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Friday practice report: RB Jones a game-time decision

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 27, 2009 at 2:01 pm with 74 Comments »
November 27, 2009 5:02 pm

Seahawks running back Julius Jones again was a limited participant in practice for a second straight day on Friday. After practice, Jones said it will be up to the trainers to determine if he can play on Sunday against St. Louis, wanting to make sure that he can safely play with the bruised lung injury

“I’m leaving it in their hands,” Jones said “They know what’s best with something like that you have to be careful with. So I’m going to leave it up to them.”

Jones said he’s had torn rib cartilage before, but nothing like the internal injury he has now.

“It’s kind of rare for football,” he said.

If Jones can’t go, then reserve running back Justin Forsett will get his second start of the season. However, Mora reiterated that when Jones returns he will remain the starter for Seattle.

Along with Jones, defensive tackle Red Bryant was a limited participant for Seattle However, Mora said that Bryant should be ready to go if called upon on Sunday.

Center Chris Spencer (thumb), defensive tackle Craig Terrill (shoulder), defensive tackle Cory Redding (knee) and safety Deon Grant (wrist) were full participants and are probable for Sunday.

Mora said Grant likely will wear a soft cast on his left wrist, which will allow him to use his fingers. Grant has been wearing a soft cast all week.

The players did have a mandatory weigh-in today after participating in Thanksgiving Day festivities on Thursday

“I didn’t see any hangover from the big, turkey dinners they ate,” Mora said. “We even had a weigh-in this morning and everybody weighed in pretty well, which they thought was cruel and unusual punishment the day after thanksgiving to have a weigh in.”

For St. Louis, quarterback Marc Bulger (knee) is listed as out. Offensive tackle Jason Smith (concussion) did not participate in practice and is doubtful

Running back Steven Jackson (back) did not participate in practice for a third straight day and is questionable. FB Mike Karney (neck), OG Richie Incognito (foot) also did not participate in practice. And LB Chris Chamberlain (concussion) was a full participant in practice and is probable.

Notes from practice
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  1. Another week, another week of Chris Spencer wasting Max Unger experience at Center. You’d think with the thumb issue and snapping the ball that this would be a perfect time to change. Our line really can’t get any worse, can it?

  2. However, Mora reiterated that when Jones returns he will remain the starter for Seattle.

    God, I hope Mora gets fired soon.

  3. I can’t imagine a ‘hawk fan in the country who wants to see Jones play…

  4. chewy724 says:

    Dear Santa,

    Can you give me 0-6 the rest of the year so I don’t have to see J Jones on my team next year. If you could give me a few other things for x-mas, I will be very thankful:

    -Please, throw our zone blocking running joke under the bus (along with its inventor)
    -Flush the whole O-line down the toilet (minus max)
    -Kick our undersized, slow, piece of cr*p D-line out on waivers
    -Duck tape our over-rated, underperforming, talk-to-much wide receivers
    -Waive our pathetic GM before he waste our 2 first round picks
    -Release our “bend but don’t break” Defensive Coordinator
    -And lastly, give Mr. Allen a clean bill of health. The man deserves a Super Bowl. We have the 2nd highest payroll in the league. He shouldn’t put up with this.

  5. princeaden says:

    Is it really true that the Hawks have the secong highest payroll in the league? If it is, this is just one more example of poor mgmt. and /or coaching. In either event, mgmt( Ruskell) must go, seeing as it was he that hired the current coaching staff as well as being primarily responsible for assembling this group of talent. Who else can be held responsible?

  6. The Hawks have a very high payroll, so what you say is probably correct. They have a lot of veterans paid near the top end who sure don’t play like it.

    This team can go 4-2 over the rest of the year with the schedule lightening up and still be of the same quality as the 3-7 team. Naturally, everyone will think they are great and improving, rather than a mirage. 2007 was a great example of a mirage. That defense which everyone thought was so great has been fairly healthy in 2008-2009 and has proven to stink against true NFL QBs.

    And if they go 4-2, I would expect everyone gets retained due to the “improvement”, including Ruskell, Mora and Hasselbeck when this team needs a complete rebuild to even come close to competing with the Cardinals (never thought I’d say that).

    Folks, more than anything, the Seahawks decline is about the tougher schedule since 07 ended. They heve played 2-3 tougher road games/year than the 03-07 teams endured. Adding the emergence of the Cardinals as an “elite” team, means the schedule has toughened by 3-4 games.

    That’s a lot. The schedule change alone turns a 9-7/10-6 team into a 6-10/5-11 team.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    In ’06 the Sehawks had the second highest payroll but they are near the bottom of the list at the end of ’08. I haven’t been able to find a current list that reflect their draft class and FA signings. When you eliminate Wahle and Peterson and add Curry and Housh, etc., the list will of course look different. But in any case…

  8. princeaden says:

    I feel like w/3 picks in the first two rounds and the unloading of some high priced veterans(i.e. Kerney, Branch,Redding and probably some others), we have a real good chance of obtaining 5 or 6 very good players. I also think all of those 5 or 6 should go directly toward the core of the team, which IMO is the OL and DL. Is Ruskell the man to be in charge of all this player movement? Probably, although he wouldn’t be MY first choice.

  9. princeaden says:

    WOW!!!!!!! Mebane and Hawthorne are due for raises, I’d say. Do Wahle and Walter count against next years cap? And why in the world would they pay Terrill that kind of money? Just a couple of questions off the top of my head before I go to work.

  10. That list looks like the actual payments received by players (which will be thrown out of whack by signing bonuses) rather than base salaries or cap numbers.

    Ruskell stated that coming into the 09 league year, they had very little cap room to make any moves.

  11. those fox salary numbers are worthless. Kerney was +10M cap hit for ’09. Use this and cap value…

    The reason for ’06, Julian Peterson was signed to a contract equal to SA to appease the Hawk nation after the loss of Hutch. It was also followed by the HUGE signing of Branch as the season began using all that was left to carry as an emergency fund or LTBE.

    pabuwal, I was at the game in AZ. Seattle should have won the game had we not been turned away at the goal line twice. Suggesting a complete rebuild is over the top,

  12. Dukeshire says:

    The two lists have Kerney making the exact same salary. But the USA list is more complete because it includes the total cap hit. Better.

  13. I’ve always had a hard time believing salary and cap number stuff. With almost any stat, there’s a way to skew the system. There are some teams out there who don’t spend as much, but if contracts are written certain ways (maybe large bonuses, wording, stuff that they know will turn into “dead” money which saves the team from spending but counts against the cap, etc.), it seems as if they are using a chunk of space in the cap. This allows fans to be frustrated that their team is “against the cap” and “can’t” spend a lot of money.

    I think the Seahawks are lucky in that Mr. Allen was allowed management to spend whatever is necessary, but the fault with that is Ruskell going out and spending superstar money on chumps that are merely a bit above average like Deon Grant. It’s not like there is a free reign of spending, like the New York $pankee$, in the NFL, so you can’t give every clown a Grant or Branch a contract like that and and think you’re going to win the Super Bowl.

    I have no website that supports what I say and could be wrong, but this is just the general impression I get about some teams spending more money than others. There’s a reason that teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, at the end of each season, seem to be the ones making the highest actual profit. I know they don’t claim to be big spenders, but you get the idea. If they wanted to spend more, they could, as evidenced by their continual profits year after year. But they would rather use the “woe is me” stuff of being small market. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  14. Thanks for the links excile and Duke. I agree the usa today database with the cost against the cap is the one that is more helpful. For example, if you look at it over the past several seasons, you can see that Ruskell has actually had a lot invested in the O line, despite all the criticisms that he ignored the O line or undervalues it. Walt and Locklear really took a lot of money away from other positions. I Hate to say it, but cutting Big Walt may be needed for the team to start investing again.

    I don’t quite understand the anger at Julius Jones. He has had some huge plays this year – mostly on screen passes – just like Forsett has. I don’t see a lot of difference in how the two RBs produce except that our coaches seem reluctant let Forsett run the ball on first and second down. That hurts the whole game plan. Getting Julius back might be a boost to the run game. I’d like to see them both getting carries and passes.

    It would be nice to see the Hawks go in to a game and not play scared for a change. They should know they can beat the rams and they should stick to a balanced game plan with 50% running plays and prove they can run block for a change.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    The JJ hate has always been odd to me as well. He gets crushed Monday through Saturday but on Sunday people say “JJ’s running hard today” or some such. Every week. I don’t get it. I’m not quite sure why Jones takes the abuse for people’s disappointment in the quality of back the Seahawks have. If you think the ‘Hawks have “terrible” running backs, that’s on Ruskell. Jones has played hard and pretty damn well considering the failings of the offense in total, IMO.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I hope you people are watching Clemson. Spiller ran the opening kick back for a TD and put a NFL juke on some poor bastard on SC. Electric.

  17. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    Does it really matter which one of our crap players can or can not play? What we need is a new owner. An owner with passion and who cares. Paul Allen must go.

  18. chewy724 says:


    Paul Allen must go? You’re right. We should try and get an owner like Dan Synder.

  19. Had to rewind the DVR and Spillar stuffed at the 25. Okay, penalty, rekick. Yep, Spillar has his 7th run back for an NCAA record. But as quick as he is he doesn’t hold a candle to Chris Johnson. That kid moves laterally so quick and smooth. Reminds me of my youth with cool Michelob in beer bong.

  20. JJ is the face of the OL, which is why he gets blamed for our pathetic running game.

  21. heyyou_66 says:

    Duke…Would love to see Spiller in a Hawks uniform. Would like to see a strong DT and DE free agent signing, a stud LT with the #1 pick, spiller with the #2, if the Broncos don’t fall on their faces and hand us an earlier pick. With the second rounder possibly a corner. If Trevard Lindley falls that would be a GREAT pick early in the second round. If not I would love seeing Ras-I Dowling at 6 foot plus and 200 plus pounds he would be what we need against the giant sized receivers we face. Dowling would be my preference here because he could possibly play some safety at the NFL level also.

    Can just imagine Okung/ Bruce campbell, worried about injuries with the later, at LT….Unger at Center….. and Locklear at RT protecting that qb and making holes for Spiller/Forsett/Jones.

    I know a pipe dream but hey that’s all we got when we have 3 wins!

  22. princeaden says:

    Ell Punta Grandell: OHHHHH BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Maybe the new GM from Cleveland (whoever that may be) would be dumb enough to trade Joe Thomas for Curry so he could get “his” players. That would take care of LT and we’d still have the LB position as an overall strength. Another pipe dream, but the reality of our situation doesn’t make it any fun to live in the moment.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    “… Reminds me of my youth with cool Michelob in beer bong.” Michelob? I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified. You’ve got to be in your 40s if you reflect back fondly on Michelob. Although the night does belong to Michelob, so what do I know?

  25. Yeah, there’s absolutely no reason to be hating on Julius Jones… it’s all on the offensive line… Hate all 5 of our offensive line starters or the creator of our zone bullsh!t scheme or whoever, but JJ runs hard/well each Sunday. Duke’s right… every Sunday all people talk about is how he looks good or is running hard and then they go back to hating him.

  26. Oh, good lord….NO WAY on Spiller….at 5’11” and 195, he’s too small to be a three-down back. He’ll get swallowed up on 3rd and short, and he’s going to get eaten alive as a blocker.

    We need to learn from our mistakes. I want guys who are going to steamroll defenses and stay off the IR.

    We need more of a Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Brandon Jacobs style back.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – With the time missed by Hill and Lofa the last 2 seasons I’m not sure thinning out LB depth, let alone Curry and all he is yet capable of, is wise. In fact, I think it’s a pretty bad idea, with due respect.

  28. Neither Turner or Jacobs are 3-down backs. We need someone who defenses are forced to fear. By fear, I don’t mean the fear of a CB who is about to get run over from Jacobs on a 5 yard gain, I mean the fear of a defensive coordinator in knowing we have someone who can score a TD every time he scores the ball. And with Forsett, another midget, we don’t need a full time back because most teams in the NFL don’t have that 1 guy anymore. I know we’d still like to have a big back ourselves… but my main point is it would be nice to have a gamebreaker (whether it’s a RB or WR with Brandon Marshall type of skills).

  29. heyyou_66 says:

    Bobby…………………….agreed 100%

  30. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with you on Jacobs but Turner is a game breaker. Each of the last 5 seasons he had TD runs of at least 58 yards. (In addition, he had runs in ’06 and ’08 of 73 and 70 that weren’t TDs. that’s breaking a lot of runs)

  31. Just a philisophical difference, but I’ll take a franchise LT any day over a potentially good/great LB.

    At this point, I don’t trust any of the potential LTs coming out in the draft and we all acknowledge this is a huge area of need. I don’t want to be forced to use a #10 pick on Ray Roberts, Jr. I like Bulaga, but think his upside is limited, although I do feel he’s more of a safe pick than some of the others.

  32. You’re right with Turner being able to take it the distance. I only meant he gets taken off the field in certain situations for a supposedly faster/quicker player, which means he’s not a 3 down back like Jackson.

  33. Ruskell drafts guys who are too small. Some of these guys have incredible talent, and do well for awhile, which makes Ruskell look good initially, but then they wind up with chronic injuries. I think this partly explains why we have had so many injuries the past couple of years.

    I may have been the first to suggest trading Curry for top LT or DT but I’m starting to reconsider that idea because I think he is the only LB who we’ll be able to count on for the next 10 years. I think Tatupu, Hill, Herring, and Hawthorne are going to have short careers. There may have been a good reason why seven LBs were chosen before Tatupu in the draft; perhaps we’re starting to see why other teams passed on him.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I acknowledge that stability at LT not withstanding, I too would take the LT over the LB, in the draft. But I would not make that trade given the Seahawks specific situation.

    You don’t “trust” Okung or Williams? They’re putting on a clinic against their respective teams right now. (I’m actually a big fan of Trent Williams, he can play either tackle spot)

  35. Hey guys,

    Who do we need to watch in the Florida, Virginia, and Arizona games???

  36. If we drafted Tebow, all of a sudden, RT is more important than LT. How does that scenario affect the upcoming draft?

  37. We we draft Tebow… then we will still need to eventually find a QB of the future after Matt is done. That’s what I think of Tebow.

    Duke – I’ll have to pay more attention to guys like Williams or Okung.

    I am looking most forward the Georgia – GT game tonight. I have been drinking some Derrick Morgan kool aid lately and want to see if he keeps me drinking the stuff. From what I’ve seen so far, he looks like a potential stud DE that we could definitely use.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    High profile guys? Florida / Fla St. ya got Brandon Spikes (Fla LB) Carlos Dunlop (Fla DE) Joe Haden (Fla CB) and Patrick Robinson (FSU CB). Ariz / ASU – Devin Ross (Ariz CB) Dexter Davis (ASU LB). V Tech / Vir – Kam Chancellor (VT FS) Stephan Virgil (VT CB) Rashawn Jackson (Vir FB)

    Please bear in mind, I’m sure there are several others but those are guys I can think of or have heard about.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, I really don’t like anything about Tebow. I’m far too biased against to offer any constructive comments.

  40. I was thinking high profiles guys who we may consider drafting. Oh please Santa…no LBs, CBs, or coal.

    What’s wrong with Tebow? I’ve heard a lot of good things about him. Hey, maybe the reverse spin on his spirals will be easier for Burleson & co. to catch?! Tebow has rushed for more rushing touchdowns than Herschel Walker.

  41. vichawkfan says:

    why can’t Mora let the best players play….does Belichek continuely give his sub-par RB’s carries if they don’t perform, or are banged up? fawk I’m getting tired of Mora.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Well, two of the best tackles in the country played earlier. And you know about Spiller (RB). I guess if one is leaning toward QB, then Tebow. I don’t care for his personality, his terrible arm strength or his lack of speed. He’s tough, I’ll give him that. Yes, he may indeed have more rushing TD than Herschel Walker and they both played in the SEC, but that right there, is where the comparisons end. Walker was a genetically gifted freak. Tim Tebow get by in grit and hustle. As I said, I am totally biased against him. His whole persona rubs me the wrong way. Sorry I couldn’t do better for you.

  43. And the only reason he passed Hershel Walker is because Walker turned Pro early.

  44. You all are more dedicated than I to NCAA football. They must be ranked or I’ve placed a bet on them before I’ll watch. Just read up on Spillar over at Has missed only one game in 4 YEARS!!! Not one bad word in their overview. Over at Walterfootball in a mock they have the Hawks selecting him with the Denver pick. Compared him to Reggie Bush which I didn’t find very intriguing.

    When considering the draft I’m still an advocate of the best player available. Some are down on Curry but still, it is to early to cast a verdict. He is set to equal Lance Briggs rookie numbers. I’ll admit to being somewhat disappointed while also optimistic that he is playing to fast, experience being the cure all.

  45. “Another week, another week of Chris Spencer wasting Max Unger experience at Center. You’d think with the thumb issue and snapping the ball that this would be a perfect time to change. Our line really can’t get any worse, can it?”

    The O line was a lot worse a month ago, and are finally getting the chance to practice together and improve. I don’t think you keep changing guys around on the O line after finally getting injured guys back playing together.

    Spencer being asked to stay in and snap left-handed should be pretty clear evidence that the coaches don’t trust Unger to take over at C.

    To me, Max Unger looks like the weak link on this line. That should probably be expected from a rookie. I keep seeing Unger getting thrown around and seeing Spencer shift over to help him with his blocks at times and take on a double-team. I’m happy to see Unger starting since I know our coaches want consistency in the same five starters playing together every week, still, I don’t see his rookie year as inspiring a lot of confidence, IMHO.

    Its pretty hard to see Chris Spencer being dissed while he’s starting with a broken right hand, and snapping left-handed, while playing with a bad back, meanwhile remaining probably our most consistent O lineman this year, along with Sims.

    It wil be an interesting dilemma this offseason whether to re-sign Spencer. The guy keeps improving and proving himself, but he has recurring back problems every year that could shorten his career. Then again, considering how injuries to O linemen have bitten us in the ass every year lately, it would seem crazy not to re-sign Spencer regardless of whether you think he should start or just back-up. We need all the quality O linemen we can have, that’s a lesson we’ve all learned. Truly a difficult offseason coming up the our GM, whomever that will be.

  46. Chris Spencer is ALWAYS suffering from some kind of injury. Sometimes he plays through them, sometimes he can’t. You have to admire his willingness to play through the pain, but when the hell are people going to open their eyes and see a pattern with all of these injuries? Do we really want to continually depend on players we know are that injury prone? He’s still not that good, and it’s been 5 damn years that we’re waiting for him to get good. Improving is improving, yes, but that’s to be expected in all years up to ages 26-27, depending on position… The fact is that he’s still not overly good.

    Unger is a weaker link right now. I won’t deny this. But he’s a rookie and I fully expect him to actually become what Spencer is not… a pretty good player. Spencer is now in his “prime” and if this is his prime, I’m done with the guy. I don’t want it anymore. I don’t want to hang on to the pipe dream that he’s going to become 1. Good., 2. Injury Free.

    Also, Unger is a center. He’s said he likes center best and feels most comfortable there. He said this before he was drafted and even said it during some of the training camp stuff.

    The following is 1 quote: “Another week, another week of Chris Spencer wasting Max Unger experience at Center. You’d think with the thumb issue and snapping the ball that this would be a perfect time to change. Our line really can’t get any worse, can it?” … and this is something I’ve been complaining about for a long time, so it’s not exactly a new development or idea that I came up with today…

  47. Yes, Duke, I like that guy. I’m not ready to proclaim him our #8 overall pick (where I think we’ll end up, but definitely keeping an eye on him. I’m excited to see him tonight against Georgia.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    I too think Spencer’s litany of injuries make him less likely to be resigned. When healthy, he’s a good center, I agree with Stevo on this. But not only does this squad need talent upgrades but healthy one at that. Not to mention, they didn’t draft Unger to play guard for long. The ‘Hawks knew Spencer’s contract was up at the end of this season when they took him. I would be surprised if Unger is not the 2010 opening day center.

  49. I simply want Unger at Center ASAP because I believe this is what’s best for the team in the long run. And with him playing center ASAP, it will only make the transition that much better/easier when we actually play in a meaningful game again (and we don’t actually play in a meaningful game until week 1 of next year, as this season is over, with us having no realistic shot at the play-offs).

    I realize that leaving the line as it is is what’s best for the remainder of this season. And if you’re Ruskell/Mora, you really don’t care about ’10 because if you don’t improve THIS year, there’s a good chance you’re not around for next year anyways.

    However, I am a fan and I care about our future and want what’s best for it.

  50. Missing one college game in four seasons doesn’t equate to being built sturdy enough to stay healthy in the NFL.

    No way on Spiller….We need to use our top choices this year to fix our O and D lines, by draft or by trade, or we’re going to lose Hasselbeck, continue to have a pathetic running game, and spend another year being a bottom feeder. The last thing we need are more players with small frames and big hearts who’ll end up watching on the sidelines or joining IR. No more Tatupus, Hills, Branches, and Jennings, etc.

  51. Zone blocking originated in 1995 in Denver by Alex Gibbs. It is debatable whether the o-line made it successfull or 6th round rookie TD, Georgia. A culmination of both I recon. TD would have been drafted higher had it not been for a knee injury. The line consisted of recent addition out of Wash, pro bowler LG Schlereth; pro bowler LT Zimmerman; C Nalen (pro bowl later),; RG Habib; RT Thompson… an impressive left side

    Until the arrival of HC Josh McDaniels the Broncos hadn’t drafted a RB high. In fact, considering the line he is running behind, Moreno hasn’t been very impressive. That offense that ranked #1 rushing a year, 2nd overall is now #18, 19 rush. But Nolan has the #31 defense of a year ago challenging for the #1 spot.

    Factor in the short life span of a RB and I’m content with JJ. I’d like to see him behind a better offensive line. Better even than that he ran behind in Dallas. Wish we had kept Weaver at 250 lbs. as change of pace.

  52. Golden Tate is a stud.

  53. Jonathan Dwyer is the type of back we need. I wonder if he’ll declare for the draft this year.

  54. I’d planned on watching that game, but find myself watching most of Stanford – Notre Dame. How’s Morgan looking?

  55. I’d feel better about ’10 if we had four 1st rounders, instead of two.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    Stanford’s secondary is awful. Tate must have slipped 4 tackles on his way into the end zone there.

  57. FireRuskellNow says:

    What sort of idiot WOULDN’T trade Aaron Curry for a tackle? He is a friggin LINEBACKER, and an INVISIBLE GHOST at that!!!

  58. How about Colt McCoy at QB?

    Who would you draft with 4 1st rounders?

    Suh, Morgan, Okung, Nate Allen…sign Jahri Evans. How’s that for wishful thinking?

  59. Dukeshire says:

    I love McCoy. He’s my favorite QB in this years class. Actually, in the last 2 years worth. He has an underrated arm, makes good, quick decisions and is a born leader. Big fan.

    FRN – I guess I’m that sort of idiot.

  60. Look at the pure speed at the 37 second mark. And check out the catch at 1:12.

  61. Audible – At this point, give me Suh/Morgan so we’re not the “Pansy Patrol” on the DL anymore. And I’ll take Bulaga (if he declares) and either Iupati or Johnson to be our LG next to him so we aren’t pathetic on the OL anymore either (with all due respect to Spiller).

  62. The defense hasn’t been much to write home about, but if you are watching Stan/ND… this is fun…

    If we draft Jimmy Clausen, words can’t describe how mad I’ll be. Not that I don’t think he’s any good; just a moron.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    Mike Iupati, the Idaho kid. I mentioned this before, but one of my cousins goes to U of I and has been jocking him for 2 years so I’ve been “forced” to watch him. He’s big and strong and angry as piss. I would love for him to be a Seahawk.

    That Tate highlight montage could almost double as one for Clausen. He showed some beautiful touch on so many of those deep balls. And the arm strength to put it out for Tate to chase it down.

  64. He’s good, no doubt, but I think he’s a moron. I’d hate for a jerk to be the face of our franchise. Sure, I don’t know the guy, but I’ve never heard anything good. I know his brother had a rep for being a jerk at Tennessee too, so it seems to be a family thing.

    I have no problem taking a QB with one of our #1 picks, as long as they spend 3-4 years learning the ropes. If Matt is 36 and still healthy, I think he needs to remain the starter. I know you shouldn’t pay someone to be a back-up like that, except the QB position. Just me.

  65. I’d certainly like for one of our OL to play angry. Maybe Ray Willis wouldn’t feel so alone. I’ve seen plenty of mocks having him go in the 1st… Mike Johnson seems more likely being there with our 2nd rounder. I wouldn’t complain if we went LT and then took both guards. I’m just so sick of being dominated at the offensive LOS that I’m willing to go overboard to make it stop.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    No, I don’t want the leader of the ‘Hawks being a guy who gets into bar fights, like Clausen did last week, either. When I see McCoy interviewed, I see a guy who I would be proud to call a Seahawk, as corny as that may sound. And beyond all the physical tools, that’s important to me, as a fan.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    I would love to know how many times the Seahawk RBs have been hit behind the LOS this season.

  68. If I saw the stat, I’d either get too angry or start to cry. It’s simply a joke. If you don’t like the Seahawks, you probably would think it’s commical.

    Or how many of Matt’s sacks are were they basically busted through without hardly any resistance (like if nobody were actually in front of them on their way through)? Sickening. Simply sickening.

  69. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know how much of this you saw last week on the blog, but Forsett was getting killed here because he had 9 on 8. Are you kidding? He was busted in the mouth before he got back to the line on at least 5 of those attempts.

  70. That tate clip is aweseome! Though, I’d still rather have this guy:

    6’1″, 235 pounds…notice his speed, pass catching, and how blockers bounce off of him.

  71. Dukeshire says:

    One thing I noticed (besides the fact he runs on his toes, and kind of behind his legs. Almost like he’s kicking them out like Deon Sanders) is that whether he’s taking a pitch from the QB or rushing off tackle, his shoulders are always square to the line. Always. That run around 2:25 against Duke was stupid. Lol.

  72. It doesn’t surprise me that Forsett was getting killed on the blog (for having nowhere to run). That 80 plus yards receiving probably happened on it’s own (sarcasm). He’s a good little dude, and Jones isn’t as bad as almost everyone says he is (he may not be overly good, but he’s certainly not bad). It’s that damn line, as we said in ’06…
    as we said in ’07 (with respect to running the ball, pass blocking was fine)…
    as we said in ’08…
    as we said in ’09…
    When the hell are the people upstairs going to put together a decent OL???

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