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October 29, 2009 11:36 pm

Who’s drinking the Seahawks Kool-Aid this week heading into Sunday’s game at Dallas? Should the Seahawks’ brass have been more prepared for Walter Jones not playing this season? And is Jones the greatest Seahawks ever?

What are the Seahawks chances of getting a road win this week? We tackle those questions and others in this week’s Seahawks Insider podcast, which you can check out here.

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  1. Send seahawks to Oklahoma City or get rid of hasslebeck

  2. princeaden says:

    Oh Brother!!!!!! How about you go to Oklahoma City and we all stay here with Hasselbeck?

  3. princeaden says:

    On a more pleasant note. I do think if the Hawks can run the ball somewhat effectively (at least enough to make Dallas respect it) that will give Matt enough time to play action and hit the open receiver. On the other side, the Defense needs to play with some serious emotion and create some turnovers and good field position. I don’t know if these things will happen. But if they do it could be the recipe for success in Big-D. The Hawks are due for some good fortune and it may as well start Sunday.

  4. If that’s how the football gods hand out good fortune, prepare yourself for a win in Dallas and a loss to Detroit. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

  5. bird_spit says:

    I have the ultimate solution. Bring Holmy back – pay him GM/HC money to do nothing but rebuild the Offense. Give Holmy 3/4 of the available budget. Give Ruskell 1/4 of the available budget for the D. Bring in Zorn as the OC, and have Holmy hardwired to Zorns head on game day. Mora gets ultimate control, but Zorn gets play calling duties, with Holmy screaming in his ear on game day. Give Holmy the ability to tell Ruskell to go f’ his self in any competing concern.

    BTW–this means we need a Pres of Football Ops with balls enough to work on this solution.

  6. NickLicatasucks says:

    we’ve all heard enough about the character of the Seahawks. Its time for this bunch of men to stop talking of it, and prove it on the field.

    What would character look like?

    Putting a pass rush on Romo.
    Keeping the Dallas D-line from collapsing it, allowing Hasselbeck time to deliver the ball.
    Having a run game again.
    Forcing a turnover or two on defense.

    This would be character proving things. Will this mean win? Perhaps.
    But if the team doesn’t compete- I’ll have heard enough of the character thing.

  7. For those that would like to burn Ruskell in effigy, count me in.

    I would agree with the experts that we have a tough row to hoe in Dallas. With our season hanging in the balance, I am not feeling so good about the game. I may need to drink heavily for the game on Sunday, maybe I will pass out before the end so I won’t know how bad we got beat. I hope I am wrong, GO SEAHAWKs!!

  8. BobbyAyala says:

    Tom, the season ended two weeks ago.

    Chug it down, brother.

  9. BobbyAyala says:

    Is anyone else seriouslyconcerned with Hasselbeck’s health this week?

    I mean, this could be really, really bad. Like career-threatening bad.

  10. The smart thing to do would be to pull him out of the game if he starts getting knocked around too much or if we start falling way behind.

    Under normal circumstances, I think Hass is hands-down our best QB, but in this situation, I think Seneca may actually give us the best chance to win because of his mobility.

  11. BobbyAyala says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe not the winning part, because I believe we have no shot at that, but because I’m really concerned Matt may not play again (ever) if he takes too many shots from behind.

  12. Yeah…this game is a long-shot but stranger things have happened. It’s a win we’ll all remember if they figure out a way to pull it off. If Dallas let’s down and makes some mistakes and our guys play their hearts out, there’s always a chance. I wouldn’t bet my life on a Dallas win this weekend.

  13. Bird… Please stop the Holmgren ‘coming back’ scenario! It won’t happen! Why is his name always the name brought up as the successor to Ruskell? Jeesch! I totally agree with Sando… Ruskell will be back next year because of the Mora rookie year “here” … If he drafts like he did this year, next year, It would be pretty tough to fault him… I’m not at all satisfied with where we are at 2-4, no OL, no running game… sporadic QB… These aren’t fully on Ruskell’s shoulders! If you look at our draft this year, it was excellent! If it weren’t for the high level rec’r’s we have that got healthy (and added Housh), Butler would likely be a starter! Best player in the draft, long term, will be Curry… look at the excitement he already brings… Key is, top 3 picks all starters depending on depth… Holmy is not the answer… There’s a reason his GM position was taken away… Look at the endless garbage receivers he continued to support… backup QB, etc… ‘Timmay’ has made mistakes also, as most GM’s do, but our situation THIS YEAR is not his fault! How many of the naysayers out there were predicting we’d be on a 5th string (?) OLT at this point?
    C’mon folks…. let’s get real… Ruskell will be back for another year… My guess, he’ll fix the OL scenario for next year as he fixed the reciever situation this year…

  14. The vibe around here sure went from hopeful to career ending fast.

    If the Chiefs can compete with them we have a shot. Although last week’s win over ATL was impressive.

  15. BobbyAyala says:

    What does Sando say about Ruskell still not having an extension?

    How was this year’s draft “excellent” in terms of Ruskell’s decision-making?

    It was a no-brainer to take Curry, same with Unger, Deon Butler has contributed a few nice preseason TD’s, but, yes, Nick Reed was an amazing pick, although, not that hard of a choice either, if a sack king is still waiting around in the 7th round, well, better to take a flyer on him than waste another pick on a long snapper with a bad back.

    Excuses were all well and good a year ago, but once you’ve reached Cleveland Brown status, it’s time to start worrying about your job.

    Sando may be right, but that’s only because he knows Allen, and Allen is more concerned with wining and dining in Cannes with Hollywood celebrities than take an active role in creating a winning football team back home.

  16. BobbyAyala says:

    “f the Chiefs can compete with them we have a shot.”

    The Chiefs game was in KC in the rain.

    Since when do the Seahawks win any games on the road, much less against a team that is torching the league offensively?

    And it’s a 10 o’clock kick off!

  17. Yeah, and 6-16 has a way of doing that to even the 365ers around here.

  18. BobbyAyala says:

    “There’s a reason his GM position was taken away”

    Love this argument. Hear it all the time, and always have the same reaction. When Mike Holmgren stepped through the door, this franchise was a joke. Then he started bringing in real football players and made a real team.

    His only deficiency was his lack of attention on the defensive side in terms of drafting and developing. He’s on the record admitting that plugging holes on that side of the ball with aging veterans wasn’t the right tack, and, if he ever has the shot again (we can only pray), he would do things differently.

    Ruskell gets credit for Lofa, LeRoy, and Chuck Darby in ’05. But that’s about it. Hell, Bob Ferguson had more of an imprint on that Super Bowl team that Ruskell.

  19. Anyone bitching about Paul Allen is a complete idiot. He gives his football people anything/everything they could want/need.

    He stays out of their way.

    Money is not an issue.

    That’s the best possible scenario any GM could want. There’s no way in hell any of the teams problems are in connection to him. He’s a great owner and I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone. Would we really want some jackass glory hound like Jerry Jones as our owner?

  20. You don’t even need to have lived through the Ken Behring era to appreciate how good Paul Allen is as an owner. Jerry Jones may be a jackass, but Al Davis is a senile old coot.

  21. variable575 says:


    Beautiful post!!!!! Couldn’t have envisioned it any better.

  22. Packers OL have been trying to convert from man blocking to zone blocking for like four years now(?), and their fans are pleading for their GM to steal Alex Gibbs away from the Texans, or for McCarthy to just forget ZBing entirely and go back to power-blocking.

    Meanwhile, the Texans have never had an OL worth much until they hired Gibbs, now (in their 2nd year with him) they’re starting to become an efficient run-blocking team, and Schaub has had some more time to deliver the football from the pocket. Texans need more work, to better disguise between run and pass plays, but 8-8 last year and 4-3 now(?) is good for them.

    It was very optimistic of Knapp to expect Hawks’ man-blocking OL to become proficient at ZBing within six weeks of the start of the season. Solari’s not that good, nobody is. Even Alex Gibbs needs a couple years to get a set of fairly decent OL guys to pick it up. Hawks OL has been anything but stable these last two years and that plus a new blocking scheme, and not being on the bottom of the NFL’s OL rankings means Solari has done an outstanding job for the situation he’s in. Plus, the prototype ZBing OL guy is different than the prototype power-blocker, which was mostly who Solari had to work with. If Hawks want to become proficient in ZBing they’re gonna wanna get ZBing type OL guys. USC’s LT Charlie Brown is the type, lighter, quicker, smart, and athletic. Max Unger is also the type, and should start at center when the Hawks do convert to ZBing full-time. Right now, Spencer is better vs 3-4 NTs. Hawks haven’t cut block anybody yet, so they’re really not ZBing yet. Looking at that last game vs AZ, it’s hard to describe what kind of blocking we’re looking at, but it can only get better – we hope.

    The Cowboys OL is typical of the man-blocking OL types. Massive guys who are very strong, near impossible to bull-rush, athletic and can lock onto speed DE pass rushers, etc. Watch them this Sun. Damion McIntosh fits that type of player more than

  23. “His only deficiency was his lack of attention on the defensive side in terms of drafting and developing.”
    Hopefully you recall how poor our linebacker’s were back then… arguably the worst in the league… Our three, Hill, Lofa and Curry, if healthy, are now arguably the BEST in the league… even this week, with Hill possibly limited and Lofa gone, we will be very competitive at that position against Dallas……
    Solid backups… Last year it was our receiver’s, this year our linemen. Something bizarre happens virtually every game…
    Don’t get me wrong, Ruskell has clearly not made all decisions right, I’m not saying that… But to blame him for the uncanny injuries, is really not valid…
    One could easily blame Holmy (last year) or Mora(this year) for not using the players they were given… Remember, Walt was around almost all of last season… We all know the disaster that season was…

  24. IBGoofy – Exactly. I’ve said that over and over too. Walt played at a high Pro Bowl level the first half of last season and our line still sucked that bad.

  25. nightwulf says:

    IB, no worries, Bobby and I’ve got your back:)

  26. TNT needs to start publishing the Seahawk stories in the obituary section.

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