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Thursday practice report: RB Jones returns, RB Jackson still out for Rams

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 26, 2009 at 1:15 pm with 35 Comments »
November 26, 2009 1:15 pm

Seahawks running back Julius Jones practiced for the first time in almost two weeks, after suffering a bruised lung in the first half of the Arizona game two weeks ago.

Jones was a limited participant in practice, doing some individual and team drill work as the Seahawks practiced inside on Thursday.

Jones said it was good to get back on the field, but doesn’t know if he’ll be ready to go on Sunday at St. Louis.

“I’m taking it day by day,” he said. “Obviously it felt good to get back out there. I hate watching. I hate being on the side watching. And if I can play, I’ll play, you know what I’m sayin’? It’s just a matter of taking it day by day.”

Jones said his conditioning level is okay, so it appears the decision may come down to how much pain and discomfort he’s feeling with the injury as the team gets closer to game day.

“Today was the first day I was able to be out there, so I’ll just talk to trainers and we’ll figure something out,” he said. “Obviously when you miss a week it kind of sets you back a little bit,” Jones said. “But I’m in pretty tip-top condition, so I’m not worried about that.”

Jones said it hard watching his team’s franchise-worst, four-yard effort on the ground against Minnesota last week.

“It really was, man,” Jones said. “We didn’t play well last week. We kind of dropped the ball, but the thing about it is we’ve got another opportunity this week, and we’ve got six more games to kind of get something going. We wasted a lot of time, and now it’s time to put something together.”

And even though he rushed for a season-high 117 yards on 19 carries against the Rams in the first game of the season, including a 62-yard run for the score, Jones expects tougher sledding against St. Louis the second time around.

“We had some success against them early, but they’re kind of a different team now,” Jones said. “They’re playing much better. Their offense has been pretty good. Steven Jackson’s rolling pretty good, so this is a different team. So we’re going to look back at last time and say, ‘Oh, we’re going to do that again.’”

Along with Jones, defensive tackles Red Bryant (knee) and Cory Redding (knee) were limited participants in practice.

Center Chris Spencer (thumb), defensive tackle Craid Terrill (shoulder) and safety Deon Grant (wrist) were full participants.

For St. Louis, running back Steven Jackson (back) did not practice for a second straight game, increasing the likelihood that he might not play on Sunday. Apparently Jackson is experiencing back spasms. But Jackson told St. Louis-area reporters on Wednesday that he expects to play on Sunday.

Along with Jackson, FB Mike Karney (neck), OT Jason Smith (concussion), OG Richie Incognito (foot) did not participate in practice.

LB Chris Chamberlain (concussion) was a limited participant in practice.

And P Donnie Jones (illness) was a full participant in practice.

That is all. Have a good Turkey Day.

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  1. If ever there was a team for Jones to come back for, it’s the Rams.

    Eric – quit working/blogging and go eat some turkey with the family!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  2. “If ever there was a team for Jones to come back for, it’s the Rams.”
    Good call on that BobbyK! ;-)
    …………………..and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone also!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Seriously Eric, enough. Thanks for all your effort and hard work. It’s really become a lot of fun here again. (Play on the field not withstanding).

  4. Coolalvin says:

    It’s a real bummer when your team is done with half the season to go. Thank goodness we have college basketball . Go Dawgs!

  5. Check out the Seahawk who’s going to force Kurt Warner into retirement next year (turn down the volume on your computer unless you like gangsta rap crap):

  6. Elvis Dumervil is 5’11 and weighs 248lbs as a DE.

    I think this classifies him as an undersized midget that everyone hates Ruskell for.

    This undersized midget leads the NFL in sacks.

    Do not compromise character. Go ahead and take a chance on a talented clown here and there… but make sure that bad apple type of guy is surrounded by a bunch of good guys… then there’s less of a chance for this talented moron to be an infection… just don’t go out publicly and say “no bad apples allowed.” Allow them, but in moderation and only after doing homework and then you won’t get criticized when you take a chance on one…

  7. FireRuskellNow says:

    That undersized midget Dumervil you refer to is a 3-4 OLB, where speed and momentum for a bullrush are key.

    Ruskell just likes building the smallest team in the NFL. Kelly Jennings and Deion Branch were unforgivable wastes of 1st round picks.

  8. That undersized midget is listed as a DE and was called a DE in tonight’s game. Yes, they use him in a variety of ways and in different situations but he’s still considered a midget (whether he’s an OLB or DE… of which he lines up in BOTH). Josh Wilson is a midget too, but he’s pretty damn good (and fast) and there’s no way you would have picked a better player in that second round. I agree with you, fireruskellnow, that Branch sucks and Jennings was a bad pick for a first rounder. But Jennings isn’t as bad as people make him out to be. He certainly has his weaknesses, but he’s far from a terrible player.

    Audible – go to the 1:09 mark in the 2nd video you copy/pasted… that’s what I mean when I’ve said they sometimes drop him back from the DT position and play him like a MLB… he’s not human… no DT should be able to play well in space and run down RBs in the middle of the field. It’s crazy.

  9. How tall is Ruskell? I’m wondering if he has a chip on his shoulder that makes him partial to pipsqueaks.

  10. In case some haven’t noticed, the Seahawks have one of the biggest front four situations in the NFL. (i.e. = not small)

    As a history teacher, you see throughout the ages where masses may drum up support to topple a king, dictator, etc. The only thing on their mind is destroying authority. There is never any thought on what they will do afterwards. And what usually happens? Chaos. The new rulers are usually ill equipped to meet the problems of the masses and the cycle repeats itself.

    Or if a peasant had replaced a king, they are usually good to their people (as they were peasants themselves) but in time and after spoiling their offspring… those spoiled brats become more spoiled and begin to treat the peasants badly as in the original scenario. And then you have revolution (again).

    Basically, it’s easy to say “Fire Ruskell Now.” You have merit. You are right (I am wrong for wanting to give him 1 more year). My only fault in your logic is that it’s usually a “fire him” or “he’s an idiot” type of post that makes nobody any smarter. I would like to see revolutionaries, such as yourself, state why you hate the current regime so badly (besides saying “he sucks”) and have a blue print for what you’d like to see with the 2010 or 2014 Seattle Seahawks.

    Most mountain climbers care so much about getting to the top of the mountain that they rarely have accidents. However, they don’t plan nearly as much with respect to getting down that mountain. Therefore, there are more accidents. I don’t care if people want to can Ruskell, but what’s their vision or blue print to get this team back to where we’d all like it to be?

  11. Elvis was a fourth round pick who is a sack specialist, but he’s not an every down player who can anchor a defense. He has only 93 tackles in four years. Maybe Nick Reed could step into that kind of role for us. I’m all for drafting those sorts of players in later rounds, but our top choices should be guys who have the physical prowess to play for 60 minutes. I would bet Elvis would be on IR if they turned him into 3-down player. Wilson is doing well now, early in his career, but how long will he be able to take a pounding and stay on the field?!

  12. Audible – he’s not very tall. He’s not short, but he’s probably more short than tall.

  13. The problem with the Seahawks front 4 is they are too big. Cory Redding is too big and too slow to play end. I wonder if Tapp has bulked up too much. I also wonder if Tatupu has bulked up too much.

    Most of the better 4-3 DLs in the NFL are “small.” Some have DTs the same size as the Seahawks DEs. Kerney has the right height/weight combo like Jared Allen but is just plain old at this point.

  14. chuck_easton says:


    So we have ‘fireruskellnow’ saying Seattle is the smallest team in the NFL and for that we should fire Ruskell.

    Then, when it is pointed out by bobbyk that we actually have one of the biggest DL’s in the NFL pabuwal says that the line is too big so we should fire Ruskell.

    In other words, no matter what Ruskell does you are going to hate him and want him fired. Plain and simple you are blinded by your bloodlust and only the public beheading of one Mr. Ruskell will quell the thirst for vengance.

    As Bobbyk, I and others have said. Fine and good. Maybe it is time.

    What’s the fix? And don’t give me the Mike Holmgren should be hired because he will come in and suddenly make EVERYTHING better line. He was hired in 1998, given the role of GM/HC had the grand processional and coronation, and then after 4 very poor years of bad draft decisions (Stevens, Robinson, Lamar King…I could go on) he was dismissed as GM.

    So, come up with a solution. Who out there do you want? What would you like them to do?

  15. IdahoHawk says:

    Turkey was great!!

    I spent the last last hour looking at curry and reed on U tube and all i want to say is…………………TALENET
    let them PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Seahawks2620 says:

    It would be pretty damn sweet if Reed ended up being our Elvis

  17. Why is there so much discussion of Holmgren’s busts and none about the huge upside of his good picks? There is no comparison between him and Ruskell in this regard. Sure, Holmgren had his busts like Ruskell, but his quality picks were franchise bests:

    Hutchinson: HoF
    Alexander: Franchise Best RB
    Jackson: Among the leaders
    Hasselbeck: Most successful QB
    Trufant: Among the best CBs
    Traded Galloway for 2 number 1 picks – because of this, no WR will be ever traded for a number 1 pick again (kind of a joke)
    Tobeck: Pro Bowler

    And who did Ruskell have? Lofa as the franchise best LB. Anyone else?

    Folks, its not about the busts – those always occur. its about how many league and franchise best players you can bring in, Those DON’T always occur. And Ruskell proves this to be the case.

  18. Here is a continually updated list of all the practice squad players from around the league. No doubt, there are some future stars on this list. Since we have holes on both sides of the line, S, and RB…I thought it would be fun to see if anyone recognizes any of these players and can make a case for signing any of them.

  19. pabuwal,

    You make some good points, but there are several other facts to consider.

    1. Bob Ferguson drafted Trufant, not Holmgren.
    2. Ruskell has had the job longer than Holmgren did.
    3. But, Holmgren had higher draft picks to work with.
    4. Holmgren’s busts were as bad as his successes were good.
    5. Holmgren didn’t draft Hasselbeck and he had three years to work with him while he was playing behind Favre.
    6. Tobeck’s only Pro Bowl season was 2005 with the best OL in football around him.
    7. Dallas offered two #1s for Galloway who was a holdout in 2000. That was a no-brainer for any GM.

  20. Also, I think Alexander was a wasted pick when you consider that we had Ahman Green who I think was a much better runner, receiver, and blocker than Alexander.

  21. Holmgren traded for Hasselbeck and gave up very little to get him. Holmgren had just 1 high draft pick (2001) because of poor team performance. The others were because he fleeced Dallas hard. 2003 was also a high draft pick due to poor performance, but I’m not sure if we are considering that to be in Holmgren’s body of work.

    And how can the busts be as good as his successes? That’s impossible when you consider the magnitude of the successes, unless they were all Ryan Leaf.

  22. Here are a few players we could have drafted in 2000 instead of Mcintosh and Alexander:

    Shaun Ellis Defensive End Tennessee
    John Abraham Defensive End South Carolina
    Bubba Franks Tight End Miami (FL)
    Deltha O’Neal Defensive Back California
    Julian Peterson
    Keith Bulluck Linebacker

  23. Another consideration is that the Holmgren GM era started in 1999, while the Ruskell era started in 2005, which means we’ve been able to follow most of Holmgren’s picks through their careers, whereas a lot of Ruskell’s picks are still very young and developing:

    Wilson, Mebane, Tapp, Jackson, Curry, Carlson, Tatupu, Unger, Butler, Hill, Hawthorne, Obo, Reed, Sims., Willis…

  24. I remember when we picked McIntosh. I thought it was a good, solid pick. He, most likely, would have had a fine career if it weren’t for the goofy injury that ended it.

  25. What did you think about the Alexander pick and the Ahman Green trade? I was pissed that we dumped Green.

  26. I actually went to Nebraska (1 year) when Green played there and had student season tickets in ’96 to watch him each week. Personally, I liked him a lot, but hated the fumbles. For as good as he was with Nebraska (one of the greatest ever Nebraska runners with respect to speed), Seattle, and Green Bay… I absolutely hate RBs who fumble. Trading him didn’t bother me because of that, but I certainly thought we could/should get more for him than we got (a bag of stale chips).

  27. chuck_easton says:

    And one of the knocks on Ruskell is that his ego gets in the way.

    Ok, fair enough.

    When there were some SERIOUS red flags about Robinson and the Drinking, Stevens and the Drinking Domestic issues, Holmgren picked them anyway because he was SURE he could handle them and work with their issues. Every GM in football was running screaming from those two but Holmgren’s ego told him he could make it work.

    Same with Lamar King. Attitude from day one. Name one defensive player that Holmgren selected that turned out to be a good pick? Well I can name one, Rocky Bernard. Where are Anton Palepoi, Kris Richard Terrell Bierria (all 2002 drafts of Holmgren) these days?

    If it is indeed time for Ruskell to go I would like someone new brought in, and not go back to Holmgren just because he was a good HC.

  28. That was my biggest issue with Holmgren… he’d allow morons and would use high picks to get them (KoRoOne, Stevens, etc.)… I am a firm supporter of the character stuff, but don’t toally oppose taking a chance here and there. But normally I’d take chances with low risk, high reward types. I would not normally use a 1st rounder as “taking a chance.” Or I wouldn’t offer a guy like Brandon Marshall (who is a top 3 WR in the NFL type of talent) a long term deal with a lot of guaranteed money. That’s something Holmy would do and it would probably be nice in the short term, but come back to bite us in the ass in the long term. But, hey, if ’10 is going to be uncapped and Paul Allen says to “buy” a championship, I wouldn’t be opposed to a 1-year Brandon Marshall contract of $20 million guaranteed. But he’d still be a FA and would need to do well (on and off the field) to cash in as a FA again. That’d buy a little leverage for a season:)

  29. The phenomenal thing about Holmgren is that he turned us into perennial contenders and got us to the Superbowl despite the lousy picks he made during his tenure as GM.

    Here is Holmgren’s draft legacy as GM:

    Player Position Round Pick Value
    Koren Robinson. WR 1 9 1350
    Steve Hutchinson OG 1 17 950
    Shaun Alexander HB 1 19 875
    Lamar King DE 1 22 780
    Chris McIntosh OT 1 22 780
    Jerramy Stevens TE 1 28 660
    Ken Lucas CB 2 40 500
    Ike Charlton CB 2 52 380
    Maurice Morris RB 2 54 360
    Anton Palepoi DE 2 60 300
    Brock Huard QB 3 77 205
    Darrell Jackson WR 3 80 190
    Heath Evans FB 3 82 180
    Karsten Bailey WR 3 82 175
    Kris Richard DB 3 85 165
    Orlando Huff OLB 4 104 86
    Antonio Cochran DE 4 115 64
    Marcus Bell OLB 4 116 62
    Isaiah Kacyvenski ILB 4 119 56
    Terreal Bierria DB 4 120 54
    Curtis Fuller CB 4 127 45
    Pork Chop Womack OG 4 128 44
    Floyd Wedderburn OG 5 140 36
    Alex Bannister WR 5 140 36
    Rocky Bernard DT 5 146 33
    Charlie Rogers RB 5 152 31.8
    Ryan Hannam TE 5 169 24.8
    Steve Johnson CB 6 170 24.4
    Matt Hill Offensive Tackle T 5 171 24
    Josh Booty QB 6 172 23.6
    James Williams WR 6 175 22.4
    Tim Watson DT 6 185 18.4
    John Hilliard DT 6 190 16.4
    Craig Jarrett Punter P 6 194 14.8
    Harold Blackmon CB 7 210 8.4
    Dennis Norman OT 7 222 3.6
    Jeff Kelly Quarterback QB 7 232 2.2
    Kris Kocurek DT 7 237 1.7

  30. His Hutch pick was, agruably, his best draft choice. And trading for Matt (although he didn’t play well right away) was great. And drafting Shaun was good, too. But after those 3 core pieces, Walt was already here, same with Gray, Lock wasn’t drafted by Holmy, and Jurevicius was our most important WR in ’05. Strong was a result of Tom Flores. Tobeck was a solid FA acquisition by Holmy. Basically, the offense that Holmy gets all the credit for in ’05 consisted of 5 players that he brought in (Matt, Shaun, Hutch, Tobeck, Stevens). I know we had DJack, but he missed most of the ’05 season. We were 2-2 with him and 13-1 without him. And Engram, another Holmy FA signing, also missed significant time in the middle of the season. Jurevicius really proved to be very valuable in that time period.

  31. Here’s Ruskell’s 1st years of drafting. If you compare Holmgren to Ruskell based just on their first three years, it’s debatable as to who did a better job. Although, Holmgren was moonlighting as an NFL head coach at the time, so I think you have to consider that fact as well, and ask how things would be different if he concentrated all of his energies on the GM position with the experience he’s had and time off to reflect on how he would approach things the 2nd time around.

    2005 Chris Spencer C 1 26 700 Mississippi Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Lofa Tatupu LB 2 45 450 USC Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 David Greene QB 3 85 165 GEORGIA Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Leroy Hill LB 3 98 108 Clemson Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Ray Willis OT 4 105 84 Florida State Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Jeb Huckeba DE 5 159 28.8 Arkansas Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Tony Jackson RB 6 196 14 Iowa Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Cornelius Wortham LB 7 235 1.9 Alabama Ruskell Holmgren
    2005 Doug Nienhuis OG 7 254 0.5 Oregon State Ruskell Holmgren

    2006 Kelly Jennings CB 1 31 600 Miami Ruskell Holmgren
    2006 Darryl Tapp DE 2 63 276 Virginia Tech Ruskell Holmgren
    2006 Rob Sims OG 4 128 44 Ohio State Ruskell Holmgren
    2006 David Kirtman FB 5 163 27.2 USC Ruskell Holmgren
    2006 Ryan Plackemeier P 7 239 1.5 Wake Forest Ruskell Holmgren
    2006 Ben Obomanu WR 7 249 0.75 Auburn Ruskell Holmgren

    2007 Josh Wilson CB 2 55 350 Maryland Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Brandon Mebane DT 3 85 165 California Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Baraka Atkins DE 4 120 54 Miami Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Mansfield Wrotto OG 4 124 48 Georgia Tech Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Will Herring LB 5 161 28 Auburn Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Courtney Taylor WR 6 197 13.6 Auburn Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Jordan Kent WR 6 210 8.4 Oregon Ruskell Holmgren
    2007 Steve Vallos OG 7 232 2.2 Wake Forest Ruskell Holmgren

  32. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t intend to offend anyone with this, but we really don’t need anymore lists of Ruskell v Holmgren draft picks. These have been listed here, ad nauseam the last couple weeks. Perhaps just pasting the link would suffice. Thanks.

  33. Sorry duke…i pasted it from the Draft Spreadsheet thing from the other day.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    chuck_easton – Not sure about the others but Terreall Bierria is in jail for murder.

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