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Thursday practice report: Hasselbeck feeling good

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 12, 2009 at 2:15 pm with 63 Comments »
November 12, 2009 4:59 pm

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck looked good throwing the ball today, and said he feels the best he’s felt in awhile after today’s practice.

“Way better than last week,” Hasselbeck said. “Way better than the last, five weeks really. So it’s the best it’s been.”

Hasselbeck said the thing he believes will determine Sunday’s game against Arizona is who performs better on third down.

Seattle, of course, struggled offensively on third down in the first game against Arizona, going 0-of-11 on third downs. The Seahawks did face seven third downs of 3-and-10 or longer against the Cardinals.

The Seahawks are 23rd overall (38 percent) offensively in converting third downs, and the Cardinals are second overall in the league defensively in allowing third down conversions (33 percent).

“It’s going to be a challenge,” Hasselbeck said. “But the best thing offensively we can do for our team is win on third down.”

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley talked today after practice about defending the Cardinals better than his defense did the first time around in Seattle, with getting consistent pressure on Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner being one of the keys.

On watching Warner on film, Bradley had this to say.

“It looks so easy to him on tape,” Bradley said. “You know, he comes back, he’s sees the coverage and he knows where to go. And that’s why he gets rid of it so quick. So we’ve got to do a good job of disguising, and when we are playing man coverage then we’ve got to lock onto the receivers and hold up.”

Bradley said Seattle facing a big receiver like Calvin Johnson last week should help in the preparation of dealing with Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Bradley went onto say that in order to contain Fitzgerald defensively, Seattle will have to do a good job of disrupting his route at the line of scrimmage to allow time for the safety to get over the top of the coverage. And then there may be times when the Seahawks double him, but the overriding strategy appears to be constantly changing the approach and showing different looks.

Bradley also said the team cannot be so focused on Fitzgerald that they forget about Arizona’s other talented receivers Anquan Bolden and Steve Breaston.

As far as blitzing Warner, Bradley said Warner’s completion percentage actually goes up when teams blitz because he’s so good of getting rid of the ball quickly, so it appears the key for Seattle will be mixing up the blitzes and getting pressure from just the front four.

Here’s the injury report.

For Seattle, Hasselbeck, OT Sean Locklear and CB Ken Lucas all fully participated in practice today.

And WR Mike Hass also was on the practice field, so he cleared waivers and was added to the practice squad.

For Arizona, LB Gerald Hayes (back), T Mike Gandy (pelvis), LB Chike Okeafor (back), WR Sean Morey (head) and DE Kenny Iwebema (knee) did not practice.

WR Steve Breaston (knee) and TE Ben Patrick were limited participants in practice.

And WR Anquan Boldin (ankle), CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie (finger) and G Reggie Wellls (thumb) were full participants in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. mystireeman says:

    damn fine reporting to give us friday’s practice report on a thursday afternoon. take the rest of the day off eric.

  2. AKhawkFan says:

    ha. My thoughts exactly.

  3. princeaden says:

    I’m glad you guys said that. I thought I was caught in a Vortex.

  4. Seahawks2620 says:

    So….is Josh Wilson starting over Ken Lucas

  5. Ken Lucas will be playing LT, Houshmandzadeh at CB, and Wilson at WR

  6. Looking at the team stats from yesterday, these teams are actually very close on paper. They are both so streaky that this game could be won by the Hawks if they bring their A game. I agree far more with Bradley than I do with Hass – the key to the game is going to be putting pressure on Warner and not letting him get comfortable with anything. Offensively, I just hope Mora does not waste time trying to establish a running game. Clearly, the strength of the Hawks right now is the passing game.

  7. princeaden says:

    I hope Wilson is starting. The guy makes plays….

  8. Soggybuc says:

    LMAO, i actually double checked to make sure i had’nt lost a day somewhere.

  9. snydro22 says:

    I think I’ll take tomorrow off work in honor of the thread..

  10. Dukeshire says:

    If Bradley means what he said about disrupting routes at the line, then I hope Wilson starts. Wilson may lose the size differential to Lucas but he’s much more physical.

    Babs and Grant need to have big days. They simply (Grant especially) must keep the play in front of them and get to the receiver, to help over the top, before the ball does. And as always, get to Warner often. He’s got to feel pressure. They sacked him 3 times last game but between those were periods of absolutely zero pressure. If he has time, it will be another long day.

  11. variable575 says:

    Beautiful post snydro.

    Hey, hawks have are streaky yes, they suck against good teams and are average against losing teams. Whew, the detroit game was a joke.

    AZ handled us at quest and will handle us at their home, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    AZ is looking to win at home for their fans………..they plan on winning big and they will…………BLOWOUT.
    No prove me wrong hawks.

  12. variable575 says:

    AZ 42

    SEA 20

  13. Some have already defined the season and deemed it a failure. Although it’s getting close, there is still a pulse and a win means we may have time to find a rythm and get on a roll (as we’d already be up to a 2 game win streak).

    Knapp talked about 6-8 weeks with a line being together before “getting” the ZBS, which would take us to the final month when all we need to do is win this worthless division and then get a home game at Qwest. As the Tards proved last year, after that, anything can happen.

    I know it’s a lot of “ifs” and it isn’t a likely scenario, but I believe that Tim Ruskell has assembled a fine football team minus the offensive line. I believe the offensive line blows, and that’s with everybody healthy. I have loved what McIntosh has brought and hope he doesn’t end up on the pine, b/c he’s earned PT. And it’s not like McIntosh was a bum of the street like Edge or Milloy (both of whom were good/great in their primes)… he actually went through a demanding training camp and had only been out of work for a little over a month, whereas Milloy/James were sitting on the couch eating chips (figure of speech – I’m sure they were training, but not like a real training camp).

    It’s truly funny how each game is so important in the NFL. If we win, I know Minnesota is going to be a long shot… but there’s hope for the division. We can do it.

    But a loss on Sunday and most, myself included, will be ready to see what some of our young guys can do and think about free agency and the draft.

  14. I should clarify – if we lose and we’re out… I don’t mean to stop trying… I simply mean it’ll be time to give 100% with what is in the best long term interests of this team, such as getting Unger in at Center and eliminating time from a guy like Spencer who should not be resigned (as I doubt he’d want to come back as a back up). Even if Sims is resigned, I believe the time would be better spent with him being next to Unger to build continuity for ’10 instead of not resigning Spencer and then telling Sims/Unger that they will be working together without having had that experience to build on. And, really, if it comes down to it… getting a look at Teel in the second to last game (when we’re on the road) would be a good idea. I wouldn’t want to do it at home. If he’s on the road, it’s tougher and I’d like to see what he’s made of. Sure, it’s only one game of film, but it’s better than nothing. I’d rather do it then instead of the final week… I believe Seahawk season ticket holders need to see the best product on the field at home (I don’t care about fans of other teams).

  15. Sorry fellas. Trying to do too many things at once. Thanks for understanding.

  16. we’ve definitely got a shot on Sunday. Remember that last time things worked out as bad as they possibly could – with that horrible turnover (and pooch kickoff) start, that put us in a passing situation from the 1st quarter on – w/a no-longer-in-the-nfl starting left tackle.

    Now, of course, we’ve proven that we can have terrible starts against teams much worse than Arizone, but it’s not a given that we’re going to again start a game with consecutive turnovers.

    As others have said – and as we all said before the last Cardinals game – we have got to put pressure on Warner. If he’s got time to throw, they’ll hold the ball and score like they did last time. I hope we take some more blitz chances on 3rd down this week than has been the norm this year.

  17. So I swear I heard Gus Bradley say the exact same thing before we got toasted at home by the Cards a month ago. Am I the only one that is tired of seeing our front four get absolutely no pressure at all? Even with 7 guys covering 5, Warner had all day to wait for a receiver to get open and when they did, he hit them in stride. I’d much rather see us bring 6 or 7 guys to TRY to disrupt him and force them to make a play…even if it means we get burned. At this point, we need to force the issue because if we don’t we won’t have much to play for the rest of the year.
    I know Warner can pick apart defenses as good as most QB’s but I’ve also seen him lay an egg (@ home against Carolina) and make bad mistakes when facing pressure. Let’s bring the house for once please!?

  18. Attempted to rewatch the AZ game the other night. First thing the announcers come out with is this is the 25th game the Card o-line has played together. Then a few plays in on third down Fitzgerald slips to the ground but manages to reach back and up making the catch. They went on to score a TD eating most of the first quarter clock as you already know. Then on the kick TE 86 Owens runs under the squib kick allowing AZ to recover. Castration was in order. Mora hang Mare for a couple kicks, 86 needs tar and seachicken feathers. Then again this week both Forsett and Rankin let the kick fall between them. Pull them together Dehaven.

    Hasselbeck wasn’t given the time needed in that game and starting out down 14 points behind. Matt will put some points on the board this time around. Just up to the D to keep us in it. Hawks are healthy, so, NO EXCUSES! Lets see what this revamped TR defense can do.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    DeHaven is awful. If Owens hadn’t taken a couple steps forward on that squib kick, it would have hit him in the head. Total lack of preparation. Wisenhunt even said after the game, tha’s a play they have used in the past. They had no clue that was coming and that falls squarely on DeHaven. Yes, the players on the field have to make plays but he must have them prepared and he does not.

  20. variable575 says:

    Hawks suck against good teams. Last time I checked AZ smacked us around at home. Last time i checked AZ has beaten us…… what is it 5 out of 6 meetings. We’re only becoming weaker and more exposed especially to divisional rivals like SF and AZ.

    And Dehaven is awful!! What about Solari though????????????? I haven’t heard anyone point fingers at him, why not? Look at a team like the steelers(barf) and everyone they lose yet their OL is dependable at least more so than ours has ever been under solari.

  21. One thing about the Pittsburgh OL is that, even though they aren’t very good in pass pro, they have a QB who is a big, freak. By that I mean he’s a huge man (with the brain of a chimp… at least common sense/life wise… not NFL wise… which is all that matters, I guess) and he can make throws with people bouncing off of him. Matt, Manning, Brady… they can’t do this. Not many can.

    mb23oly – I agree!!! It sucks and I’m sick of it. However, our we don’t have the talent up front to get constant pressure. That’s part of the reason I’m so high on Suh even though we’d probably have to trade up to get him (and I am well aware of the stupid R contracts). I don’t care anymore. Get him and then go OL/OL/OL… screw all the other positions in the draft… If you’re not good enough in the trenches, the rest really isn’t going to matter anyways (at least as far as being good enough to win the SB).

    It’s only Thursday and my head is ready to explode. I don’t think that’s good.

  22. variable575 says:

    He looks like a chimp to!

  23. LOL! A fat faced chimp!

  24. In an unrelated announcement — Duke… a mistake was made with my Carlson jersey… it’s a real, authentic, blue home jersey. And I was expecting a GREEN jersey!!! Long story why I can’t return it. Sucks.

  25. Crabtree looks like he’s going to be the real deal. All of the people wanting him in the draft don’t look so dumb to me anymore (although my Moreno/Oher options aren’t exactly looking stupid either). And Curry is a stud (or at least will be). I guess the only dumb looking people, for the regulars, are the Monroe/Smith/Smith people (and A.Smith really didn’t have much support). What does this mean? Nothing, except that Seahawk fans seem to be pretty damn smart. Maybe we can challenge the Cardinal fans (both of them) to an IQ contest if we lose the game on Sunday. That will make us feel better about ourselves:)

  26. The only way I can see us beating the Cardinals in their stadium on Sunday is for our Defense to play mad, nasty, relentless from the first snap of the game. Warner, Fitzgerald and Boldin all need to be hit early and hit hard. If the Seahawks aren’t more physical than the Cards early, don’t force a turnover or two early, then we’ll know by halftime whether we have any chance.

    No one can expect us, or any team, to beat the Cardinals at home this Sunday after they were embarrassed by Carolina just last week. But i’m looking forward to seeing our D go down there play their nastiest game. Its on the players and Coach Mora to pull out all the stops. Do they have it in them?

  27. Stevos – the Cards won big at the Bears last week (they lost to Carolina at home the previous week — probably what you mean?). They suck at home this year (but that’ll probably change against us… hope not).

  28. All we have to do to neutralize Boldin is just show him a bunch of financial statements about how much more Fitz makes than him. That’ll piss him off enough for him not to try (or pout when they win last week… or be mad when he goes to the Super Bowl).

  29. Dukeshire says:

    The reason you haven’t heard Solari’s name get dragged around yet is because in his 2 seasons here, the players he’s had to work with have been constantly injured. There is a self life to that, of course, but for now he is safe.

    Bobby – That sucks! Still, a good jersey. I’ve seen the authentic green Carlson too at some of the shops just outside Qwest.

    “All we have to do to neutralize Boldin is just show him a bunch of financial statements about how much more Fitz makes than him” Lol.

    About the pressure up front. I actually think part of the blowback of always rotating different players in is that they don’t get into a rhythm themselves. There is a different configuration on nearly every play. The talent needs an upgrade, no question. But Tapp, Reed, Mebane and Jackson (How impressive has his improvement been?) is a solid foundation to build around. Cole and Bryant need to find some consistency if they are to be counted on. Redding and Kerney may not be Seahawks next year.

    And for those of you watching the game on NFL Network tonight; how sick are you of the NFL Films ad they run at every break? Jesus Christ, we get it!! Enough, please. It’s driving me mad!

  30. Interesting chat on KJR this morning in which everyone agreed that its time to pull out all the stops. AZ and MN are supposed to beat us and our season will be over, so there is no reason to hold back. Millen and the gang all agreed its time to put Seneca Wallace in the game at WR for some receptions, reverses, and/or passes to get the Cardinals D off balance.

    And I think its also time to throw some blitzes at Warner with the intention of hitting him, knowing that he will complete passes while we blitz him, but hitting him anyway to rattle him. Time for our D to draw a flag or two for roughness if it comes to that. Its time.

  31. Duke and Bobby, there is nothing “authentic” about the green jersey. The green jerseys are just, well, ewwww.

  32. Yeah, I’m watching the game as we speak! And I’m getting sick of the pressure SF is putting on Chi with a DL that I’m not impressed with… I think the SF front 4 isn’t overly good (not better than ours) and yet they are bringing pressure… why the hell can’t we???

    Oh, by the way, I’m sick of all these penalties… both ways…

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Watching the Bears tonight lessens the impressiveness of the Cards victory against them last week. They are a bad. Poorly coached with all the penalties, they cannot run and Cutler has now thrown 12 (I believe) interceptions on the year.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – I couldn’t agree more. I personally hate them.

  35. Stevos – trust me, Duke hates those jerseys too. But I love them!!! I’m gonna get one!!!

    I agree about the Solari stuff… I don’t know what he’s supposed to do with a bunch of stiffs… especially when one of them is named Chris Spencer… and, yet, he has made Rob Sims (Rob f-ing Sims) functional. To me, that puts Solari in the HOF.

    Go Bears!!! 00:13…

  36. Funny to hear Coach Solari being criticized here. Can you say ‘missing the point’?

    Solari has not have the same five players on his O line for any two weeks in a row this year. A different five every week! What a nightmare for an O line coach to deal with. He’s done a great job getting new guys like Frye and McIntosh installed quickly when needed. I hope we get to see his work with the five starters begin to gel this week.

  37. I hate it when you write stuff and other beat you to the punch. Oh well…

    I love the GREEN!!!

  38. Jay Cutler = POS

  39. 49ers blow.

  40. The NFL has gotten smart (just saw V.Davis walk off the field)… instead of putting a bunch of men on the field to interview the players (I certainly wouldn’t want to talk to someone [no offense, Eric/Ryan] if I had just gotten knocked around for 60 minutes)… but I’d be all up for talking to some hot chick if I was young/single (as most NFL players are) if she wanted to ask me a bunch of questions…

  41. I’d talk to Suzy Kolber any time.

  42. If we beat the Arizona piece-of-sh!t-franchise-of-jerk-offs on Sunday… this is going to be a fun race… If we lose, we’re done. Nobody is going to make the play-offs in this divison as a Wild Card and we’re not going to pass 2 teams in front of us when we’re 0-3 against those teams and must win a tie-breaker…

  43. Stevos — I’m not sure you’d want to “talk” to her anytime… maybe some other stuff though:)

  44. You’re right, Bobby. We need to go down there to Phoenix and BLOW UP their stadium.

    And, Suzy Kolber, if you’re listening… you can come “talk to me” anytime.

  45. Ashely Judd — what Stevos said…

  46. D. Dockett = douche (whether we win or lose)

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Erin Andrews.

  48. Cue variable to come in here and ruin my high about thinking we can upset the cards.

  49. variable575 says:

    Sorry i’m late kevin and without further delay I bring to you………..*****Drum Role*****……………….REALITY!!!!

    That’s right, for no expense I’m here to tell you that we will lose in AZ!!! The only upsetting will be you soiling your trousers out of crippling depression knowing the seahawks have truly fallen beneath the crotch of the NFC west……..the tards.

  50. ” That’s right, for no expense I’m here to tell you that we will lose in AZ!!! ”

    You’re all class.
    We should enroll you in Tool Academy.

  51. I just heard the Hawks are #1 vs the run since week 2. (75yds a game)
    Too bad it’s the pass defense they’ll need more of this week. (17th)
    They’ve harassed Kurt in the past, Do it again!

  52. This game should be different. Trufant covering fitz, mcintosh or locklear on the left side of the line rather than williams. I hope I’m right.

  53. Don’t forget that Vallos was pretty brutal at LG too.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Vallos had an awful game, yes. And Terrill saw more snaps at DT than either Mebane or Cole, also not a good thing.

  55. princeaden says:

    I believe that the talent level from team to team in the NFL is relatively close, especially when healthy. This includes the Seahawks and Cardinals. That being said, the home field advantage does play a part but in the case of Sea vs. Az. these teams know each other so well that I believe this game comes down to game planning and coaching more than anything. And IMO this game ,win or lose falls squarely on the coaching staff. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great deal of confidence in Mora and less in Knapp and Bradley. Thus, making the outcome of this weekends game somawhat predictible. I sincerely hope Mora and co. proves me wrong. Again, I don’t have a great deal of faith in that.

  56. princedan, very true. Yet we wouldn’t all love this game if it was really that predictable.

    Although most teams talent level is pretty close, obviously the Cardinals have a significant talent advantage over us at WR and D line (many years of high draft picks after losing seasons did that for them), and their O line is in synch after having played together for many games in a row.

    But, your’e right. This Sunday’s game falls on the players and the coaching staff. It is really all about “Who Wants It More?”

  57. Seahawks2620 says:

    it is straight up torture what Lawrence Jackson did to us in the beginning of this season. He had some of us believing that he was coming around….WOW what a load of crap that was. Sucks….Kerney is getting old and he doesn’t have the same motor any longer. Cory Redding is garbage, Cole is big but he isn’t attracting the double teams like everyone thought he would (he is showing us why he was a backup), Mebane can’t do it all by himself but he has still dissapointed thus far, and Red Bryant was supposed to be this huge ass beast but he sucks ass against the run. What a sweet line!!!!!!!!!

  58. snydro22 says:

    Fantasy Advice?

    Burleson or Housh .. or Brandon Marshall.. I can play two of them..

    Ryan Grant or Rashard Mendenhall or Knowshon Moreno.. I can play one of those three.

    Advice? This is my pay league, and none of these matchups stands out..

  59. Dukeshire says:

    If it were me I’d go with Marshall against the ‘Skins and Houshmandzadeh. He’s more physical against a physical secondary. But really it’s a coin flip

    I’d start Moreno (again vs the ‘Skins) and Grant. I know Mendenhall is coming off a big game but Cinci gives up next to nothing on the ground and Pitts seems pretty committed to throwing it.

  60. I’d probably choose Marshall over either of our WRs. And I’d choose Moreno over Mendenhall too. But I wouldn’t start a Bronco RB AND WR in the same week. There’s only so much upside. That means I’d probably go with Mendenhall because he’ll most likely get his teams goal line carries. At some point the Bengals are going to realize they are the Bengals and playing at Pittsburgh is a good place to find that out.

  61. variable575 says:

    mocarob says:

    ” That’s right, for no expense I’m here to tell you that we will lose in AZ!!! ”

    You’re all class.
    We should enroll you in Tool Academy.

    ……………..Hey Mocarob, such an academy may have worked for you and your kind but i’ll pass, thanks though little buddy!

  62. Dukeshire says:

    The Bengals are good, Bobby. I think the Steelers might find out they are the Bengals too.

    Sorry Syndro, I miss read. Only one RB? That is tough, Probably still Moreno. Washington is so bad.

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