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Friday practice report: OT Locklear will play after all

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 6, 2009 at 2:23 pm with 43 Comments »
November 6, 2009 2:23 pm

What started out as an unlikely occurrence appears a strong probability, as Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora told reporters today after practice that offensive tackle Sean Locklear will likely play on Sunday against Detroit for the first time in six games.

Locklear has been out since suffering a high ankle sprain against San Francisco on Sept. 20, and was a limited participant in practice the first two days of the week. But he was a full participant in practice today, and is listed as probable for Sunday.

“I felt pretty good in practice, but once you get out there, it will take you a little bit to get acclimated to the speed, full-speed and contact, stuff like that. But it will take a couple plays before you’re probably back to close to how you were playing before you got hurt.”

The training staff loosened the reins, allowing Locklear to participate in team drills. Ben Obomanu (oblique) also practiced, meaning for the first time this season the Seahawks had everybody available on the active roster out on the field.

Mora said that Locklear probably will not start, but might be used in a rotation similar to how the team handled Marcus Trufant and Leroy Hill in their first games of the season last week.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh also talked to reporters today about some of the perceptions of him being portrayed after his reaction to some frustrating plays were caught on TV against Dallas.

Houshmandzadeh again reiterated that’s the way he’s always been, and that he’s an emotional player who expresses himself outwardly when he’s frustrated, and that he’s actually gotten a lot better over his playing career, including time at Oregon State and Cincinnati.

He believes part of the public reaction to his actions on the field is a feeling out process between himself and fans in Seattle.

“Obviously, it’s a feeling out process, a little bit like boxers in the first three rounds of a championship fight,” he said. “You kind of feel each other out. But we’re losing. If we were winning, I wouldn’t be a problem because I wouldn’t be doing it. And it’s just different. I’ve done it my whole career. And it’s not great. I’m not like saying it’s acceptable or it’s OK. But I’ve done that, they’ve seen it.

“It’s just emotion. I love to win. I do not like to lose. And that’s just how I express myself. I mean, why would I be happy about punting the ball and walk to the sideline with a smile on my face? Why would I want it? I just outwardly expressed how I felt inside. That’s it.

Houshmandzadeh also described his play as ‘terrible’ so far this season.

“As of right now I’m not doing anything, for whatever reason” he said. “You can print whatever you want – why is it the case. But I don’t know why it is like that. But I can’t do nothing about it now. It’s over with, as far as the first seven games. All you can do is try and do better.”

Here’s the injury report.

For Seattle, Ben Obomanu (oblique) was a limited participant and is questionable. S Jordan Babineaux (hip), QB Matt Hasselbeck (rib), LB Will Herring (shoulder), T Sean Locklear (ankle) and CB Ken Lucas (neck) were all full participants and are probable.

For Detroit, FB Jerome Felton (ankle), WR Calvin Johnson (knee) and RB Kevin Smith (shoulder) were limited participants and are questionable, although Johnson likely will play and Smith might be out there as well.

Notes from practice
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Say what you will about Housh, but you cannot knock his competitiveness or the fact he is will to call himself out. He appears to be an incredibly hard worker and gives full effort every time.

    It is great to read that they have everyone on the active roster at practice although I with that included Lofa and Walt.

    Rotating offensive linemen? Please just let 5 get out there and get some consistency and cohesiveness. The same 5.

  2. Skavage says:

    All things considered I wonder if picking up Simmons would be worth trying. Our O-line play certainly can’t get any worse and who knows maybe…just maybe…he could become a decent piece of the puzzle here, even if only as a back-up.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    The last thing this team needs is another injury plagued (missed all of ’04, ruptured achilles in ’08) o-lineman. Lol. Pass, please.

  4. It’ll be nice to play Cards in 2 weeks with Lock and Sims and see what happens. The last time with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb wasn’t fun.

    I wonder how many times Spencer and Unger are going to ignore the A gap this week and give the Detroit defender a free shot at Matt.

  5. Audible says:

    That would be zero times because we can trust Spencer to learn from his mistakes.

  6. StevenMunn says:

    Unger ignoring the gap I can somewhat understand seeing how he is still a rookie and learning to play the position in the NFL.

    Spencer on the otherhand, has no excuse to miss assignments.

  7. McIntosh played pretty well last week, all things considered, until he appeared to get tired near the end of the game and Ware got past him once. It was mostly blitzes up the gut that got to Matt. I’m kinda glad Hawks’re starting Damion at LT, and that Lock can come in later in the game in relief. Kinda like a closer.

    RG Kendall Simmons signed a three-year contract with New England on Sept. 6, 2009 and was released a month later. Drafted near the bottom of Rd 1 in ’02, Simmons started for the Steelers thru ’02 & ’03, sat out ’04 with injury and played in ’05 including SBXL. I’m concerned that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in ’03 and that he only lasted for one month at NE. Don’t know the circumstances of his release, but might be iffy. Also, I’d like to see Hawks get OL guys fully familiar with ZBing (if that’s our team’s scheme now).

  8. Was that the Spencer-Unger gap or the Spencer-Wrotto gap? Seemed like Spencer just ‘automaticly’ went over to help Unger (guess that’s what ZBing is supposed to be like) and the blitzer a big gap that Wrotto didn’t get to.

  9. The one I was specifically thinking about was Spencer/Unger (but it also happened with Spencer and whoever was playing LG… which I’m pretty sure it was Sims). Spencer just doesn’t seem to “get it” and it’s tiring waiting for all these years for him to actually “get it.” And there’s an always supposed legit excuse too. From being too young, and being hurt, to being hurt, to being hurt, to missing training camp ’cause he was hurt, to getting hurt and then having to learn the zone blocking system. There’s a disturbing pattern that’s too hard to ignore. I have full confidence that Unger in year 2 can/will be a better Center than Spencer in year 5 (although that really isn’t saying much).

    But I agree about McIntosh. He played very well for a pick-up and by the time he got tired and his man started making plays… the game was over.

  10. I also like the idea of starting McIntosh, and then bringing Locklear in later in the game. I don’t think you can “rotate” O linemen, but the idea is that Locklear needs work with the line to get back in synch, before he goes to AZ to start.

    We should be able to beat Detroit with or without Locklear, but let’s give him at least a quarter of work with his line mates this week so he can get back in the groove and become our starter again next week. To me, beating Detroit is all about getting on a roll and getting ready for AZ. When we go down there on Nov 15th we need our O line and running game ready to explode on the Cards.

  11. Cornutt says:

    Via Yahoo–
    ‘Houshmandzadeh says he’s “shocked” with the fuss Seattle’s making over him. The outspoken receiver said Friday he’s been getting messages from former teammates in Cincinnati asking why people on and around the Seahawks have been making a big deal about his angry gestures and comments about not getting the ball more.’

    I’ll bet…Seattle isnt exacly the same as Cinci. Shut your pie-hole Housh, we’re don’t like whiney a** prima donna’s in Sea-Town.

  12. NickLicatasucks says:

    I am so fed up with the media blowing these Housh comments/actions out of proportion. The horse is dead, now bury it! Let’s see if ithappens again before we judge Mora and the coaching staff.

  13. pabuwal says:

    1). BobbyK said “nice” and “Sims” together. Who would have ever thought?
    2). Is Housh the Seahawks version of Alvin Harper or Peerless Price?
    3). Hopefully Locklear won’t “play” like Trufant did.

  14. tillman says:

    Locklear is one of the best back-up tackles in the league. Unfortunately, he’s also the best starting tackle on our team. Bummer….

  15. tillman says:

    Cornutt, absolutely acknowledging that 1) Your sentiment is far more representative of the Seattle sports ethos than mine. 2) I am going to get totally flamed for this post because you can never say anything remotely negative about Seattle where Seattleites are concerned.

    “I’ll bet…Seattle isnt exacly the same as Cinci. Shut your pie-hole Housh, we’re don’t like whiney a** prima donna’s in Sea-Town. ”

    This is the absolute epitome of the soft-Seattle sports team. It’s why the entire Seattle sports scene is always, and will always be, second tier. There will NEVER be a championship reign of any kind in any sport in Seattle (no, girls b-ball and soccer don’t count). Just like a not-so-popular ESPN radio personality said earlier this year… Seattle sports fans are soft and will never step up to DEMAND a champion. We can just continue to enjoy mediocrity…

  16. bigmike04 says:

    “It’s just emotion. I love to win. I do not like to lose. And that’s just how I express myself.

    Best Qoute by T.J

    He like to win and does not like to lose and which nobody likes to lose and I hope some of player take his example and be fired up and willing to talk trash because he seem fired up and want to turn this team around.

  17. OutSydeDog says:

    I disagree that Seattle fans are soft. Just because we don’t want to support some of the “stuff” that goes with other teams, it just means we want to be better than that. Win, but do it with some class.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  18. OutSydeDog says:

    While on the subject of TJ, how come in the decisive third quarter, not one pass was targeted to him? The only time his named was mentioned was that horrible pass where Nate and him were in the same spot. Is he not getting open, or is just not being thrown to?

  19. tillman,
    “fans demanding a champion” isn’t how great sports franchises are built. Great sports franchises in Boston and New York, for example, were not built by fans demanding, yelling, whining, bitching, or anything else. The fans help pay the bills.

    Great sports franchises are built by great organizations, not by organizations who listen to fans and then decide to “fire the GM” or “fire the coach” every time fans start “demanding” things like that. Those are the crappy losing sports franchises that do that. Witness: Cleveland, for example. The Seahawks may not be a great sports franchise yet, but we don’t want to be them.

  20. variable575 says:

    NickLicatasucks says:
    November 6, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    “I am so fed up with the media blowing these Housh comments/actions out of proportion. The horse is dead, now bury it! Let’s see if it happens again before we judge Mora and the coaching staff. ”

    What about accountability of the coaches? And speaking to their ability as such?
    Look at second half adjustments or lack there-of? That is the most obvious and clear cut illustration of how we get completely out-coached…………Not outplayed.
    think about it. the judgment is out and it’s pretty clear we have bottom barrel coaches.

  21. Cornutt says:


    You took the words right out of my mouth…although you articulated the sentiment better than I probably would have. :)


    Good players and organizations know how to be good at winning AND losing. That’s why it’s hard for me to dislike teams like Indy. They just play well and shut thier traps. Has nothing to do with Seattle imho. I get the idea of being soft, but how exactly do you measure an entire cities softness? Theres all sort of reasons (excuses) why Seattle hasnt had any championship reigns–the biggest of which being lack of actual quality. But soft? Pft.

  22. princeaden says:

    I would have to say, if Spencer has just one more of those “look-out” blocks (where he blocks down and yells to Hass, ‘look-out’) the Hawks have to consider moving Unger to Center and installing Lock at RG. Leaving DMac at LT and letting that group develop going forward. Also, I’m hoping they’re serious about getting a good look at Rankin. He is definately a one cut downhill runner that may do well in the ZB scheme, provided the OL can open a few holes.

  23. This is a guy who could help us next year with our Denver pick or our own 2nd rounder:
    I’m going to the game tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what I think (not that most of you care).

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Mora had some interesting thins to say on Friday in Hawkville. He spoke about the obligation he and the team feel toward the fans. He went on to say that beyond all the money people spend to come to the games the fact that they are working their asses off (my words) to put something out there we can be proud of and brag about on Mondays is important. I know this will be torn apart be some here but I couldn’t care less; I liked it. I liked to hear it. The fact he’s (the head coach of an NFL team) isn’t above that is refreshing. It was clearly unscripted and genuine. The play hasn’t supported those intentions, obviously. You don’t have to like him, that’s not my point. He expressed the sentiments that everyone here (with a couple exceptions) want to see come to fruition.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Have fun tomorrow. I see that site has my personal favorite o-line prospect, Mike Lupati from Idaho. My cousin Trevor goes to U of I so I’ve gotten an earful all season. I’ve only seen him play twice, but he is punishing.

  26. variable575 says:


    Pay me millions and i could lead the hawks to a crappy start as well and rattle off some genuine BS to keep fans like you sedated……….

  27. variable575 says:

    c’mon maaaan

  28. Damn Variable… Dukeshire is probably one of the best posters to read from on this blog…

  29. variable575 says:

    No doubt,

    And that’s why Duke predicted, to some extent, such a response.

    Hey the point is Mora seems like a genuinely great guy, no argument here but as far as coaching he has yet to show something that fans can get behind and have an honest hope that he’s an above average NFL coach. He’s not even coming close to average if you factor in his yrs at ATL. His first yr was just a ride of what Dan Reeves set up. If Dan Reeves didn’t leave, there’s a good chance atlanta would have gone the distance before the pitbull circus

    RADEoN, Dukeshire is untouchable on this blog?

  30. BobbyAyala says:

    Hope Lock enjoyed his extended paid vacation.

  31. BobbyAyala says:

    Methinks Stevos is Groz on the sly.

    Fire Ruskell tomorrow.

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    “That would be zero times because we can trust Spencer to learn from his mistakes. ”

    Hehehe… Get this man on stage with a microphone and a two-drink minimum!!!

  33. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – Lol. I’m hardly sedated. And no where will you find me defending this team’s preparation on game day. My feeling, from fairly early on in training camp, is that he and his staff don’t have the respect from the players as a whole, that one would like to see. The fact that he has made such a production out of these latest roster moves with accountability in mind drives that point home. BUT, instead of becoming defensive and expressing a feeling of desperation (one which one would think he must be feeling) he knows how much money and time people spend to support this “product”. I liked it. Trust me however, it will not prevent me from booing Knapp the next time he runs a Floresesque series after half, or some such. In any case…

  34. BobbyAyala, thanks for the compliment. But no, Groz outweighs me by at least 50 pounds. ;-)

    Everyone here knows that over the past year-and-a-half the Seahawks have been the most injured team in football. But do you all realize that now our team is healthier than any time since 2006?

    Winning will solve everything.

  35. bigmike04 says:

    who all ready for game sunday? Beside me lol.

  36. bird_spit says:

    I know I am way late to this party but can’t hold back…

    Tillman, I assume your not calling the Seattle public soft? As major sports fans go, I tend to agree.. Seattle has less die-hard major sports fans than most places. The reasons are that the typical Seattle person who would have otherwise been glued to the boob tube is out stomping around in the Cascades or paddling the water 4 seasons a year. Your typical east coast type fan has nothing going on in the area that is more exciting. Around here there is a hell of a lot going on.. And unless you think alpine/rock climbing, or skinning up a mountain isnt a sport than hold your opinion.. If blood was on the line, I’d randomly pick males 20-40 years in age in Seattle, and put them up against a like picked team anywhere in the US. Allow me to pick the field of play.. I am rare in any of my friends, that I even know what is going on with the Seahawks so your opinion maybe correct..

    BTW– Its raining hard here, and I’m about to head out for my 5 mile jog around the neighborhood. Normally I’d leave out that my neighborhood has multiple 8% grade “hills” that in places out side of the West would be considered mountains. So take the East coast fans are better than West coast fans attitude and shove it.

  37. nightwulf says:

    You guys are amazing…A couple years ago, people were tearing SA a new A hole because he was joking and grinning on the sidelines. “he doesn’t care.” “He’s not playing with passion.” Now we have a WR who’s playing pretty well, considering the circumstances (a QB who has no time to throw) And when things are seriously going south, he’s getting frustrated, and letting his passion for winning show. So you’re all tearing him a new A hole for that…Near as I can tell, y’all are not happy unless you’ve got something to whine about…pathetic…

  38. nightwulf, that sized up this board pretty well. LMAO!

  39. Audible says:

    Nobody on here is untouchable, but over the years, Duke and a few other guys on here have made this blog worth reading because of their thoughtful posts. Disagree agree with them but have some class and respect when you do so, and maybe people will look forward to reading what you have to say.

  40. longco44 says:

    How many years does steven jackson have with the rams? what do you all think of this guy as a seahawk?! seeing as we haven’t had an established running game for a few years now!

  41. nightwulf says:

    We could have both Jackson and Adrian Peterson in the backfield, and it wouldn’t matter…no O line + no running game…period, end of story.
    just callin’ ‘em as I see ‘em…be nice to be wrong about that one, though…

  42. Audible says:

    There are a lot of really classy people on this blog…but like anywhere you go, we have our share of dumbasses too. I choose to pay attention to the guys who have something intelligent to contribute. We all get frustrated and b*&)* and moan sometimes because we’re all human.

  43. nightwulf says:

    Fair ’nuff….it’s not as if we don’t have reason to be frustrated over the past couple years :) Maybe I should get off Mt Olympus once in a while, eh?:)

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