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Q13 FOX: Burleson predicts win over Cardinals

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 9, 2009 at 6:18 pm with 30 Comments »
November 9, 2009 6:21 pm

Q13Fox sports anchor Aaron Levine passed along this video of an appearance by Seattle Seahawks receiver Nate Burleson on Q It Up Sports. Burleson gets this week’s upcoming game against Arizona off with some minor fireworks by predicting a Seahawks win over Arizona on Sunday.

Here’s the excerpt.

“I don’t want to give anybody bulletin board material, but I do believe it was Herman Edwards: We play to win the game. Period. So, we’re going on the road to play a football game, and we’re gonna win. I don’t care what you say. People can print in the paper, they can send it to the team’s we’re playing. But they know just like we know, we’re going to win the game. I’m not taking away anything from the team’s we’re going to play on the road the next few weeks, but we’re gonna get on the plane with the mindset that we’re going to win, and we need to win.”

You can check it out below.


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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I like the confidence and I hope he and the rest of the team genuinely feel that way. But why do I think these otherwise harmless comments, will be blown up?

  2. All I know is that we need to win this game or we really will be able to focus on the draft and the ’10 season. I don’t want that yet.

    I can’t believe I’m rooting for the Steelers. The’re up 7-3 on the Broncos late in the 2nd quarter.

  3. Cornutt says:

    lol BobbyK, I was thinking the same thing.

    Looks like douchemanzadeh has been having an effect on Burleson…way to get the AZ secondary ready to punch you in your teeth.

    Shut up and win.

  4. princeaden says:

    I like the confidence and the mentality. What’s he supposed to say? “We’re gonna go down there and get our a$$ handed to us” Probably not. We’re as healthy as we are going to get, so we better go down there and plan on taking the game to them. They need to get off to a good start and stay with it and get a win or this season is done.

  5. griffincsb says:

    i dont really mind Burleson’s comments. you have to have the mindset that you are going to win. who cares if he voices it, do you really want players saying “man, they played pretty well against us last game, i dont see us getting a win on sunday”? no, you don’t.
    players are already pumped up come game time, i really doubt this fuels the cardinals to win anymore than before nate said that.


  6. princeaden says:

    I hope Gus Bradley is watching the Denver Steeler game and is learning something from Denver about how to scheme and get pressure on a QB.

  7. princeaden says:

    That was Denver vs. Steeler, of course.

  8. madpunter88 says:

    One of the most common non-stories in sports is the exagerrated affront from fans and reporters when a player suggests their to is going to win. Burleson is supposed to be confident — it is not arrogant or boastful or destructive. He’s saying he thinks they’re going to win. If you don’t think you’re going to win why bother playing?

    “we’re gonna get on the plane with the mindset that we’re going to win, and we need to win”

    Seems pretty rational to me. In fact, it is pretty good analysis on his part. They better think they are going to win and play like it. Because the team that has half-a$$ed it’s way through the first half of the season won’t have a chance in AZ.

  9. BobbyAyala says:

    Let it go, Bobby.

    Go Curtain.

  10. BobbyAyala says:


    When will Seattle fans stop hating the player and start hating the game?

    It makes me sick sometimes to think that all of my sports loyalties are associated with a fanbase that has absolutely no style, no game, no flare, and no realization of what makes for good drama.

    If you don’t love TJ, you don’t love life.

    Enjoy all things different, Seahawks fans, because Seattle’s only title came from a ghost, and that city up there in that rainy, gray, miserable portion of the world is nothing but an afterthought.

  11. Cornutt says:

    Pft. You dont need to flap your trap to have confidence. I like Burleson, but I disagree that you need to say something like that in an interview.

    I dont think the only alternative to saying “Gee AZ, you’re going to kill us” is saying ” I guarantee a win”.

    Theres actually an inbetween.

    Talk is cheap.

  12. BobbyAyala says:

    Talk is cheap, and confidence walks miles. The man has a fire in him, and if you can’t stoke that flame, then you’re calling for its end.

    Humility goes about as far as incompletions in the NFL. Besides, we had a guarantee heading into the USC game this year, and it seems we came out on top in that one too.

  13. BobbyAyala says:

    “Theres actually an inbetween.”

    exactly, and Seattle’s is squarely in between.

  14. princeaden says:

    There is a place for humility in Pro Football. Remember how Steve Largent used to flip the ball to the Referee after every touchdown without a dance or drawing any sort of attention to himself, like he’d done it before? That to me was humility and personally I prefer it that way.
    Now I do like Nate, and his attitude, it’s just what the players of this generation do. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. Could you imagine Dick Butkus doing a Ray Lewis dance before a Superbowl or any game for that matter? I think his own teammates would have taken him out.

  15. JazBadAzz says:

    There is nothing wrong with speaking what you truly beleive because if you mean what you say then your actions on the feild will show it. I dont want our guys saying we are gonna lose, like the chumps that come here and say that.

    I dont put thoughts in my head that anyone is better than me at anything, anytime anywhere. I was raised to always be my best and never show a weakness to people because they will try and use it against you!

  16. OutSydeDog says:

    princeaden…..I couldn’t agree more. Actions speak oh so much more than words. I like Nate’s confidence, and I don’t know what Largent would have said, since he didn’t play in this age of saturation coverage.

    I’m gonna go out on the limb with Nate on this one, and say that I too, think they are going to win this week. :)

    GO HAWKS!!!

  17. Seahawks2620 says:

    I’m not really worried about this past Lions so called “pathetic” win, because IF and I say IF you take away the 17 points that we spotted them in the beginning of the game, we obviously only gave up 3 points, which is the way it should have been. Who gives a crap about these predictions that players are making, it doesn’t matter unless they go out there and play. I still feel as if the Seahawks players have reason to talk so proud like this, because they just like us feel that if we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot right off the bat like we have so often in this season, we will have a great chance at winning and probably will take the W.

  18. BobbyAyala

    I can dig what you’re throwin down. I’ve grown up in Seattle and there are a lot of conservative nancy’s that whine about show boating and athletes bragging etc., it’s almost like they forget it’s for entertainment. Attitude is contagious, a swagger, a leadership factor. When you watch Ray Lewis on the TV you can feel that angry attitude in your living room and that alone has carried that defense into simply abusing teams for years after his best days were done.

    If you ever watched the 91-92 Husky football team that went undefeated and was co-nat champs with Miami, you would have seen a defense that had a ton of attitude-show boating after sacks, turnovers, run stuffed for loss, trying to get on the camera. Man no one cared-cause we won, not only did we win, we dominated.

    Gary Payton had a lot of attitude and probably graced us with the Golden Era of Seattle Basketball and some of the best years of my life, and he was great to watch, a leader a badass, an entertainer.

    This team is sorely lacking in attitude and leadership, if they had enough of it, would they sleepwalk through the 1st quarter and be down 17-0 to Detroit, or get blind-sided at home to Arizona, the most important game of the year to that point? I guess if we just calmly hand the ball to the refs, show no fight, collect our millions and sound like nice guys in post game losses, the majority here would be happy-kind of like the Mariners. But not all of us are like this.

  19. BobbyAyala says:

    Well said, olson, couldn’t agree more.

    I think the current huskies need to take a page out of the 91 Huskies’ playbook and tuck those jerseys up under the pads and show off the six-packs.

    Now that was style.

    Remember when Mario Bailey flashed the Heisman pose? Hilarious, in-your-face, sit down, shut up, this is my game, my touchdown and my win. Even the Largent loyalists had to love that.

    GP was and is the man, and he was a Beaver too. Let TJ be TJ, let Nate be Nate. Not everyone has to fit into the 47-mph in the fast lane vibe of the Pacific Northwest.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    “Not everyone has to fit into the 47-mph in the fast lane vibe of the Pacific Northwest.” Lol.

  21. The Lions came close to beating the Vikings earlier this year.

    Any given Sunday…

  22. Last night watching the Steelers giving us possibly a higher 1st round draft pick. What a awesome game. I think it was Gruden that said “The Steelers have built their Offence around Big Ben” Ruskell has done little to nothing in this respect for Matt. ever period. The trashing of our Offence began following the Superbowl. The Hutch debacle comes to mind. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the cohesiveness of the Offensive line essential for any successful Offence? Last evening Gruden also mentioned that the O line of the Steelers is together on and off the field. Lastly it was mentioned that the Steelers ran a play that is 40years old of the Steelers. The only thing we have that’s 40 are many of our recycled Tampa and Atlanta players. I truly hope Ruskell is done.

  23. Watching the Steelers last night, and I was actually routing for them to win (and I have hated the Steelers since XL) I was reminded again how much stronger a team they are than the Seahawks are now when in ’05 we were a better team than them.

    Ruskell has after 5 seasons demonstrably failed in creating his vision for the team and it’s time for him to be replaced by a GM who can create a team that is strong up the middle on both sides of the ball. Last night we saw what being able to run the ball was able to do for Pitt, that Oline doesn’t play fancy schmansy zone blocking one cut and go nowhere run football they just smash you in the mouth and make plays.Last night we saw a Steelers team that could actually stop another team from converting every 3rd down and long unlike what we watch here on Sunday. Imagine how good Hass could actually be if he was given time to throw anything but short passes.

    If the Seahawks are going to actually do anything at all this year they need to get the OLine together and start winning the battles in the trenches. That however has been the refrain for the Seahawks since late ’06. Nothing changes except for the reality that this is a worse team now than when Ruskell took it over.

  24. Hehe I’m from pittsburgh. You have no clue what hatred for the steelers really is.

    Cornutt, calling him “douchemandzadeh” isn’t exactly funny/clever etc. You want a team of quiet people that lack confidence, then become a fan of the next team Tim Ruskell joins. Housh is bringing in a new era of confidence and fun to the team. Cry all you want about his display of emotions etc, but he’s the guy to get it done.

  25. I can see that I’m on an island by myself on this one, and I’m okay with that.

    Kevin- ‘You want a team of quiet people that lack confidence, then become a fan of the next team Tim Ruskell joins’

    Yeah, I’m not a ‘real’ fan, I’m a tree hugger, I’m completely effeminate. Blah Blah Blah. Get real man, we’re all ‘Hawk fans here.

    Anywho, I need to go get in my rainbow painted VW bus, I have baaad munchies.

  26. torinaga says:

    “Not everyone has to fit into the 47-mph in the fast lane vibe of the Pacific Northwest.”

    That has driven me insane for as long as I can remember.

  27. hawkfan777 says:

    I believe in high character guys. Ruskell is doing something good by getting high character guys. However, you cant get a guy only because of his character. He also must athletic ability, talent and most importantly a passion for the game. Some high character guys are perceived that way only because they aren’t very passionate so they dont say or do too much. They just exist in the shawdows. Passion is like a fire that spreads to the rest of the team. These Seahawks need more passion and fire. The 05 team had that and this team appears to have less of it. Hopefully the passion from TJ and Nate spreads to the rest of the team because once that happens, this team will have more success.

  28. “The trashing of our Offence began following the Superbowl. The Hutch debacle comes to mind.”

    As I watched the game – I had the other thought – b/c right as the announcer mentioned that, he noted that the young Steelers line has really come together. They lost Alan Faneca, who pretty much was their Hutch, and another starter whose name escapes me – but they’ve been able to bring in new guys and keep at least some continuity.

    So, what’s our problem on the O-line? It’s not like other teams don’t lose top-end guys to free agency and/or injury. Is it poor talent evaluation or poor coaching?

    Of course our run of injuries on the O-line is a factor too.

  29. bird_spit says:

    Guys – this whole thread was pure entertainment. I laughed so hard my wife was like – -get back to work!

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