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Guess who’s announcing Sunday’s game? Drink up, friends

Post by Ryan Divish on Nov. 21, 2009 at 12:42 am with 31 Comments »
November 21, 2009 8:56 am


You knew it was going to happen. The game announcers for Sunday’s game will be Dick Stockton and Charles Davis. I think this has to be the sixth or seventh time the Hawks have had Fox’s fifth-string announcing tandem do their game.

It wasn’t so long ago I would see Joe Buck and his gargantuan cranium in the press box sprinting to use the rest room.

Or seeing Troy Aikman wandering about, perhaps still concussed from his last game.

Heck, the Hawks had Monday Night football games quite often and you would see the rotund Mike Tirico and at the time Joe Theismann and his hair helmet and the host of PTI and my favorite radio show — Tony Kornheiser.

Now it’s a guy who’s best years came when Magic Johnson was hitting James Worthy on the break, or Larry Bird being, well, Larry Legend.

Anyway, if Stockton is announcing you know that that means …

The Olindo Mare Drinking Game!!

Yes, it’s rapidly becoming the biggest game for the  imbibement of alcohol since the invention of that magical maker of keg beer hangovers …. .

beer pong

For those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about, it’s something that some of the guys came up with during the game chats, stemming from the frustration of Stockton continually pronouncing Mare’s name wrong.

AP Photo
AP Photo

Somebody once suggested that people watching should try and take a drink from their preferred beverage (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) every time Stockton said it wrong. And from there it’s grown to a list of rules, regulations and possible t-shirts.  Heck it’s even on Mare’s wikipedia page. The last time I heard of such a game for announcers was the infamous Brent Musberger Drinking Game.

Stockton’s pronunciation is  Mar-RAY or even worse Muh-RAY. And every time he says its like nails on a chalk board for the blog readers. Most people pronounce it MAR-ay. That’s the way we’ve always heard it.

Eric finally asked Olindo, who said it’s  MAH-day…. using a little accent (we’re hoping to have audio soon).

So apparently like Stockton, we’ve also been wrong. But there’s a difference, we’re not broadcasting games for Fox.

So until it changes, the game lingers on. Remember this all in fun. And in no way am I condoning excessive drinking for anyone other than myself. We’re all adults on here, and in a season where some of the joy has been taken away, it’s good to know that most of you haven’t lost your sense of humors. Still, again I offer caution and no recommendation to participate, lest you one day end up here

Here’s some of the basic rules of the game … Feel free to add your ideas and possible rules.

Stockton mispronunciation = Drink one and repeat the mispronunciation before doing it.

Mare extra point = drink one

Mare touchback = drink two

Mare makes tackle on kickoff = drink one and then bang your fist against your chest

Mare field goal under 45 yards = drink 3

Mare field goal over 50 yards = drink 4

Mare missed FG =  Glare like Jim Mora Jr., say the following: “Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable.”

Mare game winning field goal = pour your beverage over your head in celebration

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  1. PEARLJAM23 says:

    That’s pretty F’n funny. I will be playing that game on Sunday…..and then DVR it and do it again….

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Ryan – T-Shirts, now that’s a good idea. Did Eric bother to mention to Olindo why he was curious about the pronunciation? This is not a game for the feint of heart. The Lion game alone would require 18 shots + all the mispronunciations. Have fun, folks!!

  3. I’ll drink to that! Didn’t know there was such a beast as this game but it’s definately needed. And much better than what I’ve been doing to deal with Stockton’s anal utterings, which is to turn down the volume and play the soundtrack to “The Wizard of Oz.”

    A very entertaining article, Ryan. Cheers!

  4. I doubt we’ll be pouring beer on our heads this week.

  5. I’d give anything to pour a beer over my head tomorrow.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    If the ‘Hawks win tomorrow, we’re flying you to St Louis next weekend.

  7. snydro22 says:

    Can we add something that says we take 5 drinks for every bad decision Matt makes at the end of the game or in the red-zone? I just want to make sure I don’t remember anything..

  8. Looking at the stats of the first Hawks/Cards game and the second one, it is obvious the Hawks are improving. Game 1, 14 rush yards, 128 total yards. Game 2, 164 rush yards, 472 total yards.

    Seattle probably won’t beat the Viks but it might not be the blow out everyone is expecting.

  9. Snydro22 – Spencer was snapping the ball left handed b/c of a right thumb injury. It caused problems all day with a slow delivery and to much arch. The Int on the shuttle pass attempt to Forsett came from the shotgun. Are you blaming Matt for a slow, poor delivery?

  10. Old Dick can’t even keep track of what’s going on in the game.

  11. By the way this article is pretty funny.

  12. oceanic – I think part of the “problem” with comparing the rushing stats of the first Cardinal game to the last one is that they thought our running game was so terrible, that it wasn’t exactly anything to be feared and then we came at them from, seemingly, nowhere with Forsett leading the way.

    Also, we jumped out to a 14-0 lead and that makes it easier on any OC than having your opponent jump out to an early lead (like the first Cardinal game).

  13. Still, progress is progress and I like to see it.

  14. If Mike Holmgren is our GM in ’10, I will be perfectly happy about it. While he wasn’t a perfect GM by any means, I believe he has learned from many of his shortcomings. There isn’t anyone outside the organization who knows more about our Hawks than him. Also, he’s one of the most respected men in the NFL. I think that speaks well for him and his body of work through the years.

    Unlike most of you, if Tim Ruskell is our GM in ’10, I will be fine with it. Like Holmgren, he hasn’t been a perfect GM, but I believe that he’s also learned from his many shortcomings too. A new GM will naturally make mistakes and have to learn from them and as a reader already mentioned… we already have 2 candidates who at least have mistakes to learn from (I’m being half serious and half funny).

    The thought of a new guy coming in to clean house bothers me. Maybe it’s the kool aid in me, but I think the team can beat the Cards next year with a good off-season (if we would have had a DT like Suh we would have beaten the Cards last week). Ruskell is the type of guy who has shown he’s willing to go after something if he wants it bad enough (sometimes to his detriment, when he’s giving superstar money to players who aren’t superstars like Branch & Grant, to name a few). I like that.

    I don’t believe you rebuild for ’12-’13’14 when you have a 34 QB who is still very, very good (at least would be if he had a decent offensive line).

    If Ruskell and Mora provide us a 6-10 season next year, then I believe it is time to part ways with the older vets and bring in a new regime who will bring change (and a couple years of bad records as the new QB develops and the entire team gets drastically younger).

    Of course, there are games to be played and the season isn’t over so my opion could change. But at this point, I’d like to see TR/Mora get one more crack at it. I’d feel a lot better if Unger would move to Center though. Spencer seems more suited, mentally, for RG anyways. And if we aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year… why not do what’s best for the team in the long run? And if TR/Mora don’t want to do something like this because of their jobs, then it’s time to bring in Holmy as GM.

    If we finish ’09 with a 4-12 record and Matt reinjures his back, then all bets are off and I’m all for a ’10 draft of QB, OT, OG with our 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. It will officially be time to rebuild with a focus on being competitive in time for ’12. I will also be in favor of offensive players with our 4th and 5th rounders, as young offensive players take more time to gel as a unit. Maybe another OT in the 4th and WR in the 5th? It doesn’t take as long for RBs to make an impact so we could wait a year or two before we bring in the RB.

  15. snydro22 says:

    Excile – I was referring to passes into triple coverage. Decisions on passes to second and third options on a three step drop with zip on them RARELY have anything to do with the snap. When they are made consecutively, the odds are even lessened.

    Regardless, it was a joke and I wasn’t blaming anyone for anything. But don’t try to pigeon hole me into an opinion that is clearly irrelevant..

  16. yellaman says:

    I’m all for giving Mora another year to be HC. My issue is with Ruskell and his arrogant !@#%%$%^

  17. I love Matt as much as anyone, but I have seen him throw passes into triple coverage much more this year than he had in the past. I don’t like it. Maybe he knows he’s not going to get the wrath of Holmy? Maybe it’s knowing he’s going to have to get rid of the ball so quick b/c the OL is so terrible?

  18. chuck_easton says:

    or maybe it’s because Matt is infamous for having his ‘go-to’ guy and he will throw to that guy no matter how well covered he is or who else might be open?

    I love Matt to death, but it drives me crazy every week to see him throw to the ‘go-to’ guy and then the replay shows another receiver running so wide open he has time to go get a hotdog, make a phone call, and do his nails all while the ball goes into coverage.

    Over the years it was Jackson, then Engram, and this year it’s Burleson.

  19. Yeah, but this year the OL isn’t letting him do the hotdog, phone call, manicure thing. But over the years, yeah, it has bothered me too.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck is absolutely right. Matt’s “errant” passes are nothing new this season. He has always forced the ball, a bit. After the opening game loss in Jax in ’05, where he threw two terrible picks, he really became a lot more careful and really began to manage field position much better. I always felt that loss was a turning point for him. But under stress, he really has a propensity to make the “hero throw”, so to speak.

  21. T H U M B S U P T O R Y A N ! ! ! !
    . (I’m prob in trouble using caps!!!) ;-)

  22. In the first Ariz game the Hawks averaged 1.3 yards per carry. In the second game it was 6.8. Also, compare how many passing yards they had in the first game (114) to how many in the second (308). The Seattle O line is becomming more effective.

    Don’t know why they keep showing Iowa football games in my area but this is the fourth one I’ve seen this year. Maybe in all four games the Hawks left OT (Bryan Bulaga #79 just didn’t face a good DE but in every game he has owned his man.

  23. But you have to agree that it’s easier to run the ball when you’re up by 14 instead of down by 14. And it’s easier when the opponent doesn’t expect much from you (since they owned us the first time). But the talent level increased from Lock/Williams and Sims/Vallos. Whenever the talent level increases, so does production. I don’t think we’re good enough to run the ball like that all the time, and I don’t expect to see it tomorrow (although I’d love to). We have zero OL who would be ranked in the upper half of the NFL at their positions. That’s not a good sign. I think you at least need that one guy who you can count on to own an opponent on a regular basis, regardless of who you’re playing.

  24. I remember those crazy throws too, it just seems a little more often these days.

  25. Snydro, fair enough… now that you clarified the triple coverage. No way to defend Matt on THOSE (meaning more than a few). LOL

    Geezus, cannot believe some would be alright with the return of TR. I can look beyond Hutch who would have allowed us to gain the short yardage needed against da Bears and advance to consecutive,,, SUPER BOWLS!!! But at the moment Babineaux is a starting FS and the big FA signings of ’07 ‘R a trash heap. Hamlin not resigned.

    Lucas, who was let go as Ruskell arrived is back starting after drafting CB’s in the 1st & 2nd rnds.

    Branch has been a bust and cost a fortune on top of a 1st rnd draft pick.

    Stevens should have been resigned. He cost a high 1st and replacement Pollard was not adequate. Argue if you wish. I realize his out put in Tampa but Holmgen needed a tight end and he performed better than Mili actually winning the playoff game vs Cowboys.

    RB/FB is a matter of opinion but TJ Duckett? Here’s the kicker, Brandon Coutu was carried on the roster, an extra,,, kicker. B/c of Justin Forsett went to the practice squad but did not clear waivers. He was later released by Indy and claimed again. JF is now the starting RB.
    The Alexander contract, had Hutch been retained, should not have been a problem.

    Colin Cole was cheaper than resigning Rocky Benard. 4 million is still expensive for his talent level.

    For a laugh, or not… I would have kept Floyd ‘Pork Chop’ Womack as an insurance policy

    Major reason this Disc Jockey wanna be is a failure for a GM. Team continuity. Last year Hass claimed that the O needed to wear name tags.
    And for those of you who think this TR guy is god ( i get a kick outta the TIT reference), I’d like to see ‘ol Timmay’s score on the Wonderlic. Bet he and Vince Young are rubbing shoulders for a #8.

  26. Matt is a good QB but not a great QB. He needs a good running game and he needs a reasonable Defense for him to shine. In short, he is not one to put the game on his shoulders on a regular basis. Yes, he can pull off a come from behind win at times but we are screwed if we count on that every week.

    I want to see a change at GM next year also but for me the issue with TR has just as much to do with the defense as the offense – if defense was the focus of TR the last few years then he has failed miserably. I put the blame for at least three of our losses (the last AZ game, CHI, and SF) on awful defense. The fact that TR screwed the pooch with the RB and OL you could say is not so bad if the defense is getting correspondingly stronger, but it isn’t so it makes the offensive woes all that much more glaring.

  27. Remember when the Pats gave a lot of money to Stallworth a few years ago? Bust. Remember when they traded up in the second round to get Chad Jackson a few years ago? Bust. Remember when the Pats picked Lawrence Maroney in the first round and passed on DeAngelo Williams? Not smart. Instead of picking some clown at the end of the second round like Marquise Hill, they could have been smart like AZ and taken Darnell Dockett, who went 1 pick later. Dumb. The truth is that every organization has screwed up many times, including a model franchise like the Patriots.

    I am not here to defend TR… If I were thinking logically I would be calling for his head. It’s just a hunch that we should give him/Mora both 1 more year (that can change in the next few months). Based on his performance, he deserves to be fired after the final game this year. And I’m just one person with one opinion and based on the facts, there is fault with my opinion. I realize that.

    My point is that asking anybody to pick a Jared Allen in the 4th round every year, Trent Cole in the 5th round, Matt Hasselbeck in the 6th round, or Marques Colston in the 7th is a bit too much to expect.

    While I don’t agree with keeping Coutu on the 53 man roster last year, some are claiming it to be the dumbest move in the history of the world. But I don’t see how it really hurt us on the field? Only 45 guys are active anyways. I know we had some injury problems, but thinking that keeping Coutu destroyed a season (being overdramatic) is silly. It was pretty dang dumb to drop Forsett to keep Coutu though (as we’re finding out).

    What I wouldn’t give for a J-Force/CJ Spiller backfield next year (with a legitmate/good/solid offensive line).

  28. TR’s given us a TB ‘Lite’ defense. If TOP favors the opponent, Hawks defense gets gassed and run over. Hawks DEs can’t pressure the QB like Simeon Rice and Greg Spires used to, yet Hawks have how many DEs? Still, they lost one DE with maybe the most potential because they ran outta LTs. Not sure there’s any Simeon Rice equivalents coming out of college in ’10. Hawks DTs can’t collapse the pocket and rush the passer like Warren Sapp and Anthony McFarland used to. Maybe Mebane and Cole will improve, but Suh could eventually become that Warren Sapp player.

  29. I would like opinions from everyone:

    Do not take into consideration – draft position or draft need or anything like that.
    I just want to know . . . .
    Which college RB would you most want on the seahawks roster next year:

    1. Toby Gearhart Stanford
    2. Jahvid Best Cal
    3. CJ Spiller – Clemson right
    4. The Alabama guy whose name I am too lazy to look up right now
    5. other


  30. navyhawk51 says:

    I just like how Stockton himself can’t agree on the right way to say Mare’s name. In one game alone I heard at least 3 different ways to say it… from Dick Stockton.

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