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Thursday practice report: Hasselbeck getting healthy

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 5, 2009 at 2:12 pm with 28 Comments »
November 5, 2009 2:12 pm

After being a limited participant in practice on Wednesday, Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was a full participant on Thursday and said he feels fine for Sunday’s game.

Hasselbeck also said the healing process for his rib injury has been slowed by coming back from the injury early, but that he is getting better each week, and hopes to be fully healthy sooner rather than later.

“One of the things when you come back early from an injury when you really shouldn’t probably, you add on some healing time,” he said. “You probably add on, create some other nagging things. I think that’s probably the case. But I hope that I can get there.”

Hasselbeck also talked about the roster moves made this week, saying that head coach Jim Mora got the player’s attention after the game on Sunday by saying some changes would be made, then following through on his statement this week.

“Those of us who have been around, you know roster moves are going to happen after you start like we started,” Hasselbeck said. “He (Mora) had said it plain out, that we were going to make some changes, we’re going to do some evaluating, and they did it.

“His words weren’t hollow. They definitely did it. They backed it up.”

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley talked about the importance on getting pressure on Detroit Lions rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Lions have given up 24 sacks this season, fourth worst in the league.

“Anytime that you’re facing a guy as young in the league as he’s been in there, you try to get pressure,” Bradley said. “But that’s our goal every week, it doesn’t matter who we play.

“But he makes some good decisions now. I think when he and (Calvin) Johnson are in there together they’re a different team, and you’ve seen that in the games they’ve played together.”

Bradley also talked about his defense doing a better job of getting consistent pressure on the passer, whether it’s through blitzing or with four-man pressure up front.

“In the past we have,” Bradley said about the pressure with just four rushers. “But last week we blitzed a little bit more. On third down, we might of brought pressure 12 or 13 times in that situation. So I think it’s just getting a feel for the game, you know, how you’re getting pressure with four or if you need to add another guy.

“Sometimes it depends on the routes you’re seeing. Maybe we match up better with man coverage than we do with zone coverage. So if we’re going to plan, a lot of times we like to bring the extra rusher down there.”

Bradley also said cornerback Marcus Trufant has looked better during practice this week. Trufant played about 36 plays against Dallas, and did not play up to his lofty standards, but Bradley expects that to change this week.

“He’s had a good week this week,” Bradley said. “And that’s what we thought. We’d give him 30 or 40 reps last week, give him a feel for the game. And the big thing is not his ability, it’s his wind. And being out there for seven, eight plays in a row and being able to perform at a high level.”

Trufant is expected to start this week and be on the field in most situations.

Here’s the injury report.

WR Ben Obomanu (oblique) did not practice.

Offensive tackle Sean Locklear (ankle) was a limited participant in practice, along with cornerback Ken Lucas (neck). Locklear did not participate in the team drills portion of practice.

S Jordan Babineaux (hip), Hasselbeck (ribs) and LB Will Herring (shoulder) were full participants in practice.

For Detroit, DT Grady Jackson (knee) did not practice.

FB Jerome Felton (ankle), DE Jason Hunter (ankle), WR Calvin Johnson (knee), RB Kevin Smith (shoulder), QB Matthew Stafford (knee) and DE Dewayne White (hamstring) were limited participants in practice.

LB Jordon Dizon (foot) and DT Sammie Hill (ankle) were full participants in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. Audible says:

    Yesterday Mora said:

    “Mora addressed the player moves and even though he mentioned sending a message to his team, the three moves weren’t sending a message.

    “These were football related moves,” Mora said.

    Today Hasselbeck said. “He (Mora) had said it plain out, that we were going to make some changes, we’re going to do some evaluating, and they did it.

    “His words weren’t hollow. They definitely did it. They backed it up.”

    I guess we’re left to draw our own conclusions from those two statements.

  2. Audible says:

    Since Coach Mora spent what little time he had this morning actually doing what he was hired to do, he and Hasselback must be on the same page this afternoon!

  3. Well – if he had to let a couple guys go to send a message to a team having an underachieving season – i can see the logic there. Though, i don’t know, is this a team that needed to be scared into playing harder? it hasn’t felt like we weren’t trying, most of the time – I don’t know. I guess he’s just trying to pull every lever he’s got.

    With McIntosh not looking too bad – and Hawthorne looking good – we’re really pretty close to full strength now. Let’s get a win, and try to build on it.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Bradley says they brought pressure “12 or 13 times” in 3rd down situations? I’m re-watching the game tonight, because that seems like a very high number vs what I saw. Is he referring to blitzes in those situations or just getting pressure on Romo? I will be especially curious to see how many times they brought an extra pas rusher in 3rd and long (6 or more). And I have to say that waiting to get a “feel for the game” before determining whether blitzing a guy is worthwhile or not (how QBs react in the face of pressure) is absurd. Defensive adjustments are a game day necessity, but I can only hope that is coaches speak. Because if not that would explain why this D can look woefully unprepared at times.

  5. Seahawks2620 says:

    Bradley talks about the damn importance of getting pressure every week and then nothing happens!

  6. krieg17 says:

    Under this current front office I don’t get the feeling we are ever going to get an honest answer on anything.

  7. bird_spit says:

    Duke – You might want to read this to see if you are seeing what this Dallas reporter wrote:

  8. Audible – I thought the same thing!

  9. variable575 says:

    i’m starting to believe that the NFC West Champ is going to have an 8-8 record give or take a win. In fact, 7-9 wouldn’t surprise me although from what i’ve heard AZ’s schedule is far from intimidating.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Bird – Thanks. Thats very cool. I’ll keep that in mind while watching the replay. And to be clear, I’m most interested in what they did on 3rd and passing situations. I don’t question the blitzing overall, just in particular situations. (I like the fact they brought Babs multiple times) I guess I really want to see if there’s any credence to the analogy that this years soft zone, deep 2 on 3rd and long is to opposing offenses what Marshal’s jail break blitz was to the previous 3 years of 3rd and forever.

  11. variable575 says:

    How does AZ just role over in a one week and give up 200+ rushing yards to a team that’s in the gutter?

    I use to not think it, especially as of late, but i’m starting to buy into the claim that the NFC west is made up chump teams regardless of our luck with sending a few teams to the bowl in 4 yrs.

  12. I think Mora’s statements are bring blown out of proportion. Seem like he was just telling the media what he thought the fans would want to hear. “Yeah, we are going to push everyone real hard and fire people if they don’t perform, yada, yada…” But that’s already what they do every week of camp and every week of the season. Its a pretty empty statement.

    I think Mora should probably learn to just say less while at the podium, say thank you, and go do his job, ala Bellichick, etc.

    The personnel moves this week weren’t ‘firing’ players who weren’t performing. They were just restocking some young players for special teams.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Let’s face it, there is nothing Mora can say, regardless of how much or how little, that won’t be torn apart. It’s simply a by product of losing. He just needs to be himself, for good or ill, and keep moving.

  14. variable575 says:

    he is being himself and there in lies the problem.

  15. I do think the NFC West is terrible and has been terrible. It has been a bad, bad division for a long time. However, we were legit in ’05. That was a damn good team. We were 13-2 (before we packed it in to rest starters and had nothing to play for in Green Bay). Even though I think the divison has been piss poor, I don’t think that justifies calling us bad in ’05 (even though that wasn’t implied). It wasn’t our fault that the other teams were bad. And when we did play other teams, we beat them (unlike the Cards last year who couldn’t hardly beat anyone else outside of the divion during the regular season).

  16. footballscaa says:

    The Hawks seem to do well against the pansies of league. Hopefully they won’t be the pansy Sunday. C,mon Hawks. Don’t suck!

  17. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – Understood. But if they were 5-2 instead, these conversations would not be taking place. That’s my point. It’s all about results, there is nothing he can say at this point someone won’t take issue with.

  18. eyeland says:

    Mora talks to much..If he keeps it up he will find out just who has the power.
    The players control his destiny…… This guy is a lot of psycho babble… He better hope his team doesn’t turn a deaf ear. Maybe he needs to go run up a mountain somewhere.

  19. Cornutt says:

    Good point Duke, but for some reason Mora has annoyed me even when we win.

    I just get sick of the same old scripted cliches, win or lose.

    “Im not thinking about the playoffs, one game at a time”


    “When need to build on this win”

    FFS, just be a damn human. I liked that Holmy did that…he always seemed real.

  20. Audible says:

    Ever see Bull Durham? Remember how Kevin Costner coached the young pitcher on what to say to the media and how he just mindlessly parroted what he was told? I think Jim Mora Sr. had a similar conversation with Jr.

  21. variable575 says:

    Obviously Mora is a better coach than any of us could ever hope to be, but that’s not saying much.

    Nothing points to Mora being one of the top tier coaches in the NFL. He’s a great guy i’m sure, but i just don’t see him being a coach of high caliber when it comes to his effectiveness at that position. Great guy, below average coach. Hope we get someone better in the not too distant future.

  22. Holmy/Gruden?

  23. princeaden says:

    Ive been gone this week. Glad to be back. I dont know if this has been mentioned. But, what about bringing Mickey Loomis back as GM and giving him full control (and a boat load of $)? Letting him pick his own coaching staff, players and whatever else he deems necessary to get the Hawks back to where they should be. And maybe he can bring along that Evans fella from the Saints w/him.

  24. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    Yawn … Hawks blow … bring on the Lions … I see a lot of “L”‘s in our future, a future that will not change with our abstentee ownership, an ownership that does not care about W’s and L’s, only about $’s … Allen sucks …

  25. bird_spit says:

    Thank God Paul Allen is hands off. Would you want Paul Allen hands on? Or would you want a group of hands-on-guys from Oklahoma City to buy it from Paul Allen?

    I doubt Paul Allen needs a defender. Likely he will need time, and for his people to do a more qualified assessment before he “blows things up”. We need Paul Allen’s ownership. There will be no talk of moving this team to L.A. this time around with his ownership.

  26. yellaman says:

    If Mora wasn’t to make changes he might want to blow up this team and maybe start with some major players how about send branch packing and demote babineaux back to nickel corner and maybe move defensive team to a 3-4 defense with cole out of the picture

  27. Its a new season.

    Everyone seems to have a hangover from the horrible start, that’s understandable. But this is ONLY game 8. The second half of the season doesn’t even start until we go to AZ on Nov 15.

    The 49ers are now having injury problems. AZ is beginning their annual inconsistency roller-coaster. The Seahawks are now one of the healthier teams in the division. If the offensive line and running game takes another step forward together this week, and then again against the Cardinals, we are going to win most of our games in the second half and still have a shot at the division lead at the end.

    Its no time to talk about firing people, just firing people up!

  28. How in the hell can you criticize Allen? All he cares about is money? Can you can you come up with a dumber comment? He’s spent almost more money on player salaries over the last few years than any team in the league. Dumbass comment – I’m used to them from that source though and it probably didn’t even deserve a response.

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