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Mora press conference: Knapp gets thumbs up

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 7, 2009 at 3:32 pm with 40 Comments »
December 7, 2009 3:32 pm

It was “Victory Monday” today at the Seattle Seahawks practice facility, as the players were given the day off today. Players had the option to show up either to lift or watch film. Others came in for treatment.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said his team came through the game pretty healthy, and there’s a possibility that everyone will be healthy for Sunday’s game.

If that’s the case, then Cory Redding (concussion) and D.D. Lewis (knee) should be ready to go this week.

Mora said quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s shoulder is fine, and that he could miss some practice time but should be ready to go for Sunday’s game at Houston.

Mora also said that running back Julius Jones (bruised lung) came through the game fine and seemed to show no ill effects from the injury. Mora said the reason Justin Forsett did not get as many touches in Sunday’s game was the quad injury he suffered on Friday’s practice was still bugging him.

“He wasn’t 100 percent yet,” Mora said about Forsett.

As far as the division of workload between the two backs moving forward, Mora said he won’t know until the team starts to put a game plan together for this week.

Mora also gave offensive coordinator Greg Knapp a vote of confidence, who has received some criticism of late because of Seattle’s struggle on offense.

“I think Greg does a fine job,” Mora said. “I know he’s been successful in this league for a lot of years, and has a lot of great wins under his belt. He’s coached a lot of great players, and just like everybody, every day he comes here and striving to get better.

“None of us ever feel like we’ve arrived or we’re good enough. And I think Greg does a nice job.”

Mora also said the team is still struggling to find consistency and an identity offensively.

“It’s just a matter of us functioning better as a team,” said Mora about his team’s struggles on offense, in particular with the offensive line play. “Runners, tight ends, receivers, offensive line, quarterback. Offense is about timing and consistency and continuity and those types of things. And the process is ongoing with us.”

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  1. princeaden says:

    Oh Brother. Another Monday afternoon load of crap.

  2. bryndildaddy says:

    Want an identity? Through the damn ball down field!

  3. Eric, Your recorder mike is getting more of you and the other reporters than Jim Mora; i.e., not just wrong on my end…because I can barely hear him with the volume on my computer turned fully up. Thanks; like your reporting.

  4. seahawklovertoo says:

    Who is this critter trying to BS? Does he really think that most of the Seahawks fans are blind and dumb? Man, this s.o.b got to get canned ASAP. Can’t take it anymore.

  5. airbags says:

    jimmy, five words of advice, courtesy of mike martz:


  6. CYRREEN says:

    Knapp did a fine job?????

    Is he a comedian now?????

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Nothing says someone is on the hot seat more than the dreaded “vote of confidence”. That whole “I think Greg does a fine job,” and the quotes thereafter read to me, like dead man walking. Friends or not, Mora cannot be impressed with the development or lack there of, in this offense. Especially as a defensive guy, it’s got to drive him mad, the positions this offense has left the d for so much of the season. My money is on Knapp being canned, er, given the chance to pursue other opportunities, at the end of the season.

  8. Mora is right: Good offenses are built on continuity. But this O-line still needs to be rebuilt — that’s why they can’t throw downfield or run consistently.

    And if you want Mora fired, you won’t win next year either. New coaches only win when they have good offensive lines and good defenses. No new coach will win unless the line gets better. And if the line gets better, Mora will win anyway.

    Some of you dudes need to grow a little patience. The Hawks will finish 7-9, which is much better than they did last year. And next year if they don’t have a winning record, you can fire Mora.

    In the meantime, patience young grasshoppers …

  9. I understand he has to say this… so I can’t fault him for too much of the BS… it’s not as if he’s really going to blame Knapp in public for not doing a good job just to appease the fans… remember, we used to get mad at Holmy for the “fix it” comments too… I’m not saying I have impressed this year with our offense, because I haven’t, but it’s not as if our former GM left us with anything good on the offensive line either. I only hope 2 of our current OL start for us next year and I don’t want either of them starting at their current position either (Lock should be at RT, Unger at C… and possibly, Willis at RG if there’s no Jahri Evans Christmas present).

    I really don’t know of any OC who could call a good game with a line as bad as ours.

  10. Audible says:

    Mora has had only one winning season, once trip the to playoffs, and one win as a head coach!!! He was 8-8 and 7-9 his last two seasons in Atlanta. How the hell did he get a job here?

  11. You said it, I didn’t. But I might agree with you. I better shut up before the Hawks media relations dept gets out the taser

  12. I do appreciate your honesty. In a world of being PC and not wanting to ruffle any feathers for fear of retribution… it’s nice when people call it the way they see it. That’s what our forefathers fought for:)

  13. Hawkfan1951 says:

    I’m getting tripped up by this “identy” issue.

    Where’s the problem knowing what your players are good at and what they aren’t? Mora SHOULD know this team very well having been here well into his 3rd year.

    Where’s this lack of identy coming from… what your players CAN do, or what YOU want your players To do?

    Is THAT the “identy” issue?


  14. FireRuskellNow says:

    Ryan Divish for Hawks head coach 2010

  15. eyeland says:

    The dreaded vote of confidence.. In Knapps case I think it’s possibly a good thing.. I’ve seen enough for a lifetime.. All the Mora stooges. Riddle me this..”How the Hell do you throw 5 passes to J Jones and come up with Negative yardage? Have you heard Mora on the sideline yelling at his players.. “die to win” What a bush leaguer. I can only hope your done after 1 year.. Or possibly we can trade him and a coach to be named later for a draft pick.

  16. ArterioZ says:

    Knapp, you doing a heckuva job.

    I for one have not been impressed yet.

  17. seahawklovertoo says:

    ccsolo, I don’t think You;re getting it. ” if we are losing again next year, then fire More” !!!!!!!!!!! WTF are you talking about? He is been here all this years and he still sucks worse than he did in Atlanta. How many more years do we have to lose for you to get your head out of your behind? There should be no more years for Mora “the moron”. Heck, I never liked his daddy but, I’d even take him before I let Mora Jr. stay. At least the old man won two championships in USFL and did OK with the Saints for two years.
    Now, if there weren’t any worthy coaches waiting around….. maybe I’d keep my mouth shut. There is absolutely no point in keeping Mora, Knapp and maybe even Leiweke. WE CAN DO BETTER !!!!

  18. princeaden says:

    Eric, is there any update to the list of potential suitors for Ruskells replacement. I’m anxious.

  19. Audible says:

    Here’s Mora’s coaching tree….obviously, he learned from the best:

    Don Coryell, San Diego Chargers (1985–1986)
    Al Saunders, San Diego Chargers (1986–1988)
    Dan Henning, San Diego Chargers (1989–1991)
    Jim E. Mora, New Orleans Saints (1992–1996)
    Steve Mariucci, San Francisco 49ers (1997–2002)
    Dennis Erickson, San Francisco 49ers (2003)

    31-29 as a head coach….

    Here’s Mora’s protege: Tom Cable, Oakland Raiders (2008-present)

    Yeah…that’s quite a resume. Maybe Allen should have hired Spencer and Stuart last year. Aye.

  20. Audible says:
    December 7, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Mora has had only one winning season, once trip the to playoffs, and one win as a head coach!!! He was 8-8 and 7-9 his last two seasons in Atlanta. How the hell did he get a job here?

    Well he did have Ruskell as a GM for all of those years – who now has 3 franchises that he helped the first year and went down hill from there. This was the first year EVER that Teams got better after the first year that Ruskell was there!!

  21. twocolorcrayon says:

    I know it may seem like overreaction, but I’m just completely disgusted by Mora. I just am not comfortable with him as coach of the Seahawks. I realize “coaches need 2-3 years”, but I don’t even want him to get that chance for 2-3 years. Firing a coach after 1 year may be drastic, but at what point do his previous 2 years of coaching come in to play, especially in the “awkward” 2nd year of his Seahawk career. There’s just something about the way he carries himself, and talks to the media, and his players… I just wonder if anyone can take him seriously. I remember a few weeks back of him in a pregame trying to pump players up by walking around all weird and bumping into them, nudging them, and just seeing it annoyed me. I know that’s not reason to want a coach fired, but still… I just feel we’re in an awful direction if we keep this guy at the helm. I do like what the defense has done this year even though the pass rush has been atrocious at times (heh). If not Mora, Knapp HAS to go, but Knapp is Mora’s lil buddy from the past. And seriously, the way he shrugs off Forsett’s production like nothing, and even seem annoyed when it’s brought to his attention, and claim it’s all OL clicking with JJ as “our guy”… it’s like, REALLY?… REALLY? Forsett seemed pretty fresh and did not seem to be bothered by his injury during the game… Mora was probably offended his coaching was in question and used it as a cop out (probably a stretch:P). Again, I have no proof of this, but this is a frustrated, intoxicated rant. And I will end it now, because I feel I could go on and on. Ahhh.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle was Ruskell’s first GM position. He was assistant GM in Atlanta in ’04 (his only season with Mora prior to Seattle) and before that he was Director of Player Personnel in Tampa.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Before I go on with this post let me say that I like Aaron Curry. He will be just fine. As the season wears on, I attribute a significant portion of his struggles on the staff. Now, to the point; there were 3 LBs taken in last years draft in the 1st round. As a comparison, I offer…

    Aaron Curry Sea, 4th – 56 tackles 2 sacks
    Brian Cushing, Hou, 15th – 102 tackles 1.5 sacks
    Clay Matthews, GB, 26th – 34 tackles 7 sacks

    Going get a close up of Cushing this Sunday and Matthews in 3 weeks.

  24. I am very interested in seeing how the team plays on the road against a better than average team who is fighting for their play-off lives. I think this game (and when we’re at Green Bay) will do more for my comfort level with Mora as HC in ’10 than anything. Are we competing? Are players responding? Even though we know our season has been a failure, there’s still a chance to use it as a springboard for next year.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Toward the end of the previous post, I made similar comments. I’m interested to see that as well.

  26. variable575 says:

    Did anyone catch a very interesting Jimbo mora show???

    He made a point that it’s never the formation/schemes that are called(when it comes to failure) but the players out on the field doing what they need to do. Are you kidding me?

    What’s even worse is Paul silvy backed him up and reiterated the exact same thing, “that’s right, it isn’t the play calling, it’s the players on the field having to step up”.(paraphrased) WOW

  27. Wow, variable…

    All I need is Mora’s Playbook for Dummies, a headset, and a laminated dinner menu….and we’re ready for action. What’s the point of game planning? In fact, why call plays at all. To hell with that. Let’s just have Matt tell the receivers to get open. Hmmm…no wonder Hass is still trying to figure out how the receivers are running their routes. At least he has the local chinese take-out on speed dial from his headset.

  28. Variable575-

    I suppose you never heard the radio segment where Hugh Millen basically said that all of the Seahawks are unreliable in their route running and where they are supposed to be. That coupled with no ground game. The guys on the field suck. Better playcalling might help a little, but the talent is shit, you do know that right?

  29. Knapp is bad plain and simple, I went to the game and pretty much called 80% of their plays, lets see dump to the left uh dump to the right uh run up middle for 2 yards then repeat. This coaching staff sucks, I love how Mora said Knapp did a good job really? Even those reporters where like really? This a bad experientment and we need to get a coach who actually knows the nfl and doesn’t have excuses everyweek for why he and he playschool staff lost another. And Trufant once again pass interance, leads the league in PI’s and has only played a handful of games, get that guy off the field he is a waste of space. We are playing mediocre teams and losing or barely winning, Greenbay is going to beat us by 20+ in a few weeks.

  30. Example: Seahawks have to get ten yards for First-Down ,Knapp calls 2yard pass play…how is that outstanding play calling? In who`s book? Knapp needs to be let go,& soon….

  31. If Mora really believes that Knapp is good that calls into question whether Mora should be kept, because he can’t see what is obvious, dull and uninspired play calling from the OC who stupidly believs this OLine could pass protect or run block a lick.. The team a;so seriously needs to part ways with Julius (22 I gain two yds. per carry, then lose 2 yds. per carry) Jones. Knapp’s stubborn and predictable reliance upon Jones should soon qualify him for a pink slip. BTW Greg the team has a TE who can catch too.

  32. Knapp is to Mora as it seems Marshall was to Holmgren.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    I saw the Mora Show and those quotes are being taken out of context. He was talking about 3rd down defense at the time and how Bradley made some nice calls in those situations. But he went on to say that regardless “of the formation” it’s on the players to make the plays. The tackling was much better Sunday, so I can only presume that is, at least in part, what he was referring to. And yes, Silvy agreed with him. But those comments were in no way relative to the offense or the playcalling or the execution on that side of the ball.

  34. bryndildaddy says:

    Strangely, the Hawks don’t actually have the leagues crappiest OL. See the Skins hang 30 on the Saints while starting Levi Jones? Gradkoswki looked all pro behind what passes for a line in Oakland. Jacksonville. Green Bay. Yet they still manage to go vertical.

  35. devisscher says:

    Mora went on to say the offense has made a lot of progress since the beginning of the season. It’s just not visible to the fans. But they have made a lot of progress. Mora said he believes this offense is gonna be a elite offense. But he couldn’t promise the fans would see it too.

    I’d also like to see him go. Singletary isn’t coaching like a good coach right now (the time-out called before the 1st play, some of the playcalling sometimes,…) but at least he takes responsability and knows he’s still learning. Instead of blaming referees he said it was their own fault with the turnovers. He’s a coach you’ll follow to hell. Hell, I would follow him right now. Mora? He doesn’t get respected by anybody.

  36. Of those teams you menion, we do have the worst OL. I don’t doubt the Redskins have a bad one, but from what I’ve seen of them… their OL is better than ours. The Raiders are bad, but their OL is better than ours. We don’t have anyone as good as Robert Gallery. He may have flopped as a LT, but he’s a solid guard. We don’t have anyone that good.

  37. yellaman says:

    This team wont be able to throw down field until it gets upgrades on the O-Line Matt doesn’t have enough time to throw the ball. I was at the game against the 49ers and it seem every time Matt did a 5 or 7 step drop he had pressure in his face. Also Curry should be playing every down, I know they don’t want him in pass coverage so then he should be ruching the QB. He is the highest paid player on the team and he should be playing even in nickel situations. If he is that bad in pass coverage then then put him to ruch the passer. I would rather see him on the field than Tapp or Reed rushing the QB.

  38. yellaman says:

    bad spelling

  39. yellaman says:

    who arethe hawks to play next year -scheduling I fiqured it would be NFC south and AFC West but I’m not sure

  40. sugashack says:

    To me the game against Houston is huge and could dictate our coaching situation for next year. If we get blown out on the road by a mediocre football team and look as unprepared as we did against Minnesota (10 penalties) then I have to think given a GM change that Mora would be gone.

    For Knapp, great threads on this. Like everyone you have to look at our offensive line and fault *some* of the lack of productivity and a vertical passing game on it, as well as Matt being hurt and struggling to throw the deep ball. It’s still amazing the amount of nepitism in our org and the average coaching talent we’ve brought in. That being said, I’m more upset with our defense and the lack of progress there. Our inability to generate pressure at all is startling.

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