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Mora Monday press conference: RB Jones gets game ball

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 9, 2009 at 4:01 pm with 25 Comments »
November 9, 2009 4:01 pm

On the injury front, Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said the team came through the game OK, and by Thursday everyone should be practicing. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck banged up his shoulder, and Mora said he had to manage his way through the game, hence the awkward throws and lack of deep balls on Sunday.

“He fought his way through it, and it was pretty impressive,” Mora said. “But his shoulder is sore.”

Mora went on to say that Hasselbeck probably will not start on Wednesday, and perhaps limit his throws on Thursday and Friday. Mora did say Hasselbeck will play on Sunday.

Mora said you might see a similar style offensively next week, if the most effective way for the team to move the ball is through the air. He again stressed the need for balance, but ultimately the object is to win the game, and if the team moves the ball better through the air, then that’s what they’ll do.

Game balls went to Julius Jones on offense, David Hawthorne on defense and Lawyer Milloy on special teams. Not Hasselbeck on offense, you say? Mora said Jones did some nice things on film not visible to the naked eye, and continues to improve each week.

“I think there’s been some real improvement in Julius that’s not necessarily evident to the naked eye when you’re watching the game for any of us – coaches on the side, fans in the stands or you guys in the press box,” Mora said. “But when you go back and look at the film you notice some things that he’s doing a lot better, and he’s starting to pick-up the scheme.

“He’s seeing things much better. I think he’s understanding where the cuts going to be much better. I feel like he’s gaining more yards after contact than he was earlier in the year. So those are some of the things that I think he’s doing well. And then his pass protection has improved.”

Mora said they didn’t get Louis Rankin carries in the game because Seattle had to throw and Rankin hasn’t had enough time with the offense to fully pick-up the pass protection schemes, which is typically the final things a running back focuses on schematically.

Mora said picking up a veteran running back is not a priority, so that should quell the Larry Johnson speculation for the time being.

Josh Wilson is the starting corner for right now, with Ken Lucas coming in on nickel situations. But Mora wouldn’t confirm if that will be the plan for this week against Arizona. Lucas had some issues with his neck and ulnar nerve against Detroit, so Mora decided to go with Kelly Jennings in nickel situations.

Mora also said he’s not sure if Sean Locklear will supplant Damion McIntosh at left tackle, and that the offensive coaches will discus what to do up front over the next, two days.

“We like what Damion’s been doing, but we certainly want to get Sean back into the mix,” Mora said. “He’s a good player for us.”

Mora also again talked about going for it on fourth and 1 from his team’s own 38-yard line, saying it was one of the topics of discussion in his regular conversation with his father after the game.

“Really the first thing he said to me was, ‘What were you thinking when you went for it on fourth and 1?,’ which I get from him a lot” Mora said. “And not necessarily in a critical nature, but it was a little critical.

“But I’ve given it a lot of thought. You know, you’re down 14-0. You’re playing at home. Things haven’t been going too well for you. As a matter of fact, they’ve been going poorly for you. And you try not to make knee-jerk reactions. But I’d given that some thought. As that drive was unfolding, I was saying to myself, ‘Maybe I should just go for it here. Should we just say enough is enough and just go for it.’

“And we did. I made that decision. And I was hoping that we’d make it, and we’d go in to score a touchdown and it’d be one of those defining moments, and it wasn’t. Fortunately we held them to a field goal and we were able to respond.

“But it wasn’t a gutsy call. It didn’t show a lot of guts or courage. I just felt like ‘Okay. Stop. Let’s go. Let’s fight.’ I felt like I had to do that. And it didn’t work, but we won, thank goodness.”

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  1. tillman says:

    Yeah, JJ was the O MVP last week. That’s why we abandoned the running game and put the game in Matt’s hands. Because JJ was so effective?

    I’m not sure there is anything this guy can do, aside from producing a 10-6 record and play-off team, that would lead me to believe he should be back.

    With Holmy I could always see the big picture plan and knew he would develop it. With Mora all I see is a guy grasping b/c he knows he’s done if it doesn’t work out this time.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    The decision to go for it on that 4th and 1 can be debated (I liked it) but the play they dialed up in that spot was horrendous. Single set-back? B gap not right up the middle? No playaction? I believe if you recognize that as a “defining moment” you’ve got to go to your best play, for that situation and that was not it. Not by miles.

    I’m glad Julius got a game ball. He had next to nothing on the ground (16 for 36) but almost 80 receiving and did a nice job in pass pro.

    I hope we see a similar offense next week. This is a team that is most effective throwing. Use it to help you set up the run. I understand that’s not what they want to do but you sometimes have to adapt to the situations that present themselves. This would appear to be one of those. This is not the line they thought they’d have after week 9 and they’ve only been together 2 weeks. Make teams respect the pass and get out of the box and watch the running lanes begin to open up.

  3. doubledink says:

    Mora is grasping at straws.

  4. IBGoofy says:

    JJ the game ball on offense? Hunh? Matt sets several team records and JJ gets the game ball? Please, please, please! Get Gruden on the phone!!! This is unbelievable!!!! I have to think Matt saved Mora’s job and he gets dissed????!!! Anything less from Matt and we would have lost this game!
    If we were 2-6 going on the road to Ariz and Minn in the next 2 weeks, would Mora still deserve to be coaching us??? From my view, that is a clear NO!

  5. JazBadAzz says:

    Larry Johnson would be twice as better than James or Duckett, and he is very comfortable with the system. With that said, i dont think it will be a positve fit for our team that still has a lot to figure out for themselves!

    Mora is a bigger disappoint than we are giving him credit for. He was around for the past two seasons and he should be more in tune to what to expect from this team and how to game plan effectively giving us the best chance to win!

    We are getting OUT COACHED to be brutally honest…

  6. Going for it on 4th and 1 in my own territory is what I do when I’m playing madden…. Not in a real game, MORA.

  7. I assume behind the scenes that Matt was okay with JJ getting the pub. Matt is a leader and doesn’t need anything like a game ball to make him feel warm and fuzzy. Just b/c JJ had bad rushing stats, it doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good game. Most RBs in the history of the league wouldn’t put up good rushing number behind our horrendous run “blocking.” He made the most out of what was presented to him though and I respect the hell out of him for that. As previously stated, he had some damn good runs on screen passes and was good at helping Matt in pass pro. Even though we all know Matt is our best offensive player, it’s not like he needs to be reminded at every opportunity and that’s why he’s our well respected leader.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    IB – I wasn’t thinking about Matt breaking the team record for career completions, his own personal record for completions in a game and coming within 2 of Moon’s consecutive completion record. You are right, Matt was the only choice for offensive game ball. I stand 100% corrected.

  9. brosco13 says:

    I totally agree with dukeshire and bobby K. Anyone who thinks Julious had a bad game didnt look at the stats and wasnt watching the game. He led the team in receiving yards, and i think also in yards per reception. Julious was really effective in the screen pass game. If it keeps working then keep throwing screens especially on defenses that constantly blitz like detroit. Matt had a great game but he also threw a pick on first play and had a few other passes that were almost intercepted but Im happy anytime we get a W.

    I thought the Defense played very well if not for the turnovers we may have held them under 10 points(albeit against the lions). Big play babs was much improved at safety, and Hawthorne is a playmaker at LB, gotta love that. I hope they can keep it going, hopefully TRU got his mojo back and shuts down Fitzgerald.

  10. “Big play babs was much improved at safety, and Hawthorne is a playmaker at LB, gotta love that. ”

    Yeah, if Hawthorne keeps producing like this, how are we going to take him off the field in 2010? I guess it’s the good kind of problem to have – but I don’t see how he goes to the bench – if he keeps it up.

  11. brosco13 says:

    Its always good to have a great 4th linebacker on the roster, as linebackers are a position that give/take a lot of punishment, one of the three starters are bound to get hurt sometime in a season. If we dont go to the 3-4 scheme then its good to have the heater as our first in line to get on the field if one of the starters goes down.

  12. HawksKD says:

    Matt knows where he stands with this team and organization. He doesn’t flaunt it, he doesn’t need people to sing his praises. Anything we can do to give our running game some boost of confidence will help. If you gotta put a butterfly on JJ’s helmet you do it. We need 100% effort everygame and and yell at the top of our lungs even when we get a mediocre performance, jus so we can get another mediocre performance and not a poor one.

    Matt knows this team goes wherever he and only he can take them. He doesn’t need to be reminded after everygame.

  13. HawksKD says:

    And that’s why he is the greatest leader we have ever had.

  14. JazBadAzz says:

    There is no way the heater can sit on the bench if he continues to play like this! Sacks and interceptions every week will send you to the probowl and get considered for defensive m.v.p.

    In my opinion, he’splayed better in the last two weeks than lofa did this year…

  15. freedom_X says:

    Larry Johnson? Lord, no. This is a pretty miserable example of a human being, who, on top of it, is a front-runner and a baby. He’s not even an off-field miscreant who gives everything to his teammates and team. He’s lame both in the locker room and outside it. He’d have to be close to Adrian Peterson in talent to justify the toxic poison he’d bring to the team, and Johnson is washed up.

    I don’t think Seattle’s LB’s are suited to a 3-4. Only Curry really fits a 3-4 mold, especially after he’s flashed some pass-rush ability. Hill, Tatupu, and Hawthorne are undersized, since in a 3-4 the LB’s have to take on more blockers and cut through more traffic than in a 4-3. Seattle would have to have some real stud linemen to employ their current LB personnel in a 3-4 to full potential. They’d be OK but I think some of them would look pretty ordinary in a 3-4 (more so than in a 4-3 anyway.) Curry would probably be an ideal 3-4 inside LB.

  16. Heater has not only outperformed Lofa, but you can make an argument that he’s been our best defensive player this year in the three games he has started. Now, it’s only 3 games, but I am encouraged by this kid. I have no idea what will happen in ’10, but as previously stated, I’d rather have this problem than deciding between Wrotto, Spencer, Vallos, or some other clown.

    This is purely speculation, but it’s possible Hill may not be around in ’10 if Heater keeps playing this way. If the FO (whoever that may be) determines that Hill’s $6 million salary is a bit steep since he’s not one of the top 15 LBs in the game, but paid like one, they may decide the money could be better spent elsewhere (like offensive line). The Heater has looked better in coverage than I envisioned he would and with that being the case I could see him being effective on the outside too. He can penetrate and he’s powerful, that has been known, but his range has been questioned and he’s proving the doubters wrong.

  17. One thing with Hill, as wasn’t mentioned, is his contract seemed to be a series of 1-year deals with no major signing bonus, which would seem to mean that he could be let go without the monster cap hit that you may have with some other players.

  18. princeaden says:

    Hawthorne’s instincts are superb. Lofa or no Lofa, Hawthorne needs to be on the field. I would suggest either trading one of the three starters for a 1st or 2nd rounder or change the Defense to a 3-4. In my mind he’s that good.
    I kind of prefer the idea of getting the extra draft pick to use on filling one of the holes( OL,Safety,RB,DT). Also, if we did go to a 3-4 that would leave Tapp as the odd man out and I think he is one of our better defenders.

  19. JazBadAzz says:

    keep them all, if the heater could play olb then when leroy got hurt the first time then he would have been in there. period

  20. bulldog80 says:

    We could have gone to a 3-4 this year and been great. Our LB’s are obviously our strength and the scheme should emphasize it. Our LB’s average 244 pounds and the Steller LB’s average 246. Does anyone think they’re ineffective? In fact, Colin Cole outweighs Casey Hampton their nose tackle.

    What I’m having a hard time with isn’t even the lack of the 3-4 alignment. The problem is the coaching in general. A team can be just as effective as a 4-3 given the right schemes and motivation. Look at what Greg Williams has done in New Orleans. He and Mike Nolan have gotten their defenses blaying balls out and in the same season they took over too. Where is our defense. Snorring! They seem to be confused on alignments and responsibilities still. We hardly ever play press coverage and have no ingenuity on blitzes. Our corners play so far off that unless the receiver drops the ball they are darn near guaranteed 5 yards.

    I understood this stuff could happen in the first two weeks. Guys this will be week nine and I don’t see it getting better. Why is it too much to ask for OUR defense to be top 5? I think we have the personnel, we don’t have the coaching.

  21. bigmike04 says:

    Larry Johnson would make for good backup for seattle and I do have to agree what he says about his own coach thought and all the people in media even said that Todd Haley is not ready to be HC kind of like Jim Zorn is not ready to be HC and only reason Haley got the job was his former team Arizona went to superbowl..

    Thought Larry Johnson comment about gay so what and everyone who got comment on gay shouldn’t be blastes but the stupid gay orgiznation and just fact it that people will not respect them period and that goes for the whole Women right Orgization who should keep their mouth shut and let NFL do their job on conducting their research on tom cable and to keep their darn mouth close..

  22. Jones rushed for 36 yards & got a game ball. HUH???????????

    I’ve been calling Mora “Moron”, but know it’s starting to look more accurate………

  23. torinaga says:


    Did you even watch the game? Can you tell me how many TOTAL yards he had?

    I am sick of the player hating. I am sick of people using cute word play to make fun of players (Fragileback, Douchemanzadah, etc).

    This is first grade stuff.

  24. “Hawthorne’s instincts are superb. Lofa or no Lofa, Hawthorne needs to be on the field. I would suggest either trading one of the three starters for a 1st or 2nd rounder or change the Defense to a 3-4. In my mind he’s that good.”

    I think Lofa is a great defensive leader, and a good LB, but in my mind, he hasn’t been the game-changer, playmaker type over the past couple years – and the injuries make him less a commodity. No way he brings a 1st round pick in a trade, maybe a 2nd.

    Agree w/the comments on Hawthorne, it’s impossible to overlook his productivity. And I agree with BobbyK that Hill is not of a caliber to merit the money he’s getting, but can Hawthorne just seamlessly move to OLB from the Middle? I don’t know.

  25. longco44 says:

    I’ll tell ya what I’m sick of… Is those people that refer to Mike Holmgren as Holmy… People sound like he’s someone they’re best of friends with and go waaaaay back with! It just sounds funny and makes ya sound stupid..

    Oh, an the people who seem to watch to much South Park and every other word about Tim Ruskell has to be “Timmmmmay”.

    And maybe it is all in good fun, but it sounds retarded!

    Lastly; for those Ruskell haters…….. WHY DONT YOU TELL ME HOW YOU COULD DO BETTER?! It seems as if everyone (or most) are on the bandwagon to be the first to support hiring a new GM….

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