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Thursday practice report: Tatupu has surgery, likely ending his season

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October 29, 2009 2:34 pm

Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Walter Jones will soon have company on the injured reserve list.

A day after the Seahawks made the announcement that Walter Jones had been added to the season-ending, injured reserve list with a knee issue, the team announced Linebacker Lofa Tatupu is having surgery on his torn, left pectoral muscle performed by Dr. James Andrews in Alabama.

Tatupu will likely be placed on the season-ending, injured reserve list, making room for the Seahawks to place cornerback Marcus Trufant on the active roster. The Seahawks do not have to make the roster move until Saturday.

Second year player David Hawthorne will start in place of Tatupu at Dallas on Sunday. The Texas native also returns to his old stomping grounds, having grown in nearby Corsicana.

Hawthorne said he’s expecting about 35 family and friends at the game.

After two practices of sitting on the sidelines to rest sore ribs Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was back in action today and says he’s ready to play on Sunday.

Hasselbeck says with a new offensive system in place this season he hasn’t taken a look at last year’s film, where the Seahawks lost 34-9 on Thanksgiving and he was sacked seven times.

Hasselbeck also talked about Walter Jones ending is season by being placed on the injured reserve list on Wednesday.

“Those of us that got to talk to him yesterday feel his optimism also,” he said. “He’s not giving up. He’s not quiting. He’s not retiring. He’s committed to playing football again.”

Hasselbeck also talked about what Seattle needs to do to get a win on the road against Dallas. The Seahawks are 2-8 in their last 10 games on the road.

“We’ve got to run the ball,” he said. “We’ve got to be balanced. And if we’re just assignment correct, that’s part of it. But then the other side, they’ve got guys that can play.

“DeMarcus Ware is arguably the best pass rusher in the game right now. They’ve got great cover corners. They’ve got a Pro Bowl safety. That’s great against the run and also great against the pass. They’ve got experienced linebackers. They’re a big, big team. They’re what you think of when you think of one of those 34 (3-4 defensive front) teams.”

Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said what makes the Cowboys offense, ranked No. 2 overall in the league, so tough is the team’s ability to give defenses multiple looks from different personnel groupings.

“That’s what so difficult,” he said. “Sometimes teams will come out maybe in a standard personnel grouping and give you one or two looks. They might have 15 different looks out of one personnel group. So that’s what makes them so multiple and presents a challenge for us.”

Bradley said in order to combat that, the defense needs to simplify its rules in order to get lined up correctly so they can play fast and focus on their assignment.

Here’s the injury report.

LB Lofa Tatupu (pectoral) is out.

T Sean Locklear (ankle) and S C.J. Wallace (hamstring) did not practice.

QB Matt Hasselbeck (ribs), G Rob Sims (ankle) and DE Patrick Kerney (groin) were full participants in practice.

For Dallas, CB Allen Rossum (hamstring) did not practice.

RB Marion Barber (thumb), Gerald Sensabaugh (thumb) and DeMarcus Ware (LB) were full participants in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. When it rains, it pours. And we haven’t even played a game in over a week.

  2. Can just one thing break in our favor? Pretty please?

    I’m keeping my expectations LOW for Sunday . . .

  3. StevenMunn says:

    When is something really really good going to happen for once instead of really, really bad?

  4. Hey Bobby, Sims is going to start on Sunday…….What do you think about that?

  5. If the Hawks cut one of their RBs, who gets cut? I think Forsett is the best pure RB on the team. Also, he has the highest average, 5.7 per carry. JJ is next with 3.9 then Edge at 2.7. So if they cut one now that Rankin is on the team, who do they cut? My guess is Forsett.

    So far this season Branch has 12 catches and a whopping 7.8 average per catch with no TDs. Good thing the Hawks are paying him just $4.9 mil this year.

    Both Seattle and Dallas are inconsistent, good one week, awful the next. Either team can win Sunday. If the Hawks O line can stableize they can still make a run.

  6. bird_spit says:

    If they cut an RB it will be Edge. Why would you ever cut 2nd year RB with tons of upside and keep a 30 year over the hill RB? I like Edge, so I hope none get cut.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t understand the hand wringing with the first three comments. Lofa was said to be done for the year the day he tore it, almost 2 weeks ago. Nothing changed other than speculation, surely there cannot be this level of shock. Hawthorne will do a fine job filling in. Now they get Tru, Sims, and Kerney back with Lock soon to follow.

    …”They’ve got a Pro Bowl safety.” Huh, would that be ex-Seahawk Ken Hamlin? I understand some of the frustration people had with him here but never thought he should have been allowed to leave.

    The Dallas game will be a major challenge for them but it’s not impossible. Romo can be forced into some awful decisions if you’re in him face. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush… An on O, get the ball out of Matt’s hands before Ratliff, Spears and Ware can get to him. Be quick without rushing and be decisive. Starting to get excited.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    oceanic – Why would your guess be Forsett after you just finished making a case why you think he’s the best RB on the team? In addition he plays a far larger role on this team the Edge, by miles. That was odd to read.

  9. BobbyAyala says:

    Why would they cut an RB? Rankin’s a KR and special teams guy.

  10. BobbyAyala says:

    “Either team can win Sunday.”

    =0) Thanks for the chuckle, Oceanic.

  11. “I don’t understand the hand wringing with the first three comments. Lofa was said to be done for the year the day he tore it, almost 2 weeks ago. Nothing changed other than speculation, surely there cannot be this level of shock.”

    Well, because, since then, we were given some hope that Lofa wasn’t lost for the year, and then just yesterday we get confirmation that Walt is indeed lost for the year (and maybe forever). Just a bit of a one-two punch.

    Not shock so much as it’s getting hard to find reasons to believe, that’s all.

  12. rubioloco says:

    Maybe the Hawks should consider firing their atheltic trainer and conditioning coach. This is a continual problem for this team year in and year out. Have been a fan since day one but am becoming jaded to this continual rerun of IR and excuses made due to injuries. Thankfully the Huskies are on the coming back so we can have a team to rally around.

    Sorry for all the hurt guys but when is management going to discover the root cause of wasted seasons.

  13. Duke…. sure love your optimism, and solid points… I’m normally in the high percent of optimism, I’m just not there with you at this juncture on that side… with you totally on the team notes…… a part missing… I feel what needs to be shown & proven, is the Hawk coaching in this game…. win or lose, this game is on THEM… top to bottom…. How we use what we have is the key, in my mind…. I really don’t believe we’ve done the job in this respect…
    I suggest “coaching” as the key to this game….

  14. Dukeshire says:

    The only “hope” was that Mora said it wasn’t torn “clean off the bone”. What would that have meant anyway, he’d be back for the last game or two? As for Walt, that is even less of a surprise. I don’t know, I just view things differently I suppose.

  15. BobbyAyala says:

    No need for Lofa anyway. The season is lost. Heal up and get ready for next year. I’m with Duke on this one, bringing him back would’ve been a waste of time anyway. Better to develop Hawthorne and maybe leverage him for a couple of draft picks.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    IB – I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m going to wait for the season to unfold a bit more before I express my feelings regarding the ‘Hawks coaching. But for now I’ll leave it at this; I have strong concerns as well.

  17. NickLicatasucks says:

    I will not be able to watch the Hawks live on Sunday. Will have this DVR’d. All my visions of Hawks road games are bad. They are crappy and this one worries me. But…

    I feel good about McIntosh at LT. Why? Experience. Maybe he’ll give up a sack or two. But he’ll still be better than Williams. Also- Rob Sims is better than Wrotto or Vallos. So that’s good too.

    On defense we can do some things against their o-line. But, I can’t stand to watch it…live. Go Hawks! Go Hawthorn!

  18. Tompage – I love the idea Sims will be back for this weekend. He’s been our best guard this year (that’s not saying much). While he has outperformed Unger, he doesn’t have Unger’s upside for future productivity.

    I simply want a revamped OL with some quality free agents and draft picks (and potentially via a trade or trades). I hope Daryn Colledge is our starting LG next season. He’ll cost more money, but good things come with a price.

    I hope we have a rookie #1 pick starting at LT, with two FA guards, Unger between them at Center, and Lock or Willis at RT (or if the R LT needs time to develop… then Lock is at LT with Willis at RT).

  19. Why are the Hawks unable to reload when other teams seem to be able to do it.. Steelers, Packers, Colts, Giants, even the Cardinals for Gods sake..
    How about the Cowboys and the Eagles. These teams recently never fall to such mediocrity as the Seahawks have.. Look at the Falcons. I know that a fish stinks from the head down.. Is this all Ruskell in the end?. What makes a NFL franchise great and stay great. Should the Hawks just be gutted and totally rebuild Fire everyone at the end of the season. What is happening now is becoming a trend not an fluke of injuries and time zones.

  20. Why cut Forsett? That is not what I would do but Rankin was brought in to be a returner so he takes Forsetts job. My guess is they keep Edge because he has so much experience in the zone blocking system.

    With the Hawks down to six LBs and with CJ injured they may need to bring in someone especially for special teams.

  21. eyeland,

    very intelligent comment. Yes, good organizations never fall off the cliff. The problem here is our GM. He has no idea how to keep the team top notch, year after year.

  22. bird_spit says:


    As much bad mouthing I have done to Ruskell, I sit back and read the comments defending him – and I dont disagree much. As much as I’d like to see him gone – and someone including Holmy back, getting the right guy here is a crap shoot. Ruskell maybe not the best, but he is probably in the top 50% of the GMs out there. We don’t know what we are getting if we hire some of these unproven GM – wantabes. I tend to agree more with the crowd asking for his head, but man am I worried what we get in return. I’d hope who ever comes in will find balance in maintaining the good, while improving (the bad OL). I would overpay for having the best OL and best DL. I’d fill in the rest and bring in young talent to replace old talent. I agree with those that think our DL is on track already. What I don’t like about Ruskell just maybe all about the injuries that he can’t control. -I dont know-

    Ruskell should be gathering experts to try and understand if there is some silver bullet in dealing with injuries, identifying cause.. They moved into the new facility and the injures tripled or quadrupled? Maybe it is the conditioning.. Maybe its so random that there i no one cause.. I don’t know but it does suck.

  23. variable575 says:

    It would be a nice surprise to see a miraculous solidification of our OL with Tosh,sims,spencer,unger,willis, guys that aren’t amazing but are good enough not too leak like a seive!

    Maybe our passing game against the rams and the jags would replicate in this game at dallas and in games to come. doubt it though, how many of you think matt gets sacked 5+??? For some reason the isn’t a lot of confidence brewing when you here of Mcintosh vs. Ware. OHY OHY OHY.

    I like some of the talk about revamping our OL in a FA and the Draft, could easily be done. if our OL has the same problems next yr(because of the current management is resigned, God forbid) so help me………………..

  24. variable575 says:

    Concerning TR,

    I think we hear extremes on this blog(most of the time). However, it does seem like TR has made plenty of mistakes, some not foreseeable and some that are, with the combined result of the seahawks falling from grace quite rapidly.
    As the GM, responsibility has to fall on TR’s lap(who else? Al davis? Wrong team)this is entirely on him. That is our steady decline. Time for a new GM, and it will happen just look at Paul Allens history with GM’s. I’ll be surprised if Paul Allen doesn’t get someone new, won’t you all be the same? I love the Holmy roomer!!! And to all the naysayers about that proposition i have this, who else took the hawks to the bowl? It is that easy!

  25. I do think there needs to be some sort of coup if major reinforcements aren’t brought in from a trade, FA, and/or the draft. Marginal talent on the OL cannot be tolerated anymore. It’s been 4 years of sh!t since Hutch has left. I know, he’s not the only reason our line sucks… Walt got older, Robbie/Chris aged 3-5 years from ’05-’06, and Lock hasn’t exactly been Mr. Durable since then. We went to the Super Bowl in ’05 because we had two Hall of Fame players manning the left side of our line. I know you just can’t go out and get players the quality of Walt/Hutch at will, but you sure as hell can go out and find better options than what we have in guys like Sims, Spencer, etc. Contrary to public belief, I think we can live with a guy like Sims at LG but only if we can add a few studs. We probably can live with Sims if he’s flanked by a #1 pick at LT and we add a Jahri Evans who is the best RG in the NFL. That’s the only way we can live with a Sims though. We can no longer survive (we haven’t been surviving though, have we, for the last four years?) doing this.

  26. jerrycurl says:

    eyeland… I tend to disagree with your thinking a bit. I like the concept, but look at the teams you listed. The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game in a decade. The Cardinals won their 1st in forever last year. The Eagles were decimated with injuries after making the Super Bowl and finished 6-10. That year they won a couple close games against atrocious teams that they should have lost. Kinda like Seattle now. The Packers have underachieved with the one exception losing to the Giants a couple years back in the NFC Championship game. I remember people in New York wanting both Coughlin and Manning gone at the beginning of the year they won the Super Bowl.

    The Pats, and the Colts are really the only 2 teams that have been consistently dominant in recent years. After that there are another group that has been good, but not great, and Seattle was in that group for about 6 years.

    The bottom line is that right now not much is going in Seattle’s favor. Everyone has soured on the team. The facts are that even if they lose to Dallas they still have a shot. This division could be won with 8 or 9 victories. Arizona is about as inconsistent as any team in the league, and San Fran is starting to unravel.

    Have the Hawks shown any reason to believe they can be better and more consistent, not necessarily, but look at the schedule. Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Tennessee are games we should win. Minnesota & Green Bay are probably losses. Arizona & San Francisco are must wins. It leaves a victory at Dallas or Houston for 9 wins. Is this a slam dunk, no, but it’s not as much a long shot as one would think. The team is as healthy as it’s been since week 1. Locks health,and McIntosh’s performance are huge the next couple weeks to have any chance. I have a bad feeling the Forte “non-fumble” could haunt us late in December.

    Sorry for the long post. I just needed to let it out a bit.

  27. variable575 says:

    jerrycurl says:

    “The facts are that even if they lose to Dallas they still have a shot. This division could be won with 8 or 9 victories. Arizona is about as inconsistent as any team in the league, and San Fran is starting to unravel.”

    Have you looked at AZ’s schedule? With their win NY they set themselves up fairly nicely. With that being said, yeah a loss in dallas, although expected, will not hurt us. Two more losses can be expected though like you said, Vikes and the pack. That’s too many loses for us to keep pace with an AZ team that only keeps improving week from week.

    The Forte “non-fumble” is irrelevant.

  28. variable575 says:

    I hate to say it but people still underrate the Cards(as much as I hate them), they have a D that is finally coming together, more than that, they can stop the run and that is huge. In addition, they are starting so show glimpses of running ability (when guys hold on to the ball). They scare me and barring injury, have control over the west.

  29. I agree. The Cards have turned that corner and are now a legit team. The Giants win in New Jersey was impressive.

  30. Edge can block.

  31. BobbyAyala says:

    “Why are the Hawks unable to reload when other teams seem to be able to do it.. Steelers, Packers, Colts, Giants, even the Cardinals for Gods sake..?”

    The Cards haven’t done squat yet, that said. The Steelters, Pack, Colts and Giants all live in real football towns, with real football teams, real football towns, and a real need to be football good.

    We (well, I live in Cali, but was born in Bellevue and studied at UW), live in a town that doesn’t value winning, or pride, or anything, really, related to the sports world.

    If Seahawks fans think Paul Allen is concerned, either, they needn’t look further than the Jailblazers era to assuage their malcontent.

    You live in a corner of the nation that no one, and I mean, no one, outside the area give a rip about.

    The Seahawks, I’m afraid, will continue this trend, and live off ’05, until that stadium clears out on Sundays in 2015. At which point Mr. ex-Microsoft will either sell or decide to pull his head out of his ass and develop a semi-winner again.

    I’m sorry, but Seattle is, quite frankly, the most pathetic sports town in America, and it all has to do with a fan base that fills up Safeco for Dancing Grounds Crews.

    The overwhelming majority of “Seattle Sports Fans” are butter-soft mom and pops that treat sports as family outings. Owners in that town can count on the family buck for a decade before they have to put actual money back into the product.

    The Seahawks are back on the down cycle and will be bad for the next eight years, at which point things may turn around, or may not, but most likely not, at which point, a new billionaire will purchase and continue the pathetic trend as America’s alsorand. There is no pride in Seattle. There never has been. That’s why we will never have “good luck,” We’ll always be “screwed” by officials, and pissed on by David Stern.

    Until enough Seattle Sports Fans decide they need testicles like Philly fans, those of us unfortunate to be born and bred in the area will live with the short end of the stick.

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    Good God, what alcohol does to one’s spelling and grammar… Unfortunately, the truth is still the truth, and no matter how many bars I come home from, I’ll spit it till I die or Seattle owner’s actual step to the plate: We need a sports winner in Seattle. Just put me in charge, we’ll be SB champs within three years.

  33. BobbyAyala says:

    Oh yeah, And Bobby K is the OL coach. MFer knows what the hell he’s talkin bout!

  34. I’m all for Paul Allen making me the GM of our OL this off-season. I guarantee we wouldn’t suck on that unit anymore. Unger would be C and Willis RT… but there would be 3 new/improved/fresh bodies in the form of trade/FA/draft. And I wouldn’t decimate any other position to make it happen (although there are always trade-offs). I don’t know what the Lock salary cap situation is though? That could have an effect on things. He makes good ching (more than his production indicates).

  35. BobbyK: “I love the idea Sims will be back for this weekend. He’s been our best guard this year”

    I love it, dude. You’ve finally come around. I’m framing this for you and sending it to MN to hang on your wall. ;-) jus kiddin.

    Seriously, I’m excited to have Sims back too. He will help solidify our interior line this week, he knows how to play next to Spencer, and he gives new guy McIntosh an experienced guard to work next to. All reasons the O line will be superior this week compared to last game.

    Also, a couple things to say about Sims. First, he was a 4th-round draft pick. Those are guys slated as backups and you hope they eventually become good enough to start. Sims has already out-performed his draft position. He works his butt off out there.

    Second, remember the 2008 season opener? Sims tore his pectoral muscle in the first quarter. Similar injury to what sent Lofa to the sideline grimacing in pain. What did Sims do? He stayed in the game and fought hand-to-hand combat for three more quarters. With a torn pec! That’s the kind of guy I want on my team.

  36. bulldog80 says:

    Guys, I really like this thread. A lot of good strategy and opinions. Let me say that of course the Hawks can win this week. In nearly every NFL game there is a question of turning points and momentum that can either go your way or against you. (see the 17 quick points against us last week). In addition we just need to execute the screen and quick out game to slow the rush down and protect the oline, which we didn’t do last game. I’m excited to see how the team and the coaching staff respond to the challenge.

    On Ruskell, my opinion is he’s not entirely worthless like some of you believe. I think that he’s just simply a poor judge of offensive talent. He’s made too many bad moves on the o-line and skill positions to argue otherwise.

    However, if you’ll remember Holmy had much the same problem in his tenure. Remember him playing a certain over the hill Ricky Watters at the expense of Ahman Green? And then trading Green away for a song? Remember a couple of years of Dawkins and that cast off from Green Bay at wide receiver? That was horrendous!! I tell you though, Holmy did know offensive line talent.

  37. tongefactor40 says:

    I am so sick and tired of these injuries. Football is a tough game and I know bad things happen, but this is just stupid. At some point you need to start taking a look at a players injury history before bringing him/them in. You can’t assemble an injury prone o-line and expect them to go the whole year.

  38. BobbyAyala says:

    Jones, Hutch, Tobeck, Gray, Locklear.

    Five years later and TR hasn’t been re-upped.

    The winds of change are coming.

  39. Each of those 5 OL positions have become much worse that that line. And that is pretending that all our current players/starters are healthy enough to play. It should come as no surprise that we have regressed as much as we have.

  40. Heater worked his butt off last year to stick with this team and he will do the same the rest of the year in Lofa’s place. Nick Reed does nothing but be a tackling, sacking, fumble recovering madman. Unger & Currey are doing all we expected and more. Teams go through ups and downs but at least we have some young guys who are extraordinary. Just, please, draft us some big mean O linemen this year!
    Each lose for the rest of this year will make me shed a tear and drink an extra glass of wine but I’m hopeful none the less.

  41. Thanks for the tremendous feedback.. It’s much appreciated.

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