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Mora press conference notes: green jerseys, fantasy advice, forgettable kickers

Post by Ryan Divish on Dec. 9, 2009 at 11:06 am with 39 Comments »
December 9, 2009 1:42 pm

Well, it wasn’t a dull press conference today. Head coach Jim Mora was in a relatively playful mood talking about uniforms, fantasy football, the temperature in the VMAC indoor practice facility and the weather. I guess that’s what happens after you win two games in a row.

Yes, there was talk about injuries, protection, stopping Andre Johnson and lack of a decent pass rush out of the four-man front.


But the most important thing for me was this sequence of comments from Mora

Mora: “Nobody has noticed that we wore different pants on Sunday.”

Press room: “Oh yeah we noticed.”

Mora: “You guys all noticed? No one has asked me about it.”

Gregg Bell of the AP: “We were fearing you were wearing the green jerseys again.”

Mora: “Nooo, those are, uh, those have been retired.”

At that point, I wanted to jump up and do a fist pump. But I thought it might be unprofessional. Mora was later asked why they have been retired.

And he said it was because the team didn’t win in them. And he prefers “Seahawk Blue.” As for the pants, Mora said that the players actually said they like the feel of those pants in comparison to the other pants. I don’t know how much of a role it played.

“It’s a little thing, but it does matter,” he said.

Still I’m excited about no more green jerseys….. Of course, I don’t know that the decision on when and if they wear the green  is completely up to Mora, remember that was done as a marketing ploy in the first place.

One other interesting exchange came late in the press conference, when Mora was asked by the PI’s Jim Moore about John Carlson in a relatively interesting way. And while it was a humorous exchange at first, what came from it was a relatively decent explanation of some Carlson’s lack of production this season.

Moore: “What about John Carlson, I mean he’s on my fantasy team. And my co-owner is sitting there asking me what did we draft this guy for? So is he on the verge of breaking out or should he be dropped?”

Mora: “I don’t know pay much attention to fantasy football.”

Moore: “Do you think he’s on the verge of breaking out?”

Mora: “Yes”

Moore: “Why is that?”

Mora: “Well, he’s developing. You guys have asked me about John a lot. I said on Monday I don’t really think about it a lot. But when you asked me those questions it forced me to go think about it a lot and go look at him and see maybe why he’s not making as many catches as we’d like.

What I kind of concluded is that John, quite frankly, needs improve his second level releases and that’s after he gets off the line of scrimmage clearing the linebackers. He gets bumped around a little bit. He’s kind of a linear built guy and people have bumped him around a little bit. And so John as he develops will learn how to play with his pads lower as he gets to the second level and that will create some separation for him.”

Moore: “So it’s not just him being in protection then?”

Mora: “No, no, no, it’s a lot of things. I can’t tell you whether to keep him or drop this week. I’m keeping him.”

So there is some explanation of John Carlson’s lack of production and pass targets. What bothers me a little is that he didn’t think about the cause of the lack of production more until he was continually asked why Carlson wasn’t producing more.

Let’s try to type in the injury report (it got deleted twice because Eric and I are editing the same blog post)

QB Matt Hasselbeck will be “very limited” today in practice as he recovers from the general soreness of being banged around in the Niners game. Obviously the throwing shoulder is sore – but its been something he’s played through for more of the year.

LB D.D. Lewis is having his sore right knee drained. And he will be limited.

DL Cory Redding (concussion) will be back in full participation

However both players will be listed as probable for Sunday’s game.

Mora said that RB Justin Forsett shouldn’t be bothered by a sore quad this week and expects him to be ready to go. And confirmed that Forsett will see increased touches if he is healthy.

What’s his name again?

Let’s go back to funny stuff coming from the press conference. Mora was asked about Olindo Mare and was told that he almost felt offended that he had to compete for the kicking job in fall camp. Did it have an effect on him as far as being pushed to compete?

“I just he responded really well to it, very mature,” Mora said. “I don’t know how much he felt it was a competition. I think he felt like, yeah. It was a competition, but he was always leading the competition. At no point did he feel like he wasn’t going to win. And I think you have to respect that in him.”

And here’s where it gets rather humorous…

“And yet he was very respectful of the kid that was here,” Mora said as he paused to remember the kid’s name. “Great memory. What was his name?

Brandon Coutu he was told

“Brandon Coutu. I’m sorry about that Brandon, and Brandon’s parents.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    My thoughts exactly, Ryan. As I was reading it I was so excited to get some actual football information from him. Then it occurred to me, before I finished, that he “hadn’t thought about it”? What? You haven’t though about why the leading receiver on the team last year and one of the best young talents in football has seen his numbers drop like your approval rating? And not until he was asked multiple times by reporters… Sigh.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Ryan / Eric – What are you takes on Mora? Is he incredibly honest or does he just have a knack for not thinking through what he is really saying?

    No more green jerseys? That is great news.

  3. I have seen too much of Carlson chipping to help out a bad pass blocking offensive line. After using that time, before going into his route, Matt is already being killed. That is definitely the main reason for his lack of production. I do buy into what Mora said, but it’s not a “main” reason for Carlson’s lack of production. It’s called a worthless, pathetic, horrible, bad, shameful, offensive line.

  4. no more green jerseys… there IS a god.

  5. Soggybuc says:

    The explanation makes alot of sense. last year he was a darkhorse but this time teams have more film on him and time to spot how to throw him off balance.
    If i was a DC knowing our O line woes i’d definately game plan for JC more and force matt to hold theball for downfield routes or dump it off to Jones for a 2 yard loss.

  6. If there was a way to analyze every member of our offensive line for the duration of a season and grade them to every other line from every team in the last 50 years… I wonder if our unit would be graded as the worst ever? I have $10 that says it would.

    It’s not just based on sacks either. It would be running lanes and how long they were open if there was indeed any lane that opened (I have seen too many times this year when our RB was given the ball and met almost head on). Same with sacks. How long did the QB hold the ball before getting sacked? Things like that. Matt normally gets rid of the ball quickly (like the Minnesota game) so he’s naturally going to take less sacks (and his sack numbers are still too damn high).

  7. I don’t know of many who have been more critical of our ugly blue on blue jersey/pants but I really liked the new pants look. I like how the darker blue sleeves matched the pants, with the rest of the jersey as a bit lighter blue. I like the lime, but I do wish we’d eventually go back to a more conventional green. It’s still not as nice as a blue jersey with white pants, but it’s definitely an improvement. Of course, if the world were perfect we’d go back to the old helmet/uniforms and would only bring the newer Seahawk logo to use on the retro jersey/helmet combo.

  8. Eric,

    I have been asking this for awhile but here we go again…would it be possible for BobbyK and Dukeshire to make guest posts on this blog?

    I think those guys have proven themselves to be pretty reliable over the years, and they’ve helped make this blog what it is. Perhaps, they could email their posts directly to you or Ryan, so you can review the content prior to making the post. Or, perhaps you guys could provide a disclaimer that explains that they are guest commentators and their ideas are not necessarily the ideas of the News Trib. Something like that would be terrific for all involved because it would provide more content for the hungry readers among us, recognize these guys for their generous contributions over the years, and that would translate into more traffic and therefore more potential ad revenue for the News Tribune. What better way for you guys to connect with your readers?!

  9. Audible – The only change I want for my life is to be the GM. If Mr. Leiweke doesn’t call, I’ll settle for being a fanatic fan who comments on the blog more than his fair share of times. I wouldn’t mind a cameo Duke appearance once in awhile though.

  10. “What are you takes on Mora? Is he incredibly honest or does he just have a knack for not thinking through what he is really saying?”

    Here’s a riddle for you:

    Dan Quayle was to politics as ______ is to coaching?

  11. Sorry, Bobby…it’s out of your hands now. LOL

  12. …sometimes you’re born great…and sometimes you have greatness thrust upon you.

  13. longco44 says:

    Ya know, here’s the only thing I will have to say. Who cares what colors they wear. Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Periwinkle, Beige, Tan, Brown, Gray, Red, Yellow, or crap with polkadots all over it. It doesn’t seem to matter what they wear. I guess it gives people something to talk about instead of the amount of losses that keep piling up.

    Next year they should do a breast cancer thing and wear Pink Jerseys. OHHHH, DAMN, but I guess that would be bad because aparently no one liked the neon green color, stupid me, holy shi*.. Why should I think people would like the Pink color with White sleeves…

  14. longco44,

    “Next year they should do a breast cancer thing and wear Pink Jerseys.”

    That was really funny…then the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like something our crack marketing team would actually do. The it wasn’t quite as funny anymore…well, yeah it was, and especially after picturing Mebane in a pink jersey. But, if that actually happens, we’re blaming you!

  15. Soggybuc says:

    I’ll agree Audible that both Duke and Bobby are solid contributers to the blog. maybe instead you guys can get the IT dept. to set a topical message board where we can delve deeper into discussons and create new topics for debate

    I love the blog and the commenting is great but it seems that at times if your not into it early and often you lose out. some days i dont get to surf till later in the evenings and i want to comment on the now 3rd from the bottom posting for the day but i refrain because that one’s already old news.

    TNT has built a solid and loyal community here and IMHO it would be neato to be able to carry on our obsession in a more relaxed and compartmentalized setting.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I’d be more that happy to settle for Vice President of Football Operations. Lol.

    Audible – I would have answered that riddle with Josh McDaniels befor the season started. And thanks for the kind words. I actually bought to domaine The12thFan a while back with the idea of starting by own blog. I’ve promised myself that I would follow through with it this winter / spring. I let you know.

  17. freedom_X says:

    IMHO, it’s not a matter of Mora never having though it through. Obviously, given the breakdown of Carlson, he has. It’s more an issue that Mora still isn’t nearly as good as Holmgren in sticking with his stock answer and leaving it there. He buckled under the probing and told what thought. Holmgren would have either found a nice way to shut up, or changed the subject.

    What I got from the conference was how often Mora mentioned pass protection. It came up over and over again. Mora was lucky some reporter didn’t hammer on that over and over again – Mora’s been trying to “shield” the offensive line by not singling them out, but he probably would have caved in and admitted the line was awful if someone kept riding him on it.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    Duke i would definately participate and follow your blog.

    I’m a big fan of message boards where you can have differing categories and multiple conversations going at once. just have yet to find a good one for the Hawks and /or football talk in general.

    The official site has/had one but they kept fubaring my registration so i just gave up.

  19. Audible says:


    Sign me up. Also, if you need technical help setting up the blog / website or would like help with the graphics, let me know, and I’d be happy to design logos, banners, buttons, etc…

  20. pabuwal says:

    The love of Hasselbeck and the refusal to see what he has become is amazing here. We have a QB that can’t complete a deep in, can’t complete a deep out and we have to hold our breath every time the pass sails over 30 yards and everytime he takes an NFL hit.

    So instead, it’s all on the OL. What about that:

    1). John Carlson can’t block worth anything
    2). Justin Griffin can’t even block near the ability of Leonard Weaver (and he was only 1/2 of Mack Strong).
    3), Justin Forsett has a long way to go in learning pass protection schemes
    4). The defense doesn’t even bother playing deep balls – they just flood the short middle to stop the inevitable short cross in. They know the ball won’t get deep consistently.
    5). When the QB does have time (which is quite a lot), he holds onto the ball like he’s afraid to show what type of throws he can make.
    6). The accuracy of any intermediate ball is severely lacking because of the lack of arm strength to gun it in there.

    What if the Special Teams didn’t gift 10 points and the Defense didn’t come up with 3 last Sunday? What would we be saying about a 24-7 loss? I know – that the entire OL is the worst ever.

    Amazing how bad the OL looked with Jones/James compared to Forsett. The OL creates plenty of running lanes, but Jones would rather run into a pile to show what a tough runner he is than take a cutback lane. You’d see the same improvement if you put a top 10 QB in there rather than a bottom 10 QB who has no arm strength and no ability to make throws on the run.

  21. In a way, you are right Longco, this is what I’ve been reduced to writing about because I don’t know that they have any answers to the issues they have. And really Mora doesn’t say much that we haven’t heard every week. But it was kind of fun, and then how much I hate the green jerseys and the reasoning behind them.

  22. madpunter88 says:

    I say save the lime green uniforms and bring them back someday in the future. The problem is they were worn during the most depressing, turning-point loss of the season. And losing teams shouldn’t get fancy with their uniforms. But when you’re winning you can wear whatever you want. I say, when (not if) the Seahawks are back on top they break those uglies out again and wear ‘em just to spite all the naysayers. After all, if the Seahawks had won that Chicago game and if they had a winning record right now the opinions on the lime green uniforms would be more favorable.

    Really the unwritten rule ought to be, teams with winning records can get fancy with their uniforms. If you aren’t winning you don’t deserve to break out retros or alternate unis.

  23. jpierce says:

    Dukeshire: “The12thFan” would be a cool blog site to have set up. And I love the Idea of Guest host to the blog by the people who make this what it is, Eric & Ryan GET-ER DONE!!!

    And now on to the quick and painful death of those damn ugly Lime Green matress stains they called jerseys, THANK YOU SEAHAWKS. I left a message on the Official Hawks site and brought up the “it’s nice for the Sounder FC, but…. not for our BIG BLUE WAVE!!!!!! And the dark blue pants were cool, time for a change up on the uni’s for sure.

    Now on to Mora’s take on Carlson. WHAT THE HELL???? I don’t like hearing that (mainly because Carlson WAS on my fantasy team) Mora had no clue to what the deal was. Ok, honesty aside, as a coach you DO NOT tell that kind of stuff to the media. After the first 6 weeks or so of “hey, Jim is there something going on with Carlsons lack of touches by the media?” and then for him to spin it as “well we’re still finding our groove on offense things will come around for him given the new system we’re running” then fine walk the line Jim. But I believe from watching Holmgren for a while now, I think Jim Mora stepped on his sausage with that statement. Get John the ball, bench Branch (then trade or cut him in the off season) play Butler more and do the same with Julius Jone & Forsett and the O-line. Produce or you’re gone, end of storie.

    Up coming draft, saw some of Suh’s highlights….. WOW!!!! Can anyone say OT & DT in round #1?? QB & HB in round #2? Hmmmmmm!!

  24. You’re right, pabuwal, there are other concerns on this team (you’re spot on about the Weaver analysis). But until the OL gets fixed and is a legitimate asset (or at least doesn’t suck so badly) nothing else is going to really matter.

    By the way, Jones/James didn’t rush for 4 yards against the Vikings. I’m with you, I like Forsett, but it’s a fact he was the primary runner against Minnesota.

    I have no idea how we can watch the same games and you see Hasselbeck having plenty of time on a regular basis to complete passes?

    And, pabuwal, are you really serious that the offensive line “creates plenty of running lanes” for our running backs?

    THIS IS A QUESTION FOR EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG — do you all think Matt usually has plenty of time to complete passes? And if we saw more of Matt airing it out, when he’d need more time to throw, what do you think would happen to him?

    This is ANOTHER question for everyone else on this blog — do you all think our RBs have consistently had plenty of holes to run through this season?

  25. Should read: “And if we saw more of Matt throwing the bomb by airing it out, when plays like that require more time to throw the ball, what do you think would happen?

  26. pabuwal says:

    By this statement,
    “5). When the QB does have time (which is quite a lot), he holds onto the ball like he’s afraid to show what type of throws he can make.”

    I meant to say the QB quite often has enough time to get back there, make a few reads and throw the ball. I didn’t mean to say he has 10 seconds back there each and every time, although I can see how that is implied with how I worded that statement.

    Regarding the running game, if you look at the OL work at Arizona for Forsett/Rankin and compare it to Peterson a few weeks later, it was quite impressive. The lanes are there, but a below average runner like Jones will make the OL look bad as he runs into people without reading the lanes and making a cutback.

    And are you sure they Vikings didn’t stack the line for the running game and dare Hasselbeck to beat them? Because he had nothing over the first 3 quarters also.

    With the running game, you need to separate the holes created with the end result – because they are quite different based on the RB.

  27. pabuwal says:

    You should also add the questions:

    1). Should Julius Jones be a starting NFL RB and is it possible he can make an average group look bad. We already saw James has nothing left for the NFL.

    2). Can Matt Hasselbeck still make throws over 10 yards while on the run to make a defense pay for blitzing? It is my belief that EJ Henderson took this away from him, taking him down from a great QB to a good QB.

    3). Can Matt Hasselbeck make “all the throws.” By this, can he make the deep outs, the deep ins (those require the ball thrown on a rope) and consistently deliver the deep lob. The average guy on the street generally has the ability to lob a ball 30-40 yards. But very few can throw the ball on a rope that far. It is my belief that the toll of the various injuries over the years, especially the back injury, has taken this away from him.

    4). If the answer to number 3 is yes, can you cite any examples this year or even last year?

  28. pabuwal says:

    I wish their was an edit function.

    To add to number 3, I feel these various injuries have taken him from a good QB to below average QB, starting at the beginning of 08. Remember, he didn’t hurt the back in any specific game, it just became an issue of discussion on the way to a preseason game in Minnesota. I wonder if it’s possible it’s just a chronic, dehabilitating thing.

  29. Audible says:

    I think Matt is still a solid QB. The reason he throws short is not because he has no arm’s because the OL doesn’t protect him well enough so he get set up for longer passes or set up with good mechanics enough to deliver the ball with heat behind it.

  30. You asked for 1 example — Earlier this year Butler had his man beat on a long pass play. Hasselbeck threw a perfect bomb. Butler kept looking up at the ball, which slowed him way down, and it ended up a bit “overthrown.” Not exactly a lack of arm strength.

    I am not saying he has the same arm he had 5 years ago, and I’ll agree that he’s lost a little “zip” but he’s still IMO a quality QB who simply needs what most other good QBs need — a solid supporting cast.

    Your bashing of Jones is duly noted. He’s not an overly good RB (while he’s never going to be making a tip to Hawaii, he’s not as bad as some have made him out to be either… he’s an average to a little below average starter). However, Jones at his position is better than Sims is at his, Spencer is at his, Unger has been at his so far this year, and that Lock and Willis have performed at each tackle spot too. So, while Jones may be garbage, his OL is even worse.

    And this is what Eric wrote about his talk with Knapp today with respect to “pass protection.” It’s on the next blog item.

    “Knapp also talked about the lack of time for Hasselbeck in terms of pass protection, and how Hasselbeck has not had time to get to his third and fourth progression in his reads down field.”

  31. jpierce says:

    Regarding the is Matt’s throwing abilities diminishing or not???

    That is all a bunch of garbage. First of all the QB who made the west coast offense what it is today Mr. Joe Montana, did not have that Dan Marino or John Elway arm strength and still was one of the best passers in NFL history. So regardless if Matt does or did lose some of his velocity from the beatings he’s endured over the last 3 years then there’s nothing anyone can do about it. He is still one of the smartest most accurate QB’s in the league. What can be controlled is the O-line and who is in it. That is the key, not zip, comeback routes, blah blah blah. Pennington has the weakest arm I’ve ever seen and he’s been a solid QB for most of his career. Mark Brunell same thing.

    Get a solid O-line and the QB playing will be better off…. Like when we had Jones, Hutch, Tobeck, Gray, Locklear…. End of story.

  32. HERE! HEAR!

  33. We need to draft Mathew a Jerry Rice and that would be Dez Bryant or Williams in the upcoming draft.

  34. “Your bashing of Jones is duly noted. ”

    I would add Pabuwal, that your bashing of Hasselbeck is also duly noted. There, can we move on? You’ve clearly registered your opinions, and I absolutely respect your right to have them, but really how many times must you repeat your same arguments about how terrible Hasselbeck is?

    You know he was 11-12 for 89 yards in the 4th quarter just last week, right?

  35. matt will lite it up if he had time 2 throw

  36. twocolorcrayon says:

    I wanted to puke after reading: “Mora: “Well, he’s developing. You guys have asked me about John a lot. I said on Monday I don’t really think about it a lot. But when you asked me those questions it forced me to go think about it a lot and go look at him and see maybe why he’s not making as many catches as we’d like.”

    I mean… really? Really??? ……really?!?

  37. bird_spit says:

    I’m really concerned about this group thought. Who cares about color coordinated freakin’ jerseys.

    Jersey’s! Jersey’s Who said anything about jersey’s ?

  38. Re Hasselbeck vs OL:

    WCO needs a minimum degree of both pass-pro and run-blocking performance that the Hawks OL currently does not possess. Because the Hawks current personnel are not able to provide that minimum standard via man-blocking, SEA’s coaches and FO decided that ZBing would better fit the personnel they have. Hawks are improving week by week in ZB pass-pro, but they have a long ways to go (re-watch the MIN game). Run-blocking isn’t there at all yet.

    Still, to look at Hawks OL personnel cumulative performance stats vs other teams OL guys, see:


    If you click on the “Pass Block” column heading for OTs, OGs, & Cs, you’ll see that Hawks are right up there (C.Spencer is 3rd overall, R.Sims is 4th, M.Unger is 6th, D.McIntosh is 27th & R.Willis is 36th). For pass pro, Hawks could use help at both tackle positions. Locklear ranks 53rd in pass-pro.

    Then, if you click on the “Run Block” column heading for OTs, OGs, & Cs, you’ll see that Hawks OL is not performing as well. Among 118 OTs, Locklear ranks 55th, K.Williams 72nd, D.McIntosh 75th, B.Frye 87th, and R.Willis near the bottom at 112th in run-blocking. Of 123 Gs this season, R.Sims is our best G at run-blocking, ranking 30th, Wrotto next at 72nd, Vallos 90th, and Max Unger is 118th. Out of 50 centers, S.Vallos ranks 17th and C. Spencer ranks 44th blocking for the run. Of 95 TEs, Cameron Morrah ranks 31st, John Owens ranks 54th and John Carlson ranks 82nd at run-blocking.

    Run blocking using ZBing scheme is gonna take a while to perfect. Hawks OL is actually a little ahead of schedule with their pass-pro, and next season they may progress more in run-blocking by devoting more time practicing it and maybe acquiring FA tackles from teams that use it or by drafting Ts from schools that use it. It’s a work in progress and patience of fans will likely be tested.

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