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December 15, 2009 12:17 pm
2009 Stats Seahawks Buccaneers
Record 5-8 1-12
Total Yards Gained 4,089 3,616
Total Offense (NFLRank) 314.5. (23) 278.2 (28)
Rush Offense 91.0 (28) 98.2 (25)
Pass Offense 223.5 (15) 179.9 (25)
Points Per Game 19.2 (21) 14.6 (29)
Total Yards Allowed 4,643 4,699
Total Defense 357.2 (22) 361.5 (26)
Rush Defense 104.3. (T11) 161.2 (31)
Pass Defense 252.8 (29) 200.2 (7)
Points Allowed/Game 23.2 (22) 27.4 (30)
Possession Avg. 27:27 28:13
Sacked/Yds. Lost 34/219 29/147
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 27/176 25/144
Interceptions By 11 13
Penalties/Yds. 76/664 75/568
Punts/Avg. 75/47.1 73/41.7
Turnover Differential -1 (t14) -9 (t28)
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  1. I know I will get shot for saying this but with the rams releasing Incognito, how do you feel about the Hawks signing him? He would definatley add a tough guy to the line. I realize he has had his anger issues, but that mean streak may be what we are missing on the line. Also he has never been called out for his lack of effort…can you say the same about most of our current o-line? And it isnlt like we would have anything to lose if we signed him for the remainder of the year, we aren’t making the playoffs, might as well give it a shot!

  2. Just posted on PFT…Rams release Richie Cognito

  3. oops…didn’t see your comment Jay.

    Just say NO to Incognito. He’s a roid-head with anger management issues. We’re already resembling the Rams in the Win-Loss column, we don’t need that kind of headache in Seattle.

  4. Jays944:I know I will get shot for saying this but with the rams releasing Incognito, how do you feel about the Hawks signing him?

    Dunno. He’s had injury issues and he takes a lot of stupid penalties. Nevertheless, I’d like to have him on my team just because he has a very cool name. Richie Incognito. How unlikely is that? If he’s Incognito then just who the heck is he? It would make for a great Abbott and Costello routine.

  5. torinaga says:

    How does a guy that size get away with having an name like Incognito?

  6. Have we really fallen that far? Now we’re scrambling to sign Rams mid-season cast-offs? (sigh) I would only consider signing him if he’s someone who we could develop into a contributor. If not, I don’t want him taking up space and reps from the young guys we’re need to get playing experience.

  7. bird_spit says:

    Tampa Bay – One team that is more pathetic than our own..unbelievable.

  8. He’s actually been on my team (Nebraska) and I didn’t particularly like the guy. If we had a Bill Parcells type of head coach, I’d be all for bringing him in. He’s certainly a talented badass. But he’s a moron and he’s not going to respond to a pansy type of rah, rah head coach. He needs a guy who rules by an iron fist and we don’t have that. He can/should be a solid NFL player, but he’s a meathead.

  9. IdahoHawk says:

    If you could only recieve points for punting.

  10. I’d take the Tama offensive line before ours. At least they have a few really good pieces to build around. We only have Max Unger. Not to disrespect Unger, but I’d take their situation over ours.

  11. Its just embarassing to even have to have a statistical comparison with that team.

    I think everyone here would agree that the Seahawks had simply better Destroy the Bucs at Qwest Field or nobody will be happy.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    For those of you that are tired of Curry’s personal fouls, not sure Incognito would be a good fit. The guy is a mess.

  13. BobbyK:If we had a Bill Parcells type of head coach, I’d be all for bringing him in.

    Maybe the Jets will pick him up. Rex Ryan seems to have a knack for that sort of thing. He benched Kerry Rhodes for whining loud and long to the press and since then Rhodes has not only been conspicuously silent, but he’s playing better than he has all year long in spot duty. Three interceptions since his reprimand. He didn’t have any before that.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Does anyone really think the ‘Hawks will win let alone destroy the Bucs? Normally I’d say hell yes they’ll thump them. At home? No doubt. But on the heals of last week, the fact they’ve already laid eggs in Qwest and the deaf ear they’ve seemed to turn on Mora, a loss this weekend would not surprise me at all.

  15. Stevos :I think everyone here would agree that the Seahawks had simply better Destroy the Bucs at Qwest Field or nobody will be happy.

    They should. Even as sad as they are they’re a lot better team than Tampa Bay.

  16. Burleson may be done for the year…

    I didn’t know his contract was ‘voidable’ for next year, I’d always just heard that this was a contract year for him. He says he wants to be a ‘Hawk for the rest of his career, and I for one would like for that to be the case. Hands down our most explosive WR after the catch.

  17. You know Tampa coaches are telling their players that this game on the road is winnable!

  18. This is what I think will happen:

    Seahawks 27, Bucs 10

    Seahawks 10, Packers 35

    Seahawks 16, Titans 17

    Season Record: 6-10, 10th overall pick

  19. SpellStitchedHawk says:

    BobbyK, I think you’ve got the W/L right, but the scores are off. We could very well be shut out at GB if it is bad weather. Try 38-3. Titans will score more than 17, my vote: 24-13. Bucs will be a blowout as the team rises up to beat a bad team: 30-3.

  20. Hawks can lose this game without hardly even trying. Although I’d prefer for the Hawks to lose, my guess is that they win. Hawks have so many needs in the draft, and the players available in free agency this year may be diminished with 3 tags allowed per team, etc.

    Guestimated Final Results:
    1-12 St. Louis Rams HOU-L, @AZ-L, SF-L (1-15)
    1-12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @SEA-L, @NO-L, ATL-L (1-15)
    2-11 Cleveland Browns @KC-L, OAK-L, JAX-L (2-14)
    2-11 Detroit Lions AZ-L, @SF-L, CHI-L (2-14)
    3-10 Kansas City Chiefs CLE-W, @CIN-L, @DEN-L (4-12)
    4-9 Washington Redskins NYG-L, DAL-L, @SD-L (4-12)
    4-9 Oakland Raiders @DEN-L, @CLE-W, BAL-L (5-11)
    5-8 Buffalo Bills NE-L, @ATL-L, IND-L (5-11)
    5-8 Carolina Panthers MIN-L, @NYG-L, NO-L (5-11)
    5-8 Chicago Bears @BAL-L, MIN-L, @DET-W (6-10)
    5-8 Seattle Seahawks TB-W, @GB-L, TEN-L (6-10)
    6-7 Pittsburgh Steelers GB-L, BAL-L, @MIA-L (6-10)
    6-7 Houston Texans @STL-W, @MIA-L, NE-L (7-9)
    6-7 San Francisco 49ers @PHI-L, DET-W, @STL-W (8-8)
    6-7 Tennessee Titans MIA-W, SD-L, @SEA-W (8-8)
    6-7 Atlanta Falcons @NYJ-L, BUF-W, @TB-W (8-8)
    7-6 New York Jets ATL-W, @IND-L, CIN-L (8-8)
    7-6 Jacksonville Jaguars IND-L, @NE-L, @CLE-W (8-8)
    7-6 Miami Dolphins @TEN-L, HOU-W, PIT-W (9-7)
    8-5 Dallas Cowboys @NO-L, @WAS-W, PHI-L (9-7)
    7-6 Baltimore Ravens CHI-W, @PIT-W, @OAK-W (10-6)
    7-6 New York Giants @WAS-W, CAR-W, @MIN-L (10-6)
    8-5 Denver Broncos OAK-W, @PHI-L, KC-W (10-6)
    8-5 New England Patriots @BUF-W, JAX-W, @HOU-W (11-5)
    8-5 Arizona Cardinals @DET-W, STL-W, GB-W (11-5)
    9-4 Green Bay Packers @PIT-W, SEA-W, @AZ-L (11-5)
    9-4 Philadelphia Eagles SF-W, DEN-W, @DAL-W (12-4)
    9-4 Cincinnati Bengals @SD-L, KC-W, @NYJ-W (12-4)
    10-3 San Diego Chargers CIN-W, @TEN-W, DC-W (13-3)
    11-2 Minnesota Vikings @CAR-W, @CHI-W, NYG-W (14-2)
    13-0 New Orleans Saints DAL-W, TB-W, @CAR-W (16-0)
    13-0 Indianapolis Colts @JAX-W, NYJ-W, @BUF-W (16-0)

    Guestimated Draft Order & Team Needs:
    1-15: STL (QB, DT, WR, CB, OLB), TB (DE, DT, CB, WR, OLB, S) = picks 1 & 2
    2-14: CLE (QB, OLB, RT, DE, S), DET (DT, CB, S, DE, LT, G) = picks 3 & 4
    4-12: DC (OT, RB, LB), KC (OT, OLB, C, G, WR) = picks 5 & 6
    5-11: OAK (OT, DE, C, QB, CB), BUF (OT, TE, QB, DT, OLB), CAR (DT, QB, WR, DL, OLB, S) = picks 7 – 9
    6-10: PIT (OT, NT, G, FS), SEA (OT, S, RB, RG, WR), CHI (G, OL, OLB, DE, S, WR, RB), = picks 10 – 12
    7-9: HOU (S, G, CB, DT, RB) = pick 13
    8-8: SF (RT, NT, S, G, CB, QB), TEN (CB, DE, LB, C), ATL (OLB, CB, C, DT,OL, ), NYJ (DE, G, RT, WR, TE) JAX (DE, DT, CB, QB, WR,) = picks 14 – 18
    9-7: MIA (NT, LB, S, TE, G), DAL (LT, S, ILB, WR) = picks 19 & 20
    10-6: BAL (CB, WR, C, DE, LB), NYG (C, MLB, S, OL, CB), DEN (DE, C, G, LB, CB, NT) = picks 21 – 23
    11-5: NE (DE, RB, LB, G), AZ (LT, LB, CB, FB, OL), GB (OT, LB, RB, SS, QB) = picks 24 – 26
    12-4: PHI (OLB,RT, TE, CB) CIN (DT, G, LB, S, CB) = picks 27 & 28
    13-3: SD (RT, SS, DE, ILB, CB, NT) = pick 29
    14-2: MIN (NT, QB, S, CB, OL) = pick 30
    16-0: IND (DT, OT, DE, LB), NO (OLB, NT, C, DE, TE) = picks 31 & 32

  21. All I know is that it’s a mistake to let Knapp have any input into drafting an Offensive player. That would be a mistake that would last for years. We see what Ruskell has left us with.

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