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Mora press conference: Coach mum on Ruskell rumor

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 30, 2009 at 4:30 pm with 61 Comments »
November 30, 2009 6:51 pm

First of all, my apologies for not posting any updates this morning. I was late getting to my flight and I didn’t have any time between plane changes to post anything, and I came right to the press conference this afternoon.

We’ll have the Monday Morning QB chat on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora was asked if he had seen any of the reports stating that team general manager Tim Ruskell had been informed by team officials that he’s been asked to step down at the end of the year, and this is what he had to say:

“I haven’t seen those reports, I’m sorry,” Mora said. “We’re pretty involved with St. Louis Rams cleanup and San Francisco prep. We live in a cave. We’re cavemen”

Asked if he feels a sense of urgency for the team to finish strong, validating that the organization, with Ruskell and himself at the forefront, is headed in the right direction, Mora had this to say.

“Every week we want to create a sense of urgency to play our best, and that’s what we’re trying to do, show improvement on a week-to-week basis with everything that we do,” Mora said. “And sometimes that improvement is hidden a little bit, and you don’t see it.

“We want to win football games. We want to show improvement. That’s what we’re here for. So we’re excited about the opportunities we have in front of us.”

Team officials would not comment publicly on the report from Pro Football Weekly.

However, it’s unlikely that Ruskell would be informed that he would not be back next year, as stated in the report, and still allowed to keep scouting and helping to make decisions for this team’s future.

Further, for Ruskell not to come back, Seahawks owner Paul Allen would likely be heavily involved in that decision, and he currently is under going chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that he was recently diagnosed with.

Whether the report is accurate or not, ultimately the team will have to make a decision on Ruskell once the season ends in five weeks.

As far as injuries go, as reported on Sunday, Mora reiterated that defensive tackle Cory Redding has a concussion. “We’ll just have to see how he is later in the week,” Mora said. “But we’ll be careful in that regard.”

On running back Julius Jones not playing on Sunday, Mora said he was still experiencing tenderness to the touch with the bruised lung, and the medical staff, along with Jones, didn’t feel he could sustain the blows he would take as a runner.

“I don’t know where he’ll be this week right now,” Mora said. “Hopefully he’ll be ready to play, but I can’t say with any certainty that that will be the case.”

Mora said Jones likely will again practice this week and will be monitored by the team’s training staff

Asked if Jones was still the starter once he is fully healthy, Mora said yes – with a caveat.

“If he’s fully healthy and he’s had a full week of practice and everybody feels comfortable that he can bear the brunt of the workload that he would need to handle to be effective then he would start,” Mora said. “But, that being said, Justin has earned the right to carry the ball, off of what he did at Arizona, and what he did this week. So we’re going to make sure he gets touches.”

Mora again praised kicker Olindo Mare, saying his ability to consistently kick the ball in the end zone helped in terms of field position for the defense.

“His kickoff really help us defensively,” Mora said. “They make the field long.”

Mora also talked about the Seahawks playing more man-to-man coverage this week, allowing the team to send linebackers Aaron Curry and Leroy Hill on blitzes more, and said to expect more of that in the coming weeks.

“Going into last week, we just felt like regardless of who we were playing, we needed to more, tight man-to-man coverage,” Mora said. “And we felt like we needed to bring Aaron Curry a little bit more in a rushing-type of role. We needed to bring Leroy more in a rushing-type of role.”

Mora went on to say specifically to Curry, sometimes when the team puts him on a straight-course as a rusher it helps him get involved in the game early.

As far as the Matt Hasselbeck bootleg play, Mora said in Atlanta with Michael Vick, Greg Knapp used to tag plays as 18 Force QB, meaning the quarterback has the option to pull the ball out and keep it himself if he sees that the backside contain is not staying at home on the zone stretch play. And that’s what Hasselbeck did on a 19-yard gain against the Rams.

As far as game balls, Justin Forsett of course got the offensive game ball, Jordan Babineaux got the defensive game ball, and D.D. Lewis got the special teams game ball.

Mora said that Babineaux has been making steady improvement from earlier in the year.

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  1. Yes. Babs has been improving, but from where he started from to where he is right now, well, this is still a position of need in the form of a rookie 2nd round pick.

    Funny Mora comment of the day: “And sometimes that improvement is hidden a little bit, and you don’t see it.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    “Going into last week, we just felt like regardless of who we were playing, we needed to more, tight man-to-man coverage,” Mora said. “And we felt like we needed to bring Aaron Curry a little bit more in a rushing-type of role. We needed to bring Leroy more in a rushing-type of role.” – OMG, I think I just had a heart attack. Some of us have been calling for that all damn season. Let’s hope he means that and they actually stick to it. “…regardless of who we were playing…” That is music to my ears.

    There are some positions that starters should not lose due to injury, QB being chief among them. Running back is not one of those. Forsett has earned the starting spot, period. From the preseason game against the Bears in ’08, up to and including yesterdays game, he has shown with every opportunity he can play. They’ve cut him, they’ve put him on the PS, they’ve brought in an aging talent depleted RB to play ahead of him and yet he continues to produce. He is everything that this team claims to be about and is forced to prove himself over again with every carry. He deserves to be the starter with Jones and Rankin lending support. It is the Little Big Man’s backfield now. He has earned the right to get those touches against the remaining 5 opponents.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – That is funny. It’s very, very hidden, apparently. Babs improvement? I don’t know. He’s at his best when the play him up on near the line or blitz him, but he in an extreme liability in coverage as safety and routinely take horrific angles to ball carriers which leads my to question whether he really wants a part of tackling someone head on. In any case, yes an upgrade please.

  4. So Duke, Majikowski and Bledsoe should have gotten their jobs back? Remember, when both players regained their health, the legends of their successors were not yet established.

    If Hasselbeck were to get hurt and Teel were to come in and play at the same level Hasselbeck is playing at, then absolutely Hasselbeck should lose his job.

  5. Apparently, the hidden improvement is stashed away somewhere with the hidden talent, the hidden coaching, and the hidden wins. Hey, coach…quit hiding your head in the sand and take a look around.

  6. If Jim M. was as good at coming up with game plans as he is at spinning nonsensical post game yarns we might be over .500 right now. Our talent level (or lack thereof) makes Timmay and easy target, but as this season drags on it looks more and mora like Mr. Mora’s young son is in over his head.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Majikowski was hardly an entrenched starter. And of course there are exceptions, goodness sakes. But you’re implying that Frank Reich should have remained the starter then over Jim Kelly. Or more recently, Kevin Kolb should replace McNabb. He did after all play better than McNabb in his 2 starts. And if Teel came in and played at the same level Hass’ did prior to the hypothetical injury, I disagree that he then should replace Hass. The team would have to show significant signs of improvement for that to even be considered an option, in mid season, for me. Nothing tears a team apart faster than instability at QB. Clearly we differ on this.

  8. If Mora “lives in a cave” and doesn’t know what’s going on… well, that would explain a lot. LOL.

  9. Jahri Evans getting a little love from the MNF announcers tonight.

    Overpay for the man!!! I’m sick of overpaying for average players. If we’re gonna overpay, then overpay for someone who can legitimately say he’s the best at his position (RG) in the NFL!!!

    Of course, the Saints can’t be dumb enough to allow him to test FA, could they?

  10. I really wish Mora would Teel and some of the other younger guys in there once we’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I think that would be better for the team in the long run, but starters would be pissed because there are a lot of incentives in most contracts that are based on touchdowns, etc.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Get to watch your FA de jour tonight, Jahri Evans.

  12. Offensive guards aren’t that important.

  13. I think Forsett has earned more carries, although I don’t think it matters who the “starting RB” is. I mean whether Forsett or Jones is in the first offensive set doesn’t matter. I think they are pretty similar. Both of those guys should get carries and receptions, and whomever is performing should get more.

    I’m not sure whether Forsett’s good performances lately are because he is better than Jones or simply that our O line was terrible a month ago when Jones was getting his carries. Now that the O line is beginning to open some holes, Forsett happens to be the benefactor.

    Heck, against the Rams it actually looked like the line was learning to zone block! OMG! Alert the media!

    As for ‘hidden improvement’, maybe that’s what Mora means. He probably doesn’t expect fans to notice that his line is blocking a lot better, especially since zone blocking – even when executed well – is not very impressive to watch.

  14. Not sure why Mora gives these long-winded pressers. You would think he’d learn.

    Maybe he should take a page from the Bill Bellichick School of Media:
    1) show up in a sweat shirt,
    2) glare at the reporters,
    3) give short answers,
    4) do not smile,
    5) let the reporters struggle to come up with something to write after you walk away and get back to work kicking other teams’ butts.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Okay, let’s use the word primary rather than starter, although I assumed that was implied. The fact that we don’t know if Forsett’s success is due to a healthier more cohesive line that Jones didn’t have or what. But that’s the point, he deserves to back those performances up, IMO. And understand, I’m not one of the Jones haters that seem to be everywhere Monday through Saturday. It’s about rewarding the results, however they are achieved. At least in my view.

  16. How was that ZoneBullsh!tBlockingSystem 8 days ago?

    But I agree, Stevos, a RB is as good as his OL. Shaun wasn’t the best RB in ’05 but he had the best year, thanks mainly to Walt/Hutch. Same for Favre this year… you don’t magically improve after 40 years of age… but your surrounding talent does…

    Can anyone confirm if the Rams and Lions are really NFL teams?

    If you’re watching the game tonight, don’t just think of our RG next season (Jahri Evans)… when the Pats are on the field, their LG (Logan Mankins) is pretty good too. He’s not Hutch, but he’s not Rob Sims either. I know it’s too much of a pipe dream to get both… but let me pipe away and dream of a line of:
    LT Rookie #1
    LG Mankins
    C Unger
    RG Evans
    RT Locklear

    Wouldn’t a line like that make Ruskell mad if we got back to the Super Bowl? Our new GM gives A LOT of money to not 1 guard, but 2 of them… and then we begin to dominate the LOS… Matt “magically” gets better… and that puts less pressure on our D… and we’re good again:)

    What I wouldn’t give for a game like tonight, where 2 elite teams are playing, and we’re 1 of them!!!

  17. And, while you’re at it, can you confirm that the Seahawks are really an NFL team?

  18. mkelly534 says:

    Why would Jari Evans leave NO for us? Logan Mankins is a possibility because NE will be focused on Wilfork and has drafted a couple of guards. Unlike us, I expect they picked productive bodies. If we could get a starting guard in his prime then we can focus on our other many weaknesses in the draft. Of course we are not the only team with needs at O Line so I expect this to be a good year for FA Offensive Linemen.

  19. The Seahawks are the second oldest team in the NFL. We also have one of the highest payrolls. Old, bad and expensive is not a good combination. We should take any opportunity available to get younger if there is no significant drop off in talent. Football is not a sport for the sentimental. The teams that maintain their status at the top of the league are the ones that know when to say goodbye to their aging veterans. We need to learn when to say goodbye to ours. It’s time to fill our roster with young players who are hungry, not guys who are busy planning their next trip to the mall (Leroy). Hawthorne for Lofa should be a no-brainer at this point. Little Big Man for J.J. is nearing that point.

  20. mkelly — it’s called money, my friend:) Cold hard cash. Overpaying for a superstar. Everyone has a price. Grant left a great Jacksonville defense and two great DTs to come here for the lute. Kerney came here because either us or Denver offered more dough than anyone else would. Although there are some Kris Dielman type of people out there, the majority go after the biggest payday.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    To answer your question from earlier, yes, I’d be surprised if they let him sniff FA. They’ve got a great unit there and would be fools to allow it to fracture. But, ya never know I guess…

  22. Does NO have other top FAs who they may choose to transition (oops, I mean franchise) instead of Evans?

  23. Does it make anyone else sick to watch this game tonight? I’m watching the WRs… both teams actually have WRs who can:
    1. Run
    2. Go up and make a catch in traffic

    We have:
    TJ — can’t run or separate from anyone (damn great hands though)
    Burleson — can run pretty good but won’t make most tough catches with defenders draped on him like most (but the Pro Bowlers would and do)
    Butler — “slow” football speed and can’t seem to make the tough catch going deep… seems to make the tough catch in traffic though (think of the positives since he’s a slow, fast)
    Branch — he still plays for us?

    Hey, it really doesn’t matter, even if these guys could make plays like the NE or NO guys… the OL wouldn’t give Matt time to toss it up to them anyways…

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – No. This is a clinic and a beautiful exhibition of football. Now, it is sad to know how far away the Seahawks are from competing on this level.

  25. Duke – that was the list for last year, when Stinchcomb was a UFA and Evans was a RFA (and signed his 1 year deal for ’09).

  26. At least they’re all nice guys BobbyK

  27. jjsnix – f-it… maybe we should just sign Brandon Marshall and give the middlle finger to AZ… I honestly believe Marshall is about as good as Fitz…. but he’s a moron (and scheduled to become an UFA — and there are rumors the Broncos don’t want his attitude around anymore, granted, he’s a great WR)… Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy who is right there with Fitz? I thought that when Cutler left for Chicago that he wouldn’t be as good b/c he couldn’t simply throw up jump balls to Marshall anymore. Now, Cutler has a bunch of idiots and he supposedly sucks. Well, he doesn’t have Shanny anymore, but he doesn’t have Marshall either. All I know is that Cutler is the same player and, as with Favre, the talent around you has a unique way of making you look good or bad.

  28. That’s a great list, Duke…now we just need someone who knows what the hell their talking about to look at that last and predict who is going to be franchised. If it’s Evans, shhhhhh…..don’t tell Bobby because it gives him hope, and we don’t want him to fall into a bad mood like he did yesterday :)

  29. Evans is “just a guard” so there’s a chance he won’t get franchised:)

    If Holmy was right, and you sign offensive FAs and draft for defense… then we say “screw character” and sign 3 OL, Brandon Marshall, etc. and all of a sudden, Matt has quality around him and goes back to the Pro Bowl… and we get back to the elite status.

    As impressive as NO looks tonight, they have some players like Sharper who will not match these career years again… they can’t maintain this level (not that anyone can go undefeated)…

  30. from what moo/freedom said on the previous thread:

    Holmy/Gruden would be fine by me. I’ve said that’s good with me, and I mean it! I want what’s best. Although I think Ruskell gets Holmy by a hair in evaluating draft available talent, I think Gruden over Mora is a big gap.

    Don’t forget that Gus Bradley was Gruden’s LB coach last year… Gruden may keep him on (which I think would be good)…

  31. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve always liked Gruden. Holmy and Gruden, I know it’s been said here many times but I’ve never allowed myself to think about it. I have to admit, the idea puts a smile on my face.

  32. Here’s the link (that someone else posted on the previous thread):

    The only thing I don’t like about this is that Holmy won’t want to resign the little “try hard” guys like Wilson.

    At least I think Holmy would be smart enough to understand that Mebane must be resigned, even though he’s a “Rus’kill'” pick.

    After watching this MNF game tonight… why do I get the feeling that if they met again in the SB that the Pats would win?

  33. Look at all the injuries the Saints have had this year… What can the Seahawks blame now for their poor start (or season)?

    They lose their Pro Bowl LT and they don’t miss a beat? Sounds like us, except we missed many, many beats. And we have a terrible rest of the line. And even when we had our Pro Bowl LT, we were still terrible.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – With due respect I don’t agree about guys like Wilson. In that specific case, he is on record about WIlson and that he likes him. He has said that Wilson “earns his money in the nickel.” I think he’s smart enough to recognize talent, regardless the package it comes in. Now, as GM, he may be less likely to draft a guy like Wilson, although I’m not totally convinced of this. I think it’s safe to say however, he wouldn’t target smaller players for either line, that’s for sure. But he loves the “try hard” guys like Mack Strong, David Hawthorne; players that “make” you keep them on the roster.

  35. Yes. He loves those try hard guys, as long as they don’t make much money. My main point is that Wilson should be resigned after next season and I’m not sure Holmy would do it. Mack was a “try hard” guy, but he wasn’t a “little” try hard guy as Holmy is on record as saying (it may have been after an AZ game last year?). Holmy definitely tried getting rid of Strong by using a 3rd round pick on Heath Evans (and not many people use that high of a pick on FBs).

    And if Holmy does come back. I hope he’s learned his lessons (like gambling with too many morons). I think any good character type of team can withstand a moron here or there (not of the magnitude of T.O. in his prime moron years) but Holmy brought those guys in like I can drink beers on a Sunday of Mar-ayyy, when no work is to be done the next day)… With that respect, Timmy has left Holmy a team of good guys who can withstand a moron or two. My main concern is Holmy pretending he’s a choir boy and bringing in every Brandon Marshall in the world (although I would like 1 of those Marshall players).

    As Holmy left Ruskell a good and talented team in ’05 and tweaked it with good people (and making it less talented, but better)… I think Holmy can add to the Ruskell team of good guys by adding a moron or two to make it extremely more talented. I just hope he doesn’t try adding too many idiotic creeps and jerk-offs to our team or we’re back to the Ken Hamlin days of banging post signs off of skulls with mysterious murders afterwards (and I know Hamlin wasn’t a Holmy pick… but Stevens was and that’s equally as bad and even more of a moron since he was a 1st rounder, whereas Ken was “only” a 2nd rounder).

    Holmy, as much as I love the guy, will compromise character in an instance to get a win (or sell his soul to the devil when he claims to be such a good man of high morals). Sorry, Mike, but there aren’t many Reggie White’s to get as FAs anymore.

    Isn’t there a GM candidate who can combine these characteristics? It’s like not wanting to vote for someone ’cause the’re too far to the Left or Right. I want a middle road kind of guy. I don’t want a team of MN Vikings who are a bunch of a$$holes who claim character is important, but I don’t want a choir boy team that sucks either.

    What to do?

  36. Jesus, how good is New Orleans? They remind me of the Warner/Faulk/Bruce Rams – just tearing up chunks of yards on offense. So many weapons on that team, Colston/Henderson/Meecham, Thomas/Bush, even Shockey, plus a great QB, and I think, the best offensive Head Coach in the league.

    They are going to be a tough team to beat . . .

  37. bird_spit says:

    I for one would take the Holmgren crew, as long as they aren’t pot heads (Hill) or drunks (Lofa). Give me a break. I can guarantee the best of the best could hold there own – and drink the best of us under the table. I would take a Lambert (Steelers – Kent State, for you youngsters) any day, as long as they play football on Sunday, and hit hard. If they have talent, and actually show it on Sunday then they can go have fun far as I am concerned. Please give me the next Hamlin please. That dude could hit. Our record has been basically the same ratio of the bad boys to the good boys on this team. This isnt the smash mouth football team I’d like to see. Curry is the type of player that is rare..good guy with an attitude. Can we please have more Curry’s on this team. I am glad we drafted Curry…and wish we would have not signed Lofa to a long contract. I like these guys hungry.

  38. eyeland says:

    Damn it was fun watching 2 real football teams tonight. The hits and catches were awesome. It also made me realize what an inferior product Ruskell has put on the field. How could anyone not notice the throws both quarterbacks made. It makes a difference when they have the time. The Hawks are along way away from this level of competition I’m afraid.

  39. Why do I have the feeling that the Pats will or would eat New Orleans up if they meet again in the Super Bowl?

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I have a different take on the Heath Evans pick; Strong was entering his 8th season and that’s a lot of snaps for a fullback. (The fact he went on to play 5 more full seasons is a testament to his endurance.) But I don’t think Holmgren was trying to “force” Mack out, I think he was looking to the future. When Holmgren re-signed Strong in 2000 he made a point of saying “You’ve got to have a place for guys like Mack Strong. You’ve got to.” (I’m paraphrasing) My point is that Holmgren keeps the guys he feels play best (Evans left for Miami) yet still prepares for the future, something we criticize Ruskell for failing to do (see Walt, Hutch, Shaun, etc…)

    I am in total agreement with you, however, that if Holmgren were to come back, he’d be less likely to take knuckle heads like Stevens, Robinson and so on.

  41. princeaden says:

    My feeling is that Holmgren is a smart enough man to realize his mistakes and not repeat them, in terms of picking players. I would love to see him back, able to pick his own players and staff. As far as Mora not having any knowledge of the rumors surrounding Ruskell and being “cavemen”, it’s just more proof that he is not only not forthright with the fans. But, he’s full of $heeeeooooooottt!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have much rather had him say that he had no comment on the matter and moved along, it would have been much more believeable. There’s is just something about the guy that I don’t trust.

  42. princeaden says:

    And one more thing. I think we all agree that Holmy is a great offensive mind. How long do you think he would stand for watching Knapp’s playcalling?

  43. Dukeshire says:

    If Holmgren did in fact return, no way Knapp stays. I cannot see that. Lol…

  44. Knapp, is it him calling the pass to the FB or Hass checking down? We through more passes in that direction in the last game than Holmgren would in years past. Why isn’t Carlson seeing those touches down field?

  45. From watching Hasselbeck, my guess is that Knapp is calling plays he thinks Matt can execute and he doesn’t think Matt can throw downfield. Does anyone think Matt can throw downfield accurately right now? It doesn’t look like it to me. Looks like his arm is isn’t really there. Its really hurting the offense. He had better find some zip in that arm against the 49ers.

  46. Damn, just imagining about having a coach like Chucky Gruden on the sideline in Seahawks Blue is really making my day.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Carlson? Primarly because he’s staying in to help block. Some of the FB screens are check downs of course, but I think most of them are called, more than I would have ever imagined actually. The way Knapp has used the FB this year it really makes me wonder why they devalued Weaver so much. Seems to me he would have fit in there nicely.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Do you really feel Matt has really lost that much in his arm or his he not stepping into the pocket to deliver the ball? Anticipating the hit, whether it’s real or imagined pressure, I get the sense he is protecting himself more to such a degree that his passes are not being delivered crisply. Either way, he’s not getting it there in a timely manner, we can agree on that.

  49. Duke, That could be. Who knows. But even when he gets protection, he does not look like the same Hassebeck to me. Matt has always been our warrior, but he doesn’t look the same. I thought when the ribs healed he would be back strong. This is the most disappointing thing about the whole season to me.

  50. That’s my sentiments on Weaver, exactly. But why hold Carlson back? Let the FB handle blocking.
    And Duke, if you shy away from a player like Robinson you will never land a Moss or Percy Harvin. And it was Holmy that sent Galloway packing. Those two #1’s turned out nicely (Alexander & Robinson). Koren actualy produced early as a Hawk, 1240 yards in 2002!

  51. “Why do I have the feeling that the Pats will or would eat New Orleans up if they meet again in the Super Bowl? ”

    Because you’re basing that thought on the Pats of a couple years ago. They don’t have anywhere near the same defensive personnel they used to. You can’t keep losing guys like Seymour, Samuel, etc., and also some of their best guys just got old and retired (Vrabel, Harrison). They can’t hang with all that speed NO puts out there.

  52. yellaman says:

    Glad to see the boys in blue win on Sunday against the rams but I’m still waiting for this team to give me something to get excited about ( a signature win) maybe they can win go 4-1 in the last 5 games and show us something. possibly win in Green Bay after xmas. If this were to happen then maybe I would lay off the Ruskell leave town bandwagon. Go Hawks prove it to me he is the right guy

  53. Dukeshire says:

    Neither Harvin nor Moss have multiple arrests for DUI. And I do not believe having an arrest record is a prerequisite for being a playmaker.

    I agree about Carlson, just telling you what they are doing.

    Stevo – That was my point about stepping into the pocket and “imagined” pressure.

  54. “Matt has always been our warrior, but he doesn’t look the same. I thought when the ribs healed he would be back strong. This is the most disappointing thing about the whole season to me. ”

    Isn’t that overstating it a bit? Has his play really been more disappointing than our O-line situation? Or the lack of pass rush by our D-line?

    I’ve seen him make some great throws this year. I can recall several 25 yd+ touch passes that i can think of offhand to Housh and to Burleson. He’s still a very accurate QB, and his athleticism is not bad either, he looked quick on that bootleg this week. I’m still in the camp that it’s too early to write him off.

  55. Just b/c someone doesn’t have an arrest for a DUI, doesn’t mean they aren’t a moron in real life… and that’s what I mean by Harvin. I’ll take a guy with a DUI anyday, who made a mistake, over some jerk who hasn’t been arrested but we all know those people in life who haven’t been arrested but they are such arrogant jerks that you don’t care for them.

    I really don’t feel like listing the many reasons for why I believe the Pats will beat the Saints in a rematch. I’ll believe what I want to believe and have plenty of valid reasons behind the belief.

  56. pdway, I’m not off the Hasselbeck bandwagon yet. I’m just concerned about him, and our QB situation for next year.

    Matt looked great against Jacksonville, but not so good the past few weeks. Its true that it is hard to judge a QBs play when his line isn’t protecting well, but our O line was as good or better this past week than it has been all year. I am realizing how much I’ve always expected Matt to take this team on his back when needed. I don’t know whether he has the arm to do it right now.

    I heard Warren Moon saying that after he broke his ribs, his throws still weren’t right for a few games even after he was healed. As soon as Matt’s ribs healed, he took a hit on his shoulder, and I don’t see the zip on his ball he’s always had. I’m just wondering.

  57. princeaden says:

    I cant tell if Hass has lost arm strength without seeing him throw without pressure. That would tell a lot. What I’ve been seeing is a QB who is cringing almost every time he releases the ball, (anticipating being driven to the ground) out of self preservation.

  58. Hass needs a reliable target to throw too. Housh/Burleson to often don’t uncover. No worries, Hawks will draft Dez Bryant in 2010. I just hope Deion Sanders doesn’t mess the kids head up between now and then.

  59. “Matt looked great against Jacksonville, but not so good the past few weeks. Its true that it is hard to judge a QBs play when his line isn’t protecting well, but our O line was as good or better this past week than it has been all year. I am realizing how much I’ve always expected Matt to take this team on his back when needed. I don’t know whether he has the arm to do it right now.”

    Well, I guess it’s fair to say that we’ll watch the last 5 games of the year and see how he does – that will give us a barometer of how quickly we need to address it.

    “Hass needs a reliable target to throw too. Housh/Burleson to often don’t uncover.”

    I think that might be true – it may well be that these receivers we think are a strength are just very average. They certainly are not the gamebreakers the Saints have to run out there. And, as we know, Carlson has been kept in to block on many plays – taking away a safety valve.

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