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A few notes from Wednesday’s practice

Post by Ryan Divish on Nov. 4, 2009 at 2:24 pm with 55 Comments »
November 4, 2009 3:01 pm

A relatively uneventful practice on an otherwise gorgeous day up here in Renton.

Matt Hasselbeck was at practice, but did nothing in team drills except for hold his helmet and observed. Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp didn’t seem too worried about it.

“Last week he didn’t practice on Wednesday and had, in my opinion, a pretty good game considering the pass rush we had coming at us and what he did efficiency-wise. Of course as a coach, we want him to get as many reps as possible,” Knapp said. “Because of his experience, it’s not as big of concern when it’s just Wednesday. As long as he’s back Thursday and Friday I’m ok.”

Offensive tackle Sean Locklear showed up to the first part of practice and did some individual work, but went back inside during team drills. To me, that’s not a good sign. If he can’t make it through a relatively light practice on Wednesday, I don’t see how he’ll be ready for Sunday. Knapp kind of quelled some of the optimism that head coach Jim Mora had about Locklear in the morning press conference.

“He can come back, but realistically to have him start and play would be hard to ask of him and I don’t think would be fair to him,” Knapp said. “He could possibly be the third guy for us. We want to see him the next two days and evaluate his practice and see how does he recover from a full practice.”

I would say it could be even a possibility that Locklear might not be ready to be the third guy on Sunday.

To prepare for that, Rob Sims did some work at left tackle today as well, and he’ll be the emergency third tackle if Locklear can’t go.

Will Herring did some light individual work without pads, but was limited the rest of the practice.

Ken Lucas was dressed out, but did very little. Marcus Trufant worked as the starter.

WR Ben Obamanu and FB Justin Griffith didn’t practice. Obo has an oblique strain and Griffith was excused from practice for no specified reason.

WR Deion Branch made a nice one-handed catch, drawing some hefty praise from teammates. Branch spoke to the media about his in-game comment.

“It’s a big misunderstanding,” he said. “What you are hearing is not coming from me, I just want to win, I want to play. That’s the bottom line. When you are 2-5, a lot of stuff you hear may sound different, but the meaning is not that.”

Branch was asked about his role with the team  as the third receiver and if that was an issue, and he said he doesn’t care if he catches one or two balls per game as long as the team wins. And he also said that if it was that big of an issue, he would have made a big deal of it in training camp.

I have no idea what Branch meant with his comments. They are relatively nebulous and open to intepretation.  If the Hawks are 5-2 instead of 2-5, few would really care what he said. But this is what we’ve been reduced to talking about because the on-field performance has been so bad at times.

As for Louis Rankin, who apparently has become the next Marcus Allen, in the last week, he looked okay at times. He saw plenty of reps at running back. Knapp said that Forsett will remain the third down back and the Rankin will back up Jones. As for the one series per half, Knapp said that would be determined. It will mainly depend on when Jones need a break.

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  1. If Ruskell isn’t retained, I wonder how many guys get cut by the new GM (not Holmy) who always seem to want to put their print on teams right away? Kerney, Lock, Grant, Branch, Hill, TJ, J.Jones, etc. I’m just curious how big of a purge there may be. We have a lot of average players making superstar money (and some even aren’t average players).

  2. The reason for asking has to do with Lock and his slow healing ways… It’s been noted before that he’s a chronic slow healer. Seems like Hackett material.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t want to perpetuate the Branch non-sense, but if it’s just a “big misunderstanding” then why doesn’t he clarify? We all know the answer.

    Ryan, was there any special teams work with your boy Rankin, today? Are we looking at Wilson / Rankin or Forsett / Rankin or no change heading into the Detroit game?

  4. Seahawks2620 says:

    It probably has alot to do with Lock having 300 pounds placed upon those ankles haha..

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Whoever comes in (and I’m no longer convinced Ruskell is out, by the way) there are certain core players that will not go. Hill and Housh, I’ve got to believe, are among them. And I don’t foresee any cuts coming on the o-line as far as starters go just yet. I think more bodies, until thing are solidified, the better. That said, if a change is made at GM, you can be sure heads will role somewhere.

  6. No special teams work that I saw, but they may have done it before I got out there. A lot of installation stuff today. If Obo can’t go, it would most likely Rankin and Forsett, at least that’s what Eric thinks. They are trying to keep Josh Wilson healthy and Forsett seems to have gotten his punt return duties lightened.

  7. bird_spit says:

    If a new GM comes, this offense will get flushed. It’s about time. This team was built for a Holmy superbowl run, and the Sell By date has expired.

    No matter if TR is retained or not, we won’t recognize the O in three years time. My gut says Unger / Burleson will be here in 3 years. Some of our current line may survive the purge, but they will be totally gone in 5 years anyway.

  8. Tompage says:

    C’mon Eric! We are trying to stay as positive as we can, and you post a back handed criticism of Rankin ‘…next Marcus Allen..’. Let’s give the kid a chance to prove he belongs in this league. It is certainly better to have a kid that might turn into something rather than playing an aging vet who won’t be with the team next year. And if Rankin develops at all, he might be our #1 back by the end of the year. Julius Jones is certainly not the second coming of Jim Brown so taking over his starting spot is not out of the question.

  9. IdahoHawk says:

    No matter if TR is retained or not, we won’t recognize the O in three years time. My gut says Unger / Burleson will be here in 3 years. Some of our current line may survive the purge, but they will be totally gone in 5 years anyway.

    NO Carlson or Butler

    Say it aint so…

  10. IdahoHawk says:

    I dont see it taking much talent to outdo J. Jones.. Let Rankin and Forsett carry the load. What the hell do we have to lose.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Carlson’s not going anywhere no matter who takes over. He is an elite talent that no matter what style offense a new staff brings in he’ll fit. Moreover, he represents everything the community loves about the Seahawks. He’ll likely retire a Seahawk.

  12. bird_spit says:

    I somehow blocked Carlson out of my mind. In 3 years Carlson will be a regular in Hawaii, IMO.

  13. bird_spit says:

    Saw this, and loved the Holmgren quote..

    “But [the play-calling change] bothered me a lot. Jim Zorn is one of the nice people. I’m a nice guy, but I’m not that nice. I’m not as nice as Jim Zorn. Jim Zorn is really a nice man. What they did, I did not like that at all.”

    Holmgren is the second of Zorn’s friends to speak out on his behalf following the Redskins’ decision to turn play-calling over to Lewis. Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Largent, Zorn’s best friend and former teammate, blasted the organization on a Seattle radio station two weeks ago.

    IMO, Zorn is not HC material, OC sure.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Holmgren hits on it at the end; Zorn was hired as the OC. He was brought in to design the offense and call plays. He was promoted to HC less than 2 weeks later. So you hire him to call plays then strip him of that? He’s right, just fire the guy if that’s what it is.

  15. freedom_X says:

    Purge candidates (people with relatively large salaries:)

    Highly likely:

    – Kerney
    – Grant
    – Branch
    – Julius Jones
    – Walter Jones

    Moderately likely:

    – Tatupu
    – Burleson
    – Cole (might be a “highly likely” if they can take the cap hit)

    Not counting people whose contracts are up at the end of the year or players still in their 1st contract and thus not making that much money (i.e. Redding, Spencer, Sims, Jennings, Lucas.) I would consider those normal turnover.

  16. Glad for the Holmgren. Redskins spat; that takes one possible destination off his list. i want him in Seattle.

    I also think it’s time to sit Jones & see what Forsett’s really got. We’re not going to win more then 5 games this year either way.

  17. bird_spit says:

    IdahoHawk et all,

    Do you really think Butler is all that good? From what I have seen, which isnt much, he will not be a 1 or 2 WR on any team. Now, that said, it may take a couple of years of development, and we’ll see the real Butler talent. He may survive a purge, but the new GM/coach will want to bring in a new grouping. He will be that kid that the last GM drafted.

  18. IdahoHawk says:

    I’m not sure if he’s worth a pinch. I do know that he has a talent that you can’t coach and that shows up every game SPEED. Just from watching the preseason he plays with alot of heart (Which can’t be said for other players on this team).

  19. Tompage,
    That would be me as the author of the “the next Marcus Allen” line. And it was sarcasm from all the talk about Rankin today. I tend to use sarcasm from time to time, perhaps I should use italics when I’m being sarcastic.

    On some level, it’s great that this kid is getting a chance. Everybody is saying all the right things about him. But if you are looking at him as a future No. 1, or even as a definite boost to your run game, it says something about what you have in your current run game.

    And you’re right, Juilus isn’t the second coming of Jim Brown. I don’t even think he’s the second coming of Mo Morris.

  20. On average, not many WRs come into the NFL and play well. Yeah, sure, there are always exceptions… but way more often that not, it’s between year two and three where they jump close to their actual NFL potential.

    I have not been impressed with the supposed speed of Butler. He seems like a guy with good track speed that doesn’t translate into football speed (and looks terrible on ST).

    On the positive side, one would never expect him to be as tough as he is. He took some shots in the pre-season and got up and wanted more. You can’t really coach toughness like that.

    He seems more gritty than flashy (which is the opposite of what you’d expect from a guy with sub 4.3 speed). Either way, I’m glad he’s a Seahawk.

  21. One thing that truly p!sses me off about some GMs who take over is that they seem to get rid of players who shouldn’t be gotten rid of because they weren’t drafted by that person. Like if a new GM comes in and lets Wilson/Mebane leave next off-season just to make sure he gets his guys in is a bunch of BS and you see it all too often. If someone is good, who cares how he got there? I’d rather keep a Mebane than sign some average FA DT just because the new guy brought him in.

  22. HawksKD says:

    Repost from statement: Why does branch have his own show on KJR.

    Branch and Burleson have a weekly timesllot with softy… Not just Branch.

    Funny story I called in to ask a question: “Deion regarding your statement made on Sunday do you feel that you are not embraced or wanted by the seahawk organization or fan base.”

    During the portion where they answer callers questions. I saw burleson pointing out something to Deion, give him a look like, what do you think? And Deion gave the cutting motion to his throat and shook his head no, and they both started laughing. Further into the the segment Burleson pointed at it again and shook his head yes and both started laughing again…. They did not take my call. But I’m pretty sure they were looking at the question.

    I agree with Dukeshire in Branch clarifying his statement made. I was trying to get him to man up and call a spade a spade.

  23. OutSydeDog says:

    Okay, after reading the post, my question is this. How come McIntosh can come off the couch and play a whole game, but Locklear is going to need a week or two to….work back into shape? WTF????

  24. CYRREEN says:

    BobbyK, That is exactly what Ruskell did. Why did we lose Mo Mo.

    By the way, does anyone knows how much money Ruskell has wasted on RB’s, starting last year.

  25. OutSydeDog says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss about Branch’s comment. He wasn’t shouting at a camera, he was yelling towards the stands. The sideline mic just picked it up. I lean more towards it just being some good ol’ chest beating, not requesting another team come sign him. Good grief.

  26. CRYREEN – One thing I’ll say in defense of Ruskell, he did resign MoMo when he was a free agent the first time around. He just didn’t resign him this time around.

  27. krieg17 says:

    I want a “do over” on this whole last four years!!!!!

  28. HawksKD says:

    I am excited about Rankin getting a couple of carries here and there. Our run game has been so anemic that it has been detrimental to our season. I believe it it plays the largest role in why we are losing. Whether it’s our line not opening holes,or our RBs not hitting the opening fast enough.. Something had to change. Considering our line has been in constant flux that leaves the effort to improve to rest solely in our backfield.

    Also, Knapp continues to try and make apple juice with oranges. Why is it that we are trying to set up the pass with the run when it is far and beyond clear that our strength lies within the passing game. Why not flick some short routes in the middle, send carlson up the seam, get the safeties to drop and spread, make the LBs second guess blowing up gaps. Why in gods name are we trying to turn Matt into a play action passer when no one fears our run game and he has shown to excel in the shotgun.

  29. HawksKD says:

    Ok my chair that says coach is now vacated. I might warm up the GM one later if it’s not taken.

  30. HawksKD says:

    Outsyde dog he was clearly pointing and talking to the camera……as it was moving

  31. NickLicatasucks says:

    Losing teams can afford to play this game because they are hoping to find a diamond in the rough. That is why gone are Fisher, Wallace, Edge. They all are known quantities. The other guys are not. The only way to find out is to play them.

    As for Ruskell, we must wait until season’s end to make our judgments. Why? This team has not been able to jell, injuries are a part of that, new schemes and coaching staffs magnify that challenge.

    No doubt Ruskell turned the page here and had a definite vision- it was a good vision, but what next? Ruskell needs to re-interview for the job. His new vision needs to be the right one. He’s already got the character guys…what next? How about some more game breakers!

    Burleson is in a contract year, if he leaves its not because he got cut, its because he got a better deal somewhere else. I’d like to see him stay. As long as he plays hard until the whistle each play.

  32. CYRREEN says:


    Do you see a difference between the new coaching staff vs. the Holmgren coaching on the way they run the practices. I know Holmgren was very detail oriented, and did not tolerate mistakes. Is the current regime, pretty laid back?

  33. Looking at the central of this team gives me a chuckle. There are those who wish to keep Ruskell. Sure, injuries can be held accountable for some of the issues on the offensive side of the ball. Then again, had Pork Chop been retained, would the Hawks been in such a bind. He was capable of manning either guard or tackle. TR excuse makers need a good whack in the snoz. You can’t see beyond your eyelashes. It is his (Ruskell) FA moves and lack there of that have delivered this team to the bottom of the league and Ruskell has been credited as an average GM. The same GM that wasted a roster spot on an extra kicker only to lose a RB he now has on the starting roster ( FYI: that kicker has not found a roster).

    Let Hamlin walk
    Signed Grant as third best SS and was a prior FS
    Cut Russell in preseason replacing with previous bust, Babineaux
    Signed RB Duckett ahead of schedule then cut preseason
    Etc, etc…

    I wouldn’t trust TR with a groceries list and a $20 bill, yet he runs the Seahawks organization for Paul Allen. Ha Ha
    Hey Allen,,, I’m tired of being laughed at when donning my Hawk apparel here in Vegas. Fire the clown already or I’m gonna buy some Atlanta garb.

  34. “On some level, it’s great that this kid is getting a chance. Everybody is saying all the right things about him. But if you are looking at him as a future No. 1, or even as a definite boost to your run game, it says something about what you have in your current run game.”

    I’m not sure I understand this comment. Since the Superbowl we’ve had zero run game, period. Edgerin James was not the answer. Our special teams are terrible, with Josh Wilson, I’ve never seen a guy that ran in the 4.2s and 4.3s have so much difficulty making it to the 20.

    Open your eyes this team sucks right now and if you have to activate a guy making ~100,000 a year who is a young guy with 4.4 speed, a little bit of talent and ability in the return game I think you do it; rather than having some convoluted notions of grandeur of days long lost of Hawks greatness. No one said the organization was banking on him as the future.

    Some you are such morons.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Olsonc – The paragraph you quoted was in reference to all the Rankin talk in the previous thread. It’s not a difficult sentiment to understand however, even taken on it’s own merits. He clearly wasn’t criticizing the move but rather the state of the running game in general. One which you yourself say is quite poor.

    As for the return game; Wilson is averaging 20 yards per on the dot. Rankin (whose experience returning kicks is what exactly?) is there to try and replace Obo.. Who, in limited opportunities (4 to be exact), had a long of 45 and the other 3 over 20. If you want to point fingers at anyone for mediocre special teams look no further than Bruce DeHaven.

  36. Cornutt says:

    I think it’s okay to judge TR at this point, but I dont think it would be fortuitous to can his a** in the middle of the year…if only because that would reflect negatively on the organization we know and love.

    Injuries…blahblahblah. I hate the Pats, but look how they can plug anyone into a position because the system is so damn strong.

    But I think this saying is completely applicable to us. ‘You are what your record says you are.’ Bottom line is, TR’s team has declined rapidly and is now in fact, horrible. The proof is in the pudding.

  37. Cornutt says:

    …and the pudding is rancid and should thus be thrown out.

  38. Rankin returned kicks for the Raiders in preseason. Dukeshire “Football players make Football plays”. At some point these guys need to have a little intestinal fortitude and get it done on their own. Just listening to KJR, I don’t mind that Tj Housh- is mad and maybe not in the nice compliant quiters place that Seattle fans have become to accustomed to(MARINERS). I don’t want a bunch of nice guys that really have high character when their getting their asses handed to them week in and week out. I’d rather have some gang bangers and alcoholics that frankly if you saw on the street, you might be scared, if that’s what it takes to win.

    But seriously listening to Branch and Burleson having a high-old time on their show makes me want to puke, I’d rather have them a little subdued and quiet, as in the fact they might be pissed their a laughing stock in the league now.

    In a long winded way, I want to see what we have on the roster and take a hard look at it, it’s nice to see what Hawthorne can do. There is nothing holding us back from seeing what everyone can do, so there will be no illusions on what we have this offseason.

    Josh Wilson averages 20 a kick with a high of 29 yards. We’re 22nd in the league in average and 24th in the long-sucks.

  39. WTF? How is Rankin better than Edgerrin James?

  40. Dukeshire says:

    In general, I don’t disagree with what you are saying. But I think you have misunderstood Ryan’s point.

    As for Wilson; he led the NFL in returns of 40 yards or more last year. He’s at a point in his career where he should still be improving. That is a long cry from preseason returns with the Raiders. Now, with Lucas dinged and Fisher gone, they are taking Wilson out of harms way a bit it appears. Rest assured this is not an inditement on Wilson’s ability. I’m on record as saying I’m excited to see what Rankin can do, but the excitement generated for him has more to do with the fact he’s a Husky than people’s objective view of his playmaking ability.

    And for the record, I cannot believe DeHaven still has a job after last years kick coverage units. Special teams has been a liability since his arrival in ’07.

  41. Buffalo, The Saints and the last Cardinal and Cowboy games were really bad for special teams.

  42. Chuck, long as we’re talking backs,,, how ’bout that 40 yard TD run by yours truly, MR. Leonard Weaver! Broke a tackle up the middle and took er ta the house against the NATS.
    ———————— car – yds – ave – TD – Lg – rec – yds – ave – TD – LG
    Leonard Weaver 12 91 7.6 1 41t 7 35 5.0 1 20t
    Edgerrin James 46 125 2.7 0 10 3 19 6.3 0 7
    Justin Forsett 19 109 5.7 0 22 11 95 8.6 0 19
    Justin Griffith 1 1 1.0 0 1 4 13 3.3 1 8

    Those talking the return of Holmgren, I wish it were so but he has stated his desire to walk the sidelines. Heard nothing of him becoming a GM once again. To bad, I would like to see a scenario of Gruden and Holmgren in Seattle. But hopefully, some branch of the Walsh, Air Coryell, lands in the Hawks FO. Or part of the winning ways of the 9ers of old. Mora with the addition of Knapp have proven unworthy and TR needs to be made captain of the scout team.

  43. I don’t think it’s fair to compare stats of our RBs (and we know they are all very average, at best) with other players at that position in the leauge. Our offensive line is so terrible that it could make Walter Payton, Earl Campbell, and Barry Sanders look a lot worse than they were. It’s that pathetic. There’s no way in hell E.Smith was the best runner ever, although the yardage says he is. I have NEVER seen an OL better than that dominant Cowboys line of the mid-90s. If Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, or some other stud could have been given that line… they’d be over 20,000 yards. If Emmitt would have been drafted as a Bengal, people would say that he was a decent back and he would have been forgotten a few years after retirement. He may never have made a Pro Bowl either. That’s how much an OL can affect a team (and we’re seeing the worst it has to offer).

  44. Audible says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but Mora has never inspired much confidence. I wasn’t excited about him being the coach-in-waiting because to me he just seems to be lacking that intangible thing that makes you believe in him, so it’s no surprise to me that he may be losing the team. Can anyone put their finger on it, and describe what I’m talking about better than that? My first raction to him, and my gut instincts, seem to tell me that he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying…it’s almost like he’s reading from a script.

  45. yeah… the oline is reeling but Weaver reminds me of a Marion Barber. He brings the pain like a Walter Payton or Earl Campbell wanna be. Remember Barber, the
    RB that took Julius Jones starting position. And Chuck made mention of the stats early on which needed updating at the mid season juncture IMO.

  46. In retrospect, the Mora hiring seems confusing based on how bad the defensive backs played when he coached that unit.

    However, at the time… I was very supportive of the hiring just for the simple fact that he was younger, new, and was going to bring about the enthusiastic change that some of our players may have needed (Holmy was continually blasted on this blog for being too passive with respect to weeks off during the bye, training camps that weren’t hard enough, etc.). I thought he had learned from his Atlanta mistakes and wouldn’t do anything dumb again (like blame Mare for the Chicago game). His first year track record was also impressive in Atlanta and I liked that for our ’09 season.

    I am also on record many times stating that Mora was NOT better for ’10 than Holmy. Holmy is the better coach. Period. But for a year, sometimes change is needed and I really thought Mora would do well.

    Audible – I know what you’re saying about the “scripted” thing though… I can’t write it any better. He talks about being tough, but seems to tiptoe around antics like the TJ crap. It’s like he’s the bully (to Mare) who is afraid to stand up to anyone (TJ) if he thinks they may get back in their face. I did believe Mora at his inagural press conference though when he talked about the pass rush improving because of the “passion” that was going to be involved. Basically, a bunch of BS that sounded good. Our rush still sucks. The consistent pressure is lacking. And it’s the same old crap.

  47. Again I’ll offer a few comments and let u guys rip them apart.
    I agree with outsydedog, branch started by yelling at the crowd then continued with the camera when it was right in front of him. I think what he said is a little misconstrued.. (which is understandable for a fanbase of a 2win team) I think TJ’s antics are more upsetting. Not sure what can make him happy.
    Can a team with a messed up Oline expect 100yd rushers every week? Or after we fall behind evry week?
    Can a coaching staff look good with team filled with players all of you say are horrible? One thing always leads to another.

    I agree that the team isn’t performing well (no consistency on offense, looks like crap half the time) but I still think they can come together to a certain extent and put together a decent showing for the rest of the season..

  48. OutSydeDog says:

    Oops….I saw a replay and Branch was clearly talking to the camera, but I still say it was just chest beating. I dunno, I guess I pretty much stick up for every member of this team. Us, the “experts”, unnamed scouts, and the media can pick apart any team that isn’t flyin’ high. I just prefer to support my team, win, lose or draw. I just want them to care as much as I do.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  49. bigmike04 says:

    I personality can’t wait for game sunday as I will be their and will be sitting in hawks nest area as my buddy and I bought 2 tickets on craiglist for 45 each and got section 149 row W seat 12 & 13 and I will be deck out in my hawks gear and cheering for a win..

  50. OutSydeDog says:

    thx mocarob :)
    Okay, I’m going on a rant here.

    As a fan from day 1, I can say I’ve cheered some pretty dismal teams. I even sat thru every minute of the game we set the still held record for total offense of -7 yards.

    Zorn, Largent, Brown, Jacob, ….and…and…so many more thru the years.

    I’ve had the sheer joy, to cheer every member of the ring of honor, and I don’t take for granted how special it is to have a player like that. Now, our team is struggling big time, but that doesn’t mean that I have less confidence in Matt to lead the offense thru. I’m more pissed at the defense for not living up to their talk, which leads me to TJ :)

    As I mentioned, I watched Largent’s whole career, and Housh can’t hold a candle to him. Steve didn’t talk, except to give credit to someone else. All he did was catch everything within arm’s reach, usually with a DB spinning five yards behind. If TJ NEVER dropped a pass, even if he had to jump, dive, twist, battle, tip the ref, whatever…..then….just maybe….he could bitch to the camera and have point. Case closed.

    I still think we have great talent at the skill positions on offense, we just need to give more time for the OL to stabilize. Bet we’re clickin’ before the year is out. I’d trade our whole backfield for Dan Dornick and JL Williams. As for special teams, I want a Rusty Tillman type guy. Now that I think about it, mabye he should be in the ring of honor too :)~

    Thanks for letting me vent….

  51. OutSydeDog says:

    bigmike…high fives. Have a blast, cuz I know you will. It’s great to be at Qwest. There’s nothing like the 12th man. I wonder how the visitors would react to a “triple wave” to go with our “usual” noise?

  52. bird_spit says:

    Dan Dornick and JL ?

    I totally agree. Don’t give me zone blocking, give me in your face, smash mouth football. Give me pulling guard Hutch, and the attitude that came with it.

    That ’05 line had scary talent, but they also had an attitude. They would not be denied. We need that kind of line in front of the Dan D and JL type of RB.

    In order to have that, this coaching staff will need replacing…which is likely 2-3 years away. Bummer..

  53. Cornutt says:


    I believe this is the right place for your venting brother. A man shouldnt hold that sh*t in, otherwise it’ll juss eatcha up!! :)


    I also see what you’r e saying about Mora, that has irked me watching the last few press conf.’s. I think good leaders earn respect by leading by example. Some of his decisions (the like Mare thing) have lost him credibility. I didnt always agree with Holmgren’s playcalling, but that man has massive credibility and the trust f his players….I digress…

  54. firecap81 says:

    “My general sense, after spending what little time I have with them today, is that they’re understanding what I’m looking for”
    After 7 games 4 exhibitions and all of spring drills you are finally seeing that? Nice coaching job.

  55. bigmike04 says:

    OutSydeDog says:
    November 5, 2009 at 12:36 am
    bigmike…high fives. Have a blast, cuz I know you will. It’s great to be at Qwest. There’s nothing like the 12th man. I wonder how the visitors would react to a “triple wave” to go with our “usual” noise?

    thanks as it will be first game my buddy has ever been to at Qwest and it going to be a blast and to see a young bright QB in Stafford as he just might be right choice that Detroit made in QB.

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