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Wednesday practice report: OC Knapp learning from mistakes

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 2, 2009 at 2:29 pm with 47 Comments »
December 17, 2009 3:10 pm

Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp told reporters this afternoon after practice that he learned some things in the first game against San Francisco schematically that should help Seattle move the ball this week.

Knapp said he went through a similar learning curve between the first game and the second game against Arizona that allowed the Seahawks offense to move the ball better the second time around against the Cardinals.

“Part of this is on me,” Knapp said. “As a coordinator new to the division, just like I went through some growing pains with Arizona week one versus the second time we faced them, I learned some things about what’s good against that scheme and personnel that we did not use,” he said.

“So from a game-plan standpoint you’ll see some different stuff this week because we feel like as we grow as coaches, what can we do differently that can help us? So there’s some schemes that you’ll see differently, and I can’t get into great detail obviously about that.”

Knapp also said the growth and maturity of the offensive line should help in the team’s game plan this week, with players like rookie Max Unger being a much different player this week from earlier in the season, and having a healthy Sean Locklear on the field again this week. Locklear suffered the high-ankle sprain in the second quarter of the first game against San Francisco.

Like Mora, Knapp said when running back Julius Jones is fully healthy the veteran runner will return to the starting lineup.

You can listen to that conversation here.

[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Knapp on Forsett"]

Jones, who’s been out for two weeks with a bruised lung, was a full participant in practice on Wednesday, as well as center Chris Spencer (thumb).

DT Cory Redding (concussion), LB D.D. Lewis (knee) and DE Lawrence Jackson (groin) did not participate in practice.

I’ll post San Francisco’s injury report as soon as I get it.

Here’s the 49ers injury report.

CB Nate Clements (shoulder) is out.

DT Kentwan Balmer (shoulder), WR Isaac Bruce (ankle), S Michael Lewis (quad), S Mark roman (not injury related), DT Justin Smith (not injury related), LB Takeo Spikes (hamstring) and T Joe Staley (knee) did not participate in practice.

CB Marcus Hudson (back) and RB Michael Robinson (shoulder) were limited in practice.

WR Arnaz Battle (ankle), WR Brandon Jones (thumb), DT Ray McDonald (shoulder) and T Adam Synder (shoulder) were full participants in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. microbeer says:

    I wonder if we will see the D. Branch end around or fake end around this week? Also wondering if D. Butler can take the same hand off (or not) and catch the 2 balls for 10 yards currently in the offensive game plan for Branch. After all we only invested this years 3rd and last years 5th to get him.

    The stupid is starting to burn.

  2. BORNHAWK says:

    Now if Knapp could learn how to call a game using the strengths of the players he has maybe we would be 7-4 instead of 4-7.

  3. Audible says:

    “Now if Knapp could learn how to call a game using the strengths of the players he has maybe we would be 7-4 instead of 4-7.”

    The “scheme” seems like almost a religion to some of these coaches who stubbornly refuse to use talented players if their strength who don’t perfectly fit the profile for the type of players they want.

    Julius or Jforce? Use the RB who is racking up yards!
    Leonard Weaver vs. TJ Duckett vs. Edge: Yeah, great idea..sign has-beens and never-will-bes and trade a young and gifted player? Surely Edge and Duckett didn’t make that much more combined than what Weaver wanted? By the way, Weaver has scored two TDs, has had no fumbles, and has been averaging 5.7 ypc on 32 touches and caught about 15 balls.

  4. Audible says:

    Oops…he wasn’t traded…they just let him walk. The dude is big and fast, catches the ball really well, and is a good blocker. Weaver and Forsett would have been a great 1-2 punch this year. Maybe if Holmy takes the GM job, he’ll bring Weaver back to Seattle.

  5. variable575 says:

    “Like Mora, Knapp said when running back Julius Jones is fully healthy the veteran runner will return to the starting lineup. ”

    I’m so confused–forsett is obviously more productive. i wish i could retrieve an article i read on ESPN essentially stating how idiotic it would be to bench(or limit) forsett if Jones is healthy.

    I’m beginning to think these guys don’t want to win, of course that can’t be the case, so its indisputable—our coaching staff is completely stupid.

  6. Audible says:

    It seems more like arrogance than stupidity to me. Or, perhaps it’s a lack of creativity. “Best Player Available” shouldn’t just apply to the draft. Once their on the team, you keep them and make sure they’re on the field as much as possible in order to give your team the best chance to win, right?

  7. Lets not forget that people routinely second guessed Holmy and I certainly believe he had his faults too. He wasn’t perfect.

    However, I certainly wonder about our staff in general. I think that after having a guy like Holmgren, this is a tough act to follow and Mora/Knapp/Bradley certainly aren’t following it very well (or like we all hoped for).

    Sure, there have been better coaches than Holmy… but he’s certainly on a shorter list than most coaches. He was a very good and one of the better ones I have ever seen.

  8. nidhighe says:

    I have zero confidence in this coaching staff. It’s like the Tom Flores years all over again.

  9. IBGoofy says:

    It’s about using the talent you have in the correct manner…. evaluating talent… using the players to their strengths… It’s why Curry is getting so much critical comment… He’s an emotional play buster…. We saw that early… since then, the coaching has tried to keep him wrapped up in coverages, etc… He’s a caged animal now… as bad as us trying to run the GD ball every first down with a patched line when we’ve consistently been a passing team that sets up the run…. Gimme a break! I’m still convinced we have more talent than has been displayed, and I believe you see it in the looks the players are giving the coaches on game day and certainly the lack of respect we have commented to on here for the coaching overall…

  10. I truly hate the ZBS (zone bullsh!t system). What’s wrong with drafting OL who can dominate at the LOS and knock their man backwards? Speaking of playing players to their strengths – Ray Willis is NOT a ZBS lineman. He lines up in front of you and knocks you on your ass. I won’t pretend he’s good in pass protection though (an attribute that seems even more important in the ZBS).

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Was that Divish dropping the “bootleg of life” line on Knapp, from the broadcast last Sunday? Nice.

    In Knapp’s defense, what I presume he meant by “learned a few things” had more to do with the look the 9ers give on defense than the ‘Hawks offense. First time around the line was in shambles, Matt went down and despite 2 80 yard TD runs there was a 10 minute TOP differential. So I would expect Knapp, after seeing their defense (and having that much more tape on them) and having some modicum of health and cohesion, would be able to put together an exploitive game plan. On the other hand, this is the same fellow who didn’t realize until the Lion game that their personnel dictates a pass first approach. So, I we’ll have to wait and see.

  12. Duke – if available, what do you think of us throwing all of our FA money into the OL hat (McNeill, Mankins, Evans)?

    We both know the chances of all three hitting the open market are slim to none and slim is about to leave town. But, what if…

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Well, I think this team has more holes than just the o line. I would actually prefer one significant signing and dedicate a draft pick to someone they believe can anchor his respective position for the next several years. FA are nice and it’s paramount to add the right ones to the “puzzle” so to speak, but there is no substitute for building through the draft. And also, I think if you really want to improve the line, as you have mentioned, can the zone blocking.

  14. I sure would like to be able to trade down with either/or (preferably both) of our #1 draft picks and add 2nd/and/or/3rd round picks. You’re right, we definitely need to get younger too. In a perfect world, I would like to sign the 3 FA OL and also make several trades down in the 1st round. It would be great to add 2-4 3rd round picks, in addition to having two 1st rounders (which would be later in round 1). Then, when we do make our picks, we can focus more on BPA over a need. As long as I’m daydreaming, it’d be nice if the team with the #1 wanted to be cheap in the form of saving money on a signing bonus for the #1 overall pick and only wanted Curry in return (since he’s already been given some of that guaranteed money). I should probably live in reality more than I do, but fantasy is more fun sometimes.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, reality is overrated. You’re probably much happier than I am as a result, lol.

  16. eyeland says:

    We need a change and Holmgren is THE answer. He won and I like winning.

  17. Duke I gotta disagree with you, I’d rather build a super team through free-agency then evolve drafted players behind the all-pro’s..

  18. Dukeshire says:

    If it can be done under the constrains of the draft I’d be surprised. I’m sure someone will correct me on this, but has there ever been an example of a team that built themselves into a perennial winner? I cannot think of one at the moment.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    of the *cap*. Not draft. *cap*, oops

  20. elkhorn says:

    I loved Weaver, but I think in hindsight some are making him into some monster back. Well that never happened but he wanted more money, we let him walk, nothing I didnt agree with then or now. He ended up having to settle for a backup role in Philly. If you want to pay him starter money for 32 carries and 15 catches in 11 games, well fine, but its not smart.

  21. Should`t Knapp already know how to use the team strenghs & weaknesses by now? wasn`t he a coach before?? he`s a terrible play caller per each game. time for a change..change is good,get rid of Ruskell,Mora,

  22. snydro22 says:

    They’re all idiots, and apparently they don’t mind going down with a sinking ship. Personally, at this point, I hope they DO play Jones and limit Forsett, because I want the losses to pile up so they ALL lose their jobs. We need to worry about draft picks and getting someone else in there to run the organization.

    Everyone who knows me knows that I am a die-hard fan and I have been very patient in my defense of Ruskell and Mora – but even I can’t contain my disgust any longer. It is hard to watch this team and this organization, and change is needed.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    “They’re all idiots,” LMAO. I’m not laughing at you, but that struck me funny. I to have been trying to temper my criticisms but am finding it more and more difficult. What a great way to open a paragraph.

  24. The best way to build a team is through the draft. There’s no way I would/could dispute this. There are examples of the signing of 1 player here or there that has helped a team get over the top (like D. Sanders for the 49ers and then the Cowboys… but he was truly a GREAT player… like Jahri Evans is at his position:)…

    However, this team is farther away than those SF/Dal teams were. Still, if you can rebuild the OL in FA… then I believe we can be competitive. As grumpy as I have been lately (b/c I’m so mad that we suck) I still think, for the most part, we have a pretty decent team. The foundation is that our OL truly is terrible (only for 4 years now… no big deal… OR SOMETHING).

    Even if we could “only” fix the OL in FA… then I think the draft could [help] fill the rest of the holes (especially if we can trade down).

  25. Audible says:

    Has anyone noticed how everyone on this blog is “getting along” better lately? Bloggers who argue and flame each other are all of sudden agreeing.

    Sociologists have a concept called cohesion, which predicts that members of a group will naturally unite against a common enemy: Ruskell and Mora!

  26. For the most part, Duke is right about SB winners drafting their own guys and having them be the “core” of the team. I have to go back to SB XXXV before I see significant FA aquisitions playing a major role in winning the big game. And that team had Ray Lewis in his prime, same for Ogden (LT) and Lewis (RB). The reason I bring this team up is because I want to get pissy again… The other part of their “core” was DE (McCrary) and DT (Adams)… former Seahawks who had GREAT years… Their QB (not that it mattered was drafted by Ruskell… but he sucked as a Pro – Dilfer) also was so-so, but a QB is pretty important… even though he’s one of the worst to win a SB. But, yeah, more core teams win the SB b/c of their “own” guys they drafted. Which makes me want to trade up for Suh even more!!! Can you say “cornerstone” player? Curry isn’t going to be Curry until we get a dominant player on the DL. And considering we have only 1 good DL, well, our supposedly good LBs are going to continue to look pretty average (except our least expensive player, Hawthorne… I guess that means he’s truly a stud, even w/o any healp).

  27. pabuwal says:

    I can think of just 1 SB winner this entire decade having a future HoF OL, Ogden with the Ravens.

    HoF caliber OL is not how SB winners have been built this decade.

  28. Last year, the Steeler OL sucked… and the only reason they overcame this is b/c Big Ben is a freak of nature and defensive players actually bounce off of him when they attempt to sack him sometimes. That isn’t normal and not something you can usually overcome. Name a QB that DL would actually bounce off of besides him. Didn’t think you could. Not that way, at least.

    The Giants have several Pro Bowl type of OL. How can you say Chris Snee will never make the HOF? Mick Tingelhoff is/was just as good as Mike Webster. The difference? Nothing. Oh, wait… one guy played on a team that was 4-0 in the SB… the other was every bit as good but his team went 0-4 in it… that ‘s the “only” difference… It doesn’t have anyting to do with the body of work over the rest of their careers. With that being said, if the Giants win a few more “big ones” he will have a good/great chance.

    Jeff Saturday has a very good chance to make the HOF. I have no idea how you don’t think he could make it. The NFL has been watered down in who it lets in the HOF. You should know this. Tippett? Carson? Dean? Good players in their prime. But, IMO, not HOF worthy. But they are there. As others will be. And Saturday, at his position, is/was just as good as they were/are. And he has a ring (which is extremely important).

    Matt Light — as much as I think he’s overrated, there is still a definite chance he could eventually make the HOF. A starting LT who has made the Pro Bowl on a team that has won 3 Super Bowls and he started on a team that went 16-0 (and didn’t win the big one). That sounds like HOF credentials to me.

    And if we’re going back 10 years… how can’t you think Orlando Pace won’t make the HOF… he, Walt, and Odgen defined greatness at the LT position for the last 15 years…

    And of couse you don’t want to go back 11 years (or 12) because that Bronco OL had 1 guy who is already in the HOF (Zimmermann) and another who will be there (Nalen). And not long before that you had the greatest OL in the history of football, the Cowboys, who, when it’s all said and done, could have 3 of its members in Canton one day (Larry Allen was a G and he’s the only player at that position who is/was better than Hutch).

  29. *Not that the “others” don’t have rings.
    *”decade” to me is 10 years…

  30. Oh, by the way, Alan Faneca will probably be in the HOF one day too. He was the Steeler LG in SB XL.

  31. hawkforever21 says:

    Off topic, but does anyone know how long Hawthorne is signed for?

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    “Knapp learning” on the job, eh? Nice hire, Mr. Ruskell. And only a year after the Raiders fired him!!!

    Anyway, did anyone else notice Jones Soda being utterly trashed on Conan last week?

    Even our corporate sponsors are a laughing stock!!

    Bring on Texas Tech!!

  33. BobbyAyala says:

    “Julius or Jforce? Use the RB who is racking up yards!”

    I don’t know which ridiculousness to laugh at harder.

    the nickname Jforce, or the fact that Mr. Force racked up 4 yards two weeks ago and this yahoo is parlaying that success into the future of Seahawks football.

  34. BobbyAyala says:

    “just like I went through some growing pains with Arizona week one versus the second time we faced them”

    YES!!!! You turned humiliation into embarrassment!!!!


  35. IBGoofy says:

    I’m with Audible!!! I’m agreeable! LOL!!!
    I”m with BobbyK!!! I’m agreeable!!! Oh! and we all HAVE to know, whoever our GM is next year (even Ruskell, heaven forbid, perhaps more so in him…) the GM will clobber the offensive line prospects in our draft…. It’s clearly our biggest gap… It will be overkill…. unless…. (here’s where I’m jumpin all over Bobby’s back…), if we can get ONE top of the scale OL FA.. Bingo! a top draft pick goes to the DL…. coaches get changed and we’re very much in the hunt every game! A total season never being more than a TD underdog…. even on the road…. .

  36. BobbyAyala says:

    “Part of this is on me,”

    Well, not really, Greg. You were always incompetent, you can’t blame yourself for hiring yourself.

    Really, you need to ease up, coach.

    Don’t feel so bad about things you can’t control.

  37. BobbyAyala says:

    “Knapp also said the growth and maturity of the offensive line should help in the team’s game plan this week, with players like rookie Max Unger being a much different player this week from earlier in the season,”


    STOP!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!! I just had surgery and the staples aren’t holding!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  38. StevenMunn says:

    Guys, sorry if this is a little off topic but:

    Would my local supermarket in Florida carry Jones Soda? Just wondering because I would like to try it.

  39. All rookies like Hawthorne, who are undrafted free agents, are restricted for 4 years. Basically, we have 2 more years of Hawthorne at a bottom dollar salary before he can strike it rich as a UFA.

  40. Pab… You’re right…. Agree with You too! OL doesn’t HAVE to be HOF!!! It DOES need to be coached correctly based on the players… and quite definitely needs to be surrounded by players that can MAKE plays happen… clearly, part of that is in the lap of the coaching, providing the options, the opportunities… the rest is competitive natural… Yes?

  41. Steve… I go back and forth to FL, lots n lots……. I have no idea what you are talking about in ‘Jones’ soda… never seen it…

  42. Ayala??Bobby… one and the same as the M’s reliever? Your not that Bob r u. he he. Staples? Hell, a bottle of viagra couldn’t help you grow fast balls. Your splitter needed to go out with the litter box. And your change up had more hick ups than Rosie O’Donnell on a date.

  43. 2008 PRO BOWL OLs
    LT 76 F.Adams LT 73 J.Thomas
    LG 76 S.Hutchinson LG 66 A.Faneca
    C 65 A.Gurode C 74 N.Mangold
    RG 76 C.Snee RG 68 K.Dielman
    RT 69 J.Gross RT 71 M.Roos
    C 60 S.O’Hara C 62 C.Wiegmann
    T 60 C.Samuels G 54 B.Waters
    T 70 J.Brown T 77 J.Long
    G 75 D.Joseph C 68 K.Mawae
    G 70 L.Davis T 71 J.Peters
    T 71 W.Jones

    2007 PRO BOWL OLs (Starters)
    T 71 W.Jones T 78 T.Glenn
    G 71 L.Allen LG 66 A.Faneca
    C 78 M.Birk C 63 J.Saturday
    G 76 S.Hutchinson RG 68 W.Shields
    T 76 F.Adams RT 73 M.McNeill

    2006 PRO BOWL OLs (Starters)
    T 71 W.Jones T 71 W.Anderson
    G 71 L.Allen LG 66 A.Faneca
    C 65 L.Bentley C 63 J.Saturday
    G 76 S.Hutchinson RG 68 W.Shields
    T 76 O.Pace T 75 J.Ogden

    2005 PRO BOWL OLs (Starters)
    T 71 W.Jones LT 75 J.Ogden
    G 71 L.Allen LG 66 A.Faneca
    C 57 O.Kreutz C 68 K.Mawae
    RG 62 M.Rivera RG 68 W.Shields
    T 76 O.Pace RT 78 T.Glenn

    2004 PRO BOWL OLs (Starters)
    LT 76 O.Pace LT 75 J.Ogden
    G 71 L.Allen LG 66 A.Faneca
    C 78 M.Birk C 68 K.Mawae
    RG 62 M.Rivera RG 68 W.Shields
    RT 76 F.Adams RT 71 W.Anderson

    It’s mostly the same guys every year, year after year. When they’re not being named as starters, they’re substitutes, and I’d say they (multiple ProBowlers and All-Pros) deserve to become future HoFers.

    The question, I guess, is whether Hawks need to build their OL into the strongest OL practicable. With the current offensive scheme and personnel, the answer is yes. When players are available in FA that would push weaker current OL players off the roster you have to try to get them. If draftees are available that would push weaker players off the roster you must get them too. Concurrently, you must also train them to the OL scheme as quickly and correctly as possible. With man blocking it takes years of reps for OL guys to learn all the ‘rules’ re who blocks whom, and for the OL to act in synch. ZBing is supposed to be easier to learn the rules but requires more synchronization between the OL guys, especially the interior OL guys.

    Charlie Weis brought ZBing to ND and they had a terrible 1st year – couldn’t run block and couldn’t pass block. The next year ND’s OL could pass block well, but it still couldn’t run block. This year ND was supposed to be able to do both, but the run blocking still didn’t happen and Weis is looking for work. Sound familiar?

  44. BobbyAyala says:


    It took months and months for someone to finally pick up the reference.

    Bravo, my man.

    Bra f’ing Vo.

  45. nighthawk2 says:

    I’m hoping that Gus “I’ve got 3 years NFL Experience and they made me a Defensive Co-Ordinator” Bradley has learned something from the last game, like how to NOT let Frank Gore break 80 yard touchdowns, twice (or even once).

    This coaching staff is irredeemable. They just suck. We’re seeing on a weekly basis why Jim Mora was fired in Atlanta, why Greg Knapp got his play calling duties taken away in Oakland, and why Gus Bradley was a go-fer for Monte Kiffin in Tampa Bay. As said, they don’t change a “scheme” to fit a player’s strength, they don’t play the best guys (Jones over Forsett? That’s the very definition of stupid), they don’t prepare the team to play well each week and they’re incapable of making any adjustments. Maybe Mora will do the right thing and follow his patron by falling on his sword too and resigning. Without Ruskell here, maybe they wouldn’t do something stupid like make Knapp interim coach. Nah, never happen.

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