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The Ruskell Rumor …

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November 29, 2009 11:04 pm


A quick note at 11:04: I’m having some computer issues, apparently I somehow deleted the postgame reaction blog and this post was put in it’s place.

So I go to watch Montana play a basketball game at UW, and I come back and there is a bunch of comments about this report from Pro Football Weekly saying  that GM Tim Ruskell will not be retained next year.

I should have had it up earlier, that’s my fault.

Look, PFW is a respected publication. But there is no by-line on the story and it’s based on inside sources. You get a little nervous about giving something like this too much play.

So I guess posting the link and allowing the speculation or debate is fine. But until we get something confirmed either way, I guess you have to only look at it as a rumor.

How much credulity do you give this?

Most of you can rattle off a lengthy list of reasons why Ruskell should be out as a GM. I’m one of those people, but I’d be curious to wonder, what, if any reasons you could find for him to be brought back.

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  1. Even against the Rams, our O-line showed it’s weakness – at least our D-line, playing against a weak opponent, looked better today. We really got a pass rush going for once (I know, it’s against the Rams), but you can see that it makes all the difference.

    Hass still had little time to throw – our pass blocking is really lousy – Willis is no good, Lock is nowhere close to Jones (obviously), and I’m not even sure he’s good enough to be a starting LT.

    Forsett looks real good – maybe his 40 time at the draft wasn’t up to par, but he doesn’t look at all slow to me – – and he consistently makes guys miss in the open field. He’s looking like the bright spot of the entire season.

    It’s good to at least know we’re not the worst team in the league. Small comfort.

  2. Don’t think we’re going to win too many more games with Hasselbeck throwing for 102 yards.

  3. 4 comments:

    1. Yes, I still want to see Ruskell fired asap.

    2. Too bad we can’t play 16 games against the Rams

    3. If Forsett isn’t the permanent starter, please fire Mora immediately (oh heck, just fire ‘em. We don’t need any more excuses!).

    4. Speaking of Moron, any more criticism of Mare, Jimmay?

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Repost –
    A win is a win and when they are in short supply as they have this year, you take them where you can get them. But, that was as uninspired an effort as I’ve seen all year. Forsett, Hawthorne and few others not withstanding, that was the look of a team playing out the string, cashing paychecks. It’s my opinion Mora does not have this teams ear. But, a win is a win.

  5. I can bet everyone will be blaming the OL for the fact that Hasselbeck is an “aging game manager QB” in the words of

    It’s time to make a change there, but no change will be made there as the Seahawks finish 7-9 and give hopes for a rising team.

    EJ Henderson stole the Seahawks elite QB in 2006 and injuries/age stole the above average QB we had in 2007. Now we are left with a QB I doubt even 10 other teams would take over their current starter.

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    Mora will say something stupid and/or cliche. Beating the Rams should NOT be a job saver.

    Ruskell? See above. Just in case it isn’t clear, beating the Rams is NOT a job saver.

    The first half is proof that the OC needs to go (along with Mora nd Ruskell).

    The entire defensive blitz system is proof that the DC needs to go for not doing it all season long.

    Forsett was/is awesome. He’s still making career highs in carries and yards. He still needs to prove that he can handle a whole season. And though he’s done well in these situations, we still need someone with more power to go along with him. Beating the Rams is NOT a job saver. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited as hell for him and hope he’s good for a long time, but he’s still new to the long haul and don’t want him to be seen as the Answer. He is though, until he proves otherwise.

    I like the Curry/Jackson rivalry. Curry wins the game, Jackson had one 8 yard gain after he shucked Curry. Should make the rivalry more fun.

    Speaking of Curry, why is he EVER on the sideline. Learn on the job. This was the Rams for crying out loud. One of few, few teams worse than us. Play the boy until he gets it.

    OL sucks! Willis is good pulling, but not so much most other times. Can he be a guard?

    My expectations for the Hawks are met. All I cared about that could conceivably be met was not losing to the Rams. Any win after this is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

    Oh yeah, FIRE RUSKELL

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I was at that game and remember that play very well but I’m not sure you can point to any one hit that signals Hass’ decline. Look, it’s clear his career is winding down and all the hits he has taken just since the Super Bowl (and they have been MANY) have taken their toll. The sack he took to open the game today, where he had time yet still found himself in the fetal position, tells me he’s either unwilling to take unnecessary hits or he’s now conditioned to simply react, triggered by self preservation. Either way, they need a “Hasselbeck exit strategy” so to speak and their are several good QBs coming out in this years draft. It’s a difficult realization for most to accept because he is an all time great Seahawk, one of the most popular players in franchise history and still their unquestioned leader. We love him. But for this franchise to move forward, i agree that the time has come to groom his successor before his successor is a requirement rather than a “luxury”.

  8. madpunter88 says:

    I don’t think there is any question Forsett needs to stay as the starter. He is clearly offering a spark that the other backs don’t have.

  9. The Rams have a bad offensive line. That’s with their starters. If you look at the individual pieces, Jason Brown, their $7 million per year stud FA pick-up this past off-season, is good.

    Jacob Bell, their big money FA pick-up last off-season, is solid (he’s an above average player who is paid like a superstar… surprised Ruskell didn’t make a run at him).

    Jason Smith, the 2nd overall pick in this past draft, is like like Aaron Curry (that’s not a compliment – both are having disappointing R seasons from what both teams expected). But he’s a Rams starter.

    The Rams were missing 3/5 of their starting line. If we wanted to complain about injuries against Arizona the first time around, then the Rams can complain about it against us today.

    Sure, we had four sacks… but this doesn’t mask the fact that we are horrible on the DL. It’s frustrating that we have to wait until next year to see what different players can do in getting a rush. Changes need to be made. And with as terrible as we are on the DL, our OL is even worse. Sigh.

    It was an uninspired win against a perennial league bottom feeder. At least it proved we aren’t a legit top 3 worst team in the league type of joke, but with respect to playing against good teams consistently, we are still a joke.

    Drastic changes need to be made on the OL and DL. I’d list more positions but they really aren’t going to matter until we address them.

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    Of course Ruskell still needs to be fired, this doesn’t change my out look on the rest of the season, and I think it was just a case of beating the hell out of the awful Rams.

  11. MadSweeney42 says:

    Forgot to add that Forsett clearly gets the game ball. The DL as a unit may be in running for Honorable Mention for bottling up Jackson but I didn’t watch close enough to see how much LB and DB help he got. Seemed like he had someone draped around him almost every carry as he crossed the LoS. And, as always it seems, The Heater.

    What are we going to do with him and Lofa healthy? And no talk about trading Curry or Lofa please, that’s just silly IMO. No matter what we’d get for them, neither would be worth their guaranteed money they already got for the seasons they’ve had since. Even if they played up to their expectations it still would be a big monetary loss.

  12. And, yes, I have been as big of a Ray Willis fan on this blog as there has been… but his pass “protection” is becoming even more than I can overlook. He either needs to be given a chance to compete for the RG in ’10 (against a quality player, which we don’t have on this roster, as Unger will be at Center) or he needs to be the primary back-up at RT/RG. Carlson shouldn’t have to sit and babysit in obvious pass rushing situations because our RT is that bad in pass protection. And, looking in the mirror, Carlson needs to start making some of the tough catches in traffic that the superstars make…

  13. What we can still build on:

    QB – still good
    RB – J-Force
    FB – Griffith plays his role well, if not spectacular
    WR – solid, if as unspectacular as the’re paid
    TE – good, but needs to take that next step
    OL – Unger at C, Lock at RT, and perhaps Sims at LG… two new, good starters needed
    DL – Mebane; only legit/good player we have
    LB – good starters, good depth
    CB – I like our trio of Tru/Wilson/Jennings, but pass rush needs to drastically improve so they will be put in better position to actually make plays (like today)

    Need: LT, OG, DE, DT, S
    Luxary Need: RB to pair with J-Force, QB of future, WR with playmaking ability (what Butler was supposed to be), OL depth, another DE, FS (can make strong argument this is a MAJOR need)

  14. tylakewalker says:

    Forsett gets the game ball. Anyone that can get 130 yards behind a worse than average offensive line deserves some praise.

  15. We’re only seven players away from being a dominant team and superbowl contender.

  16. BobbyK – can you think of 10 teams who would swap their starter with Hasselbeck? I couldn’t think of that many.

  17. pabuwal – It depends on what type of offense you run and whether you’re talking about for the future too. For example, at this point, I think Matt is much better than Vince Young, but is this for ’10-11′, etc. If you’re talking future, then, yeah, there’s plenty of guys I’d rather have. However, if you’re assuming that Matt in our system versus those QBs in their systems… I don’t know. However, I will use Matt in our system for ’10 versus all of the other QBs in their systems (assuming all other players on all other teams are equal and generic… by that I mean Matt is better than Matt Schaub, but I’d rather have Schaub throwing to Andre Johnson than Matt throwing to TJ).
    These are the teams I think have a better QB for ’10 than Matt (in no particular order):
    NE, Balt, Cincy, Pitt, Indy, SD, NYG, GB, Atl, NO,
    Can make a good argument for: Dal, Phil (McNabb showing age like Matt, too, except he has electric talent at the WR position these days)
    I do not have MN on this list b/c I think they will be starting T.Jackson after Favre wins the Super Bowl.
    I have 12 teams probably having a better QB situation than us in ’10.
    That means Matt is better for ’10 than about 20 teams. Just me.

  18. “And, yes, I have been as big of a Ray Willis fan on this blog as there has been… but his pass “protection” is becoming even more than I can overlook. He either needs to be given a chance to compete for the RG in ’10 (against a quality player, which we don’t have on this roster, as Unger will be at Center) or he needs to be the primary back-up at RT/RG.”

    Yep – use on of our #1’s on the next Seahawks LT, move Lock back to RT, give Willis a shot at RG, Sims at LG, and one of Unger/Spencer at Center. Maybe look to pick up another guard in free agency to upgrade either the LG or RG spots. Seems like a plan.

  19. Wilson and Jennings both played well today I thought. Don’t know when Tru is going to get back to his old self again – someday, I hope.

  20. “pabuwal – It depends on what type of offense you run and whether you’re talking about for the future too.”

    Right – there are younger QBs out there whose teams wouldn’t trade them for Hass b/c is much closer to the end of his career than to the beginning – but I don’t see the huge loss of skills or arm strength that Pabuwal points out every single week, win or lose.

    It’s a little hard to see him surviving a complete rebuild and coming out the other side, b/c it’s likely 2, maybe 3, more years for him, but I don’t see him as the problem, and think we need to use our high picks on other areas of the team. If we could snag a guy in the 3rd/4th round who we think has a shot at being his successor (or if we think Teel is possibly that guy) – then I’d be fine with that.

  21. pdway – I like that scenario if we overpay for Jahri Evans at RG.

    LT Walt & Rookie #1 (if Walt can come back, that’s great… if he can’t, we don’t expect him to anyway, but we obviously have a great Plan B to fall back on)

    LG Sims (I can live with that IF major improvements are made elsewhere, like RG)

    C Unger

    RG Evans (overpay, I don’t care… give us someone who is a legit Pro Bowler and will go to about 3-5 Pro Bowls for us… give us someone we can run behind in short yardage situations… we MUST have this to erase the ghosts of Hutch… best of all, he’s 26 years old and only entering his prime).

    RT Lock (Willis primary back-up at RT and G — Willis is QUALITY depth, not crap like we have now).

    That has all the makings of a solid line, but it’s mainly b/c we have a legit good player on the inside… I don’t care how much they gel, but I cannot stomach another year of Sims/Spencer/Unger. Great players make those around them better and that’s what Evans would do for our interior… it would make keeping Sims bearable. He’s improved, yes, but a line of 5 Rob Sims would not be good. But 3 Rob Sims with a #1 pick at LT and a stud RG would be fine. And please don’t put words in my mouth about me thinking Sims could play Center and Right Tackle.

  22. Colt McCoy would be nice in the 2nd round (Duke would love it). Even if we traded our #1 in ’10 for an early pick in the 2nd if McCoy was available… that would be fine with me. It just seems there is not nearly as much pressure on a young QB if they aren’t a 1st rounder, nor is there as much public pressure to get them in the game, nor is there as much money invested in them to make them the starter faster than they should be. Matt needs to remain the starter for as long as he’s healthy, at least 2-3 years, but developing that guy is a great way to go. Heck, Romo sat on the bench with no pressure for 4 years and that was a very good scenario. As much as we have needs, I don’t mind a QB with our 2nd or 4th rounder, provided we get a guy for both lines in round 1 and, hopefully, FA brings in some reinforcements on both units too.

  23. let me get this straight.. the line sucks, Matt doesn’t have any time to throw and he’s had broken ribs to keep him from performing at 100% and some of you are calling for his release? That’s lucid. (not)

  24. Forsett may have earned a staring job for the rest of the season, but he needs Jones taking carries or he might not hold up to the pounding. He did today though.

    Much-improved game by an O line that needed to improve and had much to prove.

    Spencer and Sims opened the door a crack numerous times and Forsett proved he can squirt through even a small crack with the best of them. Both O linemen showed they are learning to get to the second level with their blocks in the ZBS.

    Locklear and Willis both looked very unimpressive at OT. We must get Locklear back to RT and Willis back to the bench next year. They did a good job in pass pro, but all the running success was keyed off blocks by interior linemen and Justin Griffith.

    Our D line had maybe 20 QB pressures, best results of the season. That said, they were playing against an average O line with 3/5 of its starters on the bench so at least our guys were successful against poor competition.

    Hasselbeck does not look like himself today and would appear to be having problems with his arm strength. It may be a physical hangover from his rib injury, or back, since those things can ruin a passing arm until they are fully healed and rested. However, if this is the best we can expect out of Hasselbeck’s arm next year, we must find our future QB ASAP.

  25. seahawklovertoo says:

    WHY are we still playing Hass? We don’t have a chance at the playoffs anyway ! Why take a chance on Hass getting knocked-out of the NFL? Are the “Team Idiots” ( read : Timmey,Jimmey & the Clowns) trying to save their pathetic a$$es at any cost? Let Teel play ! Let us see what he has in him.
    On the lighter note, I am going gaga over Toby Gerhart. That is an impressive RB and exactly what we need : A BULLDOZER !!! Of corse, since he plays for Stanford, he has to be smart too.

  26. bulldog80 says:

    Granted that the Rams O-line is bad and injured but I was very glad to see us blitzing. My question is why haven’t we been doing it all along?

    Trufant is just plain bad and he should be looking at the rest of this season to justify remaining a Seahawk. Actually, a drastically overpaid Seahawk.

    Benching Forsett, or even reducing his carries, will be the final indicator that this coaching staff has absolutely no clue.

    I love Hass too but I’m in agreement that we need to work on his “exit strategy”. It’s always better to make those changes by choice than out of necessity.

  27. A new coaching staff & an o-line would solve alot of problems.

    Re Hawthorne: either we’ll be a nice 4 deep at LB with Hill or Curry an over paid #4, or Hill goes after this year.

    Somehow I doubt Ruskell has the authority to make major decisions right now, though we won’t have an “extra” lb until Lofa comes back.

  28. grizzly1969 says:

    There are two players on the club who should never see the field again: Deion Branch and Chris Spencer. Their weaknesses are well documented so there is no need to cover them again. So why have I singled them out?

    Simply stated, the players behind them are better. Vallos does not have anywhere near the athletic ability of Spencer. He does however have a much better grasp on the scheme and is much more savvy when making pre-snap reads. The line seems to execute much better when he is there.

    Deon Butler has the speed Branch used to have. He has also proven an ability to get behind corners and stretch the field. He hasn’t hit on many, but at least he’s a threat. Throw him the flanker screen and see what he can do.

    Lot’s of other players need to be given their walking papers. Sadly they happen to be our best options at that particular position.

  29. grizzly1969 says:

    One more thing…Mike Teel has a lot of similarites to Hass. We may already have a player at QB. He needs to take a step forward this off-season and make a legit run at the 2nd QB. If he can Seneca can say hello to his new position on the offense as a “Slash” player.

    I’d rather see us use our early round picks on OL, RB and DL. These are the players who can control the line of scrimmage help our O stay on the field and get our D off the field. It just seems for every Larry Fitzgerald/Payton Manning there are fifty Charles Rogers/Heath Shulers.

    The puzzling thing about Ruskell is how he seems to draft better on day two than day one.

    Oh yeah, bench Kerney and play Reed. Kerney got a little something done today, but then so did Reed.

  30. I’m tired of watching Trufant get penalties…. that has got to stop. I know he was injured but this is ridiculous.

  31. This is getting so OLD…

    I HATE to be an armchair coach, but honestly are the coaches paying attention to what players do well and don’t do well?

    Forsett – Very good in short yardage and goal line (either despite his size or I think probably because of it).

    Spencer/Unger – NEED to swap them, why is Spencer snapping left handed when Unger could be snapping.


    Gus looked like an up and coming star at D-Coord, he needs to channel that and game plan this way from now on… He kept the Rams guessing (and ME TOO).
    Hill is so good at getting after the QB, why not do that more.
    Curry needs to play more, enough with the Milloy at LB package…
    Jennings & Wilson are better in man, why not play that more.
    Babs has become a legit FS, I like the way he plays.
    Grant on the other hand has become a liability (what happened to him?)

    D-Line, I need some space here:
    Cole is a dud, Terrill is TERRIBLE.
    Mebane is a good 3-Tech, but better suited for the nose where he is beastly.
    Redding is better suited for the 3-tech than DE (At times has played DT and looked very good).
    Jackson and Tapp are our two best DE’s, Tapp being the best.
    Kearney is an ok sit. pass rusher, but… Reed is already better, so bye Pat.

    I think we have the defensive talent (minus SS) to have a very good defense.
    Now, go get a GM who can put together an offense and hire a good offensive staff… Ruskell is NOT that GM.

  32. 2010 Season Positions: Numbers in (#) refer to ’09 ProFootballFocus ranking thru gm 10.
    Offense: 25
    OL: LT-D.McIntosh (#35), LG-R.Sims (#10), C-M.Unger (G#82), RG-C.Spencer (C#38), RT-S.Locklear (#48)
    also, B.Frye (#78), M.Wrotto (G#70), S.Vallos (C#14,G#90), R.Willis (T#83)
    TE: J.Carlson (#92), J.Owens (#76), C.Morrah (#26)
    HB: J.Forsett (#4), L.Rankin (#35), T.Gerhart (R)
    FB: J.Griffith (#17), O.Schmitt (#61)
    QB: M.Hasselbeck (#14), S.Wallace (#37), M.Teel (DNP)
    WR: T.Houshmandzadeh (#44), N.Burleson (#128), D.Branch (#147), D.Butler (#88), B.Obamanu (#41)

    Special Teams: 3
    LS: K.Houser (NA)
    K: O.Mare (#18)
    P: J.Ryan (#5)
    Defense: 25
    DL: LDE C.Redding (#84), C.Wilson (R), N.Reed (#20), LDT B.Mebane (#10), R.Bryant (#90), RDT C.Cole (#30), T.Cody (R), RDE L.Jackson (#27), D.Tapp (#62)
    LB: SLB A.Curry (#103), W.Herring (#23), MLB L.Tatupu (#32), D.Hawthorne (#5), WLB L.Hill (#66), D.Lewis (ST#599), L.Laury (ST#299)
    DB: LCB M.Trufant (#164), K.Lucas (#169), RCB J.Wilson (#14), K.Coleman (R), K.Jennings (#66), SS E.Berry (R), D.Grant (#145), FS J.Babs (#97), J.Adams (DNP)
    Practice Squad: 8
    RB X.Omon, WR T.Toliver, WR M.Jones, TE C.Piurowski, LB A.Heygood, CB T.Williams, CB D.Willingham, G A.Lewis Oklahoma State UDFA (6-4/295) 5.29-40.
    Hawks ’10 FAs:
    Rob Sims (#10)
    Chris Spencer (#38)
    Darryl Tapp (#62)
    Craig Terrill (#120)
    Hawks ’10 Cuts:
    W.Jones (DNP, likely Tubbs-type retired)
    P.Kerney (#109 of 4-3 DEs)
    C.Terrill (#120 of DTs)
    L.Milloy (ST#599, #67 of Safeties), but only played about 105 snaps thru 10 gms @ S.
    J.Jones (#72)
    Hawks ’10 Draft:
    1a S Eric Berry, Tennessee (6-0/195) 4.36-40
    1b NT Terrence Cody, Alabama (6-5/365) 5.50-40
    2 RB Toby Gerhart, Stanford (6-1/237) 4.58-40
    4 LDE C.J. Wilson, East Carolina (6-4/274) 4.78-40
    5 WR Terrance Toliver, LSU (6-4/195) 4.49-40
    6 CB Kurt Coleman, Ohio State (5-11/190) 4.43-40
    7 TE Caz Piurowski, Florida State (6-7/271) 4.86-40

  33. As for something in Ruskell’s favor, the 2008-2009 teams have dealt with a considerably harder schedule than the 2003-2007 teams dealt with. The 2003-2007 teams averaged 2.6 regular season road games/year against teams that finished with winning records while the 2008-2009 teams averaged 5 road games/year.

    The 2003-2007 teams averaged 10.2 wins/year. If you give them these harder road games, you can make the case that they would have averaged just 7.7 wins/year. It appears that the 2008-2009 teams will average around 5.5 wins/year.

    Then if you couple in the emergence of the Cardinals as an elite team and the resulting tougher home game, you can make the case these teams are not that much different (just 1 game apart) and Ruskell has fallen victim to a much tougher schedule than 2003-2007.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    CYRREEN – Thank you for posting that. Very interesting read.

    “Look, PFW is a respected publication. But there is no by-line on the story and it’s based on inside sources. You get a little nervous about giving something like this too much play.” That is exactly what I said in an earlier thread. I don’t put a lot of stock into it.

  35. klm
    our o line sucks and you have no OL picks at all.
    Would Love to get Gearhart in the 2nd round thinking that would be a steal
    I just think this team needs to focus on OL and DL first ,either through the draft or FA but without good lines the rest of the team suffers on each side of the ball.
    Rutgers has a Jr Tackle that is like a baby big walt he’s 325 and they say moves like hes a lot lighter, maybe he comes out and we can get him.

  36. Mau – maybe he has us signing Marcus McNeil to play LT and Jahri Evans to play RG. That’s one way to use FA to eliminate a need.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Just for S & G here is a link to 2010 o line FA.

  38. bulldog80 says:

    I don’t think a reasonable case could be made to keep Ruskell. We are what our record is and we’ve gotten worse every year since he took over. To make matters worse, I have yet to see any hope of improvement out of his new coaching staff.

    We need to cut bait now and interview the GM’s available to start the off-season right. Normally, I wouldn’t want to make such a move until the season was over so we didn’t make waves throught he existing team. However, this season is shot already and we risk nothing by doing it now.

    Yes, Holmgren would bring a lot of experience and immediate respect back to our head office. However, there’s a couple of things that worry me about Holmgren.

    First, he had some very questionable picks and especially free agent moves. I know he says that he’s learned from those and would do things differently but it’s still a concern.

    Second, what coach would want to work with him as a GM? There’s not many head coaches that would want him looking over their shoulder and mudling in the coaching side and i’m not sure Homgren could resist doing that. If we could get a strong willed coach that could work with him but not be his puppet maybe it could work. Sparano seems to be ok with a similar situation in Miami.

  39. FireRuskellNow says:

    Ruskell needs to get the hell out NOW!

    Every SINGLE first round pick has been a complete DUD, INCLUDING that useless 2 down linebacker we just got in the top five!!

    – Chris Spencer: Below average starting center. Team drafted Unger for insurance. Was barely considered a first day pick
    – Kelly Jennings: Pure crap, one of the worst corners in the entire leaguuee, only rose to first day draft status due to a nice 40 time
    – Deion Branch: Wasn’t even much good in NE with Tom Brady throwing to him, paid like a king yet definitely the third or fourth best WR on the team
    – Lawrence Jackson: Can’t passrush for crap, was also barely considered a first day pick
    – Aaron Curry: not even that good at wake forest, only drafted high because Ruskell loves safe picks

  40. bird_spit says:

    Dude, that is a little harsh..very little. Curry will make an impact year 2. LJackson is making an impact this year. KJennings..little man in a big mans world. Spencer, doing ok when healthy–and isnt healthy often enough.

    Fire Ruskell now, but also throw out the coach and OC.

  41. Kelly Jennings is the best CB for the Seahawks this year – so what does that say?

  42. Seahawks2620 says:

    you can see that Matt still doesn’t feel comfortable in the pocket. Alot of times he has more time then he thinks, and he just dumps it off to quickly or drops

  43. PFW is the same publication that reported that Holmgren was going to get fired as coach about this time in 2002.

    It cracks me up that everyone thinks it is so easy to find replacement players in this league. If it was so easy to pick up talented postion players, then everybody would do it. You have to remember that talented FA’s still have to be recruited to come play up here in the “far off Pacific Northwest.” Remember Kris Dielman, or John Abraham? Those guys used the Hawks as negotiating tools to get better paychecks. We get Patrick Kerney, who knew Ruskell from Atlanta, or we have to overpay, ie Grant Wistrom. Sure we can resign our own guys, but that is after they were drafted by us, and saw what a great place this is to play. But for most players, the idea of coming to Seattle is still that it is an outpost. Unless you draft a player (still at best a 50/50 propostion) then mostly what you get are players past their prime–John Randle, Mike Wahle, Lawyer Milloy, Edgerrin James, or players signing one year deals hoping for something better–Joe Jurevicious, etc.

  44. ThawingEel says:

    The 2009 draft was Ruskell’s alone. Not Ruskell/Holmgren.
    Every draft pick made the team, including three 7th rounders.
    That’s a great draft.
    He belongs with the Seahawks.

  45. ThawingEel says:

    Re: Hutchinson
    The NFL screwed up big time allowing Minnesota to thwart their transition tag policy to allow the team to make conditions Seattle couldn’t meet. We were screwed by the NFL, not Ruskell. He used the tools available to him to protect the Seahawks position with Hutchinson.

  46. bird_spit says:


    And we like the fact that we are in Southern Alaska. Nothing wrong with it, but if you are looking for large market PR, this isnt it. Now I wonder what would happen if we could compete regularly, much like Pittsburgh. It is not as if Pittsburgh is the shining star of the world. In fact its closer to the ashhole of the point, respect comes with winning (period). If a high caliber GM/coach combo came to town, and brought respect to the south Alaska team..then talent would follow. I hope Seahawks pay up for a high class GM/coach. It would be the right investment to start it all off.

  47. bird_spit says:

    ThawingEel – Are you paid by Ruskell or Ruskell himself?

  48. I think the “Seattle is an outpost in Southern Alaska” is a funny comment, but there’s not much truth in it.

    Look at all of the great West Coast teams over the years. Look at Green Bay, Minnesota, Indy, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, etc. Who in their right mind would want to play a winter sport in the midwest unless it’s hockey!

    Seattle is a beautiful city with a lot of culture. It has a mild climate and it’s lush and green year-a-round. It’s not like players have to take the train to go home. We have one of the wealthiest owners in the NFL, A state-of-the-art training facility, and brand new stadium, and the loudest fans in the league.

    Players want to play for winning teams…bottom line.

    Jurevicus wanted to go home to play for his hometown team…his boyhood dream.

    San Diego is paradise, they have a strong team, and Diehlman was already a part of that team and that community when he was negotiating a contract.

    Winning consistently earns respect. If we have a top front office, a proven coaching staff, and a winning record, we’ll have no problem recruiting and keeping top talent. Period.

  49. FireRuskellNow says:

    ThawingEel, who cares if the draft picks made the team? That happens to almost every team. What does it say about how all of them still suck and this team struggles against the Lions and Rams?


    God what an idiot, there’s no question why this team sucks. I hope we lose out so Ruskell gets unceremoniously canned. I hope San Francisco picks him up to ruin their team, I am worried about an up and coming division team like them.

    We could have had Crabtree!!!

  50. monmornQB says:

    As long as Bavasi oops Ruskell gets fired I’m happy. I get my GMs that ruin competitive teams confused. A monkey pulling random names out of a hat could do better when signing players.

  51. How did Ruskell get hired in the first place? Were there other candidates?

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Coming from Atlanta as their asst GM, there was a belief that he would be able to bolster this teams D as their offense was already in place. Which he did to perfection. He and Holmgren were to work together on personnel decisions but that relationship quickly fractured with the whole Hutch debacle. Filling holes and building around a strong core would appear to be his strength as he did in his only season in Atlanta. In Tampa he became director of player personnel but was not the final decision maker, as he is here. Rebuilding from ground level would not appear to be his strong suit. Just looking a defense alone, his model of the small but fast defense is now more that a decade old from his time in Tampa, when it was great. I do not trust his leadership or direction for what this team requires.

  53. bigmike04 says:

    Fire him as he is worthless GM out their beside some others who couldnt turn team around, the guy has no clue on how to build a team.

    Fire Russell and Fired Jim Mora Jr as the guy is hack as Coach in NFL. You don’t need a coach who going to be friend with player as you need a coach that is better than Average like Mora.

  54. bigmike04 says:

    Russell only been to one super bowl and that was in 2002 with Bucs and to me personality he get no credit for 05 Super bowl with Seahawks as most of guys on team where from Holmgren choosing as GM.

  55. Small but fast works until the large and fast smash them into the ground and send them to finish the game watching from the sidelines.

  56. simbalee says:

    I will be very happy if the rumor is true. Holmgren would make a good general manager.He was wearing too many hats the last time. I think mora should go too. There are several really good head coaches available .ie Gruden.Iam sure we can nab one of them.

  57. bulldog80 says:

    I don’t necessarily agree that ruskell is incompetent or an idiot, those are pretty strong terms. Every personell decision, especialy drafting, is a gamble to some extent. I haven’t agreed with many of his decisions, but I could understand why he made them. His gambles rarily, if ever, paid off. He simply hasn’t been successful and needs to be held accountable for it.

  58. BORNHAWK says:

    The bottom line is that we have went from a perennial Super Bowl contender to the bottom of the barrel in 2 years, yes, some of it has to do with injuries but not all. Are talent level is sub-par and its obvious even when where healthy. Every team has injuries, part of the GM job is to get cornerstone players and surround them with talent, even in the back up position and that has not happened here and Ruskell needs to be held accountable for this, he does not deserve another year, he’s had 5 and look where it has gotten us.

  59. Do you think our draft this year would have looked different under holmgren? I wonder who he would have chosen with our first two picks.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    What happened to chat and press conference today?

  61. Maybe they’re doing some investigative reporting to determine if there is any truth to the Ruskell Rumor?!

  62. Audible – I have a feeling Holmy would have taken Crabtree b/c of the WR situation last year and the fact that he is much more willing to overlook character issues. Besides, Holmy would have been smart enough to realize we already had about 35 LBs.

  63. Note: that’s not who I would have taken, it’s who I think Holmy would have taken.

  64. Dukeshire says:

    I was thinking Crabtree would be a likely choice as well. Moreno may have been someone he’d look at as well.

  65. One could have only wished:)

  66. Curry is going to be a menace for the next ten years, long after Tatupu, Hill, Hawthorne, and Herring have been beaten up and knocked out of the league, so we at least have one building block in place on defense.

    However, I think we would have more wins this year, had we taken Crabtree and used that 3rd rounder on a safety.

  67. Crabtree could have been our Larry Fitzgerald.

  68. princeaden says:

    Lets say just for fun that the rumor is true. Does Holmy retain Mora and his boys(i.e. Knapp, Bradley and DeHaven)? I think probably not. Although, I think if Bradley calls the D closer to what he did against the Rams he may have a chance of sticking. I don’t know what Ried’s situation in Philly is, would he go after him? How about Gruden or Billick. And how about Zorn as a OC, seeing as that should have been his next coaching step in the natural progression before he was lured to Washington(as he wil certianly be fired in the semi-annual Redskin housecleaning). These are just some ideas swirling in my head and I would be interested in the opinions of others as well. We might as well feed the Monster as best we can.

  69. Knowing the state of our OL, I think Holmy would have used our 2nd rounder on either Unger or Eben Britton (RT). Darkhorse could have been DE, Browne, from FSU. The positives are we would have also still had a 3rd and 4th round pick, the negatives are we wouldn’t have this upcoming extra 1st rounder (but we probably would have had our 3rd rounder).

    Ahhh… speculation, the season for teams who have nothing to play for or reason to care anymore.

  70. There is massive respect/admiration/friendship between Holmy and Gruden. I can see them being a team (our team). It’s kind of like the love between Ruskell and Mora. With each passing game, I like the idea of no more Mora. At least not if we could get a guy like Gruden in return. That’s like trading Sean Locklear for Michael Roos (a so-so LT for one of the top 5-7).

  71. How the heck can you justify taking a LB at #4 when you have demonstrated that good players at that position can be plucked later in the draft? Not to mention that we already had so much money allocated to that position? I’m starting to relate to BobbyK and his reluctance to let go of the Hutch debacle. I guess what was so disappointing is that we suffered through an awful year, so our high draft pick was the thing we had to look forward to after a longggg offseason as the consolation prize for not reaching the playoffs. That’s why I was bummed out and continue to be bummed that we took Curry. I guess we’re going to have to start winning again before I get over it.

  72. Yesterday, Duke, you made a statement about Mora not really being in sync with the players…. it was on the postgame reaction blog…. A couple postings below Audible’s great comment about being ‘seven’ players short of being a top team… (summing from BobbyK’s comments) … LOL!…
    Point is, I believe your statement is really valid and though I’m not backing Ruskell in any way, he’s not the only one responsible for where our team is at this season… What I fear, is that we are right back here next year, regardless of who our GM is, because of the sideline coaching… unless it’s changed! I still feel we have more talent than is being displayed…. How that talent is being used needs more criticism…. If one of those two interceptions yesterday had been completed, we probably would have lost the game… The stats were clearly in the Rams favor…. We were actually outplayed….

  73. bird_spit says:

    You would think the Hawks would make a statement already or very soon regarding the status of Ruskell. Lots of speculation will cause waves in the locker room. They need to state one way or the other regarding Ruskell’s future with this team. At min throw a bone his way if you thought he should be kept. Somehow – my worst fears are that they are deep in neg. with Ruskell on a contract extension, and dont want to show their hand.

  74. And, I think the “we couldn’t trade down” excuse is a bunch of crap. We may have lost points in the trade, but when you are at 4 wins and trying to rebuild, you need more than one player. Don’t tell me we couldn’t have swung a deal to swap 1st rounders with another team and have them throw in their 2nd rounder. We would have saved money, added two impact players for less than the price of one (e.g., Moreno , Crabtree, or the top DT ) plus an extra guy in the 2nd (safety). And, we would have still snatched Unger.

    We did the “safe” thing instead of doing what was best for the team, and now we’re paying for it.

  75. bigmike04 says:

    Crabtree overated

    Thought Russell didnt build hawks super bowl team all that was Mike Holmgren.

    Gruden sign 3yr deal with ESPN monday night football so dont think he be getting back into coaching anytime soon.

  76. princeaden says:

    I dont know for sure. But I would guess that Gruden has a buyout clause allowing him to return to coaching in the event the right offer came along.

  77. I’d be surprised if Gruden locked himself into a contract like that would prevent him from returning to coaching if he wanted to do so. Even so, if we made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, there is probably a buy-out clause that Allen would be able to pay in order to be able to sign Gruden. Money has a way of making this happen quickly. And, Duke or Bobby confirmed that coaching salaries don’t count against our salary cap, so there’s nothing against us having the hightest paid coaching in the NFL.

    Also look at it from Allen’s point of view…he might be more likely to want to see a championship brought to Seattle, given his health condition.

    I don’t see how anyone can say Crabtree is overrated. He missed training camp and almost half the season, and immediately stepped in and started making a real impact. He’s had 26 catches and 354 yards in only six games this season.

  78. hawkforever21 says:

    Bobby, just from a previous link that you had inquired about…..

    Holmgren said that he would draft defensive players, and sign offensive FA’s, as defense was more reactionary, and there was more learning involved on the offensive side of the ball………or something like that.

    How messed up is Al Davis? Any chance we could trade him Curry, Branch (or some other somewhat valuable player) and Denver’s 1st rounder……..for their 1st round pick and Asomugha??

    I know he loves the guy, but that would give us a “shut down” corner, and we’d still have two high first rounders to fix our OL and find a SAFETY!!!

  79. In contrast to Crabby, Branch has been on the team for three years, and we’re still waiting for Hass to figure out the routes that he runs well.

  80. I would think every GM in the league would have Al Davis on speed dial

  81. Dukeshire says:

    If Curry was playing anywhere near where we all thought he would be at this point, the criticism would be almost non existent. Even though as a matter of draft philosophy, it would still be valid. It also doesn’t help that a guy like Brian Cushing, taken in the middle of the 1st, is playing at such a high level.

    IB – It’s so hard to know what’s going on in the locker room. I’m sure Eric has a very good feel for how this team is really responding to Mora but he’s not really at liberty to tell tales out of school, so to speak. Even Holmgren had issues with losing the team after the ’99 season and they went to the playoffs. It does take time for coaches and players to get to know one another, no doubt. But the play on the field sure as hell looks to me like this is a team that not only wants the season to be over but has no respect for it’s HC. They were winning and no one was anywhere near him. They were sitting on the bench or walking right past him when he was yelling at them and then there was the look Lawrence Jackson gave him. If looks could kill, Mora would have been DOA. Just watching, my gut tells me this is not a unified squad. I would love to get Eric’s candid take on it.

  82. In no way did I agree with picking Crabtree at the time and I am not changing my stance on him. If I had the #4 pick, I would not have taken him. I stand by my “big two” that I wanted last March and April (before the draft).

    My only point about Crabtree is that I have been very impressed with what I have seen. He seems to run smooth routes, seems to have “football” speed (i.e. makes him faster than Deon Butler), catches the ball with ease (it’s like the ball floats into a pillow which are his hands) etc. I think he’s going to be a good one. I don’t think he’ll be Fitzgerald good (on the football field or as a human being), but I do see him being in a few Pro Bowls. He’s definitely better than I thought he’d be (and I’m taking into account that he missed all of TC and some of the season).

  83. hawkforever21 says:

    Didn’t Gruden get a lot of bad press about being a dick to play for? Berating players and such? I seem to remember reading that awhile after he was let go.

  84. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Was that not a stunning comment by Hass, last week? That one falls squarely on the staff for me. My dog caught an earful from my outburst after reading that about figuring what routs each WR runs best. Lol.

  85. Oops… audible – didn’t see you had also posted some of what I said about Crabtree already…

    I’m sure the D is frustrated by the O, but they need to realize that they have been given extra high draft picks and free agent money over what the O has been given. So, they should be playing better than the O.

  86. Yeah, Duke…

    Trying to understand this team and what needs to happen really is a puzzle that we’re left to piece together from what we see on the field and from what the coaches and players say. I’ve noticed a few other puzzling comments lately by Hass…and remember Dan Quayle? It seems that Mora has the same kind of gift for public speaking. I’ve never heard a coach say so many silly things. Can you imagine what comes out of his mouth when he’s not in front of reporters? Enough of that will erode anyone’s confidence.

  87. Gotta say Audible, been awhile since “I” came away from one of Mora’s conference’s with any confidence… Nothing ever seems to come from a position of strength or conviction… to be honest, I’ve skipped some because of it… prefer to review the comments, which so often appear more valid than the whitewash…

  88. I heard that Gruden’s contract with TV likely has him locked in so he will not be coaching next year. Not sure if that’s correct. But I, for one, would absolutely love a coach like Chuck Gruden. I think he’s just the type our team needs to adopt a ‘tough guy’ attitude, which I think they are sadly lacking.

  89. I’m not going to defend Ruskell – I think the writing is on the wall and its time for the team to move on without him. But saying that he gets no credit for the 2005 super bowl team?? I think that’s bunk.

    The 2005 offense was all Holmgren’s work, no doubt about that. But Holmgren’s defense was pathetic in 2004, so when Ruskell came in 2005 he cut Anthony Simmons, Orlando Huff, Chike Okeafor, Rashad Moore and Cedric Woodard from Holmgren’s roster. Ruskell brought in Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Chuck Darby, and Bryce Fisher, guys that helped the team finally start winning playoff games and got us to the Super bowl.

    Ruskell later made many questionable moves, but he should definitely get credit for the great job he did improving the team back in 2005.

    but time moves on… time for a change.

  90. Was in the Tampa area often when Gruden was coaching… Outside of Holmy actually coming back, he’d be my choice… Got to see Holmy beat Gruden though on the Tampa turff… best tailgating parties I’ve ever seen… … His GM couldn’t land him a 1st tier QB…. Night and Day when you compare Mora & Gruden press conferences…

  91. There is no good reason to retain Ruskell. If Allen is too sick to deal with team issues, I hope he has someone wise to delegate to.

  92. is reporting that PFW is now suggesting a Holmgren/Gruden
    duo for the Hawks.


  93. freedom_X says:

    On Ruskell – it must be said that his cleanup of the knuckleheads prior to 2005 was a big part of helping the existing talent reach its potential. After cutting loose Koren Robinson and getting Jurevicius, the dropsies ceased on the receiving corps. Ridding themselves of malcontents like Anthony Simmons and women-beaters like Chris Terry helped unify the team. To say Ruskell had nothing to do with 2005 is revisionism at its worst.

    Gruden would work well with a veteran QB like Hasselbeck. All those who are hoping Hass will get dumped for a young QB will have those hopes dashed if Gruden comes on board. And Gruden will have to be paired with a strong defensive coordinator and staff. But it seems like he and Holmgren would be on the same page more often than not. Tampa’s offense would have been better in Gruden’s last days if he had the QB to operate it.

    But that doesn’t augur well if and when Seattle would need to get a young QB ramped up. Remember Gruden collecting QB’s like Xmas ornaments, and not really getting anything out of any of them.

  94. GRU-DEN!


  95. Keep TR as GM.
    Hire Holmgren as Pres of Football Ops and HC.
    Holmgren has final say regarding offensive player & coaches hire/fire, TR has final say over defensive players and coaches. TR & Idzik work out contracts with players/agents. TR does daily routine as before, but anything that pertains to the offense is turned over to Holmgren.
    Hire Zorn as OC & QB coach. Zorn develops Teel (or whomever) into Matt’s replacement.
    Move Knapp to OQC & RB coach.
    Holmgren/Zorn/Knapp reestablish the efficiency of the Hawks WCO to their ’05 standard, or better. Balanced run/pass offense.
    Stabilize the OL around the ZB scheme and perfect it’s implementation.
    Move Mora to DC & Bradley to DQC.
    TR/Mora/Bradley to perfect the WCD.

  96. FireRuskellNow says:

    Man why does Curry suck so much. He wasnt exceptional in college but he wasnt as downright weak as he is in the pros!

  97. yellaman says:

    Curry should be attacking the offense. He should be rushing the passer and not in space (pass coverage). That wasn’t what he was in college. This team would benefit greatly in a 3-4 allignment but can’t switch until we get a nose guard. Seattle defense would like :

    NG/NT ???
    RT mebane
    LT cole
    LB’s Tatupu, Curry, Hamillton, Hawthorne
    CB Trufant & ??? (maybe Wilson)
    Safeties Grant & ???
    nickel/ Dime Babineaux & milloy

    Seahawks need 3 positions to fill on Defense to switch to a 3-4 defense

  98. yellaman says:

    klm008 I can’t see all thoughs egos working together

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