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Thursday practice report: Hawks plan to put heat on Warner

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 15, 2009 at 2:50 pm with 48 Comments »
October 15, 2009 2:52 pm

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck talked to reporters today and said he’s feeling much better this week than he did the previous week heading into the Jacksonville game in terms of his rib injury. You can check out some of the conversation in the above video.

Here’s the injury report for today.

For Seattle, LB Leroy Hill (groin), T Walter Jones (knee), T Sean Locklear (ankle), G Rob Sims (ankle) and S C.J. Wallace (hamstring) are out.

CB Ken Lucas did not participate in practice due to personal reasons.

WR Nate Burleson (back) was a limited participant in practice.

And QB Matt Hasselbeck (rib), DE Lawrence Jackson (rib), DE Cory Redding (shoulder), G Mansfield Wrotto (ankle), CB Travis Fisher (pelvis) and DE Patrick Kerney (groin) were full participants in practice.

For Arizona, TE Stephen Spach (ankle) did not practice.

WR Steve Breaston (knee), CB Bryant McFadden (ankle), DE Kenny Iwebema (ankle), RB Jason Wright (back), and LB Ali Highsmith (thigh) were limited participants in practice.

And DT Darnell Dockett (ankle), CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (finger) and G Reggie Wells (thumb were full participants in practice.

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley has a healthy dose of respect for Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner, and says it will be important to get some pressure on the 38-year-old Cardinals quarterback.

“I think that’s everybody’s model,” Bradley said. “Especially ours. We’ve got to get to him, whether it’s four-man pressure. We’ve talked about being an aggressive defense from the start, and sometimes that’s not always blitzing. You saw that last week. We got four-man pressure, and we need to do that this week.”

Listen to a snippet of the conversation with Bradley here.

[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Bradley on Cardinals"]

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu agreed with Bradley, saying it’s important to get some hits on Warner to disrupt his timing offensively.

As far as the Arizona Cardinals winning the NFC West division title and making it all the way to the Super Bowl, Tatupu said what happened in the past doesn’t matter.

“We don’t care about that,” Tatupu said. “It’s a new year. I mean why would we care about that? They didn’t care about it when we went there, and they had came back and beat us.

“Honestly, I was happy for them when they went to the Super Bowl. I mean you don’t want to see anybody in the Super Bowl but yourself. But for all the stuff, all the trash we’ve been taking it showed that the NFC West actually wasn’t so terrible. We got a team to represent in the Super Bowl, so it was good to kind of kill a little bit of that talk.”

Tatupu also said he views this game and all the other games against NFC West opponents as rivalry games.

“Absolutely, and if you ask them they’ll say the same,” Tatupu said. “Everybody looks forward to a divisional opponent. And they got it marked on their calendars just like we do. And it’s just that much bigger.”

Finally, Marcus Trufant continues to make progress to getting back on the field. After practice Trufant worked against wide receivers Deion Branch and Ben Obomanu covering routes, and seemed to hold up pretty well.

Notes from practice
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  1. variable575 says:


    Did Mcintosh get significantly more reps during today’s practice?

  2. tcross12 says:

    anyone else find it impressive that we have 3 receivers in burleson, housh, and carlson who rank within the top 10 in receiving in the NFC?

  3. You mean Branch isn’t near the top?


  4. tcross – in all seriousness, yeah, it’s pretty cool. That’s going to be the ticket to getting to the SB. Keeping Matt healthy is #1. Number 2 is to keep the receivers healthy (minus Branch, who can never be counted on). And, three, again goes back to one… keep Matt healthy and MAX protect if that’s what you need to do. He goes down = we’re done. We’re obviously going to need to run the ball a bit, but that’s not going to be our Super bread and butter.

  5. Good to hear about Trufant too. Except for Walt, it looks like we could have everyone ready to go against Dallas. That would be nice!

  6. For a week division the West has had 2 of the last 4 NFC represenatives in the SB. The Giants & Bears being the others.. Does that mean the West is the best division in the NFC? (haha)

  7. princeaden says:

    I really believe that relying on rushing 4 against 5 blockers to put consistent pressure on one of the most prolific passers in history is not the most solid plan. I AM NOT A DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. But, I DO know that I would much rather see a team I’m rooting for go down in flames, trying everything they have to get to the QB instead of sitting back and getting picked apart with no pressure (that makes me crazy). Anyway, here’s to hoping that they get to 3 and 3 this weekend, get some players back after the bye and are able to make a real go at this season. I still think that if this team is at full or near full strength, it can get reasonably deep into the playoffs.

  8. princeaden says:

    Has there been any word as to how Walter’s knee feeling? I hope he’s gonna be ok. My gut tells me otherwise.

  9. yeah, sure… Aaron Curry won’t ever blitz this Sunday. So just forget all about him, Cardinals… don’t even worry about him. hehehe…

  10. “I really believe that relying on rushing 4 against 5 blockers to put consistent pressure on one of the most prolific passers in history is not the most solid plan. ”

    Yeah, whatever they do come up with – having watched the guy for years, one things is obvious to all, if you give Warner time, he will carve you up. He’s a very accurate QB, and of course, he’s got great targets to throw to. It’s all about QB pressure.

    I think, as long as we can keep Hass in the game, our offense will score some points against this defense. This game is about our D, again, keeping us alive until the bye week and the cavalry comes back from injured reserve.

  11. We don’t always see it, but I like when they only blitz 1 but it’s in an “overloaded” situation. Since Warner is a statue, this would seem to work well again…

  12. princeaden:I really believe that relying on rushing 4 against 5 blockers to put consistent pressure on one of the most prolific passers in history is not the most solid plan.

    I don’t think you need to worry. I expect you’re going to see a lot of blitzing by Seattle’s D this weekend. They can’t bring extra pressure on every single play though. That would just be another way to invite the veteran to pick you to pieces. I expect Bradley was only saying that 4 man pressure during standard coverage or in zone blitzing schemes is important. I don’t think he was saying that the plan was to never bring 5 or 6 on the same play (although he probably wouldn’t mind if the Arizona coaching staff was under that impression).

  13. Does anyone know what Mora plans for next week? Do the players have a full week off? Mare will probably have kicker practice, but I’d imagine the rest of the team will get the week to heal.

  14. Speaking of Branch, here’s an interesting trade idea …

  15. Look at the post right underneath the Branch trade idea!!! Uhhh!!!

    IMO that’s a terrible trade for Cleveland. Everything they have been doing is to get draft picks (KII, Edwards, etc.)… it makes no sense to trade an aging and injury prone WR to a team that sucks for a QB they could trade somewhere else to get a future draft pick or two (to go along with their trend/philosophy) whereas Branch is worthless garbage with respect to anyone wanting to give up a future pick or picks for him (of course, Colbert was traded for a draft pick and he’s even worse than Branch).

  16. Bobby, there is no ‘curse of Hutch’. All I remember of him is just a sleazy contract gimic that should have been disallowed by the league at the time. Only losers believe in curses.

    Quinn for Branch? No way Cleveland would trade Quinn for anything less than superstar talent, which Branch no longer is. Who comes up with that stuff?

    But no need to diss Deion. With Burly and Housh getting more attention from opposing defenses, and Carlson receiving less and helping to block more, I’m betting we start seeing Branch start getting the ball thrown his way more often. He could prove valuable as the year wears on. The cards can’t cover all three WRs.

  17. Ironic then. Not a “curse.” Funny – in a bad way. Sucks.

  18. Yeah, that especially would suck since you live in MN, huh. I’ve learned to ignore the past a little bit.

    Don’t worry, Mighty Steve Vallos is starting at LG this Sunday!!!

    Ok, worry.

  19. Yes!!! I live in MN!!! And you have NO idea how bad it SUCKS to watch him dominate all the time when our interior OL is jello… if you never hear from me again (your dream come true) it’s b/c I jumped off a tall building!!!


  20. Of course, the tallest building in my “town” is only a couple stories so all you’d get is a broken leg or something.


  21. If Ruskell wins a SB this year and gets an extention (I still EXPECT this to happen)… I hope he trades down in the 1st once or twice [it'll be tough to "trade down" w/our pick since we'll have the 32nd... but you get the idea w/respect to Denver... but it's looking like it late teens/early 20ish at the moment)].

    With our four (in trades) 2nd rounders… go OL w/each pick… screw it… people say the most important thing with an OL is continuity… well, we have Unger to play C for a decade… then why not surround him w/2 guards and tackles who have over 10 good years in them too? May be stupid to go this hard on a unit… but who cares if you don’t have to worry about again for a generation?

  22. “No way Cleveland would trade Quinn for anything less than superstar talent”

    That gave me a chuckle. A superstar for Quinn? Who’s starting in Cleveland? He’s being beat out by Anderson, who is also deplorable. Browns would take far less than a superstar, but as Boddy mentioned; probably more than an aging WR. Quinn is a bust…reminds me a bit of Mirer (with bigger arms), and he basically has very little trade value.

    IMHO, I think we should keep the QB’s we have. Hasselbeck is great. Wallace is a fine backup, and Teel has real potental. I dont love Branch, but if he stays healthy, Im loving the WR depth.

    Draft another QB next year if they think Teel isnt a future starter, but Quinn…no thanks!…Cleveland can trade him to the Raiders. :) Regardless, the trade idea (to me) was unrealistic.

  23. BobbyK,

    Do you live in the twin cities? How do you watch the game…NFL Season pass?

  24. Good point, Cornutt. Its not that I think cleveland would GET major talent in trade for Quinn. I just don’ think you trade a QB you drafted #1 unless you trade him for big talent.

    Bobby, not a bad idea to stockpile second round picks in the next draft if possible. Ruskell makes great use of those second rounders. Still, I’m dreaming of a QB and OT in the first round.

    But I think we only need one new OT on our line. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Locklear or Willis. And there’s nothing wrong with our interior linemen Unger, Spencer, or Sims. They just need time. Get these guys all healthy and playing together for 16 games and they’ll be a playoff-worthy line.

    (And don’t tell me our linemen are no good because they got injured. Any new guy you draft could get injured too.)

  25. Audible – I live about 2 hours West of the Twin Cities. I got Direct TV so that I could purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the Seahawks. That was a non-negotiable thing with my wife (and she usually wins out, but not when it comes to the ‘Hawks in a scenario like this… and she was very supportive, since she knows I’m “kind of “obsessed” with the franchise).

    Stevo – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Lock or Willis either. Lock isn’t exactly an ironman and Willis (who IMO is our best OL) is only signed through ’10. And since Spencer is a FA after the season, I don’t really count on him either. And Sims (another FA after ’09). Lots of (potential) holes in the next year…

  26. Bobby, I know what you mean. My right to Seahawks Sunday is one of the only non-negotiable items my wife lets me win on too. Maybe the ONLY one. Ha. I’ll bet that’s true for more than a few guys here.

    Women, gotta love em. Especially since ya can’t trade em for a new LOT.

  27. Seahawks2620 says:

    Let’s give Spencer a little credit for staying healthy for a couple of games haha

  28. I might trade mine in for a 22-year old Walt to be LT for the Hawks (again), as long as I got to keep the kid:)

  29. Shame on you guys for being so willing to trade your girls for a new OT. You should be ashamed of yourselves…and in fact, I’m embarrassed to call you my blog buddies. I love you ,babe…and no I would NEVER trade you for a 300-pound black dude .

  30. …uh, yeah. she was looking over my sholder!

  31. nightwulf says:

    “Steve” Huchenson
    “Steve” Vallos
    coincidence? I think not…

  32. Steve Largent

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Steve Raible

  34. chuck_easton says:

    Steve Yzerman

    (The North of the border Hockey contingent had to be heard)

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Gave up on Seahawk Steves so quickly? Here’s one for ya; Steve Broussard.

  36. Yeah, not sure about trading my wife…but I will say this: after my puppy destroyed my entire irrigation system in one afternoon, he is on the trading block for sure!!! If we could get a good OL…bye bye Murphy.

    Jk of course…or am i…

  37. bird_spit says:

    ” Hawks plan to put heat on Warner”

    That is like saying, the Seahawks have decided to play football on Sunday. God lets hope so. Otherwise, with our starting CB out, and 2nd best CB dinged, and 3rd best same height and weight as I, they better get to the QB on Sunday. I have a bad feeling about this game. We need to see Cards front 5 blown up.

    Send Nick Reed in, and tell him to play his heart out. Mebane, Cory Redding get ready for some football. LJ, time to return dividends on your big pay check.

    Same time, our dinged up, under experienced OL needs to keep Hass protected; somehow. I see EJ playing a lot for pass protection. I see a lot of 2 WR sets coming.

  38. seahawklovertoo says:

    NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long time poster on TNT SI blog BobbyK want to dump his old lady for a BIIIIIIG 22 year old African_American kid,;relocate to Seattle, move in with him with his own kid and have a family.
    Positives : will save money on DirecTV and get to watch the games live @ Quest
    Negatives:will spend a ton of money on Vaseline.
    HAHAHA…argh,cough,cough HAHAHAHAHAHA,argh

  39. ok, these comments are getting scary. ;-)

    I think a huge part of Sunday’s outcome will come down to which quarterback has more time to work and which spends more time getting harassed. Our patched-up line against their pass rushers, their line against our pass rushers, with little blitzing by either team.

    Our guys made fools of the Jacksonville O line last week, but that was two rookie OTs we were facing.

    The Cardinals haven’t had a sack in their past two games. Houston quarterback Matt Schaub threw for 279 yards on 32 passes attempts in the second half against them.

    Seahawks 14 total sacks (2.8/game)
    Seahawks opponents 10 (2.0/game)

    Cardinals 6 total sacks (1.5/game)
    Cardinals opponents 8 (2.0/game)

    So our O line, even with backups, has been as good as the Cardinals O line at pass protection. But our pass rushers are superior. They need to be on Sunday to keep Warner off balance. I think the quarterback who goes down the fewest times will win this game.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Bird – I had to laugh at that too. Um, are you sure? Didn’t Grant Winstrom say something like “knock Warner around a bit and he suddenly becomes a very average quarterback”? If we see a duplicate of the Tapp / Reed and L Jackson show again this week, they’ll be just fine. I have total faith in Mebane and Cole / Bryant to bottle up the middle against the run as well. My only real concern on D is the scheme that Bradley will employ. If it is more of what we saw against the Colts, LBs off the line, CBs playing WAY off the receivers, etc…, then there could be trouble. But after last week however, I expect to see the same aggressive plan.

  41. Duke, I don’t think Bradley will hold the pass rushers back at all. I think they learned their lesson in Indy. Right? Let’s hope we are not wrong on that.

    I think the big difference will be our guys working against Cardinals OTs Gandy and Brown, with their big TEs helping out. Last week working against rookies Eugene Monroe and Ebon Britton was too easy. This week will be a great test for Tapp, Jackson, Redding, Kerney, and Reed.

    And the 12th man noise could make a big difference in these matchups with their O linemen too, which is just too awesome for words.

  42. bird, you’re right. we all sound like Captain Obvious, don’t we? ;)

  43. Steve August

  44. I wasn’t a Hawks fan yet when they drafted him, but remember his football card.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Steve Niehaus

  46. seahawklovertoo says:

    Bobby, I “couldn’t pass” on having some fun on this blog. Lately, it has been a real roller-coaster (mostly down-hill) ride. I admit to have been way to serious and way to passionate about our Seahawks.
    I must add that You are my favorite “old-timer” on this blog, and I respect You.
    PS: I have to admit to really laughing hard when I red Your post. I did almost choke .

  47. We’re all gonna be happy on Sunday when we go into the bye with a 3-3 record and then get most of our troops healthy for the stretch drive…

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