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Answers to your questions: Vol. VIII

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 11, 2009 at 7:17 am with 27 Comments »
December 11, 2009 7:17 am

I haven’t posted one of these in awhile and we’ve had a lot of questions in the comments section this week, so I’ll try to answer some of them this morning.

Audible asks: Eric, I have been asking this for awhile but here we go again…would it be possible for BobbyK and Dukeshire to make guest posts on this blog?

I think those guys have proven themselves to be pretty reliable over the years, and they’ve helped make this blog what it is. Perhaps, they could email their posts directly to you or Ryan, so you can review the content prior to making the post. Or, perhaps you guys could provide a disclaimer that explains that they are guest commentators and their ideas are not necessarily the ideas of the News Trib.

Something like that would be terrific for all involved because it would provide more content for the hungry readers among us, recognize these guys for their generous contributions over the years, and that would translate into more traffic and therefore more potential ad revenue for the News Tribune. What better way for you guys to connect with your readers?!

Williams: Ryan and I discussed this and we both think it’s a good idea, so let’s try it. I think for right now we’re thinking of creating a weekly post called Take of the Week, in which we’ll solicit one blog commenter to give us a weekly take on the topic of his or her choosing. We’d like the submission to be contained to about 500 words or so, and will decide on a regular day to run them.

We’ll give the person writing the submission about a week to get his or her thoughts together, and we’ll ask to take a look at it before hand so we can edit the submission before posting it for the masses. But I do think it’s a good idea, and I want to encourage as much participation from the folks that read the blog as we can.

We’re also considering doing a mock draft this year a week before the actual draft using the CoverItLive system we use for the live game day and Monday Morning QB chats. So we’d like to get you involved with that, with hopefully one person taking a team, serving as the GM and picking for each team in the first round.

So let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on both the Take of the Week and possibly doing a mock draft next year, and we’ll take it from there.

Hambone asks: Eric, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Matt’s arm strength. Hasselbeck hasn’t ever been a huge deep ball threat but I saw two plays on Sunday that he usually makes. Everyone was talking about the underthrown ball to Burleson but there was also a throw to Griffith that was underthrown as well but he ended up turning his shoulders around and making a great snag (I think it was the drive that led to Forsett’s TD).

In your opinion, is this an accuracy issue or has it got something to do with his arm strength/mechanics? Or do you think it’s simply that nagging shoulder injury? I think he’s got two year left in the tank but the Matt we saw in 2007 would’ve hit those guys in stride Sunday.

Williams: First of all, let me say this: I think arm strength is overrated and would much rather have a quarterback who is accurate than one who has a powerful arm. Think JaMarcus Russell and Jay Cutler. Both have tremendous arm strength, but neither is very accurate in putting the ball where they want it, and the result is a lot of throws forced into tight windows and predictably a lot of interceptions.

I think Hasselbeck’s arm strength was affected early on when he had the shoulder issue and he dinged and dunked the ball around against Detroit. But I don’t think that’s an issue anymore.

Specifically, on the two throws you mentioned, I think on the Burleson play he just tried to get the ball to him quick because Burleson was so wide open and didn’t get enough on the ball. On those type of plays, the last thing the quarterback wants to do is overthrow the receiver and miss out on the big play. So I think Hasselbeck was just trying to get the ball out there to let Burleson make a play, and obviously misjudged the defender’s recovery speed. I don’t think it was an arm strength issue.

On the throw to Justin Griffith, I think Hasselbeck actually put that ball where he wanted to, throwing to Griffith’s back shoulder to keep the ball away from the defender. And I think Griffith also turned back to make sure that he came down with the ball and to catch it at its highest point, which receivers are taught to do, instead of making the basket catch and allowing the defender to possibly make a play on the ball down low.

So to sum it up, I still believe that Hasselbeck has enough arm strength to make all the throws. He’s never going to be a great, deep-ball thrower, but he has enough arm strength to push the ball down field when he needs to, and he also has great touch and accuracy on intermediate throws.

Dukeshire asks: Ryan / Eric – What are you takes on Mora? Is he incredibly honest or does he just have a knack for not thinking through what he is really saying?

Williams: I think he’s honest, and sometimes has to fight the urge to answer questions honestly when it doesn’t serve his purpose. For example, he’s taken some criticism from folks because of his answer about Carlson not getting the ball a lot, saying he hadn’t really thought about it until reporters continued to hound him for an answer, and then ultimately giving his best answer after being asked from a fantasy perspective by Jim Moore of the if he should start or sit Carlson.

Look, the coaches know Carlson has been struggling, and they’ve been game-planning to get him the ball. For whatever reason, Mora chose to discuss Carlson’s issues publicly this week. Maybe Mora did that to challenge Carlson out on the field to do a better job in those situations when he’s getting bumped off of his route, but I don’t believe this was some type of revelation where our questions about Carlson actually forced him to rethink what was going on there. He already knew what was going on, this is just the first week he chose to say anything.

Don’t underestimate the amount of work these guys put in on a weekly basis, pouring over every inch of film they can to find an advantage on Sunday. These guys look at everything you can imagine to try and find an edge. Nothing goes uncovered.

So I think what we’re experiencing this season is just Mora getting comfortable again with handling the media on the regular basis. We dealt with a master for several years with Holmgren, who knew how to spin a situation as good as anybody I ever dealt with, and would never call out a player unless he was trying to make a specific point.

And if this team was 7-5 instead of 5-7 we probably wouldn’t be dissecting Mora’s every word like we’re doing now.

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  1. Thanks Eric.
    I’ve been meaning to ask you something. I had heard you on KJR last week and I believe and you were commenting on possible GM’s. You gave a run off of quite a few other GM candidates not named Holmgren. I was wondering if you could post your thoughts on these potential candidates and why their name jumps at you.

  2. This statement can be found over at Walterfootball in his 2010 Mock draft
    So what is wrong with this picture?

    Miami Dolphins: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee
    I’ve seen a receiver mocked to the Dolphins, but I just can’t imagine Bill Parcells spending a No. 1 pick on a wideout. It could happen, but except for one occasion (Terry Glenn, 1996), Parcells has always waited on taking receivers.

    A. Kraft
    B. Tuna
    C. Groceries
    D. All the above

    Thanks again Eric/guys for the great analysis. I’m not sure the problem lies totally on Carlson but more so that he is being asked to stay back and block. Understandable after seing Griffith blown up by the left edge rusher. But even Carlson has trouble blocking (scratch head and move on).

    So Audible, now that you’ve volunteered Duke and Bobby (lol) I sure hope that you yourself can come up with some good stuff. It shouldn’t be much of a problem for BK knowing that he is terribly long winded. :)

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I agree about “dissecting Mora’s every word”, I have said here several times that he’s in a no win situation with what he says just as Holmgren was last season with the “look at the film and fix it” mantra. However, you must admit that when he said he went back to look at tape of Carlson only after “multiple questions”, it was a peculiar thing to admit and read like it was something he had overlooked. I have total respect for how much time they spend working at their craft, that is not in question. But in getting to know Mora through his quotes and press conferences, I have a hard time knowing where he is coming from, that was the foundation of the question.

    I love the mock draft and weekly reader take, both. Count me in and look forward to it. You guys have really done an outstanding job at involving the readers. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  4. Eric,

    I’m totally stoked that you guys are going to open up the blog to guest posters. There are a lot of really bright guys on here, so it should be a fun event every week. That sounds like a good approach to get started and see if it’s practical and well received.

    You may want to solicit multiple submissions in the beginning, so you’re working ahead and therefore always have a back-up post, should someone not finish their post that week.


    If I make posts, they will be more of the analysis type of post with an attached spreadsheet of data to back up my arguments, making it more of a play-by-play versus color commentary type of approach. I would also solicit topics for analysis, so the post would likely be more interesting. Duke and Bobby as well as a lot of other guys on here have the football knowledge to provide a more opinionated type of post. I think we’re going to have fun!

    The West Coast offense requires a QB who is smart and accurate more than strong-armed. A cannon arm would be a bonus. Who is the most accurate QB in college right now?

  5. seahawklovertoo says:

    Sorry, but this troll is NOT buying it. First of all Mora Jr grew up in a football environment (remember his daddy was/still is the best coach in that family); also, Jr. WAS a HC in Atlanta as well. He had plenty time to learn/sharpen all of his skills. (What skills?) Why don’t You admit; this guy is a waste of space when it comes to coaching like Ruskell is as a GM. ( I firmly believe that BobbyK can be better GM than Ruskell ) . I think Mora is the worst coach in NFL right now.

  6. seahawklovertoo says:

    Answer to Audible : Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan @71.1% . Second is: Kellan Moore from Boise St. @71.0 or,Case keenum from Houston U (one of this two).

  7. I really couldn’t say on the most accurate. I do know that Holmgren knows QB;s and that Mayock has been dead on these past 2 drafts. Mayock may have underestimated Stafford but time will tell. Brady Quin is also starting to shine which is suprising. Cleveland having parted ways with WR Braylon Edwards and TE Donte Stallworth.

    For me, I plan to develope Teel using SW as a backup. Hass is good for another full term contract of at least 3/4 years. No QB for me. I need a WR for my pro bowl QB and that WR has the name Dez Bryant. TR is gone and I’ve had enough of his wanna BBBB’s. Do I need to name them? And I mean ALL of them!

    We need a Jerry Rice to make the WCO click. We have the TE, Carlson. A bright, young RB, Forsett. Now the O line need fortifed. Hopefully this is accomplished in FA and we can focus on the D line or a DB. One must consider trading a MLB for a position of need also. Denver is in dire need to name one suitor.,,, man, this isn’t even the off season! time to zip it… go Hawks!

  8. seahawklovertoo says:

    My personal favorite is Tony Pike from U of Cincy @ 69% but is 6’6″ and 210 LBs. I hate Steelers’ Rottenburger but, his success is due to his height and size.
    It makes a ton of difference when a QB can see clearly over the offensive line and the opponents “D” line.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Case Keenum from Houston has the highest completion % at 71.0 and Kellen Moore, Boise, has the highest QB rating at 167.3. But remember, Alex Smith had a QB rating of 176.52 and 67.5 completion% his sr year at Utah and we’ve all seen how that’s worked out.

  10. seahawklovertoo says:

    Pike is not as heavy as Big Ben. This kid lost a total of 6 games as a QB and from watching him, he looks like smart young man. Pike will not be drafted in the first round like Locker, McCoy,Tebow(watch for the Jags & Tampa) or Bradford. We can have him with our 2nd round pick.
    Another thing; not b/c I love the Ducks but, Dixon was quite awesome in the games he started for the Steelers…. one never knows.

  11. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, LeFevour has 71.1% . Keenum scares me and I wouldn’t touch him with anything before 6th round. Moore is smarter but, as You said to much of good coaches vs weak opponents for him to do good in the pros.

  12. seahawklovertoo says:

    Pike is my QB this year.
    Excile, I felt the same about WR Bryant until the thing with neon Deion. Mr. Sanders was one of the greatest DBs , but now he is just a cancer for young players minds ( can you say : Crabtree? ). Dez has the talent ( I saw the first 3 games OSU played—he (almost) made Robinson look like Montana. Now, i am not so sure he will be worth it to us. WR Lafell from LSU has the same size and skills and no baggage.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah I see that, now. Haven’t actually seen Keenum play.

  14. “It makes a ton of difference when a QB can see clearly over the offensive line and the opponents “D” line. ” c_hawkluv’r2

    Drew Brees might argue that point at roughly 6 ft. But he lives and breaths football: in study, film and practice. He definitly isn’t the best athlete but NO (Orleans) line keeps him upright for the most part and he makes those around look all pro. Of coarse, “those around”, are WR Colston at 6’4″, TE Shockey 6’5″, Meachem 6’2″ and Henderson 5’11”.

    And Sanders needs to steer clear of the NFL prospects. I say if he is caught again ( personally, NOW) they give him the Pete Rose treatment. Who the hell does he think he is anyhow. Condom can get Bryant the contract. That clown (Sanders) is intelligent enough to know the rules. I recommend banishment. Sanders is done, go into coaching or GET LOST. Bigger than the game. Pfft! I for one will not miss.

  15. bigmike04 says:

    Hurray I can finality make a post but it at a libary computer as for some reason it wont let me make comment on my computer at home…

    Thought Eric is their update on when they will begin the GM search?

  16. Personally, I hope for 3-4 years of Matt Hasselbeck. I actually almost expect it. He’s the least of our problems. We need to get the man some help. As much as I’d like Spiller, I almost think we can do without… Think Joe Morris. He may not have a long career being a workhorse, but the “prime” years of his career could be very good. And that gives us more ammunition for using that second first rounder on an important position. It will be amazing to see what this team can do with a decent OL (QB/RB/WR/TE).

  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    answer D

    “If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.” famous phrase coined by Bill ” Tuna” Parcells

    Parcells left the Patriots after disagreements with owner Robert Kraft; Parcells felt he did not have enough input in player personnel decisions. Upon his departure, Parcells famously stated: “If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.” This was mainly in reference to an incident in the Patriots’ war room during the 1996 Draft where Parcells, who wanted to draft a defensive player with their first-round choice, was vetoed by Kraft, and the Patriots selected Ohio State WR Terry Glenn.

  18. seahawklovertoo says:

    BobbyK, I have always been 100% behind Your suggestion of doing our OL through the FA market (and after that going after Suh if possible) . Just this Spiller/Best thing doesn’t float my boat at all. I am not saying JForce is as good as Spiller…. but, they are similar RBs. Why waste our top pick and pay the money that goes with it, when we have JForce? We need a banger, an bulldozer to compliment Forsett–somebody like Blount that will be hungry for redemption and have bad-a$$ attitude.
    I know all this is just for fun, but the draft will depend on whom do we get in FA market first. Everything is up to the new FO.
    I hope for some luck in unloading/trading players for picks as much as possible and going from there. The only player I wouldn’t trade at this time is Mebane. For Curry we must get at least a first rounder. If we can get one second and one third rounder (darn you Ruskell for giving away our 3 rd rounder for Butler,,,, what an F..ING moron) and we will be OK.
    I’d take Rolle before I’d waste high pick on Berry or Mays.

  19. I’d use the high pick on Mays without a shadow of a doubt.

  20. Part of the appeal of Spiller if he’s a part time back is that he will instantly be a full time kick returner too. I think having a special kick returner is extremely helpful and I think he’s going to come into the NFL and be one of the top 3-5 in kick-off return yardage (in addition to adding someone with legit 4.3 speed for our offense). Between Spiller/Forsett, I think they could combine to be a workhorse type of back — with each getting 12-15 carries per game behind our much improved OL. I’m not hoping for him now, because I know there are other needs, but we’ll see what transpires…

  21. your kidding
    Dez beats hands down
    Burly aint’ bad
    Obo can handle

    Spiller has been compared to Bush. We have Force. NEED: S, LT,,DE, DT

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    If Tampa gets the first pick, I am 100% sure they will trade it away . I can’t see how (that family of cockroaches who own the Bucs) will dish out $70 + mil for one player. In Your opinion, will they go for the package of 3 to 4 established players or, only later picks will do? Anyone on this speculation?

  23. area51hawkfan says:

    There is not way the Hawks would take a WR in the 1st round of this upcoming draft, or another 5′-11″ 190lb RB (ummm RE: Forsett, Devin Moore both are under 5′-9″ tall) the Hawks would be smart to draft a 6′-0″ 220lb bull dozer at some point in the draft or scale the FA market….. Again!! ;-(

    As it always has and always will be to make a team better in the draft you have to get solid on both the O-line and D-line. No push from either side of the ball and you’re stuck with what the Hawks have now, a CRAPPY run offense. I think the Hawks are maybe one more B+ talent at DE to help the D-line. Kerney is getting up there in age and Redding…. whatever. Tapp, trade him to get our 3rd round pick back and ship Kerney off to a playoff caliber team for a 4th to 5th rounder. The Hawks at LB are set for a while and Mebane is a keeper, I don’t like Cole so far, but not bad! Terrill should be shown the door as well. At FS draft young talent at both positions to push Babs and Grant for the starting jobs in the next season or two. CB, just get taller and younger depth. And the defensive side of the ball is set, draft youthfull defenders!!!

    Offensively, there are to many holes to fill in one draft, so a great mix of younger O-line talent (2 to 4 year in the league would be ideal) and get bigger & better obiously at HB & FB. Drafting a QB of the future is fine and all just as long as the pick is at least round 2 to 4, no need to spend the extra money on a 1st round QB and have him sit behind Matt for the next 2 to 4 years making Stafford or Sanchez money! And NO DAMN UNDER CLASSMEN QB’s PLEAAAAAASSEE!! Look at the history of the draft over the last 10 years for junior classmen at QB and the success they have in a career and it’s not favorable. But you draft that stud OT in the 1st round and those are the players that stick around longer and become cornerstones for those teams at those positons, even if they get moved to G, like Oaklands T/G Robert Gallery not great at T but serviceable at G now… I guess.. ha ha ha ha. Say goodbye to Branch at WR and maybe pick up a young guy in the draft, because I guess all the young guys that Ruskell drafted will NEVER make this team: Kent, Taylor, Hackett. All drafted since 2004 and could not stick around and be developed into that Sterling Sharpe to Brooks to Freeman to Driver to Jennings kind of group like the Packers have done.

    Ahhhhhhhhh, it’s been a frustrating season. Sooo I’m sure there are some holes in this post for a lot of you to fish through, but go for it!!

  24. I don’t think any team will want to trade up for the high first round picks this year. GMs have been trying to get rid of those picks and trade down in most drafts and usually they cannot trade out of them. Those top drafted rookies are too expensive, they break the salary cap, and some of them are busts. They are too big a risk for GMs to want.

    Especially this year. Since there will likely be a rookie salary cap coming in 2011, those 2011 first round picks look like a great bargain compared to the 2010 picks. Every GM will be trying to trade for those 2011 picks. Teams that have the top 2010 picks are likely stuck with them.

    But of the teams that are overpaying for those top picks, one team will have the pleasant consolation prize of overpaying for M. Suh.

  25. snydro22 says:

    I want to do a guest spot and title it, “Why hookers can’t be trusted, and other things you should know..”

    My brain is a giant, sunken, methane producing, valley of dismal despair right now in regards to the Hawks – is this web too tangled to un-weave? Is un-weave even a word? My computer doesn’t think so, which leads me to believe that it is an impossible mission that even Mike Holmgren couldn’t tackle.. Pun intended..

  26. Snydro, a walk in your brain scares the hell out of me.

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