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Morning links: Keys to Hawks vs. Vikings

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 22, 2009 at 6:43 am with 15 Comments »
November 22, 2009 6:43 am

Just getting ready to head out to the stadium. Here’s four keys I think the Seattle Seahawks need to happen in order for them to have a chance to win today.

Rally to the ball: Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson is going to get his yards today. But the Seahawks need to make sure they wrap up and get all 11 guys to the ball in order to try and contain any long runs by Peterson.

Create some turnovers
: The Seahawks need to steal a couple possessions from the Vikings to give themselves a chance here. As good as Peterson is, he has fumbled four times this season, losing all four. And although quarterback Brett Favre only has three interceptions this season, he has tried to force throws into tight windows in the past. There will be opportunities for Seattle, and they have to take advantage of it.

Protect Hasselbeck: Seattle is facing perhaps the best defensive front they will see all season. With Jared Allen, Pat and Kevin Williams and Ray Edwards, the Vikings can collapse a pocket just with the front four, so the Seahawks will need a good game up front from the offensive line.

Get Forsett some touches: With Julius Jones still out, reserve running back Justin Forsett needs to provide a similar effort to what he accomplished last week. I think the screen game will be important today, along with quick passes in the flat to get the ball to Forsett out in space.

Here’s my story today on Adrian Peterson and how Seattle will try to stop him Defensively.

TNT columnist Dave Boling outlines some things Seahawks head coach Jim Mora would like to see from his team on Sunday.

Greg Johns of predicts a 33-14 win for Minnesota.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald says the Vikings likely will be the best team the Seahawks face all season.

ESPN’s Trent Dilfer talks to Brock and Salk on ESPN 710 Seattle, stating the Matt Hasselbeck is too nice, and that T.J. Houshmandzadeh and the rest of Seattle’s receivers must get on the same page as the quarterback and work at Hasselbeck’s tempo.

ESPN’s Brock Huard offers these keys to the game for Seattle.

ESPN’s Mike Sando says the Seahawks this year reminds him of the 2002 season, in which Seattle started 4-9 but finished the year winning three straight for a 7-9 record, ultimately leading to a 10-6 season the next year.

Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press profiles talented Minnesota receiver Sidney Rice.

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  1. The Vikings aren’t better than the Colts.

    The Seahawks need Forsett to have a monster game to pull this out, as strange as it sounds. He’s a poor man’s Ray Rice (doesn’t have his breakaway speed) and Ray Rice destroyed the Vikings a few weeks back.

    Kelly Jennings is going to have to find a way to get his 2nd career INT.

    The Seahawks need to create pressure using their LBs – the front 4 is too big and slow to do it on their own.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I’m excited to see what Forsett can do when he gets 20+ touches. A lot of us have been waiting to see that since the Bear preseason game last summer.

    I’m hoping on defense I see the LBs right up on the line and Curry and Hawthorn especially, be assignment correct with regard to their gap penetration (I don’t worry about HIll here) so they can keep Peterson in front of them (meanwhile the corners playing press man with safety help over the top. I know, that is a pipe dream). It will take tremendous discipline on the young guys part, if the want to contain him.

    And Eric’s right on about Matt. I don’t know how many people here saw the Sunday night game a few weeks back when the Packers went to Minn. The Vikings just killed Rodgers. 5 sacks (maybe more, I’d have to look) and knocked him down another 10 times, at least. They abused him. The Packers have had similar issues with injuries up front, but if they allow Minn’s d line to get to Matt like that, not only will it be a long day but seriously injure an already banged up Hasselbeck.

    Alright, this challenge is nothing more than an opportunity for the Seahawks. Let’s go men!! Let’ see a beautiful upset! Have fun Eric, I can’t wait to hear reports about what BobbyK is like in person. Go! Seahawks!

  3. Rodgers holds the ball way too long. He creates many of his sacks. He was also sacked 5 times against the Lions and 6 against the Bucs. If the Packers game was in Qwest, the Seahawks would sack him 5-6 times also – without many blitzes.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Without specifying the reasons for the total number sacks he’s taken this year (as yes, anyone who watches NFL Live knows that Rodgers “holding the ball too long” is one of their favorite soundbites) if you saw that Viks / Pack game in Minn you know the Viks d line, Allen in particular, took apart the Pack o line. That game had nothing to do with Rodgers’ indecision. In addition, I don’t think it’s reasonable to say that if the Pack game was in Seattle, the ‘Hawks would get to him “5-6 times, without many blitzes”, there is no evidence to suggest that. In any case, I think you missed my point. The pressure they get to the QB, with their front 4, cannot be denied.

  5. The Seahawks OL will be just fine against their front 4 today.

    Yeah, I said it. The only Seahawks fan out there who believes this.

  6. You’re the only Seahawks fan that believes it for a reason…

    Hasslebeck gets sacked 5 times, Forsett rushes for less than 3 yard average, Favre torches the Hawks D for 300+, Peterson rushes for nearly 200 and the Hawks go down 31-10.

    Meanwhile Cleveland has already done what we should be doing: preparing for next year. Say bye-bye to Holmy and hello to 5 more years of the Timmmmayyy and Jimmmmayyy show…

  7. I guess it’s safe to say that John Carlson won’t see much action today. How will the Hawks keep Allen off Hasselbeck? An extra TE or will they rely on 5’8″ Forsett as the last line of block defense. In any event, Locklear shuts down Jared Allen and we’ll know which position will not be a priority next draft. GO Lock! It’s a forgone conclusion one of the top 3 picks will be used on the D line. What I wouldn’t give to draft a premier WR or RB but I’ll wig if we go QB with/if Hass is healthy.

    Terrible that even I am looking/talking draft already. Either some of you have rubbed off on me or reality has set in. But dam, after we knock off Minny today and finish 10-6 the wild card still doesn’t look good. :)

  8. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – As I said, this is an opportunity for the ‘Hawks today. “Just fine”? Not sure how to qualify that, but I too believe that there are several things Knapp can scheme to negate some of that pressure; run right at Allen, quick slants under the the LBs, don’t be afraid to roll Hass away from the pressure in the shotgun. I don’t expect it, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised either.

  9. I think its definitely on our O line today. Forsett is a good RB, but the reason he and Rankin had big games last week is mostly due to our *new* O line. That line will continue improving this week. The run game and protecting Matt is all on them. The second half of our season is in their hands.

    I expect our oft-maligned O line to have their best game of the season. Still, I don’t think it will be nearly enough to compete with the Vikings D.

    And I think our D line unfortunately will look weak trying to get through the Vikes O line. Still, I’m hoping to see our guys knock Hutch on his backside one or twice just for old times sake.

  10. princeaden says:

    I heard Mora talk about the first 15 plays being scripted, like Holmy would do. And it seems like those plays are a good, thought out, gameplanned scheme. It’s after that, that concers me. It seems like Knapp cannot adjust to the flow of the game and make good play calls as the game progresses. I hope he improves as we go along. Because like it or not, I believe they’re all going to be here for another year or two at least ( Ruskell, Mora and Knapp). As far as Defense goes I will refer to Duke’s “pipe dream” to the second power.

  11. Here’s my prediction…

    The Vikings are looking past the Seahawks, our Oline is finally going to gel today, Lock will own Jared Allen, Forsett and Rankin will light it up, Branch will make his appearance, Housh will have a good day, Burleson will have a long td, special teams will hold their own….our D is going to pick favre twice and recover a Peterson fumble…we win 28-17 and start a long winning streak that puts us into the playoffs. Fine…I’ve been drinking too much Jone’s soda, and it’s a longshot, but anything is possible. Go Hawks!

  12. Eric, it seems you manage to avoid the Hutch topic. I found this post over on the PI. Living in Vegas I miss out on some of the pertinent info of importance. Anyway of listening too or a transcript of that Hugh Millen, Mike Holmgren broadcast. Thanks in advance.

    Posted by jeremiad at 11/20/09 5:33 p.m. in reply to: #1997374
    Doesn’t anybody on here listen to sports radio? Just today Holmgren was asked by Matt Millen about the Hutch situation. Here are the established facts.

    MH was out of town, before leaving he talked to Hutch and told him that NO MATTER WHAT he would be franchised. He talked to TR, and they agreed, NO MATTER WHAT, they would franchise Hutch. At the event two days after leaving, John Clayton asked MH about the transition tag they put on Hutch. MH denied it, said that is not what happened. He made a few calls, and TR told him that he transition tagged Hutch, but promised to match. The team then talked to the NFL after seeing the terms, and were told by the NFL to not match the deal, as it would destroy the pay structure of the league. MH didn’t give a bleep, and told all who would listen to sign him. Holmgren was upside down angry by his careful choice of words then, and now. He was asked directly what he would have done if he was boss, and he said “I would have signed him up” “what was the difference to the league if we destroyed the pay scale or the Viqueens did”?

    Holmgren also was mad that Hutchinson didn’t give him a call and say what the offer was BEFORE HE SIGNED, as MH said it was common for him to negotiate verbally without papers, and then put it on paper. He gave his word and kept it, and expected the same.

  13. Audible, “Lock will own Jared Allen”. haha, that’s pretty funny. Hahahahahaha… Ok, thanks for making me chuckle this morning. Here’s hoping Locklear and Co have a good game. I’m rooting for them and expecting them to have a better game today too.

    “Lock own Jared Allen”. Bahahahahahahaha…

  14. Yeah, Stevos…here’s to wishing for the impossible.

    Here’s a reliable stream for anyone who wants to watch the game live online:

  15. Hey, Audible. Good call. Watch much footbal, do ya’?

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