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Friday practice report: RB Forsett tweaks quad

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 4, 2009 at 1:39 pm with 40 Comments »
December 4, 2009 2:56 pm

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora told reporters after practice today that running back Justin Forsett will be questionable heading into Sunday’s game.

Forsett said after practice that he tweaked his quad in a red zone drill at practice. He sat out the rest of the way.

“I just felt like a little tweak when I was running, so I backed off,” Forsett said. “I didn’t want to try and further hurt it, so I jut let them know.”

Mora said running back Julius Jones (bruised lung) should be ready to play on Sunday, leaving Mora uncertain as to which running back will start.

“Julius practiced very well this week,” Mora said. “He looked very good today. And it looks like he’s really geared up and ready to go. Now we’ll see how his conditioning is, that will be a factor.”

Mora went on to say that if Forsett can play they’ll both get plenty of carries.

However, Forsett said he could have finished practice, and that he should be ready to go on Sunday.

UPDATE: Here’s the injury report

For Seattle, DT Cory Redding (concussion), and LB D.D. Lewis (knee) did not participate in practice and are listed as doubtful for the game.

RB Justin Forsett (quad) was a limited participant in practice and is questionable. DE Lawrence Jackson (groin) was a full participant in practice, but is questionable.

Center Chris Spencer (thumb) and RB Julius Jones (bruised lung) were full participants in practice and are listed as probable.

For San Francisco, DT Kentwan Balmer (shoulder) was a limited participant in practice and T Joe Staley (knee) did not practice, and both are listed as doubtful.

WR Isaac Bruce (ankle) CB Marcus Hudson (back) and LB Takeo Spikes (hamstring) are questionable.

WR Arnez Battle (ankle), LB Ahmad Brooks (thumb), WR Brandon Jones (thumb), S Michael Lewis (quad), DT Ray McDonald (shoulder), RB Michael Robinson (shoulder) and T Adam Snyder (shoulder are probable.

Notes from practice
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  1. At least he’s not hurt to the point of missing training camp. That’s all there’s left to care about.

  2. Audible says:

    If we’re not going to the playoffs, I want to at least finish off the 49ers season as well.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Training camp? Doesn’t sound like anything to serious. Little Big Man will be just fine.

  4. IdahoHawk says:

    If Jackson can’t go Sunday does that mean that Reed is going to start?
    I hope Forsett can go. For some reason Jones gives me a sore ass.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I imagine that Kerney would, but Reed would likely benefit with more snaps in the rotation.

  6. Dukeshire: That’s correct. It would probably be Tapp and Kerney at DE, with Reed seeing more time.

  7. griffincsb says:

    Anyone reading Walter Jones’ twitter? A few posts that just sound like he’s hanging up the shoes…


  8. Dukeshire says:

    He did this once before, prior to him being placed on IR. He posted several tweets about a “difficult decision” and so forth. It all turned out to be a ruse, he was debating what movie to go see. He said something to the effect “you all didn’t think I’d post something that important on Twitter, did you?”. I suspect this is a similar situation.

  9. griffincsb says:

    these sound more serious and to the point, but yeah, you have a good point.

  10. I’m excited to see more of Reed. But my faith in him is tempered for 2010 and beyond. I fully believe in him if he’s going to be a situational type of player. If he’s a full time starter, I think we’re in trouble. It was a good use of a 7th rounder though.

  11. Walter Jones ‘difficult’ decision was about watching a bad movie by himself…..

  12. hawks31 says:

    i think the WJ conjecture is over. He has been a cornerstone for the last decade. Hats off, and now lets find the next stud G from his alma mater.


  13. nighthawk2 says:

    Stud guard? I’m more interested in finding a stud left tackle, and I don’t care what school he’s gone to. Well, maybe not Washington…but a left tackle and a guard in the 1st round would make me a happy camper. Now that Numbskull isn’t making the picks.

    Walter is done. I don’t put any stock in that Twitter/Facebook/Myspace bullcrap, the tools for brain-dead teenyboppers.

    It’s interesting that Holmy is talking about wanting to be back now (in response to a quesetion on his show on KJR).

  14. princeaden says:

    As much as I Love watching the Hawks every Sunday, I must admit that I’m finding myself looking forward to the upcoming FA period and the Draft and how we fill our needs at the OL,DL,RB,QB of the future and Safety needs. That is a lot of needs and probably cant be fixed in one off season, but it will certianly be interesting and fun to watch.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    No, one offseason will not put everything right, this is a rebuilding process. On some level, once the pain of the losses and the realization sets in, it can be an exciting period. As a fan we get to start looking forward to things.

  16. Duke – the reality of the situation is that you’re probably right and this is definitely a rebuilding process.

    However, I like to dream big and I honestly feel if we could get McNeill, Mankins, and Evans in FA that the OL would become one of the best in the NFL (with respect to talent – although I realize they would still need to gel, as with any unit we use next year). I know this wouldn’t easy, we’d have to give a lot of money and then there’s no guarantee each of those three will even hit FA, much less all sign with us… but if the FO is willing to dish it out, all of a sudden our worst unit becomes even better than the LBs (which is the way it should be).

    Then, “all” we have to do fill the rest of the holes with our draft picks and it sure would be nice to be able to move down a few times (from either of our 1st rounders). We could possibly do something like DE Morgan, RB Spiller, FS Allen. I would feel VERY confident about taking the West back next season if we could do this. Again, I know the reality of the situation is that we’re rebuilding, but I simply don’t want to buy into a 2-3 year long project when I think there are ways to be playing in the Super Bowl next year. Making the OL good through FA would be great, and then building the rest of the team, the proper way, through the draft… As you’ve said, I’m definitely a dreamer.

  17. Audible says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am stoked about what Santa will bring this year. I’m not quite as worried that we’ll overpay over-the-hill overrated players. And, I’m glad our hands aren’t tied with an overemphasis on sterling chraracter…I don’t want thugs, but I’m okay with young, talented millionaires who have made a dumb mistake now and then. With Holmy as the front-runner, I’m pretty sure our OL is going to improve in a big way, and I’m excited to see what’s going to happen at QB. We also may see some familliar faces back in town, like Zorn and Weaver. And, I have to be honest, Holmgren’s vote of confidence in Mora is encouraging. I still think Knapp must go, but I’m willing to trust Holmgren’s assessment of Mora and give him the benefit of the doubt because as we all know, Ruskell didn’t give him much to work with this year.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Don’t misunderstand, I would love a one year turn around but it’s unlikely, regardless of the players brought in. It takes time to develop chemistry and for everyone to pull in the same direction. But it’s those dreams and looking ahead that make the process so exciting. You know how it feels when it all begins to come together. Hell yes!!

  19. Under a Holmy regime, perhaps Haskell would return as OC if Knapp were to get the axe.

  20. I think Gil Haskell is a bit old now, Bobby. I like the younger coaches we have now. I think the players respond to them better. Not that I’ve been too enthused about what Mora has accomplished so far, but I really think he and his coaches need at least a full year to show what they implemented and the second year could demonstrate what their system looks like. We all tend to judge much too quickly, when I think we all know that coaching a team and developing players takes time. I’m not thrilled with Knapp’s system but it might look a lot better with an improved line and consistently healthy QB. The last thing I want to do to this team is saddle it with 60-year-old coaches trying to motivate 25-year-old millionaire athletes. I think that’s a recipe for failure. That’s one reason I’d rather have Holmy return as Pres/gm rather than as coach.

  21. Like many here, I’m excited about the offseason and its possibilities. But that’s for later.

    Right now, I want REVENGE on the 49ers. They made us look like crap in week two. They head-hunted and injured our QB. They ruined our season. I want revenge. And I hope every player on our team wants to put them in the dirt. The Seahawks are better than their current reputation and they should prove it against the 49ers on Sunday.

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    I really don’t want to come as a “troll” but, 2-3 year rebuilding is a good excuse for inept FO with a cheapskate ownership. The Seahawks have Mr.Allen and his will to make this team be a winner again. I don’t think 2-3 years timetable would be acceptable here.
    Since (most likely)’10 will be a no cap year, that means it is a year when the owners will have to showcase them self. 2010 will separate man from the boys, classy owners from the fleas, the owners that made their fortunes with their intellectual abilities from the ones who got rich from doing something illegal (at least two that I know of ) .

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – I agree in principle about the ” 60-year-old coaches trying to motivate 25-year-old millionaire athletes”, but for this team, Knapp simply must be replaced. Injuries not withstanding, he’s playcalling and planning are underwhelming, at best., IMO.

  24. seahawklovertoo says:

    If Holmy comes back next week,it is fairly possible to end this season at 8-8 or even 9-7. We won’t make the play-offs (unless there is an intervention from the Almighty) either way but, we will get some respect back. And , of corse that will happen with the players that we have now.( No, I am not losing it, and I don’t do alcohol or, drugs.LOL ) I just think Holmgrens presence on the sidelines and the knowledge that he has unlimited power will motivate EVERYONE to produce to their potential. I am still convinced that Mora lost the players respect and support after the Bears game. Holmy, Dungy, or another respectable coach/GM will fix that instantly.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    SLT – I think you underestimate the depth of needs this team currently has. Unloading the bank account on FAs is no guarantee that things will turn around. The Redskins are example 1A of this. If this team re-opened the window to compete for championships within 2 years, for a period of several years there after, I would be very happy and consider that an incredible turnaround.

  26. seahawklovertoo says:

    Then , all that needs to happen is the new GM do what BobbyK says plus bring Wolfolk or, Peppers in ( now I am hallucinating…. but, it feels so gooooood) and we will be fine right away.
    Next step has to be a trade for someones first rounder for Branch, Kerney, JJ and Burly ( plus I’d throw in my ex-wife, Chuck_Easton and Stevos) as a package deal. With that pick we should take Dez Bryant or WR Lafell from LSU
    and we will have our legit #1 receiver to go with Housh and Butler.
    Honey !! Did You cook some funny looking mushrooms for breakfast?

  27. “2010 will be a no cap year, that means it is a year when the owners will have to showcase them self. 2010 will separate man from the boys”

    Interesting comment, seahawklovertoo. I’ve been dreading the instability of theCBA running out, but I like to think this could shake things up for us. Our team needs a shakeup, Leweike has started the shakedown. Could be really interesting.

  28. seahawklovertoo says:

    Man, I am on the roll…. next, (if we can’t find 1st class NT/DT from FA) BobbyK needs to do his “Magic Dance” and we trade up and grab Suh with our top pick. You know Holmgren will pick a QB with our second pick ( most likely Tim Tebow
    just so he can piss Duke off). Third pick will be the best tackle left. Fourt pick will be spent on Ducks RB Blount (because we need him and nobody listens to me about RB Sheets from the 9rs PS) Fifth pick will be OG Mount Jerry from OleMiss
    or, a DE. The rest of the picks will be spent on DTs. We will patch up our secondary with some safeties like McKenzie till the next draft.

  29. seahawklovertoo says:

    Good post Stevos !!! Ok, I’ll take You off the package deal for the 1st rounder. You can stay……LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  30. “If Holmy comes back next week,it is fairly possible to end this season at 8-8 or even 9-7″.

    Just my humble opinion, but I think whomever is sitting in the luxury suite in a suit-and-tie has little to do with how players perform on the field. Over the long-term the GM/Pres can change the team dramatically, but motivation and player development happens between players and coaches.

    If the team performs well over the next several weeks, the credit will be due to
    1) the players themselves, proving their professionalism.
    2) Mora and his staff who have been working with them every day for months hoping the players will finally learn to execute their scheme.
    3) An offensive line finally getting practice time together to learn the offense now that the injury plague has ended.
    4) a small measure of credit or blame should go to the GM who signed each player, but I think we pay too much attention in the guys in the suits. Who a player has become after 3 or 4 years in the NFL is not just about who he was when drafted, it is more the result of how he has worked and grown with his coaches and team mates through the years.

  31. The Tebow pick would actually make me mad too.

    I do think we can fix OL with those 3 guys though. I don’t support any other big FA signing even if we could afford it. I think the team needs to be built through the draft, but the OL is such a pressing issue that it needs to be fixed now (if at all possible). Also, players know who makes what and I think it can affect chemistry and that’s another reason for not wanting to go there (except fast and hard on the OL). I know people think they can always do better than the “experts” and I guess I’m no different.

    I don’t think anyone will trade anything for Kerney though.

    Best case scenario is we could get a 3rd round pick in 2014 for Branch. We have leverage to keep him until the day before training camp. If someone else wants him, they will want him to come to off-season workouts and get familiar with their offense. Branch seems to want out and I’m sure a team (Browns/Jets) would renegotiate with him (we’d allow it even though he’s under contract with us). Granted, it would do nothing for us NOW, but I hate it when GMs normally only care about the here and now. I know it’s a dog-eat-dog world and that particular GM may not even be around to make that pick in 2014… but who cares, he did what was best and I’m sure things like that do not go unoticed around the league. Besides, I doubt a GM would be opposed to trading a pick away 4 years down the road b/c if he doesn’t win soon he’s not going to be around to not have the pick anyways.

  32. seahawklovertoo says:

    Stevos, I can understand your points. Yet, no matter what capacity Holmy comes back as, he is and always will be a coach first. I am not sure if the Prez/GMs are allowed on the sidelines…. but, if there is a way to be there, Holmy will find it.
    Plus, if Krapp or Mora keep screwing up with their play calling, the “AXE” may fall sooner than later and Holmy will take over calling the plays. I wouldn’t fall of my rocker if that happens sooner.

  33. seahawklovertoo says:

    By the way; GO GATORS, GO ‘HUSKERS. ( I dislike Alabama and the Longhorns)

  34. “If Holmy comes back next week,it is fairly possible to end this season at 8-8 or even 9-7. We won’t make the play-offs (unless there is an intervention from the Almighty) either way but, we will get some respect back.”

    I hadn’t even thought of the possibility that we’d hire someone before the end of the year – can’t imagine we’ll do that.

    I’m with Stevos re the 49ers, I know, I want a good draft pick too, but I want to crush those guys. At home, should be a good, competitive game. Hope Forsett is good to go.

  35. seahawklovertoo says:

    BobbyK, most of my previous words were in jest, so take them with a grain of salt
    I am still giddy from last thursdays events (canning of Timmay and the Ducks winning PAC10).
    Yet, i still think that a package of 4 starters : JJ, Branch, Kerney & Burly are well worth a 1st rounder from (lets say) the Browns, or Rams.Hell, my ex is enough to
    make a heterosexual GM give up a 1st rounder ( 125 LB of chocolate with pretty face ,big butty and more cubic inches in natural bust then most of females have in their heads)
    As for Tebow…. I know he is not a QB like the Mannings , Brees or Brady but, IF he goes un-defeated this year then, we all must admit to his qualities. I really don’t give a hoot about what the “experts” say; for every Manning they were right, there are 10 other QBs they were wrong ( considering the SBs in the last 12 years). Tebow is a winner and he wins without the “big arm” ; he plays in the toughest conference and wins with his quick mind and quick feet.
    Who ever takes him, they better bring in his college OC or, let him make his own calls. The kid is smarter than most coaches anyway ( I am 100% sure he is smarter than our Krapp)

  36. BobbyAyala says:

    “I think Gil Haskell is a bit old now, Bobby. I like the younger coaches we have now.”


    A glutton for pain he be.

  37. BobbyAyala says:

    “Mora and his staff who have been working with them every day for months hoping the players will finally learn to execute their scheme.”

    Their schemes are archaic by NFL standards. They suck. Period.

  38. Square pegs don’t go in round holes. Ray Willis is not a ZBS RT.

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