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Morning links: A return to Hawks for Holmgren?

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 10, 2009 at 10:08 am with 46 Comments »
December 17, 2009 3:15 pm
John Froschauer/AP
John Froschauer/AP

With the recent news of the Cleveland Browns showing interest in former Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren as a potential candidate to run the team’s football operations, now that the general manger there has been let go, TNT columnist Dave Boling examines the possibilities of Holmgren returning to the Seahawks as the general manager.

Most of you who read the blog on a regular basis know the circumstances, but here’s a brief review. Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell is in the final year of a five-year deal with the team.

He made some moves in his first year that, along with existing talent on the roster, helped Seattle reach the Super Bowl. But Seattle has won just seven games in its past 24, and the team is 3-5 at the midpoint of this season where the stated goal was to return to the playoffs after a dismal, 4-12 campaign in 2008.

Although Ruskell has made some shrewd talent evaluations in the later rounds to pluck good players like linebackers Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill, and tight end John Carlson, his performance in the first round has been uneven. And many fans still hold him accountable for letting talented guard Steve Hutchinson get away to Minnesota.

The thinking by some is that Holmgren, who has taken a year break away from the game, could be snapped up by teams like Cleveland or Washington before the Seahawks make a decision to bring him back, if Holmgren is indeed the team’s choice to replace Ruskell if they do not re-sign him at the end of the year.

Boling examines all of the scenarios in today’s column. And he comes to this conclusion:

Despite the Super Bowl run and some early success, Ruskell doesn’t seem to have made a strong connection with the fans (see: Hutchinson, above). I don’t sense a swell of support, although that shouldn’t be a major factor ownership weighs.

Shortly before Holmgren finished up last season, I asked him what he was most proud of from his time with the Seahawks.

“There’s a couple things I feel good about,” he said. “One is how people view the Seahawks now.”

Yes, the Seahawks hadn’t been to the playoffs in 12 seasons when he got here. He coached them to a Super Bowl and four division titles. He helped fill Qwest Field. So the name Holmgren still sounds pretty good to most fans.

Maybe it’s too early. Maybe there’s still more evidence to be found to support Ruskell’s extension.

But if other teams are sniffing and putting together packages to lure him, the Seahawks honchos might need to start examining how they feel about inviting Mike Holmgren back to into the fold.

The Seahawks running game has never gotten of the ground so far this season, so will they turn to air instead? If it means winning games, Mora says yes.

Greg Johns of reports that with the fans booing after the Seahawks got behind 17-0, Mora wanted to boo as well.

Clare Farnsworth offers this report from Mora’s Monday press conference, which includes cornerback Josh Wilson recapping is 61-yard interception return for the final score of the game.

Dave Wyman of ESPN 710 Seattle offers up a few bright spots in Seattle’s come-from-behind win over the lowly Lions. Wyman: “They got the W! And never mind that this W was like an ugly golf shot. When you par a hole in golf, no one cares that you hit a shot that bounced off of two trees and a ‘Sani-Can!’ A par is a par and a win is a win.”

KJR’s Hugh Millen and Ian Furness break down the Seahawks game in this audio link.

The TNT’s John McGrath talks to KJR’s Gros and Gas about the Hawks’ win in this audio link.

Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic says the Arizona Cardinals need to restore their home-field advantage. The Cardinals are 4-0 on the road, and 1-3 at home this season.

Darren Urban of reports that Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt wants his team to show more consistency.

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  1. seahawklovertoo says:

    I’d love to see Holmy back. In my opinion, I’d let him be the Prez of FO instead of just a GM. I really think the game of football has evolved beyond his beloved WCO, so Holmy ” The Coach” is not the answer for us,and I really don’t want some quacks like Ruskell sandbagging his work in the “trenches”. As a GM he didn’t really shine….As GM and the Coach he was a total disaster. Yet, Holmy is Holmy ! He is a man of integrity on and off the field. Very few people posses his football knowledge and his classiness. I could trust Holmgren with anything mine. That is why I’d like to see him as the all powerful Executive and trust him to chose his GM , the Coach and the coaching staff.

  2. seahawklovertoo says:

    As for Ruskell, “tar -n-feathers” send-off out of Seattle is quite appropriate in my book. I’d do the same to the person who kept him as GM after he let Hutch go. The Seahawks Prez of football operations is just as guilty of our ( miserable) situation today.( I don’t know this idiots name , nor I care to know it )
    I know i sound like “a grumpy old troll” but, I don’t like to lose and I hate to see my beloved Seahawks be the laughing stock in some toilets like the ‘ Cowgirls”
    home town.
    I can’t believe when I read posts by some “resident prima-donna” geniuses like BobbyK and Duke that wouldn’t mind extending Ruskell for 1 to 2 more years. I guess we haven’t sunk low enough for this “Seahawks FANS”. You go boys/girls ( or what-ever you are). Rams need partners in misery.

  3. bird_spit says:

    I’m all for a Ruskell send-off. Only concern I have stated is that in return we could have much worse. That said, if Holmy was pres of ops, I’d have confidence that he has the knowledge and the network to get the best of the bunch in here. I think it is too bad the way Holmy went out.

    That said, Holmgren pretty much turned his back on GB when he left. I see him doing that to Seattle. He is moving on, and finding fruitful grounds else where. If he does go to the Brownies, it will be interesting to watch them to see what could have been..

  4. Seahawklovertoo, you would be a lot more convincing if you just stick to the facts. Name calling and attacking anyone on here, and particularly guys like Bobby and Duke, really makes you look silly and undermines the points you’re trying to make.

  5. seahawklovertoo says:

    This is my wish-list FO line-up ( from people that are available now) :
    Holmy 4 Prez, Kokinis for GM ( he build the Ravens into a winner in his 16 years there) and Ex-raven coach Brian Billick 9who is tough, intelligent w/football smarts and a SB winner with the lousiest QB to boot).
    So, we would have an offensive great for the Prez, defensive great for a coach and a workaholic to tie-it-all-up.
    Kokinis “was depressed and unhappy in Cleveland” and “he wanted to get out’ …. well, I’d feel the same if I lived in that sh1thole of a town.

  6. freedom_X says:

    The difference between Seattle and Green Bay is that Holmgren still has a place here, and his entire immediate family lives here.

    Holmgren sounds OK as GM but I have to admit I don’t know of any other candidates. The pool of well known “hot” GM candidates has been drained off (like Pioli.) I can’t think of any others, the main names out there seem to be big name coaches who also would like GM power (Shanahan, for example.)

    I think Holmgren would be better as a GM in his 2nd go-around because he won’t be tempted to pick miscreants like Jerramy Stevens. As a coach he probably was more inclined to take chances on those type guys because he thought he could reach them and deal with them as a coach. If he has to rely on someone else to coach them and set them straight, he may not take as many risks in that direction.

    I also read that Parcells is thinking about moving on, having felt he’s set Miami going in the right direction, and may be looking for a new challenge. He’s a guy who doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet.

  7. seahawklovertoo says:

    Audible, check their previous posts and you’ll see where I am coming from.
    This two (out of many others) are our “main opinion givers”(or, what-ever). As for you taking my opinion or not—-I’d care less. I am ,who I am and I don’t bend for nobody. Let the facts speak for them-self.

  8. It’s good to have a lot of different opinions because for one thing it makes the discussions much more interesting. Just be respectful of that and remember that we’re all on the same team here!

  9. tim ruskell is the general manager and president of football operations.

  10. We got instant respectability when we hired Holmgren to coach the Seahawks, and that is one thing a team must have to recruit top-end talent. He’s a legend and future hall of fame coach, and his deameanor instills confidence. Also, consider that he was coaching and managing at the same time, which means that he was essentially moonlighting in his first GM role. This time he’ll be able to devote all of his energy and attention to being the GM. Plus, he’s had time to reflect on what he did write and wrong. Don’t forget that this year sabbatical will likely rejuvenite him now that he knows riding his Harley full-time is not nearly as much fun as being in charge of a football team. Plus, the wife had a full dose of him being around 24/7 and no doubt will be glad to get him out of the house again.

  11. From the Boling article:
    “Despite the Super Bowl run and some early success, Ruskell doesn’t seem to have made a strong connection with the fans (see: Hutchinson, above). I don’t sense a swell of support, although that shouldn’t be a major factor ownership weighs.”

    I loved Ruskell that first year. He pressed all the right buttons. Okay, Greene/Spencer were bad picks and Sharper wasn’t exactly a good FA. Still, all factors considered, Ruskell had a very good year. I loved getting rid of character cancers like KoRoI, Simmons, Terry, etc. IMO our talent level dropped from ’04-’05, yet because we didn’t have so many idiots we actually were a better team. I love the character thing and I hope our organizational standpoint doesn’t change with respect to it. Granted, there will always be people who are exceptions, but I don’t want to root for a team like ’03/’04 where we had too many morons either.

    But what has always made me mad about Ruskell, besides losing Hutch, is that he never came out and said it was a mistake. How much of a frickin’ obvious mistake can you make? If he would have said it was a mistake, then I would have let it slide much easier than for him to keep claiming that it wasn’t a mistake. To me, that’s just an arrogant ass not to admit to a mistake and a very reason there is no connection between him and most fans. I’m probably one of the only peole on this blog who, in the end, is okay with him having another year on the job, but this really makes me mad about him. And, as stated, there must be a stipulation in his contract that if he doesn’t improve the OL in time for the ’10 season — then we can shoot him.

  12. Yes, the clusterhutch was a debacle of epic proportions to Seahawks fans. Here’s what really ticks me off, though…compare the Stealer’s 1st round picks since 2000 to our 1st round draft picks, and you can clearly see why they’re still competing and we’re not:

    2009 Evander Hood DE Missouri
    2008 Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
    2007 Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
    2006 Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
    2005 Heath Miller TE Virginia
    2004 Ben Roethlisberger QB Miami (OH)
    2003 Troy Polomalu S USC
    2002 Kendall Simmons OL Auburn
    2001 Casey Hampton DT Texas
    2000 Plaxico Burress WR Michigan St.

    2000 Alexander, ShaunShaun Alexander Running back Alabama [14]
    2000 McIntosh, ChrisChris McIntosh Offensive tackle Wisconsin
    2001 Robinson, KorenKoren Robinson Wide receiver North Carolina State [15]
    2001 Hutchinson, SteveSteve Hutchinson Guard Michigan [16]
    2002 Stevens, JerramyJerramy Stevens Tight end Washington [17]
    2003 Trufant, MarcusMarcus Trufant Cornerback Washington State
    2004 Tubbs, MarcusMarcus Tubbs Defensive tackle Texas
    2005 Spencer, ChrisChris Spencer Center Mississippi [18]
    2006 Jennings, KellyKelly Jennings Cornerback Miami, FL
    2007 — — No pick — — [19]
    2008 Jackson, LawrenceLawrence Jackson Defensive end Southern California [20]
    2009 Curry, AaronAaron Curry Linebacker Wake Forest

  13. bird_spit says:

    If KR and JS would just have laid off the hard stuff or whacky weed think where this would go. Also, predicting the decline of Tubbs, i dont think it would be obvious. Someone please remind me who McIntosh was? The rest, I see as reasonable. Jennings was what – a 32nd pick?

    Any one remember what transpired to get two 1st rounders in ’01? I have blocked it from memory.

  14. bird_spit says:

    2001 draft– I liked Holmgren in hindsight. Nice moves in 2001

    Seattle Seahawks traded their first round selection (7th overall, acquired from Dallas), and their sixth-round selection (191st overall, used to select Menson Holloway) to San Francisco 49ers for their first-round selection (9th overall, used to select Koren Robinson), their third-round selection (82nd overall, used to select Heath Evans) and their seventh-round selection (222nd overall, acquired from Green Bay).

    Green Bay traded Matt Hasselbeck along with their first round selection (17th overall, used to select Steve Hutchinson) to Seattle for their first round selection (10th overall, used to select Jamal Reynolds) and their third round selection (72nd overall, used to select Torrance Marshall)”

  15. The point is that we had two extra first rounders during that time, and we still got outdrafted by the Stealers and by a lot of other teams. That is a big part of the reason why we’re 7-24 in the past 31 games.

  16. Considering we might have one or two more good years of Hasslebeck, it’d be cool to have Holmgrens keen eye to help evaluate our future QB.

    Plus, as Audible mentioned above, he provides instant credibility and makes our franchise a more appealing place for players to play.

    I’d be surprised if he ended up here, however.

    Frankly, I feel that TR will be back for another few years.

  17. Audible – that Steeler/Seahawks comparison is a good post. Now, of course, we are putting ourselves against one of the best, if not the best (N.E. would be the other) franchise in the league – but I suppose there’s no reason not to compare ourselves against the best.

    Steelers are good – there’s not a flop among any of those picks. Impressive.

  18. During the game the other day, someone was talking about a friend at the clinic that evaluated his Hass’s back had mentioned it’s one good hit away from career-ending. I don’t know whether or not to believe that, but we do know he has issues with his back and he’s not exactly forthcoming about injuries because he wants to play so badly. Another concern is that he has a bad OL, he’s getting older, he’s not the most mobile of QBs, he’s not as durable as Farve but tends to think he is…and he does brave but stupid thinks like try to tackle LBs and dive headfirst for first downs, touchdowns…So, I would like to think he’ll be around through the rebuilding process, but circumstances suggest otherwise.

  19. Cornutt,

    That’s a really good point about Holmgren’s ability at evaluating and developing QBs. He’s the best in the business at doing that, and it’s something we’re really going to need here very soon. I wonder what he thinks of Teal?! Ya know, it’s too bad that we stayed with Wallace for so long as Hass’s backup. We’ve pretty much always know that he was going to be a career backup. I sure wish we had made it more of a priority to find our QB in waiting before Holmgren left. This is really a critical juncture for the Seahawks because Walt’s likely done, and Hass is surrounded by a bunch clowns that may just get him killed before we’re good enough to make a serious run at another Superbowl.

  20. If we mess up at the key skill positions, we could have a revolving door at QB, RB, and LT for the next several years. Remember Rick Mirer? Dan MacGuire? Kelly Souffer? That’s a real possibility with our current front office, based on how many times we’ve wiffed on draft day.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    seahawklovertoo – I’d be very curious to know what posts you are referring to. I have never thought, let alone stated, that Ruskell should have his contract extended. I would like him out. I have always bees skeptical of, what I perceive to be, his Atlanta / Tampa Bay nepotism (among other things). What I have said however, is that I think it is likely he will be re-uped. One has to believe that there is long range plan for this team (whether we as fans can see it or understand it or not is another story.) And considering this is a roster, whose corp is made up largely of his players and now his hand picked head coach is in only his first year, I would be surprised if they made a change after this season.

    As for the character issue: that is not exclusive to TIm Ruskell. No matter who is brought in, next season or at any time in the future, I like the idea of placing importance on bringing in good people. Not just having a winner is important (to me, in any case) but having a winner I (we) can be proud of is equally so. I don’t believe that should be a factor in whether Ruskell is brought back or not. There are highly qualified front office people who feel the same way, I’m sure.

  22. I agree the character thing is important. If we won the Super Bowl with a bunch of thugs, for me at least, it would be fun, but I would be unfulfilled. I want to do it the “right” way.

    If I were the GM though, I wouldn’t come out and advertise that character is important (like we’re emphasizing that we are getting a bunch of choir boys). I would let my actions speak louder than words. That way, if a guy like Lofa gets a DUI, people can’t make fun of you for your criminals when you claim those tye of players aren’t allowed. Yes, Lofa had been a good character guy… but at least you didn’t refer to your team as such good people (you simply did your best to get good guys in, knowing that there will be some instances when you’re dealing with a 53 man roster).

    One thing I would like to see added to player contracts though is some ridiculous amount of fine for a DUI. All a DUI does is give a player/team a bad name. Make the penalty so severe that nobody would ever do it. Tell a guy like Curry, who is getting over $30 million in guaranteed money, that he’s going to be fined a million bucks and that money will go to some charity if he’s arrested on a charge like that. These players make so much that there’s no way they should ever get behind the wheel after getting sloshed. A criminal act like this is a choice. It’s not like a domestic case where you could totally be innocent but someone could lie about a situation. If you are behind the wheel and blow a 2.5… then to hell with you. Just my thought.

  23. That’s a great idea about the DUI clause, but I bet the player’s union would come unglued by that practice. The owners would be all for it because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fining players that way. The players would argue, where does it end and how do you standardize the fine across 32 teams and 1500 different salaries?
    DUI = $1M
    Jaywalking = $50K?
    Choaking girlfriend?
    Choaking Wife?
    Choaking pitbull?
    Choaking girlfriends chi hua hua (“no, honey…that would never happen”)
    How about dog fighting?
    Female mudwrestling? (“I know honey, that would never happen”)

  24. Why is Ruskell not fired already, common with it, how ridiculous does it have to get before he gets the boot.

  25. I know it would be tough to do and that you couldn’t get away with it… but it’s just stupid what players do when they have all the money in the world to do it (DUI).

    You could also fine players for going over the center line while being photographed by the police when texting a second girlfriend after having a fight with the fourth one after eating McDonalds french fries after drinking a Sprite taking a right turn onto the Interstate after almost being rearended by a blind old lady.

    From Nate Burleson rumors, courtesy the Love Boat while he was in Minnesota, he’d know what I’m talking about (with respect to the girlfriends).

  26. But what has always made me mad about Ruskell, besides losing Hutch, is that he never came out and said it was a mistake. How much of a frickin’ obvious mistake can you make? If he would have said it was a mistake, then I would have let it slide much easier than for him to keep claiming that it wasn’t a mistake. To me, that’s just an arrogant ass not to admit to a mistake and a very reason there is no connection between him and most fans. I’m probably one of the only peole on this blog who, in the end, is okay with him having another year on the job, but this really makes me mad about him. And, as stated, there must be a stipulation in his contract that if he doesn’t improve the OL in time for the ’10 season — then we can shoot him.

    Isn’t the irony in all of this that a person of character, and integrity, a man if you will; admits his mistakes. So the head of this organization is willing to hold other people to a standard, he himself is not willing to live up to. That in regards to never just saying-you know I messed up on that one-I’ll take the blame. That was something I learned fairly early on working in various jobs-own up to your mistakes and you have a lot better opportunity to diffuse and move on from a bad scenario.

  27. BobbyAyala says:

    “If we won the Super Bowl with a bunch of thugs, for me at least, it would be fun, but I would be unfulfilled. I want to do it the “right” way.”

    First off, if we won a Super Bowl, you wouldn’t feel the slightest bit unfulfilled. None of us would.

    Second, I don’t thing winning a Super Bowl would be possible with “a bunch of thugs.”

    Third, I hate that term “thug.” Thugs murder people on the street. Football players with rough backgrounds are still multi-millionaires who live better than every last one of us.

  28. BobbyAyala says:

    You’re right about Ruskell though, he carries himself so stiffly and so assuredly, it’s as if he were a robot. He doesn’t have a personality, which Holmgren clearly does, and that’s what endears the coach to the 12th man.

    Also, Holmgren knew just how important Hutchinson was, and he would’ve tagged him as soon as it was possible. That was the stupidest move, probably in the history of the team, and there have been some big-time head-scratchers. Ruskell didn’t admit fault because he truly, honestly felt he didn’t make a mistake. At the time (and I would hope his thinking has changed by now), he felt no guard was worth tackle money. He was dead wrong, and four years later we have (unarguably) the most inept offensive line in the league. That alone is why this team cannot win football games, and that alone is why the robot needs to be disassembled and sent back to Dixie.

  29. BobbyAyala says:

    Also, for all of those who claim Jerramy Stevens was a bad pick up, had he caught every pass thrown his way in the Super Bowl, heck, even if the catch on the one wasn’t called back, it’s very possible he could’ve been named the XL MVP. It was that close, that close. Had it happened that way, Stevens would be a Seahawk Legend, and not fodder for Holmgren haters to bash the good coach’s evaluation skills. Koren was another example. He wasn’t a “thug,” he was an alcoholic, and that’s a disease, not a personality disorder.

    Holmgren cares about young men, he’s a teacher, and he was willing to put his reputation on the line in more than one case for the betterment of the person he was willing to give his time to help mentor.

    The next time Ruskell puts his ass on the line for anyone less than a potential nobel peace prize candidate will be the first.

  30. Lawrence Phillips was a thug:)

  31. olsonc – exactly my point. Own up to it and move on! Even little kids know that. Not admitting a mistake is just plain stupid.

    I could accidentally shoot your dog if I’m out deer hunting (I hate hunting) and never apologize to you because it was an honest mistake. Just because it may have been an honest mistake in the eyes of Ruskell still doesn’t change that Hutch is gone and he’s never owned up to it.

  32. I didnt hear that Hill have contact with other team when they remove tag from him. Dielman didnt take more money when we offered to him. But Hutch come back with poison pill contract. Point of transition tag is to be fair with player. And we didnt sign Hutch because it took commission to much time. When they sad that poison pill still work when we add another year to Jones contract it was to late to sign Hutch.

  33. The NFL’s Special Master and Minnesota’s lawyers screwed us out of re-signing Hutch. Ruskell wanted to re-sign Hutch but he got screwed.

  34. Dear Mike Holmgren,

    We loved ya, man. More that you will ever know. But in the end you were just as interested in offseason vacations with the wife and riding your cycle around the dessert as you were staying in rainy Seattle to work 100+ hour weeks and sleep on the couch in your office.

    The NFL is for young men and workaholics.

    Enjoy your retirement. Let the Browns and Redskins owners buy you some dinners and give you the star treatment. Milk it for all its worth. But in the end, ask you wife if she wants you to go back to sleeping 4 hours a night in your office, and ask yourself if you really still have the fire in the belly to do that year-round for us. And then go enjoy your retirement.

  35. freedom_X says:

    Ruskell wanted to sign Hutchinson but got cutesy and messed up. His mistake was not considering the possibility the salary cap would rise as much as it did that year. That’s what gave Minnesota room to make the mega-offer to get Hutchinson. If it hadn’t risen that much, Seattle’s offer would have easily beaten Minnesota’s, poison pill or not. But Ruskell counted on the cap rising less than it did, and he got burned.

    Koren Robinson was not a bad person, just immature. But Jerramy Stevens was a foul human being. Even if he had delivered a Super Bowl, it would have been tough to pull for that guy. But he didn’t, and outside of that year, Stevens never played that well. He never delivered even what Koren Robinson did on the field, and had far, far worse off-field baggage to boot.

    If you’re going to get these “bad boys”, they better at least play hard and play well. I don’t think Stevens did either of those things.

  36. I hope Bolling’s right. I’d welcome Holmy as coach or GM. I think Mora’s a failed experiment that needs to end, Knqpp even more so.

  37. Hawkfan1951 says:

    I agree KR must go… and the sooner the better.

    But I also have a couple of questions.

    Why has Mike Holmgren kept his condo here? As has been stated above, when he left GB, he packed up everything and was gone. He pretty much did the same thing with SF, except he grew up around there and still has one new home built in the area (and in several other places as well). So really, why stay in the Seattle area? His kids are grown, one daughter (Doctor) works in Utah, not here.

    Why does anyone thing he’d break his promise to his wife to take this year off? Cleveland, or any other team will not make him break that promise. (His “contract” with his wife is longer than ANY NFL contract!) As much as some of us would like to see him take over immediately, I don’t see that happening. He might fudge (like taking the NFL commentator’s job in England), but that’s probably as far as wifey will allow (at the moment).

    Something Eric said during the Monday morning QB chat after the Dallas game. “If the Seahawks go 8-8 this year, he’ll probably stay, if not, he’ll be let go.”

    IMHO, until the Hawks can show they can win on the road, the BEST they can do this year is 5-11… 4-12 is entirely possible. THEN, TR will be gone, and there’s a BIG NAME NFL ledgend that still lives just down the street. =!)


  38. K-Rob was an alcoholic who didn’t seek help until *after* he got cut from Seattle. Even then, he had trouble sticking with sobriety. He needed some jail-time and a suspension from the league to force him to deal with his problem. Viewed as such, you could argue that Holmgren actually enabled his disease with his inability to be tough on a player who needed it.

    Ruskell’s weakness is on offense. Holmgren’s weakness was on defense. They didn’t get along well, but they offset each other. With the advent of Holmgren’s contract expiring and the impending promotion of Mora, you can see Ruskell beginning to draft for the new regime…this is one factor most people don’t consider as contributing to the lame production of 2007-2008. It’s why you are suddenly noticing players who weren’t all that great last year.

    This is the first year Ruskell has a HC he can work hand-in-glove with…aside from the obvious injury excuse, there just hasn’t been enough time to evaluate whether this GM/HC combination will produce success for the Seahawks or not. It is way too early to tell. As a result, my ideal would be to see Ruskell’s contract extended to match Mora’s. That way, they can be given a fair chance to prove they know what they’re doing. If not, they can both be let go together.

    Brock Huard brought up an excellent option yesterday. Make Holmgren President of Personnel (similar to what Parcells does in Miami), a position where he can coach the GM as well as the coaches…a skill we all know he excels at. I would find that much preferable to risking the future of our team on “Holmgren can do no wrong” and “I really think I can do it right this time around.”

  39. It seemed obvious that Holmgren would return to San Francisco, but Singletary started off pretty well this season and those rumors quieted, but now the team appears to be in a free-fall, so I wouldn’t rule them out as a possible suitor for Holmgren.

  40. Hire Holmgren as Pres of Football Ops & HC, keep TR as GM. Five year window. Holmgren takes control of offensive personnel decisions (draft, FAs, etc.) TR retains control of defensive personnel decisions. Give Holmgren an advantage in resourses allocated in the upcoming draft and free agency period (esp if there’s a cap). Holmgren selects the Hawks 1st rd pick for offense, TR selects w/ DEN’s pick for defense. Holmgren gets even numbered round picks and TR gets odd numbered rounds, unless they agree to swaps for the best overall good of the team. TR apprises Holmgren of his offensive personnel picks re character concerns prior to draft or hiring FAs/trades.

    Hire Zorn as OC, make Knapp RB coach and offensive QC. Holmgren and Zorn get the Hawks’ West Coast Offense back to functioning at least as well as it did in ’05, hopefully better. Knapp works with them to get the Hawks running game at least as well as it did in ’05, using ZBing OL. Zorn and Holmgren get Teel to the ability to replace Matt when he retires. Hire Alex Gibbs as consultant to help Solari get the OL ZBing properly and ASAP. OL needs improvement in run (cut) blocking. Fabricate training apparatus if possible. Hawks’ offense is required to balance pass/run as in ’05 and maintain advantage in TOP ASAP.

    Move Mora to DC, make Gus Bradley defensive QC. Make whatever staff and player moves are necessary for TR/Mora/Bradley/et al to get their Hawks ‘West Coast Defense’ (4-3 Over/T2) up and running properly and ASAP.

  41. ThawingEel says:

    Ruskell first rounder picks or any picks over the last 8 years cannot be separated from Holmgren. There was just as much influence by Holmgren regardless of title.

    Ruskell placed a transition player tag on Hutchison since we already used our franchise tag for Jones. This tag meant that although we were not able to conclude a contract with Hutchison’s agent at the deadline, we could at least preserve our hold on Hutch by matching any contract offered by other teams. Minnesota thwarted the NFL rules by putting in poison pills such as you can’t play in the State of Washington any more than 2 games a year. This was bullshit, but the NFL allowed it which shot themselves and the Seahawks in the nuts. We reciprocated by offering their best player, Nate Burleson a contract with similar poison pills and we got him. It was the NFL’s fault for allowing such manipulation of the “Transition Tag”, not Ruskell’s.

    To see where things are going, look at this year’s draft. It was mostly Ruskell since Holmgren was gone. Not only did we get an additional 1st round draft pick (2010) out of the trades, every draft pick made the team; even all three 7th rounders. That’s got to be an NFL record for an established team. Ruskell is a great GM

  42. ThawingEel: Although Walter Jones was FT’d many times before the ’05-’06 season, before Hutch was TT’d in ’06, Walt had already been given his current contract. Teams are not allowed to use both the TT and the FT at the same time. It was one or the other and TR used the TT, even though there were already a coupla prior instances where the poisen pills had been used on other TT’d players. TR’s problem was that he didn’t recognize that the NFL had begun to reappraise OL players and salaries of guards were going up. Hutch’s contract with the Vikes was the bleeding edge. After that, TR seemed to overvalue offensive players, overpaying players like T.Ashworth, SA, DB, et al. Hawks didn’t properly communicate with Hutch during the season and TR’s TT was an effort to short the guard market, which didn’t work. Also, TR is criticised as one who doesn’t evaluate available FA personnel for their ability to fit a particular offensive scheme, which is why his tenure as GM is blamed for undercutting Holmgren’s ability to get the Hawks back to the SB. TR isn’t that great of a GM as far as this team’s offense goes. Maybe he has a lot better eye for talent to fit Hawks defense, though.

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