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December 8, 2009 12:18 pm
2009 Stats Seahawks Texans
Record 5-7 5-7
Total Yards Gained 3,807 4,441
Total Offense (NFLRank) 317.3. (23) 367.6 (9)
Rush Offense 93.4 (27) 88.7 (T29)
Pass Offense 223.8 (14) 278.9 (4)
Points Per Game 20.3 (20) 23.1 (13)
Total Yards Allowed 4,193 3,999
Total Defense 349.4 (21) 333.3 (16)
Rush Defense 105.9. (13) 118.9 (22)
Pass Defense 243.5 (25) 214.3 (14)
Points Allowed/Game 22.3 (20) 22.2 (19)
Possession Avg. 27:32 31:49
Sacked/Yds. Lost 31/192 23/135
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 27/176 19/103
Interceptions By 10 10
Penalties/Yds. 69/601 79/718
Punts/Avg. 68/46.9 55/42.5
Turnover Differential -2 (t18) -1 (t15)
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  1. Matt Schaub supposedly has a terrible offensive line (I like a few of their players though) and he has been sacked almost 10 times less than Matt. That’s pretty telling. And Schaub is noted around the league for holding onto the ball too long. With the amount of yardage gained, it looks like they have had many more offensive plays too. Some people have said there are teams like the Texans who have a worse offensive line than we do. I really don’t know how any other line can be worse than ours. I really don’t.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Hmm, looking like Schaub could have a field day against our secondary.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    They can throw the ball around, Andre Johnson is a flat out stud. When I hear about a poor o line, I think a lot of that has to do with their inability to run effectively with Steve Slayton. As I said a couple days ago, I think think this is a great opportunity for the ‘Hawks. This is a very talented team but they aren’t playing to their potential. They’ll really have to not just keep controlling the run but slow down Johnson. This will be a good, quality victory on the road.

  4. Schaub’s dinged up – left shoulder issue – if we can get some hits on him . . .

  5. pabuwal says:

    The Texans are another team where their last 6 losses were one possession games. This would be a decent win, although if the Texans lose to the Seahawks they might just end up 6-10 with their difficult remaining schedule.

    The Packers game would be a quality, road win. The Seahawks have only managed 3 of these (1999, 2002, 2006) over the past 12 years – which is as many as the Bengals will have this year alone!

  6. pabuwal – that comment just makes me sick:( And I have made so much fun of the Bengals over the years!

  7. pabuwal says:

    I think the Bengals walk into Minnesota this weekend and win. They are the real deal. I was looking at their OL today and realized I had no idea who any of them were, except for Andre Smith – but it seems any RB that runs behind them has big games.

    The Seahawks road wins over teams that finished the year with a winning record were:

    1999 – at KC
    2002 – at Atlanta (also a playoff team, Atlanta was riding a hot streak)
    2006 – at Denver, Cutler’s first start, he gifted a TD right to Tapp

  8. FireRuskellNow says:

    Prediction houston wins in a blowout, our putrid pass defense makes poo like travraris jackson, kyle boller, jay cutler, alex smith, etc look like All-Pro!!

  9. variable575 says:

    I almost agree with FRN

    …….but, who else do the texans have other than Andre that we should fear? Yeah, Andre is right up there with fitz but their qb is no warner, and the rest of their receiver corp does not strike fear in you like AZ’s.

    I don’t think they burn our secondary. We’ll control the tiny but quick slaten and get a few sacks on schaub rattling him enough to to render him ineffective for leading his team to victory.

    or we cooouuuld get blown the %#$ out.

  10. Surprisingly, I think we might actually win this game. We have got to get at least a little pressure on Shaub though. If their line is half as bad as ours is, that won’t be a problem. And enough with this “he wasn’t 100% bulls**t”, if Jones gets more carries than Forsett again, Mora should be fired.

  11. On another note, it looks like we get to play against Brian Russell twice this year, as the Jags cut him and he now starts for the Texans. They might as well field 10 guys on defense…

  12. Yeah, but we play Craig Terrill more than we should do. That’s our version of the “10th Man.”

  13. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – You’re right, they don’t have a “Boldin ” opposite Johnson but Kevin Walter is a nice foil to him. Think Bobby Engram lite. And the ‘Hawks will also benefit fro OWen Daniels being injured. When they have all their pieces, it’s a very balanced offense. But for the ‘Hawks, they don’t.

  14. princeaden says:

    I’m hoping that Forsett gets enough carries that we can actually hold the LOS and run decent play action. Just maybe with the success we had with the second to last play of the game, it will be enough to dislodge Knappy’s head and we can stretch the field. In my eyes that is how close we are to having reasonable success on offense. On the other side, Bradley must continue to dial up the pressure. What’s he got to be scared of? He knows that if he doesn’t his D will be picked apart and he eventually will be on the dreaded “vote of confidence” hotseat as well.

  15. You’re right, Duke. I like Kevin Walter too. He’s the perfect compliment for Johnson (sure hands and extremely physical). Although I like Wilson and to a lesser extent Jennings — either of them matched up on Walter isn’t great. Sure, they will cover him, but he’ll make the play anyways (and Johnson is even more physical). And I wish we had an offensive lineman as good as Eric Winston.

  16. princeaden says:

    Does anyone remember when the Hawks used a similar play to that of the 49ers when Vernon Davis scored, with John L. Williams? I wonder why we don’t do some misdirection like that from time to time?

  17. IdahoHawk says:

    About five weeks ago I made the statement to sit jones and let Forsett carry the load. I was told I was nuts and Forsett was to small/not fast enough.
    Now everyone is crying for Forsett to get the work load.

  18. Audible says:

    ” I wonder why we don’t do some misdirection like that from time to time?”

    I think we need more direction and less misdirection!

  19. seahawklovertoo says:

    I hear You Idaho Hawk . I had the same response when I suggested we go after Andre Smith (before he finally signed with the Bengals) . I bet You anything, those three morons that ridiculed me still think they are real geniuses.
    One thing I have to admit , no matter how many (not so smart) posters we’ve got here,The Seahawks Insider still have better quality people than the other blogs I have visited . ( Seahawk Addicts are head and shoulders above the rest in stupidity).

  20. Dukeshire says:

    I agree (metaphorically and actually). Misdirection and counter plays rely on the defense over pursuing, or at very least, anticipating the run to such a degree they ignore the back side. Until you’re able to run on opposing defenses with some level of regularity those plays are useless against any competent d.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Isn’t Andre Smith out with a broken ankle? I wonder if I was one of the “morons”? I do know this, I’ve been oon Forsett’s wagon since the Bear preseason game last summer, so I got that going for me…

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, glad You’re online. One big Q for You : if You were Allen (or,God) what changes will You do personnel wise : FO , coaches , players & trainers. Who gets the axe, who stays and which players will You bring/draft to take us to the SB within two years max. Cannot be done is not acceptable answer. ( Try to stay within the salary cap +35%). I hope You’ll like this challenge. Thanks for Your time.

  23. seahawklovertoo says:

    I’d like to hear the same answers from BobbyK and BobbyAyala.
    It may turn out to be a waste of your time but, i am sure we ( the reast of us here) will have tons of fun with Your ideas.

  24. I love that part: “cannot be done is not accceptable.” I agree. We can/should be able to compete for a Super Bowl after this off-season.

    J-Force is certainly the best we’ve got. I remember being irate when he was let go last season. Although he’s done nothing to suggest that he can’t carry the load, I would feel much better about our RB position next season if another (quality) player was brought in. But with our other, more important, holes… I don’t know if this can realistically happen with whoever our new GM is going to be. I think it can, but in the right scenario (use FA wisely, and be able to trade down a time or two in the draft to get extra picks).

    Duke’s right about A.Smith. He’s only played in 2 games this season and didn’t start either of them. I don’t know how in the heck the Bengals are doing it this season. It’s strange. I do know they have a franchise QB… but it’s the running game that’s been the most impressive.

  25. seahawklovertoo,

    Be careful what you wish for! LOL


    “I don’t know if this can realistically happen with whoever our new GM is going to be.”

    I think it pretty much depends on the GM. Eric puts Holmgren’s chance of landing the job at about 60%. I think it’s closer to 90%…but anyway…

    Holmgren is fairly predictable, so I would expect him to snag a LT (1st rd), RB(1st rd), Guard (2nd rd.), and QB( 4th rd), BPA later in the draft. Remember what he did with the two #1s back in 2000 (OT and RB)?. We’re in serious need at those positions again, and he’ll recognize that and act accordingly for the offense. Safety and speed pass rusher will be BPA or FA.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    seahawklovertoo – I love the challenge. I’m taking an early day today so I’ll tackle this when I get home. This is fun. (and I have no doubt you all will have fun with the ideas, lol)

  27. I think we’ll make the playoffs next year, if Holmgren is GM. He’ll bring in a new OC who knows what he’s doing, and he’ll shore up the issues we have on offense. If the offense plays better, the defense will look a lot better as well because we’ll be able to sustain drives and score points, which will do wonders for the morale on the defensive side of the ball.

  28. Awesome, Duke…I love it when you and Bobby do a thorough analysis of the team…I would rather read your guys’ posts than most of the published articles by the various newspapers (sorry Eric). One of the big differences is that you guys are every bit as knowledgable the best professional writers (and maybe moreso) but you’re also free to really speak your minds. No spin, no being politically correct…you just tell it like it is. That’s a killer combination for anyone who really wants an honest look at this team.

  29. As a GM Holmgren did well he chose the best available player (Hutchinson, Alexander) and failed when he pressed for a need (McIntosh, Robinson, Stevens). I’m referring to his 1st round choices.

    I don’t know what the hell Lamar King was about because he wasn’t the BPA or a need. He was just a guy they thought could be the next Reggie White because he was huge. We know huge 4-3 DEs rarely succeed in the NFL, the ones that do are very special talents.

    I think he eventually learned they need a smaller DL to stop the pass in this NFL, with one big plugger in the middle. The Seahawks DL is just too big right now – they are great against the run. This is why the 49ers didn’t run Gore. Very few players run for 100 yards on the Seahawks with Mebane in the middle. But stopping the run is meaningless in this pass happy NFL when you can’t stop the pass.

    And EVERYONE can pass on the Seahawks.

  30. General Manager A may make a few minor FA signings, draft the BPA in each round (one pick most likely “his” QB), put the team in a so-so situation heading into ’10 and see what happens (while expecting not to see a very good performance… and having the clout to blame the previous regime for the sub par season in ’10… and if we don’t have a very good season, he’ll be able to fire the coaching staff and bring in “his” guys… and then when his team isn’t successful in ’11, he will be able to blame it on a young QB and new coaching staff). I do not like this scenario. To a certain extent, I think this is a loser’s mentality and I fear we may be headed down this road. I know it’s considered “rebuilding” and that it’s a way to become successful (so we aren’t losers anymore), but I don’t agree with it.

    General Manager B may look at our team and have his mind set to come in and compete for a Super Bowl right off the bat. Afterall, he has a good QB and good centerpieces for a very good defense. He needs to fix the OL with FA (major overhaul) and needs to draft the right pieces to the puzzle (like all GMs do). I think we can get back to where we all want to go in ’10, but it’s not going to be easy. However, we have an owner who wants to win and that is extremely important.

    Which direction is the organization going to take? I don’t know. I hope they hire a General Manager B. I believe, in the current scenarios, that you can play for ’10 and ’12 (i.e. not give up on the future either).

    And the only way I accept the rebuilding phase is if we stockpile draft picks for future years. I’d love for an unfair advantage of draft picks over all other teams in the NFL for a period of a couple years. That’s the only way I would be okay with giving up on a season before it begins.

  31. Duke – make sure your GM post has us in a situation to win the West and compete for a Super Bowl next year:)

    I’m snowed in today so I might update my master plan, as seahawklovertoo asked about:)

    As much fun as I have looking towards the future, I miss the days of analyzing the match-ups for the upcoming week. I know we could still do it, but it’s too frustrating when you know you have a bunch of slop on your team and if you win it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things anyways. Granted, as has been discussed, it’s a good springboard for ’10…

  32. Dukeshire says:

    I hear you Bobby. I was thainking last night how sad it is there are only 4 Sundays left. That’s it. No playoffs to look forward to or even the exciting scramble to claw you’re way in. Just 4 Sundays until a very long and unsettled off season.

  33. seahawklovertoo says:

    BobbyK & Duke , I was clear. You are Mr.Allen, You have a vision of what needs to be done to win (a SB ) in two years ,or less. And , You’re willing to spend what equals to the cap + 35% (which is fair) . No GMs type A please.
    My lunch brake is over . See Ya.
    Where is BobbyAyala? Audible, can You fill in for him and post Your ideas?

  34. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, if I thought You were moron, I wouldn’t ask and value Your opinion.

  35. Our pass defense will definitely be tested by the Texans this week.

    But I think an improving secondary should help the Seahawks weather this storm Getting Cory Redding back from his concussion might help in the pass rush a bit. And, more importantly, our defensive secondary is now as healthy and ready as it has been all season. Trufant has had a few weeks to get in shape and knock the rust off, Babineaux is learning his angles at the Safety position and showed improvement last week. Josh Wilson now rivals Babs as the playmaker of the secondary.

    I think our secondary is finally ready for a team the Texans. Should lead to some good matchups. I don’t think the Texans will move the ball through the air as easily as they have against some others.

    And I think we will run the ball successfully against them. Our offensive line is no longer offensive. They are even looking a little bit proud.

  36. I was just reminded of two interesting Seahawks factoids, courtesy of Danny O’Neil:

    – Seahawks have not beaten anyone outside the division on the road since they beat the Eagles in 2007.

    – Seahawks have not won on the road against a team that finished with a winning record since they beat Denver in 2006.

    Of course, the interesting thing about streaks is that they end. I think one ends this week in Texas.

  37. Stats from

    Rush O:
    HOU’s Rush Offense ranks 27th, Hawks rank 24th.
    HOU’s OL ranks 23rd overall, Hawks OL ranks 27th.
    HOU’s OL has better power success 63% (rk 20th) vs Hawks 55% (rk 26th).
    Hawks 10+ yds ranks 18th vs HOU’s 31st.
    HOU’s OL gets stuffed (doesn’t make 1-2 yds on 3rd or 4th) 24% of the time (rk 30th) while Hawks OL gets stuffed 20% (ranks 20th).

    HOU’s RBs have 268 carries:
    7% to left of left TE, for 3.03 ALY (Rk 27th).
    18% to gaps between TE-L & LT, for 3.05 ALY (Rk 31st).
    47% to gaps between LT & RT, for 4.21 ALY (Rk 11th).
    16% to gaps between TE-R & RT, for 4.25 ALY (Rk 16th).
    12% to right of right TE, for 4.41 ALY (Rk 11th).

    SEA’s RBs have 255 carries:
    9% to left of left TE, for 0.91 ALY (Rk 32nd).
    16% to gaps between TE-L & LT, for 4.21 ALY (Rk 13th).
    42% to gaps between LT & RT, for 4.04 ALY (Rk 19th).
    22% to gaps between TE-R & RT, for 4.34 ALY (Rk 13th).
    11% to right of right TE, for 4.30 ALY (Rk 14th).

    Pass O:
    HOU’s Pass Offense ranks 6th, Hawks ranks 22nd.
    HOU’s OL has allowed 24 sacks while Hawks OL has allowed 31.

    Rush D:
    HOU’s Rush Defense ranks 21st, Hawks ranks 9th.
    Opponent RBs (258 carries) vs HOU’s DL:
    9% to left of left TE, for 3.91 ALY (Rk 14th).
    11% to gaps between TE-L & LT, for 3.03 ALY (Rk 2nd).
    57% to gaps between LT & RT, for 3.97 ALY (Rk 15th).
    15% to gaps between TE-R & RT, for 3.57 ALY (Rk 9th).
    9% to right of right TE, for 4.03 ALY (Rk 19th).

    Opponent RBs (271 carries) vs SEA’s DL:
    13% to left of left TE, for 4.32 ALY (Rk 19th).
    11% to gaps between TE-L & LT, for 3.66 ALY (Rk 9th).
    48% to gaps between LT & RT, for 3.42 ALY (Rk 5th).
    16% to gaps between TE-R & RT, for 4.55 ALY (Rk 23rd).
    12% to right of right TE, for 4.34 ALY (Rk 22nd).

    Pass D:
    HOU’s Pass Defense ranks 22nd, Hawks ranks 27th.
    HOU Pass D:
    vs #1 WR: rk 27th, allows 6.8 points/game, 57.9 yds/gm.
    vs #2 WR: rk 20th, allows 6.9 points/game, 51.5 yds/gm.
    vs other WR: rk 11th, allows 5.4 points/game, 41.2 yds/gm.
    vs TE: rk 27th, allows 7.3 points/game, 57.0 yds/gm.
    vs RB: rk 1st, allows 6.7 points/game, 27.9 yds/gm.

    SEA Pass D:
    vs #1 WR: rk 16th, allows 9.9 points/game, 68.3 yds/gm.
    vs #2 WR: rk 31st, allows 5.8 points/game, 57.9 yds/gm.
    vs other WR: rk 24th, allows 6.0 points/game, 48.6 yds/gm.
    vs RB: rk 26th, allows 6.9 points/game, 44.0 yds/gm.
    vs TE: rk 15th, allows 7.8 points/game, 54.6 yds/gm.

    Special Teams:
    HOU’s ranks 7th, SEA’s ranks 9th.

    Drives – Offense:
    HOU 136 drives,
    Yds/dr 32.24 (10th)
    Pts/dr 1.90 (13th)
    TDs/Dr .228 (8th)
    Punts/Dr .404 (13th)
    TOs/Dr .162 (25th)
    INT/Dr .103 (24th)
    FUM/Dr .059 (21st)
    (Starting) LOS/Dr 30.05 (11th)
    Drive Success Rate .700 (12th)

    SEA 143 drives,
    Yds/dr 27.07 (21st)
    Pts/dr 1.57 (23rd)
    TDs/Dr .161 (23rd)
    Punts/Dr .476 (26th)
    TOs/Dr .133 (14th)
    INT/Dr .063 (8th)
    FUM/Dr .070 (27th)
    (Starting) LOS/Dr 28.00 (25th)
    Drive Success Rate .655 (21st)

    In 2005 Houston had a bad OL. Bang Cartoons has a very funny cartoon about it. Think it was David Carr at QB back then. HOU’s OL trouble is basically the same as SEA’s OL troubles. Last season HOU hired Alex Gibbs to try to teach them to ZB. They’re still trying. Like Weis’s success at ND, Gibbs has gotten HOU’s OL good (6th) at pass-pro in one year. Also like Weis, (& SEA) Gibbs hasn’t gotten them up to speed yet at run-blocking with the ZB scheme. I’d like to see HOU give up on ZBing and fire Gibbs so Hawks could hire him as a consultant to help Solari. Give it 2 yrs, and fend off attempts by GB to nab Gibbs.

    To have any chance of success at this away game, Hawks must get Carlson the ball, and Carlson has got to catch the ball. Carlson is a bad pass-blocker and a worse run-blocker, but his completion percentage has dropped to 57.4% this season (last season it was 71.4%). Use JF instead of JJ at RB. JF is better than JJ at running the ball as well as blocking, and just as good at receiving out of the backfield. Also keep J.Griffith in more often to block.

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