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Holmgren acknowledges interest in Browns job

Post by Ryan Divish on Nov. 20, 2009 at 1:42 pm with 41 Comments »
November 20, 2009 1:54 pm
AP photo
AP photo

Mike Holmgren said in his weekly appearance with KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler that he has not spoken with Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner about the possibility of becoming the team’s director of football operations.

But he did say he would be interested in talking with Lerner, saying “I’d love to talk with Cleveland someday.”

Listen to it here.

Don’t think the Browns are the only team that will be calling Holmgren. Several teams will be interested in bringing him on in some form…. But will one of those teams be the Seattle Seahawks?

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  1. FireRuskellNow says:

    Excellent, we ran out of town one of the most desired commodities in the NFL so we could retain the guy who traded for Keary Colbert and Deion Branch, drafted Chris Spencer and Kelly Jennings, and got punked in the Steve Hutchinson situation.

  2. variable575 says:

    There are not enough (bad) words that can express how criminal it is that Holmgren is gone while we retain the likes of TR & company. Any (inside) news on the possibility that we give TR an extension?

  3. if holmgren signs with the browns i just hope he gives them what it takes for them to beat the steelers every time.

    I don’t really even want Holmgren as GM to be honest, I’d rather have Dungy, personally.

  4. FireRuskellNow says:

    Tony Dungy is not a general manager, he was a head coach. The Colts GM is a genius though.

    And why would Ruskell get an extension? He should have been fired the second he failed to retain Hutch.

  5. So what makes you think Dungy would make a bad GM?

  6. What makes you think Dungy would make a good GM?! I want an experienced and proven GM with a successful track record, not a rookie who’ll have to grow into the position and make us wait for another playoff team. Either keep Ruskell or find someone who has already proven that he’s better than Ruskell.

    The thing is…all of the criticisms being waged against Ruskell right now will hopefully change his philosophy. We’ve already paid for his mistakes…maybe we’ll start reaping some rewards from what he’s learned from those mistakes. One can only hope.

  7. I personally don’t think Holmgren needs to come back right now. Mora doesn’t need him looking over his shoulder.

    And Dungy?? Dungy recently said Tim Tebow will be a great NFL quarterback. That tells you what Dungy knows about scouting offense.

    Here’s an argument for Ruskell to stay. Maybe the most interesting thing is at the bottom where there is a list of possible replacements for Ruskell …

  8. I started hating Ruskell right after he let Leonard Weaver go.

  9. and ccsolo (are you sure you’re not Ruskell?), What makes you think Tim Tebow WON’T make a great NFL quarterback? Are you more qualified than he is?

  10. spunjdog says:

    Sorry, friends.

    Mike Holmgren did not make a good GM. Tim Tebow won’t be a great (or even good) quarterback. There is no Santa Claus.

  11. brosco13 says:

    Dungy is the man, he took both Tampa Bay and Indy from nobody’s to great teams. i think dungy would be a great GM but he would not be as good as I would be at GM. HIRE ME FOR GM, i guarantee we will win superbowl in two years of my tenure!

  12. “Excellent, we ran out of town one of the most desired commodities in the NFL ”

    When did we run Holmgren out of town?

  13. Jim Mora and coaching staff are in the first year. Its almost a certainty they will be retained since one year is not enough time to judge the progress of a coaching staff.

    GM Ruskell, for better or worse, seems inextricably tied to Mora since he brought Mora in, and so it seems very likely Ruskell will be extended to continue working with Mora for at least another year or so.

    And that may not be such a bad thing. I think that “rumors of the Seahawks demise are greatly exaggerated”. Now healthy, this will become a good team in the second half of the season.

  14. Did everyone see ESPN article said that Dickett from the Tards got fined for the Hasselbeck throat massage. A wopping $7,500 the same as they fined Babs for the wimpy horsecoller tackle. F’n Rediculous
    Man the NFL hates the Hawks, its Official
    Next year Someone Break his knees in a Blatant Obvious try to Break them, us fans will take up a collection to pay the F’n Fine
    Enough is enough NFL

  15. I think the rumors of our demise are because we have been a terrible team the last 2 seasons. Nor do we have any player on our team worthy of being selected to the Pro Bowl. In part, our demise could be because we have a terrible offensive line. Another is that we have a terrible defensive line. On the positives, we really can’t get too much worse off, can we?

    The positives are we have a good QB, a good C who is playing the wrong position, a good TE, DT, LBs, and CBs.

    Eric wouldn’t have had to waste his time asking if we still had any players Pro Bowl worthy if we still had you-know-who.

  16. Even though we are extremely overmatched on Sunday… here is a silver lining… Each time the Vikings play the Lions, the Lions make is a game. They even came close to beating them last year and earlier this year. In part, I think it’s because the Lions are so bad that the Vikes don’t take them too seriously. Well, if they watch the film on us, I wouldn’t think they would take us seriously either. That may be our only chance (and winning the turnover battle by at least 2, but more likely 3-5).

  17. Dungy doesn’t even want to be a GM. Right? And he loves Tampa. He doesn’t want to move.

    If the Hawks have a draft like this:
    1. Taylor Mays
    1. LB
    2. LB
    4. Tim Tebow
    … you will never hear from me again – that means some of you will root for this:)

  18. chuck_easton says:

    OK bobby, it just has to be asked. Why two LB’s? If Lofa comes back next season in true form, combined with Curry, and Hill (definitely the lesser of the three now and proving he was not worth the thought of the franchise tag), along with Hawthorn coming off the bench, why LB?

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Unless of course I’m completely missing the point and you are saying that a draft like that would be a TOTAL sh** sandwitch. I’ve missed the whole satire thing before, especially when I’m totally wasted from a tough work week.

  20. yellaman says:

    man just finish watching the 49er’s v Packers 98 playoff game (holmgren last game as Packer HC) it was amazing how things have change since that game. Many sub plots, for one Mariucci was 49ers HC and his coordinators were Mora DC & Knapp OF Holmgren’s were Andy Reid OF & Shurmer (RIP) its amazing that during the game packers had won the game when Jerry Rice had fumbled on the last drive in the final minute but because No instant reply the refs gave the 49ers the ball which led to TO’s touchdown catch. Holmgren lost the game and came to seattle and now Holmgren is gone and we are stuck with a guy name Ruskell. Holmgren should still be here in some compacity. After watching that game, it makes me mad that we got a great opportunity to get Holmgren and now this city and organization has lost a hall of fame coach. I know Holmgren was here 10 years but I would be more comfortable with him tied to this organization. Who is going to rebuild this team’s O-Line? who gave us a probowl QB? Who gave his heart to this organization even when people were doubting him? who gave up his GM duties for the betterment of the organization? This man deserves our respect and gratitiude. Just remember where this organization was in the 90’s. Yeah he made mistakes as a new GM but I’m pretty sure he has learned from his mistakes. Holmgren is a bright guy and he would be a good guy to have as part of this organization Leiwke make the call bring holmrren back. I’m just sayin

    Nolan from T-Town

  21. yellaman says:

    Stevos on the band wagon again about Ruskell I see

  22. yellaman says:

    Stevos what is your second half record going to be for the hawks from this point on? I would like to hear how the team will finish

  23. yellaman says:

    Continue… Stevos, since the seahawk’s demise is being greatly exaggerated

  24. The Seahawks have one of the weaker schedules in the NFL over the final 7 weeks so it wouldn’t surprise me to see this team go 7-9 and still be an embarrassment on the road week in and week out.

    Unless the team beats a quality opponent, don’t confuse a weaker schedule with a better team, as I’m sure many fans will.

  25. To Paul Allen: Fire Ruskell this very MOMENT. Hire Holmgren this very MOMENT, & let Holmgren decide if he will be gm, coach, or both. It would not break my heart if you fired Mora this very MOMENT also.

  26. BobbyAyala says:

    The Seahawks are a bad football team. That is no exaggeration.

  27. FireRuskellNow says:

    And it’s no coincidence Seattle’s been in a nosedive ever since Holmgren’s players started fading away and Ruskell started phasing in his trash.

  28. BobbyAyala says:

    Holmgren was a good GM, he took trash and turned it into a Super Bowl, and he did it surviving two years at Husky Stadium.

    He took the SOS and made Qwest Field what it is today.

    He’s Sweet Lou and George Karl, except his team was good enough to win Super Bowl XL.

    He has a home here and wants to stay here, and has a good relationship with Jim Mora.

  29. BA, agree completely with your observations about Holmgren. I thinks his time as a coach is past but he can and will be a good GM in the NFL

    I wonder how bad things have to get here before Stevos comes to the realization that Ruskell has turned this football team into a losing franchise again. This is not just the 2nd year in a row the OLine has been weak, it’s been weak since ’06. Ruskell has had 5 seasons to create his vision here and this team still can’t win on the road and has had the 2nd highest amount of money spent on players in the league during his tenure for a lame 7 wins in the last 25 games. Ruskell’s vision for the team is flawed and his execution as a GM leaves a great deal to be desired.

    Stevos probably likes Spencer however, or thinks the Seahawks defense is worth what it’s paid, or that his plan for this season was sensible or realistic. Ruskell does not deserve to renewed. Doing so will only delay the re-emergence of the Seahawks as a good team.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo has been critical of Ruskell far longer than most of the people ripping him (Stevo) on this board have been here. I think most of you misunderstand his views. He doesn’t need me to speak for him, but if I were to (and I am) I think what he is saying is that despite the many gaffs Ruskell has committed, he finally seems to have his coaches and players in place now (for good or ill) let’s see over the next year or two what it can develop into. Let’s watch the young talent grow and the staff develop it before pulling the plug. You may not agree with that (I for one do not, I want Ruskell out) but it deserves consideration and has merit, not shallow, easy criticism.

  31. Yes, chuck, my points about Taylor Mays, LB, LB, and Tebow with our 1st 4 picks was a scenario where I’d be extremely mad. I don’t like Mays, nor do I think Tebow will be a good NFL player. And we’re pretty loaded up on LB. I really hope we can sign an instant impact OL & DL in FA, then we can draft a OL & DL in the first 2 rounds of the draft. I am starting to heat up on wanting Spiller because it’s so important to have at least one guy who can change a game on one play. But I realize a FS is also needed and that’s more of a priority than RB (maybe we can sign Nick Collins though?). I wish I knew the cap situation heading into next year. It’d be nice to know if we were going to have room for 2 big FA signings (Evans, RG, Collins, FS, Kampman, DE, etc.). That’d make life a lot easier come draft time.

  32. chuck_easton says:


    You are using revisionist history. Holmgren was widely TRASHED as the GM here. But don’t let your love for him and your total hatred of Ruskell get in the way of a good thought.

    Go back in history and look at some of the national articles about Holmgren the GM.

    And some people on here think that Ruskell replaced Holmgren. That is just an indication that you really didn’t start following the Seahawks until, oh, around the 2005 run.

    After Holmgren was fired Fergusun took over as GM. Then there was Whittsitt who was followed by Ruskell. There was a breakdown of the 2005 team a while back and it was apparent that Fergusun and Whittsitt had more starters on that SB team than either Holmgren OR Ruskell.

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Oh, and after the 2002 season there was a movement in the media and with many fans to fire Holmgren as both GM and HC because the team was so bad.

    Paul Allen decided to let him keep his HC duties IF Holmgren would agree to give up the GM duties. Lucky for the team Holmgren agreed but he held a grudge against all three GM’s that followed him.

  34. yellaman says:

    chuck I would dispute the the timeline of Holmgrens loss of GM duties. Whitsitt fired Holmgren as Gm and asked mike stay on as HC. then he hired Ferguson. “By this time Holmgren had already gotten us Matt Hasselback and had the players offensively that made up the superbowl team. Although, Holmgren wasn’t Gm anymore he had a lot of pull with the teams player personnel (guys he had hired and brought from green bay). The guys in the front office were Holmgren guys and Whitsitt slowly got rid of them and replaced them and then took over GM duties. It wasn’t until Holmgren was about to quit that Paul Allen stepped in and fired Whitsitt and Holmgren stayed on. Then ruskell came and made 2 good draft picks (Tatupu was a rhodes pick & Hill) brought in some players he knew from the Tampa Bay superbowl team (Jurevious & a DL player-can’t remember his name). Now thats it. name me another impact player besides grant & Kerney’s first year here who have performed or developed here. Ruskell team has lost talent and is no longer a playoff team. I don’t see us getting any better with the level of talent on this team. I would hate to see another period like the Seahawks of the 90’s that would suck. I’m a season ticket holder and I pay exorbit amount of $$$ and would like to see the fans money going to something I believe and trust in and I don’t believe or Trust Ruskell and his 2 yr plan ( mid season analysis) I’m just sayin

  35. I think Tatupu was more of a TR pick than a Rhodes pick. TR loved/loves that guy. I heard (don’t remember where) that he had to be talked out of taking him with the Spencer pick (would have been a better use of it). Anyone else heard that about the Tatupu pick?

  36. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not saying the team should keep Ruskell. If he goes he goes. What I can’t tolerate is this Ruskell demolished “Holmgren’s’ team mantra that keeps coming up as well as this idea that Holmgren will come in and ‘fix’ everything.

    Holmgren was hired as the GM/HC in 1998. He was annointed the savior of the franchise. He had this ‘five year’ plan to bring the team back. After four (1998-2002) very bad years with terrible drafts Holmgren was fired as GM.

    Mike Holmgren is/was the best HC Seattle has ever had, don’t get me wrong. But his personnel decisions were terrible and he was stripped of his GM duties. Plain and simple.

  37. yellaman says:

    Dukshire- while I agree most of the time with some of your comment. I disagree with Stevos comments of keeping Ruskell. I’m fed up with his arrogant behavior and lack of bring in draft talent. Only good picks he has made were Tatupu ( rhodes guy) and Hill ( can’t stay healthy) and Carlson (holmgren wanted him). Ruskell was suppose to give us a top tier defense the likes of Tampa bay superbowl team. What I see defensively is an overpaid unit with aging superstar player past their prime (Kerney, Redding) and inadequate youth with limited talent. I don’t trust Ruskell to fix this mess and do you the O’Line needs help we need to address the RB and get a future QB to Hasselback. On Defense, We need D-Line help ( DT and DE)
    need another CB What happen to Tru? A safety ( move babs to nickel) and role players at every position. I don’t trust Ruskell to accomplish these. Do You?

  38. Dukeshire says:

    You’re preaching to the choir a bit. As I said, I do not want him re-signed. I’ve seen enough and want ownership to entrust someone else with the rebuilding of this team. I was only speaking for Sevos. Simply because he feels there are reasons to give Ruskell more time (and some of those are valid) doesn’t mean everything else he says is marginalized, necessarily. I suppose I was clarifying his point because he was taking some on this board, unfairly. His support for Ruskell is not unconditional. But I know better that to get involved in someone else’s “battles”, so that’s where I’ll leave it.

  39. yellaman says:


    I just can’t sit back and watch this team go backwards before we can move forward. I preach till I’m heard I’m a seahawk fan just like you and I want to see improvement or people need to be let go. In the real world ( not sports) people get let go all the time for doing a job poorly. I think its time to let Ruskell go. Go hawks

  40. yellaman says:


    Then the seahawks need to bring in another GM other than Holmgren. I can’t stand by and watch this guy, Ruskell, lie to Seahawk fans about a 2 yr plan and him supposedly a guy who knows defensive talent. Where is this team ranked defensively. I know Tatupu is hurt and Tru/ hill just came back maybe coaching is the problem or maybe Mora ( I personally like Mora as HC). But this team and organization needs a new direction or path to winning.

  41. snydro22 says:

    One of the reasons I am not enthusiastic about the idea of a Holmy return is that I just think we need a new set of eyes on the organization. I think we have a good crop of young talent, and we need someone to come in and re-evaluate each position from the top down and make some tough choices. There are some players who do not pull their weight but seem to be getting a pass from the coaching staff and upper-management. Those guys need to go.. Ruskell has HIS guys, and some of them aren’t worthy of the roster spot.. I am afraid Holmgren (who is already notorious for doing so) would favor some of his remaining guys as well, and may have a little bit too much of an emotional attachment to some of them..

    Too bad there aren’t any hot young gm’s out there.. I guess I’ll have to settle for hot young co-eds..

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