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December 17, 2009 3:18 pm

How will the Seahawks try and contain explosive Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson on Sunday? How important of a role will running back Justin Forsett play in Seattle’s offense this week? And how will the Seahawks deal with Jared Allen, the Williams duo and the rest of Minnesota’s talented defensive line?

We tee up those questions and others in this week’s Seahawks Insider podcast, which you can listen to here.

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  1. It’s sad to see how overmatched we are in this game. I hope they take us lightly. I hope we win the turnover battle. etc.

  2. princeaden says:

    This sounds unrealistic. But something tells me we are going to be competitive in this game. Too much Kool-Aid? Perhaps…… I think we can stay as close as the Lions and with a little luck, who knows.

  3. Hasselbeck’s passes appear they are being thrown into triple coverage, but it’s because the arm strength isn’t there anymore. By the time the ball arrives at the WR (on the longer throws), the defenders are able to converge to the ball.

    He’s lost that and his uncanny ability to get out of pressure situations and make a play. I can’t remember the move he had, maybe it was called the whirling dverish or something wacky like that. He would spin out of the pass rush and make a play.

    Guys, the pass blocking from 2003-2005 was never great, though it was good. They were frequently overmatched by better defenses, but he had a great ability to make something out of nothing. He doesn’t have that anymore. He seemed to have lost that after the cheap EJ Henderson hit to the knees in 2006. To me, that’s when he lost his playmaking ability and went from being a great QB to a good QB. After the back injury came along and robbed him of his arm strength last year, he went from being a good QB to an average/below average QB.

  4. And by drafting an elite LT, signing a guy like Jahri Evans, and adding a playmaker like CJ Spiller… all of a sudden we’d be talking about how we have a top 5 QB in the NFL again.

    We had very good pass protection in ’07, it was the run blocking that was terrible that particular year.

    Favre was an old washed up bum who it pained many to see leading the league in INTS 3 or 4 years ago… I remember shows where they were debating if he was destroying his legacy by “hanging on” and being terrible on a terrible Packers team. Look at him now. It’s incredible what playing with talent will make you look like. The only thing that has happened to Favre in the last 4 years is that his physical tools have declined.

  5. yellaman says:

    Hawks need to look to the Draft for improvment. They need a LT possibly another guard. Need a big RB and draft a future QB or get a veteran QB who is a servicable back up. They need to draft a DT, CB & Safety on defense. You can also get some of these players via FA

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Hey Ryan, what back in the NFL gets “40 touches” a game? Why are all the compliments regarding Forsett backhanded? I agree with Rob that his yard total was inflated but until he shows that he cannot handle the pounding, let’s not assume he cannot. Are his skills better suited to a traditionally complimentary back? (Sproles, F Jones, even MJD for most of his career) Yes. But can he handle 20 – 25 touches a game until true feature back is in place here? There is no evidence to suggest he can’t and with every game more evidence he can.

    Another point I thought was interesting, early on, was the topic of adjustments. Here, I agree with Ryan. If coming out of camp Knapp and CO. weren’t able to recognise that the pass was going to be needed to set up the run and it took them until week 7, mid game to piece it together, what does it say about this veteran HC and OC? Not a glowing endorsement moving forward, when adjustments are a necessity to be successful in the NFL.

    In any case, thanks for the conversation, as always.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – It has very little to do with arm strength. Hass has always made some ill advised throws under stress. Sometimes they are successful, many times they are not. I’ll agree that his mobility has declined but his decision making has always been frustrating when he feels he has to win the game.

  8. Favre never looked washed up physically back in 05-06. He tried to do everything himself and make every play which led to him being a league leader in INTs. Mentally his head just wasn’t in the game.

  9. But that’s not what people were saying back then. They said his arm strength was there and that’s it. He was getting slower… couldn’t recover as quick… basically, he was getting old (except the arm)…

    Anyone else watching the Clemson game with great interest (Spiller)?

  10. snydro22 says:

    A Seahawks Insider Podcast page already exists on iTunes, so why not just update it with these new podcasts? The last update on there is from 2007..

  11. snydro22 says:

    It would be sweet to be able to take the podcast on the road with us. I know Eric has mentioned that they were working on it before, but it can’t be that hard, right? There are soccer mom’s from Iowa who have podcasts on iTunes.

    I am a huge, huge, Howard Stern fan, so I have Sirius radio.. But when I’ve already heard what’s on either of his two channels (they replay his 6 hour show 4 times per day) I go to the Bill Simmons podcast and listen to his B.S. Report.. It would be nice to throw the Seahawks Insider podcast in the arsenal.. I commute an hour each day to work..

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Since we’re talking podcast; why does it sound like you’re recording it in my bathroom? Record it in a room with some furnature, at least. Lol. I think you guys said it was at a high school in the AV department? We can get better sound quality than that. I know a bit about that stuff from home recording, maybe I can help. Also, I’d like to have a guest spot. What can we do here? lol.

  13. snydro22 says:

    Duke, I have a nice master bath we could record our own podcast in.. ;) No sword-fighting though..

  14. In other news, the Clemson game is at the half. Spiller looks like a Ruskell pick to me (except he might be too fast) with the talent and meeting the character requirements. He loves W. Dunn (another Ruskell pick) and tries to be like him on/off the field. I’m falling in love with the guy (but wouldn’t sword fight in a whirlpool with him though). He’s so dang fast around the edges. And it’s just not being fast, there is a burst to him that he just runs away from people (like fast guys can do with either safety position against us). We’ve talked about Butler being a slow 4.2. He doesn’t have a burst. Whereas Spiller runs a 4.3 AND has a burst about him. Not that we can have everything in this draft, but it’s fun to dream.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. No, no sword fights. lol.

  16. Hey, Eric…where is our “Keys to the Game” for this week? Or, is it just that hopeless tomorrow?! LOL

  17. BobbyK – there is one big upside for you tomorrow. Should the Seahawks win, you will experience the greatest ever moment you can experience as a Seahawks fan in person (next to a Super Bowl, I think).

    For that to happen, Forsett will have to take control of this game (200+ total yards) and Hasselbeck can not pass more than 25 times. The Defense will actually have to hold a team under 350 yards and intercept a higher end QB more than twice. The game can not be put in Hasselbeck’s hands. He is 2-22 in these games in his career, including 0-12 with the magical man known as “Hutchinson.”

    Don’t laugh about the Forsett part. He’s a poor man’s Ray Rice (lacks his breakaway speed) and Ray Rice destroyed the Vikings a few weeks back.

  18. pabuwal – I hope you’re right.

  19. I don’t have faith in our defense to keep it close – and if we get down early – it will be ugly for our offense too. But if we can put points on the board early (we did gain over 470 yards against a decent Cards defense last week), then maybe we can keep it competitive.

    Unbelievable how well Favre is playing – i know he got AP to take the pressure off the pass game – but that doesn’t explain everything. He’s got 17 td against 3 picks, and a rating that’s 10 points higher than his career best season. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they end up winning the SB this year – it kind of has that kind of a feel to it.

  20. There are at least 3 teams in the AFC that can beat the Vikings on an neutral field – the Colts, Pats and Stealers.

  21. Maybe Pabuwal – but the Vikes have a better D than the Colts or Pats, and a better offense than the Stealers. They’re a balanced team.

    Of course things can change over the 2nd half of the year.

  22. Hawks OL: (
    ’03 Run-blocking: Overall 11th, ALY 4.33, RB yds 4.55, power success rank 9th, 10+ yds rank 7th, stuffed rank (3rd or 4th & 1-2) 21st.
    ’03 Pass-blocking: 43 sacks allowed, sacks rank 25th.

    ’04 Run-blocking: Overall 7th, ALY 4.5, RB yds 4.62, power success rank 17th, 10+ yds rank 4th, stuffed rank (3rd or 4th & 1-2) 12th.
    ’04 Pass-blocking: 34 sacks allowed, sacks rank 11th.

    ’05 Run-blocking: Overall 6th, ALY 4.43, RB yds 4.92, power success rank 1st, 10+ yds rank 2nd, stuffed rank (3rd or 4th & 1-2) 25th.
    ’05 Pass-blocking: 27 sacks allowed, sacks rank 12th.

    My dad was an instructor at the Merchant Marine Academy during the latter part of WWII and was directed to fail 50% of his classes. I think the army was looking for more recruits at the time. Saying Hawks ’03-’05 OL’s pass blocking was ‘good but not great’ is like my dad failing Harvard grads at the academy for minor errors. Hawks had the best left side in the NFL. Losing Hutch was the worst, but Tobeck’s and Gray’s retirements haven’t even been able to be adequately replaced. Now Walt. Hawks OL is currently able to perform at about 25 to 50% of the performance level of the ’05 Hawks.

    The ‘magic’ of zone-blocking is gonna take some time to become evident. Even Alex Gibbs has taken a few years to get HOU’s OL to ZB. Without Gibbs, looks like GB is never gonna learn how to do it properly. I feel better about Hawks OL’s chances of learning it with Solari, but it’s gonna take more time, especially without stability at LT. Get an early LT in the draft and wait 3-4 yrs for Hawks OL to gel.

  23. Part of the Favre issue is that:
    1. He had a good/great offensive line, led by Steve Hutchinson.
    2. Adrian Peterson (any QBs best friend, after a dominant OL, is a great running game – Favre has both)
    3. Three, count ‘em, three good WRs who can score a TD on any given play.
    4. A defense that prevents him from hardly ever playing from behind. It’s a lot easier not to force something when you’ve got a big lead. That defense is good/great.
    If Favre would be playing behind our line, all we’d hear is how he’s washed up and tarnishing his legacy.

  24. From the stats presented above, the 2003-2005 lines averaged 16th of 32 teams in sacks allowed with no ranking in the top 10. Do you call that great? The better DLines (especially the 3-4s) routinely destroyed that line in pass blocking.

    Regarding the Vikings defense, have you seen the QBs they have faced this year:

    Brady Quinn
    Shaun Hill
    Aaron Rodgers
    Kyle Boller
    Joe Flacco
    The guy from the Stealers

    Summary (9 games):
    3 don’t start anymore
    2 games were against a rookie (Stafford)
    Aaron Rodgers – holds the ball for a very long time (2 games)
    Flacco and the guy from the Stealers are decent

    That;s not exactly a stellar cast of QBs there. If the Colts entire secondary wasn’t on IR they have would have a far better defense than the Vikings.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – All those teams you mentioned can beat one another on any given day. That’s the nature of it.

  26. Do the Seahawks have anyone on defense as good as Jared Allen? The answer is ‘no.’
    Do we have anyone as good as Kevin Williams? Again, the answer is ‘no.’

    I believe the Vikings are vulnerable through the air, but only if Allen is contained (double teamed). But they are pretty damn good. And it pains me to say it because of how bad I hate them.

    It’s a good thing we don’t have Walt or Hutch anymore because they must have sucked if our line against 3-4 defenses was that bad.

  27. This Vikings team is very beatable. I give any of the teams with a top 10 record (6-3 or better) a very good chance of going into Minnesota and winning. The Vikes they played just 1 team in the top 10 of records and lost.

    GB is probably in the teams 11-16, although that loss in TB really is tough to get over. They did beat GB two times Baltimore is probably in that same tier, who they also beat.

    Without 2 very fluky final plays (vs SF and vs Balt), this team would be 6-3. I can see them losing against Arizona, Cinn, at Carolina and either vs NYG or at Chicago to end the season. This team won’t finish better than 10-6. Favre will wear down over the course of the season and their schedule is much tougher than the cakewalk they had and looked less than dominating in.

    I just wish their fall could start tomorrow.

  28. I’m off… “see” you guys after the game tomorrownight…

    I hope we don’t suffer any major injuries tomorrow that will prevent some from missing the start of training camp! Pretty sad when that’s all there is left to hope for.

    Have a “Mare” drink on me!!!

    And if anyone tries to hijack my name on the live chat (as was done to Duke this past week), well, it’s not me.

  29. princeaden says:

    Hey BobbyK, what # jersey are you wearing tomorrow? I’ll be watchin’ for ya.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Have fun Bobby!

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