair-bun Clayton says so. Could he have done a good job? Sure, but so could many other people. Just the idea that he would have come in here and consider that idiot Gruden speaks volumes, as does the fact that the last big hire for the Browns was Mangini (Are we even sure Lerner knows what he’s doing? At all?) If you want three votes of a lack-of-confidence, you have what he did as a GM, the Browns want him, and he is linked with Gruden.

    As for the Homgren or bust people, just leave. Hey, move to Cleveland if you want, you can get a house there for $5 and a kiss on the cheek. Wait, is that reason #4 to doubt Holmgren? Who decides to go to Cleveland? Think about that.

  100. Time moves on, people. Give the exaggerated indignation a rest.

    Maybe Holmgren doesn’t want to come back to Seattle where you guys would undoubtedly soon be screaming every freaking day that he should be Fired and Tortured and Killed.

  101. princeaden says:

    Duke, I was simply stating that we need to give Leiweke the benefit of the doubt…Twice. The last comment was only to illustrate a point and I believe you know that. I’m sorry if I didn’t phrase it like you would have. But, the last time I checked, the 1st Amendment is still in affect. I’m a citizen of this country and if I want to say something, I damn sure will.

  102. BlueTalon says:

    nighthawk2 says: “Hey Blue Talon, WTF are you to say who is “a voice of reason”? Is that someone that agrees with you and thinks like you do? Fans have every right to call out the “front office” (is there a back office?) people and the coaching staff for the embarassing crap product that has been put on the field the last two years.”

    No, people can disagree with me and still be reasonable, just like people can agree with me and be unreasonable. When I see the literary equivalent of faces turning crimson and veins popping out and spit flying, it is safe to say that those writing are not doing so as the voice of reason.

    People calling for Tod Lieweke’s job, on the basis of Holmgren talking to the Browns, are just plain irrational. People saying that Holmgren is the only viable option for the Seahawks GM spot are narrow-minded to a fault. And people condemning the process the Seahawks have chosen to replace Ruskell, without waiting to see any results or even what direction that process is taking, are being unreasonable.

  103. Blue Talon – place your right hand on the Bible. Okay, now place it on that burner. Hurts don’t it. Now REPETE process with your left.
    Get the picture?

  104. variable575 says:


    people are mentioning Leiweke on the basis that he shares culpability in the hawks fall pure and simple. Not too difficult to understand, and this is a seahawks forum–different and fiery kinds of posts should be expected. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. Obviously you do like it though or you wouldn’t bother posting.

  105. Dukeshire says:

    princeaden – Your 1st amendment rights have nothing to do with my criticism. And that sure didn’t read like you were giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, either time. They’re your takes, phrase them how you see fit, it just struck me as really weird and reactionary and repetitive.

  106. princeaden says:

    I probably am being a little out of character and reactionary, born out of the frustration and uncertianty of the Seahawks future. I want more than anything for Leiweke to get this right. Whether it’s Holmgren or whomever, he’s got one shot at this and I wish him the best of luck. If he fails he needs to go IMO.

  107. princeaden says:

    Has the list of 10 potential candidates been released?

  108. seahawklovertoo says:

    Blue Talon, the reason I want Leiweke’s scalp is simple. He is , as a CEO responsible for our decline and there is nobody else to blame. His ego is the main reason for removing of MH from the Seahawks organization. He couldn’t handle having a deserving legend to take the credit for this teams success. So, he is dismantling this team before he starts building something in “his image”. The proof is in his statement that the new GM “will be joining us- we won’t join him” !!! What is Leiweke way? Lets go back: bringing in an absolute moron in Ruskell, dismissing a legend in favor of an incompetent lap-dog named Mora ( who is by far the worst coach in NFL) surround himself with a bunch of proven losers and rejects from the Bucs and the Falcons……
    When Leiweke took over the Blazers, he inherited a bunch of problematic but, extremely talented players with the high trade value. Blazer saviour— hardly the case. Rin-Tin-Tin could have done the same .
    Tod Leiweke walked in on the Seahawk team that was winning fine, went to SB and HE RUINED IT with his stupid decisions. We have no one that we can trade . There is nobody among the Seahawk platers that we can get a first rounder for. That is a big difference in the results of his sports executive career.
    Now, Blue Talon if you , Regis and some other “geniuses” that started posting here as of late, can’t see the truth, than maybe you all can consider getting your heads out of TLs arse . The stench is messing with your proper perceptions.

  109. BlueTalon says:

    excile, I have no clue what you’re talking about. Try again, this time try to make sense.

    variable575, Ruskell was supposedly the problem. He’s out, now Lieweke is the problem? Let’s assume for a moment Lieweke gets canned. Where does this shared culpability end? Paul Allen shares culpability, as do others. Do you go after him, too? I repeat my thesis — people didn’t start screaming for Lieweke’s head until after it looked like he wasn’t pursuing Holmgren. If shared culpability was ever the issue, people would have been calling for his head right along with Ruskell’s for a long time. The wouldn’t have just started recently.

    seahawklovertoo, your post is too full of hyperbole and poor writing for me to take much of it seriously, but I will address one point for you. Lieweke said that the new GM will be joining us, not us joining him. You apparently don’t have any clue what that means, so let me explain it. It means the new GM will not be given the keys to the kingdom. It means that anybody interested in becoming the GM will not have unlimited freedom to change whatever he wants. You seem to think that is unreasonable. I disagree. I think it is perfectly reasonable for a prospective employer to have a job description for an incoming manager/executive that does not include “everything you want”.

    One other thing — you don’t get to define the truth in hyperbolic, highly inflammatory terms, and then accuse anyone who doesn’t see the “truth” the way you do to have their heads up TL’s arse. Not without sounding like an idiot, anyway. You might consider getting back on your meds and pulling your head out of your own arse.

  110. variable575 says:

    BlueTalon says:

    “I repeat my thesis “.

    Sorry buddy–it seems as though you are slightly confused, this is the TNT seahawks blog not to be confused with your english 101 class. Are we suppose to be impressed with your poor interpretation of what we are saying in regards to true reality vs your obfuscated reality? You last post isn’t even worth the adenosine triphosphate it would take to type out a response.

  111. BlueTalon says:

    You’re funny! Telling me my last post isn’t worth responding to while you’re responding to it — I think the irony sailed right over your head. Now if only you had addressed the substance of my post with some substance of your own…

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