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WR Burleson possibly out for the year

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 15, 2009 at 2:51 pm with 94 Comments »
December 15, 2009 2:51 pm
Joe Barrentine/The News Tribune
Joe Barrentine/The News Tribune

On his weekly radio show on KJR-AM, Seahawks wide receiver Nate Burleson said he suffered a high-ankle sprain on Sunday against Houston and could be out for the season.

Burleson said he injured the ankle on a punt return trying to get around the edge in the third quarter. Burleson said his foot was planted on the ground while a Houston player coming in to make the tackle hit his helmet on the outside of Burleon’s ankle.

Burleson said he’s wearing a protective boot on the injured ankle.

“We did X-rays right after the game and there weren’t any broken bones,” Burleson said. “It felt uneasy. Then I went to the sideline and got it taped up. I went in for one more play, and they threw me the ball and I caught it right on the sideline. And when it came down it just didn’t feel good, so at that point I just decided to (shut it down).”

Burleson said he’s uncertain if he will return this year. The 28-year-old receiver missed 15 games last year with an ACL tear in his knee, but came back early from the injury and had a surprisingly explosive burst early in training camp.

“There’s a possibility of both,” Burleson said. “Right now, like I said I have a very high tolerance for pain, so I was able to go in after I hurt it, so that’s a good sign right there. Right now it’s just basically trying to rehab it as much as I can and take it week by week, and obviously I want to get on the field. I want to make plays.

“I was on my way to 1,000 yards, and that was important to me. That would be a milestone in my career, but we’ll see what happens.”

Burleson has 63 receptions for 829 yards, along with three touchdowns, and has a chance to reach 1,000 yards for only the second time in his seven-year career.

Listen to the entire Burleson interview with KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler in this audio link.

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  1. I don’t want to see Nate hurt, but in a way it’s good that he’ll be out so we can get Butler more involved in the game plan. Has anyone noticed that Butler is starting to make some progress? He’s getting more separation and starting to make some plays.

  2. At least we’ll get more of a look at what Butler can do. And you never know, maybe Branch will do something enough to where we could get something for Branch. The odds of that happening are about as good as my winning the lottery, but there’s a chance…

  3. Audible – Didn’t see you had already posted that. Sorry.

  4. Crap. Our most productive offensive player. Other than Hasselbeck, this is the last offensive player we could afford to lose.

  5. I guess no playoffs now.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Burleson is interesting, moving forward for me. I don’t see anyway the ‘Hawks void his contract for next season (he’s scheduled to make what he made this year, 3.25 mil) but he’ll be 30 when the season begins in’11 and that will be his last big contract opportunity, I would think so he’ll want to get paid. Personally, I think it’s in the best interest for the new GM to rework and extend his contract before ’11, assuming that is, he is measured to be a part of the solution.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Is it just me, or does the thought of Holmgren signing with Cleveland make it feel like the ‘Hawks will have missed out? Perhaps that just sentiment talking but the more I think about it, the better I feel about him coming back.

  8. Holmgren fared way too poorly in those tough road games for me to think he’s a savior. Sure if the Cardinals and 49ers fall off the earth big time and the rest of the schedule goes back to cupcake city, I’m sure he can replicate his old success.

  9. princeaden says:

    No, it’s not just you. I’ve had kind of a homesick feeling all day thinking about it.

  10. Sure Duke, how can we not feel homesick about wanting Holmy back. The man inspires confidence. We’re missing that now.

    But remember, he was once just an unknown coach at BYU who got hired by Bill Walsh. Bill Polian and John Butler were once just young scouts hired by the Buffalo Bills to rebuild a struggling team. Four Super Bowls later they were geniuses.

    Time moves on, and the Next Genius GM is out there, somewhere. His name might not be Holmgren.

  11. I have too.

  12. Burleson is going to miss the rest of the year? Most of his teammates have missed all of the year. LOL.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Stevos – A terrific point and one that I have been considering for weeks and have been confident in… until today. It’s very wet, drizzly, gray day here in Portland and some douche has just asked out our ex and we’re single. Lol. I miss the big lug.

  14. Watching football is supposed to be fun. Holmgren made it fun for me.

  15. brosco13 says:

    well put him on IR for the rest of the year and pick up Richie Incognito who was just released from the Rams…. we could use a mean guard

  16. If the season ended today we would pick between 9-11 and 24-27.

  17. rorygee8 says:

    tbaier….I agree….well said.

    I really enjoy watching the Seahawks, but liked it a whole lot more with Coach Holmy around.

  18. griffincsb says:

    don’t we have guys capable of return punts who aren’t our main receivers?

    i thought L. Rankin would be that kind of guy, to return punts for us, since he is a backup.

    Kind of frustrating, but the season is done for anyway, and like everyone else said, we can now see Butler get some more reps.

  19. BobbyK: I think you’ll like this:

    Don Banks reviews last year’s draft with 20/20 hindsight and considers again who the best players were. He picks Michael Oher #1.

    Seems I remember Bobby mentioning Oher last spring… like 20,000 times.

    Interesting also to look at the O linemen drafted and consider how few have had an impact so far.

  20. seahawklovertoo says:

    I like and respect BK but, I remember well that he was for Moreno; Duke liked Sanchez. There were only two posters for Oher—me and someone else. I was kind off between Oher and Andre Smith ; with Smith having better college career and Oher being better person due to his quality of character. I did start visiting Sea.Ins about 6 weeks before the last draft.

  21. SL2 (Mercedes, not Saturn),

    Bobby pretty much permanently stamped both Moreno and Oher on our minds because like this year, we spent months before the draft pouring over every conceivable scenario. If you were for Oher, you were in really good company.

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    To be the most honest on this matter, I was very happy when we got to draft Curry. I did cool-off a bit when he held up… I still am completely sure he will justify his draft position once we get real coaches instead of the clowns we have now. Do I wish (in hindsight) that we drafted Oher….YES I DO . I think most of us has forgotten that Big Walt was expected to play this season. Only Chewy had called it correctly ( he won’t play at all) , and was chastised for his opinion.

  23. I even flip flopped on draft day as to who I wanted (Moreno/Oher). I started the day wanting Moreno, then changed my mind to Oher, and then, ulimately, when the pick was to be made, I decided on Moreno (but I trusted Ruskell that Walt would be fine… stupid, stupid, stupid… if I wouldn’t have been confident with Walt’s medical records as GM, which I would have access to, I most certainly would have taken Oher).

    And then when Oher kept sliding and sliding I was hoping Ruskell would have pulled one of those crazy 2-for-1 trades to trade back up into the late teens/early twenties to get Oher.

    As Audible said, I wrote about my man love for Moreno and Oher so many times that I know others were sick about it.

    I wanted to go back to the draft archives on Sunday because I wanted to see who everyone else said we should take. I do remember there were a lot of Crabtree and Monroe fans. I’m glad I wasn’t in the Monroe camp.

    Eric — is there anyway to get the comments back from draft day last year? I’d like to look at them. If it’s too big of a hassle, I understand too. Thanks.

  24. Holmgren said Walter Jones would be fine – remember the procedure was on the “non-weight bearing portion” whatever that meant. Don’t let him off the hook for his role in misleading expectations.

  25. pabuwal – duly noted. I agree. But you think the medical team would have had better information from when Holmy made that comment in December (or close to it) than draft day in late April. That’s about 5 months of time to get a better read on the situation. Oh well…

    Stevos – thank you for that link. Good read.

    Where’s nighthawk? Eugene Monroe didn’t even go in the 1st round of that mock. LOL.

  26. The positives are that they still have Curry going in the top half of the first round. Although it could be better, it also could have been worse. And as we all know, this same list will be significantly different a year from now too. All I hope is that Curry is in the top 10 on this list in about 5 years. Then we’ll know we’re okay (unless we haven’t fixed the OL).

  27. You’ll like Anthony Davis, the Junior LT from Rutgers. He projects to be in the bottom half of the first round but I think his combine workout will cause him to leap up the charts.

  28. I was against drafting Crabtree
    OK with Sanchez but not overly excited
    Figured Stafford, Smith and Curry off the board
    Hoped for a scenareo of Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Wells and Kenny Britt among others.
    Was ecstatic over Aaron Curry

    Obomanu will have a chance now with Burly out. I’d forgotten all about Payne. That knee injury probably ended any chance of an NFL career. Poor chap. He was a hellacious special teamer. Haven’t had one of them sense Josh Scobey.

  29. It’s been almost a half decade that we have had one of the worst offensive lines in all of the NFL (we’re almost done with our 4th year of worthlessness as a unit… at least the ’07 line was okay in pass protection).

  30. Thanks pabuwal. I’ll check him out.

  31. seahawklovertoo says:

    Thanks Audible. I did come quite late to this blog and I missed most of the fun ( I guess).

  32. excile – Payne seems to be with the Lions, but I can’t find him on their website. It’s like he vanished.

  33. He’s 20 now. If he stays one more year and hones his skills he will go in the top 10. But I think the rookie cap might influence his decision.

    Rutgers players like Kenny Britt, Ray Rice and Jeremy Zuttah have been great values for the teams that drafted them the past few years. If the NFL catches on and Davis has a big combine, he’ll go around 10-15.

  34. Hey Bobby…speaking of Oher, I’m looking forward to your top OL prospects in next year’s draft. Hopefully, we can find some highlights on youtube.

  35. Audible – I do like Left Guard Mike Johnson from Alabama. He will be a mid 2nd to early 3rd round type of guy, but I really think he’s going to be a solid pro. I’m not talking Hutch good, but I’m not talking Rob Sims “good” either. I’m not saying he’s the best OL available, just a guy that I like. I really liked Duke Robinson last year around this time and went as far as to say I’d like to take him in the 1st round if we could trade down from #4 and the others weren’t available… but then started souring on him as the draft got closer (his bowl game wasn’t great) and after Knapp was hired (as he’s certainly not a good ZBS lineman).

  36. play Deon Butler more.Time to trade Branch

  37. Dukeshire says:

    That article was cool, a re-draft. One thing that stood out was he had the ‘Hawks taking Cushing even though “Curry has been solid” for the Seahawks. Um… no, I would not call Curry’s play solid in any shape or form.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    I’m interested to see how Mike Iupati’s (guard, Idaho) draft stock changes. Now that Ruskell is gone, solid players like that are now once again on the table.

  39. variable575 says:

    Guys—anyone else getting reports that Holmgren took the browns job??? I am.

  40. variable575 says:

    Tod Leiweke is a B#$%$ for not only neglecting a Holmgren interview but thumbing his nose the way he did at Rusty Penny’s fair well cya later media event. Looks like Rusty got the last laugh. Now enter the Webster Era. I’m brimming with excitement.

  41. variable575 says:

    I may have jumped the gun on Holmgren taking the browns job offer—–back down to yellow alert. Caught a piece of the bottom line on ESPN.

  42. princeaden says:

    The longer this goes on, the worse the pit in my stomach gets. I don’t have a very good gut feeling about Leiweke. And if he is going to go with Webster, this could be just the beginning of a long downward spiral. God I hope not.

  43. princeaden says:

    Does anyone have any info. on whether there has been any more interviews(other than Dungy)? And is there any idea if we are going to wait for the season to be over to name the new guy or are they going to do it as soon as possible?

  44. being discussed on NFL network NOW Holmgren

  45. I’m curious about Iupati too. I don’t claim to know much about him, but I like what I’ve heard.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    The Browns are serious and Holmgren must have genuine interest to visit for 2 days. The thing I remember about how quiet the search is right now, for the ‘Hawks, is that when they hired him the first time, Mueller didn’t even mention him as a candidate 3 days before the hire. Until there’s official word I’m with variable, back to yellow. Or whatever color represents coming in off the ledge.

  47. He returned to the Browns facility for a second time WITH AN AGENT. They have been at this for 2 days now. But their only talking shop. Holmy has been brought in for advice on the hiring of FO personnel. :)

  48. seahawkslovertoo – This is for you. I’ll have it done by the end of the week. I’ll repost this link when completed.

    Duke – You could use this too. The website literally takes 2 minutes to create. Then you won’t have to post a million word blog entry.

  49. Browns have a high draft pick and may want a QB. STL will have already picked Clausen, so they (Browns) may be wanting Holmgren to help them land the best QB for their team(?) Maybe he was just giving them info about how to go about making the QB selection, rather than becoming their GM and having to go through many years to get the Browns to the SB. There’s places he might buy in Shaker Heights, but he’d need armour plate on his Harley if he wants to ride it downtown. Least, that’s the way it used to be.

    Remember the lyrics to Randy Newman’s song about when the ‘cuyahoga river went smokin’ to the sea’? That was about when the cuyahoga caught fire. Not most people’s ideal for a place to live. Bring Holmgren back, please.

  50. BobbyAyala says:

    Holmgren took over GB when it was garbage and made two bowls, Holmgren took over Seattle when it was garbage and made one bowl.

    Holmgren’s thinking he can take over Cleveland when it’s garbage and can make it to a bowl.

    It’s sad, sad, sad, but I think our boy is headed to Cleveland.

  51. variable575 says:

    That picture of Burleson signaling a first down before the play was over is a pure classic.

  52. variable575 says:

    And BobbyA–

    Good point.

    The future seems more exciting with Holmy GM and a coach of his choice vs some GM that will bend over for leiweke and kiss mora’s arse. I’m afraid the latter is what we’ll end up with, because of that i think we may suffer another yr, at least, with knapper at OC. PATHETIC.

    hope i wasn’t too graphic but again, who does leiweke think he is to be so arrogant with team that is spiraling downward. “join us”……….there was no need for that……..what a dick.

  53. variable575 says:

    Oh yeah
    one more thing. Great coaching move putting Nate back as punt returner when he’s a leading receiver that has the most chemistry with Mathew. I mean i understand the spark they wanted, but don’t they ever evaluate their decisions mid-process and realize it’s not working so don’t force it and just have him be WR and not a PR as well. Did anyone else see an injury to burleson coming as the PR like me?

    Can we send our two main morons down to AZ or Frisco!?!? Keep Gus, I still believe Monte!!! He needs a fair chance away from the “ambiguously gay duo”.

  54. bigmike04 says:

    If seattle seahawks are going to put Burleson on IR than Spencer should join him if he can’t snap ball with his broken hand than why is he still playing?

  55. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    I didn’t know N.B. was playing this year (nor anyone else on offense, or defense for that matter).

    The Huskies and Mariners have now been irrelevant for 8 and 7 years, respectively, and counting. The Seahawks have been irrelevant for 2. My guess is we have a minimum of 5 or 6 years before the Hawks matter again. This franchise is scorched. We have an owner who does not care. We have no braintrust. Tod Leiweke is a moron. Our coach blows. We need to hire Holmgren and fire everyone else on the same day. Scorched earth policy is the only policy to implement here. Start now or it’ll be 10 years before we matter. You read it here first!

  56. Why do people hate Nate Burleson? I guess I could ask the same about why people hated Darrell Jackson?

    He quits on routes when he is the 4th option and blanketed. So would you – no decent QB would throw the pass to the 4th option on a go route while he is blanketed. If you ever played (pee wee on up) you’d remember being the 4th option and well covered – I bet you quit on the route after 4 or 5 seconds too (unless you saw your QB running around). If I’m in the huddle and I hear Matt say “Ok TJ, I’m coming to you on a 3-step drop” and I’m Nate running a fly pattern – I give it a few seconds try and make the CB and S follow me… then stop and save a bit of energy for my next route. Just because TJ can’t seperate and Nate is Matt’s security blanket doesn’t mean Nate should be ready for a ball that should NEVER come. He doesn’t dog it out there, he hustles – fights for every inch, and makes tough catches.

    I’ve read that he is supposedly about league average. If that’s true, then what does that make our $50 Million #2 receiver? Nate is a playmaker, the only other one we have is a sort of playmaker (Forsett). He’s under contract for 2010, at a very reasonable price – WHY ON EARTH would we dump him?

    In retrospect, did it make sense to dump Jackson late in his prime? He may have struggled post-Hawks, but he was our best WR and considered a good receiver taylor made for Holmgren’s offense… See any similarities to #81’s situation?

    Burleson may never be a pro-bowler, but we don’t need him to be – we could acquire a #1 stud next year and pair him WITH Burleson. If not, Burleson needs to keep on pretending to be a #1 – he’s doing it well, just like D-Jack used to during the Hawks best days…

  57. Nate isn’t as good as I hoped he would be, but he’s certainly not bad either. If he could make the tough catches on a bit more of a regular basis, like the better WRs do, then I think he’d be close to the league elites. Since he can’t make those catches with enough regularity, he has to simply setting for being a pretty good WR. Ultimately, there’s no shame in that. Sure, I’d like him to be better but we have a heck of a lot more concerns on this team than Nate Burleson.

    It’s probably not going to happen because of our needs along the line of scrimmage and S… but I’d love to add a Golden Tate and his fast 4.4 speed (whereas Butler has slow 4.2 “speed”) to our WR core. We need playmakers and a guy like that also makes everyone else better. Tate seems a bit like D. Jackson of Philly, only a bit bigger. That’s a hell of a compliment I’m paying Tate.

  58. “RE-DRAFT”

    I wanted Crabtree, Moreno, or Jenkins – In that order.

  59. longco44 says:

    And Im going to be the party pooper.. His name is HOLMGREN.. Not HOLMY.. Do you all know him on a personal level? Is that why you call him that or are you all just to damn lazy to spell out his last name in it’s entirety?

    Sorry, Im under the weather this week and petty crap like this really strikes a nerve!

  60. Sac_94: Burleson may never be a pro-bowler, but we don’t need him to be – we could acquire a #1 stud next year and pair him WITH Burleson. If not, Burleson needs to keep on pretending to be a #1 – he’s doing it well, just like D-Jack used to during the Hawks best days…

    I could agree more. D-Jack wasn’t an NFL #1 WR, but he was a West Coast #1. Same could be said for Burleson. I’d rather not keep trying to find a true #1, and instead pour those resources into both of our lines (starters and backups). Assuming we drop Branch, and even if we dropped Housh –though I don’t think we will or should after one year — I’d take Burleson, Butler, and Obo and a stacked OL and DL in a heartbeat.

  61. variable575:
    “Keep Gus, He needs a fair chance away from the “ambiguously gay duo”.

    That’s F’ing hilarious! Now I am not going to be able to get that image out of my mind every time I see Mora and Knapp on the sideline together! OMFG.

    I have become very fed up with Mora overall. Every week he talks about he his team just “isn’t executing consistently”. Well, Jim, that’s what coaches do for a living. Its on you buddy.

    I think Knapp has been stuck in a no-win situation, and if he had a stable O line to work with early in the season I have no idea whether he might have run a good offense or not. But over the past few games he has done little to utilize the talent he has. Now I am even beginning to question Mike Solari who was supposed to be the Godsend great offensive line coach. We’re not seeing that on the field. So, I was patient. More patient than most. But I’m not seeing it.

    Gus Bradley? Dan Quinn? I liked the fire the brought to the training camp practices I watched. It was different from the Holmgren and Marshall practices. I like their style and I like the variety of defensive alignments that they use. But the players obviously can’t play all those defensive sets yet. Curry is mystified and lost, Hawthorne is overmatched, Hill isn’t making plays, and Tapp and Jackson are back to their old disappearing acts getting swallowed up by blockers. The defensive sets are different, the schemes are more aggressive, but the results are about the same – DBs left on an island getting burned by WRs because the QB has too big a comfort zone to set up his passes. Different schemes, same result.

    Still, if anyone on this coaching staff deserves another year to teach and implement their system, I would keep Gus Bradley and his D coaches.

    Now if I can only get that “ambiguously gay duo” image out of my head!

  62. BobbyK: Nate isn’t as good as I hoped he would be, but he’s certainly not bad either. If he could make the tough catches on a bit more of a regular basis, like the better WRs do, then I think he’d be close to the league elites.

    Considering our top 3 WR (on the depth chart at least) were all brought in via free agency, wouldn’t you at least agree that Nate is performing the best of the 3? I think he is the least paid of the 3 as well. I know this thread is specifically about Nate, and BobbyK’s comments were far from Nate-bashing, but let’s not forget about the other disappointments at that position.

  63. I realize Branch wasn’t brought in via FA, I guess I just try to forget that we actually traded a #1 pick for him.

  64. I agree. Nate is our best. Housh is a typical Ruskell signing – overpaying for an old player. And we all know the story on Branch.

  65. variable575: Oh yeah one more thing. Great coaching move putting Nate back as punt returner when he’s a leading receiver that has the most chemistry with Mathew.

    This is actually one of the few coaching decisions I have agreed with this year. He didn’t get hurt returning punts (this time), and if it weren’t for his 20+ yard return at the end of the SF game, that game easily could’ve resulted in a loss.

    Quite simply he’s our most explosive player, which is what that position calls for. Do you think Andy Reid is foolish for letting Desean Jackson return punts?

  66. Dukeshire says:

    I think a lot of what’s being said here about Nate goes back to what was mentioned yesterday; what do they do with him? Hammer out a new deal before his contract expires before the ’11 season? And remember, he’ll be 30 when that season starts. Does he fit into this teams long range plans and in what capacity? Personally, I think you try to get a deal done before it expires because my gut tells me he’ll want to get paid as that is likely to be his last big deal. He’s a fine #2 but WR is yet another position that must be upgraded and a true #1 drafted at some point.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    Rod Mar’s pictures are up from the Houston game. Scroll down to the 4th photo… If ever a picture deserved one of Divish’s photo captions, this is it. I find it really, very odd.

  68. Duke, of our three older WRs with big contracts: Burly, Housh, and Branch, Burleson is the one with the most upside over the next few years. Branch is gone, obviously. The only thing that makes extending Burleson problematic is Housh’s big contract. Otherwise, he’s the only WR of the three I want to see catching passes here until he retires.

    I would agree with you: try to get an extension done early with Burly because competing for him as a 30-yr old UFA won’t be a good idea.

  69. Dukeshire says:

    Well, I don’t know about upside, he’s a finished product now. His numbers may improve as the talent around him allows. But he’s the best of the 3 and he’s capable of remaining at this level longer than the others, I believe. He’s a relative bargain at 3.25 mill this season so that is yet another factor to his value. And yes, I’d like him to be here until he retires as well.

  70. According to KJR, Unger is in at Center, with Spencer getting looks at guard. It’s funny that something so obvious to us know-nothing-blog followers finally is apparent to the coaching staff.

    I swear, stubborness is the biggest killer of professional athletes/coaches/front office.

  71. seahawklovertoo says:

    Gents , I have red a lot of other opinions and spend some time thinking about it as well . Leiweke’s statement : “they will have to join US ; we won’t join them” is truly troubling to me ( even worse than when this moron first stated it 10 days ago). If that kind of statement came from a great football mind….I still won’t like it , but could live with it. No self-respecting and proven football executive will come to us to be a GM under this IDIOT . So, we are stuck with Webster. I think, hiring Webster only serves to save Leiweke’s face since he is the one that brought the Tampa/ Atlanta losers to lead ( to ruin) this franchise. I can see right now the crying face of this piece of $hit during his press conference about his dismissal
    trying to blame the screening company he hired to do his job.

  72. Thanks for the news, Lefty24.

    Let’s hope Coach Solari hasn’t been keeping Unger out of the Center position for a good reason, but I have to assume he has been. At this point, however, it shouldn’t really matter whether Unger is ready or not. Its time for his audition.

  73. seahawklovertoo,

    I’m with you on this one. It seems Ruston Webster is very likely our next GM. Who else would come in and “do it our way”.

    But just imagine if we offered Holmgren what Cleveland is offering him right now – VP control of the entire football operation. What a difference.

    I hope to hell that Leiweke knows what he’s doing.

  74. seahawklovertoo says:

    So, if anyone else shares my opinion, the only thing we can do to save our beloved Seahawks is to send e-mails to and in which we, the fans demand Leiweke’s immediate firing from the Seahawks organization. They can keep this “genius’ at Vulcan if they love him that much; just get him out of our football team.

  75. Well, then, it’s about time Unger is where he’s supposed to be. It only came about 6 months too late. I know that Ruskell/Mora do this stuff for a living and they are much more detailed with stuff we wouldn’t be accustomed to (not that we couldn’t be either if we were full time employees) but it’s sure as heck frustrating when some fans can see the obvious and the regime itself won’t do anything that’s in the best interests of the team. It makes me so mad!

  76. Lefty…good point about the stubbornness…it all boils down to arrogance. A lot of professional coaches treat their “system” like a religion and follow it blindly. Even a good system will suffer if the coaches don’t take a hard look of the reality of the team and the personnel they have to work with. The teams who are the most successful for long periods of time have coaches who have a strong system but also an open mind when it comes to players. Andy Reed comes to mind in Philly. He snagged both Weaver and Vick because of their talent, and made room for them in his “system”. He’s an innovator, not a follower.

    I’m quite concerned about the Hawks potentially hiring Webster. Honestly, I would have rather had Ruskell keep his job than have one of his subordinates take over.

    The switch they’re making now is too little too late and they totally botches the way they handled it. By calling out Spencer for bad snaps after allowing him to continue starting at that position with a broken thumb is inexcusable. They could have moved Spencer over without bad vibes as soon as he broke his thumb. Spencer is a physically talented guy, so now if he really flourishes at the position, we’re going to have a harder time resigning him as a guard because Mora through him under the bus.

    I wouldn’t call for Lieweke’s head just yet, but I would send an email asking Allen to choose a replacement for Ruskell carefully and don’t forget Holmgren. What is their email address?

  77. Nate’s got a high ankle, place him on IR. Play Obo in his spot and find out what B.Engram, C.Taylor, J.Payne, or J.Kent are up to these days. Wilson returns punts?

    Hawks are in transition. OL is supposed to be going from man to zone blocking. OL has been pass-blocking fairly well, because they’re playing it the same as they did when they were man blocking. At least they’ve been pass-blocking better than they have been run-blocking. Run blocking in a zone scheme is different than run-blocking in a man scheme. A pass-blocking play is supposed to look the same as a run-blocking play to the defense, but Hawks apparently can’t do that yet, so the defense knows which play is coming. Anyway, Hawks current OL personnel (except Unger – who’s being played out of position) were selected for a man scheme and may not have the sand nor physique to play zone. Solari’s KC line played mostly man, I don’t remember Darby or Rocky getting cut-blocked by them, so it may be a long term transition.

    The coaches show our OL guys how they want them to block in running plays, but our OL guys can’t even practice it on their DL guys. It’s all walk-throughs and practice against colored garbage cans, or the like. When the ball is snapped in a game, either our OL guys are slow to react because they’re thinking about what they’re supposed to be doing or they just react at game speed but tend to revert to instinctive man rules of last year and prior. Result, F-Troop. No deception, no cockroach blocks, no gaps in the DL, poor run game.

    Houston’s OL coach is Alex Gibbs, the father of zone-blocking. He’s had two years (one more than Solari) to get them to zone-block. Result: Houston got 23 more yards than the Hawks last Sun. However, their defense knew exactly what to expect from an OL in such a transition (plus no Slayton). Hawks OL will be weak in the run game until the light goes on in our OL guys eyes. Two more years, at least.

    To speed up the process, replace our man-blocking players (/coaches?) with FA players from zone-blocking teams (DEN, DC, OAK, HOU, CAR and GB) and draft OL guys from ZBing schools (WV, USC [eg LT Charles Brown], UO, and UMich, etc.) . Meanwhile, also, Hawks need a big, tall, burner #1 WR since they need to rely on the pass game and need to get the ball out 10-19 yrds to a receiver in a little under a second from the snap.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    “It seems Ruston Webster is very likely our next GM” With due respect, I don’t see any way that happens. First, although I too have spent a lot of time questioning the meaning of “joining us” it’s impossible to know what was meant by that. That could mean almost anything but it feels like he’s referring to engaging character people, and a winning background. I don’t see any evidence that ‘joining us” reflects negatively on Holmgren, after all, he was an “us” less than 12 months ago. In addition, I don’t see how they entrust the rebuilding of this franchise to a first time GM (again) with as modest background as Ruston. It is my belief they will bring aboard someone with an extensive backround as an admisistrator. There is too much inexperience across the board here to go another direction, IMO.

  79. seahawklovertoo says:

    I went to the site and wrote my comment as I said I will.

  80. klm008,

    That was a fascinating read…I wish you would post a lot more often.


    Let’s hope so…it would make no sense to promote Webster after firing Ruskell. You get all of the disruption of dumping one of your top execs but don’t get the benefit of fresh blood. I do believe our next GM is going to be a heavy hitter, unless TL gets cute and somehow sabotages the search/interview process.

  81. Not sure if this has been brought up on this blog yet, but did anyone catch this article from the Sporting News?

    Don Banks has Oher #1 to the Lions. I can see BobbyK smiling now! I found it interesting that he still has Seattle taking a LB, though not surprising that is wasn’t Curry. Could you imagine Curry in New Orleans?? He’d be tearing it loose for an undefeated team!

    Granted, this is purely based on one man’s opinion, but it’s crazy that 5 of the top 10 picks didn’t even make it into the 1st round of the RE-draft.

    I had no idea that Orakpo has picked up 11 sacks already this year. Sure, he has more help on the line with Fat Albert and Co. in DC than he would have here, but he’d sure fill a bigger need on this team than Curry has (so far). Having said that, I am not giving up on Curry one bit, and can’t wait for him to realize his potential. BEAST!

  82. seahawklovertoo says:

    BK and everyone else, Vulcan “owns” the Seahawks. Their e=mail address is : I went thru Google to Vulcan web-site, and scrolled down to contact us and wrote them my “love” message. I did mention that I will never again spend a penny on anything theirs as long as Leiweke and any of the Tampa/Atlanta clowns are still part of the Seahawks.

  83. SLT,

    I’m not if anyone important will get the message, but it can’t hurt, and t it’s something we can do. Here’s the page at Vulcan where you can submit your wish list to Seahawk Santa:

  84. princeaden says:

    I have to agree that Leiweke absolutely reeks of arrogance. That scares me in that it’s going to take a grain of humility on his part to realize that his people aren’t working and that he is going to have to go outside his comfort zone and get someone that can get it right. Ruston Webster is not the guy IMO. The fact is, is that we need someone who will call into question everyone from TL himself to the last guy on the practice squad. And have the authority and ability to get it right. Does TL have the humility or the stones to get this done?

  85. I’ll check it out.

    klm – good post. The only part I don’t agree with is the OL pass blocking “fairly well.” Other than that, thank you for the post.

    From a purely business perspective, I don’t see the need to put Burleson on IR (from a football standpoint, I do). Whoever takes Nate’s place on the active roster is going to come from the inactive list that we already see each Sunday (and it’s not going to be another WR). By adding someone to the active roster (but not having them active on Sundays) doesn’t really do a whole lot for the team when they are out of the play-off picture from a financial situation. It only costs the organization more money, as Nate will make his money whether he plays or not and then adding someone from the PS adds more to the payroll. I know it’s not a lot, but it does add up – and I’m the guy crying to give millions and millions to McNeill and Evans as FAs in the form of signing bonuses:) Oh, the irony…

  86. Dukeshire says:

    I’m curious what your issues with Leiweke are?

  87. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, if You are talking about my issues with TL are, please read my first post today. Then combine that with our record for the last 3 years under TR and draw your own conclusion. Seems to me that TL way is a downward spiral until the total destruction of this team.

  88. C_Hawkluv’r2 – you would need to address Paul Allen directly. I’m fairly certain, okay positive that he knows the situation with Holmgren. What we need to understand is that Holmgren had Allen step in and fire Whitsitt who was the reason MH had been hired by Allen and the Seahawks in the first place. Now we, the 12th Fan, expect him to step in and interfere once again.

    I don’t believe Allen has the luv for the Walrus that some of us fans have. There are many who want change. For me, MH would bring tremendous change. He would shake things up from top to bottom. Leiweke will continue the smooth sailing aboard another vessel. End of the day, believe that Webster will win the GM job. Otherwise his name should have been mentioned for the Browns job.

    Ruston Webster has already been aboard for three years. Say he finishes out the final two with Mora and company. Things don’t turn around, Hawks clean house top to bottom including Hasselbeck.

    Duke – how do you figure that Webster hasn’t any experience. Of those on the list supplied by TNT (Eric?) not long ago I would argue that he has far and away the most.

  89. Dukeshire says:

    As a GM or like duties? I disagree. And I’m not comparing him to that list, it’s in general.

    SL2 – Do you realize Leiweke has been CEO here sine ’03?

  90. seahawklovertoo says:

    I thought he came in ’05

  91. seahawklovertoo says:

    OK, I’ll come out of the closet. I am not an Walrus Lover . I respect him for many,many reasons; but, I also remember his total devotion to Hass ( they cost me a brand new TV in ’02 when one 6lb solid rock ash-tray went thru it b/c Hass
    sucked so bad and MH wouldn’t take him out ( I almost sent them a letter that would have questioned their sexual fraternization with each-other . I was totally p1ssed-off). So, that is why I NEVER wanted MH as our GM or a coach again. He is just to darn loyal to his people . I want him as our President of football operations (as I posted before) out of respect for his football mind and connections to the right football people (coaches, scouts, ETC) .
    Now, as of TL , I just don’t TRUST his football knowledge. He is not an “football insider”, he doesn’t know football people ( that is why he lets others do the interviews for him ), nor he really knows much about anything football besides pushing for goo colored jerseys.

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