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Thursday practice report: Hasselbeck wins Largent award

The Seahawks announced today that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck won the Steve Largent award. It’s the first time Hasselbeck has earned the honor, which was opened up to the coaching staff as well last season and is voted on by the players.

The award is given to the player best exemplifying the spirit, dedication, and integrity of former Seahawk wide receiver Steve Largent.

“I thought there were more deserving this year,” Hasselbeck said. “But it’s a very cool trophy and I’ll find a place for it.

“It’s a special honor. And they opened it up to coaches as well, so it’s more competition. And it’s voted on by your teammates, so that’s very important.”

Mike Holmgren won it last year.

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Wednesday practice report: A meeting of the minds


Well, after Tuesday’s comments by receivers Deion Branch and T.J. Houshmandzadeh on Nate Burleson’s weekly radio show on KJR-AM, you can imagine there was going to be some sort of meeting between Houshmandzadeh and former NFL player and KJR analyst Hugh Millen after the two had words over the airwaves on Tuesday.

That conversation took play after practice, with Millen showing up to continue the conversation that began with the two players arguing over the details of 2-man coverage.

Millen later defended himself during the Seahawks roundtable Wednesday morning, more clearly stated his position on the issue, including an admission that perhaps he wasn’t has harsh in his comments on quarterback Matt Hasselbeck as he should have been.

They had an animated, but civil conversation for about an half hour before Houshmandzadeh finally made his way to the locker room.

So what did they talk about?

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Mora: “I’m sure it was good radio”

Obviously, head coach Jim Mora knew he was going to be asked about the much-talked about and debated segment on KJR yesterday with receivers Deion Branch, TJ Houshmandzadeh and Nate Burleson.

Not surprisingly, he hadn’t listened to the segment, but knew the gist of it.

“I didn’t hear a word that was said,” Mora said. “I’m sure it was good radio though. I’m sure it boosted rating. I don’t know if

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Hawks-Titans stats

2009 Stats Seahawks Titans
Record 5-10 7-8
Total Yards Gained 4,760 5,319
Total Offense (NFLRank) 317.3 (22) 354.6 (13)
Rush Offense 95.1 (28) 163.9 (2)
Pass Offense 222.3 (14) 190.7 (23)
Points Per Game 17.8 (24) 22.5 (T14)
Total Yards Allowed 5,399 5,541
Total Defense

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Hawks shut out of Pro Bowl for first time since 2000

The NFL announced it’s 2010 roster for the Pro Bowl, and for the first time since 2000 the Seattle Seahawks were shut out of the list.

Walter Jones had made the Pro Bowl every year since 2001 heading into the this season.

There were a couple former Seahawks on the list, including Philadelphia fullback Leonard Weaver and Minnesota guard Steve Hutchinson.

Minnesota has the most players from one team on the list with eight, while Arizona had the most players on one team from the NFC West, with Darnell Dockett, Larry Fitzgerald, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and Adrian Wilson making it.

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Deion Branch on KJR: ‘You’re either with us or against us’

Wide receivers Nate Burleson, Deion Branch and T.J. Houshmandzadeh were on KJR-AM in Seattle this afternoon for about an hour for their weekly conversation. It was pretty entertaining radio.

Branch called out KJR on-air personalities Hugh Millen and Ian Furness, who he believes have been unfairly critical of his and the rest of the receivers’ play this season.

“That bottom line is, are we winning? No,” Branch said. “Do we have a good team? Yes. To Hugh Millen and Ian Furness, we have a good football team. Are we talented? Yes. Are we playing good? No. We’re not playing good football, no we’re not.”
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Morning links: Hasselbeck still the answer at QB

With Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s struggles over the past two weeks, there’s been heavy debate on the blog over whether or not he can still get it done for Seattle.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune argues that Hasselbeck still has some gas in the tank, poor play withstanding, and that the Seahawks should continue to put faith in the 34-year-old veteran.


Is he done? He’s 34, it’s his 11th season and he’s making mistakes that make him look like the struggling kid he was in 2001.

But don’t bury him yet.

He may be an example of a couple facts: You can’t play quarterback in the NFL with a sense of desperation. And you can’t be successful as a quarterback if there are no playmakers to help.

With protection, a diversionary rushing attack and a corps of reliable receivers, Matt Hasselbeck could be effective for a long time.

But leave him out there with what he’s got now, and the guy will continue aging in dog years.

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Mora: “Let me be very clear, there is no lack of effort on this football team.”

Greetings, I had to cover the Monday Jim Mora press conference as Eric’s flight was delayed out of Wisconsin, causing him to miss his connecting flight to Minnesota. Apparently, he’s trying to rent a car with Steve Martin to get home.

Sorry of the delay on the post, but I wanted to get back to Tacoma after the press conference.

Anyway, Mora seemed not as quite as upbeat as usual, but then again, it’s not surprising. A good portion of the questions centered on the team and players effort, or lack thereof.

“It sticks out to a coach,” Mora said.

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